Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 16, 1953 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1953
Page 13
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Rockefeller Labors on New I estate, Farm," nation's on the 15-mile LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP) — Winlhrop Rockefeller, who is reported ready to make* the biggest divorce settlement in history, went out in a worn skivvy shirt and blue jeans today to supervise the construction of a water pipeline. He is building the pipeline up a 1,000 foot, precipice to supplyj water for his new .$1,000,000 estate on arid Petit Jean Mountain, about 80 miles northwest of Little Hock. Rockefeller, 41 -year-old heir of an oil fortune, will say only "no comment" *o reports from Chicago that ho is ready to give his "Cinderella bride," Harbara (Hobo) Rockefeller, $5,500,000 in a divorce settlement. His Little Rock attorney, Edwin E. Dunaway, said there would be no comment "now or in the future." Rockefeller moved to Arkansas several months ago and established a voting residence by paying his poll tax. He maintains a suite in| the Sam Peck Hole! and keeps tab on his business interests in a small office in a bank. Rockefeller's conduct in the small-town atmosphere of Arkansas has been circumspect. He has gone to parties, but his friends claim that ho has not had any dates with Arkansas girls. Last week he turned down an invitation to attend a social gathering of the Cotillion Club, a women's dance group. j He was persuaded to come to; Arkansas by Frank Newell, a Little j Rock insurance executive and a' fellow officer of Rockefeller in the 77th Division Infantry Regiment in World War II. Rockefeller's mountain which he calls "Winrock may become one of the showplaces. Construction 700-acro property atop a long mountain pin icon is about 80 per cent complete. Rockefeller is spending an estimated $200,000 remodeling a mansion. The estate will include a $40,000 gttest house, a $25,000 staff house for his Negro companion, Jim Hudson, two artificial lakes, a 300-acre cattle ranch, three tenant farm homes a swimming pool and recreation grounds. The pipeline project will provide enough water for a city the size of nearby Conway, Ark., which has a population of 8,000. Capitalist Stamp Marks 107 Babes Of G.E. Employes NKW YORK f/n—For the benefit of at least 107 wailing, capitalistic babies, General Electric stock closed Thursday at 78 7 /a. By being born Thursday, the infants put the big electric company on the book for more than $42,000 —and the end was not in sight. It began as publicity idea keyed to GE's 75th anniversary celebration. The firm promised five shares of stock to each baby born Thursday to a CiE employe or wife of an employe. At 78?' H , each babe enters life with shares worth $304.48. CIS was shaken but dead game as the tally passed the 100 mark. "General Electric stands firmly behind its offer/' its headquarters reported. Incidentally, the guy who thought up the stock idea is a bachlor. / - F i h . V,,;-. **** V 4- J L t I'll 1 I ' 'j" J I ' P b ' -T I . I I * ^ .+ ' • c ^. A> .TJ" r " f ^ l * h ' - f ^ LIBRARY of ThUflfchum Laboratory contains many useful volumes on subjects related to in stallatfon's pmponc. Dr. Harold K. HJmwich, rli- rector of laboratory, consults one of books in 4 , 1 i. • I p i ii F* ^ J * EXTERIOR of Thudichum Laboratory at Galesburg State Research Hospital which will be the scene of dedicatio on page. Z) ceremonies Saturday. (Story Eisenhower Approves ht Plan i T many farm sections, attended the ! breakfast and announced a cooperative plan in which the U,S. Department of Agriculture and the states would help provide hay. The federal government would pay one half the transportation price or $10 a ton. whichever is lower, and the; stales would procure and distribute; tho ha v. ! Coal is forming in the United States at the present time, in the Dismal Swamp, the Everglades, and a few similar places, Matched Duet Moll 1 c r S Set Driver-Training Course for Corpus Christi High A driver-training course for students of Corpus Christi Ili^h School was made possible Thurs-j day through the gift by McCrcery| Motor Sales of a new car, designed especially for this purpose. Also assisting materially in the* institution 0/ this new course is the Corpus Christi rarent-TeacherJ Association, which organization is' financing the 'project f and which' was represented at yesterday's ceremony by Mrs, Nadic Shcahan, president. Following the presentation,; made by C. Landis on behalf of; J. E. Trapp, manager of the auto; firm, the car was blessed by the; Rev. J. Edward Lohan, director of the school. Appreciation by the faculty and student body was voiced to the; sponsors by Robert Droiet, who; will serve as driver-training in- 1 structor. Don Smith of the Chi*' cago Motor Club, while emphasiz-j ing the value of the new course and • STAFFERS at new Thudichum Laboratory left Dr. arc pictured to right: Dr. Paul Williamina here, Nathan, Himwich, Dr. John Schut, Dr. Harold E. Himwich, Dr. Daniel Roross, Dr. S. C. Allen, Dr. M. IL Aprison and Dr. Franco Rinaldi. (Story on page 2.) KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP) President Eisenhower met with ani • • e {dozen governors from drought-;*- IiyblCiclII 11)1 ^ravaged states today and approved'-r T> • itheir recommendations for coping lllVatlJUJi; 1 riVaCV j with the farm disaster on 0 ja federal-state cooperative basis 30 . veaiM)ld mothcr has j Immediately after hearing the do ^ { $100 ^ d * ov ^ he invaded " 'Muehlebach Hotel, the Prudent y^^- RENSSELAER, Ind. imuuiiuuuui uuK-i, wic * bringing a menu ;and his party left to fly to his old birth of hcr babv hometown, Abilene, Kan. The woman "] m — A sued her amages, charg- hcr privacy by a friend to witness the hometown, Abilene, Kan. The womarl( Mrs< Elizabeth Mr. Eisenhower's plane took off Webb, said Dr. F.R. Beaver ,at 9:10 a.m. for Smoky Hill Air brought a male friend—a tavern iForce Base at Salina, Kan., where owner—to Jasper County Hospital Rio Meeting RIO—The Rio Home Bureau'a "motorcade was to complete the unit will meet at the home of Mrs.'trip to Abilene, Dale McKee Monday with Mrs.J Thc governors recommended nis. at about 1:30 a.m. Charles Nelson assisting. Meeting ^ n with him last Christmas Day when he delivered her son. William Den- cnanes iNCJson ahsiMing. ^^'""^.both an emergency program to She charged that was "an in- begins at 1 :30. Roll call will be;di s t r ibute hay to the hardest hit vasion of my right of privacy with- to name a state capitoL jregions and a long-range "con- out my knowledge." for Both Eight genuine sparkling diamonds are in this lovely matched set. $3 Down, $1.50 Weekly The me lesson, on "Helping the'structive and continuing'* program "I was not completely under an Uiild Develop Emotionally," will! 0 f cooperation between specially anesthetic and I heard him talk- be given by Mrs. Herbert Swanson;appointed federal and state com-ing to another man." she said in and Mrs. George Lake. Mrs. Han-jmittees. the suit filed Thursday. son will give the Jcsson on "Main! Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T.j Dish Salads." (Benson, under fire recently in; READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Jewelers 241 E. Main BLESSES CAR—The Rev. J. Edward Loban, director of Corpus Christi High School, Thursday blessed the new driver training car the school received as a gift from thc McCreery Motor Sales, Also pictured, as the ceremony took place, are from left to right, Don Smith of the Chicago Motor Club; C. Landis, representing the auto firm; Robert Droiet, seated in car, the driver training instructor; Mrs. Nadie Sheahan, P.T.A. presiednt, and Eddie Graham, who represented the community. TOM BULLIS this question f success, indicated that without public-spirited automobile donors, the driver-training effort throughout the United Slates would be paralyzed, Eddie Graham spoke , . 1 11. . .-of the community reaction to such |m 8 sehoolieather, and 1his is my firsts . , year Teaching. I've been told that I can' a program and pointed to the im- be held liable for negligence in relation provements being constantly made to my students. I don't intend to be |to Galcsburg's Catholic school sys- negligenr, natureUy, buf what can I dojtem. to protect myself against such liability? ON ANY INSURANCE PROBLEM. CONSULT Grant Bullis Agency "Complete Insurance Service" 43 N. Seminary VL 4167 Will Elect Fire Trustees at Maqiton MAQUON—There will be a public meeting Monday at 7:30 p. m. in the Maquon Village Hall to nominate candidates for the appointment of trustees to the Maquon Community Fire District, 80-Foot Feed Mill Destroyed in Fire; $100,000 Loss WATERLOO, 111. Uft-A $100,000 fire destroyed an 80-foot-high feed mill here Thursday. One employe was treated for smoke inhalation. A pile of flame-twisted metal and smoldering grain was all that remained of the Horn feed mill after the blaze. The fire swept through the structure in 15 minutes, Albert Horn, brother of the owner, estimated loss at $100,000. He said milling equipment and supplies of grain, including 4,000 bushels of soybeans, were destroyed. It was the second major fire the mill since it was first built in 1948. Curiously, two men, working independently, calculated the location of the planet Uranus, and reached identical conclusions. The jplanet was discovered where they 'predicted it would be found. 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Karl, branch manager of the Chicago unit. • Meat and grocery managers turning in the best records for increased sales during this big Selling Event/' will win U. S. savings bonds and merchandise prizes. • To the managers of the top stoves in the National Tea Co. area will go U. S. savings bonds in place of the all-expense-paid trip to the Hawaiian Islands offered last year. Managers will further participate in this huge "fall sales event" by contribution to the selection of items and values offered all during this sales event. Forget the weatl clothes indoors ... in minutes, as you want them—damp dry for easy ironing, or fully dry, ready to put away. Eliminates "laundry lugging" and the drudgery of hanging clothes outdoors. Make washday easier, .more pleasant with RAPID GAS Come in today for a FR£E demonstration. GALESBURG GAS SALES E. C. RINGLIEN, Owner eems 1 r There is every practical reason for owning a Cadillac as well as every personal one. 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