Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 11, 1963 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 10
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADA9IS S0VDUVE1HRE«THJED> TOHAVEAAECRIPPIS), BtSQMBA? AFTER AU. THEVeUSOFSTRIVINS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD ASD Tiaxps 15 ajy HAU= OF rr..m£ OTHER KAUiJUfP fosaay THE AVDST ll^FCRnMr _.rS05rAlNlN5THETO\E TABIE FaRTHEOMMUIISTK: BUTTHEA\YS7BCrOr1KE\ • /-^S F' MORTY MEEKLB By DICK CAVALLI IWATOI/RaOW NUI5 /eOUTMVIZNA, i^He? H& epBc© ALU HienMB cmL IN Da?«znMeNrNow/. Ate. eccwae CATCH THew i 7-// e IMl tr NEA. hem b«. uj. ta. at. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HASILIN so VOCS GONE TO INTERVIEW TH' GUY WHO'S QOMNATAKE OVER MY on JOB? PRISCtLLA'S POP By AL VERMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER OCR BOARDING HOUSE with HAiOB HOOPLR OUT OUB WAV J. B. WHLLytlS E6AT3 ,FRIEJJD ,I HA^JE CUJSWT (THE RARE PROHlSADETEE, FDDHD 1I4THE6 L )MK E M LAKES OF TAHITI.' THE AfATNES CAUL THEM THE: TlClhieU^eS, MEAM- INS CAMELS OF-VHe R WA.T£K6.'TKES£ PSK CANJ SO 30 HOURS WTl-lOOT ADRIM K:.' -——7 tVE MO<3t5ED A LOT OP aUEBH FISH ASC^B AN' BELCVJ TH* VS'ATERS 1 (^1: HOPE HE-, •f' SNATCHES tHAT OWSJT i- BbT THE .OMLY -flMB- 1 £VEf? HEAED OF THAT D.T. AfACKERSL Ot= VOOKS WA5 F(?OM A FRIEND WHO CLAtWED He HOOK6D ONe WHlLEr SAlLir^ OVEK .TH' SAHARA PESESr IN A X, HOOSEBO-acr.'' 10 - Thurs.. July 11, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts IN HOLLYWOOD Cleo look, via Liz, takes over Egypt By Erskine Johnson CAIRO — (NEA) — Liz Taylor's "Cleopatra" appears unlikely to ever play Egypt but Liz, not headman Gamal Abdel Nasser, is having the last laugh. The star's "Cleo" look has come to all the chic young modern sirens of the Nile and they include the bevy of pretty elevator operators in our hotel here overlooking the Nile. They're so sexy I really overlooked the Nile until just a few seconds ago. I've been too busy looking elsewhere. Shop girls, waitresses, belly dancers. Air Arabia plane hostesses and even members of Cauro's smart set all have the "Taylor look," Nasser can shout that as Egyptians the young ladies of Cairo have a birthright to Cleo's Jiairdo in bangs and deep blue, slant- eyed make-up. But it was Liz, not Cleo, who started the make-up fad here, one of the young elevator operators told me between floors. She popped her gum and said about the "Taylor look": "It's real crazy, man." Liz's switch to the Jewish faith is the reason there's little chance of "Cleopatra" playing in the land of her reign. Even in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok I've seen dolls with faces made up in carbon copies of Liz as Cleopatra. The all-American e.vport is supposed to be jazz music but now we must add Liz Taylor. When I tell you there is a camel named "Hi Yo Silver" tourists can ride around the great pyramid of Cheops, please don't laugh. That's his name. Honest. I'm sure the people of Cairo don't look under the hood when they shop for a car. They just try the horn. They ride the horn like they ride the gas pedal. Drivers in Rome duel with fenders. Here they duel with horns. Now to go back a few days. There was that strange sign in a Hong Kong hotel room: "It if regretted that the interior decoration of all rooms is fixed and cannot be altered to suit the wishes of any particular guest." Only explanation I can provide an idle thought that perhaps too many Texans became bored with the wallpaper or the paneling and, after dialing Room Service, said: 'Please send me a new room and charge it." The management, I can only assume, finally decided it was just too much wear and tear on the stairs. Almost as funny was a sign in the Thai language outside a dance hall in Bangkok. It read: "Hey let's twist." The "look" of home is around the world, too. OUR ANCESTORS "It's a crying shame! Those kids know who you ar<and they still kick sand in your- face. Mr. Hercule''' TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BROW .VOTICE TO BIDDERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Trustees of the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. California, hereby calls for sealed bids to be delieverd to the Assistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Administrative Offices, 33 West LuBonla Avenue, Redlands, California untU the 25th day of July, 1963. at 10:30 a.m., at which time and place said bids will be opened for: Markette Steam Cooker w/(rade in of Markette Forge Steamer. Model 2MGS. Lumber For Shops. Each bid shall be made out on a form to be obtained at the office of t h e Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Each bid over $4,000 shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check payable to the owner or a satisfactory bid bond in favor of the owner, executed by the bidder as principal and company satisfactory to the Board of Trustees as surety In an amount not less than of the bid: said check or bond shall be j^ivcn as a guarantee that the bidder will execute the contract if It be awarded to him. The Governing Hoard of said School District reserves' the right to reject any or all bids or v.-aive any informality in a bid. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30i days after the date set for the opening ihereol. By order of the'Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands. California this nth day of July. 1963. CHARLES R. STULTZ. Clerk of said Governing Board. CZECH YOUTHS JAILED VIENNA (UPI) - A Communist court at Sokolovo sentenced two young Czechs to prison terms Wednesday for "hooliganism," Radio Prague reported today. The report said Pavel Herzlik, 20, and Zdenek Rob, 17 of northern Bohemia, broke into the guardroom of a factory and stole pistols and ammunition. It said the two youths tried to escape to West Germany to join the Foreign Legion. NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE NoUce is hereby given that FRED H. FULLER, of 12728 HiUtop Dr.. Redlands, California, intends to sell to CHARLES T. LARSON, of 25031 Vine St. San Bernardino, California, All stock in trade, fixtures, and equipment as appears on a physical inventory taken for this purpose on July 1, 1963, of that retail gasoline filling station business, known as Fuller & Polestra Texaco, and located at 645 East Redlands Blvd., Redlands, California, and that a sale, transfer and assignment of the same will be made, and the consideration therefor will be paid on or after Aug. 1. 1963. at the escrow department of Westward Escrow Company, at 4137 Almond St., P.O. Box 3S9, Riverside, California. The consideration therefor will be paid as follows: Cash through escrow. Dated July 1. 1963. Buyer: CHARLES T. LARSON, 25031 Vine St., San Bernardino, CalUomia. Seller: BARBARA E. FULLER, FRED H. FULLER, 12728 HiUtop Dr.. Redlands, California. Shop Conveniently Friday Nights 'til 9 WITH THESE REDLANDS MERCHANTS The Harris Company J. C. Penney Co. Western Auto Kari's Shoe Store Wodworth Co. Her Majesty Solly Shops McMahon's Furniture Co. Horry G. WiUon Jewelry Levine's People's Furniture Gabriel Bros. Shoe Store Norris Yardage Store Herman's Furniture & TV Fowler's, The Men's Store Nelson-Holes Furniture Gair's Kristy's Sliger's Clifford Farror. Jeweler Howard Smith. Jewelers Colonial Maple House Good's Wearing Apparel Pratt Bras. Sporting Goods THERE'S ALWAYS AMPLE FREE PARKING FRIDAY NIGHTS HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Araeri cans saw a major, live, two-way transatlantic telecast Wednesday on Telstar's first nniversary. Eu- ropens weren't as luckj-. The French wouldn't let anybody over there see it. I'm not kidding. The 65-minute program, which had Dwight Eisenhower and other top figures discussing world problems instantaneously from various cities, mcluded political topics touchy to the De Gaulle government—such as nuclear arming policy and the European Common Market, out of which France has kept England. In fact, one of the four figures on hand Wednesday was Jean Monnet, often referred to as the father of the Common Market— and an advocate of including Brit ain. Anyway, the French simply decided to deny use of their ground station which was to have transmitted the American portion —and the whole show—to European countries. Despite the European blackout, which had no effect on what Americans saw, the broadcast was a major triumph for CBS-TV, tlie only network that carried it. It is extremely regrettable that neither ABC-TV nor NBC-TV thought it fit to salute Telstar thusly, and to take part. NBC's parent company, the Radio Corp. of .America (RCA), built the other operative communications satellite, "Relay", ofr the National Aeronautics and Space Administration which owTis and operates it. CBS-TV created the telecast, which is called "Town Meeting of the World." It came on live from 2:30-3:25 p.m., EDT, and was shown again at 7:30-8:30 p.m., EDT. Eisenhower spoke from a Denver studio. Monnet was in Brussels. The others were Anthony Eden in London and Heinrich von Bretano, majority leader in the West German Bundestag, from Bonn. For the first half of the program, the four statesmen, guided with ease by anchorman Walter Cronkite in New York, talked of the problems at hand. And for the last half, persons in studio audiences with them in Denver, London and Brussels asked them questions. The quality of the picture and sound reception was excellent. And CBS apparently thought so highly of the results that it has decided to continue the format and program idea on a quarterly basis starting in the fall. The Europeans who were blacked out will get a tape of the show shipped to them for airing. Here, informatively is what the blackout meant: It meant that Ike could see whom he was talking to, but they couldn't see him or each other. It meant that the deprived nations were England, West Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Italy—all of which had planned to carry the telecast. It meant that only the willingness of the British to carry on with their sending of the European portion to .America via their ground station made it possible for the United States to get the broadcast at all. There would have been no show without the British. The French are reported to have asked the British to bow out too. The Channel Swim: NBC-TV confirmed Joseph Gotten as host- narrator of its new fall half-hour series, "Hollywood and the Stars" .. .Bill Cullen, emcee of the ugly show "The Price Is Right," hosts NBC-TV's '-Tomght" during the first of Johnny Carson's two weeks of vacation starting July 29. Last summer, CBS-TV presented an invigorating one-hour special, "The Dialogues of Archibald MacLeish and Mark Van Doren," in which the two old friends talked informally as they walked. drove, sat and went swimmmg... Now, on July 31, CBS-TV offers "The Dialogues of Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Conunager," in which two noted historians, also old friends, talk at leisure of the state of the Union and the condition of man. Carole Tregoff decides to drop her appeal LOS ANGELES (UPP -Carole Tregoff, sentenced with Dr. R. Bernard Finch to life imprisonment for the death of his wife, has decided to drop her appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Miss Tregoffs attorney, Harold J. Ackerman, said Wednesday his client has instructed him to drop the proceedings. She currently is serving her sentence at Caliform'a Institution for Women at Corona. Dr. Finch, serving his sentence at San Quentin, earlier dropped further appeals. The pair was convicted of murder and conspiracy in the shooting of the West Covina physician's estranged wife, Barbara Jean Finch. The conviction was upheld by the CJalifomia Supreme Court. NOTICE TO CREDrrOBS No. 32659 Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of MARY M. FERRIS. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law offices of Jolm P. O'Connor, Attorney at Law. located at 35249-B Yucaipa Boulevard, Yucaipa. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within sLx months alter th» first publication of this noUce. Dated July 9. 1963. ROLAND E. FEBHIS. Executor of the WUI of the above named decedent. JOHN P. O'CONTJOB, Attorney at Law, 35249-B Yucaipa Boulevard, Yucaipa. California, Telephone 797-0097, Attorney for Executor. (First publication: July 11, 1963) People and Things Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS IGIeason or Kennedy TFnnnyones 13 Miss Drew's namesakes 14 Small space 13 .Meat cuts ISRentroU 17 Piper's son 18 First woman (Bib.) 20 Amount (ab.) 21Is persistent 25 Sojourn 28 E-xpostires 32 Doctrine 33 Kind oE tide SiJIiss Chase 35 Kind ot lily 36 Lea 40MusteIise mammal 41Pliysostig3niDe 43Morindindyes 48 Container 47-Wife o£ Ae^ fm3rtfa.) MPutinanew lining 53 Bridge holding seMosical studies 57 Makes into law SSSeattei-s S9Makeanew experiment on DOWN IJoks 2Sin ^gT0iee 3 Masculine nickname 4Nev Zealand parrot 5 Writing fluid 6 Worms 7 Fondle 8 Mineral rock 9 Males lOPartidc H Bivalve moHnsk 12 Seasoning 19 By way of 21 Fancy 22Fisliennan's gear 23 Township (ahj 2-J legislative body So.'VdiectiTe 26 Mr. Lugosi 27 Bbckens 29U.S. coin 39 Age •42BUI7 30 Polynesian god 43 Greek god 31 Mast 35Pcrns8 37 We SS.^cove 49 Bird's tone SlFisii 52 Novel 44 N'aUve oi Latvia 54 Slariner's 45 Calumniate direction 47 Speed contest 48 Deeds SaBonnesewood sprite 1 2 3 b S 13 15 17 7 S 9 10 11 12 14 IS

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