The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1946
Page 7
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_. SATURDAY,' MAY 4, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •LTTHEVllLi raU tut lint fo lBu. Ck»r f , , .............. ,„ UIU ffw llu ------------- IS •«• Uu p«r 4» .. .J Ij * ~ " FORSAUE Bedroom home. Well located on 75x150 lot. Immediate possession. A KRALj Huy. Jimmie Stevenson, Noble Gill Agency. , " " 5-3ck-5-7 lam p«r lio« D»r d*r T. HUM POT llo. jui fe r j, want (IT. xrrti* vordi u'lii'um. ~<il oritrtd for lbr<M or •!• HBM tad ir'li L* "P 1 ™" 0 " wl11 I* «*•»««* >»* «4Juitl«tiit ol bill m.di. * 1 ' 1 "*' ... ^ ] » BB i'led AdverllainK copy mb- nilted by yeriorii residing oullld. ol tk« 117 raugt ve ftccotnjitnled by cftsk. KAUI DAT L« Mully computed, from lh« above «dT«rtUliic order for lrr«|roUr lai«r* llooi Uk« tin on. tUne rito. No rMnOBilbllitjr »i]| b« taken fornwrt r^mo on* lucoriect JaHerlloB of Any «]•». lill.d id. Wood, 155. K. iptb. Uxt! 1942 it leu Do.lje truck, iniln«.> 7,000. r'. N. WliUila. Kim liruvr Hereford Farm, I'lione ftU4. 'I For R»irt WE BUY.. E PHOTOSTATS of you,- sen- ! ice discharge. O'Sleen's ^ludio. 5-4-ck-l I MO Fryers and Haliy Chicks. H days to 3 weeks old. Klevator Feed Store. North 'llh & Railroad Crossing. 5-'l-ck-8 -himdry IM-IUCI- :nid hut vvatiT ui'ik •••,iri:ui,,ii, «itl, |,i|j,. and IIIHIIL'- «'. 1. Mnllury at S. It. Krf**. .|-|il;.»i llcurooru, 3U N. Bib. I'lione 2:139. Ilrnrooin. SU N. Ninth. Phone 233S. ' _ n.i>v.6]in i l.*rse bedrooms ne»r town. AuEc f:l». 1 810 Wcsl Wilnut. e-pt-518 , Kleei<!n* roomi, J'bonn 1!,-, will, I!, Sy»-!1IJHHV. Kk-i'lii,- M./rijTi-ralor. Call 111' M'..|| IK's I'hl.-i.. Asli urn! llroiulvrnr. .|-|.k-.-,;S '.minto -limits 31 |MT liuinlii'il F;iriu'-r.t liin Vnril. H. (i. lliinl. :i-i,k-ll) ifli- rcrnrd ]iln>i'r, iiiiNunntir rlianeur, i-,i!,.,.]-[.. flllU', TJi,- lindiu ]l u ,|,:in. 2I<! K. Main. <'all 585. 3-|ili.7 -I Hnl,) Ijiifny, i,r.i<-tifnlly IIL-VV. .S|.rin; JlJ.\ ]ui:t >\"ulnut. or cull atO^ Oil KIOVM rli'Milrif uTiil rt'iuirlni,-, Oall ' Max Logan, Realtor. Office Lynch Bide. Phone .2034. Residence 1131 W. Ash, Phone 502. Licensed broker, Arkansas & Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. List your property for quick cash sale. •J-27-ck-5-ll r^kt u Mil MI]I> di'livcr)-; driiwn flinn .inii.U-inrnis. Cull a. iliinilii. r; uiu* liny p.iiwn inuK-trj) sharpened ami repnics. i'riil horsi'- ' All t)-|je« Rijd khlda. We spccialiiL' ill •.• I uverliBlilinu. yen. we p!ck up nml deliver. Ulylbevllle ilncliitie Sliop. B U Y Fords Buicks Chevrolets Dodges DeSotos Mercurys Otdsmobiles Plyrriouths Pohtiacs Chryslers Studebakers Pick-Up Trucks iin.l Imih In 170(1 l.lncfcnn Wcs! Cnji lju fliinncril. 1 iniiii UN K. vim- st. Prin-j 1 racier repairs and service. .,•11 |L H'dLm. posKr^Nirin (in IlliK cihc. (1 rooin-i unil lintli. t'un ivisily mill willm-it iisinc any Kc;irr<> nniti-rial ln> ciiriY.'ric I iJilo>*. 1.1>| JK Inriji! cnuii|:li fi.r nngtliiT a rooni rental liuun.. Tliis will l>ny :i go-id ri-lnrn 1111 tlir invislriu-nl. |Si,> ur i-a.ll Mnx l.nsaii, Krnltnr. rin.ui> | LAREDO BEANS Cleaned and sacked af $3.75 per bushel. R. GATHINGS, Phone 18, Luxora, Ark. 5-l-pk-5-8 Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 804. Ji-15-ck-tf Wanted To Buy PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythe»Hle, Ark. Tel. 453—464 Political Announcements Ouuitw d ^ u ctrxUdata, th» follow. to &, CXMXBCTOm JACK riKLET ROBINSON V/ILLIAM llEIiRYMAN courrrr JUDMB OBNE E. BRADUBT ROLAND aRJEXN rOK TAX AHHKS8O* DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CUMk HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COUKT CJ.E.IK ELIZAJiK'ni BLY'I'HE COUNTY TBKASUKU STATE RKPKKSKNTATIYB AliENE WORD E, C. FLEEMAN LE8UE "puKiE" BPEOK; I-. H. AUTBT W. .1. WUNDKUUCH (1'or ic-fl.'cllun) STATE SFNA1O* J. UEK BEAHDEN JEFFERSON W. 8PECK Truffle: invldfnlx killed n lo(;il ll.ltii) IHTKOIIS lUit'lnu Hit' Ili'st .sis nlis o( 10-15. ucrnrdliiR ( U i BABY CHICKS Finest (juarily at all times. Joni])lctc line of poultry r eed. Tlie handiest pluce in own. "We Huy Poultry Jt KC(»" Chester Lewis Poultry •IK! ICast Main St. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phorve 3616 Sain - FhlUips Rablnsan Rcrrie* - Felix C»rn«J rim,,« iaasi. :io,,kr,|-it) We [i:iy ca>ih fnr IIHC _ piece or a liouetf lull. Call 2.102, Al- Yin Hardy Kuruilurn Co. J|10 ct-tf Wanted to Trade | Off ice furniture, household goods, including beds, rugs, etc. Mrs. James B. Clark, phone 2798. 5-l-pk-8 Room suit. Dinette Mlil. oil bnru- s ru^. l;lto' l[i»lly. After' ti p.m. ' •raitii-.lly new Clirls liiryclc. Size 21. ItarKiiinl ANn n^i;d rn'lin in gicrfei-t !>li>i|>e. ('nil ^471 ur cnn lie seuu *t Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5lh and Walnut. 3-27-ck-tf Personal (6CO Acres, 3'/ 2 mi. from Blytheville. Fair improvements with extra good land. Located !/> mi. from fcgravel road. Could handle some Rlytheville city property in exchange. Priced well below other farm lands in the community. C'. L. Earls- Noble Gill Agency. 4-30-ck-5-7 | Large, well established grocery store in vicinity of Blytheville. Averaging approximately §250,000 gross sales per yr. Owners health reason for sal. BEST BARGAIN OF THE YEAR. Noble Gill Agency. Glencoe Hotel. 4-30-ck-5-7 | Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tl TO OUlt PMIKNDK AND 1'ATHOXS- ViV wish In tlmnk you foi- your Imsi- nr'« in II,u ,,n-i ;, tl ,| ,„ i, lv ii, ,. ull I » t'a<rnii[£i.> u-i in nnr ninv L«ci\liun nn Iliflm-'iy 01 Honlli <i[ oil mill. Wo i/f in Cnielnr nnd unto n-piiiri. 'IVle- Lost l!~ tlarificnttun w:itrr byslcni complete soflTLcr, rliciiLirnl tank^, ^tur;i^u . will Jell clica].. Cnll ^O^li |««l,iji]t Kvinruat 9.2 HP; 5 IIP .Tohn- 1 '! ion Mnd Bo*t. tjee K«l Klio<ics at 1 1 '>- fcicb C^evroltl Gitrayu. ti-j»k-5|tt Wliitu Hiiilz iliiK u-illi lilark spnlj. An- vver^ lu naino of FriUy. Cull ^1:^9. 4J:tO-rlli If Avion vt-lliiw filhl WATOII. llbck wrl^ liainl. ItKWAKI). Call 1)^23. ,!a>M. Cold llnlova -vnlrli ivilli lilark ford ]j;iinl. l.(i>-l Tii.-sdnv afirrtinon Jletly I.nls llt'tonr. Huwa'nl nffer.'d i'Li>ii« Jf.^. : ,.,,k.s FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwv. 61 at Slate Line Phone: Blytheville 714 I Wonted to Rent Small lionsf—iiirnislied or nnfiirni-ilipd in or near town. Call .F. A. Hurc!j. riiriiishpo aiiartmorit or two licdroom Jiouse. Cnll 26r»0. rDrmnneiit. 13-ck-tf Help Wanted MAN WAXTKO In fi»r ]:>(!(> fninilv I lYiilial MUi.iisipi,! Coiiiny. l-rixlucK s«lil :nl y.'iirs. I'fnntirii-ut if ) on nrci n ImUliT. \Vrili- Knu-l|.!|;li 's Dcpl. AK1) L'7-12:iS. ^^^•^l]pll].^. 'J't-nn or see f. (N.lliiK. .101 K. Vill- St. Hlj : tlii-vll!,'. Radio Service -rv Ann* Refrigerator Service fni L>wlcr Washer, ironer and Gas Engine Service FhlHn Frd Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2«71 206-08 W. Main We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 Wnilros«c« u-nnlriT. (lorx] snlnrv. Plinnt Ml. Oiceol.i. nr Iliyttu-vitle 2171. Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed 30 davs. The rate nmong men is Perry's Radio Service ' & ouf fn^world" 10 "* W0 " len through Appliance Co., phone 3-114. — '• '. —,——-_^.._.,_ 4-19-ck-tf BABY CHICKS |6rocerj Blore with livin); ijuRTlcrs, to- Ifclliur m-ith -( rental liouscx. Approx- Imfttely 2 Acres of l.inil. Fronts on Jlwy. 61, bonlcis on Colton Belt U.K., iiU'a] lor»tiun Tor industry. Seo IJnclitnati'a (jurc«rr. ^, llwy. Gl. ' I«.,-(, ol'l 1'al.y rliicks. Cninplrlc line of ixniltrr fouls, l.i-wis' I'oultry. Mil K. Main. 2i>.|.k-f.,li .-. l<in« I) * 1M,. std!,- certified NV ;l planlini: ct>t(oii siM'd. $7 IUT hiiinlrc*r Lake r'nrin. I'li.inij 770. J-21P ck f> C ir. F«w Zealand v.-Tiite rafihtts. 3 docs ami & 4 com pun i HP nl hnlrli In hnrk 3'iirJ. Will do wonders lo rolicvc tl^e nit 1 at sliortajje »t yinir hnnsc. ;i v**J' IfrcoJ lirpit flora with htitrli ?00. H K Ki a Cured Iir<.'i1 Hoes \\~\\\\ hutch, $7">. •Kmilh Side Knbb.try. 3 in.U-s .^o. Ii.vy. lil. lOytlieviHe, Ark., IMionc 3H90. 15 j.k Li'lG |j>on't worry, about hard wat- A cr in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf | IMaim. PowlMrtn Srlion] n( >Tii-«ic. Cnn In' (tfen at 309 CKicTfasawb.i nr rnll 2041). 24-rSi-lf 3 to 5 tUys old—$4 to J1J p«r 1(0. Several brced-i — Feeds, Fount* — Feeders. ELEVATOR PEED STORE Broadway at K. K. TracKS CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Battery and Electric Radios 219 W iMain Phone 344U Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUB HEKVICrr Phone 2241 Farmers Furniture Store Now I.iii'iitcil tit 405 East Main St. New anil (Iseil I'lirnlliire DO YOU KNOW In operating a six cylinder motor cor ten thousand miles the distributor points open ond close ninety million times? Each spark plug fires fifteen million times? Ignition coils deliver ninety million charges of approximately fifteen thousand volts? The carburetor mixes two million eight hundred and ten thousand cubic feet of air with six hundred and twenty-five gallons of gas? The distributor shaft and rotor revolve fifteen million times? YOUR CAR SHOULD HAVE A COMPLETE SCIENTIFIC MOTOR TUNE-UP EVERY TEN THOUSAND MILES? v Drive In For Free Check-up Today toy Eich Chevrolet Company Ttxoco Gas ond OiJ- 301 West Walnut Bee ownnra nloiiB Uu: Nile pluct! Iholr hives «i\ bouU and iltt'.tl Llicni to vi'ulmis wliure Ilowni'K me Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and DeUrel Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy and Sell Used Radios. I CITY RADIO REPAIR 124 But Main Phone 2407 PPESCHIPTIOK FresheM Stock Gn»rmnt*«d Beet Prte** Kirby Drug Stores FOR BALE CONCRETE STORM SKWKK ALL BIZKJ] Cheaper Tbmn Brldf e Lamber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 571 Dr. J.T Optometrist GUARDS JEWELRY 209 W, Moin Local tc Long Distance Moving Competent Help ftnd equipment. Ada- quately Jniured. Cootrftct Hauling and Mile. SerTlc«. Home Service * Storife Co. Pborj* 2801 |Un>! Allen Molnr Tunn-iip m«liin« factory Tecoinlitioticr. Motor Rale*. Kasl M.ln. )'tior.B 5tl». <!20-ck-lf Ivan R. Von Patten Your tSnles Representative for Blytheville and all of Northeastern Arkansas The ARKANSAS Automobile Club Affiliated With Amer. Auto Assocmlion A. A. A. Residence 418 So. lake Residence Phone 2499 BIYVTHEVIM.E, ARK. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AD Type* Eieept Canecr DRS. NIES&NIES Cttnle 511 Main, Blythcrllle, Ark, Fbra* ZK1 J. LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Insurance Co. Art. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phon* 2348 Residence 2309 Tomntots, In eaoh—Flat notch — Orlllltd I'olatn 1-lanU. KLKVATOR FEED STORK Rroadwiiy at It. K. Tracks See us about your medunkal trouble. Our expert Ics working with mo4«ni Jools and ec|uipment can ptrt your car in top condition . We also have * pattSt »4<lt Iwdy shop repair »«rvlc«.i, vill fix your ear or car 1<X)U CASH, Pcrf«ct rrp^irli)g for footwear assured wlien re built In our modern shop. Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminator* Member NalT. Pert Central Ai*X 11} B. Third 8t rJ5l DON EDWARDS Tnxwrlter Mi 'wvArro RE TTPKWrUTKRM T. I. SEAY MOTOR Cb •OTAI, SMITH. Ill it. n-i ITRKKT Complete Stockj of Parla For Chryaier IZ1 B. M»ta BQOTS AJ^D_HER BUDDTKR Y\\-0. 0"r\\VUV\. • -n_ —> ' *."'i. .... .1^. r\O\\ ' ViO UAVY O^V.CORP, fsVJK> TOOTtSSOR V\Nit us ovita OR OV\ ,\ OOMT VViOW FRECKF.ES AND HIS FRIENDS How It Works BY MERRILL DADDY, LARD ^MITH is PIEIHIMG A PUP TENT ON LAWN/ MES GOING To CAMP THERE I DID 7HH SAME TMiNG IT WAS AU-VErW SirStpUMj- COURTIMG VOOR MOTHER WHE'M SH^ REFUSED I MR HER FATHER. KICKED OFF THE pcoparry/ •_ I KNOW—I ADVISED HlWiTO. «r.i_|vj -^ri>w r.CrU-tt-' / C-Tt" Tt) SEE ME.' TT~nVfi\\^i WAVMAN? Yes, Let's Wait 'VVfi CAN't H= __SYAKID O5CAO S HAVISS A VEEYt TIME IN ATLAMTIS-- \VMAT £ S5TURN THSM 6?rAT SOL, TH,S L4BD3ATORY T DO\'T L.OOK fS A SHA\VSLES/ SA5TOM / LIKE \VE'?= , - T.iESE DOORS FOR YOU' GOXVA MA.-1E AMY Of THEM SUM-BLASTERS

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