The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 27, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1935
Page 1
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895. at postofflce at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 6. 1879 VOLUME XL, NO. 302. T1PTON, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING, MAY 27, 1835. NOTES OF INTEREST IN I One Divorce Is Granted to Young Husband by Judge • Russell Monday. FACES MANY CHARGES Appraisement of Real Estate in Mitchell Partition Proceedings Filed. Inquiring Ilandlt Agrees Trade Is Bad, Takes $:!0 Yonkers, N. Y., May 27.—One of two v bandits who held up Anthony Didio, cafe owner, inquired about business before drawing a revolver and steal- in»f"f 30. The two men entered at 12:30 o'clock. One made a purchase and inquired: "How's business?" "Rotten, just now," replied Diili". "My business is rotten, too," replied the stranger, reachinp. a hand toward a pocket. "What's your business?" inquired the cafe man. "Stick 'em up and be quiet," replied the customer, pointing a revolver at Oidio. The men ten took the money, walked out and vanished. Monday in Circuit court Judge Frank U. Russell granted Orville Snowbarger a divorce from his wife Inez Snowbarger, the wife not appearing to contest the pro-j feeding, although it was shown i summons had been served. .Mrs. | Snowbarger is with Carey, Ohio. The decree was | granted on the grounds of cruel-• ty and incompatibility condition i that the plaintiff pay the costs,, including the attorneys fees ill I the case. The divorce proceedings of j Nina J. Warner against her hiis-j band John W. Warner, are to be aipil Saturday June 1, the bus- METHODIST DAY AT TIPTON Plans .Made for June Gathering and Committees for the Event Named WILL BE A BIG DAY Representatives From County Churches Met Sunday in This City. George Awbcl, Jr., of Kempton presided over a meeting of officers of the Tipton County Methodist Day Association Sunday afternoon at the Kemp Memorial Methodist church. Representatives from sev- of tbe churches of the coun- <Or\'CU M 1*S * £ ft |W**»IWi I. II «=«,»»«• »-»ltO V/L 111C *,<^MM~ "relatives at i Assessments Of COUnty tO| ty alo ,, g with a numbe r of the Be Revised and Mistakes Corrected. Jap Reds Have Their Day 50,OOo Xrcdcil for Farms,. Brazil Is Asked to'Lift Bars ! LARGE GAIN WAS MADE The Tipton county board of re- pastors were present. The last Sunday in June is j regularly observed as Methodist j Day at the Tipton park. Plans | were started for this occasion with reports of speakers chosen, tbe same to be announced at a later date. The following committees were named to carry out the festivities The demonstrators and not the police did' the shoving around as this picture -was made in Tokio of Japanese radicals staging their May Day demonstration. They're good natured Reds aa.the photo illustrates. of the day: Publicity in each of the churches of the county is to be hand lilins a cross complaint in! view convenes Monday, June 3. which be is asking the decree on I for tbo purpose of going over the the grounds of cruel treatment i assessments of the county as made and abandonment. These parties I by the trustees and Township As- livcil together but .. two months: sessor of Cicero township. were married January 25 and ro township is the only one in the when they separated and the wife'county having a township asses- filed an action for divorce. jsor under the 1933 law, and in Tbe action tiled by Bruce'all other townships the assess- Scroggs against Roy U. (iirard, in ment was taken by the trustees, which an accounting i-; asked lor County Assessor H. O. Hender- wages alleged to be due the plain-1 son went to Indianapolis Monday ^ recepiim committee tc tiff will be heard in the Howard! to bring back the bound assess-1 ^ acqnainted , s headed handled by: Dr. L. P. Foster. Cjce .j Tipton, chairman: Guy Crouch, Windfall; L. L. Shull, Sharpsville; Allan Jolftison, Hobbs; W. E. Aldridge, Goldsmith: Carl Hollingsworth, Kempton; Max Steckel. Atlanta; Churchill Barr, Hopewell; Everett Kirby. Shiloh and Brainard Pool, Nevada. A recept'Jm committee to get by Circuit Court. The defendant tiled i ment sheets of each township, and | ^;;," ^'^Z"of' S \^sv»\e. Otb- named are: C. M. Hott. Atlanta; Charles DeWitt, Windfall; Garland Horton, Goldsmith: David White, Kempton: an aliidavi asking the venue of] the report of tho county board will i~~" J n g n ,^ e '~g Hi" case be changed stating that | be awaited with interest. A com-' an iidium attached to him in this j parison of the assessments of and that he could not re-; 1934 and 1935, so far as could be sonal wealth of the county. No assessment of real estate was tak- ceive a fair and impartial trial ! made, shows a large' gain in per- of his case here. In the estate of the late Garfield Smith who (lied while here. en this year. on a visit, the administrator L. L. j Judge Frank B. Russell has not Sbull has filed an application to announced his appointments to the j sell a bass violin, which was not included in the inventory of personal property filed. The court authorized the sale after an appraisal of the instrument, had been reported. In the divorce proceedings brought by Kenneth Ayres against his wife Fayola Ayres, the court sustained a motion to make the complaint more specific. In the action brought by the Farmers Loan & Trust Company against M. S. Brower and others an answer in general denial was Richard Foster, Honnald, Ekin; Briggle, Shiloh; Hopewell; Herschel Bert Van County Vote was 158 to 28 Supreme Court Says Act Is UNGLE STATES Lumber King's Family Only Awaiting Opportunity for a Contact. DEADLINE IS NEAR Ransom Note Is Similar in Some Respects to Stoll Abduction Demands. Rio <le Jauiero. May 27. — Confronted by a shortage oC farm hands, Sao Paulo agriculturists have asked the government to lift the Immigration ban. Sao Paula needs 50,000 [arm workers this year. Until recently Japanese have constituted the bulk of Sao Paulo immigration. A representative of the state government probably will sail early in June for Europe to arrange' for European immigration, especially Italian, Portuguese ami Spanish. Within Brazil's two per cent constitutional restriction, these contries can furnish up to 40,000 immigrants. in Favor of Continuing Program. in Violation of Federal Constitution. LIBERTY WAS AGAINST OPINION BY BRANDEIS Basil Swinford, Hobbs and John Trabue, Ray Wiggins and Walter Miller of liled by'Roland C. wife. An appraisement Poland and of the balance of the real estate was reported in the partition proceedings of Mabel Mitchell and others against Floyd R. Mitchell and others an appraisement of three parcels of real estate was filed. Thirty-two acres are appraised at $1,600; a piece containing 7 and 7-9 acres is appraised at $315 and a 14% acre tract Is appraised at $654.75. Carl Scudder and C. E. Dennis were the appraisers. The action brought by the Farmers Loan & Trust Company against the estate of the late Losada Jane Hobbs has been sent to. Clinton county for trial, a change of veniie having been asked l>y Guy Hobbs, one of the heirs of the estate. board of review and stated Monday they had not been made. The names of John Langan and D. Al. Wheatley have been mentioned in connection with the post, both being well acquainted with the values of property in the county, and both have had former experience in this work, Mr. Wheatly having served as county assessor and has assisted In taking ^assessments several different years. The law requires that one of the members appointed by the judge be a Democrat and the other a Republican, and these two serve with the county auditor, treasurer and county assessor. The function of the board is to equalize and correct the records they examine and they have the power to lower or raise the assessment on any particular Hem of personal assessment listed. They must, however, notify the person affected If a raise is made. . The committee in charge of tho basket dinner to be served at noon under the trees is as follows: Mrs. E. B. Leonard, Tip- Continued on Page 2. POUND SMOKED MEAT. Enwrapped Sugar cured! Shoulder* May Have Been Stolen. John A. Brown and Henry Grissom, who reside one mile north of the Hamilton county line south of Tipton, found two" shoulders of smoked and sugar cured meat two weeks ago, just east of the Brown farm, which may have been lost by some persons or stolen and discarded by the thief. The shoulders were good and well cured and had not laid long In the place found. They are in nosesessjon of Mr. Grissom, and the owner can have them by calling at his, home. Billion Dollars Will Soon Be Made ~~ / . Available for Farmers by President Tipton county's contract signers j and nonsigners voted to continue j the wheat control program, and Byron Legg. in charge of the program has forwarded the vote t-i i the extension department of Purdue university, which is Svorkin? with the federal department. Th* vote of the contract signers and non signers, was 158 for continuing to 28 against, Liberty town- : flly tlnllccl Press). Washington. May 27.—The supreme ;rourt today held the Fra- Eier-Lelnke farm mortgage mora- I lorium act invalid as a violation t of Hie federal constitution. The law, passed at the close of the 73rd congress, provided federal court machinery to scale down farm debts and halt the foreclosure; of farm mortgages. The .case was decided in an ship being the only one in the appeal .brought by tbe Louisville county voting against the contin- j Jojnt s ^ Land Bank against uance. The program carried in | wiuiam > w Radt ord, Sr., a Ken- the state by a large margin, ac ; cording to United 'Press dispatches to The Tribune. The vote In this county was as follows: Contract signers—Ciite- ro township, 30 for and 3 against; Jefferson township, 10 for, none against; Madison township, 19 fol- and none against; Prairie township, 27 for and Wildcat township. IB Reported Better. Mrs. tynn Plckerell Is reported to be getting along very nicely at tbe Colemsp'(hospital at Indianapolis, wieri x 'Js>ie underwent a »»« dW&fc* 1 '"""^ ^ «°- lias been >ln Washington, May 27. — President Roosevelt will probably sign an order early this week, making it possible for the. $900,000,000 land-use and rural rehabilitation program of the- $4,000,000,000 work-relief program to] get under itay immediately. This developed with the revelation that Daniel W. Bell, acting director of the budget, was preparing kn executive order to provide further funds for what is regarded as one of tbe most Important components of tbft ,work-r«l| ,**'»•» direct the program to rehabilitate farm families and recover land, injured by drought and other erosion, has been preparing projects for tbe work program which will be submitted to tbe advisory committee on allotments, headed by Secretary Ickes. Tbe administration bas seen fit to minimize the part .which Mr. Tngwell will play In tbe work program, but U was learned tbat tbe $350,000,000 rural rehabilitation program 'now directed by one against" 40 for and 8 against; and Liberty township. !l for and 10 against. The vote of the non-contract signers by townships was as follows: Cicero township, 3 for and none against; Liberty township', 2 for and 11 against; Madisou township, 1 for and none against; Jefferson township, 2 for and none against; Prairie township, 12 for jand 1 against, and Wildca: township, 2 for and none against. Twenty-three of the non-sign- era of contracts voted In favor ot continuing the program, and 12 voted against. • Of those who Had signed contracts in the past, 135 voted for and 16 against. The county control board's office at this time is a busy place as th« board is signing up corn-hog control contracts with producer$. Thn producers are notified perj- Ronally -or by mall and are coming as notified. lucky farm owner. Tho i court's opinion, by the famed liberal justice, Louis D. Brandeis, held that the law violated the constitution by taking away rights of mortgage holders. "H was bad under the fifth amendment as taking without due process/' Brandeis said. HAl'PTMANX'S SISTER. New Damage Salts. (By United Huntlngton, May . 27.— New plan. Lawwnce ^Westbrook, d- a damage suits under tbe Sherman anti-trait lawn against tbe Mid, Farm Pftppr.jmMt.3 ! * -* '* s - ! * Has Arrived In Enst With Some i New Evidence. New jYork, May 27.—Mrs. Emma Glojckner, sister of Bruno R. Hauptm'ann, will see. her brother at the state prison in Trenton, N. J., todajy for the first^ time sliiee' his death sentence for' murdering the son! of Col: and Mrs. Charles i A. Lindbergh. Mrs. 'Gloeckner arrived Saturday from Los Angeles with her a.t- torney, lywood. "new e 1 Vincent A. Marco of:Hoi- Marco said he had some Idence.V STAATS jFUNERAL. , Many Old Friends, nnd Railroad and Employes Attended. Officials The luneral pi John F. Stoats held at the Ogle & Little funeral home Monday ; afternoon w?w a large ot e. among tbose in attendance being a number of railroad officials and employes and relative^ f« m a distance. Many members $} the 'Masonic lodge also I were u^—,, , , , rier conduct*-s-^. L ' «J, (By United Truss). Tacoma, Wash., May 27.—With only 48 hours remaining of the "five days" in which 9-ypar-old George Weyerhaeuser may be ransomed, his parents today held $200,000 in small bills, and waited for the next move of the kidnapers. Tlie money is-ready, the boy's uncle F. R. Titcomb. .revaaled, and will be paid as soon as the kidnapers arrange a method and a rendezvous. Federal agents and police were) doing nothing. I "Our flr<:t concern." a spoke.s-1 man for the department of justice squad said, "is for the safety of tbe Weyerhaeuser boy. Whrii he is safe at home, we will move into action." An unsuccessful search for a mysterious tan sedan with California license plates was made all over western Washington by read and by air Sunday. The car was reported seen parked near Lowell school, which George attended, several times last week by L. H. Hnrnctt. Tacoma jeweler, and 'war, seen mar the school Friday, tho day the lad was seized, by Jean Comfort, 1C. Although there were no announcements from the white house on the hill it was apparent that first efforts to contact tho kidnapers had failed. Seattle, Wash., May 27. — The parents of George Weyerhaeuser, kidnaped Friday, have received specific instructions for the payment of the demanded $200,000 ransom, a purported copy of the ransom demand, setting .forth the' denominations wanted and other j orders, was published here today.! The text of the note published | here, and purportedly obtained from a "high authority," lows: "To whom it may concern: 1. $200.000 in cash. 2. $100,000 in $20 bills. 3. $50,000 in $10 bills. 4. $50,000 in $5 bills. 5. All of this money must .be in federal reserve notes and unmarked. 6.- You are not to take the numbers of these bills. If they are taken arid the, bills are marked it will be all off. 7. You are not to notify the police, department or justice or any private detective agency. Continued oo Page 2. Party of Windfall People in Grant County Hospital /With Injuries. CAR WAS OVERTURNED Word was received here Monday morning that Norval McCreary. his wife and a sister-in- law were in the- Grant County hospital suffering with injuries received in' an automobile accident near Marion Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. McCreary reside on the Carl Scudder farm two miles west of Windfall and they and the sister-in-law were near Marion Sunday morning when the Code Making Provisions of NIRA Are Held to Be Unconstitutional. RULING IS IMPORTANT Congress Had ; No Right to Give President Power to Promulgate Codes. (By tlnltod (ProsH). Washington, May 27- — Coda making privisions of the national industrial recovery act under which most of the| nation's business is operating were held unconstitutional today by tbe preme court. : Tbo court held that Section 3 of the NIRA which gives the preat- dent power to promulgate codes of fair competition ! for, industry was an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power by ccjn- gress to the .chief executive, j The decision served to set aside .the conviction! and sentences imposed on two corporations ahd four brothers engaged in the poil», try slaughtering 'business iin sui Brooklyn, N. Y.. Joseph, Martin, Alex and Aaron Schechter, in •charges of failing to observe the code provisions against unfair trade practices. ' • Cfiief Justice Charles Evans Hughes read the opinion. Justices Harlan F. Stone an4 Benjamin N.: Cardozo concurred In its resnlj» in a separate opinion. Briefly, tne {•court ruled that— ! I Congress had exceeded its au- accident occurred. According to the meager details received here the sister-in-law, who was driving, failed to negotiate a curve and the auto went into a ditch i Ihorlty when it delegated to the and turned over. The driver sll f-| executive branch of, the goverrt- fered a crushed chest and Mr. Mc-j nent to promulgate ;codes of fair Creary a broken wrist and »"! J^™"*™^ ^^ jj|j e '"" £ were severely bruised and cut. , a c.iu.,c t Mr and Mrs. Carl Scudder vis- standards to guide the executive. Ite'd them at the hospital' Sunday H for several othe f _reasons , night and were going back Mon- The federal government hj* no power to regulate hours aau wages in transactions affecting interstate commerce.; i j Donald Ricbberg, ichief of ( tho national recovery administration!, day to see them. Somewhat Improved. cou ,4 Miss Carrie Trittschuh. who isj who was p res ent ini tho confined to the home of her par-, room was much shaken, ertts. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Trittschuh Ho rerused to coriiment. on North Conde street suffering Lawyers closa to the administration were of the ilnitial opW- ion that the decisionrdoomed' tttijF XKA to extinction. with heart and nerve disorders, { 0 1.1 was reported to be feeling somewhat better. Monday. She is able to be up a part of j After definitely stating the .__ the time each day, but the attend-1 j ng on the code provisions of tbs ing physician has prescribed a h aw chief Justice Hughes weni complete rest. Is Improving. Mrs. L. R. Lee who has been confined to her bed for the past five weelts is reported improving and Monday was able to sit up for a short time this being the first- since she suffered a heart attack. She Is Improving and her many friends- will be pleased to know she is better. Walker Is Slated for Farley's Post When Latter Quits for Campaign Washington, May *27.—President Roosevelt has It strongly In mind to appoint Fran* C. Walker as Postmaster General to succeed James A. Farley, now that the latter has definitely decided to retire to direct the 1936 Preslden- tlan campaign. It was reported that, unless un- forseen developments arise, the resignation of. Mr. Farley attd the elevation of Mr. Walker'will take place a* BOOH as the latter has fulljr^ organised hlfl Division of Al- lotmbnta anokjnfonnaUon Ja con« jLiKsE •^-»i«-fi«.^.__i.4.ri_»i_«'---__• It is believed that Mr. Walker may be able to delegate these duties by the end of the year if not earlier.. Mr. Farley expects not only to remain as chairman; of the National .Committee, hut also to continue as chairman of the New York Democratic State Committee, . : ; He plans to make a business connection to supply; needed personal Income. Negotiations are now under way wh^ch w^ll Mm to into a lengthy discussion of question of interstatje -commie which dealt chiefly ^fith expi ing how the court soifce yearsSd came to rule that the chic business in New York.was InB state commerce. j In passing on questions ot) terstate commerce Hughes^ | that unless the effect on Int commerce is direct, a| trai must be governed by Sold Bryan The firm of Foster & local real estate dealers _. the sale of the Henrietta- 1 property In Atlanta to Mr"'' houn who : recently sojld ha south of Atlanta to R >y. Grisso. Mrs. Calhoun will ] to the il'operty with future. Mrs. Bryan died at of her daughter Mrs zell, March 1, 193B. Is. IjnprovlB g.^ Mrs. -Harry RobinsquJ along splendidly, wood hoapltal ^'^bi

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