Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 30, 1948 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1948
Page 6
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SIX KVKNINC TIMICS. CUMIlT':ft.T,AND, WO.. THURSDAY. DRCR.MI1KU M, 1IMR Phono .1000 for ;i WANT-AD Tiikor Heaili Explains Basic Rent Facts Walter R. Heath, area rent director, reports many landlords and tenants do not understand the basic facts or rent control.- The majority of inquiries received in the Baltimore Area Rent Office deal •with maximum rents and possible overcharges, he said. To find the maximum rent he should pay, a tenant may check in the following ways: He may consult his landlord's registration statement. Every tenant is "mailed a copy when the accom- odations are registered. If the tenant's copy has been misplaced or taken .by a previous ten-. ant he ma >' as k *° see the Jand " lord's copy. Heath pointed out the landlord must show his copy to each new tenant and get his signature attesting that he has seen the copy. If any difficulty is encountered . the tenant may telephone the area rent office and ask what the legal rent Is, Heath said. Any landlord or tenant who is In doubt concerning maximum rent, Heath said, is advised to check with the rent office. Sothcrn definitely will never play the role again. She .told me: "Maisic served her purpose. She took me out of those sticky, ingenue roles. But when I got typed as Maisie that was different—I screamed bloody murder." • . The screaming worked. Ann's post-Maisic.. roles have been a wide and delightful variety of characterizations, a soug-and-dance gal, Alexander Knox's love interest in "The Judge Steps Out," one of the stars of M-G-M's "Words and Music" and one-third of the title role in "Letters to Three Wives" Joan Leslie collected a nice cash settlement from Warner Brothers when their three-year court battie was settled out of court. Joan fought ... .. .a battle of principle—and won. She's"••*•'•- Lane Commutes Man's Sentence ANNAPOLIS—W—Circus roustabout James V. LaGuardla won't have to hang for the rape of a thrice-married Baltimore mother. Governor Lane announced that he had commuted LaGuardia's death sentence to life imprisonment. Lane notified the convicted man in the death'house Christmas Day that he would not have to hang- LaGuardia, 29-year-old master. rigger for Ringling Brothers, Bar- rtum and Bailey Circus, was tried in ft Baltimore county circuit court. He was convicted o£ taking part in a " three-man rape of a 30-year-old mother of two children June 4,1947. At the commutation hearing, Lane was told that medical evidence at •LaGuardia's trial was not understandable to tihe' jury. A doctor testified that a medical report »howing the woman had not been 'raped was apparently interpreted - Just the opposite by the jury. In commuting the sentence, .Lane »aid "the conviction in this case • was based upon the testimony of the victim and an associate of the accused." LaGuardia . lists his home at Youngstown, Ohio, Ex-Nazi Thinks War Can Aid Germans FRTEDBERG, Germany — (>P)— A former high-ranking Nazi who later turned against Hitler believes that Germany would be strengthened' through'a third world war. He is Dr. Otto Strasser, now living in Canada. In one of the letters he sends regularly to his German friends, Strasser says: "Sven If five or ten million Germans will be killed-in a third war, Germany's position will be strengthened after it, because the number of killed Russians, Americans, French and Poles will be far greater." The 51-year-old politician hopes for an early return to Germany ' to become, the -leader of a new German party which has just been founded in this small town of ; Friedberg in the American zone Estate of -Hesse.-' The "party calls it••-self "Union of Germany's Renewal," l,.One of its principal demands is the ^ re-establishment of a German Ill IIoIlyW«O€l— ISy I2RSKIVK JOHNSON NEA Start Correspondt'iU HOLLYWOOD—Maisie is dead- long live Maisie. If M-G-M revives story it would worth. be for RKft Hiiy- Mickey Rooney wants to aad tnree long live Maisie. If M-G-M revives n(JW ;v . nes , 0 Georgt , M . Cohan's the popular war-time- series, tney 11 i.-.ji or ty-Pive Minutes Prom Broad- have to find a new doll. Ann | wa y"_the reason the Cohan estate Sothern definitely will never play llasri . c mat j e up --^ mind about the Navy Recruiters Enlisted 103 Men The local Navy recruiting office i signed up 103 men tor three-year enlistments and five for one-year enlistments during 1948, according to. Chief Robert Belkap, officer in charge. sales of the si: to Mickey. • * Marie Wilson has competition in the family. Nixon, clicks of Atlantic." OverlM*: "Wr-- ..'*. -. Her husband, Alan as an actor in "Siren ,/ ''.;. • :\ •.-.-•• •> Derby; . • - . . -• -jut her rr ..'. -.-. -"..- weighs land, enlisted in the Regular Navy- last year, becoming the first woman from the Tri-State area to enlist under the bill authorizing-women as part of Che Regular Navy. 'oarl W. "Ace" Jewell, Ridgeley, W. Va., was the only aviation cadet accepted,from this area during- the PCM-! Harbor. Chief Bolknup was pr^.'COted to reci'iiUer-in-charge. At the U. S. Naval Reserve Train- Ins Center, commissioned September 18, Lt. Cmdr. Walter N., Hed- ricls WHS relieved as commundinB oiflcer by Lt. Cmdr. Charles B. Gray. On October 13, Chief G. Palmer reported for duty from Norfolk. Va., followed soon by Chief O. O. Watne. Chief Robert Mish and Chief A. L. Smith were also added to the Armory stall. o\nv\a '-cartairi . . ,. . vcJV'--iT»is Milestone quip)-; ' • hara'c- "Mus- - . liy:' ' rte>. not. a square. 'S- an ajn.-"~<- i:v ' """'•'• -"•'-_•.,. ,A from the fog tO .tli£ accosted a The year 1948 saw several ehanges in personnel of interest to Cumber- landers. On November 15, Chief Edwin Rinner reported for du!". ,;.; the Cumberland office froi.-- '•'<*•; YOG ?". Yokohama, Japan, .lilc-: Edgar ^-."ader, recruiter in charge here for three years, was ordered to 'the Submarine Base, a OU.LLIC ui pia*jwpic—oaiw wvn.wijww ..-,.',... _, . f '',- : - '.-•'•-•-<\ l you tell ^rie now fre« to work at other .studios, ^—re'^,'... v .,'.'.,..-•.'-Ji-BK-sr House is?" .»,*,] ff.— y^nTTfn-rt ^i*(\rfiirtt-«nnc' TlXt* iTlxm _1. " ', and for Culver Productions; her own producing 1 'company. _.•'•••• Sign of the times: Alan Young is casting the role of liis girl friend for his new air show with one eye on television. The qualifications for the part .state the gal must be photogenic. '. * • » After all his years in Hollywood, 'George Baft still insists he has never seen "himself on the screen- not even in the daily rushes at the studio.. I asked him how he can tell whether his acting is satisfactory and he said: "If.the studios continue to hire me Kid pay me what I ask, I know I'm doing all right." Ethel- Barrymore feels the sam? 1 way about it. As she once told mt: "Why should I see myself on the screen? I've^ never seen myself on the stage." * * * Elaine Townscnd, the ^American- bom gambling queen of Havana, js branching 'out. She's the new head of a syndicate which will operate the race track there in-addition to the government's gambling casino. Wolfgang Reinhardt owns the film rights to her story—and what a T'.ie answer •-.'••,ie back in a middle west twang: "Honey, I'm from Chicago and I wouldn't know where I was even if there was r.o fog." » * • All-tiir"3 record: Decca just marketed, th;.. 5,000,000-h copy of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." . . • Old-time slapstick is even invading the million-dollar epics — Dajiny Kaye has his head set on fire in the big" Warner musical, "Happy Times." . . . Another remake: Warner Brothers will do a. musical remake of "Brother Rat" with a new title, "Rise Above It." Carolina , N. C.—yP)—Secre- tary, of State George C. Marshal: is at his Pinehurst -home, Liscombe Lodge, where he will rest for an indefinite time. Secretary and Mrs. Manhall arrived here yesteraay from Washing- 'lon. Marshall underwent a Kidney operation at Walter Reed Hospital in Wasbmstcn three weeks ago. Hospital physicians said there the Secretary is scheduled to undergo a long period of recuperation. Removal Notice TK. AMERICAN HOME MODERNIZERS - 1 Now Located at 125 S. Mechanic St. Former Location—43 N. Mechanic St. PHONE 4440 For the Same Prompt, Efficient Sales and Service Make Live Record ALAMOSA. Colo.—W 3 )—In liis 37 years 'as a lav.-yer, George H. Blickhahn has defended 25 persons accused of murder. Not one has been given the' death sentence. Only two, in fact, we.i» convicted of ilrst degree raurcli?r'-" : ici both of J.i.em-..won:, put.'.'ight .-':^um on re- •.rersilW by'' ..'.e Colorado supreme .'•*il'.. Two others were convicted of second degree murder and one of manslaughter: The 20 others were acquitted .aUiraore Man. Gels Bond Post JT» 11 ' H/f - •> snid, "T regard the Savings Bonds I Baltimore Man | prog; .,, m ns one of ,. hc most !mppr . Lam: tilings thai is being done in America today. In the' of SEcrctv'V of the Treasury John'SiivlnKS Bonds the investor is .nc- W. Snyder hns announced the ap-.rimplishins two vRa!Iy imporam, pointment, of Joseph P. Healy oil Duties, to hnnsclf and to the nawn, Baltimore as state director of the tl. S. Savings Bonds Committee in Maryland. Healy. a permanent arbitrator for the Chesapeake and Potomac ,, Telephone Company and for -15 years general manager for Swift and Company, has had wide experience in public service. He has been a member of the panel ol arbitrators, War Labor Board, a chairman for Federal Housing, and member of the boards of directors in banks, cotton mills, a railroad and warehouse and transit companies. He is also chairman of the Red Crass in Baltimore, chairman of Governor Lane's Committee on Negro Problems and is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and with Catholic charities. . In accepting the appointment he up security for himself and his family and in addition he is building security for his country. "I know of nothing that is going on in America today that the average American can with more satisfaction than the Savings Bonds program. It is in this spirit that I am happy to accept the state chairmanship and I feel sure that the citizens of Maryland will energetically support this ' great pro- Will Fix D:ile For Smok« Test .The Cumberland ..." Civil Servlco Commission will meet Monday,iu 7 p.m. in, the Citv Hall to set flic date for an examination, for .the pwl of deputy smoke inspector. Qualifications are also expected to be established. • ' -' Several weeks ago-die City Council rejected an. order introduced-by Mayor Thomas S. Post, naming. Francis D. Mullail, World War..XL. veteran, to the post. MuDan finished third in a special test prepared and conducted "by \ George M. Hitchcock, city smoke .abatement ABCDEF — Goldfish ATJ3TJRN, Ind— (JP)— The DeKalb County Selective Service Board checked the loss in a burglary and found a typewriter and two goldfish missing. The bow) remained The Thracians at .their drinkia; bouts made a sport of hanging, on- of- 'their companions who, if nffi quick enough' to cut'himself dowi; would have his neck broken as th> rope straightened out.- • "• Rheumatism is.more common trite- tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer anc heart dieasc combined.-. . From PILLSBURY-Mix Headquarters 2 NEW in the 2"Flavors America LikesBest CAKE CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Cae MIX CHOCOLATE fUDG Cake M A TtOUMFHANT CAKE... only milk to add! No -wonder these two new PiUsbury Cake Mixes are jwrt.about "tte hottest things in the grocery store today." - , • ftom «be convenience angle . .-you just ^add mSk. From the time angle . —ready for the oven in a matter of minates. a wonderful money can buy. ACME MARKETS CLOSED NEW YEAR'S DAY, SATURDAY, JAR 1 - BE SURE TO BUY 2 DAYS' REQUIREMENTS SAVE EVERT DAY IN By Serving Tonrseif to Greate In Your Acute Super BIGGER SAVINGS Qn All Foods READ, I iii Pork and Sauerkraut PORK LOINS Rtfc Ends Lorn Ends Center Cuts - 4* *> 55c Mew Crop — Long Shred SAUERKRAUT 3-25' Sfmrerttts * 49c <k Fcot iL 29e Bonos 25c WHILE IT LASTS! Ready-to-Eat, Cooked SmaJl Wilson's Lahwicw Fresh Country Sausage Cooked Hams Me J*x Frankfurters te^j^eoiaotws^ „,*£*£.' ^jggyjj;«g ^ Critp Tender VatctA Celery 23' ii>. 49c 59c Fresh Oysters b«oeh Southern New Crop Cabbage *• CocktaR Shrimp Fancy Tomatoes Calif. Green Btoccofi Mafc« K « Tub* for to A»fc for Bosc Pears Snow White Tender Carrots Large Sliced Bread Loaf Secret 's wh-y S. out at 4 of oi*r cn.slomci-s prefer' COFFEE S-Hced Sandwich 1 15 C •»Ts run flavored • Perfectly blended • Eicat-Fto roasted • Ground tt> order • Kc.isoDablj" pricofl Ideal Coffee ^ dr Sic LUNCHEON MEATS Swiff's Prem Wilson's Mor. Armour's Treet 1 12-oz. Long Cnt Ideal Sauerkraut Dill or Sour Pickles Whole Sweet Pickles Ideal Mince Meat No. W 25C 32-oz. jar 35c 20-o-i. jar Zeigler's Apple Juice L12-o/. bot*. Appl« Farmdale Corn rapciruit 'A' Fancy No. 2 caos • No. 2 27c 16c Pure Horseradish Cake Fiour Purple Piums Peanut Butter Tomato Soup Sky Flake Wafers GoW SeoJ 25-Lb. Bog B«bf Foods 3,~ 39c G>~ 55c 7-MINIT Pit Mix PALMOLJVE SOAP Medium Snw 3 bars 26c Both Size 2 bars 25c Try the 14-Day Beauty Plan GRANULATED SOAP Octagon ITIIM^ Snd<> Tbat TJXXXSX l*tet From Fabrics. Sliced first State 'Brand 39 C Tomato Juke Bob-Ford Grade American or Pimento Delicious for m.iny Taricty dishes — Heattnrul- and Nu- trlLious. Kat more Octagon Soap Powder pkgs. For all Ri-ntr^l houscliolfl clcaninjr. CLEANSERS A J AX OCTAGON J4-oz. cans 1'3-oz. cuns 13' LAUNDRY SOAP OCTAGON. .•s,: SMncK^J t>ars Wontlerfni for ,^% lacge C ;'iir TRICES EFFECT!VI! UNTIL CLOSING DEC. 31, VMS Acme Markets Open Thursday Until 8 P. M., Friday Until 6 P. M.

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