Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 30, 1948 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1948
Page 2
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•TWO ..EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. . THURSDAY, DECEMBER. 30, 1948 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Jersey Gill Goes To England For Wedding Of Her Ten Pal' SOUTHAMPTON, Eng..— 0FJ — Rose Fishier of Newark, N. J.. came an the way to England to attend the marriage of an English girl she had seen. Rose,. 22-year-old Newark stenographer had been .writing for ten years to an English pen-pal, Betty Marsh, 21. It was a habit that began at school. Then Betty, 21, wrote a really exciting letter to Newark, announcing she is going to be married next Saturday. "Just for a joke," she said, "I ~ Invited Rose, never dreaming—." 'Rosa's reaction to the joke was energetic and enterprising. On a stenographer's pay one doesn't col- v lect the money for -a ticket on the -'.- «5uecn Elizabeth very last. So rose took on an extra job, maldng milk shakes in a Newark drug store from 5 to 10 pjn. And yesterday when the Queen Elizabeth steamed In •""TZose was en board. At the dock she met Betty and the pen pals embraced and giggled, -What's a drug store?" asked Betty, "I suppose you would call it a chemist's shop," said Rose. ."What's a milk shake?" • asked Betty. "Find me a cow," snJd Roto, "and III explain from Ihn beginning. Motor Vehicle (Continued From Page 11) • ed trucks, heavy as well as light. Several counties are now authorized ' to register cars and light trucks for • the Department -of Motor Vehicles. 6. To authorize reciprocal agreements so that out-of-state- police ; could, use special Maryland tags •wiihont charge. ' - • 7. To require the fun refund of the license fee for unused tags re- 1 turned within 30 days. 8; To authorize the Motor Vehicle Department to refuse to issue drivers' licenses for the same reasons it now revokes- or suspends licenses; Conviction .of manslaughter, drunk ; driving, hit-run, etc. 8. To provide four ' special tags 'Assignment: (Continued from Page z) Pentagon Building,- asked and received directions to Defense Secretary Porrestal's office and were right outside the door gefore any.on'e discovered who they were. Meanwhile, they ; had ambled along through or past dozens of high staff offices arid made themselves generally at. home. More recently, a . lately-arrive employe of. a Soviet satellite conn try walked into the new State De partment building and; in a stron Slavic'accent, asked for the Russia section. He was practically in 'th inner offices when he discovere his own mistake—he wanted th Russian. Embassy! > Japs Accused Of Secreting 'True' Japan By HOWARD HANDLEMAN TOKYO— (INS)— Japanese Prime Minister Sh-geru Yoshicla was accused today of being in the center of. a wide-scale and deliberate ef- A Tota-o -ewsDa-DCr chanzed thit idTeadTrf of his Negroes Banned At Airport's Restaurant Despite U. S. Order WASHINGTON—(/p>—Despite a ;overmnent anti-segregation order, Ncffroes still can't eat jn the main restaurants at Washington National Airport, across the Potomac river in Virginia. Six oi' them tried yesterday. But Paul R. Boyd, general man- shortly after Boyd announced the company's position included a reporter and a photographer from a Negro newspaper. None gave their names. "We are still abiding by the Virginia law on segregation while, our legal department studies the mat- Germans Said Potential Prey For Dictators . ;• covering transportation of used .' . cars, cars to be wrecked, cars 'to- be ;, repaired and cars repossessed by . . finance companies. ^; 10. To require trolley.- car op°r- ' a '.. ators to stop and render assistance •• ia, case of accident, • "without ob.-: structing traffic'more than neces- - - sary." --United States . . (Continued from Page.i) , principally Britain. France, Belgium. • The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Mr. Truman's official announce,; ' inent of the planning project in.. dicated that what he wants the ; • State Department to do is to pull the" military and .economic projects to' ; gether and give him answers to . three big questions Congress is ex' peered to ask: Why - should the United States • tmdertake these programs? ' How '•' much will -they cost? And what ma; ; terials are available to supply them Gross- Selected ;' Undersecretary -of State Love -,- picked.the,State Department's leg • ; adviser, Ernest A. .Gross, to -under |.; take the task'. Gross is the depar ;. ment's officer directly responsib .. for drafting legislation to'be lai r • before Congress. ,'.' Much preliminary work 'on all th foreign • aid proposals has alread been done by the State Departraen the Economic Cooperation Admin istratiqn and" the 'military estab lishmehi. Their separate efforts ar now to be combined into a sing] set of proposals expected to incluti these: Proposals Offered. 1. Continue the Marshall Plan • for European recovery through th second year o: the four which i .- is supposed to run. 2. Join the North AUantic Mill ^.tary Alliance v.-hich the" State De • partment h.-.s been negotiating fo ' months with Cznr.da and the mem bers of the Western Europear . Union, Britain, France and the low • countries.. .' 3. 1 As a further means of strength enlng wEstera Europe against Rus cia, authorise a program of militarj Inez Robb Will Write Column For all-around,. year-round reading pleasure don't : miss •"Assignment: America" by Inez Robb in The Evening Times. Inca Robb, America's :out- nUxncllnn woman reporter bc- . gins writing "Assignment: America" Monday, January 3. It will appear daily Monday through Friday. Inez Robb is noted for her brilliant' news dispatches, revealing interviews and sprightly feature articles from every corner of the world. Now opening a new chapter In her already 'star-studded .career she is .uniquely qualified to tell the dally, throbbing story of America at work and play. , Inez Robb is a veteran reporter trained to dig out all the- facts, she has a zest for. telling the human story and a unique ability for writing it. Opposing Merger BALTIMORE — (If) — The commanding officer of the Maryland Air National Guard said last night it is a matter "of absolute fact" that & Revelation of Japanese desire and i many Guard pilots will resign if a ntent to draw a silken curtain over proposed merger of' the National ' Those are only two examples. Neither was dangerous. The group of Communists actually was looking for Porrestal for lobby-pressure purposes, and was innocent of any intent of violence. Had they not been, however .' . . This correspondent found it possible to wander in and out of countless highly-secret military, defense, scientific, intelligence and diplomatic offices without having to identify himself- in any way, other than by his. own spoken word. And only'in the Atomic Energy headquarters was he accompanied by an armed guide ... Security guard officials know all this- and find it upsetting. Nevertheless, in order to combat the condition, first they must at least partially overcome the average American's automatic dislike of pass systems, identification demands 'anc other precautions usually associate: with police methods. And that dis- Party no; to pay too much attention to Brig. .Gen. Courtney ' Whitney, .political overseer of Japan as chief of Gen; Douglas MacArthur's government section. At "Secret" Meeting The publication said Yoshida made his statement at a "secret" meeting- of party lenders. Yoshida demanded a retraction but did 'not , ** specificaUy State Guardsmen ager for Air Terminal Services, Inc.,i ter," Boyd said' he told" the. group which operates the airport's food|in refusing. to allow them to be "his firm intends to; seated. He added that'he informed them a cafeteria for Negroes is a-vaUnblc in the. terminal. Boyd .said that everything was "very- orderly", and the group lef after a brief discussion, " A CAA official said airport guards have been instructed to report al violations' of the order to the U. S District Attorney for prosecution. its long-standing segregation, policy pending further study of the order. It was issued Monday by D. W. Rentzel, Civil Aeronautics Administrator. The CAA operates the airport for the government. The six Negroes who were refused service in the main dining room MacArthur's headquarters has not taken official notice of the story because. Yoshida is in. favor right now despite a long-standing coolness between him and the government. section. Accuracy Not Questioned anything the occupation might not "ike was made In the Jupancao reactions to Uio story. publication of the Japanese editors, polled'by a pro- :essional journal, did not question lie accuracy of the story. Their form.' : Guard Air Forces with the Federal Air Benerven Is put Juki effect. Lt. Co:. flob.r.-n L. Gould, who heads this state's air forces, said the Air National Guard "very definitel is opposed to federalization in an the own "reporters had told them it jrobably was true that Yoshida at- acked Whitjiey. Margaret Whiting Weds IBS Radio Executive LAS .VEGAS, Ner.—Off 1 )—Singe Margaret Whiting and Hubbell Ro inson Jr.; Columbia Broadcasting ystem vice president, are honey nooning today. They were married in the littli hurch-of the West by the Rev C. Melton yesterday, with th ride's sister, Barbara Whiting, ;• aid of honor, and Hairy Acker .an,., a CBS executive, best man : was. Miss Whiting's first mar. •mge, - Robinson's second. Woman's Scream Scares Armed Robber ljke ' , can become an asblstance which the American high - command has been working ou ; with representatives of the flvi .' Western Union nations. ;-4.- Continue military aid to Greece and Turkey as strategic countries blocking Russian expansion into the .Near East. 5. Provide non-Communist China with any reasonable assistance •which the" military situation in China appears to justify within the nest few months. JVegev Desert (Continued from Psge i) troops which had not been there be- for that, date, . ^ Circles close to the government said -Israel's point of view _is that the'/Kithdrawal arder of November 4 and the order to start armistice negotiations with Egypt November 16 can only be regarded as allied ports.of a whole and that the,latest fighting in the desert has not changed Israel's stand. Atlantic Gas Hiked PHILADELPHIA— (/P)— .The Atlantic Refining Company today increased tank wagon prices of gasoline a half cent a gallon throughout its marketing territory. • A company spokesman said "it is assumed the retail prices at Atlantic .stations also will be boosted a half -cent" ' appropriations boomerang.on Capitol Hill! Even so, the Indications are thai the time has * come to tighten up The armed guards and escorts may soon be back on- the job, and the system may be at least partially revived. Democrats Seek (Continued from Page i) bles with the House Rules Committee — even when the Democrats were in control of Congress, as they will be again next week. That trouble arose because the Rules Committee— which must give i&s okay before major bills can. get to the floor for debate — traditionally has had a heavy proportion of southern Democrats as members. These Democrats often teamed with Republicans to -refuse clearance to New Deal-type legislation. Would 'Permit Less Signers Briefly, the, plan under study would permit as few as 150 members —perhaps even Jess — to sign a- discharge petition and thereby 'force action on a bill regardless .of what the Rules Committee has decided. Such petitions now require 218 1 signatures, a majority or the Hous membership. But up until 1935, onl 145 signers could command and go a vote. The Republicans, however, have 171 members in the new Con .ress, so they, too, would be abl ;o force out bills under, that plan To get around that situation, th Democratic leaders have proposei an additional requirement that onl; he chairman of a committee whos bill is being bottled up could initiat a discharge petition. Talks Of War, (Continued horn Page i) pen peace negotiations with tb Communists. One story most generally heard in Informed circles was that Chian ad. been persuaded to take tha tep and details were being dls- ussed when the Communists re- eased their list of "war criminals" which was headed by Chiang anc iadame Chiang. "The generalissimo was very, angry," one source said, "and there as an immediate change of minds.' On the war front itself there was omparative quiet. Fire away, men •— We have fine WORK CLOTHES at great savings! CONCORD 313 S. Mechanic St. Exclusively Yours In Every Loaf of Big Boy BREAD On Sale At Your Local Independent Grocer Y * * ¥ * '"A" Grade 'Rubber With Written Guarantee Tele 3246 The Narrows' DEPBNBOL GENERAL TREADING WORKS •Cumberland, Maryhind POTTSTOWST, Pa.— (jP>— 'T wan 1 bottle of olives," the young man ild -storekeeper, Mrs. Stanley Tro- anowski. • She fetched the bottle of olives rok $1 from the young man anc arted to ring up the 22-cent sale esterday. He flashed a gun. She -screamed, e .fled.' Still clutched in his hand was the ottle of olives. Still clutched In her hand was his cents change. Still searching for the man today were Pottstown police. Barkley Says (Continued from Page i) complishments in this world-symbol city.; We have pledged ourselves. It would be unthinkable to leave. The men of the airlift are making more than aviation history. They are malting world history. They and the airlift itself are our nation's best proof of its share and commitment In the global quest for lasting peace. Says-U.S. Must (Continued from Page j) attempt to push legislation would produce "serious schisms."Even the proposal for combining Jie Air. National Guard with the air reserve 'under direction of the' regular Air .Force may produce con- xessional dispute. The. National Guard Association already has denounced the plan £«> an entering wedge for eventual full federal con- TO! of the whole Guard system. He called the Air Guard "a grow ing concern, a proven enterprise o merit that could render a good ac count of itself in combat right now. The Federal Air Reserve is •" stepchild of the regular services, ; paper organization with very littl training of any kind," Col. Gouli said. .He contended fedcralization would substitute "the reserve idea for the present Air National Guard "a force in being." "We can't see why they want tt scrap .a. going organization for- an idea that has proven a failure s< far," he 'added. Dutch Control (Continued from Page i) division. It said Daar.ja.ja was responsible for the infiltration o. republican guerrillas into Dutch areas of West Java. The Dutch position ever sino the "police action" of 1947 ha been that the Dutch occupy no only the areas where their troop, are in actual physical position but also the areas between thoii columns penetrating into the interior, • < Overall Rail (Continued from Page i) present requirements, he '-said, and "treat Britain, Prance, Germany, and -Poland are mining more coal. Coal Exports Slashed "They aren't going to buy it here they can satisfy their own needs.' Marshall added. "I don't think we'll export any coal to Europe In three years." " Regarding passenger curtailments, ie sai;l the line would consolidate wo of its George Washington trains ind resort trains from Chlcago^ Detroit would be cut from six -to three weekly next summer, New-Year's Eve DANCE GLENORA INN 1 mile out Valley Ko.-UI Dancing 9 'till ? Music by Wayne Brown's Sercnaders - E. W. Fleck, Prop. Prcscri ptions We Deliver Free Up to 3 Miles By Auto and Bicycle We Mail Your Prescription or Send by Bus Within 50 Mile Radius Just Call 3646 or 943 Walsh-McCagfi Pharmacy , MARYLAND'S HADING PRESCRIPT/OH STOKE 101 N. Centre St. . Free Delivery Truman Shapes (Continued from Page i) chance to let clown throush fog blanketing Washington. Below, the "Independence" were stacked thre ecommercial alrllneM, Lt. Col. Francis (French) Williams, Mr.. Truman's pilot, stayed aloft until his turn came, keeping close radio contact with the field, which hnri only a qimrtur of n, mile visibility. 1'hu "Independence" could hcivo had landing priority, a Civil Aeronautics Administration official said, but the President didn't request it. Plane "Talked" Down Like the flights before It, the "Independence" finally was "talked" down by an airport traffic controller j who followed its course by radar. Tower Chief Stanley Seltzer said the controller Brought the plane to within about .25 feet of the ground, Hut-Williams, apparently as unconcerned over the affair as the President, said he could see ground from about 500 feet. "I wouldn't have come in If it were dangerous," he cold newsmen afterward. "It was a routine letdown procedure which commercial" nir- lines are doing someplace every day in the year." In any real emergency, he said, he could .have flown all the way to Key West, Fla,, Mr. Truman's fav- urite vacation spot. As the President stepped out-of the plane, a reporter said: "We've been worried down here." "Oh, is that so?" grinned Mr. Truman. "I've been asleep up there." BERLIN — ••(!?) — The American j Military Government said today l many. Germans still are potential ' prey for a new dictator,' The military government announced a program to transplant western democratic techniques to western Germany. The program involves an exchange of governmental experts between the U. S. and.Eu- rope on the one hand and Germany. I It will cost §840:962 during the Dsca 'year ending June 30, 1949. The' military government's civi administration division, said th aim is to: . "Stimulate democratic conscious ness and, understanding of -civl liberties inside Germany as a strong psychological bulwark against eith er material adversity from within the country or- fear cainpaigcs originating from outside. Stranded Airmen Happy After Rescue From, Greenland Waste Dutch'Defy-.'. (Continued'from Page i) Republic had.agreed to join. However, 1 , the, republic is divided agairisl Iteslt, and the Dutch say those opposed to piirtlcljmtlon in the icdcr- itlon actually had .storied a i-cvolt. The Netherlands, government announced last night that negotiations would start forthwith for the establishment of the interim, government. Prime Minister Drees liimself is going to Indonesia to strut the ball rolling. Scientists (Continued from Page i) • hears these meteors as -whistles, and also 'photographs their tracks. The; photos • show heights and positions. The pictures also reveal long trails' of electrified air often left by the meteors, but . invisible to eyes or cameras.. The shooting stars show that the thin upper air is somehow lumpy. This lumpiness appears on radar as spots of extra. electrification. What this may mean to weapons or radio Is not known. BANANAS $1.49 and $1.98 a bunch . Hager's at Lovers Leap in the Narrows. Reveler Reallv -r- *^' Stuinbles Into 'The 1 Wrong Pew ; SOMBRVHXE, Mass.—W—Who', sleeping in my bed, the Eev. H Murray. Elliott wondered-when hi: young son appeared unexpectedly a a delayed church Christmas party. Ten-year-old Peter • Elliott ran a mile from the family home to Chris Church last" night-to-tell his dad ;here was an unfamiliar figure 1 in ils bed. Peter had been left- home because of illness. • The minister and police hurried to the parsonage. They discovered' the man was. a reveler who had got into the wrong bouse. No charges were preferred. , . (NON ALCOHOLIC) GOMES ALL READY TO CHILL AND.SERVE — NO FUSS— NO ROTHER C!?Y DAIRY, INC. 310 S. Mechanic St. Phone 699 UING OUR EC 31 ST ALL PRICES ADVERTISED IN WEDNESDAY ' NIGHT AND THURSDAY MORNING'S PAPERS , WILL BE IN EFFECT FRIDAY ALSO. CLOSES 6 P. ML FRIDAY Peach Halves Hams ib.59c Pineapple No. 2 B.lUantlnc Cm BEER Case $3.25 BaUantinc ALE Case S3.59 BEER Case $2.95 . x> m^m_r GILLS/HOTEL^SRECi&i. larolinas.Claim Youngest, )ldest Congress Members WASHINGTON—(£>)—The Caro- inas claim both the oldest and 'oungest members °£ 'no 81st Con- 'mm convonjnif' nose wceK. ' • Rep. Robert L. Doughton (D-NC) t 85 is tlie oldest. Rep.-Elect Hugo Sims, Jr., (D-SC) t 27 is the youngest. „ Doughton's entering his 20th con- ecutive term'in the House.- Sims, like Doughton, served in his ;ate legislature before coming to ongrcss. '._••' ARGENTIA NAVAL BASE, N. F. —(/P)—"Happy" seems the only word to describe how the 12 stranded airmen felt after being -whisked • off a 7,800-foot Greenland" icecap, where some of them had shivered''for 19 days; . ; '•-...' ' "They were all happy," reported .Maj. Gen.'. Caleb 'V. Haynes, Air Force comrnantiine-; officer for area, in 'a- telepho '• interview his headquarters at Port Pepperrdl, St. Johns, N. F. He used the word over and over. The General, "who reached the men within 20 minutes after their arrival', at Bluie West Eight, an airbase 65 miles inside the -Arctic Circle, said all 12 -were In good condition.. , : "They had no frostbitten ears/ feet, fingers or nosej," .he "said. 'They had plenty of food and-were fairly-well fed: But comfort was another matter." '•-.... All in all, Haynes sold." they- suffered nothing worse than,, boredom. Haynes said most of the standees would stoy at Bluie \VesVOne with, iieir families—since'they are based there—rather; than fly tc New York 'or .promised leave. Bull Cms Butcher-' HINTON, W. Va.~-<#•)—Tile butcher almost was .butchered-by a bull. C. H. Prith was about ."to butcher a bull when it kicked, the knife, ending the butcher to- the hospital with a deep cut in' his hand. "The the worst of It though," Frith reported. "He. died." Clearance Sale Dec. 27 Thru 31 25 o REDUCTIONS AND MORE It'Pays To .Crust The Town. To r Tht KLINE FURNITURE CO, 405^113 Virginio Avc. Phone 2708 on Suites, Chairs, Rugs, Beds, Beddinf, Sofabeds, • KitcliM •Items, etc. ENJOY THIS Austin's A-1 SOLUTION gal. 1/2 Gal. 25c — Quart 13c AustinV Furniture Polish Austin's Carpet Cleaner Austin's Shur-Glo Wax Austin's Ammonia Oxydol .. ' Rinso ,. '.....; Tide ;.: large bath pint Me pint *yv ', 31c .V7.V quart IvC large pko,. VlC , Ige. pkg. VlC pk, 31c 2,o,31c Ivory Soap Swan Soap medium 2 31c 42 N. CENTRE ST. PHONI 2195 Happy New Year TO EACH AND EVERYONE TENDERIZED Hams 59c GOLDEN MAID Oleo lb. 27c TENDERIZED; Picnics ... ,b39c FRESH CKEAMERYr. •Butter , b 67c Pure Lard Mb. carton - 23c PJate Boil 37c Choice Round Steak 73c Sirlion Steak 69c ,„. Center Chuck Roost 49c Sugar Cured By the Piece ,„ 49c Pork Rib Roost * 49c Pork Loin Roast ..SSc First Cut ' Chops » 49c Center : , ; Cur- Chop* ib.69c Fresh Ground Beef , b 39c Pork Liver n, 39C Beef L:ver . Salt Side Smoked ' Jowli . 59c k37c L32e ROASTING Slewing Pint Prjlur • Pint I Oysters 69c 79c SFtAVPR PER CUP • MORE CUPS PER POUND

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