Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 17, 1953 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1953
Page 10
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^.JSUff*. i «» . >» *I «••» . , BLONDtEJDONOUuSE THAT CALENDAR HANGING IN THE KITCHEN? I USE IT FOR ALL MV t CORRESPONDENCE AND BUSINESS | YOU'RE USING j L A I952 <S (^CALENDARj I KNOW IT! DON'T USE IT FOR THE VEAR , (Ct LOOK PARADE- : SEEM OME WAS A CHILD AT THE K N6 USETmTHEM SHEEP KEEP A-UNIN' UP IN TFAWMATIONS AN'SMASHIN' v. SMACK INTO * MAN PILLUH —AND GAMS TIME tS ONLY . THAEE SHORT HOURS AWAYi OUR BOARDING HOUSE • With Major Hoople WHAT YOO A-DOIM' HERE?/ YOUR SPE&DIN' CASE- AINT TILL NEXT WEEK/, -~ DID YOU DECIDE TO K PLEAD GUILTY AN' PAY, P\ YOJR *20 O FINE 2, I N— -_,^.5 A Y,DID ' X TELL. YOU ABOUT, THE .costs > WRONG AGAIN, JUSTICE , GUlNlCMY/— HAR-RUMPM WE'VE COMB TO ARREST „ Y<?U AS AN HABITUAL. ^ CRIMINAL — YOO HAVE G£EN CAUGHT RED-HAMOED VIOLATING IS LAW£ " -~ WILL you QUIETLY, OR COME ,VlE USE HAND CUFFS " , , 'PKOrAtSE NOT TO f4PEETi OtJ THE WAY/ OUT OUR WAY By Williams TIMS, JUDGE, YOU'RE IT = 10-17 r. mi fc> WtA a ^rrio*. Inc. T, M. fttf . U. S. P «t. Oil. 1 ~. ~. T " A REDRAWN WOC, WHBF Television SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 WHBF-TV—Channel Four 5::i0 Hour of Decision. 5:45 Red Barber Show. 6:00 Talent Patrol. 6:30 Beat the Clock. 7:00 Jackie Gleason. 8:00 Two for tlie Money. 8:30 My Favorite Husband. 9:00 Medallion Theatre. 9:30 Peerless Promenade. 10:00 Sports Showcase. 10:15 Wrestling. WOC-TV—Channel Five 5:00 Let's Look at Art. 5:30 Saturday Showtime. 6:30 Ethel and Albert. 7:00 Ezio Pinza. 7:30 Original Amateur Hour. 8:00 Your Show of Shows. 9:30 Your Hit Parade. 10:00 Foreign Interlude. 10:30 Nash Theatre. 11:45 Coming Attractions \x 12:00 12 30 1:00 4:00 6.00' 6:30 7:0-. 3:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 SUNDAY, OCTOBER II 1IBF-TV—Channel Four Western Theatre. Genu Autry. Pro Football, Bears vs. Frisco filers. Omnibus. You Asked tor It. Private Secretary. Toast of the Town. Krt'd Waring. Man Behind the Badge. The Wen. What's My Line. Ray Bolger. Juke Box Jury. Dollar A Second. WOC-TV—Channel Five 11:00 Test Pattern. 11:15 This Is The Life. 11:45 You Play It. 12:00 A Home of Your Own. 12:30 Frontiers of Faith. 1:03 American Inventory. 1:30 Roy Rogers. 2:00 Pride of the Family. 2:3u Excursion 3:00 Kukla, Fran and Ollie. 3:30 Zoo Parade. 4 :00 Sarah Churchill. 5:00 Meet the Pi ess. 5:30 Range Rider. 6:00 Western Roundup. 0:30 Mr. Peepers. 7:00 Comedy Hour, Eddie Cantor. 8:00 TV Playhouse. TELEVISION NIGHT and DAY SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Prompt Attention RIVERS APPLIANCES 57 South Cherry Phones; 4208 or 3737-3 9:00 Letter to Loretta. 9:30 Man Against Crime. 10:00 News, Weather and Sports. 10:15 "House Across the Bay." 11:30 Coming Attractions, MONDAY, OCTOBER IS WHBFTV—Channel Four 9:00 Arthur Godfrey. 10:30 Strike II Mich. 11:00 Valiant Lady. 11:15 Love of Lite. 11:30 Search for Tomorrow. 11:45 The Guiding Light. 12:00 You Are What You Eat. 12:05 Farm Almanac. 12:30 Garry Moore Show. 1:00 Anne's Kitchen. 1:30 Houseparty. 2:00 The Big Payoff. 2.30 The Bob Crosby Show. 3:00 Double or Nothing. 3:30 Frankly Feminine. 4:00 Magic Carpel. 4:30 Horizons. 4:45 Newcomer's Club. 5:00 The Buddies. 5:15 TV Showcase. 5:30 TV Chronicle. 6:00 John Daly -News. 6:30 The Name's the Same. 7:00 Burns and Allen. 7:30 Godfrey Talent Scouts. 8:00 1 Love Lucy. 8:30 Red Buttons. 9:00 Studio One. 10:00 Film Subject. 10:30 This Is Show Business. 11:00 Wrestling. WOC-TV—Channel Five 6:45 Test Pattern. 7:00 Today with Dave Garroway. 9:00 Ding Dong School. 9:30 Glamour Girl. 10:00 Hawkins Falls. 10:15 The Bennetts. 10:3u Three Steps to Heaven. 111:45 Follow Your Heart. 11:00 This Wonderful World. 11:30 Morning Movie. 12:3 (1 Rural Umindup. 1:00 Table "5." 1:30 Today's Cooking. 2:00 Kate Smith Hour. 3:00 Welcome Travelers. 3:30 On Your Account. 4:00 Atom Squad. 4:15 Gabby Hayes. 4:30 Huwdy Doody. 5:00 Mr Wizard. 5:30 Circle "5" Ranch. 6:10 Four Star Edition. 6:30 Arthur Murray Dance Party. 6:43 News Caravan. 7:00 Name That Tune. 7:30 Voice of Firestone. 8:00 Dennis Day. 8:30 Robert Montgomery. 9:30 Musical Moods. 9:45 Bob Considine. 10:00 Ford Playhouse. 10:30 Weather. 10:35 News and Sports. 10:45 Film Subject. 11:00 Honor Hull of Hits. 11:30 Coming Attractions. TH'LADIES SOSHUL COMMITTEE PULLED ONE O'TH'CMlAfrMt TRICKS IN SAPIE HAWKINS,DA"/ HlSTOF*V. ANOTMH* BACHELOR BIN LURED OVERTH'LINE. NOW, m Ht CSOTTA RUN IN TH' RACE, rA ^PORC souLrrf— r | f MAW TIMES 9H6 HAS ORPERBP A LATE SNACK I TO BE PELIVErtEP FROM MV KE6TAURANT.., ANP BE IN A POSITION ' TO A9K HEK A FEW JACK'POJ QUESTIONS,' LET'S 60, M.6AVERT... I'M A '6A9C0H " TONkSHT.' WHrVt A WSOTWOV. \T ? i was \N> MftWa ROOM " AtoO SftW W\TV\ "KWfc WE'VE HMF. CIRCLED TH' ISLAND 1 . TH' TRI^CK5 OF THOSE GUYS WHO RAM 0VE-R TH' RI0C3E , VESTERPW PIS^PPE^EO IN TH' WWBP: VONDEK.'. s HEROES ARE AAAPE - NOT BORN JRWIULIA^S „ ' WGIL Radio Program 6:00 0:05 6:40 fi:45 7:00 7 :06 7:20 7:30 8:00 10:00 10:15 10:45 11:59 New 1400 ON YOUn DIAL SATURDAY Five Minute News. Dinner Music. U. S. Weather. Sports Parade. Five Minute News. Public Service Show. Musical Interlude.. Music For Moderns. Knoxville vs. Rushville. Nitecap News. Brad Williams Show. Music to Read By. Sign Off. s on the Hour Every Hour. ELECTRIC SHAVER SALES & SERVICE GALESBURG TYPEWRITER CO. 72 S. Cfa*rry St. Phoa» 8157 0 SUNDAY 7:28 Sign On. 8:00 U. S. Weather. 8:05 Breakfast Music. 8:15 Merv Rosell. 8:30 Christian Tabernacle Church. 8:45 Organ Sketches. 9:00 Scanriivanian Hour, 9:30 Football Scores. 0:35 Lindstroms Records. 10:00 News. 10:05 Lindstrom's Records. 11:00 Church Services. 12:00 News. 12:05 Musical Interlude. 12:15 U. S. Weather. 12:20 Musical Interlude. 12:30 Musical Matinee. 12:45 Pre-game Interview. 1:00 Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco •49ers. ,7:00 Five Minute News. 3.iiii Sundav Serenade. 3:30 Pop Concert. 4:00 Concert Hall. 5:00 Sav It With Music. 6:0(1 I!. S. Weather. 6:30 Ave Maria Hour. 7.00 Music for Moderns. R:00 Proudly We Hail. 8:30 John T. Flynn. 8:45 Memory Lane. 9:00 Haunted Ballroom. 9:15 Know Your Secretary Ol State. 0 30 Laymen's Chorus. 10:00 News. 10-15 Echoes of Calvary. 10:45 Music to Read By. 11:20 Sign Off. 6:15 Morning Worship. 6:3(1 Cot fee Time. 6:45 Wake Up and Live. 7:00 U. S. Weather. 7:06 Wake Up and Live. 7:30 News. 7:45 Wake Up and Live. 9:15 Let's Quiz the Mrs. 9:25 Musical Interlude. 9:30 Problem or Solution. 10:00 Musical Interlude. 10:10 Market Reports. 10:15 Morning Melodies. 11:00 Colwell's Calling. 11:15 Musical Interlude. 11:30 Market Reports. 11:40 Musical Interlude. 12:00 Farm Reporter. 12:15 U. S. Weather. 12:20 Weaver's Winner. 12:30 Local News. 12:45 Monmouth News. 1 00 Musical Matinee. MONDAY 5:58 Sign On. 6:00 Hymns of All Churches. 2:00 1400 Club. 3:00 News. 3 06 1400 Club. 4:30 Hamm's Hits of the Day. 5.00 News. 5:15 Phil Reagan Show. 6 -20 Mmucil laterlud*. 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:25 6:45 7:00 7:06 7:15 7:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 11:15 11:59 New Tunes for Tots. Off the Record. Calderone Show. Weaver's Winner. Dinner Music. Sports Parade. Five Minute News. Musical Interlude. Public Service Show. Music for Moderns. Haunted Ballroom. Nitecap News. Brad Williams Show. Music to Read By. Sign Off. s onu the Hour Every Hour. A dog must be at least six months old before he can be entered in a regular dog show. He is considered a puppy until he is one year old. NOW OPEN! SAT and SUN. ONLY (Afternoon and Evening) OPENING TIME 2:30 GALESBURG AMUSEMENT CENTER Route ISO — East of Airport TUNE-IN TIPS... It's WGIL for all the latest foofball information this fall. At 5:45 tonight hear the football scoreboard, followed by the regular sports review at 6:45. Then at 8 it's play-byplay football with Bob Dickson bringing you the game between Rushville and Corpus Christi. Tomorrow morning at 9-.30 hear a complete rundown of Saturday's scores, including the night games. At 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, listen to Jack Brickhouse tell you all about the game between the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers, direct from Wrigley Field. And remember, you hear all of the games of the Galesburg Silver Streaks and the Chicago Bears over WGIL, 1400 on your dial. WGIL 1400 ON YOUR DIAL rafcsv iEr \ps L5 BIB MONQ THE KEEL IvNNRKS MPE BV HOLLY'S BOM" BEING PRrNGGEP ON THE BOTTOM. I''^.V SUGAR COOKIES I'LL DUCK OUT THIS WAY AMD ESCAPE THAT NOSY PACK OF SHE-WOLVes/ ' HE'S ASLEEP.' AtoWS MYCHMCE TO MAKB A IF HE DIES I'LL NEVER GET OUT OF THIS CbDKiTRY ALIVE-" OR IF I SHOU LD THE , SHERIFF WOULD (SET rtE> lVEGOTTO . CURE HIM? (r . ABOUT tf* \1« ? HAW THAT/ WHO'D /^-THOUGHT \CH HE HAD IT THAT 6IS6Y-L00KIN*/ ALL RIGHT.COB PUNK HAD TH' Alv% , / ESPECIALLY STUFF T'DO WW„ AFTER HE GOT THAT? V AHOLT OF YOUR (X DINOSAUR.' , WHERE'! HE SET THIS BABY BRACELET? SO THAT'S WHERE IT WENT/ HE TOOK IT FROM MY DRE5SER PRAWEf?, THE THIEVIN', GOOD-FOR-NOTHIN' SO-AND-SO; WHERE' BABY YOU KIDNAPED THE \/ NOW; L00KA HERE, < v OFFICER, I'M ONLY A . JANITRES5. I RENT 1 ROOMS, AND I CLEAN'HA*. I FOUND THAT BRACELET IN A WASTEBASKET, S'HELPME.IDIP. 10-17 _L fTHlS SIGN ^ ^ VOU MADE WHATS YER BEEP, X POR ME ELMER ? YA SOUNDEP ) WON'T ANNOYED ON STAND up, TH' PHONE I FUPO'S ALL IT TOOK WAS A Li'L IN66RNUITy.' 4 ON PLUM&ING SUPPLIES I

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