Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 29, 1948 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, December 29, 1948
Page 11
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Member Associated Press WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29,1948 Second Section Mine Disaster Probe Ordered Governor - ^Hammond Asked T\>' ; Investigate Fully ..Kitzmiller Disaster ' '3KNAPplIlS— C/P>— Governor Lime i*id- today 'he 'has asked a full In- wstigation. . of a fatal -mine fire Trhich- prompted a '.union demand that' the; state's mines bureau, chief be "ousted.;;-.:.. , Five', men -were asphyxiated when »• -wooden*. fan' house caught fire', at lie. :Ne£hken-; mine hear' Kitzmiller • J«st November 4. • - •' JohruT.'; Jones, president of. District ISATTnited Mine Workers, wrote tht^GoTernor asking- that John J. ButJedger chief mines engineer, be removed-'; ':.'•'• • • ,' ;." Jones Blames Rntledgc ' "Thc-.Tesponslbility for this dis- Mt«r Unplaced 'squarely on the shoulders' 1 . 'of the director of the Burenu^oI-^Mines," Jones said,:. iine.?<31sclosed he lias asked : At- torney,,jGeneraI Hall Hammond to tavestigaie.'"al] the circumstances" -Jones also-blamed Inspector Clyde J. Rowe^'for. failure to enforce :the Irws." ._. l Top many hazards existed at the.Siine.' he said. • •The'Iault.for this disaster." Jones wrote, "lies mot only with the operator for-ifailure to comply, with the tnrnlng^Iaws.-.of Maryland, but of equal if;not ^greater importance with the diriect6r,.of the Bureau of- Mines aad 'the .district mine inspector 'in •whose - district this mine is located JOT Jaflur? .to.' enforce the laws." .- JonesJ Tieads a TJMW district ifhich ^eihraces two counties in '.and three in ' West RutledgcCwho participated in res- eue attempts at Kitzmiller, has stead-fasBy -'.'declined comment 'on Jones' yhtfrges. ' His of the disaster said the Ibir-jrilrTefs and one driver died of carbonTnonoxide poisoning. Could Not Reverse Fan Thetlan~was .blowing and could not be readily reversed," the. Mary,land reporV-said. Smoke- from the Jte. and^burning gasoline vapors - entered>*>'"the-'-' alrcourso, passed througrfclaVcrosscut, emerged and Tetnmed'to the mouth. of the mine, it KJdedvv-,'- A JPedetal^Bureau of Mines report charged -.yiolations of the Federal Safety iCoide-, -had a direct bearing on the:; tragedy. It listed these A wooden' fan house and air duct, lack of-»dequate fire-fighting: equipment. 'use.-vofva fan which required re-installation .to be -reversible' 'and lack -of -direction signs to indicate an "alternate : escapeway. "^ >•;-,' Jones issued his first blast at Dr. Hutledgfe'.-.two weeks : ago,"' before Girl's Plea For Dog Answered By Hundreds Of Local Per sons _. v "He is 1 too old -and he has refused furnish"", us with copies of the reports' and transcripts of the hear- ingi held on the Kitzmillfcr disaster,"; Jones charged, Tickets Available For Inauguration ADegany countians desiring . to •witness :the inaugural, parade -or in- aupiratJon-Tceremony for President Truraari'"ln~~>7ashington- on Thursday, January. 20, can arrange to secure" tickets through the Demo• cratfc "State Central' Committee of AHegsriy County, Chairman William L. Wilson, Jr, announced today. Mrl Wilson has been advised by Merrin"OrHHdreth, chairman of the Inaugural • Committee, that .tickets nre-available for both the parade and'Ithe'-inauguration, and the former has. arranged to -secure a number of .application blanks. All ?10" and S9 parade location tickets'- have been sold, but tickets remain in $8, S6, $5, $4, $3 and $2.50 locations. --The application blanks can -be 'obtained by contacting Chair- aiarf~Wilsoh'at his office in the Lib- erry-TJrust Building. Firemen: Answer Call West Side firemen were called at 10:05. a-.-m. today to 540 Greene Street ..-where fumes from alcohol in the"radiator of .a truck owned by. Armouri-and. Company, caught fire. No' damage ~was reported .and .the blaze, was out on arrival. Local- 3faryland "Weather Forecast Washington, AUegany and. Garrett: Cloudy with occasional rain aad- becoming windy with highest 45 to 48 today., Mostly cloudy,-.windy and-colder tonight and Thursday with., snow Xlurries. - - . Sfcstesn..,. Shore and Southern Maryland::,Rain becoming occasional-this .afternoon and ending early tonight. -Highest temperature to- d*y-45 -to -SO. Partly cloudy, windy »nd colder. ..late tonight, lowest 35 tt> '-40. r.lncreasing southerly winds becoming,,.moderate to. fresh this afternoon- and strong northwest to- aiSht.': -Thursday partly cloudy, windy .xnd colder. Kent;--Cecil, Harford,' Baltimore, Carroll*.and Frederick: Rain becoming; occasional late this afternoon • and.- ending early tonight S3ghEsi,,temperature today in mlc •tO's; --Partly cloudy, windy., and oolder;iate'..tonight, lowest'32 to 37. Jncreasingr-southerly winds becoming ..moderate, to fresh this after- an and. .strong northwest tonight lursday partly cloudy, windy anc colder.,.1 '. .. Church Notices Due Tonight The . Cumberland Evening Times'win publish its weekly church page on Friday .instead of Saturday CNew Year's Day) ihis.;7week, and.' all church notices of Sunday service; nrqstibe'.in the editorial rooms of .'The. ^Times-News building before' 11 o'clock tonight. All Information regarding church services Friday night or New- Year's Day must be submitted to The. Evening Times riot later than noon tomorrow." ICity Will Not Participate In Phone Hearing Council Ready To Aid State If Request Is, Made,'Says Mayor The city -will not take • an active part in the Public 'Service Commission hearing on the temporary rate increases, proposed by the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company until requested by Attorney General Hall Hammond, Mayor Thomas S. Post said today. The city has presented the PSC with a resolution in which the Mayor and Council is 'aligned as unanimously opposed to the increase. Mayor Post said the resolution has been forwarded to Hammond , along with a letter from City Attor- iney Thomas B, Finan in which he 'said the city would aid. the state I if needed. The state has also filed 1 a- petition -which declares it is the i duty of the city to "protect" its citizens. Hearings on the temporary increase by the phone company has been set for 10:30.a. .m. January 11 in the PSC office. Baltimore. Mayor Post said ne' received a letter today from A. L. Robertson, vice-president' of Local 26, United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, ia which Robertson asked the Mayor to take a definite stand against peake and Potomac the Chesa- Telephone EVERYBODY'S HAPPT—Smiling happily,'Arlene.' Reed,- 9, hugs her new; pet,, a pedigreed 1 .cocker spaniel puppy, as she reclines on a couch at her home, 122 South Street, today. Ariehe, crippled since a fall at her home over a year ago.'received the pet from the Maryland Theatre after an ap- .peal in The'Evening Times yesterday i expressed •her disappointment over losing a which a dog was first .prize. Her mother estimated thaj 500 Cumberland residents responded by phone and offered pets. The family did receive three • dogs and a kitten. Pay Proposal- ost High Says Railroad Head BALTIMORE — (/p) — The- Baltimore &. Ohio' Railroad, estimated today that^a pay increase,: and fewer'-hours '-recommended"'for- non- iperating--employes would cost the The Heartbreak' of losing but still vanting'; is over today for iine-year.-old -Arlene -Reed, daugh- ;er.. of Mrs. Emma C. Reed,- 122 South Street. "; . Arlene has her pet—a pedigreed carrier $12,100,000 $23,000,000 in 1950. A • special fact next 'year, and finding board recommended to President Trumiin that the workers get a 7-cent hourly ncrease retroactive to Oct. 1 and reduction of the work week from .48 to 40 hours starting next Sept. 1.- .-' ' There would be no reduction,- in current pay because of-'the reduced ours. ' • | "If this $23,000,000 estimated increased .cost lor 1950 were effective for- the current year that -amount would exceed this year's net income now-estimated at roundly $22,000,000," Roy B, White,-president of the B.&O., said.* / White said the estimates aro-b'ased on the assumptoin that employment will continue-at its pr'sent level. Quintet Nabbed [n -Disturbance A disturbance on "Burma --Road" ast night resulted in the arrest of hree men and two-women on misdemeanor charges. John Cage, 23 West First Street, 'orfeited $10 bond this morning in 3 olice Court on drunk and disorderly conduct counts, and suspended sentences were given William McMullan, this city; Thomas Imes and Villa Imes, Mt. Savage,. and Pearl Heavner, 943 Gay Street. The women were charged with disorderly conduct. Police answered .a call at 3 p.-m. :o the Mayflower' Tavern,. Front Street, to • quiet an "argument over a ring." At 11:55 p, m.,-the quintet was booked as the result of an al- eged' altercation on the street. McMullan was taken into custody on drunk and disorderly conduct -charges, and Imes was held on : a drunk count. Officers J. W. Snyder and Kenneth Morrissey made the arrests. appeal was read in The Evening Times., • • -••!,-. .; Arlene, crippled since a fall from the porch of her;home last June...lO and confined to"h'er'bed or a large' chair,', received-.'the pet from- Ray Light, '• manager- of the -Maryland Theatre, and Harvey Stearn, district manager for the Darnell theatre chain. v -•- ... '' Get Movie Clearance The two men. acted immediately when they saw trie story of Arlene's desire for a pet! and her disappointment • at .losing the '"Lassie the Second" ..'contest which the. local theatre conducted last week. ; . Stearn called M-G-M .'headquarters, Washington; D. C. branch, and the presentation of. a - second dos was:' cleared. . Both men went to trie" house and Light asked if Arlene was the little girl who wanted a dog. 'Steam hid the' dog' from Arlene's sight. . When Arlene answered that she Bill Backed By See Attacked By Blind Man A bill backed by-Delegate Charles M. See, Cumberland, .to give the Maryland .Workshop -for the Blind Company on the question of wanting an increase in the present telephone rates. "I do-surely believe," Robertson wrote, "that a raise x x'x x would be. unjust and is just another step closer in taking a crack at the working man." • The Mayor, said another letter from Roscoe F. Walter, Rockrille, had expressed sympathy with, the forces 'ppposirig the rate increase, Walter asked clarification of past court decisions governing fixing of rates by the PSC in intra-state and inter-state situations. The city, 'Finan wrote Walter, not planning active participation, in the healing unless requested by .the Attorney General." The reason given was budget restrictions. Stores To Open On Monday Nights Change In Schedule Planned By 25 Places Starting- January 3, a total o£ 25 jcai stores have indicated they open Mondays until was, ' Stearn spaniel. produced the cocker Arlene's eyes literally popped 'and a large smile, that hasn't left her a trustee of the Workshop. A Workshop license is now required for stands in federal buildings in. Maryland. This''requirement caused a Cumberland dispute several years ago with an operator of a stand in the Post Office lobby contending he could make more money as an local stores will remain 9 p m,'according to,Frank A. Mar-inoon today. ' Bus Skids And Burns But 18 Escape Hurts Local Driver Injured; Ice Makes Highways Extremely Hazardous Twenty passengers narrowly escaped serious' injury early . this' morning when a Blue Ridge bus skidded and burned on 'ice-glazed Route 40 into a bridge near -Hancock. At least two of the 20 passenger's sustained minor injuries. According to State Trooper Harold Basore a gas tank caught .are and the occupants of the bus had to avoid flames In scrambling -to safety. Saying it was "almost a miracle" that anyone escaped, Trooper. Basore . commended' Charles W. Redmond, Sr., 10 Massachusetts Avenue, Cumberland, the- driver, for his action after the accident. * Redmond, although 'injured, directed the passengers 'through the bus to emergency exits near the rear and front doors, Basore said. Shortly after the passengers emerged from the bus, the second gas 'tank .exploded, engulfing the vehicle in flames. The bus and all baggage were destroyed. Redmond suffered a slight brain| concussion and cuts about the head, and a passenger, Mrs. Francos Bechtel, Philadelphia, was treated for arm and chest injuries. They are patients-in a Hagerstown hospital. Another passenger on . the bus, Louis G. Stein, Washington. Times-' Herald pressman formerly employed by the Times and Alleganian. Company, sustained a burned band and bruises about the body. The Washington to Pittsburgh. Express left Hagerstown at 1:35 this morning and was due in Cumberland at 3:30 a.m. The vehicle skidded on the ice- covered highway on a hill between Clear Spring'and Hancock' and hit the Licking Creek Bnoge. transportation company officials reported. . The rain which hit Western Maryland shortly after midnight quickly froze on the highways, but by late -this morning -the -temperature had climbed and the ice started to' melt. Roads Spotty With Ice According, to G. Bates .Chaires; district engineer for the State Roads Commission, roa'dj in the ' county were spotty with ice with conditions being worse in Cumberland early today. He said McMullen and TJhl Highways were a sheet of ice early to- 'day while Route 40 in the mountains ' east of here had been icy. State Roads crews have been ash- ing and salting the roads east and west of Cumberland, and Chaires said travel was not dangerous at INJURED^IN, ACCIDENT— Bruce • M>Fisher, Sr., 48, 'Bedford- (Pa'.3"'",HfB'Ji,coach and well known •sports-.figure in- the tri- state ai 1 ea'|.",5vas--injured and his wife killed";.in-::an automobile accident-lost -night near. Hancock. 'Fisher's son, Bruce M. Fisher,-. Jr.v;19., was also Injured and a-'girl,-Dorothy Fisher, 19, •D^fnvH^-'^no';"''relation) was killed, Recruiters At , ( W '- '" - A -M.^- r rillll -> .":--.",..", Get Promotion V •... r- . Enlistments Increase As Furloughs Mount At District Plants WifeofBe< Coach Killed In Auto Wreck Bruce Fisher and Son Injured; Girl Also Dies lu. Accident A treacherous hill eight miles north of Hancock on . Route 128 claimed the lives of the wife.of the Bedford (Pa.)- High School coaca and a, yoting -woman passenger yes- • terday at 11:15 p. m., when, their car skidded into a bridge culvert. ;. The victims were :Mrs, Bruce M. • Fisher, Sr., 47, and Dorothy Fisher, 19 daughter of Mr. ani Mrs, Jamei Fisher, of, Bedford, no relation to the Bruce Fishers. •••.-••' In Memorial Hospital, Berkeley , Springs, W. Va., arc-' the. driver, Bruce'.Fisher, 48, and his 19-year-old son Bruce, Jr. Attendants said they were shaken up but that their conditions are not considered serioui. Skull In Fractured Mrs. Fisher suffered.a fractured; skull and"an eight-inch 1 area of her scalp was torn off. A piece of the windshield three inches square wai removed from, her throat. ' The girl suffered two broken. ioe« and a fractured arm in addition to internal injuries which authorise* said caused her death, Pennsylvania State Trooper'Coop- er Tr-oy said .the Fishers were driv- . ing their son to Virginia-Polytechnic' Institute 'at Blacksburg, Va,. where ,.he has been a an all-round-athlete ; the past year and a half. Coach Fisher, told Trooper-- Troy that he was ascending .a- hill on Route 126' .about' live-. miles, from; The local''Army--recruiting ofl" ice !warfordsburg, Fulton'county, Pa'.,. j, announced-today" th'at two membersj when the car cras hed into the cul- of the staff''hadr been promoted. First Jjieut. George J. Gocke com- manding:-"officer.'.oi recruiters said that M.Sgt. Fred-L. Ijames who had been stationed-irLProstburg has been recalled to 'duty as a member of the commissioned- ; ranks as a tin, chairman of 'the Cumberland Mercantile Bureau. Stores planning to stay, open Monday nights will not open until noon on that day. Tuesdays through" Fridays the hours will be from. 0:30 a, in. to 5:30 p. m. instead of 9 •to 5 as in' the past. The Saturday closing time will be 6 p. m. .....The night hours are not an agreement made by members of the bureau, Martin said; but an independent decision -of the merchants. Some establishments will -retain- the old weekday. S a. m. to 5 p. m. hours. independent oeprator. Finally, how- xhe 'motion for.late closing was over, the Workshop took -over. . brought before the bureau last May Attacking the See bill, Kenneth i and approved later by the board of Merrill, 43, who owns a. concession!directors.- However, only a majori- in the Anne Arundel County Court House, said it would "snatch away" the "feeling of independence' 1 of sightless persons. Merrill's wife, Joanne, operates a , similar stand in the Annapolis Post Office. She also is blind. The Legislative Council has endorsed a bill which would give the Workshop the "exclusive right of licensing vending stands for the blind in'all state, county and municipal buildings in .-Maryland." "The bill is so made as to enable the Maryland' Workshop for the Blind to retain; in its own .name, or to contro> for its- own benefit, all licenses for the' operation of all face since, appeared. Mrs. Reed-vending stands," Men-ill-said. said today that the puppy has not been'.', from her side since she re-| ceived it.- , : '' ''She's a •'completely changed child," Mrs. Reed said.. At first, she was quite bashful when- 1 Light and. Stearn made their friendly gesture, • but later, Mrs. Reed' re- Local Marriage License Used In Court Hearing A Cumberland marriage license and the evidence of bigamy bobbed up today in the trial of'Guy Phillip Asper, Jr., Pittsburgh insurance man, who already faces bad check and insurance premium embezzlement, charges. - Pittsburgh authorities said Asper, .£ n ' om=as "7o'''and = ' Hugh.T" also "have 31, is married to, and has three , „ ^ In addition, little children by Mrs. Mary Aspar. But at Asper's hearing in Morals,Court today in Pittsburgh; police showed Magistrate W. H.-K. McDiarmid a license which says Asper married' Marietta Rowic, Pittsburgh, in Cumberland December 21. McDiarmid sold one of the check charges was filed by the -. Rowic woman's mother who cashed, a $20 check for • him • so he .and her The result would be, he. added, that, all persons operating such stands shall have been placed 'in charge' of such stands by, and therefore in every ' sense, be em- ployes of' the- Maryland Workshop.". Merrill asserted blind people who own their own stands can make move money than' licensees. ty and not the required .two-thirds of the members were in favor of the proposal' when itjvas'voted -on at the December meeting, Martin said. When the result of the ballot was made known to the members,'Martin said, 25 merchants indicated to him as chairman of the bureau that they-would remain open anyway. He emphasl2ed the move was purely voluntary and every store had the. right to'fix its own opening and closing hours: first •Ueutenant'.'of-'iiifahtry, He has received orders^to'report to Fort Monmouth N.' J. '-••'•• Robert 'W:' : Walker also of the Frostburg station-has been promoted to sergeant.-"' •.'.'.""•' Lieut. G9Cke r; also reported that, enlistments'- have shown an increase since a number, of-industrial plants of the area'haye furloughed workers. There were-nine. men enlisted Monday five .yesterday .'and a good-sized group today.';-- ' Announcement-was also made that begirining'-Cranuary 15 the Army will accept enlistments'for two-year periods, in- theVregular service. With 'the-'Army 'making a concentrated-'- "drive 1 :"to .expand its strength 1 with'rthe-: addition of 23,000 'new second'-lieutenants it will-be for."a"man' wearing a plaid This morning ice was reported. r the Knoxville section of Frederick su ^ t 0 change-over to O.D. 33 with county and in Washington county from Hancock ' to the Allegany county line. In Garrett county, the only ice was in the Kitzmiller area, Chaires stated. West Virginia State Roads Commission, officials' at--Keyser said highways" in the area were icy in spots. They added that Route 50 on. Allegheney Front was clear for traffic. In Pennsylvania rain fell early today and roads were reported icy ia elevated sections. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is icy but cindered, state police said. Rain or snow, is predicted for Western Pennsylvania today. , Woman Injured In Car Mishap Mrs. Irene Brinkma-n, 50, wife of Walter Brinkman, Elgin, 111., was gold bars oa.the.shoulders, according to Dieut.' Gocke. The eligibility requirements for applicants .are, : that they have at least one-year's service in any of the armed forces .during the period of December-7,1941,to June-30, 1947, and have-been separated under.- honorable • conditions.' The applicant must have-reached his 19th birthday and not have passed his 32nd birth- 'day, must be physically fit and must have completedJwo years, one-half- of the no'rmaTfour-year course for a bachelor-degree.'•-• If accepteoY-'tlie'applicant will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Oflicer^-iieserve Corps, and upon completion: of, a special school of a short ^duration, will go on. a two-year:-tour, .as.- a commissioned officer. "." '•''.'.,..„:_, Those •meeting^such qualifications may obtain-'i'addilional information and the necessary application blanks | from anjwioca) Army and Air Force RecruitirigiStation,; or by contacting ' Board vert on the ice-covered road. Bodies Wedfed In Car . The driver -. of • • the . ambulance which took-the victims'- to. the hospital,- Charles R~ Bast, of Hancock, owner of the Bast Funeral. Home, said the roads were good everywhere in the vicinity' except • on the hill where the mishap occurred: - Upon arriving- at the scene, Bast reported that the. bodies of the women were wedged which was jammed culvert. in the .car against the A passing trailer truck tried to' pull the- machine from- the. abatement with no success; but- with th«. aid' of a another car. the auto was moved. .;'••• Mrs. Fisher was found lying on the front floor, with the bucK of the front seat jammed against the dashboard. -. •• •;•... The right back door was lying on Miss Fisher .in the back seat, who had her arm sticking from, the win- dpw, Bast added. Both -women had been sitting ori the right'.side of. the car. .' , Coach'* Head ,Cui.'-'.., 'The. ambulance .took the ..four to' Memorial, the Berkeley Springs Hospital where Dr. 1 L, M. Shaffer, of : Hancock, pronounced the women dead. ' Coach Fishsr suffered a.five-inch laceration, on his forehead.. IBast .reported that the 'hill- on which the accident', occurred:.'WM treacherous in rainy, winter weath-' er. He said four or five accidents, one fatal • have happened on the slope in tile- past few years when other roads were clear. ' The-parents of the girl, did not know of their daughter's death until they arrived at the hospital.early' 1 this morning. The bodies were taken to the Bast- Funeral Home- in Hancock. ..They will be removed to. Bedford roday.- I d - waiter Brmsiniui, JMKI^, ."<-. «CK, nfflcer"*Reserve Corns Board V™ "° S^ E °S,?f LTit\te°d^^So5 C o°f rP the B post Bu'ilHiri'g- at.Calvert and Fay- Mountain, about 20 , Cumberland merchants, 'm revis- u . t f Cumbc riand. ing their selling hours, are following Attaches took x-rays to -determine ette Streets,: Baltimore. The Legislative Council explained do so ,during the day. that'its bill would block new stands *„--,., <"which would in any way be in competition with any. x x x already in "operation." Merrill said: ' "Where a' blind person may experience a feeling of independence xxx and he can say 'with a certain measure of pride 'I am my own I 'boss,'-'even though he be'boss of ported, she expressed her thanks to the two'men, smiled happily/and hugged the, puppy to her. • As for a name, the Reeds have just about -decided on ".Gypsy Queen." "That if in keeping with her lineage- and we don't want to break the line," Mrs. Reed said. Swamped By Calls •Arlene's storyrfirst appeared.about 2 ;p. m. yesterday and the Reed home was immediately beset by calls that lasted well into the night. "We must have received 500 phone calls," said Mrs. Reed, . i Some people, >Irs. Reed recalled, said they had' pets of their own, were attached to them but were willing 'to give them up for her sick child. Mrs. Reed said Arlene had .many visitors yesterday afternoon and last night and received a number' of gifts. "We can never thank the theatre and all those people who responded," she added. There's ' a completely humorous angle to this otherwise humane story, for what started as a plea for a dog almost resulted in 'the Reeds having, a menagerie.. During the 500 phone calls, some v .„„„.„. . would not be denied in giving a pet ;5evere lacerations of the scalp and to the Reed children. So .now j^ jjj ne sutures were used to close a precedent started over the country by conditions arising from the war. Among the ^conditions cittd as warranting the change were - the increased, number of married couples .working, therefore limiting daylight shopping -hours, the extremely high wartime birth rate making non-working wives unable •to leave home and the fact. that men are taking an Increased interest in shopping 1 and are unable to th£ £Xtent of 1Ke jnj les w her - j f arjj] and le£t was drvling apparently upset about 3,0 'a. m., they, said, . ' ' State Trooper Thomas Barton was investigating the mishap early this afternoon. Working women, in particular, are inconvenienced by the short time they have for shopping, it is claimed.-Local merchants feel the new 5:30 closing hour during the week and the -9 o'clock closing on Monday will solve a major shopping problem.-People in towns within the Cum-]. ' shopping area will have , but a public vending star.d, there t | me to get'to Cumberland before comes to htm a'lilt to his spirit, a| tlle s t ores close bringing more-busi- boost to.his morale'; and he is a bet- : ness illto y, e cltyi businessmen con- ter-man, a better citizen because of' t " 6nd- ^ , In addition, store employes will have a longer weekend 1'f they do not have to report for work until noon on Monday. ft: Man Struck Over Head With Bottle A man identified as. William j-Track.Kills Man Near Blackburn, 38, of 543-west Pied-,State Police Barracks mont Street, Keyser, W. Va., was treated last night in Allegany Hospital after "someone" hit him on the head with a beer bottle: at the entrance.of the York Hotel, Baltimore Avenue. Police ' said Blackburn • entered the. hospital about 11:20 p. m. with Arlene has a dog; .and her brothers, Miss Reed received a kitten. daughter- could go to Cumberland and get-married. However, the magistrate said he didn't, think Asper would be returned to Cumberland on a bigamy charge as both women indicated they will not prosecute. The other charges" await prosecution. Attendants in Circuit Court here said, the license was. issued to Asper and Miss Rowic on December • 21 but Lhere has' been no return showing that they were married. . ' - Delegates Named By Farm Bureau Three members of the Allegany County Farm Bureau were selected at. a director's meeting last night in-the Court House to attend'the State Farm. Bureau convention at the Lord Baltimore Hotel,' Baltimore, the first week in January; .Named are Roy'Shryock, Oldtown; J.. William Loar, Rowlings; and James H. Weimer, Mt. Savage. Weimer, the new bureau president, presided. Discussions, .were held on closing out this" year's business and setting up a temporary program for' the new 'year, County Agent Ralph F. McHcnry said. the wounds. Officer J .W. Brown, .who investigated,' summoned him to appear tonight' at Police Headquarters for interrogation. No arrests were made. Watch Reported Stolen Mi's. EiTie'G. Cline, 238 Columbia .Street,.notified police 1 yesterday that a yellow gold wrist watch valued at $50 'was stolen from her 'apartment Christmas day! Entrance was ap- parently'gained through'a door. Two Complaints Filed Two bills of complaint were filed yesterday in Circuit Court. They were Elizabeth Phillips vs. Bruce Phillips and" Bertha Whctzel vs. Brosie Whetzel. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Jcscph Hemmis, 189 Thomas Street, announce the birth of .a son Monday in Memorial Hospital. WATERLOO, Md.—(/P)—Robert L. King, 87, of Howard county, was killed last night when he was struck by a truck on U. S. Route 1 In front of the State Police barracks here. • State Trooper G. L. Bowman said Charles "Shanholtzer, 27, Washington, driver of the truck, was charged with manslaughter. Bowman said King was attempting to cross the highway when the accident occurred. Oldtown Farmer Hurt A farmer, Francis Hodel, 30, Oldtown, received treatment last night in Memorial Hospital after he cut his right hand 'while usinp an axe. He was working in the woods when the mishap occurred. Tlle car she Air Line Prepares For Local Service All American Airways, • Inc., • recently selected by the Civil Aeronautics Board to provide conventional passenger air service to key cities in seven Middle. Atlantic States, will locate its offices and- operational headquarters . at National Airport, Washington, D. C., Robert M. Love, president of the company, announced today. In announcing the move' Love pointed out that the new hangar office facilities recently constructed at National Airport will -enable -All American to house all its airlin? activities under one roof:""Along with this,".he said, "Washington is a' terminal for throe of the company's six passenger routes and is.a point with which all the communities' on All American's system have a primary community of interest. All American will move its offices to Washington on or about .Icnuary 15 and Is planning "to- inaugurate service on Its Washington-Pittsburgh route with 24-passenser DC-3 airliners especially modified by the.! Euclid Douglas Ail-craft Company for short i —— — haul operations, 'on February . £>-\ Bll,S Firm PlttJlS Forfgg'wia;.... . DriveriSaobed, After Collision In LaVale William-Donald- Hager, 124 Pine Street, S'rbstbufg," forfeited bonds totaling"»'$ll-2'.90/:'.- i today In" Trial Magistrates'.-.Court f,or - operating a motor yeliicle while under the influence l.'^>'f-»4lcohol and reckless driving: Jii^l, '.. '.' - State Police made the arrest after the automobile Hager was -driving collided .'wittC.the "vehicle' operated by Emma-Lee-H-adcIiff, Route 1, this city, on"-!Route~'40- in LaVale last Thursday^ night.-'• No one was injured. . - '•''-!•;.' ' '-, ' - Trooper TV;M. "Gilmore, who investigated"-'said the accident occurred as the Hadcliff woman was backing from a- driveway. Hager was "on the wrorig.'slde of the road," he added.. • •" ••'.•' • ' A reckless-driving charge against Miss • RadclJff-" was dismissed by Magistrate-.-PeteriJ. Carpentl at the request'or the. state. ' James- Eston;. Mellon, Route 3, Valley Road,'is'scheduled for trial tomorrow;In ?olice Court on a careless driving,- charge preferred following a/'twofcnr 1 collision at Fairview Avenue and Furnace Street over the .weekend. The car he was operating struck-the machine driven by William-.; H..,.'Seller, 27; of 14 Each three weeks thereafter service; will be started ( until the system : ed. Meeting Planned By Potomac Commission Tlie Interstate .Commission on the Potomac River Basin will meet January '; and 8 at the Mayflower ! Hotel. Washington. A general session will be held Air Sleeting Scheduled Friday for receiving and acting upon The Municipal Airport' Commis-! commitee reports, followed by dm- sion will meet at 7:30-p. m. today at-| ner and an evening program. 1 Committee meetings Saturday the office of Mayor Thomas S. Post to discuss with officials of All American Airways plans for -service in Cumberland. Services Tomorrow . Rev. John "Cameron Taylor, pastor of the Frostburg Presbyterian i divorce morning will precede a brief business session at 1:30 p. m. Divorce Granted 'jemilc L. Poland was granted a Cut In'Number Of Worker Stops - The Somerset Bus Company which operates-between"'Cumberland and points in Pennsylvania announced today it .-will-- discontinue . several worker stops: r betv."een Meyersdale, Pa., and the Celanese Corporation of Arnerica,.~here-.-when the new schedule is:. released in the -near future. •;,.,;• ;„. Dear. -Meyer,',-., secretary-treasurer of the company, said rumors that a stop at. Weliefsburg is to be discontinued are. unrounded. "We are not discontinuing._a»y stops," he said. Meyer, said the company decided to quit the worker stops because it was impossible, --to operati . under existing conditions. The conditions W. Poland Inlhe feted' are insufficient amount of Church. ;,f o^ucAhVscrv£c at !Clrc,lt Court today. She-is permit- business-brbughVabout by the fact the Morfatt Memorial Mission, Bar- . ted to resume her maiden name of; tlmtjnany. <™->— - -<•<» "™ i""' ,rldB- the local relville, tomorrow night. Jennie L. Frye. i plant in privately-owned cars. Dr. McFarland Resigns City Health Post Dr. William F. McFarland, assistant city and county health officer since December, -1947, has resigned effective December 15, the • City Health Board -announced'today. ." Dr. McFarland's resignation •-was accepted at a meeting of-the Board in the office, of Mayor'.Thomas 6. Post this morning. Members attending were Mayor. Post.'Dr. Winter K. Frantz, city, and county health officer and' board secretary, Dr. C..L. Owens' and City Engineer Ralph L. Rizer. - '..-.• The board said it did not know--of Dr. McFarland's future plans'and he was not available for'comment. '. . Dr. Owens-said th'at a part-time health, of fleer will not 1 be appointed to the vacancy for-the present. Local doctors in. the county-will aid 'with the various Health'Department clinics, he added. . • : _ . Cavanaugh To' Finish Sentence KEYSER, W. Va.—Pvt. Charles Cavanaugh,'21, who is recuperating in Potomac Valley Hospital after be r ing wounded by a shotgun blast .in. the right wrist,- has' been ordered placed in:.Mineral Countyi.Jail' for violation of: his parole" ; by-, Judge Ernest-A'. See. y . ' Pvt. Cavanaugh was injured Friday evening* by Fred Ftaebee, of 504 Newton Street, when the youth attempted to break into his apartment, police reported.' .... .The Air Force enlistee..had been • on. parole for assaulting- a Keyser taxi driver, Maynard Rotruck, and had several'months of a year's'Sen- tence yet to serve.'. '.-... .Judge See declared that after finishing his term,;-the military authorities can do , what they .wish with him. Cavanaugh ,was to have returned to Langley Field. Waste Paper Drive Details Instructions.for waste paper collection tomorrow: •'•'•;. : WHEN—Starts at 9 a. m^ " WHERE —An. sections between Baltimore Street-Balti-. more Avenue and .Oldtown Road. / WHAT— Newspapers, magazines, corrugated boxes; brown paper, brown paper bass and oagged. or packaged- was' paper. . . • HOW—Place waste paper in o.undlcs or packages, at the :urb in front of your. home.

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