Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 29, 1948 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1948
Page 17
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FRaSTBURG-KEYSER And Tri-State Area News Evening Times, Wednesday, December 29, Miners* Hospital May Lose $235,000 Appropriation FROSTBtJRG—Michael J. Byrnes, secretary of the board of directors of Miners' Hospital, issued a warning today' that unless immediate action is taken by residents of •Western Maryland -the appropriation of $235,000 for a new wing w> the hospital .may not, be included in Governor Lane's budget for 1949. ' Byrnes, who with Dr. W. O, McLane and J. Edwin "Winters, has 'made several trips to Baltimore for 'conferences with the Maryland State Planning Commission, pointed out that he has sent a second let- ter to the body in. an effort to ascertain Its action. To date he has been given' no assurance that the proposed appropriation has received favorable consideration. In'' his . latest letter Byrnes requested a definite reply by January 4, when the hospital .board is scheduled to meet.' . Byrnes explained that unless immediate action is taken by the commission, the appropriation probably •will not be .included in the budget. The commission must first approve •the request and then submit it to the State Bureau of Budget and procurement, which devises ways »ad means of providing the money .before including it, in the state Retires After 49 Years With B&O Railroad KEYSER, W. Va—Following 49 years • service with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,' Patrick J. Small, 21 East Hampshire Street, Odd Fellows Groups Elect Jingle Party Set By Auxiliary Unit MT SAVAGE — The Ladles Auxil- of "the Me. Savage Volunteer . Fire Company wttl hold a jingle party tonight at the home of Mrs; Cora Walsh, Railroad Street. BricC Mention . A social will be held in St. Pi rick's Hall NOW Year's Eve 'at 0< Mr. 'and Mrs'. Michael ..0"Hour Lam-el, are spending the holidays Pool And Park Commission To Be Formed At Frostburg FROSTBTJRG—A park and swim-1 irilng pool commission of five members will be appointed by Mayor with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Piedmont, has retired. low lodges, Nancy Hanks Encampment and Queens Point Lodge, at the recent December meeting m tne lodge rooms. Those elected by Nancy Hanks Encampment were: C. D. Brown, chief patriarch: William J. Bailey, '' Ritchie, C Skidmorc before Jan, "ua'ry li to draft plans for improving a I the community park and swimming pool in Consol Village. Skidmore was authorized to appoint the commission by the City Council at a public meeting last night at the City Hall. It was,^ explained that under the city, chart-1. er the commission is to serve — " Youth Rims Ad, Gets New Home HAGERSTWK'—That, 14 7 y*ar-oliS Ha'gerstown boy who'ran an advertisement in-the'Herald and Mafl last week for a. home, apparently . n ,,, r ,, n H er e commi Miss Virginia Lancastei ic.umed b , for two - yeai ,. . , Alexandria, Va., after .,,.„•'_:, «.H mate d costs', will be to Alexandria,' Va Plans and estimated costs'. several days visiting her P^ nts 'j pres< ; n t c[ i at a meeting in. January. .,..-__^ ,,„ ntrniiarr, Tjinnastei. IHThe prcscnti pool, located - about Mr and ; Mrs. William Lancaster. Rev Ronald J. Faun on, Washing- ion Is visiting his father.- Michael warden; Walter L. . warden,-all for six months:. Luke McDowell, scribe, and-Marvin W. Dates, treasurer, each for one year; in May, Raymond Rice, trustee, " " " s c , ^ the veteran engineer was firs; .and Charles M. Chilcoa., trustee, n. 1899 te veeran . . employed as a track hand_byjhe two (unexpir^d teun). B. & 6. in June of that year. Small continued in that capacity until December. 1900, when he was promoted to locomotive fireman, .and on January 1, 1905, he was promoted to-engineer. He has- served in that capacity ever since, on freight crews, and for the past six and one-half years has operated the dally Kcyscr- Grafton local. Seventy years old last October, Small has no plans for the future other than to rest and "Take it easy." „, ,, Mrs. David Close budget. He added that at this late - ™\Fefcd At Shower THOMAS, W. Va. — Mrs.-David is apparent that no favorable action has been taken. He cited that the O'Conor administration -was in sympathy with the request and appropriated $100,000 as the initial amount needed in the general building and Improvement program. 'Unless the remaining $235,000 is forthcoming from the Lane administration 1 earl- itr efforts .will be offset and the hospital will continue to be seriously inadequate to meet fast increasing demands, Byrnes declared. An area of 1,800' people is. served by the present 50-bed hospital. It is constantly filled to capacity and even- effort is being made to accommodate patients, using halls and corridors for bed space. ' Members of the board stated that •while considerable -opposition has been -voiced from other sections of the state to .the appropriation on the basis that the hospital is the -onlv state-owned general hospital in Maryland, residents of • this area should exert their rights as they xre entitled to this consideration in view of the-fact-thafmuch. money ii spent elsewhere in the state from •which they derive no direct benefit. OfTlcers of Queens Point Lodge are:'Stanley Yost noble grand,, and J D Kennedy, vice grand, each for six months; Luke McDowell, secre- Marvin W. Oates, financial secretary; and Charles D. Brown, treasurer, one year, and,Rayniond Rice, trustee, -three'years.' Baxter Kimble, district deputy grand patriarch, of Slk Garden, has been- Invited to install the officers for Nancy Hanks Encampment Friday. January 7, and. C. A. Steiding, district deputy grand. master, of Queens Point Lodge, will install the new staff of that organization Monday, January 3. Personals William Montgomery arrived., yesterday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Montgomery, West Piedmont Street, enroute from New Jersey to Alderson-Broaddus O'Roui-ke, Fort Meade, .is spending the holidays with his wife and sons.] Miss Dorothene Poland, a.student at the University of Maryland, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poland. . Ralph W. Simpson, DSN, has been transferred from the U. S. S. Coral the Aircraft Gamer made a rescue trip ;o aid stranded Air one mile southwest of Frostburg. wnf built in 1921 through the efforts! of former State Senator William A Gunter and the late Thur'.ow Todcl. Street Commissioner William Sluss Chiristmas. says.she cannot afford to keep the youngster who has spent' two years in'St. Marys Industrial School, reported ,he • boy spent Christmas day on William B'jssard's farm, near Brcathcds- ville. . ; financing; the P kh funds ld Sea, to _ used and prorated over a number of years with' improvements cacn year, until the "^reject is completed. Commissioner Jesse' Jacobs reported a number of citizens had " . . ..... J.1 '* L fn,<f.f . •il'KTl «s ic said, Uio ixiy >rf -Easterday's, ----near Mapleville where the boy ma> be able to' make -his home, After 'the story of the 'boy;s plight was published in Fridays Daily Mail, over 20 people .called ' at the woman's house', in Suters Alley, volunteering to civo the -boy Kingwood Forger Sent to Prison CLARKSBURG. W. Va.—Charged with forgery, Kenneth G-. Shroycr, 37 Kingwood-, and indicted by the November grand jury "was arraigned before Criminal Court- Judge Arlos j. Harbert, pleaded guilty and sentenced to serve two to ten years in the.state penitentiary. Shroyer was indicted following his arrest last August by City Detective S. E. Bamett, for passing five'.bogus checks In' local department, stores.• . • The officer disclosed -that Shroyer would enter a clothing store buy an article of clothing and .give a check in the name of an aunt Nettie • Nestor. The forged check usually was in excess of the value of the'purchased articles and the Kingwood man would .leave the store with his purchase plus, the amount returned above the pur,- chaso price. In 'imposing the sentence, Judge Harbert .stated that the sentence would do-to 'August 18, the time of his arrest. a home. the Countless others • called -and police head Close Jr., was honored with a din- j college, Philippi, W. Va. and shower at the Thomas City B. Dale Duckworth, A-D-1, U.S.N, i —*.«n.. w.r ' ^/Trc PnnlinR *-t-oftni-i/>H at-: - Wnr r n1k. Vji.. is vLsitini Force men. to float a $25,000 bond j the boy or issue for the project. • mas treat. No action was taken pending the town, N. J., are spending the holidays with Mrs. Becker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Rourke. Mrs. .William Ewald and daughter Miss Margaret Ewald, Hagerstown, visited relatives in Washing- Mrs. Gertrude Madden. Connclls- vlUe, Pa.. Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charles S. W. Grcen~."w"iliiam"Elvin. Gale Towri- send, Guy Mallow. Leo Dean, William Dolder. Charles N. Hill. Alvin Rankin, Michael Byrnes, Nathan -Powell. James Kenney, Miss Gertrude Williams, Miss Margaret Price, Mrs In a Watson, Robert Stewart. Rudolph Nickel and Joseph Linn. The irmyor announced that.he " Hall recently by ' Pauline . Schoonover ' and Mrs. David Close, Those present .included Mrs. D. H. Kight, Mrs. Mura Cooper, Mr. and Mrs, Bernard Wenck, Mrs. Hazel Shaffer. Mrs. Evelyn Cross, Mrs. Evelyn Schrader, Mrs. Effie Bland, Mrs. Ethel Hlggens and Mrs. Evelyn Bergslrom. Mrs. Peggy Blosser, Miss Christine Blosser, Miss Jennie Schoonover, Thomas Blosser, James • Biosser, David Schooaover, William. Close, C. A. ^Schrader. Jr., Nettle Kight, Junior Schoonover; Mary Staron, Dorothy Staron and Reglna' Jeran. Antonia Jeran, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Close, Floda Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Ray -Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William Close, Louise Close, J Close,' Mrs. -Emma Devore, Ft pland, Anna Lochiner, Margaret Lochlner, J. C. Schaffer and Julius Schaffer. - Mr. and Mrs/Clinton Pierce, Susie DiBacco, Albert DiBacco, Mr. aiid Mrs. Clarence Snyder, Anna Lcc son, returned from McKeespori, where they were the guests of Mr. and Ms. Charles Maser. Mr. and Mrs. Maser. celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Christmas . Day. Mr. Maser is ,a native of Mt, stationed at Norfolk, Va.. is vLsitmgj Sa c and a sm O j tr , e i a u: Mr, his .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Drook an(J Mrs> Jonn Hi ----Duckworth, McCoole. Mr. and Mrs. John Alt. Keyscr, announce, the' birth of a- son at Potomac Valley Hospital yesterday morning. Mrs. Charlotte Wiseman and son, Billy Bruce, are vsilting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eruce Montgomery, Harry Crowe' and'name a 12-member playground com- Expended For him a Christ- If he had not gotten a sponsor by vesterday. the blond, freckle- faced boy would have.had to return to the training school where he. was eligible for 'parole after serving over two years foi^breaking and entering a store here. The. boy came into .the Herald- Mail business ' office one. • day last New Year's Dance SetAtForlAskby .Fort Ashby Post .No. 6667. Veterans- or Foreign Wars, will observe •New Year's Eve with a'dance startr ing at. 10 o'clock Friday night, according to Conda Bennett -Reservations are still being" accepted. Dancing will-continue, to 2 a. m. and the 'Ladies Auxiliary <tf tlle post will serve breaWast at 2:30. HarrietHardn FetedAtParty LONACON1NG. — Harriet Ann. : . Haran daughter of Mr, and Mrs. • Miles T. Haran, East. Main. Street, ,. was honored with a. party on. her • sixth- birthday -yesterday at the , Marshall Confectionery. Prizes were won by .Barbara Ham- , ilton -and Deanne Stelding. Guests.-.-. included her class mates. _: Choir To Hold Dinner' " ". The' Adult Choir of First Presbyterian Church win hold a-dinner"; and jingle party in an-., - nex tonight at 6 o'clock. ' . . ;;; Personals 'air and Mrs. David Smith': and, ; ghter, Nancy, of Gaithersburg,- . »!„ visiting here: . . Miss'my McGulrc, of State.San- - trtrlum who visited her sister and , brother-in-law, Mr: and Mrs. John.' • Gunter Church-Street, and.grand- mother, Mrs. Martha Elchhorn,--re- . turned today. x ....:..:_'..,. Miss Helen Bradley, student nurse ,. at Galllnger Hospital; -Washington,,., and Jean Bradley, student nurse at : Memorial Hospital, Cumberland;;. visited their parents, Mr. ani Mrs. ; Aiger. Bradley, Beecliwood Street. Patrick McComell'Is'a patient-. i'Miners' Hospital, FroEtburg..- , Janette-, Marine Nlcol, Baltimore,^ • is: a guest of ;her erandparentsMr. . and Mrs. ^ffliam Murphy, Robbins - Mrs: ^Gerald'' Hartley; • and"Maurey Hartley, Baltimore,, axe, sending.'the holidays with Mr. : and . Mrs Kenneth'Logsdon, Front Street. . Mr -and Mrs; Clarence Valentine, Baltimore, are visiting .Mrs..."- 1 Music and a'.floor show will be week, put SO-cents on "the counter | presented by Bobble Wagoner's or- and said he wanted to run an ad for a' home, "Hie 'youngster said' his •nother could not afford to keep him and that he would have to-'go back to training school if he- WHS not. claimed before December . 26.. .-He Church Activities said'he was eager to-get a home a farm so he- could.-work his keep. Pledmdnt Street. Recent admissions to Valley .Hospital include E. L. Staggs, Airs. Julia Rogers, Mrs.' .Grace .-F. Yost and Miss Katlvrine Mae Dayton, all of Keyser; Mrs.'Surah Jane Fout, New Creek; Mrs. Emma Vincent, bawson, and J. W. Pa'rrish, Elk Garden. - - - . . Mr and Mrs. Oren" Womack fine! son returned to Alexandria, Va after visiting Mrs. Womack's' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur-Walsh. Miss Mary Bernadine Mullaney, R N.. Veterans' Hospital, Fort Howard, Md., spent Christmas with her Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mul• j parents, ' Ifinnv. lancy. .Potomac! Mr- and Mrs. Joseph Campbell FROSTBURO—The flnnl business for Bl'Ol...-. "W.— -Church "was held Monday In the church lecture room. James H. Close presided. and Harry Crowe, pianist, played accompaniments lor group shiRlng. Tlic report given by showed, f-hc group *s Sophomores Give ialProgram SPytMan Sisters Hold Initiation Bergstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Dominic a - Decent meeting of Dove Temple daughter, Mary, are spending j spen ' fc $57L5 5 during a ] 'days in Fort Lee, N. J -'' p romotLng activities of the year- in (•fivfirfll _ _ visiting Mr! Campbell's sister, Sister Mary Theresa,'a Notre Dame nun at Holy Angel's Convent. •Joseph Carter, a student' at St. Joseph's College, Einmitsburg, is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carter. Mrs. Edward Lbgsdon and daughter, Louradine Logsdon, have gone to Louisville,- Ky., to sper-d the r.oli- days-with" Mrs. London's sister. Sister Edward, an tfrsullhe nun at was conferred on five candidates at it, has also been stressed that the Gennantonio,. Mr. .and' Mrs. Jack| No _' ei, of Elaine. ._,_,-., 1 _ •„_„.._ Huffman, Mr; and| Those initiated'wsra Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grapes, Mrs. "Kenneth Bray, Mrs: Edith Evans and Eugene amount of-money provided annual- Greco. 'Nellie. Huffman, Mr; and Those j lv for-maintenance at the hospital Mrs. James Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth for -maintenance • is less than the state would have M> pay for the care of charity cases in private institutions. •. " The hospital is considered one of the most valuable assets of this ' section and has been given much ' local support.' The major part of . JLB lurnisliings and equipment have ben- donated, by-local..groups, .and funds are frequently • raised here to provide the hospital with needed equipment. Church groups sponsor events to raise funds for the institution. The local Ministerial Association, civic and service organizations and fraternal. and social clubs also always of for'full sup' port to any plan to raise funds for the institution. Byrnes warned that unless the money is appropriated the hospital •will continue to become more Inadequate, and stressed that rcsi- ' dents of this section owe it to themselves to combine' their efforts with the board of directors of the hospital to make even' possible ef : Ion to have the request for tnc needed $235,000 Included in the governor's 1949 budget. As soon as a definite reply is received from the Planning Commission, a public meeting will be called and a plan of action formulated Brief Mention Mrs. Scotty Haselwood and two children, Glenna Jane and William Scott. Midwest City.'Okla., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schenlder, Maple. Street • Miss Jane Everline. and James Blaine have returned to Washington after visiting her mother, Mrs. Marj Everline, and- sister. Miss -.Athalia Everline, East College Avenue. Mrs. Wayne Irwhy leader.. will preside at a meeting of the Women's Wort Group of the Church of-the Brethren tomorrow at- 7:30 p. m ir. the church school assembly -room MT. CITY CAB Frostburg 525 Taxi .Stand Located In • Hotel Gunter 24-Hour Service >ter Cook, and Mr. and Mrs. Luke Personals Prank Staron, Baltimore, visited, ils parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prank tar-on. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Topper, Morgan town, are visiting Mr. and Vtrs. Albert Topper, Sr. - • Mr. and Mrs. William Burdock, Cumberland, were recent guests of Vfr. and Mrs. Alexander Burdock. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold DePollo and daughter, Janice Marie, -were guests of the former's mother, Mrs. Nata- ine DePollo. Miss Ruth Jones, student nurse at Memorial Hospital, Cumberland; vlsllcd her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hay Jones. Miss 'Peggy Schafler, student at Potomac State School, Keyser, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs, Luke Shaffer. Feletl Orr Birthday LUKE—Mr. .and Mrs, Gerald McCombs, Mullen Avenue, entertained with'a party recently in 'honor of their daughter, Patricia Ann, on her sixth birthday. Games were played and refreshment served. Those present were -Barbara Byran, Beverly Barr,. Carole Parsons, Betty Jo Kyle, Helen Beard, Dan Alan Bland, Harold Nofslnger, Paul Stafford, Thomas Stafford, and. Donald McCombs, Jr. Sharpless. The degree team, members of Elk Temple No. Ill, included -Mrs. Elizabeth Schwlnabart, Mrs. - Mae Burdock, Mrs. Loretta Ward,' Rachel Steele, Cora. Shanholtz, Mrs. Birdie Green, Mrs.. Estella-Simon's, Mrs. LUlie Kalbaugh,. Mrs.....Grace Boy. Mrs. Edna Hickey, Mrs. Edith Reel and Mrs. Lou Dixon: Personals Miss Bactrice Joyce returned to Baltimore after visiting here. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Burgess and I Miss Margaret. Carabine returned to Washington after spending Christmas with her brother, and sister, Thomas and Loretta Carabine. - Miss Kathleen Mullaney, student at Holy Angel's Academy,.Fort Lee, IT. J.,-is'spending a vacation with the church. Arrangements were made for the annual venison dinner Monday evening, January 29. The meat Is to be supplied by members who shot deer" in Garrett county during the recent season, . Harry Crowe and James Close were named to make plans for. the annual minstrel show to be held under the leadership of Rev.. Justus H. Llesmann. a former pastor. Following the business session thei ELK GARDEN, W. chestra, Pittsburgh. The Fourth District, Deparfrncnl of West Virlgnia,. VPW, will'meet Sunday, January 2, . at the VFW Post Home .in Fort Ashby. Netliken Hill WSCS Feletl By Mrs. Thomas ELK GARDEN, W. Va.— Mrs. Emma Thomas 'was hostess to the Woman's Society of Christian 'Service of the Netliken Hill Methodist Church at her home a recent eve- nliifj. Va -The Those attending were Mrs. Evaee r ' Oarden: High line Carrie' Burdock, entine's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. ; Miller, Detmold Street.' . ..-• - . Mrs Ralph Berlin returned, to Washington. after visiting, lier par- , cnts, Mr.' an dMrs. AndreKDickv --Rev.-and Mrs. W.:P. Hopkins and . sons are in Washington.. . Mrs Jane Turnbull, Detmold .. Street is a patient, in Memorial.. Hospital;.'Cumberland. _^ . James Foote returned torn sai - tiroore. WANTED , Girl Wanted For General House Work Apply 5 Stundish Street or; Phone 247-R, Frostburg. Adv.—N-T-Dec. 2D-30 School presented a special program at a recent meeting of the Parent- Teacher Association in 'the school auditorium. Participating -were Dorothy esty' Betty Simmons, ColleneiBrink- Junior Paugh. Rachel Knotts, Marty Willis. Lavada Deshonp and Maxine' Ours. . _ • John Arnold, Frank Reel, Margaret Mayhew'. Mary. 'Nelson, Carol Kalbaugh, Jean Clark, Betty Shanholtz Herman Bradshaw, Rosalie Junkins and Betty- Shillingburg, Novella- Junkins, -Elizabeth . Doman. Gilbert Streets, Nadine- 'Mayies and James sweets. • . •Pour violinists of the school or' Mrs. Charles . Lyons, Mrs. ' Grace Roy Miss. Eileen Warnlck. Mrs. Ruth Dy.ling, Mrs. Mae' Burdock and Mrs. Alberta King 1 . • Mrs. 'Leslie.. Duling, Mrs. , Rogers Mrs. .Loretta Ward, Mrs, Virginia 'Iser. .Mrs. Mary Jones Miss Esther Thomas and Mrs. Minor ,Ada Morris^ proup assisted in preparing letters chcstrft ' GU ida Randall, ; Maxir.e 3- be mailed to the congregation the. first week in January. Services Scheduled At St. Michael's Church ' " FROSTBURG — Confessions will Mullaney. Jack Campbell returned to Erie, Pa.,' after spending several days with, his parents, Mr. and'Mrs. Matthew Campbell. , •Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keyea, Baltimore, are visiting their son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wi'-bert Logst'on. . A New Year's program will be presented and refreshments served.. ' Robert Durst, son of Lee R. Durst, 84 Pine Street, left this week to return to Ills home' in San Pedro, Calif., accompanied by his mother and sister. They will visit friends in Florida and tour southern "states enroute-to San Pedro. . Miss Maryland Trimble, R. N., Washington, Is spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Walter Trimble, West Main Street. Misses Mabel and Katie- Willetts, Lakeland; Fla., are' spending the holidays with the-family in Midlothian. Miss Mabel .Willetts is. dean of a : religious school of the Assembly of God Church and Miss Katie Willetts is a-student" at the same school in Lakeland. son, Donald, of Cumberland; were guests of Mi 1 , and Mrs. "Frank Burgess. Mr. and Mrs. Darl Wnmick, Morgantown, W. Va., visited relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ray were guests of relatives in Baltimore. Bucy Liller, Cincinnati, is visiting his mother, Mrs. " "".e Lillir. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harvey and Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Langley.'Baltimore. were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Minor Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Liller, Clear- spring, Md., visited Mrs. Pearl Liller and Mr. and Mrs.'George Bui'dock. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shillingburg, Mt. Rainier, visited the -latter's mother, Mrs. Carrie Burdock. Sgt. M. B. Morris has returned to Langley Field, Va.- Sgt. and Mrs..William H. Arnold and son, of Petersburg, W. Va., visited the former's parents, .Mr. and Mrs. William Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waybright, of Nethken, announce the birth of a daughter. . Mrs. Laura Morris and Jasper and Joseph Morris were guests, of relatives at Acosta, Pa. Slated Friday ' MT. SAVAGE — 'A New Year's Eve dance will be held by Old Rail Post No. G025, Veterans, of Foreign Wars,, from Friday evening at 10 p.m. to Saturday at 2 a.m. at the Post Home. Music will be by Ray Orchestra, of Cumberland, semi-formal. •' Church Friday and 7 to 8:30 p.-m., in preparation for the Feast of the Circumcision Of Our .-Lord. . • Masses Saturday morning, the Feast of the Circumcision, (New Year's Day), a Holy day or .obligation for members of the Catholic faith will be at 5:30, 7, 8 and 9 , o'clock. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament will follow the 'clock Ours, Cara She'rt and Elizabeth-Do- mnn presented selections. Chorus members', Dorothy Hard- cstv Carol KalbauglvDelores Sherwood and Norma- White, sang'sever- al numbers. • ' _.. ORCHESTRA Open-for engagement New Years Eve. Phone Frostburg 383-W. Adv.—T-Dec. 27-28, N-Dec. 28-29 LOST Black a,nd white 13'Inch Beagle dog between Vale. ..'Summit and Shaft Reward/Phil Buc'kalew,.Vale Summit" Md. Phone Frostburg 563-M, -Advertisement Watch Night Slaled MT. SAVAGE—A watch night service will be held Friday night from 11 o'clock to midnight at Mt. Savage Methodise Church. AUTO LIFE O H U. K. K. Mawhinney 100 D St. Phone 21476 Keyser, W. Va. representing Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Form Bureau Mutuol Fire .Ins. Co. Farm Bureau Ufo Ins. Co, Home Office, Columbus, 0. Nearly New 1947 Dodge 11/2 Ton Truck Ready To. Go — Heater Hurry—Run, Don't Walk Frostburg Auto Co. , Dodpc, ' Plymouth < Phone 350 Skating Rink Built LONACONING — A .community ice-skating rink .is being; built by the city opposite.the.General Textile. Mill on'Railroad Street: FOR SALE Child's stroller, floor model Arvin radio, .floor model Victor 'radio, Silvertor-e table model radio-phonograph. 175 Maple St., Frostbure 363-R: —Advertisement DecN-T-23 Health & Accident • Photographic Supplies and Equipment Amateur anil Proftsjlonal Authorized Dealers' Groflex—Bell ond Howcll—Eastman Kodak—Argus—Revere— Natco— Victor—DuPont Dcfcndct—Bolex Zenith Radios ;Model Hobby Supplies Complete line sporting 'goods Hunting and iishing supplies and equipment KEYSER SPORTING GOODS AND CAMERA SHOP t PttdMonl Street Pbone 511^ Kc.Tjtf. WtJl Vlrjinii DINE OUT During the Holidays n The Finest Restaurant In Western Mary!and Stoop's Restaurant East Main Street . . Frostburi- TAXI CALL 547 Frostburg For CLIFF & SHORTY'S CAB Frostburg's Newest Cab Business For Your New Year's Hair'Style Phone Mt. Savage 3381 Hair Fashion Studio Corduroy Sport Coats .Green, Brown & Grey $17.95 Long Sleeve Sport Shirts Brown, Green, Tan and Maroon and Blue $5.95 A. CHAS. STEWART The Home of Good Clothes "MOJUD" NYLON HOSE AFTERNOON SHEER Speciol This Week $1.25 John B. Shannon Co. Frostbunt -H-H-H-H For Sale It's Better,Than New- It's Broken In- Ford 1947 Pick Up Heater,— Winter Tires ' Frostburg Auto Co JDodge • , , Plymouth^ Phone: 3SO : T \ FOR SALE Modern Restaurant IN FROSTBURG... Phone Frostburg 270-J Callfor Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer at Your Favorite Bar Also Distributors for. Fort Pitt .Special and Fort Pitt Ale. DISTRIBUTOR William Filsinger Eckhart Phone Frostburg 35 DANCE TONIGHT Potomac Club Westernport, Md. MUSIC BY x The Aristocrats WED. - THTJR. FFI. PALACE "Romance On the High Seas" ifarring 'Jock Carson — Janis Paige --••'•' I Y P I C WED.,- THTJR. fci I •» • « "SLAVE SHIP" starring Wallace Bccry — -Mickey Rooney DANCE Friday Night MUSIC BY Pie and Ed DO'YOU THINK YOUR GIRL IS AS LOVELY AS AN ORCHID? Say it with Flowers From l05E. AAAIN'SL Big New Year's Eve DANCE sponsored by THE MIDLAND FIRE DEPARTMENT Music By Popular Orchestra Admission — 1.25 a person INFORMAL DANCE NEW YEAR'S EVE 10 TIL ? MUSIC BY THE BLUE NOTES For Reservations, Call-Arthur Norrit Ch. Or Farrady Post No; 24, American Legion 394 45c 36 Inches Wide WinoW Fabric ____ ... Flex-0-GIass .... .............. -..' ---- •• 63c,yd. Gla«-0-Net . . . '. ................ ....... 66c y'd. Wyr-0-Glass .Screen Glas*. 87c yd. ?1- 35 y d - \ Prichard's

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