Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 29, 1948 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1948
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1948 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Acreage Doubles' Under Soil Plans Eleven Farms Complete Supervised Program Conservation plans in 1948 resulted In doubled, acreage in AUegany county.Davld Crocker, unit conservationist of tie • AUegany County Soil Conservation Service, said. •?he figures Irom December-15, 1947,' .to December 15, 1948, show 6.460' acres turning to conservation practices compared .to 3,200 acres .» last year. "£"Since' the office -was' set up in —Cumberland in 1942, a total of 42,708 acres have been receiving benefits Irom the Department o£ Agriculture agency. The farm acreage in Alle- C gany! county according to the 1945 -• ;count Is. 111,500. •'• . • The end of the year report shows that 40 farm owners or operators have applied for aid from the ser._vice and 23 have signed co-operative »_i£feements. Four plans have been —cancelled due to'the death' of the or sale of the land, date, 238 farms are managed cooperative agreements with —the-"conservation, service. Only 11 CSiv* completed the long-range - "»the~flrst time., '-. ...••• n£Of the 2,093 acres using contour "•.•fanning, 404.have begun the worls; 3n*:the past year. Nine hundred and eighty-nine acres of farm lands are _ planted with cover crops, 361 for . —the-iirst time. -,.-.• ; Twenty-six of. the 112 acres re• forested.since 1942 have been done by the local office this year. .Almost half of the 30 wildlife refuges set up in the county, were planted In 1948. About one-half-mile of open drainage 'ditches have been built under the guidance of the service. Twelve and a half liave been built sinct 1M2. One Can pond has' been built.but no fish have been supplied. Ont new project," planned harvest cTrtttoj. of, wood, has been tried on 1.114' acres. ' • DRAFTEES & VETERANS GUIDE By MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL The Army, and specifically 1, Organized 'Reserve /Corps, -is fWn-. a hopeful eye on incoming mail bag. these holiday days. .It's watchin for reaction to Its request'of severe'' weeks ago that all' -reserve 'corp., officers (who'are not "currently engaged in organized reserve activities) make 1 • their • future reserve plans known. According'to, a.-notice the Army released to the .press Dec. 3, reserve officers have -until Feb. 1. 1949, to advise the Army whether they want to become part, of .the active .organized Reserve Corps or'whether they want stay Inactive, " . •If they don|t notify, they automatically t will be transferred to inactive rolls, wnich means. to all Intents and~ purposes complete separation from 'the- Army;; ••• • ••>• Inactive reservists are" callable! in time -of emergency, -but" iihey. .have absolutely no.duties'or responsibilities otherwise. ' • • The Army has tried before'to find out-'Individual plans-of its^reserve officers. Last spring .'questionnaires were-mailed-to 274,000.reserve!.offi- cers. More .than '40 per cent of these never replied. • On the other side of the fence, some reserve officers, • looking • for active assignments In 1 the organized reserve,-never, got to .first base with the Army iti spite of letters and other attempts to'.establish contact. •But that's-water over.ttie dam. Brig; Gen. Wendell Westovcr, head of the • ORC, notes that • since the questionnaire was ' sent ' out last spring, the OEO has established "a ,ong range training program." •''The current program affords ex- ;enslve opportunities -for- reservists ;o take an active part in the es-' sential mission assigned to the ORC n the nation's security plan," Gen. The Perfect Companion •- ' . For / .COLD WEATHER COMFORT PENDIETON WOOL SHIRT Take rteh, soft woolerv from one of the'coun- try's .most famous mills—Combine it with the fine .tailoring that goes, into a .dress shirt— And you have the handsomest, sport shirt money eon buy—a Pendleton, of course! Your choice of solid colors or plaids. ' ' 10.00 „< 11.50 /estover said in a press statement cently. ... .He .went' on to.'point out., that . thousands of Reserve, M-Day- issignment vacancies exist In the JRC today . . .'"and that. . . ."a '.iberal promotion" policy, inactive auty and non-disability retirement have'become fact since last Spring." .'If you are a reserve Army officer NOT currently engaged In reserve activities, and 'think, you'd like to be, you should. write or go to see your local unit instructor or your state's senior-instructor before Feb. 1 -and ask to be placed in an active ORC unit—or at least, ask .for more lnfo:mation. I'can't tell you how to contact one of thc;io instructors. The ORC told me Hint every reserve officer kuow.s where his local unit or. his stats senior instructor is located. If you are.the exception. I guess your best bet would be to write the ORC, Washington 25, D. C. • The ORC is specially interested in vetercas of World War II. They suy vacanJes axe particularly attractive for lieutenants and captains, but add there is* also room for field grade officers (major and up). If you decide to join the active ORC you will have to earn at least 30 hours of credits each year to stay in. Nothing tough about that, but you must earn 50 points a year as ft minimum to build up credit towarij retirement for non-disability. . . Seems to -me it would be worth checking up on tha so-callod new ORC. The ORC is certainly-Interested in checking up on you., But it it doesnt hcur from you by Feb. 1 you cnn count on 'being included out National Guard Units Postpone Sessions Weekly drills of Company C and Headquarters Company,, Isf Battalion, llsth Infantry, National Guard, were not held- this week because of the holidays, Lt. Col. Randolph MillhollaaJ, battalion commander, said., Drills will be' resumed next weet, Headquarters Company mustering. Tuesday and Company C Wednesday. • Ten recruits will be accepted In January in each of the units, officers have reported. The Romans made medicines ai'd of cemunt out of oyster shells Recruiter Reports Ou Marine Enlislnienls T-Sgt. Vcrnon B. Dcbnam, of the Marine Corp Remiilh-.g Station, saJd today tliat 72 of the-155 £.'ppll- cants processed through Cumberland have been accepted for enlistment. Of these,-12 were- re-enlistments, 52 jnlisted for three years and two signed up for four-year terms.- v Both recruiters at the "office re r enlisted during the current year. Sgt. Debnani win complete his three-year recruiting assignment in February, having served one year as NCO at .the' Hagerstown station •prior to being stationed in Cumberland. Sgt. Richard E. Hobrock, assistant to Sgt. DcbniuT), is a local man. Prior to assignment to the Cumberland office, he'was on recruiting duty In toe Western District with headquarters in ciieyL-nue,.Wyo. - " Sgt. Debnam said that applicants are being accepted 'for the Jari-' uary quota in nil categories. -The Marine Corps is especially interested in applications, from 18-year-olds wishing to Join for one. year. . BANANAS S1.49 and ?1.98 a bunch Hager's at Lovers Leap in the Nar- j rows. | Adv.—N-T-Dec. 29-30 Clearance Sale Dec. 27 Thru. 31 REDUCTIONS AND MORE It Poys To Cross The Town To The KLINE FURNITURE CO. 405-413 Virginia Avc. Phone 2708 ox, ..Suitci, Chain, Rugs, Beds, Bedding, Sofobcds, • KitcliM Items, etc..-. Atlas Nose and Throat EOPLEW SERVICE DRUG STORES ATOMIZERS For Oily or Aqueous Solution These- b«xci <Jo NOT contain n vacuum bottle, but they »rc «ylcd to hold one .Inthe lid 'ot the lunch kit. Metal, Dog-House Style EMPTY LUNCH KITS Holds PINT THERMOS 9 Be ' Value 77 Crystal WAX PAPER 125 Foot Roll 74 Baltimore St., Cumberland, Md. EDWARDS OLIVE TABLETS Z5c Tin of 30 75c BELLfANS TABLETS. 59c . 'Bottle of 100 75c DOANS PILLS Vial of 40 49c 60cGL.YCO-THYMOL.INE 49c 'Mouth Wast, 6-Onnces SI,25ABSORBINE,Jr ......... 87c Liniment, 4-omices , . CUTICURA OINTMENT ........ 25c 60c LAVOPTIK EYE WASH ..... 57c 6-ODHCes Regular 5c CO-ED CICARS 6 for 25c $2.00 Regular 5c PALMA VILLA CIGARS . 6for25c $2.00 Regular 6c SAN ALTO CIGARS 6 for 25c » $2.00 6-Inch Square ASH TRAYS 25c' GRAHAM COUGH SYRUP 25c VALUE 16c Peoples Quality Water White MINERAL OIL 69c PINT 34c Peoples Quality Camphorated OIL 25c, 3-ouncCT 16c IDEAL Antistptie 59c 37c Peoples Quality SODIUM BICARBONATE POUND SIZE • 35c ' Vain* People* SODA MINT TABLETS gSSlTZSc Bottle Peoples Quality CASTOR OIL 4-ouncc* Peoples Qualify ASPIRIN TABLETS 5-Grain, IWs 29* P. Johnson & Johnson BABY GIFT BOX A bright .lacquered Girt Sox. contain- i n s Powder, Oil, Cream, Boop. Appeal- in; as i gift loi Baby or mother-to-be. Hi-Shoen CREAM SHAMPOO Contains Lanolin 3%-ounce Jar 1.00 NEW HINDS HONEY & ALMOND FRAGRANCE CREAM $1.00 Value 89" RALPH FRANTZ MARKET •S«lf-S*rv* RIDGELEY, W. VA. 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