Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 16, 1953 · Page 18
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 18

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1953
Page 18
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Friday, October 16, 1953 MARKET REPORTS TODAY NEW YORK <ttt)-Sto<!k Market mmty prices: T B T* Q -.StO****^* ..... Market BD-7» lower. Early top f»lJ5, J0O-1 iiSi.W * A few at ai.85 J&wKl «Jw« J18.00-: 20 .25 Overnight hod delivered aaienburi fc* 4 a. mTaeld M« attorn th«»* quot*> tlctM. ^ \, Wtttsn ft Cft .llMl* r» Yart* Market ateady W 80 loWer. *»J*1 J». 150-210 ~. i— MB-280 Ji—» 8*0-300 sow* iteady. a»-500 ---- — KM 1121, !i20, $18.25-120.110 PEORIA LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) flOGS--3,S0 n . salable; top $21.75; best low* *20. . Cattle and sheep too few to quote. ST. LOWS LIVESTOCK (By UNITED PRESS) HOGS: 8,500; uneven; 190 lbs. up tnostly 75c lower; lighter weights 75c- Sl lower; bulk choice 190-250 lb. bar- rowa and cllts $21.75-*21.85; several loads choice No. 1 and 2, $21.90-$22; few 860-270 lb. $21.25-$21.50; most 150180 lbs. $20-?21.75. CATTLE: 1,200; calves 500; prices showing Irregular strength; small lots and individual head steer and heifer yearlings mostly commercial and good at 415-S20; a few choice to $23; vealers SI higher; good and choice $16-$22; Individual head prime to $25. SHEEP: 1,200; generally steady; run mostly choice and prime wooled lambs at $19-$20; some choice and> prime No. 1 skins $19. BUSHNELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,500 hogs. Market active 75 to $1 lower, top $21.25. Sows 25 to 50 lower, top $20.50. Cattle, usual Friday cleanup trade, bids uneven. Lambs, bidding steady to strong. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS—6,500 salable; most choice 180-260 lb. butchers $21.50-$22: little under $21.75 with $22 paid rather freely ior choice 200-220 lb. as well as lor choice 230-260 lb.; most 300-550 lb. sows In larger lots $20-$21.50. CATTLE—1,500 salable; calves —200 sadable; low-prime steers up to $27; load choice 1,000 lb. heifers $22; load commercial 500 lb. heifers $13; utility and commercial cows $9.25-$12.50; canners arid cutters $7-$9.50; ltility to low commercial bulls $11.50-$13.50; commercial to prime vealers $16-$24. SHEEP—700 salable; good to prime Wooled native slaughter lambs $18$20.50; bulk cull to low-good $8-$17; double deck mostly good around 85 lb. fall shorn yearlings $14.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes $4-$5.50. TOMORROW'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)—USDA— Estimated ialable livestock receipts for Saturday: HOGS 500 CATTLE _ 200 SHEEP — 100 WALL STREET NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market continued its advance today with momentum built up in Thursday's best performance of the year. The steels and motors were the most active of the major groups. Railroads were neglected until mid-day but held to moderate gains. Throughout the list gains ran to between one and two points at the best with only a comparatively few extending their gains to the limit. Almost all lections of the market joined in the rise. Trading was at a fairly fast pace approaching Thursday's 1,710,000 shares. As a result of Thursday's fine showing, brokers were quite bullish today for the near term and cited continued high earnings and dividends as a good base ior the rise. Youngstown Sheet and Tube was a ease in point. It reported profits for nine months equal to $8.87 a share as against $3.30 a share a year ago. The stock gained more than a point immediately after the report was made public. Among higher stocks were U. S. Steel, General Motors, American Telephone, Baltimore and Ohio, Sinclair OH, Kennecott Copper, DuPont, American Can, Distillers Corp., and Douglas Aircraft. i Corporate bonds were higher. U. S. governments in the over the counter market were narrowly mixed. MARKETS AT A GLANCE ! (By UNITED PRESS) Stocks higher in active trading. Bonds Irregularly hlghe*. U. S. government bonds easier In tiuiet trading. Midwest stocks higher. Cotton futures irregular. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, rye, oats, soybean and lard futures irregular. Hogs: Around 25 lower, top $22. Sheep: Steady, tdp $20.50. Cattle: About steady, top $27. CHICAGO PRODUCE (By UNITED PRESS) LIVE POULTRY: Steady. 16 trucks. No price changes. CHEESE: Single daisies 42V4-43>/ 3 c lb.; longhorns 42 -V 2 -43%: processed loaf 39%-42; Swiss A 45-47; B 44-45; C 41-43. BUTTER: 778.973 lbs. Firm. 03 score 67',ic lb.; 92 score 67; 90 score 64; 89 score 631i. Carlots: 90 score 65H; 89 acore 63%. EGGS: 6,462 cases: Unsettled. White large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 81; mixed large extras 60-69.9 per cent A an dover 57; mediums 60-69.9 per cent A and over 43; standard 51-53; current receipts 44; dirties 42; checks 40. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKETS C«M*MMr Oram ft 8nppl» (Grain bias at 1:30 p. m.) CORN.No. 2 new .... $1 .31 OATS, NO. 2 _ r .69 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2 .49 Dafomt ft Bead Co. (Oaleaburg-Ablftgdon) (Grain Bids at 1:30 p. m.) WHEAT, No. 2 * $1.78 CORN, No. 2 ^ 1 .32 OATS, NO. 2 ... .69 SOYBEANS, No| 2 $2.49 Oalaabntg toy Product! Co. (Bids at 1 :30 p. m.) SOYBEANS, No. 2 yellow.. $2.83 FINAL GRAIN REVIEW CHICAGO (AP)—Small losses were rung up In all grains except rye on the Board of Trade today. Dealings slacked from Thursday's fast pace when the market was going higher. Selll»g in grains followed receipt Of more moisture overnight in the Southwest and news the Agriculture Department's wheat advisory conV- mlttee had recommended a two-price system for wheat when the present agriculture act expires next year. There also appeared to be some selling, brokers said, because president Elsenhower in his speech Thursday night did not mention at what per cent of parity he favored support for farm products. Carlot gram receipts in Chicago were estimated at: Wheat 4, corn 237, oats 8, rye none, barley 32 and soybeans 29 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOCIAAED PRESS) Cash wheat: No. 2 red 1.94. Corn No. 3 yellow 1.45%-46%; No. 4 1.44- 43i,V, No. 5 1.42 -44 '/4 - , sample grade 1.39-41 !i; new: No. 1 yellow 1.48-48 No. 3 1.42-46'/ 2 ; No. 4 1,37-42. Oats No. 1 white 813,4. Barley nominal: malting 1.30-60; feed 90-1.08. Field seed nominal per 100 lbs. White clover 8.25-75; redtop 57.5059.00; alsike 15.00-16.00; timothy 11.50 12.00; red clover 24.00-25.00. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE CHICAGO im — High Low Close Prev. close Wheat IDec Mar May Jiy Corn Dec Mar May Jly Oats Dec Mar May Jly Rye Dec !Mar May Jly 1.94% 1 .931/2 1.94% 1.94%-% 1.99 1.97V4 1.98% 1.98%-% 2.00 1.98W 1.9944 1.9% 1.79V4 1.95 1.96'/4 1.96V4-94 1.46% 1.45Vs 1.45% 1.46%-V4 1.50 1.48% 1.48% 1.50V6-50 1.51 1.49% 1.49% 1.51-50% 1.50'/4 1.49 1.49Va 1.50V4 .77 .75 .71% .76% .761 /4 .74Yi .70% .76% .77-76% .77 .77%-% .74% .75Vs .7114 .71% Soybeans iNov Jan Mar May I Jly Lard 1.19 1.16% 1.18 1.16%-17 1.23% 1.21% 1.22% 1.21iA-% 1.26 1.23y 4 1.25 1.24% 1.27 1.26 1.26% 1.25 2.71% 2.69V4 2.70 2 .71V2-% 2.73V* 2.71% 2.72% 2.73V4-% 2.73Va 2.70% 2.72 2.72V4 2.71% 2.68% 2.70% 2.W /2 -V* 2.67 2 .641 /4 1.66% 2.65V4 Oct Nov Dec Jan Mar May 16.80 14.40 13.35 12.45 12.30 16.50 14.20 13.10 12.30 12.15 16.50 14.30 13.15 12.30 12.25 12.20 16.67 14.32 13.25 12.35 12.27 12.30 Julius Caesar used all types of military obstacles now known except barbed wire and land mines, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Slrawflowert and Winter Bouquets Of all type* and material. In any color of floral arrangement. Alio Fr.ih Flowers. Bring your own container If you wish. CELOSIA GARDENS AND ANTIQUE SHOP 41 E. Davis St. 4671 Dr. H. O. Conn OPTOMETRIST — Formerly of Monmouth — Now Located Room 407, Bondi Bldg. Galesburg, III. PHONE 23604 Passes School Bus Leonard Rydell, 268 N. Seminary St., recently paid $9 before Justice John C. Kost for passing a school bus stopped to unload children Tuesday at 3:05 p.m. A Register- Mail story Thursday erroneously stated that Wayne Hughes, 1386 Willard St., had been charged in the incident. GARAGES BUILT ON YOUR LOT Sea one at 440 S. Whilesboro St. 14*x22', 4" Concrete Floor—$800.00 Phone 6251-6 or 1340-0 Don't Dig Up Your Sower PHONE 7789-6 If NO ANSWER, CALL 871M WEEKEND SALE MONEY SAVING VALUES Evergreens Yew* $1.98 Colorado Blue Spruce. _$1.69 Globe Arbor Vitea $3.49 Pyrmidal Arbor Vitea __$3.49 Pfitzer Spreading Juniper $2.19 Austrian Pine $1.98 Kettler Up. Jumper $4.98 Scholti Juniper $1.69 These are all good sizes and will make a nice show at once. Oriental Poppies-3 for $2,00 Day Lilies 3 for $1.00 Yellow Spurge $1.00 each Mallows Red and Pink 60c ea. Mixed Parroft Tulips —..12 for 98c - OPEN SUNDAYS ALPHA NURSERY ALPHA, ILLINOIS Alaska 2V6 Aid Chem Aid St 38 Allis Chal 43% Amerada 151 ABC-Pmt 14% Amn Can 36V4 Amn Dist 32% Amn R&SS 12% Amn Smelt 28V* Amn T&T 155ya Amn Tob 76 Anaconda 31V4. Armour 8 7 /a Atchison 92% Bendix 61 BethStl40V4 Borden 59% Briggs 29% Budd 11% Burroughs 14% Cal&Hec 7% Case 16% Catplr 47% Ce 20% Celotex 16 Cerro 21% C&O 36 Chrysler 67 Coca Cola 108 Colum Gas 13% Com Cop 35% Cons Cop VA Cont Can 56% Cont Oil 49% Corn Prod 72% Curt Wr 7% Deere 25% Dome .15% Douglas 73 t)u Pont 102% Erie 6% Firestone 61 Flintkt 25% Gen El 78% Gen Fds 57% Gen Mtrs 58% Goodyear,49% Ghm Pg1% Gt Wst Su 17% Grum Air 22% Homestake 34% Howe Snd 10% Hudson 11% 111 Cent 72% Inland Stl 40% Int Harv 26% Int Nick 38% Int Paper 54% Int T&T 14% Johns Man 62% Kennecott 65% Kresge 33% Krogers 43 Lockhd 25% Loews 11% Marsh Fid 24% Martin 15% Msn Dvp 16% Monsanto 84% Mont Dak 20% Mont W 59% Morrell 11% Nash Kelv 18% Nat Avn 22 Nat Bis 35V4 Nat Cn 10% Nat Dairy 60% Galesburg Man, 78, Dies From Shotgun Wottfidiii Chest Arthur JT. Ernst, 78, of 1849 W. Main St., died in Cottage Hospital today at 11:22 a. m. from a gunshot wound^ In the 16ft front part of his chest. Mrs. Ernst found the man wounded today at 0:50 a. m. on the front porch of his residence. A 410- gauge shotgun was on the floor of the porch near the man's feet. He was fully dressed. Mrs. Ernst notified her daughter, Mrs. Ralph Judson, who' summoned the police ambulance. The man was admitted at the hospital at 7:25 a. m. Members of the family said Mr. Ernst had been depressed over the condition of his health. He recently submitted to an operation. Frank Hickman, who resides at 1630 W. Main St., and across the street from the Ernst home, said he was working in his yard early (Midday Market Incomplete) The ancients believed that the dew which accumulated upon the plant known as St. John's Wort, during the night preceding St. John's Day, possessed healing powers. The House of Lords, besides having legislative functions, is the final court of appeal for the United Kingdom. CHOICE CORNFED BEEF Home killed, for locker,. for deep freeze, AVAILABLE BY QUARTER OR HALF. Reasonable Prices! Free Delivery! REX JOHNSON Oneida, III. Phone 478 Uhis morfttng, but did not hear the report of the weapon. Funeral arrangements will be announced by the Kimber and West Mortuary. Poultry and Eggs A better year yound market for your farm produce. GALESBURG POULTRY 8c EGG CO. 340 S. Kallegfl St, Phona 313J-6, Galaiburg, lit. CULLING AND PICK-UP SERVICE ON YOUR FARM. Falls, Breaks Wrist Mrs. Myrtie Mathews, 71, of 749 N. Seminary" St., suffered a probable fracture of her left wrist at 12:20 p. m. today when she fell while crossing the street at the Seminary and Losey intersection. In an emergency run, police ambulance took her to the Cottage Hospital. Ambulance Calls Ervin Lee from the Cottage Hospital to 1164 N. Cedar St. > George Starnes from 402 Hill Arcade to St. Mary's Hospital. FOR SALE Full Blooded German SHORT HAIRED POINTER PUPS 3 Months Old CLYDE KNAPP 1 mila touth, 3 mil.* west of Avon, III., Phona 833IM FOR SALE HAMPSHIRE SPRING BOARS Eligible to register. Vaccinated and tested. New blood lines. Also few open gilts. CARROL OAKS 3 Miles North and 2 East MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS Hillman Tree Surgery Courteous Service at Moderate Prices Phone 7664-3 1459 Grand Ave. Ml KIHPS Of OB PRINTING Large or Small Black and White or Full Color Work. The Daily Regisfer-Mafl Spotted Poland China SALE Sailing at tha Farm Tuesday Night, October 20 8:00 P. M. 20 BOARS - 30 GILTS Alio 30 to 60 haad of vary choice fall pigi weaned and vaccinated. Spring plgt all Bangs taitad and claan. Top blood linaa and plant/ of naw braading. Farm 3 miles watt and IV* miles South Biggivilla. LEO BASS & SONS Oladttona, III. LARGE CLOSING OUT SALE Collection of Lovely Antique Dishes, Glassware, Brie a Brae and Some Furniture Having been advised by my physician that I mu»t curtail all my activities, tt become! necesiary to dispose of my complete, rare and unusual collection and wilr sell at the Ball Room in the Colonial Hotel, Monmouth, III. Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 1953 Commencing Promptly at One O'clock the Following: A large assortment of hand painted china, Bavarian china, Haviland china. Tea Leaf and other Imported china pieces, 50 pieces of very attractive cut glass, Pattern glass, Flint glass, camphor, mercury and milk glass, colored glass, chocolate slag glass, Honey comb, Willovv ware, Pressed gins, Bulls lye, Several pieces of Bisque, vaseline, some pink luster, pieces represented in the above consists of footed dishes, compotes, cake stands, plates of all kinds and sizes, pitchers of unusual designs, mustache cups, cups and saucers, demitasses, sugars and creamers, spooners, tooth pick holders, individual salts in different patterns, butter dishes, goblets of all kinds that are very old and rare, lily bowls, pickle dishes, primitives, platters, Kruets, salts and peppers, baskets and many other types and designs. Vases of many varieties Including Bristol cut glass, colored Steins, Including imported Gerlocht Horn mounted, other highly colored steins, very old end rare. Clocks including \ lovely china clock with blue floral design with Anionic works, shop clock. Iron and Seth Thomas clocks, some china slippers, rare paper weights with matching sloppers and highly colored, tome tole, water sets and many other pieces of glassware that space will not permit listing. SILVER, BMC A BRAC, ETC. — Some silver, copper and among the silver, 1 large piece (coming to the Parson), Currier and Ives prints, frames, pictures, flasks, bullet molds, old jugs, jars, sleigh bells, what nots, napkin rings, ink standi, lamps of different types and designs, shades, including one very rare Cranberry Hob Nail Shade (a beauty), and lots of other very interesting Items found only In a large collection like the above. FURNITURE — 1 walnut chest of drawers, 1 walnut blanket chest,' \ cherry night sUnd, small table (walnut), 3 matching maple ladder back chairs, 1 ladder back maple chair, 1 walnut platform rocker and other pieces. NOTE — There is not a single reproduction in the above collection, and it represents years of collecting and most of the above were collected in tha Eastern states under the personal direction of Prof. Ralph D. McWilliams, and wa cordially invite you to be our guest on the above date. No preview will ba held but it can be seen the morning of the auction Come early at our teating capacity will be limited and remember it will be held in the comfortable ballroom. It will certainly be worth your while to attend thi» inter esling event. V. W. SMITH, Owner 7QI Phillips St., Galesburg, 111. COL. FAYE I. HOUTCHENS—Auctioneer PAULINE NELSON—.Clerk TELEPHONE BILLS ata now doa. Thar ara parable) at tha Company Offiea. 100 If. Chatty or at tha COAL Phone 4531 Peop/e's Fuel & Coke Co SPRING BAKERS FRIES — Free Delivery — HUNT'S POULTRY 8-1254 883 Monmouth Blvd. CHESTER WHITE BOAR ft GILT SALE IS BOARS 25 OILfl ' MASON'S PUREBRED SALE PAVItLION . ALEDO, ILLINOIS OCTOBER 27. 1953 Tues. Nile — 7s30 P.M. Boats to tult the bteadeti and commercial hog talaeri. OllH ault- able for foundation herd and 4 -H prolecia. Naw blood for old eua- tomeri. Be with sir on aala night. Vitltori welcome. Cholera Immune Buiga Tailed Write for a Catalog SHCRER * FUHH, JOY, ILLINOIS RETURN AND PART LOAD MOVING TO - FROM CHICAGO - Oct. 20-31 JOLIET - Nov. 5-15 Here's a thrifty way to cut your moving costs — plan ahead and schedule your service. PHONE 1201-6 Ferris Moving & Storage Co. McCOY'S POLANDS POLAND CHINA BOAR AND GILT SALE Monday Nite, Oct. 19, 1953 « ffillat aaottt *t Kn«x*ll(#, III., I mlta «•«} «r 7 mllai **tf of Abingdon, III. SIM PROMINADtt, 2nd Prlia Sanlor Vair at Illinois Stat* t»\r and Grand Champion at Knox County Pair 195). 30 BOARS AND 20 GILTS COMI ONI, COM! All . . . BREEDERS AND COMMERCIAL HOO PRODUCERS LESLIE McCOY AND SON DEIONO, HI. Furniture Auction Sot., Oct. 17, 1953 -1 P.M. Sharp 476 Peck St. Corbln and Kent will sell the following S rooms of furniture Rnd fur. nlshtngs: 2-pc. rose frieze living room suite, 2 matching end tables, coffee table, Coronado combination radio and record player, 0x21 rug, 8x12 congo rug, 9x18 congo rug, table lamp, record cabinet, rocking chair, oval front china cabinet, plastic curtains, 7-pc. dining room suite, »/« bed, coll spring and Innersprlng mattress, 2 chests oi drawers, vanity dresser and bench, electrte sweeper, some bedding and linens, medicine cabinet, whit* porcelain Maytag dalux* modal gal stova with daap wall cookar, » CM. it. Philco refrigerator, 4 cu. ft. Phllco daap freeia (the above appliances are just 3 years old), whlia porcelain Maytag auuare tub wathar (2 yaara old), 8-pc. chrome dinette set with green plastic table top and green plastic chairs, metal utility table, kitchen table, wooden utility cabinet, metal kitchen cabinet, wash tubs, lawn mower, pressure cooker, electric heater, garden and yard tools, dishes, pots, pans, and other items too numerous to mention. CORBIN AND XENT, Aucilonaara. Phona 1-1433. Curt Petarion, Clark Alwayt call Corbln and Kant for your auction.. Phone 8-1433. CHESTER WHITE BOAR AND GILT SALE Thursday Night, Oct. 22 - 7:30 P. M. At the farm, 2 miles west on Route 81 and V* mile north. 60 HEAD - 35 Boars, 15 Gills Cholera Immune — Bangs Tested and Clean. HEMPHILL BROS. CAMBRIDGE, ILLINOIS CLOSING OUT SALE Having sold my farm and moving out of state, I will sell at public auction at farm located 4 miles northwest of Yates City, go to the second road west of Yates City and 2 miles north and Vi mile east on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1953 AT It O'CLOCK 11 - HEAD OF CATTLE - 11 3 Wisconsin Guernsey heifers, 3 years old, one Just fresh, two are milking good: 5 good Jersey cows, 4 to 8 years old, all artificially bred; 2 Jersey heifers, 5 and 6 months old, Bang's vaccinated; Jersey bull, t months old, eligible to record. IMPLEMENTS 1950 Ford tractor and cultivator, Ford plow, Ford disc. Ford 7-ft. mower, Ford back-end loader, Ford carry-all. This outfit is A-l. New 24-ft. steel harrow, jack, 1850 Case single row corn picker in perfect condition, rubber-tired wagon on 6-ply tires and flare box, iron ventilators for corn crib, John Deere No. 290 corn planter on rubber and in perfect condition, Case tractor manure spreader, rubber-tired wagon and rack, 7 steel stanchions and stalls, Globe single unit milking machine, 6 good 10- gallon milk cans, small tank, hand tools etc., 14-tt. picnic table like new, butchering kettle, fence stretchers, etc., Clipper belt lacer, hay feeder, 2 drags, oil. overhead gas tank and stand. 2 electric motors, bench grinder, work bench, \a-ln. electric drill, electric brooder and fountains. FEED —600 bales good alfalfa and brome hay; 650 bales second and third cutting, more or less, alfalfa hay. CHICKENS —350 choice White Rock pullets, just ready to lay. TERMS—CASK ALLEN L. IRETON, OWNER LEWIS G. MARKS, Auctioneer Lunch on Groundt WALT LINDAHL, Clark SPRING FRIES II Auction Sale BAKERS >»d HENS FRESH CHICKEN LIVERS AND GIZZARDS When Available. FREE DELIVERY Phone 6032-8 Heller & Wells Poultry 1271 Monmouth Blvd. — Across From Brown Specialty Co. — SPOTTED POLAND CHINA BOAR AND GILT SALE At the farm 3Vi miles south of Sherrard, 111., on Monday Night, Oct. 19, 1953 Starting at 7:30 P. M. 60 HEAD - 35 Boars - 25 Gilts Bang's Tested and 100% Clean — Cholera Immune Lunch Served at 6:30 ANDY T. COOPER & SON SHERRARD. ILLINOIS $10,000.00 Liquidation Sale BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE TO BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION Friday, Oct. 16 - 7:00 P. M. Saturday, Oct. 17-2 P.M. & 7 P.M. WILSON SALE BARN FAIRVIEW. ILLINOIS Chrome Dinette Sets - Dormeyer Mixers • Deep Fryers Electric Portable and Console Sewing Machines - Sheets, Pillow Cases - Dishes • Rogers Silverware • Hoover Steam Irons - Comforters - Blankets > Benrus Citation Watches, Ladies and Gents - Clocks • Radios • Electric drills, all sizes - electric saws - wrenches - saws, all kinds of tools & other articles too numerous to mention. FREE PRIZES NOTHING RESERVED UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTING CO., Inc. 739 W. Randolph St., Chicago, III. FREE PRIZES PROTEINS BEAN MEAL Ton $ 79.00 UNSEED MEAL _ Ton 85.00 COTTONSEED MEAL Ton 80.00 TANKAGE (Armours) Ton 107.50 MEAT SCRAPS (Armours) ____Ton J 05,00 ALFALFA MEAL Ton 66.00 DeForest Feed a Seed Co. GALESBURG ABINGDON VERS APPLE HOUSE 5 Mile* East of Wataga on Victoria Hard Road and i Mile North. • STARRING RED DELICIOUS • ROME BEAUTY • STAYMEN WINESAP PER BU. And Up Sweet Delicious Cider -Gal. 60l Available in Large Quantities for Parties. Open Daily 8 to 5 — Sunday 12 to 5 — Bring Your Containers and Save Deposit — DUROCS Boar ""I Gilt Sale Sat. Nite, Oct. 17, 1953 - 8 P. M. GRAND CHAMPION PEN OF BARROWS Bushnell Barrow Show — Bred in Our Herd 40 big, well developed meal type boar* with plenty of length. The type firmer* ere looking for el prices you cen efford. 25 qilt», will m«ke fin* club gilts or for herd replacements. •engi Tested, Cleen, Cholere Immune. — IUNCH ON GROUNDS — Jos. C* McKee and Son 9 Miles Southwest of Rio, Illinois HEAD THE WAN'* AOS IS TiUi PAHA KKGISTiiit MALL, FOR THE BEST IN READY-MIXED CONCRETE CALL

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