The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 25, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1935
Page 4
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J • "' J ,' " " £'' ' 1 N ~ I McGraws' Food Store URDUE SU51MER SCHOOL. Designed to Aid High School jraduute in College Work. . Lafayette, May 25.—The facilities of the annual Purdue University summer session, scheduled from June 13 to August 10, will be jextended this year so that high school graduates may spend the summer profitably pursuing stud-i consideration of ?2,SOO. iesjthat will aid them In their lat-l The Mitchell Investment Corer i college courses, according toleration has conveyed to Lewis REAL ESTATE CHANGES. Few Transfers of Property for Week Ending Friday May 24th. An examination of Uie records of Mrs. Jessie Essig, county recorder show there was- little activity in real estate in the county during the week. Lester O.' Hoffman has conveyed to the Home Savings and Loan association Lot 7 in block 2 in the Cox heirs addition to Tipton lor a consideration of $1. The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company has conveyed to Clarence E. Hodson, 40 acres southeast of Kempton for a Mobilisation of "Army" Going Ahead Despite Many Objections. FREIGHT TRAIN TRIP (i:y United 1'rcs.s). Los Angeles, .May 25. — Mobi- an i announcement made today byjE. Riffe, 21 acres northwest of.Mzation of a new "bonus army" A DIONNE TRAGEDY. Mother of Quintuplets Could Not Show Relatives the Babies. Callander, Ontario, May 25.—A brusque drama at the door of the Dionne nursery, has opened new wounds in the emotional conflict •between the quintuplets' mother and those who guard the little sisters' health. The door of the babies' nursery, litterally was slammed in Mrs.'' Elzire Dionne's face. | 'Don"t you come up those I steps," were the words, in. brisk' French, that met and turned heri away. | The incident took place Sun-' day, hut the wounds made thcmi are unhealed. I Daring Woman Flier Trying for Speed Record Across the Continent. I GARDEN PROJECTS. Expected to Cut ReGcf Costs, in Indiana Considerably. (By Unltfrt Press). Indianapolis, -May 25. — The state relief administration has taken steps to cut its grocery hill 'to a minimum by sponsoring one of the most extensive garden p'rojects ever attempted as unemployment relief. i With nioro than 2,000 acres j contracted for use as relief gar! dens, the governor's commission joa unompolyment relief made CLEMENCY EXPECTED. Believed Kidnaper of Miss McElroy May Escape Gallows. (By United Press). Jefferson City, Mo'., Say 25.—• Gov. Guy B. Parks was'expected to.reply today to Mary McElroy's Plea that the man who kidnaped her two years ago be saved from, the gallows. It was generally believed that tho governor would commute Walter McGee's death sentence to life imprisonment. Several weeks ago the 27-year- WOULD BEAT AMELIA'Planj to have its clients, sro wf old Kansas City glrL' accompanied i enough- vegetables to cut the stat c ifood bill in half. by her father, Judge H. F. McElroy, Kansas City's city manager, Gardens in many sections cf! called upon the governor to as't tho state already hive been start-iliis clemency in McGee's behalf. Vn'ltff, Grand Central Terminal, Bur- ccl. Others, where rains and a<l- Its principals were two woman • !)ankj Ca , _ May 25 _ Laara i n .'\- c: . 3B v ,-cathcr have dc-layed plant- a consideration of! was being completed here today j ~ tlie milQ -mannered, unassort-. sa i] s , davedcv.l aviatrl::, took oft', murt ba competed by June. ! in preparation for a transconlin- Prof. Frank C. Hockema, direc-! Windfall for tori of the smmer session. i $1. In addition, to making it pos-l Elizabeth Hillie has conveyed to ;ental trek to Washington tomor- sibie for high school graduates to I the Tipton Building & Loan as-(row night. Royal W. Robertson, a leador of the 1932 bonus march and organizer of the latest effort to effectively utilize the time be-! sociation property in Park View twteh graduation and entrance! addition to Tipton for a consider- inti) college. Prof. Hockema jatioff of $1. pointed out that extension of the] Isaac H. Woodruff has conveyed! force immediate payment of the fac wil lilies of the summer session; to the Farmers Loan & Trust make it possible for many; Company, the business block oc- bonus, was seeking enlistments in a tent headquarters in tho hopes ive Mrs. Dionne, the only woman ;l . 4;.57 a to have borne quintuplets w'ao m. I'ST today in Tlie gardens are operated by winged [Lockheed: monoplane i county relief organizations, em- lived, and Nurse Louise da Kiri- on a 3CCum } attcimpt to shatter tt.c- ploying men and women unable line, efficient, energetic and do, women's r.oi:-stoii tr.\:iscjniincnt- j to find employment elsewhere or termined. i a! sp3e ,i record. •"' ' There had been jollity anil hap-! Thc bluo byed. tousel hair?d piness Sunday at the plain frame farmhouse, across the road from the nursery, as Mrs. Dioune and •>n other public projects. Most of the produce is students who find themselves I cupied by the- Coleman & Bates of enrolling 2,000 ex-soldiers b-> her ""sband entertained cousins shoirt in one or more entrance re-j cigar store quirements to make up their de-, street. on East Jefferson ' fore (he caravan Los Angeles. moves out t>f ficiimcies before launching their! During the week ten mortgages "Nothing can stop us," ho who had traveled 350 miles from Montreal to visit them. Dinner over, the visitors asked j amounting to ?32,516.65 were'said. "We're going to Washington'' 1 tne y might.see the quintuplets. flier, dressod in her customary | sumed by the families who oper- oorduroy trousers, leather jacket, i ate the gardens. The remainder is and brown beret, took a lunch of canned in relief stations and dis- huticrmilk, jbandwiches. raisins and coffee. ! tribnted to other parts of tho state which are unable to operate Miss In.u'alfs' effort to spun '.he Uie -i-'ontinent in a noii-stop flight I rardens. and cut down Amelia Karhart Of course they might. Mrs. Dionne Putnam's record of 10 hours end- collegiate careers proper. It is also expected that many | placed on Tipton county real es-jand we're not coming back unUl students will find it advantage"-j tate and twelve mortgages we get what w: e want." | is very proud of her babies. j od at Alamosa, Colo., two weeks ous; to anticipate some of the ; amounting to $X.-!77 and three Robertson reported he had fi(m j They strolled across the road ^ o when she was forced down during their i chattels amounting Jo $106 were recruits signed up at the close of j and passed through tho guarded ijy dust storms she; I.VniAX.V KEPORT. courses required freshman year, which will make | released. It possible to ease their required' Three mechanic liens were filed college load and allow more'during the week they amounting add their names. the first day's enlistments ami i nursery gate. The inflexible ru'.o ; t ; 3 ;: ever encountered .Middle West. that hundreds more were ready to ; assignment $0,500 was recorded during tlmje for various activities, broad-'to $11.90 "'2nd none were rc- en their education by electing ad- p leased. ditional courses, or shorten the' One mortgage timj required for graduation. Among the courses open to week, higi school graduates during the summer session will be those in >'ogy, English, history, modern "Positively No Visitors." | Nurse de Kiriline appeared on He predicted that a.Owi veter-1 the porch and stood at tho head ; ans would join tho "army" from j of the short flight of stairs that i::i"n!r:.T.:i Tmir.m.'n of all parts of California and would j led down to the walk along which IMAHIXG M.1XV CHAXttKS. t ins Asto piffcront Positions. th e ; be ready to leave.from S-icramen- j Mrs.,Dionne and her cousin:- 1-aJ i to when all units gather thcro. approached. SKKKIXfi DIVORCE. uages. algebra, solid gometry, i Former Anno similar subjects. In addition,! Live bio Ian and students who intend to study en-' gin Bering at Purdue may complete of the freshman requirements in nechanical drawing or shop laboratory. (ioiild Will in Texas. X«it 'I IT.- The trip, he said, .will be made aboard freight Irains. Robertson instructed e a c h marcher to bring along an overseas cap as a mark of identification, bill to carry no other equip-1 The mother of the world's mosj ! ment. He also -cautioned against famous babies stopped. V.'itli tile ji-cicing in operation Mrs. Dionne Smiled greetings of tho and started forward. Nurse de Kiriline spoke. "Don't you come up those. -•-.itin Mr:; on the Indi' ana Railroad', a jTcncral shakeup It. Karl Pirtors Snys Const ruction In State Improving. Washington. May 25.—R. Petc-rs, Indiana director of federal Imusing corporation, is here for conference with government officials relating to new regulations. \VitIi much satisfaction he was able to make a report -of a construction improvement in Indiana. "There are now twenty-three has been maiio in th? working Indiana counties with enough • ' schedule of I!:? rnr.Jloycs and construction und'.'r . way to pro! trainmen arq being given tiiii:-. posi- vide employment for all building San Antonio, Tex., May 25. -begging either for food or money. I Some one protested: i j ;i Tim former Anne Could, who left.j His or i g i n al plans for financing \ "But we only meant to take a!" 1 - according to their seniority, {tradesmen," Peters commented. a.Fliangd M'ill necessarily cans? j"M'ore building is now under way rod'Ktinri in tli"? namb:r» rfjihan in any three years.-since tho ir.Ir.ycr. c',;ifl s'.vcral of tin 'dcprcs:icn started. We are build- Detailed information regarding thel courses open for high school graduates may bo obtained by 'addressing Prof. Frank C. Hocke- ; maj Director of the Summer Session, Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. her bank cleric husband because j,] lc expedition called for exhibit-' little peek. See. they are asleep,' .-'•"line she "just did not like Texas," | j ng motion pictures of the 1932 ; and the wind is blowing away or placed 0:1 !t!i? extra board. "The law has taken its course," Miss McElroy said tearfully. "There is no reason now why it shouldn't be tempered with mercy." The governor granted M^Gee a stay of execution from May 10 until May 31 while he took Miss McElroy's plea under advisement. For McGee. the man in the 1 United States to be sentenced 10 death for kidnaping, the governor's expected leniency will come as a birthday gift. He will be 30 years old tomorrow. Miss McElroy recently in a magazine article told why she has fought so insistently for McGee's "I am a human being," she said. "I do not want vengeance." It was Miss McElroy's testimony that sent two members of Max TOILETRIES - ; " ' !. | A Full Line Is parried by Us ai All Times. BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE for her conversion to belief in Communism directly at the door of faculty members, but said she "gained the feeling through readings and contacts that Communism would be an excellent form of government once it were established, despite'the fact that Its installation would undoubtedly require a revolution." "I do not believe in Communism now," she added. Harry D. Gideonse, associate professor of economics, answered her statement with an analysis of the university's required reading for freshmen. He found 55 pages describing Communism in a total of 5.9S7 pages in a year's work. He asserted he was neither a Communist nor Socialist and add- the kidnaping gang to prison andi ed that " is " last senuine Doliti cal enthusiasm was in behalf of brought M'.Gee to the foot of the gallows. "I folt likf> a murderer." Al Smith," although I am almost slle I ashamed to admit this in a public told friends last February after gathering '• fa v •Mora than 51,000,000 has i mart flight from her Kansas City! Walgrtfn, who prelaced his ap- 'iGir.o. pearance at the hearing with a » • • i statement that he considered the CHICAGO PROHE. | University of Chicago one of tho greatest in the world, but who testified two weeks ago that he tliought it was menaced by "souif- ; thing very like a cancer," direci- n! his attorney in presentation of , his charges. ; Secretary of the Interior Har- f'oinmunisiii anil Free Love Agata Given an Airing. (Cy TInili-il VTCF*I. Chicago, May 25.—Charges Charles- R. Walgren, 0^ j Jvugg'Et. that his by millionaire IS-year-old! will seek a divorce at Del Ray, ! bonus army in cities en route to , from thera. Surely, there can be Oorgo>?!!, who h-i"|-p:nt in the repair of homes and ,:eco was taught to approve Com-' old Ickes described the investiga- Kla. Her husband. Frank Meador, AT COXSERVATORV. IJcmicr Rolli'iibjichi-r Slmrpsvillr is Ciradiiiitt*. of actor when ho married in New York the wealthy randdaugliter of the late Jay THra. Bernicc Bollenbacher i Shafpsviile is among the twenty- Mcador ond students of the 'Arthur Jordan no t ]jij e Texas." Conservatory of Music who will be in June by the music Gould shortly after last Christmas, referred questioners to his attorneys. "I am sory, but I can make no statement of any kind about the he said when asked if he i would contest the suit. The couple parted in March. the capital. no harm, and lilt- 1 (^ I-Ull W'j ^> •- —| * ' I * --» _' , hav- come so been with thd road for mora than :huild:i:g 3 ucdor Title 1 of th- j ni'un:sra and f ee love at tho Ln: ..... .... . „....„ .. 0 ._.. 130 years, is now on the line car. j housing act and $1,000,000 nn; j ""'sity cf Chicago, were snbstan- ging proposition," he said. "Wo | "Don't coino up those steps," a job which |ic is handling like a ! been need in refinancing existing j 'iatrd today in records ot a state "This isn't going to be a beg-1 far. said his wife "just did want to finance ourselves and we are going to do just that. If people haven't money we'll take food for the price of admission to on™ shows." Robertson overcame a threat- said Nurse de Kiriline. i veteran and while somewhat out j mortgages and in new construo And then, In the room where'of his line, lie enjoys the workjtion. Indeed. 35 per -cent of this she had borne her babies, Elb'iro'-fter collecting for at least thrao amount is for new building." Dionne sobbed disconsolately un- decades. ; til Ions after the. Sabbath sun had Clifford Cijiim, one of the old- gone, " jest motormcri in point of servico. INJURIES FATAL. graduated Bchjool according to an announce-) - ment by Max T. Krone, director, j ji;,,, Assaulted May HO DiYd anc| Mrs. Blanche Harrington,! Ti-rri- Iliinti* Hospital. business executive. She will re-j - celye the bachelor of music de-j gree in school music having com-! pleied the course at the conscrva- (r.y Unitoil Pross). Ti.-rro Haute. May 25.— \ugu-i *™™"- 57 ' I)clroit - di " (1 la: ' 1 from in- tori- and taken certain academic i ni * ht in L '" ion h«sP»al from in Wo}k at Butler Universitv, affiliat-l J" ri( ' s suffered when assaulte , ed Institution. Graduation exercises at which Mrs. Bollenbac'aer will be awarded - her degree ^will be held Fri^~ day evening, June 14, in Odeon Jiall, 106 East North street. The degrees will b* awarded by Mr. and robbed -May Newman was 20. attacked while Ix>st Blue Indianapolis, May 25. — Announcement that the Blue Eagle bad been withdrawn from the Hetupel Machine company of Jeffersonville, was made today by ~ ICis Wells, acting state com- offlcer of the National Administration. asking information -concerning a rooming house. He lay exposed to rain and cold throughout the night. Visited In Tipton. eneil split in the ranks of tho j Nurse de Kiriline's action' was : is operating .one of the one-mail "army" which developed when be; explained as due to the presence car?, the experience of collecting was delivering a speech to a mass - O f companions with Mrs. Dionne,' 1 "" 1 '" nml issuing receipts being a meeting of'veterans urging them j for the mother of the quintuplets «cw one to him. to enlist. I has no bars against her at the TiTore aroj jobs open to tho A veteran, identified as Robert j hospital so far as the official older mm in freight st-rvices. it F. Jones, a former marine, stop-1 guardians of the infants are con^ is'said but some of the older men ped from the crowd of 200 and called upon the listeners to "fight the battle at the ballot boxes and give up plans for this march." j "Nothing I can think of wouMi|j ;l injure our cause moire with th': | public than to make a march on | Washington," he shouted. "Those cerned. A XK\V TIIKORY. Indianapolis Attack ("ouplf. I'pon Imlkinapolis, May 25. — New | do not want: to leave Tipton. jTcmpo Devault, motorman and j Homer ?,Icl.'t|!lough. long time conductor, are yet unplaced, and it was said are not Cully decided as to what-rims they will take. The trainmen say the one-man cars arc delaying tho running who are in favor of a fight at I !:•; j developments indicate that a | schedule somewhat, until the pu'.i- Mr. Peters expects ta confer to(!iy with Senators VanNuys and Minton and house members in ail- vising them r.f Ihe progress -that is being maJ.3 in Indiana in the way of a building revival. STATIC RKMEF. SCHOOLS. Many M<-n and 'Womon lie! Taught to Read and Write. (l;y United Press*. Indianapolis, May 25. — More than 6,000 men and women, many of them just learning to read and write, are being taught fundamentals of education in the state relief schools, tho FERA offices ballot boxes, against tho senators . tru . sto d person shot and slugged and congressmen who opposed the bonus payment, follow me." Jerome H. Burns. Co years old. lie sots acquainted with tho cys-jlierc announced today. People! have for years cn-l A total of 2.014 men anil 3.- and murdered his wife. He inarched across a vacant lot | junnie Burns, SS, who is missing. K-vcn now when a stop i.3 and 25 men followed behind him. j sheriff Otto Rav' announced last in Mr-'Ucred the car from tho roar ami 326 women are being taught madeii'cHot schools. More than 200 Cheers came from the other nig]u us investigation of a new SPBC1A1, PRICES'OX REX '• BATTERIES — Phone 2471 Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Houran of Dccattir. 111., visited over Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Small of North Main street, the families being old friends. Mr. Houran and Mr. Small became acquainted in railroad work in Illinois. While here Mr. Houran also visited his boyhood friend" J. B. Barrum of the Barrum & Suite store, and the two had a splendid talk over old times. Mr. and Mrs. Houran were on their way to Ft. Wayne. He is an engineer being the oldest in point of service of the Terre Haute and Peoria division of the Pennsylvania-road. iJ?pur..Gfocer for je Sliced Bread Bakery 'Former Judge Deiid. (By Unlteil PrcaK). Marion, May 25. — Willard B. Gemmings, 58, judge of the Indiana supreme court from 1926 to 1931, died at his home here last night after a heart attack. Back Front California, Mrs. A. W. Rkmsay, who went listeners when Robertson ordered j lheo ,. y o j tuo crime waj . i aa nched. enlistments to proceed in spile of I Aft ' or s i uggJnK an( i shooting j Burns, leaving him for dead in tho homo at 4 920 West Morris street, the perpetrator of thu crime is thought to havj slain Mrs. Burns and secreted tho body. the interruption. "You'll find plenty of attempts to Eplil our ranks," he called aftor the deserters. "I recognize two department of juslice men among you righl now. They are welcome to join us and go right through to Washington with us." Robertson was undeterred by the statement of Frank Belgrano. Jr., national commander of tho American Legion, 'that the proposed veterans' march was "un- American." Belgrano, at Winnemucca, Nov., said he was "unalterably opposed to the march." He urged communities thrpugh which the bonus army might pass nol to aid. the marchers. Dally lilblo Quotation. But shall be "the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith tho Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write It in their hearts; arid will be their God, and they shall be my people. —Jeremiah si:3S. To Aid nilnoU. The motive for the crime was robbery. The person knew Ih-tl they break for the rear of the car | teachers, trained in adult educn- and tlio only entrance is in tho lion, sivo the instruction. In addition to reading, writ in? and clrmsntary English classes', foreign-born persons arc trained for citizenship examinations. investigating committee by the niece herself, Miss Lucillo Norton. Bet'ora tlie legislative committee adjourned its hearing indefinitely yesterday. Miss Norton, a^ reshman at the university until Walgren induced her to withdraw several weeks ago. testified that required class readings led her to approve of Communism, even ai ho cost of violent revolution. University students who filled tho hotel rooms . in which the learings was held -delayed proceedings with laughter when Miss N'orton quoted Prof. Frederick L. Schuman of tl:e political science Icpartment as approving free ovc. Schuman testified earlier that if ic ever mad? a statement regard- 115 free love it was in a spirit of evity. "It never occurred to me," said Miss Norton, "that he was ins'in- .,,,Jticn to the Chicago Teachers' Welfare Association, meeting a fcfr blocks away from the 1 investigators, as "primitive ; witch hunting." front. As for -Toinfort, tliosa of the public who Uavo tr.iveled-in tli? cnc-man cnrc, say thdy have th: old typo cara outclassed. At District Mealing Jay Reynolds Arrives. ] Jay Reynolds Law is tho name County Chairman Jesse Dc-l given the fine baby boy. born to urns had hoarded his money in j vault and Wife wore at' Marion j Mr. and Mrs. Robert Law at ilie s home and probably had some j Fr ia a y night and atlended a Fif Hi; Heed memorial hospital at Rich- Burn his idea of the place or places where! district maeling of Republicans tolmoud Friday morning at 11:00 pick delegates to the big Republi- o'clock, the mother formerly be- i . * 11 _ i t •. _•»»;„- T..lin r*nvnnlri>; Of Tin- it was hidden, it is said. Tribune Want Ads Pay. IF YOUR BREATH HAS A SMELL YOU CAfT F IL WELL cat too much, oar food Our ftiendi. «m|l can conference to be held at ing Miss Julia Reynolds of Tip- Springfield. Jill., soon. James Jul-,ton. Latest word from Richmond ton, Fifth! district chairman prey j was thai mother and son were sided at the meeting which was doing nicely, attended lay) State Chairman Don! Mr. and Mrs. Law. former res 1 idents of Tlplon, have been living al Richmond for some time, where Mr. Law manages the Leavell & Bates office. The youngster is the firs*-grandchild of Mr. and Mrs p. B. Law and also the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. -Key nold?,; all of Tiptoii. . ' Irwin of tFt-ankfort. 1 ' ' ' •nltlo Funeral. 1 ; • ; :A nuraiicr cf Tipton persons wiro at Ticcersburg Friday afternoon where they attended funeral sojrvicco hill at thb Christian chWch fp ' Albert May wood Hin- Wo, whosii loath occWed We4- nejsday at tho home jOf a son in Prairie township. Kqllowing the services a in tba •V Uo chnrcjj, burial was .ete.ry. £. O. O. F. Notice. Regular meeting of I. O.-O. F. lodge Monday evening at 7.: 00 o'clock CLIFFORD CRXJM, Sec- Jr. O, U,-&. W, She did not lay responsibility DR. C, W ; GRINSTEAD Registered Podiatrist FOOT AILMENTS Monday and Slondny Evenings 519 NY West St. Phone 3341. Associated Music Studios Announcing the opening of clu.sse» in cello, Hawaiian and Spanish guitar. Investigate our method of instruction. Call at Studio over Blue Front Wednesdays. BUTTER, per lb -29c Cottiige Grove, 34-lb. prints. Sterling Grocery 42O Walnut St. Phone? 224. A New Shipment of | Lock-Tite Purses $1.00 to $2.50 FOSTER Jewelry & Optical Co. Phone 183 — 189 E. Jefferson I i ^ • | V%THE NEW A DIANA 55 Last Showing Tonight Admission: lOc to All 2 — Big Pictures — 2 TOM TYLER in.; "FIGHTING HEEO" Also KEN MAY.VARBi in "Mystery Mountain" —— and Scrappy Comedy • / • Our Late Show Tonight A -Big Musical Comedy "Night Life of the pods" Sunday, Monday, 3 —BiaDAYS4-3 i"4

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