The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 25, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1935
Page 2
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Complete Line of Picnic Items for (Decoration Day pr r-'. the of :•]! cci be: of NEW RADIO. Continued from Page 1. few hundred dollars. The apparatus, developed joint- by naval and American Tele- ph me and Telegraph Company ;i«oers, is said by communication [commission engineers to bo injuignse value in rescue work, directing vast crowds and in •vjnting collision of ships in -hound seas and harbors. affair. Newspaper men could not contact the family, secluded in the residence. The Weyerhaeuser family has with! five awards. Bendlx Aviation donated three lap prizes, and Champion Spark Plug and Ethyl Gasoline two laps each. [These lap prizes are added money to the cash been a leader in the pacific north- i west lumbering industry forjprize list posted by the Indiana- years. Last -week J. P. Weyer- polls mo,tor speedway, and other haeuser, Sr., son of the founder numerous cash prizes posted by son, I automotive accessory companies sue-1 for the use of their equipment. of the empire, died. His father of the missing boy, ceeded him,in handling the ex-| tensive affairs of the concern. It was believed unofficially that the kidnapers might have been attracted by the published reports Among the numerous unusunl merchandise prizes is one for 1.095 meals offered by Wheeler's Government Pictured ob Find Owner Of. Third of Property Getting HOLC Loansl Atlantic City, May 25. — The federal, government was pictured as the eventual owner of "at least" 30 per cent of the homos whose owners are creditors of the home owners loan corporation by John R. Umstead of Philadelphia, chain of Indiana restaurants, for president of the Pennsylvania the leader at 300 miles. Mr. Umsitead asserted that if banks, insurance companies and fiduciaries would take mortgagee after real estate values have been restored government intervention would be unnecessary and a great credit asset! would be created to start the wheels of prosperity Nnfl FlorlT IS TO BE BITTER moving. j This j Title Association, at its four-! He urged Extension |of Recovery Ace Is Certain to Divide the Congress. HAD--MNE TRIP. Sir. and Mrs. C^ H. Warne Were Impressed With Texas City. Mr ; and Mrs. C. H. Warne, who in company with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Warne 'of Indianapolis drove through to Waco, Texas, to visit their sou Dallas and family, returned home Thursday j night. They had a wonderfultrip going and coming and. passed through much of the dust storm the establishment I of thp fortnno thfv P Mpr Wpvnr , - — ' iuui-i ne urgea tne estaoiisnment ImeuserTft his son and othe-j * T was'captured ,ast teenth annual convention in tho by congressional action of a stan-| naeuser lett nis son ana ° tlle ' year by Mauri Rose, who finished Hotnl ri:>H,i™ ' L..-^ .,..-,' I?*! • May 25th. | The city council held i special meeting for an open discussion of -.buying power. ; * 1 * * Work on the Standard 1 station at the corner of West 'and Jof-' ferson streets started. • * * * : Mrs. Mollle . Martin .returned territory, without seeing any evi- fr ° m TeXaS Where 8he had been - members of the family. Federal agents refused eilhar j Detroit> ln addition 'to finished [Hotel Claridge. | donees of the enormous damage , ., , ,dard of valoe for real estate "bv iApTWT/yin-ci APT?- VAPTTPT I don e. according to many of the second. Norge Corporation of'. "Most of Uie loans to homo Jan approved, uniform and scien-1 VAR1£C ! newspaper accounts of the storm. spending the winter. Re v W " " * E. Carroll united in ~ ° o confirm or deny that the reported kidnaping had occurred. FEW ASK TO PAY. Continued from Page 1. tin- May installment of taxes ha. been paid. "he treasurer reports that since law n.Tiuiring the exhibition ~po!I tax receipt when apply- for automobile or driver's !i- so. went into effect, there has Hundreds of curious citizens ; tric ,. efrige rator to tho cash; owners are made to'borrowers al-|tific system of assessments," with I tlie permission of loans authorize! ! as "legal investments" on the bas-' prize for the leader at the tenth ! ready delinquent and on a per- lap, is also offering a Norge elec- jcentage of value that is unsafe." marched past the home through the night. Others waited in newspaper offices and around police I stations for word of the missing boy. Bruce Bowman, a schoolmate, was the last person known to have seen George. The two left the Lowell school together at the noon recess. George was to have met a sister, Anne Weyerhaeuser. the 500-mile dash. winner of • Mr. Umstoad- said. "Eighty per |cent of value is too great a risk. i "I am not arguing that tlio In several places in which they in-i quired regarding the dust storms,! a cakey< descriptions, of conditions were I , I marriage Carl Osbon and Hiss --• —r>". .«i*-m...<- *no »,», i,n; ,,«.-,- , . . - ; ucov.m/i.iuiio. ui cuuuiLiuus \v ere -, TA „ •, , „ . „., is of two-thirds of the assessment „ AVaShln . Kt0n - Ma >' 2a - ~ Ho " :;o , not much worse than they .were in ". S ' D ' ROU ' S Ie " f ° r Cu ' V6r l ° „ • ' < i 1 JPIllOPrn t If IfVlriofG r»r»>t>-» vi A t.i_ i J ' ! incncinf flit- nnirtit f *i T*m wTiioh -nric* WILLIAM SIMS DKAI). .HOLC is not justified, or does not j by the fcdaral figure. "Also eliminate direct lending fill government, but KiTiiier Resident of Arc-acliii Coin-j simply poin> out that it munity Died Near KoKomo. terrent to the restoration of high- i er values. Real estate is 'one oJ a needed want at this time. I (get its support by its lending on I collateral loans to banks to tho! extent of SOiper cent of the mortgages when | the approved assess- Democratic leaders prepared today to launch President Roosevelt's two-year XRA extension bill into what may become one of j • the bitterest congressional fights ! inspect his onion farm which was being set for the summer; Madison street. * * * i — ; ' ' ' ~ ' — .--,-,— ^.,u.....-.. : ..i.vui>i*»wii_u u.->ji -3o- . . I nines .ii~uiii w auo ueinc jn- cnartro * i * n | Relatives and friends in: Arcadia; the three indispensable essentials ment systenj has been adopted." fi ° mmlttee wer e ready to begin e department and J d A1Ion Fuller was thrown fronl T .._. . ! drafting of the 'seven point" ad- • oui»i»ij uc V aitiueui..<iuu ndu- |h j s .j llllk waRon and p j nne d De . Jllls i . of the session. The house ways and means committee were ready to begin Tipton county, where dust cov- ; ered automobiles, porches and also got inside the homes. i ,. T r. n it- ^ m - i JIrs - Iva Shannon bought the Dallas Warne, a former Tipton 1 .,.. ,..„,,. , .. „ ., . t . . .. . i . ', i Elizabeth Cole bungalow on West resident, is stationed at the U. S. ] Veterans hospital located three miles from Waco being in. charge n a' big decrease in the amount;at the Annie Wright seminary six received word Saturday of the of life, yet today we have a situ-i Mr. Umsteaci suggested, death of William Sims, age 87, ajation which has reduced land to j would keep jibe .banks in former resident of that jlocality, : nominal value." His tax which is delinquent. YOUNG SON. rriniimicd from Page 1. t 1:"0 i he father, J. P. Wuy- blocks away. The family chauffeur was waiting there to take l\]f children home to lunch. i George never reached the sem-! inary. Bruce had left him after a ! lonably liquici condition." frh mi:scr. Jr., called in police] walk of several blocks. Xo one. as!::;! them to aid in search- else could be found who remem- for :he child. bered noticing the schoolboy as he trudged alone toward his des-! tination. Neighbors reported that a note .Ih'tr'E-rarch was futile, although !)ve:-(-d .every corner of Tacoa lumber city on Pugut Sound hive's: of Seattle. . •• •" l^olict? broadcast a description) of tfe !uist;i:ig boy. It .-.-aid brie.fl? tha: lac .- Ho had dark hair and a ruddj- ; described ;IK chubby. iAuttiorities immodiati'ly cl.-imp'.'d . 'd*;v.|n "rigid silence regarding the SEE THE had been received at the home fit 8:00-p. m. Friends of the family were quoted as saying it asked for 5200,000. It was after the reported receipt of the note that tho federal agents appeared on the scene. The Weyerhaeiisers have four children. Anne is 12, Philip 10 and Elizabeth 2. So far as could be learned they never have re- I ceived a threatening note nor jwero their children known to [have been in danger of kidnaping j j previously. ! The father returned only yes- 1 tcrday from Rock Island, 111.,' where he had attended the funeral of his own father. ministration bill j both opponents and proponent^ of i the recovery act. It is expected to after hearing i a g °° d £° vernment Position. Thej neath the wreckagl veterans hospital there consists . .. e when his , ' ° f 14 build ings and 500 acres of horse ran away. SfMMKR K<JGS. DIED !IX HOSPITAL. ! reach the- house flo^Tnest week/i Iand '. but Arrangements are being j Dr s w Curtis and wife wer(J :made to double the capacity. j at Kokomo attending a meeting The belief apparently was in-. Pin-duo ...duo \,i,i •» A«h,M Leav > n K Waco last Sunday | of stock holders of the Haynes • tion of Laying Mash. Lafayette. May 25. — "If tho healthy flock of laying hens re-' .„,.,. „ ,,„ L : . [creasing among bouse members' ^-"'"s- »aco IUM ounuay of stock "holders of -iseontnma-, Donald Ran s le, ARC 17, Died Fro,,, that XRA ghonld ejther ^ ^ . morning they had difficulty in get-] Automobile Company. Attack!" of Pneumonia. • I tended two years or killed, now. i tins out of tne citv - on account of! There appeared but little -house ! hish waters - Tvvo bridges were | SALE OF POPPIES, Friends and relatives near Tip-j support for the senate nin(> a!1(I closed to traffic and ton .nave received word of th* i i H . . l> K ratlcn death of Donald Bangle. 17-year- duri . g the summer, tney should a ha i f months extension bill. forced to detour five they were j miles and; Continued from Page 1. The aUiUl do of the house an<! use a bi S concrete bridge erected | world war, that Freedom and return a profit," says Leon Todd' neni . Aroma.i wbich occurred Fi-5- old son of Mrs. George Bangle, j the announced intention of seu - b y tile federal government. extension poultryman at Purdue university, who also warned that to discontinue the feeding of day evening at the Mercy hospital In Elwood. | [The lad had been ill ate opponents of NRA that they ! On ' the way down they went . . a i only a short time, entering the ! ity of a deadlock such as delay laying mash would cause most of h()spltal a | f !, w days ago with „ the flock to go out of production ! severe caS e! of pneumonia, molt. thr °«sh Muskogee and Dallas. appeared to increase the -possibil- : Jonlin ! Missouri. and then would not consider a compromise j ; tllrou oh St. Louis, Springfield and WILLIAM SIMS. AMATKfll PROGRAM. Is HCI'IIR Simnsorc-d ;,( Arcailia by Tho Linns Club. The Lions club of Arcadia is sponsoring for their major a.?- ! tivity and amateur program. The! object is to encourage and do-' velop the different cultural talents, especially the musical and dramatic sides. j time back the club a very successful barn Some "pulled" dance similar to the WLS barn dance, using only tal.-nt of Jack-! son' and White River townships ! and promise all participants and i which occurred Saturday after- inoon at 1:00 o'clock at the horn*lot his son. Paul Sims, near Koko- j mo. Mr. Sims had not been we'l j for some time, and death was a'_- j tributed to infirmities incident to | his advanced years. j After death a call was bent ti< the Shaffer funeral home iji Arc.i- dia. and the body was removed there for preparation. It Will lie in state there until the liour ni" the funeral for which arrangements have not yet been! completed. William Sims, better known a--., "Hill." was born March i); IS is,;, and then into a molt. The feeding of a laying ration will also make it easier and more practical to select the poor producers. Since most farm flocks did n:il lay many eggs last fall or early |j winter, it is possible that the same flocks will give.a slightly heavier production this spring and snm- , mer if they are properly fed and have good care. Records from farm flork owners co-opcratm.L- with the Purdue poultry extension division show that it is possible* to make n good profit from summer egg production, provided the flocks get a balanced ration and' tho poor producers arc eliminated.: When the flock is properly fed it is not difficult to select the poor, layers. They are the first in go' out of production during the sii.n- mer and will soon be molting, if some birds are to be kept over fur the second year, it is wise to mak-j i hose selections during the summer. the work-relief bill for several j Th * y came back a longer route weeks. i visiting Hot Springs. Ark., Jlem: Donald Bangle was the son orj A check of the house ways and : Dnis> Ul e birth place of Abraham George and 'Laura Bangle, the t ni e a n s committee Democratr, i Lincoln in Kentucky, Mammoth , fathei dying ;when his son was y.-t showed a majority definitely j Democracy should not perish. Vic G. Walmer, of Marion, is St?te Legion Poppy . Chairman and Mrs. L. V. Hauk, of Morristown, State Auxiliary Chairman. VETERAN RAIL MAN. . Continued from Pago 1. isi i Cave an( l other points of interest, employes. As a citizen he was the quite small] ! For some time the i'aniily resided near Hobbs, inn removed a jfbw "years ago to the Aroma community. favor of reporting tho jS'RA. bill ! ;i "t next week for immediate bouse consideration in a form ac- ''eptable to the president. Card of Thanks j kind who helped make the -con)- Surviving .besides the niothor i 'am five brothers, Clarence of Kl- vvood, Johnj \ol Aroma, Perry of Charles of Peudlcton, and six sisters. Mrs. IjU)se Crull of Omcgr.. Mrs. Paulino! Truex and Mrs; | Mar.v Turner; of Anderson, Mr;', i Ethel Williaijis of Dayton, p.. Mrs. Katherinc McCord of", Anderson, and 'Cleo Bangle at home. Funeral services will be conducted Sunday afternoon at 2: (in o'clock at the Aroma Methodist .hurcli, of which he was a member, after wl.jicli burial will be in I he Fall-view icemetfcry in Tipton. The young man was quite a favorite, with all.! and he leaves scores The that reached later with the senate attitude appeared to a compromise could ! Tho .ittltiiHi*. nnneiirnl in !i,. thanks and appreciation for tiio many kindnesses, messages of love and understanding, and the which would provide for extension beautiful floral offerings from our for perhaps 21 or 22 months. Tlu* manv reliatives and friends ten- administration's objective was dcred during our sad bereavement <aid to be extension at least until 1 ' 11 j munity and was ever ready to do : his bit for advancement. His pas.s- Wo wish to extend our sincere ling is a loss to the community, thanks and Judge Refused. (T.y rnitoil rrossV Warsaw. May 25. — The stato attorney general's office met a legal snag in its fight to enfore the law today when ,:Circuifc sudden passing of our be-. . April 1, 1937. and if possible un-i "Ved son. and brother. Charles LV ., ^ til. June 1G, 1937. iSimmons.-Mr. and Mrs. Elme4n;2?" DpnBld T™**^ ^fused White house pressure has been'Simmons and Family. \ M ."^ Ue a restra ^ i °g j order against auto dealers here. I'sualiy tho ration which ( " friends' in this locality to near, the son of John and Rosalia (Xngcnti Simk i went to Hamilton county frori Clinton county in l,M5. .Mr. Sims -grew to young on r. farm , . , . fed duriii:; (he winter i mourn his passing. others to carrv on this program. il! Jackson low » 8 «»P- used to keep up summer pnuhie- . tion. Tho OIK; exceplion Is tha: ihi! birds will consume less grai:is' ; during tlie warm weather. OIK;. ; should not forget to provide oys- Rcse Lott $569 Per Second May 30 They are starting a series of H ° was twlco time ' ; THE FAMOUS UPER REEZER DISPLAY AT FRIGIDAIRE PARADE the first i programs asking all who want to! ume tn Miss »*™ p u Wiggs in I take part and also asking the suo-i 1872 " Six children w < > ' 1 '- born to 'port of the public. The climinat-. this llnion ' ail of wllom aiv n " v "' ing process will be used at '.Iv-' dead - Thp wifo A "'* "' ls7 '- "' nii'.rrii'd. ;<> tor sells and fresh water. planey of clean, '^•"Vfje extend a. cordial invitation tc you friends to attend -the Frigid- pring Parade and see the beautiful Each of the 16 snow- has the new Super Freezer, :es possible a Complete Re- O Service. It provides the right cold for every purpose—all in ^cabinet. There's fast freezing |tgfr» cubes and desserts; frozen tlmeats and ice cream; extra. t for keeping a reserve sups; moist storage for veg& . fruits; and normal storage 'for foods requiring dry, ir Frigidaire '35 has the Odd automatic reset defrosting _ ice tray release—and jc'.li poazlain-on-steel. ) pur'showroom at your &at •nd see all. the adyanoe* : and Generai'Motor* last. Thn one selected as best will give a program at one of the most popular broadcasting stations. All those who wish to take part are asked to sec the committee, composed of W. C. Odle, R. K. Sowers, and Harvey Hialt or any member of the Lions club. Cash awards will be awarded to winners, as voted by the audience. It is imperative that all who desire to participate notify soma {this union, all of whom an I dead. The wife died i 1888 he was again j Miss Juliet Carson, daughter of Anderson and Axa Carson, Tv.-n children were born to ibis iinion, one dying in infancy and-thf? oth- •?r being Paul Sims of-near Kokomo. He has two grandchildren liv- iu;.\Ri.v(;s. in tlit- New Fonl C:ir.s. Xe\v aircraft type copper-leud Moating connecting rod bearing;. oustitiite an important improvement in tile engine of the Ford ing in Findlay, Ohio. Mrs. Sims V-S for 19:ia. according to Roy died a number of years ago. Mr. Sims had always bpt*n farmer living .on farms in Ha ton county and a few years member of the committee at once. Tipton " ount - v Remember all residents of Heck, local Ford dealer. i The bearing material is similar jto those used in high speed air- i :)l:ine and racing car engines, where reliability is of paramount Religio.usly he was a real; John ' importance under the most severe these townships are solicited to W csloy Methodist. Ho never at- operating conditions. It is a cop- compete. LAP PRIZES. More Announced for Spredwiiy This Year Than Last. Indianapolis, May 25.—Appreciation lap prizes contributed by leading firms of Indianapolis and the automotive industry generally for the 500-mile race over the In- dianapolies motor speedway, exceed the total of last year's awards, according .to announcement of Joseph H. McDuffee president of the Prest-0-Llte Stor- , filiated with any lodges. i I ;>er-lead alloy known as "aircraft Of a family of eleven children i typo high-leaded bronze, only six lived to manhood \ and | The )d but living. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Mauri Rose finished J27 seconds; behind | the 500-mile race winner last year .' and each, one; of those precious only two t there are , now j pecially suitable for use with the.! per seC Qnd. | They are Mr.-,. i,. nst alloy-steel crankshaft. en B i- i The pay-oft" ifrom the Indianap- Anna Delano of Indianapolis and ! ,, e ers have determined. The bear-i j George W. Sims of Kansas. ing material contains 65 to "'„ olis Motor speedway and I accessory and lap prizes to Wild Bill Cummings thejVinner was $29,725 l?-^ eL ??* i - d ?i re f?* 1 ? ase Battery, Inc., and chairman of fthe appreciation lap prize fund committee. , More than forty $100 contributions are already in the hands of the committee .with the prospect 6f additional lap purses to be r«t- yeived In the next few days. j-fThwe-llOO prizes 'will *o to i of the face 5 ' at f Twtona ! of your own. Motor Leave Sunday. William G. Ryan and J. B. Mat- tlngly will leave early Sunday morning for Evansvllle where they will attend the state convention of the Knights of Columbus order. So far as known no other members of the order are \ con- tprnplatlng the trip. j .>er cent of copper and 30 to 35 ! exclusive of fgjture money-earning exerted to settle the question so that business confidence can bo obtained and uncertainty removed ! : at least through the presidential! year of 193fi. Preliminary plans for extension •re ut for discussion at a meet- i ing of Democratic members of' ho houso ways and means com- I mittce today. Formal drafting- ot i •:ho bill is expected to start. Mon- I day. • | The bill, it was learned, will embody in the main the following proposals: 1. Extension of XRA until at least April, 19u7. 2. Confining :.f the XRA to business invovled in interstate commerce but with definite clarification of businesses affected. 3. Some form of price fixing in industries which the president believes necessary to prevent monopoly or unfair competition. •I. Provisions for a six-months period for revision of NRA .codes instead of the 30-day limit provided- by the senate bill. 5. Provision for virtual full control by the federal trade commission' over code violations, with industry given broad new powers r .o appeal to courts for a final decision. • I » ! Hig Navy Mill. Tribune Want Ads Pay. Tribune Want Ads Get Results. i (By TJnitfcl Prcssl. I Washington, May 25.—The administration's $459,600 846 "hjg navy" bill was sent to conference today with indications it would be enacted into law soon. Business Women'M Club The Tipton Business and fesslonal Women's club will in regular session Monday ing at 7:30,o'c|pcl(: a,t the **<• QamA^M A« V*1__*. T«*»i—-'— Pro- meet BH- per cent of lead. The copper con^ jent provides the hardness neces- 359" sary to withstand the pressures | It ^as^the incident to high engine speeds and j continuous open-throttle operation. The lead content Improves the friction-reducing qualities of the bearings. is back this ulosest finish- in the Speedway and Rose ^ lyi 30 with a new FRANCE INCREASES., Continued from Page 1. against the franc. - ','- . Political and flaancial cfpcleg Ip car — a faster lione, he says, and he hopes the score will be! different. .. i I 'If '• ! He will pilW the Four-iWheel- Drive Special ; {with which I Frank Brisko 8howed;the way for 70 laps in last; year's nice, . I '!No! one can be sure he is going to win." Rose can hit the t higher speed, bef in! the F< rc&uMihr Bys; "but I }mow 1 : s faster, maintain i less gas and rub- ParW bnczed today with dlscna- had *be*x * - 'whfeii: f^J^SW^ .,* BlonB-ot what win, happen Mififott TeSCB on of Sweets on Bast Jefferaon street. I Wfi»Wf iP^ e » es J» %%!*? INVITING i. A. LlUiy; Route 4, Tipton AS a "guest oj; The Tipton Dally Tribune at the New Hits Theatre to witness ('WEST POIJJT OP THE AIR" Explanation: This Invitation Is ipt transferable anB is* good only for the party whose nairie and ad- lifess appear above.' The party m e4 above, accompanied by a ember 0 * his family or a friend onia present, this invitation at fife Rltn doq> the Btfme as two admiislon ticketa. TBOtt OT - * TRIBUNE " t6AS FROM GASOLINE R ' ^ I Makes its^own gaa from ordinart. gaaoline

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