The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 28, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1935
Page 2
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j V - - > ;::,/ 7T". 4 v pjives, pint jar .19c Cteam Cheese, Ib. ...19c Smoked Picnics, Ib. . .21c Sitore Closed All Day Thursday i BURGESS DESIGNS. Continued from Pago 1. COURT RULINGS. Continued from Page 1. Recalcitrant commissioners have plagued presidents before Mr. Roosevelt. Mr. Coolidge demanded from tariff commissioners, at least, undated resignations before their appointments. ' Representative David J. Lewis (Dem., Md.) a Wilson appointee, left the commission In 1925 to protest against such a demand upon him. Mr. Roosevelt's more direct action has been challenged by new deal critics on the ground that if the commissioners could be removed, the independent judgment of men in numerous quasi-judicial By Clarence Darrow. Chicago, May 28. — After a rather hurried study of ,the supreme court's opinion holding NRA codes to be unconstitutional, it is evident that the whole hypocritical hodge-podge of the NRA is gone—and the new deal is doomed. I can't see any hope of survival for the recovery program now, no matter what President Roosevelt and his leader^in congress attempt to salvage from the wreck, because the supreme court cut the heart out of his entire scheme. The people of this country, with the exception of big business. ofiinore than fifty knots speed, | ment It name d the tariff com- j which created the NRA, are dis- maiincd by only a few men, and m ; fs i oll> the court of 'claims and gusted with this invention de- ers are considering the idea ofi fe( j era i agencies could be sacrl- niosqtiilo fleets to carry torpedoes, j ficct j to any president who under- The German "vest-pocket" tor-, took to j mpO se his will over theirs, pedo boats are said to be capable j The court accepted that argu- redistribution schemes, the argument about them Is only beginning 'and will echo In the 1936 campaign. t j ie interstate commerce commis- carrying four torpedoes. France has been experiment- gjon as agenc j es which should he ing with speedy coastal motor | espec j a iiy protected against out- boats, about fifty-five feet Jong, j n fl uenc fe. There are, also, carrying several torpedoes, and t i lu Eecur ities and exchan ;e com- aliainiiis about fifty knots speed signed to squeeze out the little fellow under the guise of a benefaction. When the national NRA review board, which I served as chair- in > trials. The British Government has mission, the power commission,! man, submitted its findings to the chandise. These bloated corporations can't contend that the little fellow can't make merchandise as good as th'eirs, but they know he can't compete with their money. Roosevelt has come to the end of the new deal ditch. The NRA was the foundation of his administration; now that's shattered. It isn't reasonable to predict that there will be any great business recovery immediately just because the -NRA has been smashed. But at least our supreme court has given the little fellow some of his weapons back to fig'i'. the big business Interests. Senate Leaders looked to the house to act first. The senate already had passed a nine and a half months' extension bill unsatisfac- :ory to thejadministration. Senate Majority Leader JosepU Robinson (Item., Ark.) and Senate Finance' Committee Chairman Pat Harrison (Dem., Miss.) insisted the damage was not irreparable. They agreed the entire act might have to be dratically revised. | Washington, May 28. — Congress waited today for the administration to make the first move toward rescuing the national recovery act from the apparent death sentence imposed by the supreme court. v Leaders were stunned and uncertain of procedure for extension of President Roosevelt's No. 1 recovery experiment. Some believed the court's decision might endan- FISH INDUSTRY. th> communications co nmiission, which control radio broadcasting, been studying designs for swift ' an(1 o ther agencies presumably motor boats. protected by the Humphrey decision. The Frazier-Lemke bill established procedure whereby the owner of a mortgaged farm, to avoid foreclosure, could appeal to the courts and remain on his farm for five years at a rental. At the end of that period or before the mortgagor could offer to buy his tarm at a new, lowered valuation amT- ; 3|bE mortagee was compelled to see.""Pl]e act reflected the phil- : Continued from Page 1. 1931;aA(| ^9j3g Christmas, Thanksgiving New'"Year's "Day, Washington's Birthday and the. Fourth of July all fell on Thursday- and,.Friday. This occurs every seven ijre'aj^ and Thanksgiving Day comes on> president a year ago I stated that the whole setup was an unfair, impossible thing—vicious to the core because it strangled the little fellow. The conclusions of that report have been borne out sharply. Small business men by the .score have been forced to the wall 1 y committee decided hastily to lay aside several new deal bills, including the Wagner labor disputes measure, pending a study of constitutional questions raised by the court's decision. Labor leaders, alarmed by the j-indirect blow at collective bar. . , . the greed of the big business interests which conceived the NRA| ganing provisions contained in 7-A of NRA, summoned and dominated its operation tl-rcughout. ! their full force to sponsor early enactment of the Wagner bill, the Guffy coal bill and the Black- The NRA, despite all the shim j Connery 30 . hour work wee k bill. surrounding it, never was a friend | The genate alrcady has passed the of the poor— and God knows the . Wagner bill Thursday every year. "Such holidays' coming _ Tliu«d,--v -suallv rccu.t in a'ospohy of redistribution of wealth: poor need a friend. It worked for, gome collgregsmen believed the sharp''decrease in fish consump- !fr °m debtor to ^editor pockets. | the rich and aided the nation's | administratioll wollld drastically tion Irbr tlwfcr, particular week in I It was not a new deal measure, j monopolies. Study the personnel | alter Ug NRA program t o meat which'the'-hoifdays occur. It is!Senator Huey P. Long (Dem.,|ofthe recovery administration's j cQun ob]ectionSj but wou i d c i in g recommcnded,".Uiei-efore, that the] La.) jammed it through i:: the|omcials and you'll not find one| to the i(Jea of continuinK pran : Secretary of Conirherce recom-ilast hours of the 73rd congress, j little fellow among them. 'tices of fair competition contained m^nd to the President of the! Its two sponsors are North Dako-j Of course, the price fixing codes ; ; n tlie co des. United States that, beginning in'ta Republicans. Mr. Roosevelt , were unconstitutional, because j Speaker Joseph Byrns of tho the Presidential proclama-;' Signed the bill, but with a protest, tion of Thanksgiving Day be' The Humphrey case ruling will made the last Tuesday in Novem-lbe an important factor in na- ber. j tional politics henceforth because they constituted an open and shut case of class legislation. A poor man never has been able to make house said: "It appears that there must be a delay in taking up th:; NRA legislation as a result of the a go of it selling his goods for the ' court's decision. I am not pre"It is pointed out in this con-lit further checks presidential en-j same price as the rich man. I pared to say definitely what course nection that great benefit to thejcroachment upon the independent j The only way the little fellov: j will be pursued until I have con- fishing industry would result from'agencies which sometimes balk jean make a profit is by under-, ferred with others. It may be this act and other industries; the white house. Whatever hap-j selling the rich man. Look at j necessary to re-write the entire would not be materially affected."!pens to- NRA and other wealth [your nationally advertised mer-jlaw." CONTACT WITH.. Continued from Page 1. On a similarity in ransom notes, they!pointed to the possibility of Thomas H. Robinson, Jr., fugitive kidnaper of Mrs. Alice S. Stoill, being the criminal. Any assertion that the kidnapers may be |"radicals" involved in the present lumber strike which is aimed inj part at the Weyerhaeuser timber interests, or any other theory depending on a supposition that the crime Was motivated by other than money, tho agents branded as "obviously absurd." One thing comforted the family. While the ransom note set a time limit ;and threatened harm to the child by inference, neve-/ once was death threatened. The note was written dispassionately, indicating the kidnaper wished to. .handle the matter coldly and calmly, collect ?200,000. release his captive, and assure his escape. This :fortified the family,, justice agents, and police in their conviction that money was tho j one motivation. The Vancouver report „.„..„..., Canada's famed manhnnters—the! tr >' to leave his home tO Iead '1 Royal Canadian Police—into th grim game.' They were ordered to keep a close watch for the kidnap ca and to search through the rough Barba^aV^] Applications Totaling $317,849,000 Made Public in Washington. TWO FROM INDIANA Elsie Rossi Countess Barbara Hutton Haun;- witz-Revcntlow, Woolworth heiress, may shortly acquire a r.^.v sister-in-law, according to Bror.d- way observers who attach significance to the renewed ntt. :i- tions paid Elsie Rossi; above, former Follies beauty, by Henri, brother of the five-and-ten heiress' new husband. (By United Press). Washington, May 2S. — Applications for allotment of $317,S1B,- OUO in work-relief funds for federal projects were made public to-j day by the division of applications and information. The requests were filed by government departments for slum clearance and housing, public sulf- | liquidating projects, municipal J | construction, flood control, ami I improvement of rivers and harbors. Included were requests for -$221.537,000 for 60 housing projects in 31 states; $6,250,950 for 30 self-liquidating projects in 16 states; $4-1,739,200 for 29 municipal construction projects in 12 states, and'$1,039,000 for rivers and harbors work lit three states. In addition, $44,313,000 was asked for flood control in eight the chamber then will come the Mississippi counties. brou(r]lt decisive debate, and Flandin will. Proposed projects included: I Indiana: Evansville, slum clcar- Flandlin's course was: 1—Tojancc. one-story row houses, $1,force rigid economies and iindjOOO.OOO; Yorktowu, purchase of new means of revenue of; 2—To-evistiji s water works system ami "i devalue the franc. He is for the j additional facilities. $44,000. first course, and adamantly Kentucky: .Lexington, slum mountainous country for a possible hideout. The provincial police assigned extra check Vancouver and contiguous territory. : A possible against the second. clearance, 'fireproof row houses, The armaments crisis, necessi- 31,500,000; Louisville, fireproof detaiTs To tatilig big unexpected spending! low rent apartments, houses. .?!,- link between the kidnaping and the murder of six persons last summer in a cottago near Bremerton was considered by federal agents. Several agents flew to that vicinity from hero and joined other agents who ha-1 preceded them from Seattle. The mass murders never hail been solved and there was n-> ready explanation for the apparent suspicion that the kidnaping was somehow linked with the slayings. i for national defense, has agsra- SOO.OOO. vated a situation that has getting more serious for than a year. been more Fl-XD-S KAISKD. livansvillc roller Will -Not Havi- To Clow? Xc-xt Full. ST.\TK POUCH XK\VS. Will Soon Hi- Itroiidfiist by Commercial Stations. 'he SAFETY and COMFORT of our passengers come first" Says Red Call Incorporated, of Indianapolis BED CAB INCORPOBATED, Indianapolis' outstanding taxi service company, recently added twenty-five new 1935 Ford V-8 cabs to its fleet—and more are contemplated. .- m placing this order they say. "We believe you win be interested in the reasons that determined our selection of ih»ri935FbrdV-8l Our long experience with the Ford V- 8 BB proved its dependability. Our cost accounting shows ^wnatkable record of economy of operation and up^—consistent twenty-four-hour service, day in and day t—and ahnost negUgibfe lay-up for Bervice and repairs. Tftiitr important as thttt items are to us. the safety and «f our passeng«« come first. The welded-into- steel body of the 1935 Ford V-8, Safety Glass in m, its BUM, powerful brakes, its ease of control end speed OB safety factors in emergencies, and traction provided by its big air-balloon tires, met i to ride in the Ford V-8, and we f*"*, .••v.'T - . •.'•?_» T, '•-;•.-•- : - . ., - ' " • i- -: .-A : now, dut 10. greater roominess and riding comfort of the 1935 models." We quote from this letter for two reasons: . First, because the feeling of persona} responsibility that causes Red Cab Incorporated to put its patrons' safety and comfort first deserves public recognition and praise. | Second, because we believe no individual looking for tiuj best investment for his automobile dollar; could ask for stronger or more practical proof of Ford V-8 stamina, dependability and economy. Surely there can be no test more uncompromising than the grueling grind of hour- aner-hour—day-after-day—taxicab service. iSee this smart, modem car at your nearby Ford deal- er'0. Its beauty, its fines, ijs luxurious appointments spook for themselves. AT- ratge to have a car sent to ^3SrtS-^» K:i-'*i rfjtgt: QUINTUPLETS. Continued from Page 1. A California dentist sent them five little sets of false teeth, in ring boxes, to kid the quints through the teething stage, ' but the quints can't be kidded. A woman in Alberta sent fi\v scrapbooks, a picture of each owner pasted on the cover, projecting the ; lives of Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Kmelie and Maritime the future by pictures clippoil from newspapers and magazines to suit the isubject.. The guests this 'afternoon included David Croll, Ontario minister of welfare; Dr. Fred Roulcy of the Red| Cross; Judge J. A. Valin, Ihoirj chief guardian; ,Mni». Alox. Legros and Mme. Ben La- bollo, tho ' two midwives who helped bring them into the world a year ago land their parents. (P.y Unitc'il Press). Evunsvillo, May 2S. — Faced with closing unl< ss funds wore I raised to pay instructors and maintain the school, Kvansvill' 1 college was assured of re-opening next fall by announcement today that a public subscription campaign had raised Sr>(),UUO. Earl E. Harper, president of j the college, said the funds would be used to restore salaries to the level required. by the North Central Association of Colleges- anrl Universities and to purchase needed equipment. PLANDINHAS. . Continued from Page I. manner with a financial and economic situation graver than any since in 1926 the late Raymond Poincare jwas given 1 dictorlal powers and' won for himself the namq "Savfjou r of the franc." ; Then the; vaults of the Bank of France were almost denuded ofi gold. Now 'they are gorged with bars of bullion. But there Is a 10,000,000,000 franc ($658,300,000) budget deficit to bo faced. Speculator's are attacking the franc in foreign exchange markets. There has been a considerable loss of gold. Small Investors a:'Q withdrawing money from bank: i and beginning 'to hoard metal. i President : Lebrum approved the plan for-plenary , x cabibet powers, and it -Was agreed that; it.wa* necessary in the national;; interest to avert any necessity for devaluation. of the [currency. | ., .:." 14. : .The. sdn»|tflj«n4 chamber of .dep- uties'ass^ SEKKIXtJ DIVOKCE. IVarl llurk ill Kono for a Quirk Sc|Kirati6n. , Reno. Nov., -May 28. — Pearl Buck, novelist and former missionary, has established residence in .Nevada to obtain ;i "quick Reno" divorce, • it was learned today. * Sho has retained un attorney and with two other divorcees has put in several of the necessary 42 days before she can file her :-cini- plaint against her husband. John Buck. A Muneic Petition. Indianapolis, May 2S. — N'car- ing on tho petition of the Muncio Water Wqrks Co., for permission to issue |nd sell §870,000 in first mortgage-bonds was held before the public service commission today. The company also asked approval of a contract with the Chase National Bank, New York, of an indenture of mortgage, and permission to issue and sell 1,800 shares of common stock with'par value of S50-eahc. 4 » • . .E. A. Foster 1 and John Surratt were business visitors at ;Logansport Tuesday. ; . _ Indianapolis. -May 2s.—Broad- cast, of state police news from Indiana and neighboring states by 13 commercial stations in the state will.start soon Al U. Fuency, state safety director, has announced. t'nder the plan sii.irgestod by Feeney to operators of the stations, police bulletin's will be ro- layod to the commercial stations by sliort wave from state police units, anil then re-broadcast ;:t two five-minute periods during tho day. " . The broadcasts arc expected to lie held about noon and early in tho evening. Feeney said. Feeney said the plan was SUK- Kostod as a means of keeping the public informed as to police news and enable listeners to assist, police in a'pprebension of criminals. Feeney said tho public will be warned not to make arrests but cooperate with police and sheriffs in reporting* stolen cars, fugitives and other information. •The. n e w commercial-police hookup will Ire the first of its kind ever tried in Indiana. Feeney said, adding that he bad received "enthusiastic response" from commercial, stations endorsing the plan. Tho police bulletins will be compiled one hour before eacn broadcast. WEDNESDAY VALUES We Will Be Closed All Day Thursdajj-j- Memorial Day. Ginger Ale, Lime IBiickey and other soda drinks, 3 large i u- bottles L GREEN BEANS-i ,,Per Ib. .]; NEW POTATOES - lOlbs. ..,......:. RED RADISHES— 2 bunches '. 5c 10c PINEAPPLES — I Fresh, each . SWEET PICKLES —Quart jar i. PORK AND BEAljrS — Jackson, £ cans CHEESE—Wisconsin cream, Ib. . i BUTTER—Pleas- \ ant Valley, Ib. J. 19c 18c 29c SANDWICH MEATS i Spiced Ham, ! sliced, Ib. .......40c Boiled Ham, Ib. .. J.50c Home Made Sandwich | Spread Ib. .. Home Baked Ham Loaf, Ib .30c SOc Strawberries Extra Nice j O quart boxes igejr.Qur __ jffany Otlier iiargi l!2 Ye^rs . M May '2Sth. \ j Miss Ida Ostheimer; left for | Wayne county to visit: with relatives, she being on her vacation from the Tipton postoffije. Mr. and Mrs. E. G.j Bftden residing in the Ovcrforid! broper'.y on the county line in A^tiajnta; left for Anderson to make tihejr future home. j| * • * Jesse Bowlin, Will J; Davis and J. H. Tranbarger left for fort! being subpoenaed jas on the Mott ditch casejon that place. • ; Frank- witness trial at Wl M OF See the. Ruby ledger outfit; consists of ledger binder, leather top indices and 100 ledger sheets to fit; tnrice only $4.00. Tribune Press. ««». Ideal leatheret desk pads. Tribufle'Press. tf INVITING Hazel Kicbc-ling, Route 5, Tip! on As a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune at the New Ritz Theatre to witness ^PRIVATE WOBtDS" Explanation: This Invitation is not transferable and is good only Cor the part/ whose name and address appear above. The' party named above, accompanied by a member of his family of a friend should, present,this- invitation,at the Rlti door the game a* two THE TIPTON DAI!*? TRIBUJW The Tipton school bbaijd which was! faced with a number of va- cancjies with the closing of the tenn, was making contracts for the 192-1 force. • | I ; *!i * * : . ! Workmen 'were remodeling tho residence of Mrs. Alice i Wau^h on West Jefferson street) i ... -'r i '. ,; • ; i Liawell Gredh had el .viery sore foot! as the, reeult of jspjlling a bucket of hot tar on tie imember. Sarah Jane Chris at the home ot bet sonrE 1 86. died igene la

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