Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 12, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
Page 2
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Social \*e>*» Royal !Seighbors District Convention at Graver Calendar of Events Tonight h»il(l v'-Bt'-rday 41 tr,. or--.Kr.- 'i^Ynp hO'".''"'- A:.;. r r .-.s.*.'.-. in att'-ndar.',. •iur:r.2r tr.'- = and ';^ ^-«;;vn'T iKtor. •o.a.' p.-'fen*. ftit"- BUpf:rv.i,yr and ll.-! Kieas'/- j J'jrir.lkCin. district d'fJBty. Tb*y i •j .^Ti: pr *«-»st «-d cc>r*ae*» t" th.»J J^nT .Ha.-r.t--^ ^. ^c;/ Kr^'irer ar«<! j .-•r.a.-or. Ar.cir--'• ;r.-r.- i • rfe'. :4-rd T' ; i-:?:. | Mr? S*i :t',E Mrs Bv.if? a:jc Mr: T .f Or-jv<.- '.AO-.p a.' 'yri-ari o; •h» .'!r>- H ?>'A -.a.-.-;; :r. Orjv*r Tft'. '.arr.p -'^js -:i-ar .;Z'-i .-r. Mar:.-. 2:; 3W Tv V cr-a::-: rr'mV;:- ilr-^ R-vv ir-r/.itt '.r.'. Mit- Eiiza- t«tf. C-..' •>••-:- prtj-r.t a; yrtt*:- f'.-y •! ra 'r '.-tjr.i- .'Ir^ .Srr..f", -'.i' p.-- • Th': p.--.i -ra.-n .'o.- •.•-.». a.'t ^.-.-.&o-; J2?30 ''^ ] .?^C(. pa-'r.'.-^'ori at th'- dv/.- '{••arg-;- o,' tr,' pr'"r.tat;on o.' tr. n4.g. introduction of r.ationaJ ar. i '-tite officer* and of tn' -.velcom-.- »o' the campu. th« ntr/cns*- ;;ivcn by ArmKlion;:. appointment of tommitt«r<-» -Aaj" foiio ^ed oy KrV>up Bin^int' after vhicki th/t for­ me! opening of th«- f .onv <-ntion »-a^ rnadc by Gruvtr: Emmt'cHburt; p«:r- formcd th»- Hni'tol March; dripjc:; of^ the charter by Algona: wcicotne to transfer mf-rnb';r by MailarJ; (JfTOonatralion of Giatt« by Kirth- frT ^illc.-; the buHinf-sH !!i;«aif>n, v.hi'. i; v.-^ift conducted by Mrs. Eltano'- Johnson of Sioux Rapids. Mn-.. S'Wton then addrt.'uicd the- ijioup arid Mrs Bndsc conducted ti.e >iaS. >-El.I.E SEXTOX. D«- t;or-ai dir«<4cir of tlM- Rova; .Vvightors of America -waf pr«.s*nt vf-sterrday for tfc* di»- t.-.c- cor;v*ntion b»ld af Oru- at -K-hich i«> m»tr.b»r« ar-d • « « •,-.-t;or, t/ox; the r^^tilar <::o5iri;r •--:r'r. -"as d*iaoGstia'.«-d by tij" * A- 5-% p. rn lie group ad.)0'j:n- e^ to the fesLstment of the ft^by- Krjan church rrbert membtn of th' Ladie* l<ea ^e wirtd th* tv*. cir.E bioquet. The tahles w»-r* d<^- o.-afrd with colored caurfle! ar.d place rr.als in the Ro>-aJ N«-igbbo: colors of p'jrpie and white. Tr.e evening I'jwion conventS at 6 % p m with cai! to order at 7. Tn- ntuahnic work of initiation •Jia- demonstrated by jh-. E«thtr- viUe camp after -x^hicn the doorr •Acr< opened to the pu^iic Forma; introductieyn of officers •!«a« made by the Orgood delegation after which an addres" v.-as given by th- vi.?iting officer The addre.«.« wa;! <.f f re^ .Me»h»di«4 ClJurrh. T r rt. At tr^ <AWrck s <*rU -t» A m':;.t.-:« i.:z'd to att-r.d .North Mar L »dte No. MT. >. A A. M. ; T p. m K'lruli.r me<-:nx r;r?t Deere* ' .\dnlt D HTT *' "f He»»r. f p n-. F.»!r-;a- mt-etini- i-.^tp-r,- • i jrt.; J jr.* is J-jt.e tr-ixfa;-; » p m A: tie c;t:. r.a;; s-ttiiea. rtc ^Ur me*ua^ U >.C-S. «f MrtbadM ChorrfaL ! 2:.3<j p m M«t «J thf church. Devoti'.--« Mrs H DanielKjr. l^f-foz -AJi Csiidrr-a Are Coo<e .-T.->- ty Mrs. \r. W. Ferr-»«>r Tea chajimen. Mn Matjrice Ev '^th and Mr* Herman J ^mfn. OrUdrtn of the crad!* io3? •jnd •t'-'.T zatAii*n to b« hosored. Memt ->rr5 uked to bring picturM of Metcodirt childrec both jiart 5Lnd present. HoaoratT- batn- meir.5>ershif» are to b* r;vec Ejcecati -sre board in<*t at 1 30 ; p. m 7.30 p m At tse I. O O F ha:; RetHkah te»m fo: retursicg emblem -aill pracljce 6 P- m. At the church basement. • Pie acd ice cread sc<ia.;. Oruyet Pit.»bjigri*» ChMrdL « p. ni- Ooaiag proKmo for the vacation Bible acbool -wiM he pre­ tested »t ii»e church. Th« public if invite*. St. MMTft Ctrefc-. f' p. SB. At the home fcf Mrs. Alfred KeJch. Mrs. Charles Ke'lch. &(inctajrt k«ct«s». Bathiooro fho-Ter for Sister's home All • mem&ers ur^ed to W present. P)ea*« hriag circle dues. Saturday OkMBaapaA* Ckayirr D. A. B. 10 ». m. M««t •* Use home of Mr«. H S. Orelg. Breakfart to celebmte Fla^ day. Aasistaat h»»'>eSMa axe Mrs. E. E. Lioetic. Mu James Raine}-. Mr» J. E. Wilnoa. mss Jmd <-n R OM . All , mroAen ezyecttoc to attend pleaae notify ho«tew Vjr.Friday m&nitvg. L»« meetiBK befor? fafi. Sundity- Grarer Prufcjrtirlaa Ckvrck. 11 «. m. Special Father's day serrtees-' Uea** cboir. The Rev. Thomas B. MeRon of EatberrUle iKia speak. Mondav AH f'e«pir's Gmqi •! the CIntattea dnreli. 1 p. m. Mra. Waldo Bi-isk. lead- e'r. Veet at RiT«rride paiV for a .St. JIarKaref» OnU. 2 p.m. ICeet at the home of Mn. Uador Seppii.itn. Frank hown. a^sststast hostess. St- FnuMte CMB. » p.m. Meet at the home of Mrs. Keooeth TheO. Mr*. Lavudis Xeppi. aasiatiai; hostess. railroad a'^-yn from th- hir-d ho <^l}^^ of a r^alXAincjiiiFs 'inn; •xeny fronr. Par..n -iO -int> D-nv r A tftlri.pranrie ''^j »*ff?«Tmghn |f {jjf.r,j thrilier playmr Frii .y JT.^ I S.i-jr .5TV af^the Grant 7hc *|^f"SJii"» other .i ;c;t.r.;.- r.ii.h'.i-ht of .*::n-. an actual hCad-on collisibri !xtw..n t"o trair-' -r.-. f :.-.-t -.. .- jtize..' for a mo^ip. Co -feature •ail! be a CO-;:-•iy-rr .u .-;c '. .t Sta .-Ting Jean Porter. Tom .Vea; a.-.j I:.:- .\.:r. =r. C- : ."<..- ' .f tr.- story of guys and gals in ur;fo:n; • foilo -sred by Memor.a! wo.-lc pTit on 1 : ry the Alcona lodge; dosatioa to j the R ..S 'A. home '»a-« made by ill : the camps alter witjcn Armitronr presented the retiring march Th« report of the resolutioc committ*-.- ' Has heard and «-ai foiloTred bf ' severai sktt.^ given b;.- the different ; camps :n connection •'•-ith tatir ul- ; \er offennfS- The roettmg ciofce <l • -A-ith the group einging "Gc -d B> ( With You T-.I! We Meet Again.- During my convalescence Dr. John Phillips m wiU febpen my office B and carry on my practice. 5 Dr. L. L. Sharp Office in Robinson Bldg. Office. Phone 1681 Catholi<r Oaaghten. Hold I lA «tsiIati «n Baoqo^ ' The installation banquet of th:! • Cathohc Daughters of America i •va.<i held Taesjiay evening at 6:30 i p m. in the Shore z-jorxi of tc-r i Gardston note; I Special gu'-^t! -*er. Father James I>uhigg. court chaplain. Father ; Gerald Zensen. Father Ryan of i Boone. Mrs. Marie Nolan. diBtnC. ' deputy of Emmeisburg and her as'' Kistant. Mm Mos*s Mrs. Nolan. Mrs Moses and all [ oiitgoinig and incoming office.'s •*-ere presented corsages by ih-.- : committee in charge i The banquet tables -were decorat- \ ed -irnh bouqueu of peonie^i in d»f- feient shades of pinV and Trhite. Following the banq -jet Mr^*. i Leonard Robert-", grarid regent, in' trcKluced Father tmhigg as court ' chaplain. He addressed the group and then introduced Father Ryan of Boone, who in turn also spoke to thc -se attending. A sb'yrt business meeting w-a.^ conducted by Mrs Roherts after T-hich the meeting was turned over to Mrs. Nolan, who was in charge of installing the new officers. She I wsis assisted by Mrs. Moses. Officers installed were grand regent Mr« Paul Fink: •v-ice-gran-l regent. Mrs L^nard Roberts; financial secrelar}'. Miss Kathleen Miller; treasurer. Mrs. Milo Gillespie: historian, Mrs Louis Krier: ! prophetess. Mrs. George Smith of ."uperior; monilor. Mrs. Frank i .Smith of Superior: lecturer. Mrs. 'Jerry Wegs; sentinel. Mrs. Mike Foley: organist. Mrs. Joe Erpelding: two new trustees also were - _______ ( tnstaSe^l. Mrs. Otorgc Landmesse: ; aod Mrs. Henrjr Kepi^ The new graad regent. Mrr. \ Pink, epc^ to the group after' which the meeting was closed by', the retiring grand regent. Mrs. P.oberU. This was the last meeting of the orgasizatioo until September. • nana* oaM af nnt Presbjrteriaa Charrh Meet* The TUtTat class of the First Presbyiersaa cbtirch met yesterday a^mooa at the home of Mra.t Maurice JuhL with Mrs. F. C Sny-j der as hostess. A ihort business mtetirsg wa -s j cocducted bj- Mrs Frank Hutchin-i eon. teacher of the cl££s. after S which a sociaJ afternoon was et>- joj-ed b>- the group. Vlsiucrs of the class were th Rev. and Mrs. Thomas B. Meltot and Nancy. Miss Zelda Snyder of Fort Dodge and Mrs, Juhl- Membcrs attending were Mrs.) Hutchinson. Mrs. Snyder. Mra.' Thomas Jnhi Mra John Juhl. Mr». E. J. Schrj-ver. Mrs. Emma Lore. M IS . E J. Klei-eler. Mrs. L<ott<e TomelL Mrs. T. B. Flint and Mrs Charies Prf«enberger. Sav Bouiii for Farm I^and Sloping Down %Va5r .;r.rt'- ,';-:•- '.j —Th farm laitd t'.'-'-rr. ^'.zr ^'^T .z dc"^'the agri-ultur- i-ti.— -r-t ssid f- day, b'ou"* ;t -.^K .-^^ c3oat.t>- to buy ar.c :. fir—. trim mast y::ur.g .T.».-. as: t--s =i5 sc'raff tcgether Tho jTv .-ixrr i.' 5 firrr. i« -nirtr bttweer. 11T'>X' acd Jlf.**:.. ar.-i that d-_—t irclude mschiner.-. ^-qaipmer.t and ;:vf ;5 -ti<£ tne d:- >artmer.t i-^-.i In K^~r- area^ t'-. liDd market .-.;5 i«_-trKte^ larreiy to th. far.-n€r -ih: aJreaCy owns a farm ar.d ect:;^m?rt. and to ttK- city Investor. Land prtces rtarted advacnn^- fbarply after o^jtbreaX of th* •"•ar ia Korea- Bs: the upw-ard fpiiai lias Elcr »-'.-d to a ?nai !"5 p»c- Tr..department sajc pncef rose an average of ; p*r cent durixLZ Lht four months ending March L comparec with 6 p-er <trnt durmr tr.- corrc- •Ie:inding per.od a year ago Even so farm l-ir.d prices -n Marcel we-'eS percent nigher tha.t a year ago and 23 per ':vnt l.ssr.i: than when war m Korta •r -i .iit»d The department said otr.^r fai" ora weakening the demand fo- litrms include r:iing farn; p.-oiij..- tloo costs and lo-*tr farm produc! prices. .\rmy Private Get." Sentence of Death Nu ,er-=.b «is. Germany. June 12 -rH- Rjciani A Ha^iberger. 19. wi,- ientfcc ^d to death by a U. S. artsy court martial today for the csrbir -e siaytag of two German ci- •.-.:.a=5 last ApriL Tre <rot.t fownd the Chula Vista Caif. saklier gailrv yesterday. His tiiddy. Pvt. John F Vigueault. of Gcffs Falls. X. H_ had previously fc -=-rr. sentenced to death for hb pa— in the slaying on a road near Neustad of two Germans who gave them a ride after the soldiers had : sjKnt the evening drinking beer in a tavern. The Sentence is subivct to review- by r.ighfr m.:l;tary authorities. DROWNING— Continued from paKc I when the frightened boy told liirn his brother was In the water, .summoned the police. * * * POLICE CHIEF Eugene Bolty and officer Ben Doughty went to the river and asked Joe where his brother was. Joe cou)d only cate that Wonald was in the water somewhere. Doughty dived into the liver searching up and down while Bolty called the station by police radio for the fire department. In a few minutes the fire . department responded and George SchO 'vcr Joined the search in the water while other members of the fire department searched from shore. « * THE BODY was discovered lodged on a projecting piece of stump in water abo^t five feet deep about *** ••'-^-.BOulHo/ tbq bridge. Don- •;cn ronWth* wdtfcr by, GlUfi nuha'usef arid iiii, Artnlciai 'TPspli-a- lintift^rbd^ imoilediat^ly . IIH B and Schryver tiUt the boy appafcntty was dead when his body -was recovered. Gene Roat and Dr. C. Smith Kirkegaard operated the resuscitator. Meanwhile the stunned mother of the boya asked for her son, Joe. George Schryver discovered him, frightened and unclothed, near the spot where they had been swimming. * * « l>OX.-%U> IS survived by his parents, and twor brothers. Purl Joe and Everett Lawrence, stationed with the armed services in North Sarolina. A brother. Gary Eldon. died In infancy. Donald, was born in Marcif 1938. . - , Funeral ser\'ices will be at .2, p. m. Saturday at the Sternberg chApel, the Rev. H. J. Baker of the Free Methodist church officiating. Time of the service will be anoounced later. Burial will be In Easlsldc cemetery. MAINE— Continued from pkge 1 eye.s had been slightly inflamed when he awakened this morning. Elsenhower was quoted yesterday as saying he favors a 40>bnUon dollar tax cut over the next tw.i or three years through moK economy in government and less deficit spending. .5 Esthenillc, Iowa, Daily News Thurs., June 12, 1952 % ADYERTISEMENT Evangelistic Tent Campaign Coming to Spirit Lake Beginning JUNE the 15th 7:45 p. m. Location of Tent CLUB CONGRESS GROUNDS EVANGELIST JOHN C. KASTELEIN of Eliiotl, Illinois Spceiiil [MuHif I Each [Ni|aii|i MVlotioii Pietiiit; Suuiui Films EucJi Nighl : Bring Somcono IEIBO With You to ihom JMceliiigs i; Bring Your ] Unsaved '* Loved Ones Meetings Every Night Except Monday Tlu'sc RIectings Arc for Everyone". I'ollow the Crowd to tin- Big Tent! Special Open Air Gospel Service this Saturday Night ut 8:UU p. m. on the l^awn, Spirit Lake. IIKLP SAVE AMEKICA KKORI COMMUNISM WITH EVANGELISM. fCojtne and Hear :ihe OhUUne \ Gospel Hear BapliMl Evangelist John C. Kastelein (ireal Congregational Singing Soul-.Stirring COM pel Preaching Gooil Seats for Everyone These MeetingH Are Interde* noniinational in Character and. iVon-Scctariah in Spirit Get Right with God Before it IH Eorever Too Late Honor SUter* Who Teach in St. Patrldt's Cboreh Sdhoel Nine Sisters •»-ho have been teaching in the Saturday classea and during the summer session of Bible school were entertained >-ester- day afternoon by the Altar and Kosary society at the Spirit lak • cttmmer home of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Donovan. Father James Duhigs and Father Gerald Zensen also were guests at the event. The Sisters were taken for 'i lon^ boat ride around the lake after whi^h they were served a chit- ken dinner in the living room of the cottage at tables decorated with bouquets of spring flowers. The dinner -was served by four members of the society but wa^ prepared and donated by many more of their number. Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton assisted Mr. and Mrs. Donovan in their role of host and hostess. Four of the Sisters are from lh-« Assumption pa^-ish at Emmetsburg and belong to the Sisters of Chai- ity. They have been teaching thi- Saturday classes all through the J ear. The other five are teaching Bible school and while not connected with the hospital here they ar • members of the Sisters of Sorrow, ful Mother order. T! has been caiculated that there are 10 billion tons of gold :r. th- sea water of the world. Or. Terry L .Anderson OPTOMETRIST SucceJaor to Dr. R. C. Biggs Over Emmet County Bank Esthcnille, Iowa Office Phone 432 Ciasc-d Saturday Afternoon Try a Daily Neirs l\ani Ad. 1 Grants Rate Hike To Norllierii Natural Gas Washington. June 12 <J V>—The Northern Natural G BS company of Omaha has been granted a rate Increase of about 10,100,000 a year but has hod two other Increase proposals rejected. The power commission said yesterday It was ordering the company to put into effect immediately new natural gas rate schedule which it found to bo "Jtist and reasonable." The commission said it had turned 4own as "unjust and unreasonable" two rate Increase proposals filed by tho company In 1950 which totaled about tS.300,000 annually. The new rate is a demand char- 1 ge of 1140 a thousand cubic feet ot\ billing demand, and a commodity charge of IS cents a thousand cubic feet. - Tvk'enty-sevoR distributing . companies which purchase gas froni Northern for distribution in abou'. 230 communities in Iowa, Nebraska. Minnesota, South Dakota ant] Kansas are affected. Killed on Eve Of Graduation Berkolay, Calif., Juno 12 Margaret Lieohtl, 17, was to huvo been graduated from Berkeley high school tonight. Yestordny she accepted a ride on a eohpA )m<itc 'a piotoroyole., She steored while Ujpbert B. Crlsawell. \1, ro%1o tand&nt, Suddenly she swci-vocl to avoid hitting a car. Tho moloroyole atruak a curb, huiiilng both cldura into thu a;ir. MUs U?chU died of hotid Injur- 1(>N, Ci 'lsHWoli was reported In ser- lovls cohtJUlott, Never, afier-thiisf Freth, clean latte aa you drink Squirt.,» Freth, clean taate after you drink Squirt,,, liever an after-thirtt! Ye*, if »>teet soft drinks leave you resehlng for «> Hater -cliakcr, then Switch to Squirl-lbe one sofl lirink that can say and prove- Nc\er an a0en>jhlr«tl -•: \>'-. i SWITCH TO , Vn^ ^*en.yw *fi«V,,b« smefjiKftbout it... V/SwlichVsluirtVihcSMPOmmlMr,. _ _ .Crystol S|priiii^V''^^^^i"^^ Works I, TOO. AM DEAFENED AND WHAT I DID TO;ODB,RECT IT. i Twenty years ago;tjd»t'my hear- itt^. Since then mfy life has been (iirtK;leU toward one'goal — overcoming deafness, both for myself and for others. The result of this york has been a tiny new hearing aid which can be worn In secret. With this small aid, even your' olosesV friends will not know how' you'hear so perfectly. Voices, the radio, and the •ticking of the clock sound natural. If you are interested in Icami- ing the three steps In' the; correction of deafness, write to me, H. A. Lyons, Personal, 401 So. Washington St.. Peoria, Illinois. I will be-,happy to write yo\j,.the results "'jta^/e^^erience. Father's Day Simday, June 15th

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