Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 28, 1948 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 20
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EIGHTEEN 238 County Farms In Soil Program Crocker Urges More Farmers Take Part David Crocker, unit conservationist of tbe AUeeany County Soil Ccm- Ksratlm office, • reports that only 238-county farmers are taking ad- Tantage of benefits of the program. There are 1,110 farms in the county. Twenty - three farmers signed irith -the sen-ice in "the past year, he said, but the three-man staff could handle between 90 and 100 new applications a year. This number does not include farmers who have already had work plans set up «=d need help. The farmer who signs a co-operative agreement •with the . district service receives an analysis of his »ofl and advice as to the use to should be put and how It -should be treated. When advice • is asked from the ten-ice, a representative spends •bout a day walking over the farm asd imalyztoc it, and a half day rnnMng a soil map. In Approximately a month, the Jnnner has at his disposal an eighteen to the mile scale map of his larm, taken from' the' latest aerial photographs of the TJ. S. Geological Survey. Another map is colored to ihow the types of soil on his acreage »nd the use to'which they'may be put. A complete chart is made" of * proper i;oil rotation plan with - notes-on fertilizer and treatment of the laud. Work plans of the latest methods 31 land care and methods of Increasing production are included 'in EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, ,MD.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 28. 19-18 the folder' delivered tc tho farmer, Diagrams of drainage -ditches, spring development and other farm projects are also given in the master plan. • Although the cost of 'farm construction would 'be borne by the farmer, there is no charge, for the Soil Conservation Service's aid and technical advice. A limited number of'trees and shrubs are also provided by the Department of .-Agriculture for'reforesting projects. January and • February are tho best .months for planning for the fanner, he said. City Water, Supply Still Overflows Lake Spillways Crest of the-city's supply .were above the spillways at Lake Gordon and Lake Koon for the second week, the water consumption report to the Mayor and Council showed yesterday. Lake Gordon'is one inch above the crest of'the spillway and Lake Koon two inches. Consumption was 86,228,000- gallons as compared to 85,10,000 - in 1947.' The daily average was 12,318, 000 'gallons. Sells to Japan TOKYO — iff) — Japanese farmers soon will receive fertilizer made from potash produced in the Soviet zone-of Germany. - Officials at General MacArthur's headquarters said the first shipment of 100,000 tons of potash has arrived, from. Stettin, Germany. It was bought by a private TJ. S-flrm and sold to the TJ. S. army quartermaster. The skin of the average adult contains about 3,000,000 sweat glands. Anne-ArundelCounty Plans County Manager Government AUTO LOANS AND REFINANCING 6% A YEAR Smull Service Charzo ir,. Months . Montbly ' S50U ' W-07 • •^-w ~ 5800 . .5511.0!) If you owe a balance, we, will pay it off • and five you more cash at reduced payments CESSNA FINANCE CORPORATION North Liberty Street. Phone 3674 Money for all purposes at law cost BALTIMORE — Anne Arunfiel county expects to have it: new county-manager form of government ia operation by the flrst of the year: A citizens' committee which sponsored the.plan is now screening ap-. plications for .the job. Under the law, the county, business manager becomes the 'chief executive' officer of the county and will'take .over supervision of. the administrative functions hitherto exercised by the eight - member Board of County Commissioners. He is appointed by, and is to be responsible • to the board, which remains the policy - determining agency of the county government. The plan had its Inception in the minds of a'small group of citizens who were dissatisfied with what they considered a clumsy and inefficient system of government in the county. Leaders of the. group were the same seventeen men who now comprise what is known as the Committee for the Reorganization of the Governmental Structure of Anne Arundel County of which E, Churchill Murray, an insurance executive, is chairman.' in the beginning, their work consisted mainly, of'propagandizing the idea. By early 1947 they had the seven members of .the'county's legislative delegation on their side. Members of the Board of County Commissioners, as- Murray phrased it, "were unenthusiastic." • A bill, framed from a model of the National Municipal League, passed the Legislature at' the 1947 session. The law was to become effective on June 1 of that year. Strong opposition developed, . however, and a petition for a referendum, rendered ie act Inoperative. The referendum squeezed through the general election last month by a: plurality, of 395 -votes. Enemies of the measure had their greatest strength in the northern areas of. the county, -particularly the fringe of communities that make' up the southern suburbs of Baltimore. Anne Arundel's county - manager government differs -from that of Montgomery county in that-it. is not a home-rule or charter system. /The -county' lawmaking body will continue to be the State Legislature The Board of County Commissioners will remain -fee highest-governmental agency of the' county, although most of its executive and administrative functions will as vested in the county manager. Tho county business manager is to be appointed by the -commissioners for an indefinite term, and the selection "shall be ir.ade solely oa Oe basis of his executive and administrative qualities."His 'salary is to be fixed by the the applicants are men from other parts of the country who we now scrying as municipal or county managers. The law stipulates that an applicant need not be n. resident of the county, although he is required to live there during his tenure. Murray also cautions citizens against "expecting a miracle over . -It will take a good many months for the system to begin operating smoothly,:" he says. However, he expects the majority of citizens to be pleased with the new government, once it has had a chance to function. The county His 'salary is to be fixed by the stm rcce } v j ng applications, n board but snail not be less than I which tn(! y t m . n OV er to the " n r nn ___ wt Af n -fViO>1 1 *) (V)0 fl. VftflT. < i . _ f 1-1 . *•„.•..*•' f nf P/*Vftf 7500 nor more than 12,000 a year He may be.removed by a majority vote of the.board. The act places under his "direct supervision all departments, offices and agencies or the county government now or hereafter imposed upon the jurisdiction of the Board or County Commissioners." He is given authority to appoint and remove officers and employes of the county, Is to supervise the budget, will serve as comity purchasing 'agent and -will take over the work now done by the county road engineer. The two offices of budget supervisor and road engineer are abolished by .the act. Murray emphasizes that the county is seeking a'career man for the office-^a man who has devoted his life to the development of a career commissioners are till o ..~.— -- "Committee of Seventeen" for screening The appointment is expected to be made around the first o' January. Marsh Car Puzzle Solved By Owner WATERLOO, Md.— (IP)— State| Police said .today Gaston McVea of 4D01 Aster Place, S, E., Washington, las cleared up the mystery'of the empty cta - in the marsh. The car is his, Police quoted Me Yen. ns saying, and he left It in the marsh off the intersection of Defense ar.d Grain Highways Christmas night. Something went wrong with the steering gear, police said, and McVea hopped out just before the car rolled down a six-foot bank. Police dragged the area for several hours but had to await a check: of the license tags to find McVea. j He'd simply surveyed the situation i and hitched a ride home, they said.' Forest and ,wqod fires annually destroy enough •"00.000- '""- *' Phono -1GOO .for a WANT AD Taker About two-thirds ol>all divorce*' in this country arc granted , to timber to vomen. COMING SOON STARS^ 22 SONGS / M-G-M's 'WORDS, . AND I ^ MUSIC' MAKE M-G-M'> Have Border Talks Rorscbnch, Switzerland—(#)— Negotiations were begun between Switzerland and Austria recently for the renewal and amendment of agreements for control . of the 20-mile reach of the Rhine River forming the Swiss-Austrian frontier, Swiss and Austrian delegation opened a preliminary discussion ot the manifold problems involved in the control of traffic acr.oss- and along the river and supervision of the frontier. A lull-scale Swiss-Austrian conference to settle these problems is life to the development 01 a. uuic^ *^<->-~. ~ - — -_„•- •, as a city manager or county roan-.expected to open in Vienna ear* a'ger. He pointed out that many of Inext year DRY CLEANING SERVICE AT ANY OF OUR • FOLLOWING 4. STORES Cleaners & Dyers • 107 Frederick St. • 8 S. Mechanic St. • 1100 Oldtown Road • 12 Knobley St. Ridgeley, W. Ya. th« . creeks ond cr»viccs around on avc«jg« tii« window equal the area of one brick removed from th« waH, and l«* in' the some amount of cold and wind. ANYBODY CAN APPtY Jvtf pren in pkx» cwound wmd'owi. . doon. transom* isa SURE CURE Shuts out the cold. Keeps heot inside. Saves foe< which costs so much. Mortite wit! keep ycxir home comfortable— tt's an investment in good health. Keeps out dirt, dost and insects. Centre St. at Polk Phones 158-159 A Three Days' Cough Is Your danger Signal CrcomuJsion relieves promptly because u goes right 10 the ^cat of the trouble to. help loosen and expel Rcrro laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes.Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomuision with the undcrstandinr; you must like tlic way it quickly allays the couph or you arc to have your money back- OtEOSVIULSION for Coughs,ChesfColds,Bronchitis TECHNICOLOR SMASH I June ALLYSON Perry COMO Judy GARLAND LenaHQRNE Gene KELLY Mickey RODNEY Ann SOTHERN wif h "-;•TOM DRAKE'; -.CYD CHARISSfr- BETTY GARRET!'' .JANET LEIGH'.;-, MARSHAU ' THOMPSON"- MEL TORME .". VERA-ELLEN;-' Of Course at the MARYLAND Theatre Clearance Sale - - REDUCTIONS AND MORE /t Pays To Cross The Town To The KLINE FURNITURE CO. 405413 Virginia Avc. . Phone 2708 on Suites, Chain, Rugs, Beds, Bedding, . Safabcds, Kitchen Items, etc. • in this new NELSON-PAIGE BOLD LOOK" SHIRT 395 Your favorite shirt with widespread-collar, wide * stitching and French cuffs no,w comes in pastel shades of blue, tan, grey "and dusty rose. Also in white. See it this week.- "BOLD LOOK" KNIT TIES 1.50 JEWELRY STORE WHITE HOUSE MEL TALL CANS 65c Shontcr's Furniture.: . . Phone 1753 OPEN THURSDAY Dec. 30th until 8 P. M. OPEN FRIDAY Dee. 31th'until 6 P. M, 3 pc. Bed Outfit INCLUDES: • Metal or Wood Bed • Coil Spring • Felt ond Cotton Mattress SINGLE OR DOUBLE • JANE PARKER NEW YEAR CUP CAKE 6 te 39« JANE PARKER . MINCE PIE 55^ JANE PARKER Glazed Round Donuts 6 for >5^ 'JANE PARKER. Maple Finger Rolls 6 for 25^ JANE PARKER Vienna Pillow Loaf , J.'5.^ ]oal CHED-O-BIX CHEESE FOOD .2 L 85^ A&F Grapefruit Sections 2T an2 3F NTJTLEY OLEOMARGARINE .' 27* „. EIGHT, O'CLOCK. COFFEE 3 lb - si- is' - bag •*• IONA TOMATO JUICE Qlp 46 OZ ' &*- can RINSO «>1 c larsa OJ-^pkff. OXYDOL Ql'e ;arse oA' pkd. DUZ 0 "I c Jar e e «*-••' Pke. SWAN SOAP A large *>1 c to* cakes »»••.' IVORY SOAP *> large ftl P ** cakes *»* ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING 49c qt. A & P SAUER KRAUT 2 Shunter's Furniture 128-130 N. Centre St.' Near New Bus Depot FANCY PRODUCE Texas Pink Meat GRAPEFRUIT 4 for 29c Large •• FLORIDA ORANGES doz. 41 c Rome Beauty APPLES 3 Ibs. 29c California NAVEL ORANGES doz. 53c Fresh' COCOANUT CQ - 15c English WALNUTS Ib. 41c Icebcrp: LETTUCE --. 2 for 25c ''•fresh TOMATOES Ib. 27c SUPER RIGHT MEAT Rib End PORK LOIN Ib. 37c Fresh SPARE RIBS Ib. 45c Fresh PORK SAUSAGE Ifa. 49c Ready To Eat WHOLE HAMS Ib. 59c Sunnyt'icld SLICED BACON Ib. 65c Fresh Dressed FRYERS lb - 65c f Skinless WIENERS Ib. 59c linn bo BOLOGNA b. 63c SHOE SPECIAL BOYS' HI-TO PS Regular $5.00 Values 14-inch leather tops, long wearing composition soles, knife pocket ,or .heel plate styles. Small Boys Sizes C 11 to 131/2 ^ \ Big 'Boys Sires 1-6 Sale! Men's Women's Children's HOUSE SLIPPERS Soft felt slippers with soft suede leather soles—some with rubber heelj. TWO LOW PRICES * and CHILDREN S $448 OXFORDS I School oxfords for boys and girls. Black or Values brown. Broken lots, assorted styles & sires. to S2.BS Cumberland Frostburg Keyser

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