Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 17, 1953 · Page 1
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 1

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1953
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A Better Newspaper VOLUME LXXII .. 24G GALESBURG, ILLINOIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17,1953 Community Chest Goal $75,513 PRICE: FIVE CENTS Farm mmittee Hea r Illin IS Men BLOOMINGTON, 111. (UP) The House Agriculture om in it lee sought advice from Illinois farmers today on how hitfh the Republican Congress should peg prices for their crops. The Democrats have served no- Key Witnesses Investigators Seek Evidence Tell AH' at Spy Probe in next year's congressional eIcc-|Housc Whip Leslie C Arends andj tion campaign. The committee touring the nation's farm areas has heard strong pleas for continuance^ high farm price guarantees in the South, in Minnesota-and South Dakota, and!«Thc nation's agricultural capital" —less insistently—at Des Moincs,Ut 0 Ket farmers' views. For the Iowa, Friday. If/rst time it heard farmers defend The farm law writers split into [secretary of Agriculture Ez two groups today to hold slmulta-iBenson, who has criticized NEW YORK CR-Sen. McCarthy! at Quincy, III., in the district ofjfR'Wis) summoned into closed Republican Rep. Sid Simpson, a hearings today three witnesses; member of the committee. wh<r reportedly were named by ani .The committee held a day-long Army employe said to have prom-hearing Friday at Des Moines—j»scd to "tell all" about-a radar spy ring. McCarthy called a Of Sabotage BOSTON (AP) Naval intelligence and FBI investi- tice they will try to make politicaljneous hearings here in the con-;p rcscn t capital of the farm price slump'gressional district of Republican [supports. special Saturday session of his Senate perm a- T.jnent investigations subcommittee, the saying it was most important to rigid high farm Communist Officer Kicks American question the trio following the Army employe's testimony Fri- Scveral of these witnesses testi- day concerning an alleged cspion- ficd, however, that they realized^ ring at Ft. Monmouth, N. J. gators today probed the charred interior of the aircraft carrier Leyte which was struck suddenly Friday by explo- j sions and searing fire that took 36 lives. As a minute examination of the wreckage got under way the Navy announced a board of inquiry will convene Monday morning to try to determine the cause of the blast that that isn 't the popular thing to do Today's witnesses are understood | has brought demands for quick investigation by two Massachusetts members of Congress, A Navy spokesman said any investigation of possible civilian sabotage is the province of the FEI which had no these days. The farmers who had i to include present and former em- kind words for Benson were thosejploycs at Ft. Monmouth. who favor "flexible" price supports as a long-range solution to the farm program. Rep. Charles B. Hoeven Prison Visit Postponed An indication of the importance 'McCarthy attached to today's session was his indefinitely deferring PANMUNJOM, Korea (UP) — A Red Chinese officer i(R-lowa), who conducted the hear-i! 1 "; , uLIL fod^a ner^^nt arv! - (o]cJ newBJnen after-* 3 v,m 10 - Ieaerai Penucnudryj at Lewisburg, Pa., to question i kicked an American interpreter today during a violent argu- 1™% , F ^l! ia /'^ A * • t - ,«* — ment over the repatriation of a confused anti-Communist^ 8 ^ Chinese prisoner. ' " ' The "brain washing" session broke up with a near riot by kicking, free-swinging Chinese prisoners who objected to 3 jof high support pnees. 1 F Pella Demands U.S., Britain Keep Promise the explanation sessions. Law Expires in 1954 He predicted Congress would continue that program next year, unless it can find ''something bet-1Corps headquarters of America's Big W. Gei Bow to 9 *manv s Rosenberg. McCarthy has described Rosenberg as mastermind of a spy ring { _ _ at Ft. Monmouth, Army Signal UCHlHIKiS Ninety-eight per cent of the iter" for farmers. jtop secret radar defense against Chinese who! Present law requires that farmj atomic atlack (prices of wheat, corn, peanuts, cot- P ro P a 8 an "[ton, tobacco and rice be supported, ^ dists in the interviewing tents at not less than 90 per'cent oilKflhonn (JlflKP • ffl j , OMfr :ntifln parity. The law expires after tbej" 1 * 17 "" 1 * v"*"^^ rejected repatriation. ^ ,» g54 * rop year III inferpr^ " VM EteM *™ r in a t *™\LOnClllded* 450 anti-Red faced Communist LONDON (UP)—Foreign minis-i ters of the Western "Big Three" 1 comment. Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers (R.«Mass.) in a telegram to the secretary of the navy suggested that special attention be given to sabotage. In a message to Defense Secretary Wilson Rep. Thomas F. Lane CD-Mass) said he was at a loss to understand how such a tragedy could occur in the naval shipyard. Area Closed Off three - hour interrogation of one -speech Thursday night said he 9 w„ f_ "p-.ti-i, fwould send recommendations for prisoner. He curbed a E»E " if arm legislation to Congress next T>rmtf /trr»\ T> • r* • 'ber of the repatriation team. , n .° ° HOML UPJ-Premicr Giuseppe During the heatc ' a argumcnt 0 vcr, Januar >'- . Pella, S aid today £ heth * r the priso ncr should be Kovernmcnt would rcsjgrMf Bnta.n ; enturned to thPe pow compoun d,! and the United S ales break their Rcd chincsc officer kick £ d thc ; promise to award Zone A of Tn-. este to Italy. ^mcrican. Pella also revealed that Italy j A . „ Prisoner Confused had taken defense measures to! , A ' r Force c M- t Donald ^ Stet .^' !of Anaheim, Calif., was the U.N. observer In the explanation tent. Ho told newsmen the prisoner bc- confused by the lengthy came Seek Missing Ransom Money In St. Louis City Relaxes slip- CHICAGO W — Herman, a pery and bouncy baboon, was hind bars today, resting after a riotous 2-day flight which dis- The area aboard the Leyte af- nations toned down today a notejfected by the explosion and fire inviting the Soviet Union to talks j was closed off this forenoon to on Germany and Austria and sug- both civilian workers and Navy gesting non-aggression guarantees, men pending the board of inquiry U. S. Secretary of State John! survey Monday. Foster Dulles, British Foreign Sec-| The board will meet aboard the retary Anthony Eden and French;carrier. Officials said the board will AIDS IN RESCUE—William OlWalley, QM2,. at left in background and whose picture was identified by relatives and fellow em* loyes at The Register-Mail, where he was employed as a printer's apprentice before entering the service almost three years ago, is shown as he aided in removing an injured mate from the aircraft carrier Leyte. The Leyte, to which young 0 'Mai ley is assigned, was ripped by an explosion Friday afternoon in a naval shipyard dock in Boston, Mass., which resulted in the death of at least 35 men. Bill called his mother, Mrs. A. J. O'Malley of 366 W. First St. at 5:30 o'clock this morning to advise her that he had survived the mishap. Another Galesburg serviceman, Kay Con- Ion, SP3, who was also aboard the ill-fated aircraft carrier, called his mother, Mrs. Florence Conlon of 1160 Bateman St., Friday night at 9:30 o'clock to tell her that he was safe, (AP Wirephoto.) ST. LOUIS (UP) The search.for Greenlease guard against Marshal Tito's i threats to march into Zone A the moment Italian soldiers enter the) "'"'Premier Repeats Claims ! q " es . U ?, nn L ng i tftl^th^sSstoJ" tte miSSlng $300 ' 000 ~ The Italian Prime Minister's the pri«Sier fi a d riuisom money turned bere again j, , . . rr t i c . .attempted at least 17 times pre-1today when a hotel clerk indicated RrlJ f to leave the tent through that kidnap-killer Carl Austin Hall Britain ana I?ranee met in London ;. J ^inMinn nf'. , . to study the Trieste issue, the new|J e all of the money when he! trouble in thc Middle East andl£°™™ u W' but was callcd baCK other world problems. & lhe RedSt Foreign Minister Georges Bidault modified the note to quiet West'question navy men and civilians German objections over the Big ; who were aboard the craft at the be-Three offer of a non-aggression^ime of the disaster. The civilians pact discussion. iwere engaged in overhaul opera- ( The three top diplomats met be-jtions. rupted the serenity in many t f 0 re noon to give final approval There were more than 1400 navy sections of the city's South Side, to the modified note and to de-\men aboard and about 60 civilians. Herman, the object of a slap-lcisions on the Trieste issue andiThe repair work was nearly com- stick police-hunt since early Thurs- crisis between Israel and neighbor- pleted. da 2> wa **?*5 edF P dfty * i Jing Jotdto over the slaying oi their\ The blast occurred forward on . . . , - . Buthehadeludedcapture ahalfinationals. . ^< I the port sideof "the big, 27,500-ton A raging six-alarrri fire caused 10 Million Army Stock OAKLAND, Calif. (UP) 1 la paint locker at the Hurtey Marine Works, on ttife* Oakland Estuary. The flames spread quickly to Allied En terprises warning came as the highest rank- I checked into a St. Louis hotel. Edward Hoffman, clerk at the Pella also made clear that Italy ( The American Town House apartment hotel, said ha^not renounced its claims > two suitcases w h i eh he of poses B. s not renounced its claims to all Pjooeo wun anger waen tnu roi»u h suitcases Trieste and that it strongly op-lptaerve^^^ ses Yugoslav annexation of Zone |g^ Ie f.; p ?/?f r f- toutSSns oMiwcialiiscl 75 to 80 pc dozen times as he m turn amused, ( West German Chancellor KonradJcarrier that cost 90 million dollarslo ] oss estimated atMOQQOQQOl^e'adMnine terrorized and confused Soutl* Side Adenauer's trouble shooter, Secre-jwhen she was launched at Newport If :°% e ^ imaiea ^ J 1U » u ^ SfreK^ residents. Herman showed ex- tary of State for Foreign Affairs News, Va., in 1945. Unofficial re- Iate Friday night when it de- u ; c treme reluctance to return to ajwalter Halstein, left Bonn for New| ports said 1,400 officers and menjstroyed a warehouse crammed L at tie 5M S were on board when trageay| with Army supplies for Ko-(probably reach $750,000. Robert J. Cooney, owner of the warehouse, reported the loss to the block-long, two-story structure and off the California coast June 12,1 No injuries were reported, [stored Army supplies would ap- 1924. Side basement by an anti-cruelty|j n London, society worker. felt like they pounds." Pre- Browncll Clears Sen. McCarthy of Campaign Charges WASHINGTON (UP)—Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (ft-Wis.) had a clean bill of health from thc Justice Department today, but the Treasury Department is still investigating his finances. Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr. disclosed that his department uncovered no violations of federal law during its Jong investigation of McCarthy and of the 1950 senatorial election in Maryland, in 1 which McCarthy played a controversial role. ' Brownell made the disclosure in separate letters to Chairman William E, .Tenner of the Senate Rules Committee. A subcommittee of this group — the Senate Elections Subcommittee quiry into and into the stormy Maryland election in which Sen. John Marshall Butler (H-Md.) defeated former Sen. Millard E. Tydings, a Democrat. lu l \i n Zirsrt Jff'nM^hv VhVrhrnpVnl vious 'y» officials said that the the kicking attack by the Chineso| $600 ^ In ^ and $1Qs paid tQ officer. The Chipese added injury to insult in handling the Communists their third political defeat in as many days. the kidnapers of six-year-old Bobby Greenlease in an effort to secure his release weighed 75 pounds. Admiral Radford To Tour Europe; Changes Planned WASHINGTON (UP)—Adm. Arthur W. Radford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will go to Europe next week for extended military talks in the wake of a Defense Department call for revisions in Allied strategic planning. , By coincidence or not, Radford's itinerary was announced as Deputy Defense Secretary Roger M. Kyes was telling an audience here Friday that "new weapons" make it ne- - conducted the in- cessary to "re-assess" North At- McCarthy's activities Iantic Treaty Organization strat- Animal Escapes Twice Herman, four feet tall and weighing 40 pounds, made another bid for freedom when his cage door was opened by a newspaper photographer. He bounced through the kennels, frightening the stray dogs, and hit out for an open door. He scampered onto a nearby SPRINGFIELD (UP) — The rooftop. But he didn't make any Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois Tax Leaguers Question State Finance struck. It was the worst Navy explosionjrea and a nearby marine in peacetime since 48 men died| wnr i rc aboard the battleship Mississippi iWurKb * The blaze, which broke out short- j proa ch the "$10,000,000 mark." attempt to flee when a couple of|said today there is "little groundifor overhaul after combat action A court of inquiry was expectedjly after 8 p.m., was believed to to be convened by Vice Adm. John [have started with an explosion in) J. Ballentine, Atlantic Fleet air commander. Docked for Overhaul The 856-foot-long Leyte, docked his pursuers nabbed him trouble. appeared, without Herman's escapades continued Hall "Can't Remember" Hoffman said that Hail checked,^^^n,, f „ , rt into the hotel at 7:30 p .m., Oct. 6jSLT±^ nS /i n i ly „ & ^J™! accompanied by John Hager, a taxicab driver who a short time later led police to the killer's hideout. Officers said they found only about $293,000 in the two suitcases in Hall's room. T h e yifor optimism" in State Finance furtherjDirector Morton Hollingsworth's report on state finances. off Korea in October-December, 1950, came here last December and was almost ready to go to Hollingsworth said Friday hejsea again. She. had been out for believes there will be an eight-la trial run only Wednesday. Kinsey Bans Newspapers From Speech I he escaped from a South Side gasimiHioii-dcrtlar balance in the gen- The cause of the blast was not INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UP) Flames Shoot 150 Feet The flames, whipped by a strong offshore breeze, towered more than 150 feet in the air before the first of 30 pieces of fire fighting equipment reached the scene. Coast Guard launces were dispatched immediately to pick up any persons trapped by the flames. A family living on a houseboat tied to the flaming pier was carried to safety. Four fire boats poured tons of. staUo ^Wnes ay night. He had eral revenue fund when this fiscal known. The Leyte". skipper Capt. Newsmen were barred today from ^^^^S JJfl « been taken there for temnorarv'period ends June 30, 1955. Thomas A. Ahroon, 46, of Norfolk, hearing Dr. Alfred C. Kmsey 's waler ,°?« i . Dumn £ ar f. a ast i Jre- peen laKen were tor iemporar> • um cm uu c iwu. nnmTn5nr . ' f ; ho Mn lp « cneech befnre a medical m-nun men battled for more than three lodging by his owner. Edward! The TFI said in a statement Mack Jr., a roofer. I this means that if the next budget Mack's parents decided therejis to be balanced, either state in- was no room for Herman at home come will have to be increased in not with their German shepherd; 1955, or appropriations slashed 68- ed Kansas family, has maintainedjdlog and a divebombing parakeet.'million dollars, that he can't remember what hap-j police in the New City andi "After analyzi Hall, 34-year-old son of a respect- pened to the balance of the record!Chicago Lawn districts were wearyjnaneial report, the kidnap payment. egy. U.S. Population Up 2.7 Million; Total 160,228,000 WASHINGTON M —The population of the United States increased 2,723,000 during the year ended Sept. 1. The Census Bureau said Friday the total population now is 160,228,000. Since the 1950 census, the bureau said, the population has increased 9,095,000 or 6 per cent. Where to Find It 2 Sections 14 Pages Abingdou _ 8 liushiidi 8 Churches _ 6,7 Classified Ads -12,13 Comics 10 Editorial 4 fjalva 5 Knoxville 8 Markets 14 Monmouth — 6 Obituary 8 Social - 3,8 Sports -1144 Theater _ 5 Weather 9 Haymes' Income Cut 50 Per Cent, But He's Grateful LOS ANGELES W—Dick Haymes' attorney Friday nigbt said the government has agreed to accept half of the crooner's gross earnings until his overdue income tax of about $50,000 is paid in full. ''Mr. Haymes will have to live on the remaining 50 per cent of his income," Atty. David Marcus said, "and must pay up other debts including alimony on that amount, but he is very grateful for the opportunity to continue working." Haymes, recently married to actress Kita Hayworth at Las Vegas, Nev., is now singing at the Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Tex. The Internal Revenue Service placed a tax lien on his salary there Wednesday. The its New Idea Dept. NEW YORK (UP )-A novelty company came out today with a new garden gadget—a hollow tube Harvard Band Serenades Yale; Melee Ensues NEW HAVEN, Conn. UP) — Harvard band serenaded ancient rival Yale early today and almost caused a riot. The Crimson bandsmen, six bus loads of them, paid a surprise visit to Yale while en route to the Columbia - Harvard game in New York. Unloading at York Street in the heart of the university section, the band formed quickly. The church clock showed it was 2 :30 a. m. The big city green adjoining the university buildings was steeped in a deep New England silence. Suddenly the atmosphere vibrated to the blare of "Fair Harvard" and echoes of marching feet. Yale heads began to appear at every window. Then came shouts of protests; and then came the police reserves. Police seized three persons, including two bandsmen charged with breach of the peace. of complaints from scores of resi-! Federation of dents before Herman's capture.[conclude that Va., in command of the ship less (speech than three weeks, said the fire may have started on the deck immediately below the hangar deck. But he could not be sure, it happened so fast. In his cabin when the blast shook Taxpayers*!lhe ship— "a dull rumble like a Illinois can only subway train going through"— the state of the' A h roon found the second deck cut nalyzing the state's fi- hours to put down the blaze. The first alarm was turned in at storiesi 8:37 p.m. Five more alarms were before \ sounded before firemen reported the flames controlled at 10 p.m. The fire continued to blaze for more than an hour after it .was The residents reported thelstate's finances is not good," thei 0 " by smoke and climbed through - • • • ... i an escape hatch to the hangar deck. Damage control and firefighting has" been Vble To 'keep" ourofthe |P a . rU es already were in action, he red by dipping into a war - borne| sa , 1 r. 1 baboon's antics—swinging on trees,'statement said, prowling over rooftops, throwing! State spending has exceeded in-j refuse at dogs and cats and j come for several years. The state frightening womer and children. Herman will be held for observation for rabies before he turned back to his owner. is'revenue surplus, J nll but vanished. which now has Prayer Answered CHICAGO (UP)-Mrs. Helen Virtually every available ambulance in Boston—about 75—converged on the area as officials discovered the extent of the disaster.] Civilian doctors and nurses joined Navy hospital corpsmen from other vessels. Hospitals rushed whole blood and plasma. before a medical group although the sex scientist withdrew a requirement that he be permitted to check their of the speech for errors publication. Editors Protest The National Association of Science Writers and an official of! confined, the American Society of Newspaper Editors had protested that' Kinsey's restriction amounted to( x^l.*GSlclOIlt censorship. » He withdrew the requirement; IVnorI nf Slrrm cr Friday night but said his decision; 11 " E ^«""& was not influenced by the protests. A 11 J^c A Lft 'wl Shortly afterwards, Dr. E.V. / * U1CB .r *JJI Uclli Hahn, program director of the NEW ORLEANS Wi— President Central Neuropsychiatry Associa- Eisenhower declared today this tion, announced that newsmen! . . u :„ ilm would not be permitted to attend I countr y must build sUengUl m lls an association meeting at which!friends abroad or else put itself Cites Air Force Chief Not Alarmed by Budget Reduction CHICAGO (UP) — Air Force Undersecretary James H. Douglas says the cut in the Air Force budget has not hurt the overall defense aviation program. "America's growing capabilities in atomic weapons called for a reshaping of the nation's military strategy," he said at an Illinois State Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Conrad Hilton Hotel Friday. He was a member of a panel of six administration officials who reviewed their efforts at cutting expenditures in Washington. Kinsey was scheduled to speak today. Troops on Move In Holy Land; Big Three Protest JERUSALEM (UP) — Jordan rushed troops to the Jerusalem area today and appealed for help to neighboring Iraq as Arab in- ( dig«ation mounted over an Israeli!in return, can "buy from us what border raid. we must se ^ *° "* e world.' In Tel Aviv, the United States, Eisenhower flew to an already* Britain and France protested to;celebrating New Orleans from the Israeli Foreign Office against;Kansas City, where he had en- the raid, in which 54 Jordanian \ gaged in two days of earnest talks with cattlemen and farmers about their twin problems of drought and sagging prices. "at the mercy of those who hope for our destruction." At the same time the President, here to help New Orleans celebrate the 150th anniversary of th« Louisiana Purchase, said the Unit* ed States must help its Allies become "independent of direct aid from wealthier nations." Obviously, he meant a tapering off of outright American aid and an increase in American buying overseas—so that other countries, with a funnel on top and a piece Modell grew weary of asking her of sponge inside. When the gadgetihusband, a decorator, to plaster a is stuck in the ground it not only (hole in the living room wall. *9 holds up the plant, but waters it at the same time. , Designer Morton Goldsboll said it was sheer inspiration—he'd been commissioned to find some way to get rid of an overstock of beani shooters. She wishfully hoped for a minor miracle and prayed for a good angel to do the job. Friday a plasterer came and sealed the hole. He had mistaken the Modell iaparUuent for one down the h&U. ADMIRE PLAQUE—After the unveiling of a plaque in connection with the dedication of the new Thudichum Psychiatric Re* search Laboratory at the Galesburg State Research Hospital this morning, doctors inspected the bronze memorial. From left to right are Dr. Otto L. Bettag, director of the department of public welfare; Dr. Percival Bauey, director of the Illinois State Psychopathic Institute; Dr. Harold £. Himwich, laboratory director of the local hospital, and Dr. R. J. Graff, superintendent Gov. William G. Stratton, who was to have spoken at the dedication ceremonies this morning, was unable to attend because of illness. Bargain Purchase STAMFORD, Conn. (UP)— The rummage sale hpld by the Women's Guild of St. John's Episcopal Church was too successful. When the sale was over they discovered they had inadvertently sold a pair of brass candlesticks owned by the Rev. Stanley F. Hem- siey, rector of the church. men, women and children were reported killed. In London the Big Three foreign ministers met to frame a joint warning against new aggression in! the Middle East as the Israeli raid! problem Solved threatened the five-year uneasy j truce in the area. \ William DALLAS, Tex. (UP)-Two District Court judges had a new secretary today who can carry a gun and call court to order. Judges Harold B. Wright ami had Just a Koacl Test IONIA, Mich. (UP) - 4U Chittenden, 35, a reformatory trus-'Henry King found they naa M ty repaired one of the institution's budgetary provisions for a seer* trucks Friday. Itary but were empowered to fairi Then he drove it away on a test!* bailiff. run I They said their new "bailiff Troopers found him today hiding! probably will never have to call in his home at nearby Spring Lake.'out "tfcir ye, bear ye," though* \

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