The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 24, 1935 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1935
Page 7
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TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-^-One acre of ground with 6-room house and good .poultry house; Berryman pike. Foster & Purvis. • c-201 FOR SAXE—One of Cicero township's good 80 acres, or trade for 40. L. W. Fuller. c-201 FOR SAJLE — Modern home, or trade for a cottage if well ;o" cated. 321 N. Main. p-201 FOR EXCHANGE—120 acre farm near Rochester, for Tipton property. Roy C. Purvis, Tipton. c-201 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—All kinds vegetable plants, cheap. B. C. Chambers, 531 N. Independence. c-tC "•"V-. 3*"'FOR SALE—3-piece living room Jf suite, overstuffed; call at 237 Maple street. p-200 FOR SALE—Nice early cabbage plants, 30c per 100. Bernie Chambers. c-20i> FOR SALE—New Universal -ao- uum sweeper, $3-1.!)5 value, for $23.50; motor driven brush: apply Tribune. c-200 FOR SALE—A few 1. 2 and :!year-old ewes; good ones; pric-> ?S per head. B. F. Leavell. c-200 IMPORTANT—Order chicks , in advance. Hatch each iMon. Heavies $7.45 per 100; Il7.2a per 500: T7.00 per 1,000. • LarKc type White Leghorns " J6.35 per 100: $6.75 per 500; SS.50 per 1.000. Fe\v started chicks. Hoosier Hatchery, Mlchlsan- tmvn, Ind FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf FOR SALE — White Rock fries, weighing 2 Vi to 3 Ibs. Price 23c per Ib. Mrs. Hott, 1 v. miles east of Atlanta. c-201 FOR SALE — 6-year-old horse, Fordson tractor and-Oliver 12- inch tractor plowj 2^1. H. ,C. rfj- tary hoes; 9-iri. Eifeti burr feed' mill; 7-ft. Osborne binder. Bulz Implement Store. Phone 33X3. c-tf FOR SALE—Pre-owned Steinway grand piano; small size, with bench; brown mahogany lacquer finish; this piano is like new; can be had on very reasonable monthly payments by reliable party. Address Box 100, care Tribune. c-201 R and 6 Used Car Bargains 1933 V-8 Coupe 1933 5-Passenger Coupe 1929 Model A Coach 1929 Model A Coupe 1928 Model A Coach », Tipton Main Motor Co. SALE — Good work horse. Irvin Meyers. . c-tf FOR SALE—Milch goat; bargain. 457 Green. p-202 FOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Iba. for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1616. tf FOR SALE—Young fries, dressed If desired; delivered. Mrs. Jesse Devault. Phone 11X3. c-200 FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tl FOR ; SALE — Good clover hay. Phone 1183, or sec Walter Kirkpatrick, Route 1. «-202 PRIVATE SALE—At Mrs. F. E. Davis home, 332 North Inde- pence street; call any time; • buffet, dining table, chairs, beds, etc. c-tf TOR SALE—General Electric refrigerator; monitor top; medium size; 25-cycle, 110-volt motor; excellent condition; can be had 'for balance due-, payable $6.00 per month, by reliable party. Address Box 102! care Tribune. c-201 FOR SALE — Twelve $27 innerspring mattresses, closing cut at $17.50; Congoleum ru^s. all sizes, $2.50 to $6.50; four good used rugs, one 9x12 like new; many other wonderful bargains. Foster. c-201 GRAND PIANO BARGAIN — Rather than to reship, will sac rifice beautiful baby grand piano, balance due $186.40, on easy terms of $10 per month; references required in first letter; for particulars write Credit ^Manager, S12 Main street, Anderson, Ind. c-200 WANTED WANTED—You to know we have plenty of wall paper at 8 cents a double roll. Rexall, Drugs. c-tf WANTED—Paper cleaning. Rev. Barnes. Phone 39. p-202 WANTED—Pupils in violin, voice, piano; in Tipton one day a week through summer. Lois M. Slone. c-201 FOE EENT FOR RENT — 2 furnished rooms. 522 North Conde street. Phono 48. c-200 FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as 53 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. l' MISCELLANEOUS I AM OPENING my shoe shop at home, 310 South Independence St. Henry Fritz. p-200 MONEY TO .LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable rat-j Fielding & Fielding. c «c THE DAILY WHEEZE Doctor: "I can cure your husband of talking in his sleep, if that's all you want." Woman: "Couldn't you just give him something that would make his talk more distinctly?" The cheaper the politician] tho more he costs the country. * Sunday Services•#. : Pilgrim Holiness Church. (O. W. Barnes, pastor.) Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 10:30 a, m. Young Peoples meeting at 6:30 p. m. .Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. Thursday evening prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. St. John's Catliolic Crurch. (Rev. F. Jos. Bilsteln). Low mass at f:30 a. m. High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions at 2:30 p. m. Devotional and ascediction at :30 p. m. Sermon with first and second Lutheran Church. (Rev. Theodore S'chwan, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. ' . Morning^ worship, 10:30. Church of the Xaz;irc-nf. Ideal," the minister; hymn, "Will You Take Jesus Today?"; benediction; postlude, "Postlude in D Minor (Hornier) organist. . Prayer Meeting—"The Guidance' of the Holy Spirit" will be topic for study under the direction of the pastor at this service on Thursday evening at 7:30 in the church parlors. This will be the third 'of the series of studies leading up to Pentecost Sunday which will be observed June 9th. First Presbyterian Church. (Rev R. E. Tunmer, Minister.) Sunday school, 9:30. The Sunday school will open promptly at 9:30 and will cllose a little earlier than usual due to the Me- which has ing i erecte'd Building Erected in Atlanta Many Yeats Ago Parsing. ' • . • i Long tim ! residents: of the town of Atlanta ire interested'in work been started for the razing of the old business build- on Maini street 75 years ago liy Jake Daniels. ' The building which! was owned for !a number of year^ by the late A. C. Jackson, has bee'n purchased from his widow by jthe tiptqn Building a:id Loan • Association, and the material will be moved io Tipton to tie used by jthe Association in repair work on its various properties, j \ • " At the t'ime this biuilding was erected, the town wijs known as Shieldsvillei. For a ; number of years Jakej Daniels operated a general merchandise store in this building, selling everything, from needles to The last was that o a number morial service which is announced i to begin at 10:30 The American Lesion, and Legion Auxiliary, the Captain Paul circle, the Women's Relief Corps, the McHride. Circle. Sous of Vet- ^ erans and Spanish American war | veterans will attend the Presbyterian church for their United Memorial service at the regular! church hour. There will be an an-1 Military harvesting machines, store in the building '. Mr. Jackson, who for jf" years prior to his death, conducted a grocery there. Dr. R. L. FJullerton of Tipton, was ono of its last occupants, hav- his Atlanta office in this in practice there. (G. R. Coyner. pastor.) Sunday school;-i):30. Morning worship. 10:30. N. Y. P. S., S::;u. Kev. .Marie Goodman, leader. Subject: "Steps to Be Sanctified." , . _ . . „,, ™, .... Miss I.ins Slono. Thc public is cor- Evening service, i:30. The pah-, _._.[._ ... tor will preach a special .Memorial Day message. Subject, "Sacri-l fice." T.Ar.MEl) AMK.Vf>MEXT. Affairs Commit tot- Kc- them by ,the choir and a vocal solo "Tliere is No Death" sun;; by ! dially invited to attend this serv- Tlio Christian Endeavor snci- fllSL'S Ill'«|ll. Washing st fur More Authority. ITnilril on. May .24. — Tho hotisi: military affairs committee today tabled proposed amendments to ex-tend the size and scope Prayer meeting. Wednesday, j °'- v wil1 mocl at (I ° Vloi-k In thc ' of Ithe .Tcifnesaoc valley autlior- 7:30 j church parlor. Miss Jane Heck-; itys . .^^.j,^ , A revival meeting evangelist. Two Singers will have] charge of the music. Their names will be announced later. West Strci-t Christian Church. will be hol<lj enllauor wi ." havc t>har " c of thc i The committee action holding i° Gail Shaffer. ! mcetins assistcd '»' ^'illiam Mar-,,,,, tho am( j n(lmcms was taken „.> I a vote of 1". to 1-. Six Democrats The Junior Missionary society j werc ,. epor j od to have joined sev- nn ; Republican cominilteemen to make rhe majority. Chairman John J. Albright notes: Sunday school' 6:3-0. Rev. Robinson of, the JBevillp Evangelical, church in Indianapolis gave an interesting talk at the Albright church Sunday .night. .' ; East'"Union notes: ; Sunday school at 9:30. .Sunday guests of Gus Buscher and family were- Mr. and Mrs. Al- b'ert Biegel and Mrs. Clara <Jin- tert of Cicero. ; Mrs. Matilda McMulIan of Arcadia was the week end "guest -of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Shafer. Sunday they were all' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Garland 6rr west of Ekin. Tuesday guests of Mrs. Wesley Sha'fer "of Albright were Mrs. Otto Illges, and' Mrs. Norban ; Spidel south of Atlanta.; Mary Buscher is visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McEntee and daughters north of Atlanta. Mrs. Guy Bauchert of'Atlanta was tne Tuesday afternoon guest of Mrs. Oliver Baitz of Albright. wi " " lcct Monday CVOIllnK at 6: °° : o'clock in the park. All members ] art; requested to take note and bo. I present. Committee M'.-Swain *:iiil (H. R. Pearcy, Minister.) 0:30—Church School. j 10:30—Juvenile-' Church. j 10:30—Worship and Sermon: j Great Historic Sacrifices. j 5 p. m.—Christian Endeavor. 7:3o p. in.—Worship and .Summon: The Values That Endure, j Notes: The services Sunday will: be appropriated for the signili- 1 cance of Memorial Day. '. The musical program for day morning follows : Prelude—"Prelude in D Hal" —Chopin. Offertory — "Prayer" — Hum- perdinck. \Vc.sloyaii Cluircli (A. E. Bcyltir, Minister. 1 fi::!0. Sunday school. A. Price, superintendent. 10:;;o, sermon by the pastor. C:;Ul p. m., Young People'.; Marion 'Coll(«,e tho tabling did not 'necessarily mean the end of tho program utj this session. He said a new bill jcou'd be introduced or a cummitup member might move to reconsider the tabled bill. XO1' OBLIGATED. 7::!0 p. m.. male quartette. Sun- 7:3u p. m.. Wednesday evening, • prayer service. 2:00 ,,_ m Friday, the sionary scr-ioty meets with Mrs. Boyd Ilinkle. A rare treat is in store for ii- i . . .,-. • .. .ij- .Vctjirs on; U'lirat t'ontrt)! Do Xot .} Have jto Sign -Contract. Voting jn the national wheat ; referenclunl on May 25 places no Mi/;-: obligation ;upon any farmer to sign a new adjustment contract, ! according ,to the director of the 'is i division of j grains of'the Agricul- Anthem — '•Recessional"—Do on ncxl s » n <lay evening when tlio| t ural Adjustment Administration, Koven. Soloist. Mr. R. S. Martin.' Marion c ' olle se male quartette j W ho. pointij out that ! reports that Postlude—Patriotic Airs. : Wl11 be W1 , tu U3 and havo char;;e participation in the 1 referendum _ _ of the entire evening service. The ; ob i igates tj^ ,, roducer to sign fur- !>" iHVltcd tOj»] lnr , ,,-Upof (<niirrnnf4 nrp inpfir- Kemp Memorial Methodist. , public is most cordially ' i thnr: wheat contracts are incor- ; attl>nd - . Yo » wil1 ] * dclishtcd rcct . The referendum (John Ward Rose, Minister.) j WIth thoii : Program oi songs. This church has the Unified ( *^* upon the Question of is simply whether Worship Service each Sunday ! morning at 9:30. The Woman's UAPS XKA METHODS. I farmers fa j adjustment prekent one expires, i Foreign Missionary will present as: Hoover Snys Labor \vill x 0 t Stirntl j open to bo Taclii-.s I'scd. fORD DEALERS OFFER YOU the speaker at this hour Sunday | mornins, Miss Mabel Eddy, a mis-' sionary to India for a number of [>aU) A Vio. l Cai;'' May^M years. The choir will sing the an- Jmrf Prcs , dcnt Herbcrt ' ; them, "Spirit Divine" by von spokp agajn today ^ on Berge. Organ selections of Mis. U]e naliona] ind Helen White will be; "In the Gar >ry a<!( ^^.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ den" by Suter; "Song of India |cnforced by " bureau< .. ratic coer . by Rimsky-Korsakoff and "Cere-; c , onf i ntiraidation and bo y cotl „ monial March" by Harris.. Thc j American ',.,,„„. wi ,, llot/Ion , regular church school session w: s i and for j, ricc nxing,' limitation held as the concluding feature of ; , )f outl , ut ?tinins of comv . Mtion> this service. ; or any other of thc monopolistic Epworth League, 6:30 p. In -|and. Fascist practices inherent in Senior group— church parlors., tho NRA » his bricf sta t ement j Topic: "A Look Into the Future." i sa j,r Leader, Don Barnes. Hoover moderated his attack in Forum group—Upper room.{ rc f crr ii 1K to llle chi , d ,. ll)or an(1 Topic: "Thc Good Citizen.". Lead-; minimum wages and hours! or, Clarence Adams. | clauses of the NKA, but criticized Evening Service, 7:30. Prelude,) their cnforcomcnt. "The Close of Day,' (LaVain'), or- or continuing a wheat program after the that it is h signers; of the pres-] ent ! contract and non-signers and that the vote is secret. Every eligible farmer may vote in the Fatally Injured.! Hammond, May 24.—Raymond Bisselburg, 46, was' injurqd fatally when the automobile he was driving collided with that of Gordon Seraflna at a street intersection here. Serafina suffered serious injuries. • • • Notice of Insolvency. In the matter of the estate of James E. Decker, deceased. Iu the Tipton Circuit Court, No. 263. Notice Is hereby given that upon petition filed in said ctmrt by the administrator of said estate, setr ting up the insufficiency of the estate of said decedent to pay the debts and liabilities thereof, the Judge of said court did, on the 8th day of May, 1935, find said estate to be probably insolvent, and order the same to be settled accordingly. The credi- tora of said estate are therefore hereby notified of such insolvency and required to .file their claims against said estate for allowance before Saturday, May 25,1935. Witness, the clerk and seal of said court at Tipton, Indiana, this Sth day of May, 1935. RAYMOND W.-SIMPSON, 189-194-200 Clerk. See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER &' CO, J.C.PENNEYCO 116-118 South Main St. referendum without himself in any way. i obligating D,eluxe memo books, complete 'with sheets, 25c tp 50c.j Tribune Press. \ ganist; Hymn, "Jesus Is All thc World to Me"; hymn, "More Love to Thee,,; evening prayer; solo, selected, Mrs. C. E. Findling; scripture lesson, Colossians Third chanter; evening-offering, offertory, "Vesper Hymn" (Bishop) organist; hymn; "More Like the Master"; sermon, "Paul's Great MAYTAG SALES and r SERVICE XBW AND USED WASHERS Used Gas Engine For Demonstration Call 88 MOTOR oo. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES' "Soul and Body" is the subject.of tho Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, May The Golden Text is: "My soul longetb, yea, even faintcth for 'tho c-jurts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the God"> (Psalms 84:2). Among the citations, which comprise tho Lesson-Sermon is tho following froin the Bible:,"BuT; God, : who is rich in mercy, for his great Ibve wherewith ho loved us, Even when wo were dead in sins, hath' quickened us together with Christ, For by grace are ya sayed through faith; and that not of yourselves: it fe the gift of God" (Ephesians 2:4, 6)8). ~ - j , „ fhe LejEon-Sarmon *IEO Includes Down ! ' " Payment As Low as a Day CROSLEY efrigerators LEATHERMAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Furnace Coils Waste Fuel Replace Tour Coil With •. a Self Action ; GAS WATER HEATER Public Service Co. of Ind. BREAD— 9c KROGER GROCERY & BAKING CO, f Comforts, Blankets, Quilts SMITSON'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 , See— YOUNG & MASON Suit* and Furnishinga 106 East Jefferson St. ,~v. «-?5B^ffFraa on the St^' riour UL- WHERE THE'BiG PICT! 2BigDi PORL.D'8 GREATEST PIC and M! Continuous Show THE "HELL DIVERS" ARE IN T H E ARMY NOW! MAUREEN LEWIS S-GNE G O L 0 V/ r N J MAYER' PICTURE '—m —' • !'! •Fate'S;Fatheadfi Color Eeel jjj Rainbow Canyon IL- and News ReeljL Adults Any Seat OUR LAI IUW SATURDA NIGttT ICome After 8| and See TfO 1 .Shows for 1 •"* One Pricel IT'S Gloria Comedy Bom^sVoyj 6?^

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