Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 11, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1952
Page 6
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-. Red Sox llack Up Second Loop Win hiujnc E horr:' rur :• : ir ;.r. a home rur -ti? .!i< Globetrotters Seeh To Keep Reputation The one ob.i'.-r :;vt H;.: .r: GlobetroUer bastii^ll -.-rirr; meets the E?th!rvi:;- K • "c morrow night a; J.-i. .? "compile a r«c(iio <'r. : i : that owned by ;hi .-ii-:^n. basketbali afrL -rfLJtit..-. .-air;name and mar .-iLtrr.nv The celebrati-d Hu:;':i. 'J. ••trotters of th> h.ard -.vr-cd fcur- now engat;ed on a:. h-- world tour, havi j l '5 -.\a: •: i of 4,092 victories a^'ain:: a • feats up to the- .•^tart r,t ti ..i; ciBn trek. TluaV a n-^r^iiir,-.; ; • i centage of .940 fur tlv t a.-k'i- « » * THIS IS O .N 'L '4' U.,- . S)>;M. ^.-.-O' oi activity for ih^- i ;;ot-. t :/.n baseball C I U I P . hcnc -i- < .mi h. • \- pected to oonii- cli^i' in Ihat '.IAA of victories, l.ul ijcrf f-nMc. .v. the diamondnicn ar 'f fir. They've won S."!! ir.ain .-.s wli!!.. 1' .-- ing-only 106 tli.' fi \r. VK.U ? .-• r,. sons for a neat perc nt.aL''' .Tiajk 'J." .834, Being (iic i-ouiiti;j ,.L :it of a i-- nowntd toam of th( .-aru. • another sport i.s unijLi '.-.-no .';aty.:. conducive to winrnna .«;>;r !t Th- hasebalUng Gluintioit. af d- vertlsed as hu.stiti.'- and j.i^y .^aro, baseball to piov •.\onhy '>'. O«"M;K Beat Spencer As Don Hall Whiffs 14 B'V UO\ T l.l ITIU.^ ! T!.. >o\ :'.-,;*^'t i; r.u:i ;^i'r t^oj .-'.;:.<<.-oria; ;Jic Spi 'm-<-r | ,~ar.i :-.>.s 7 :o iinkinc thi- moss | C'i ;h,ir f. \.r. t-,'.;s .inii t.-ik;r.c ad-i •>A:-:., C V .. Sponcc -r .<!;>r;, 7>.f,-s or, t ;-.i' l ^t ^<lr i-..'inj. --..irfio r >o ,^r :r.c o ;nv>r;ur .'.ties- j .r.iviT.c ~-..r. j -rrsr .vit-d cv;-. tho j T '.r -a -'i -waT- r:-v':\ n^uch i" con-* •.r-,- —.-f w .\v .^5;houch ihoy -. T.'-... r.i : r. .r.-.-r.-v Hali r.-.c- .-. :* Si '.riKKVu; ir. !•.;* iniU;^! If .c-.:; K.'i— :ir.i is-fuc-^i six -.^-alks , ^.:f wMfffc- j-vt- and , « « « ! C?;-Cv ^7;.f r.-.aK c' >...- trcuh;i- iUtl-ou- cr. h. — :^ his .•<n-r. down- v-.ii: iTTC -wiii *hrC 'W? to first r..v .i< or. T ^.-kciffj. K.U! f--:-. "-t- ; v-.-n-.r.v. trouMc in '..f.T. i^T-.i -.rr.irvjrs, a Red nr. r5r -_;f.r5 .ar..i -.hj Kf-d Sox ai-j r.;-; -ii—5 i: -..M? jx^ir-t Beth the i Box Score Sp«>iic<>r IMckelt. rf I'aiitcliii.K. S.S SaAvin, ss U. Wis*., rf Km>H. cf CoURhUii. Sh >Ios*. If K. C. Wis.-. 2h tV>|p. Ill Gllddrn. c (ilbhoiVK, p K<«thoniU<> Kaley, If Bocttchrr. .v* Flwnjan. 2h ELarl«n>ki. lb Woltt, cf Winkel. Sb Moewrr. rf Halt p Totals Sp«>c«>r Sununarj": nb r h jHi II 4 i •> I (I •i 0 0 0 0 3 0 111 4 0 0 0 (t I 0 1 0 (» 4 11 I I 1 3 0 0 i (I 4 0 0 -> I 4.. 0 1 9 i ••.' 0 0 7 I) 4 0 I I •.' S3 2 7 24 Ifl ab r h po ii 5 13 10 2 2 0 0 3 4 1 I I 2 5 0 0 7 0 4 0 I 14 0 5 1 I I 0 4 110 1 4 113 0 3 0 0 0 2 32 7 7 27 S Carroll Wiii.s Leajjiie Opeiiei"; Beats Mason Citv IOWA .ST.VTK I.KAf'.lJK Tea 111 KsthiTVilli- Carroll Spoiicer Wall I^iki- Ma.son City 't I 0 u 0 I.. 0 0 1 I I I'ct. 1.000 .000 .000 .000 too 010 OOfr—2 210 020 03x—7 K. Bwttchpr. Winkri. Gibbons 9. I>antrUa.>. Col.\ .^fo>>>: RBI. CouRhlin, K. C. mse, titvnwn 2, Duddlni;. Wnkri 2; 2B. Frwawn; HR. WInkol: SB. Kaloy. Wott»; I .-ft, E.-i.OM>r>iU<- 6. Spencer IS. DP. Col^ - Kawin . Cole. Boettchrr- Frrrnuui - B»rtkowskl: BB, Hall 6. Gibbons S; SO. Kail 14. Gibbons 7; Bk, Gibboivs; TB, GUdd(>n t. Duddlni;; winner, HaU: lc»er. Gibbons. Umpires: Goodman and Kr- win. •nr.Ja.t Cur -Hi: :rc :.a> .!.:r.n I>ir..^. J:rr:^-f « « « .<r»..\ri;R B*t.l.KD f,r« -.i-y :r. tr- f.rr. -.r.niTir •orhiT. Pete' ?-.•.•»;•'•-•:.. 3a---..--.-ir. hif^. r-cboo". oat- .-•.TiZ.' r'i: 5 -i -:;r.i c-r. a ficjd- th. Gordic U'mkol l>lastcd his third hoiucr ot the season over the fence in left center with Jim Woltz on base. Wolu had singled earlier sn the iacir.jr. Several sparkling plays in the ii-Ad >;^shUEbt^d the contest. Mike BoeJtcher fumed in a great glovod- hand gTTib of a ball behind second to thrc-a- ou: a Spencer runner and Turn to psj^e 7. colttmn 1 l.iisi Night's Results Ksthervllli" 7, Spi'neer 2. Carroll IS. AItt.son City 7. IMnnday Night KstherviUe 10. Wall talk.- 6. Gomes Tonight Carnill ivt Speiioer Ksther>ille at I'nulllnn. Tomorrow Night «nJI Lako at :t[a«oii City. Spencer at Carroll. Globetrotters at KstherviUe. The Carroll Merchants won thcli league opener last night, blasting out a 13-7 victory over Mason City. The Merchants have looked good in their two lowu State league games, taking an exhibition contest from the Wall Lake Popcorn Kernels Sunday night, 5 to 0, behind the one-hit pitching of Wayne Paige. The Merchants and the Red So.\ are tied at the top at present with other three teams ail sutfcring one defeat with no wins to date. RANCF . INTERLAKEN . • BALLROOM* •• FAIRMONT.MINNESOTA BABE WAGNER Thursday, June 12 * -k -k DICK FINCH ^^unday^une^^^^ K .i .:!y aa -ra3c *d • - K--:-'y 5,c;:e-= You Know its Good- hs Guaranteed loSafislyf Ptit.:.»fc£-i ;.r--T ."•..a. .1.:,',.* i.' I i,:-. ; K -jl fj Wed.. June 11, ljj .7:> Friday and Saturday spectacle Never Before Filmed! COUIDE Wo.i ,,TECHNlCOLbR ^'^^''T Friday the 13th Special Midfiit*- Thriller on IMh Friday and Haiuniny • - ^ 7-- vs -JL.u\ z^^JiJi jnOTOR oil PILES FREE TRIAL j-iOi'wO ?<l-w DttCOVUtY »vi- »<l.rt,». JCWxCatif ytia. hat- n-J t ^r ^vttft ivBrJMl, ft«r»w»*' i-^i 'jct UVM I *-vn yiin Ttmi M-W km^-tlrr *.frtf ttt!lg «^^«T4 *< rtm and Tift 13 nil TkiAL. tv ^.etri MX avxtf' KM/S TO.NfTK "QUO VADIS" Here's our Guarantee: Use new, //«proved Phillips 66 Heavv Duly Premium Motor Oil for ten days—or up to 1,000 miles. Then, if you aren't satisfied on every count, go to any Phillips Cf> Dealer and he'll arrange for a rsfill, using any available oil you want, at our expetise! We know that Phillips 6C Heavy Duty Premium Motor Oil will satisfy you. It turpaaesthe recommendations oi motor car manufacturers. It provides a new high in LMbri-ltcliou! Try i( today. We guarantee satisfaction! Get reod/ 'or Quinine'' wifh "66 Service" Your Phillipi I V J Dcilcr offtrf 6 Stjtly Strvicei and 6 MainlenanctServices Ui put to-ur c»r in irim for warm wcaihcr driving. For safely, he'll check fjft». IiKhii, «indibicld wiperj, battery and cable, radiator hose, and fan bell- for maintenance, iic'll change motor oil, lubricate the chassLi, tiMtk »p»rk pluR», wheel packing, transmiuion and difrcrcntial.and driio and Biuh the cooling system. Drive in today for "66 Service. • Cef New, Improvd BW>g?V >rff Thursday. Friday. Soturdoy YOUR PHILLIPS 66 DEALERS in Es+herville Hanften 66 HaHbrook 66 ] *\ A. Sevold 221 Ontral IMS Central Tank Servic« fbone 1IS2 I'hone 925-J I'hone 1132 Smorgasbofd at the COUNTRY CLUB Every Thursday Night StTVliiK from (i to 8 p. ni, $1.25 Members please call your reserva- lioriK tliiH evenlriR after 5:00 p. m, to the Country Club, Phone 221. VIO VtXHT One league (us.^le is on tup lo- nlght with Cm roll pliiyliig iit Spi-n- cer The Merchnnts nie farther along in organizntlon of thi'ir \\\f>2 team and are favored over I he Caid.-i, Tomorrow night two league tiis- sles are on tap wltji Speitcer r(>- tiirnlng to Carroll for lh(! league opener In the Merchants' pnrlT and Wall Lake pliiy.>) lit Mason City. Tho ned Sox won't return to li-ii- giie I'onipetltlon until .Sunday night when they go to Speticer for their second meeting with the Card.s, Tlie Santii arelrudiM breed of en till' l.s snld to be the only biief culllo breed developed in the United States. Spilling the salt may bring bad luck, but spilling the beans 1 B far more' dangerous. H(»at gpnbffttcd wHOn steel is dl»solved In acid is slightly greater when a coiled spving: Is dlssblvcd than when oho withrtut tension Is used. ANDERS -SCHEN 105 SO.6 TEL. 26 €STHERVI IOWA Complete 12-Piete REFLEX CAMERA KIT A Regular 12.95Value! Federal Excise Tax Included Take it Home for 00 DOWN Record Precious Moments Keep a Permanent Record of Vacations HfRrj ma rou m ^impis as ABC • Reflex Camera with OpticaMy Ground Lens • Flash Attachment with Automatic Split Second Flash Synchronization • Four Flash Bulbs. • Two Long-life Flash Gun Batteries • Roll of Ansco Film Takes 12 Pictures (2 */4 X 2 </4 in.) • Handsome Carrying Case>Convenient Shoulder Strap k Plastic Neck Strap • Instruction Booklet' I, TO USE Just find the picture in ihe Ground Glass Reflex Finder- and ''Click" . . . Another perfect snapshot. For flash shots, just push- on the flash attach* ment, and "ch'ck" the shutttr. Nothing to set or adjust. YOU GET EVERYTHING SHOWN FOR A PRICE YOU'D EXPECT TO PAY FOR CAMERA ALONE Take Perfect Pictures Every Time Anytime - Day or Night ANOTHE SPECIE WE'LL GIVE % UP TO FOR YOU ft OLD Bi I K E REGARDLESS OF CONDITION WHEN YOU TRADE FOR ANY EXTRA LOW BUDGET TERMS DURING THIS SALE tow AS AND AS LITTLE AS • A Wf f K r — • — —•"^'-^-.s^^^^iiMiM.i THIS $ i COUPON I IS WORTH I •Il«£5L0N« •iCYCil .AT HEOUlAk.Plllcr IF. ;ou DO NOTHAVVA TRADE.IN. .QNlf ONI COUPON MXY M AP. ijiltD OMWIICYCII. '^1 Ttre$lo«e STORES MWUWiTv pcxc soi^e »A »e TO A «TUTTBSf/N<5 6TC501. Pi&tsONJ 1^ TELL ii-^&f%CTc«f CZ 'J/. "

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