Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1952
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Weather Forecast Hot and humid Friday. HItrh yesterday 94. noon today 90. Full Weather InfonaatiOB Page • DEPARTMENT CK Hi DCS MOtNCS lA. BY FAR THE L A R O K S T CITY, R V R A L, T O T^ 1. C I R C I' I, A T 1 O N t .\ K ^\ M K T (• () I V r Y ill: 84th Year; No. 211 Combining the Vindicator & Republican Esthenille, Emmet County, Iowa, Thtinuiay. .lune 12, 1952 An Indojwndrnt Nc«-s |»«prr We^k SQ #t Copy S# JIM KIRK TKLK.S drive the last nail arena at his farm. his cow hands just how to in the chutes of the rodfeo The cow hands are his son, Anti-Red Prisoners Are Missing , koje Island, Korea, June 12'^(i^) r-y. S. troops hjmted today for missing comrades of 399 frightened antl-communlst pt-lsoners of war who broke ayay-from 4,800 marching Rcda. 'i 'he breakaway came during an otherwise, orderly evacuation of thy fourth troutile-riddeh POW en- cldsure at this Ug^ted Nations pris- oni camp. '•»,.. .^^ The;. .antliR^«;iW.8c9.^d^ t# missing prisQhers bad-been hailed Ke^oi-e dotAmunt^t' kaiig^rflti blurts before today's transfer; They didn't report the^nvmJB^r. DEATH AT TIHE hands of their diehard leaders was the fate of 18 P6WS missing /rom an enclosure emptied Wednesday. The- camp comihander. Brig Gen. Haydon L..B6atner, Is expected to order evacuation of a fifth compound. No. 86, tomorrow. Some of the 2,700 ugly-tempered North Korean officera and 680 hom-coms there are reported fashioning knU vcs and spears. Boatner met today with their leaders .some of whom were shown the smouldering wreckage of compound 76, thej.first'to bo emptied Thirty-nine prisoners, died and at least IBO we^fe injured there In a Tuesday battle with U. S. paratroopers. , * * * THE> S»rH :b£ATH was report- today, ijahy of the 39 were speared to death b| fellow Reds. Compound, M' la guarded by oho company of Uie king's Shropshire light Infantry of^ritain, arid, one company of the Royal Can&dlan regiment. However, Indications were that the U. S. 38th regiment would superyipp the' evacuation. IXJany iNews pnoco anu engraving) . James Kirk Jr. and Harold Paxton. The rodeo will bo held on the Kirk farm four'miles south of Estherville on highway 17 July 19 and 20. • « * «. » Rodeo at Kirk Farm Will Be on July 19-20 Vote Down Seizure Proposal First House Grotip': To Go on Record f A-real rootln', tootin' wild west rodeo will be held at the Jim Kirk farm July 19 and 20. AH you hronc busters dig out those chaps and six guns and ride on out. If you feel likf you would like to try your hand at saddle bronc riding, calf roping, bare back riding, wild horse racing, wild cow milking, cow cutting, Brnhma cow riding, or any of the othpr special feature's get in touch with Jim Kirk. Or If, you feel you might like to Vatch'aU, t^^elte contests hitch up your buck-boara-"&'n(J, head' out of town -tour uUUw jiprth-oiVcow-p.ath (hlghws^tpyou city sllcfters) nliril- bor 17. - * * * / WHEN YOU get to the Kirk ranch turn left and ride right on up through-the yard. You'll find a gravel road leading the rest of the way out to the arena.' Those that want to come a little bit parly will find there's plenty of shade trees for a family picnic. Jim tells us that there will be a lot of cowboys from Blunt, S. D., there to show the greenhorns how annual event. it's done. He explains that they have these real home talent rodeos over in Bunt every spring. He buys his feeder cattle up there end has watched the boys going through their paces. • • » HE REASONED that it would be fine if he could have a rodeo in these parts. Jim has spent the last couple years cutting down trees and building one of the biggest and safest arenas seen in a long time. 'He.tent^oiit-an invite to the boys at Bliint come on 'd9WD> .^ro ^baya he's hoping some of the boy^ arpund here will get in the act and show them how it's done; AH events are for real American dollars and are open to anyone. None of the animals are broken and it's not just another professional rodeo where everybody knows what's going to happen before it happens. Jim says that if it goes over he would like'to make It an jhrlng, their ^^ifulls-and iveriior^of Maine Says Mfie Can Win r{ew York, June 12 W)—Oen. Dwljfht D. BiserthoVef"can swamp the conven^l^n an^ swamp the election," G(>v#,|rre<urlck G. Payne o( Maine skid j:oj^U>(KMter a short cOnfereQoe'wltti iQia^ iThe governor Vfai:p8e!,'9t a steady stream^ of republloan lupportera ai^d convention d61e(|(&tes who have been calling on. Jiitiijuiihower at his Columbia univdralty ; hpme this •K 'eelc.' •' if-'-'. FMore still were In the waiting line tdday.-'- !,*J ^V' PAYNE SAID MlifXI of Maine's 16 delegates are fBitOiihower supporters, and ,tbat^w6~ presently uncommitted probably .would swing to the general's Btde."'He sold five back Sen. Robert A. Taft (These figures ta^ly with Asso" on the stand Report Attack On Girl^ 14^ At Lakes A fourteen year old girl staying at the' Babcock cabins on West Okoboji last night reported to Dickinson county sheriff, Ike Kissinger,' that an unknown man attacked her while she was hanging a bathing suit on a clothes line. Kissinger said that the girl related that she had gone outside In her nightclothes to hang up the bathing suit when she noticed n man-: on a near-by roof. She said that she was embarrassed by her scanty attire and before she could get back In her cabin the man jumped off the roof and stopped her.'He told her that he had a gun and forced her between a row of cabins where the alleged attack look place. A car driven by Dan Courtney of Spencer frightened the man away when It pulled into a driveway to tiirn around, according to reports received by Dickinson county of fleers. Courtney said that he saw the girl run between some trees but that he did not see the man. The girl was taken to the hospital f^r treatment, and released. Kissinger said that his office is condupting an Investigation but at noon. up arrests had been made. One ^Jiplpect was under questioning toda^. and last night by lav? en- forceihent of fleers. elated '^ress of Maine d<(li iTwo upsflr the six -5f «v: g^tlon spenV^. general, and piking about support r for the AP tabulfttloq,. op>; shows " labors -of tie atm not Earned State Boat Inspector Des Moines, June 12 *^The Iowa state' i^qservation commission tMay^fmnounced the appointment of.K.. M. (Bill) Hooker of Des Mdin'es as state boat inspector. -Rocker's appointmsnt fills the vaean*^ caused by the recent death of Verne Petersen of Clear Lake. wlU continue a« inspector •114 navctl tiTHdditioif to " .i: >'* • "^.^ ^ X Wayne Grim New Head Of Jaycees New officers eltcted by Estherville Jaycees will be honored along with all Jaycee's employers at a special "Boss's Night" dinner meeting In July according to Roland Fagrc, outgoing president of the local chapter. Officers ('elected at Wednesday's meeting are Wayne Crim, president; Joe Betty and I/arry Madden, vice presidents; and M. P. Lund, secretary-treasurer. Elected to the board of directors for two- year terms are Jini Wolts, Dr. Norman Rugtlv and ,Harry Berchenbrl- tcr Jr. Elected to tho one-year posts are Dick Coxson and Kenneth Kautzi The local JayceeS also discussed plans for an Invitational model airplane meet which" they will sponsor in August. - . Holdup Men- Operate Hotel, Rob 25 QuesU New York, , Juno. 12 ^—Three holdup men took over operation of a mid-Manhattan hotel for three hours early today^' systematically robbing at least 20 guests entering or preparing to leaye. The trio entered >he Hotel Emer- fon at 4 a. m., imprisoned the night nianager and elevator operator in a room, and WQp'f! to work. One took ov«r/i::jJte telephon* swlteht^acd, anp^htr operated the elevator. The Uvlr<l raa tha desk. Arriving and depimlng gtissts were robbed methodlofdljt 'jAr 'i^h and Washington, June 12 (41 — A house committee voted down 15 to 10 today a proposal that President. Truman be empowered to seise and! operate the struck steel mills. It was tho flist formal vote bjr any house group since Trunyin went before congress TuesdaJU and pleaded for this power. The senate previously had rebuf-^ fed Truman by voting that hp should use antl-strike provisions of} the Taft-HarUey law In an effort to end the strike of 680,000 CIO steel workers. • • • AND TODAY senators favoring solzure power for the President abkiiatined their right to write it intq iwa^o-prlee controls legislation^ ThVQr,.«aid they would propose it again later In a separate bill. Tho selaure question was raised In the house banking committee by Rep. Boiling (D-Mo) who proposed It aa an amendment to legislation extending the economic controls law. Boiling's amendment was a duplicate of that offered In the senate Tuesday by Sen. Humphrey (D- Mlnn) and rejected by that body. • * * MEMBERS REPORTED nllii democrats and one republican sup^ ported the seizure move In the house committee. Five democrats and 10 republicans wore against It. One democrat voted present and one republican was absent. The house group Is working on Its own version of a new wage-price controls law to replace the present one which expires June 30. The senate battling over seizure, power has been In connection wltlr tho senate's own version of controls legislation. Taft Followers Laughing their Sleeves Washington, June 12 (^—Supporters of Sen. Robert A. Taft arc laughing up their sleeves these days. It's about a rule put through In tho 1944 Republican national con ventlon controlled by the forces'.of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, lonjf^ Taft rival. The rule stipulates Uiat only seating contests affecting dct- egates-at-large may be presented to the convention for settlement. * * « THE RULE WAS not- strictly adhered to In the 1948 convention which gave tho New York governor a second presidential nomination. But Sen. Taft has indicated he will Insist on Its application at the coming convention In Chicago If he does and Is uphold in com mittees expected to be dominated by Taft supporters, the contests between him and Gen. Dwlght D Elsenhower over 77 delegates from five southern spates would be re duced to embrace just 18 delegates —four each from Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi, and six from Texas. * * * OTflEHWIBE.- the scrap would take in the entire delegations from those states—Georgia 17, Louisiana Ifi, MUslsalppl five, and TOCUM 38— plus two district delegates from Virginia. Eisenhower would be expected to benefit more from this broader field of contention, since Taft forces largely control the state convention and state committee machinery which are supposed to settle district delegate contests. Donald Crees Drowns In West Des Moines * * CLAIMING THK I.IKK of n »mnll boy ytmlocilny Is the nil too-tcmpiitiK Went DI<H Moinox rlvor. Th<> picluro, tnkon from Iho North Fifth ntroct l>rl<lK<\ .'shows tho plnco where Doniild Croes, H, npimri-nt- ly btcamo tho victim of crnmpH nnrt WHK swept iltiilly Ni«i IIIKIIII (in<l fiiKX'vlriKi (lowtiHtream nlnnit V.HIIH liefor,* hU IXKIV lotli^ed Dit ft ti<<i> )iriin«'h • H ,-,^ <lntl,-il nrrowt His luMly liiy in tlir "iii.r atmiii iin liimr ln-foti' hl» ll-yeiir iilil liKillu-r .Im s i nil™ fur twlp wcir hfitnl and the liudy reioverrd ATTEMPTS TO 8AVK the life of Donald CrenB proved futile. Volunteer firemen iidmlni»it«red artificial respiration and oxygen llirouKh n ri>»- 'Ditlly iNi w« photo «nd enffrnvliiKt plrstor imslMteil by Dr (' KmMh KitkeKoarcl i),,-- hlnd reHplriitor) but llie boy iipparently liml drowned before re«<ue Jewelry, then h with thiimp more Uuui ft ST""^' ^aaa . ]Dau wi4 hgtal .tn ^tbs room staffs Rechecking Votes In Duhuque Dubuque, la., June 12 The Dubuque county aditor and.mem­ bers of the county board of supervisors today were rechecking all votes in the county's 37 precincts. Auditor Harold Meloy said yesterday it would take a week to complete the recount. Robert C. Reilly of Dubuque Mkr ed for the recheck after his "nomination as Democratic fcandiditto for state representative was voidad l>y recounts in the Vernon township precinct and in the Tayior- Fariey precinct. Cluinges In the number of votes in those two precincts gave Al M. Link of Dubtique an additional 73 votes and the nont- ination. Unk bad requtisted a-'recount last Saturday, Has Attraction if or Automobile MisIiapH Joffc* t'lneludsd worth Glen lU^s. N. J., Juno 12 8ight ^earH >id Btsven Warner was struck by a ear yesterday near his hftme. He was treated for minor ln)ur> ies at a doetor'a of fleo. A# h« irikUtad aerow tbo atmt 9a tb«' way- bome. he was hit vf tmXtua antomobtltf . • > Ho la In (air condition ni Moun, taitMids botitltal ittffwing » brok- «H«a ooUtMboM. bead injurlsa and . (Dally News engraving) DONALD CREES, who drowned in J,ho West Dos MolneH river yesterday, was a ntu- dsnt at Lincoln school. The alK>Ve picture was taken of llim last fall at the school in ^n|Ction with a Junior «ed Ftens Improvement Program I iP^OUse, hi., UI>"A $10 million Im- pravement -pngnm al Deere A C^Mljiny 4lerc. wUi be registered Jrtw ilD» security exchange com- th« fim announced- Wed- CWInipany offtcimla said discussing plans for mately tW million in r «lM nsarly f90 million ^•tOClfc Apparently Suffered Cramps I fail Rcscupd Hrolher Earlier nv BKHNicr. sciruMACim A l4-y*«r^l4 IDitbervUlo dmwnod In WMt Des M*I«M tiller yfdtvrdsy •(tvmoon aftsf h* ftwl hlx younaor brother t>M«a»* ttr«4 nf fiahlna noar Ih* NorUt rMtth xtrert brldgn and went ewtaUMtag. Drowning vi«iim wms Donald rr«,>ii, Mn of Mr. and Mr*. Law. renro CrtMia of North 14<ll ilrMrt. l ><>n *ld iippiir#nlly suffered ttmaj^ nr waa swept away by tiM OOfrMt Into ddepor w »i<>r. IIU brother Jo*. It. said that Donald had ftnit puU «d him (3(Hf> from the wat«r before dr*w«jag himielt. ar<^)rdlng to Mrs. AlWH Kroenko who calird tha potieo deportment. • • • THE TWO BOYS had left their ruhlng rqulpmtnt, clothing oAtf •wtmnilni trunks in a bridgejMer i<e(ori« going Into the water. Both parents of the boys W «r* at work nt the time of the tragedy. Memhem of th<> volunte#r fire depaitment. Dr. C. Smith Klrhe- ttnnrtl and others at the rtver ad- nilnlnterrti artificial reeptratloa nnd niygen through a r*«uiMltat*r over an hour but w»nt uaaMo to revive Donald. • • • • MIIR. OTTO SWALVR was vU- Itlng at the heme Of Mrs. Albert Kroenko near (he river when hff daughter, who had bm *toy(# outdoors, said a -kid had tmXUn Into thn river." Thiaklng th* gtrl attention. > • Shortly after that Mr*. Kroeoha's huaband returntd home and heard Jo« calling for htlp by the Hver. Kroenkn ran to the Hv<« dAd, Turn lo pago S. eotasn 1 (Dttlly Nrwii photo and engraving I 8TUNNKI), A URMI'AIKINO MUTHKK »lt* on • •tretrh«r await- Ing word on the condltlan of her »on Mr». I^urencu Crera of North Htb street i» <hr mother of Donaki Cree* who druword y**- terday aftfrnoon In the W««t IV» Muine* ttver. Shv and her husband were at wotk whtn th« tragedy occurrvd. An Escaped Convict Stabs Girl to Death Carmel, N. Y.. June 12 /P—An eo- raped convict, making a desperate effort to s»li« a grtaway car. eiah- lied a 1>y *ar -old gtrl hostage te d»a- th yMierday u police eloeed la en him. Hit by three police bullets, the ronvloi surrendered and was taken to n hoapltal. Ilia little victim. sUhhed with a huirher knife aa her mother looked on heipieu, died an hour later. The slayer, Donald Snyder. 28, of <^i«n«iitota. N. Y, gave warning of hi» deaparstlon and cried: • « 0 "ir YOU corns near ««. ttX at ah tha Child." Alex Williams, a. school bus dH' ver and a special poUoemaa. tried to parauade Snyder to release the child. Betty Lou Arnold. As be talked, he sidled up clooer and flr> ed. hitting Snyder. The e«-««a then plumed the knife into tho UtUe Klri'K abdomen. Wllllanu fired two MOT and Snyder gave up tho fight Williams was the driver of a school bus that brought Betty Lou horn* late yesterday. The lltUe girl, daughter of a prosperous hardwaro morelMMit. waa erosatng th* lawn to Join her young alater and another ehUd when Hnydvr emerged from behind a btiah. 0 0 0 11 K WALKED up to tho bouMi and told Hri. Snyder: "I'm an escaped convict. The rope are after me. Vm net fe *W InK I want you to let ne is here or III take your children." The mother screanoed to tho ehildren. "Run. run." T«ro 9t them ran. but Snyder seised Betty l »u Wttltams. seeing Snytler grab the rhlid. drove away to g*ii his gun. Aa Mrs. Arnold riui toward a phone. Snyder kicked open (h* houae door, dragged Betty Lou into the kite hen and grabhod a bul- eher knife. O 0 o UK TOLO THE w«naa: *'f want you to drive me to. Hn» York "-mere than W ntlleo away. Aa Snyder held tha hnUe cloee to the child, her mother led them to the retlar gariMlo and they got InW the family car. While Mrs. Amokl staUod (or lime. Wtutano artrtvod with his •un. He and State Troopor Raymond i&camehlo. mumkuA W neighbors, sought to NoOu* Iho child. Snyder, who wna sorvfag a tH-d year term In Oreen lliav«n state prison for guto theft. bg4 mmfitA Tucaday.

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