Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 28, 1948 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 19
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker CUMBERLAND, 1948 SEVENTEEN By J. R. William. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOPPLE OUT OUR WAY 54-A—Display Classified MlSTAW '&i MORE 3OYFOL THftM A LAS MlfiOTE CELie^E POM 'LECTRlC ,' SftMDV TO SO MRMV |<IMFOLKS I'M Write Your Own Checkt As You Neod Them. ; Open A ON THE COMTRAfTrf A AH/ THERE'S MANY WATCH •REPAIRING Special Checking Account A CASH PRESENT X HAD PI^T ASVDE POR. BETTER LATS , EH, CAN'T DOATH1MG yon BUT is CHECKS FOB No cliam lor depoilti BOCI.EVARD WATCHES MARPLE'S S51 N. CE.N'TItE ST.* THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK City Hall St\. — Cumberland. Md. Member Fet Deposit Insurance Corp. No minimum bolonc« reqairet Ollun Ho• F«TM MILUCH Trmi N Htonl WITCH 4 REPAIRS 24 Hour Service JEWELRY STORE 62 laltimort St. THE BOOSTER BALTIMORE ANT CENTRE STS. By Jimmy 'Hatlo They'll Do It Every Time Display Classified FOR EVERYONE! $50 TO $300 OR MORE QUICKLY—Without Red Tape! Yonr choice of the following additional LOAN PLANS. No worthy person refused. 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Dalit for' Your Convenience AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE Wringer RO//S A// CUMBERLAND MAYTAG Ji .S. Mechanic Phone 2672 OUR GUARANTEE!! LOWEST PRICES BEST TERMS . IN CUMBERLAND '49 Ford Cult. Club Cpt '4S Ply. Spec. Dlx. 4-Dr.' Sdn. '47 Pontiac 4-Dr. Sdn. •46 Chcv. FM 2-Dr. Sdn. '42 Chcy. 2-Dr. Sdn. '41 Ford 2-Dr. Sdn. '40 Dodge 4-Dr. Sdn. '40 Ford 4-Dr. Sdn. 39 Cher. 2-Dr. Sdn. '37 Ford 2-Dr. Sdn. 36 Ply. 4-Dr. Sdn. 36 Cher. But. Cpe, All These C»r» Are Wlnwrliofl And RttKly To Oo. Com* Prepared To Drir« One Hpme, Wo Sell, We D,on't. Sovc Them ' J&L Motors Co. George & Hcrriton Sts. Phone 1852 Open Ercj Cash-For-Your GAR Taylor Motor Co Phone 395 • INSIST ON • GENUINE FORD PARTS ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. "Toil/ fritnrf/jr Ford Dealer" S. Gtoigt St., Cunbtrlond, 580 H.HO OTHEB w»y oao-you u quldd ««(* rtUled or select help as throue Inexpensive want ads which maj 6 phoned to <600 np o 5 p. to. tor actlo tho loUowlnr <2«J. USED CARS 1948 Plymouth Special Dlx. 4 Door, Very low mileage, Radio and Heater. New Car Guarantee 1939 Chevrolet 2- Door Sedan USED TRUCKS 1948 Rco with''Dump Body 825 Tires, 2-Specd Roar' 1946 Chevrolet with Dump Body 825 x 20 tires (Practically New) Fish Plated Frame, Two Speed Axle, A-l Condition LFT Mack Tractor, Saddle Tank, Fifth Wheel, Completely Reconditioned mOTOR 10 218 S. Mechanic St. PHONE 2550 "Satisfaction Guaranteed" l\pf>f]l P 011(1 J- 1 V> V/^/*J-V **•*• Sew Up 4-H Scholarship ASSIGNEE'S SALE OP ALTJABLE TWO STOH.7 FRAME DWEIX- ING COVERED WITH INSUL-STONE, ONTMNDJO FIVE KOOMS AND BASE- HINT. KNOWN AS NO. 231 INDEPEN- ENCB 1 STREET, CUMBERLAND, MARY- tFnd'or and'ny virtue or a power o£ sale ontnined In a mortgage dittca April 8. 147, and recorded among the Mortgage accords o: Allcgs-ny County, Maryland, in Liber No. 194, (olio 231, and duly assigned or the purpose 'ot foreclosure, dslaul. avlng occurred In the covenants and ondltlons In sold mortsagc, the under- gned Assignee of fiai<J mortpiKe »1U ecJl, t public iiuctlon, alongside tne Second ational Bank at the Southeast corner ol ultimo™ and Liberty Streets, In cumbcr- and, Maryland, on f TUESDAY, ' JANUARY 4, 19W, AT 10:00 A. M.. 11 that lot or parcel ol grounr 1 . situated n tho Northerly side ol Independence trcct In the City ot Cumberland. Al.o- liny County, Maryland, uniJ '.no Improvc- nunti thereon, and moro particular!!- Aa- crlbed as Jollows, to wit: BEGINNING lor the same at o. point on he Northerly side ot Independence Street t the end ot 45 feet on the lourth line I th lot described in a deed from Cath- Hne Gnau to Kunlgundt C. Gnau, dated cptembcr 5, 189A, and recorded In Liber 1 Folio 342 of the Land Records or Alle- any County, and running thence with aid fourth line, rcvoracd, South 38 <tc- recs -East 45 feet to the line ol W Its Lot, thence with tho line of said Witts /it North 44 degrees 27 minutes ,jst WO oct to a«=takc, thence North 37 decrees 5 minutes West 3D Jcct. thence South 50 egrees IS minutcu West DD.S Jcct to tho lortherly side ol Independence Street at Die place of beginning, IT belni; the same property which was onvcyed to Earl A. .Youneblood by Paul : Brag? and Lois A. Brags, his wife, by deed dated April 8, 1947, and recorded amonu the Lund Records of Allcgany :ounty. Maryland, In Liber No. 2H. folio THIS PROPERTY IS IMPROVED BY A TWO STORY FRAME DWELLING COVERED .WITH INEOL-STONE, CONTAINING FIVE ROOMS BUT NO BATH. WITH A TRAL SKATING PI JUJT. THE PROPERTY IS EOTJIPPSO WITH GAS, ELECTRICIT? AND 'KATES. AND IS IN A FAIR. CON- 3ITIOM AND THERE IS .A TWO CAB CONCRETE GARAGE WTH COMPOSITION ROOF ON THE PROPERTY ..... RMa OP SALE: Cash on toe day of unlcst otherwise arranged with the WILLIAM C. WALSH, Assignee. — Adv.-T-D«c, 14-21-28-Jan. 3 _ ' the 7°p A.M.-THE VILLAGE MERCHANTS SQUAWKED LOUD AND LONG UNTIL THE COUMCIL HIRED A STREET CLEANER. °° A.M.-~ftE SROOM BRIGADE <soss INTO ACT70M/AND THE SUV MlSHT AS HAVE STOOD IN BED »- By HICHAKD KLEINEK NBA Staff Correspondent CHICAGO — (NEA) — EUen McReynolds is a pert young miss who doesn't let & little thing like an obstacle stand'in her way. • She wants to design clothes when she grows-up. She's 17 now, a junior in high school. She lives on a farm in Cleveland, 'Tenn.,. and the farm has no electricity. But EUen is a determined girl, and, using a pedal sewing machine by 1 the light of oil lamps and press- Ing'-with. an old-fashioned fjas iron, :he' mn.dc herself an outfit that won her a trip to Chicago as One of the/12 national winners of the 4-K dress revue.. She's unimpressed by her feat. "I just wanted to do it, so I just did it," says she. • Her' winning costume is a light green, two-piece tailored suit, which looks like something out of a Fifth Avenue show window. Ellen first learned to sew from her mother. Now .she's turned the tables and is. teaching her mother some of needlework's fine points. " "Mother never,'knew how to put in sleeves or lining or such like," says Ellea, "but I learned at -the 4-H and now I'm teaching her." When she was 10 she was making simple' 'things like blouses and doll dresses. Then she. became in- terested'in 4-H,. and was. taught to make dresses, suits; like the one she won with, and even coats. Slie finds putting in the lining of a coat the hardest sewing job she's tackled so far. Up to. now, .everything Ellen's made has been done from patterns. But next, summer she olcns to design, as well as make, something. She's not yet sure what it will be, but probably a suit. She likes suits best or all. "I want to . be a suit designer, eventually," says she, "if I can." Her prize at the 4-H Congress here for her winning outfit '"was a $200 scholarship. She plans to at-, tend Tennessee Wesleyan University and study designing. The lack of electricity in her home she shrugs off as no handicap. The only dificulty is that she can't sew much at night, because the lamps don't give enough light. She docs most of her work after school, -week-ends and in the summer. • • ."Of course I could sew -faster with an electric machine," she says wistfully. "Our old pedal machine is kind of tired, I guess."I've been Women's Fashion NOTICE Notice U hereby Kiven that trie lollo! perrons 'nave f'ca. application with "Icrt ol tho Circuit Court lor Allct—., County to sell alcoholic beveraces in Allc- Kiiny County, under the provision ol Son- ato BUI SB as enacted by the Gcr.cral Assembly ol Marj.ana for the 1341 Session, Character ol L'.ccMe, name of applicant anil for whom applied, the rcr.Wencc or applicant, location of place of business and v^rr ,1 premises arc as Tallows', ,:•; ," VlTlNli ANI> LIQUOIl LICENSE— 'V. uM C—ON SALE CLTJBS Ai,pii/-.Tit Charts T. King; residence ol appil.ini, ..::. .^vauc: lor whom applied, Mer •'—'-' ' -••'' No. 150; location of pro- mist' V>'c --.; owi-'r of premises, Memo-, •iul'-. Wrto 1 . 159. • , applicant. John K. King; residence of ippllc&nt. rrostbure. Applicant. Joseph W. Lasnley; residence of applicant; Mt. SavaRc: for whom applied, American Leclon; location of premises, Mt. .Pavcijc; owner of premises, American " ""> • The explrai ,n date of all licenses granted will be the 30th day of April next after issuance. . _ First publication ol this notice Is T, Dec. SI, 1848. JOSEPH E. BODEN, Clerk or the circuit Court lor County —Advertisement .- T-Dcc 21,28 14-A—Diiptay 54-A Clos»i»ed AUTO AD-VICE.,, By Gurley Brothers WHICH DO YOU PREFER? - 1946 Dodge Business Coupe 1946 Dodge Custom 4-door Sedan 1947 Dodge Custom 4-door Sedan • 1947 Dodge Deluxe 4-door Sedan 1946 Plymouth S/D 4-door Sedan 1936 Plymouth Tudor Sedan GURLEY BROTHERS Your "DODGE" Dealer Dodge-Plymouth Sales-Service 123 S. Liberty St. phone 2£8 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE SITUATED AT NO. 23 RIDGEWAY TERRACE, IN THE CITY OP CUMBERLAND, AH.EGANY COUNTY AND STATE OF MARYLAND. Under anil by. virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court lor Allcsany County, Maryand, passed on the lOtn day ot November, D48 In a certain cause therein pcndlnc jfhcroin Barry H. Warnlcl: In ttio.Pln.ln-' tin, and Lolia Clalr' SKlnnor. et %1. arc the. Defendants, It being No. 21,008 on the Equity .Docket in said • Court, the uadcrsisncd, having been duly appointed,make such sale, will at public auction to the hlehest, bidder ot ,he corner of Baltimore and South Liberty Streets. by the sldo of The Second National BanV BulldlnR, in Cumberland, Allcgnny County, Maryland, on WEDNESDAY, DHCEMHEB ti. 191B AX 11:00 O'CLOCK, A. M. the following property, to-wlt: All that lot of rround situated - Holashu's Addition to Cumberland, Allc- zanv County Maryland, known and designated M Lot No, n to said Addition and described as follows: BeirinninE on Bldgcway . Terrace at tne end of the third line of the deed from J H Holzshu & wife to Charlcc £inssbury, dated June 21..1SS* and recorded among the Land Records of Atle gany County in Liber 75, Polio 575. and rcverslnc said third line South 75 degrees East 150 Icct, thence "-"• " " West 50 feet; thence —-.. -West 150 feet to Bldceway Terrace; thence with it North 15 degrees East 50 feet to the beginning. It being the same property conveyed to Grace E. -crutchley. deceased, by Bculah B Brooks and George R. Brooks, her husband, by deed dated July 1. 1020,, find recorded in Liber 133. Folio 538, one of the Land. Records of Allegany county, Maryland. The property is improved by »n eight- room frame house with bath, collar and hot-air furnace. Taxes adjusted to date of sale. TERMS OP SALE: One-third casa on day of sale and the balance upon the ratification of the sale by_thtj Court and delivery .of a g HAROLD B. NACGHTON. Trustees. —Advertisement T-Dcc. 7-21-18 Amver to Prtvloo* Pn«ile UN Official 1 Pictured UN official, H. V. 6 Get up 11 Allotment 13 He is president ol the Nations assembly 14 On the sheltered side 12 New (comb, ISGoddef.- of form) 1 discorJ J3 Employ 18 Hammer head 16 Rupees (ab.) 19 Oriental coin 17 That thing 20 Placard 20 Grass genus 22 Health resort 21 Burnish 1 'VERTICAL lAges 2 Low-lying « country 3 Solar disk 4'Cravat 5 Toward 6 Any 7 Tear 8 Followers 9 Ooze 10 Girl's name Trim your. 32 Southern general 36 Pinnaclp 37 Turt 40 Grate ^z xietiiui icswi*. -" ~^—*...~.23 Negative reply 23 More refined « Goddess 24 Note in 25 Small .candle 42 Needy Guido's scale. 26 Networks 29 Trite '33 J"i3h sauce 34 Rod 35 Frozen rain 37 Bristles ?4J Universal language 39 Either 40 Knock 43 Invaded suddenly 48 Qualified' 51 Small wild ox of Celebes 53 Painful 54 Genus of plants 55 Rocks 57 Endured trim I 59 French capital 36 Short-napped 44 Onager • fabric 45 Butterfly 27 Cloth measure 46 Doctor (ab.) 28 Golf mound 47 Lamprey 30 Negative word 48 Singing voice 31 Winglike part 49 Writer of poems •50 Scatters 52 Blackbird of cuckoo family 54 Snake using it for seven years, and my mother, used it for a long time before that." Besides maWnp all hsr own clothes now, Ellen makes dresses and suits for her older sister, who Is working, and also . helps with, the -wardrobes of a younger' brother and sister. And she makes clothes for some oS. the McReynolds' neighbors, too. In her seven years of 4-H work Ellen estimates that she's made or. remade well over $1000 worth ot clothes. She 'says there is a possibility of the farm being' electrified soon The professinoal designers better watch their • step then. If Ellen McReynolds can do what she's done without electricity, watch her smoke when she has it. 56 Electrical unit 58 While 'south 15 degrees North 75 degrees shirfrraister! Well-placed darts an | clever seaming decorate this neatj — dress and give you lines in just' tne right proportions! Pattern 4919 comes in sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48. Size 36 takes 2% yards 39-inch. This pattern, easy to,use, simple to sew,'is tested for lit. Has com- ijlcte illustrated Instructions. Send TWENTY - FIVE cents In corns for this pattern to The Evening Times 42 Pattern Dept., 243 •West 17th St., New York 11, N, V. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS ^tS ZONE, .SIZE a^a STYLE NUMBER. Look lovelier, slimmer! LOOK lor more easy-to-fit flatterers in our ANNE ADAMS Winter Pattern Book. Send for it today-only fifteen cents more! Fashion unlimited, for any time, purse, or figurD! Gifts for all the family, plus FREE pattern of a hosiery case, printed in Ellen Mcltcynolds: She learned from ma; now ma Icariw from her. Italian Doctors Radio Advice To Save Lives At Sea HOME— (/P) — Scores of lives ha. been saved at sea by Rome's little known International Radio-Medical Center (CIRM). Prof. Guido' Guida, director o£ the 'Medrad" as merchant navy centers call It, says bis- organization, founded in 1935, has given free medical service to hundreds of merchant for help. He has at MUk Prices To Be UncliangedLocally Baltimore To Slice Cost Cent January 1 The price of milk In Western Maryland will remain .-unchanged despite a cut.of. one cent on the quart 'announced- by Baltimore dealers . yesterday and effective January 1. - -"- . The . Baltimore ' reduction will cause milk to retail at 21 cents v a quart. \ Present cost is.22 cents .» quart. both in Baltimore and here. In the Baltimore area the"reductlom will be .carried through on all profr- ucts, including whipping*cream, an* cottage, cheese. .-.:.. Dealers in'the Cumberland area said today there.' are. -no/-indications • at present that .prices will be reduced. • They added that the follows Pennsylvania exchanges rather than.'--areas in. eastern Maryland. . ...• ...... Baltimore dealefc Indicated, that the price reduction is caused^by » decline in costs .of wholesale milk prices. . Farmers in that area are presently receiving $6.43 per .hundredweight. It. will'fall to $6,. effective January I. Local dealers declared that. the wholesale price quoted in .Baltimore Includes a heavy freight charge in- curred'in shipping.the 'milk into the city "from" outlying. districts. They said ' the "wholesale cost 1 here is slightly under the gross" p'rice' paid there.. • The Baltimore .area, is: receiving the first reduction! in .millc jrices since May, 1947, .when for a :eriod of slightly over.'a month; a WISHING Registered U. S. Patent Office. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber has obtained from'the Orphans Court of Allcgany County, Maryland, let-| tcrs Testamentary on the estate of James Quin, late of Allcsany County, Maryland, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased arc hereby warned to exhibit the same/ with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated, to the •subscriber on or before the 10th day of June, 1915 They may otherwise by '.aw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. All persons knowing themselves Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment.' Given under xny hand this 10th day of December. ""^^^ c _ WALSH Executor Liberty Trust Building Cumberland. Md. _ —Adv.-T-Dee. 14-21-28-Jan. -1 CHANEY Storage Warehouse 23 Howard St. Private Railroad Siding Phone 3258 Facilities For Household Goods or Merchandise .6 B . r~ '?- H 3 JL 8 I r~ K 6 A 3 Y 7 A 5 N 2 B 3 A :> R 3 A 8 T 4 p; 3 T 8 H 6 T 8 E 4 E 2 O K n s R 4 F! 6 o 1! N J V 5 G 3 TT 6 TT 5 T 8 r. 3 H 5 T 7- G 8 T 4 V 3 T •; K 6 R 2 Y 3 O 6 A 8 E N S H 5 O « A 8 O 2 S 5 T s 1 A '2. U 4 U ii E 4 R a L •a L 6 Y 8 E i W b T 6 E 5 A 8 A O 3 N 6 E '1 S 2 A 7 t. 6 T 5 C 8 R T 5 H 8 U W 7"~ A 3 H 4 N ' E K 5 i L ~TT C 8 H 8 P jr- W — o" N H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every -day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand comer of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Coprriirbt 1S<8. br WlllUm J. Miller. DUtributtd by Kint Fe«Uin«. Inc. 42-28 ships . his disposal, for consultation, . a group of 40 doctors and -specialists, all -of whom give their Krvices free. When a ship asks for help in a case which is beyond the master's medical knowledge, a specialist in the disease o» injury involved radios his advice to the ship. In Many coses, wljen the sailor Is too seriously ill. Medrad advises the master to transfer him to a passenger ship or put into the nearest port where be can get hospital treatment. Similar services exist in the United States, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden and. Norway. Argentina also has organized a special medical service for ships In South-Atlantic. The advice is mostly, broadcast by coastal radio-centers. Some other services, Prof. Guida says, have the inconvenience of not using the proper language. Moreover requests they receive are turned over to the hospital nearest the radio station. There it is examined by the doctor on duty, who leaves when his tour is over. Thus the patient may be' treated every day by a different doctor. With Rome medical center, ths doctor who first prescribes for the patient, follows him 'throughout his illness. Prof. Guida advanced some ideas to improve medical facilities aboard merchant ships.' One was for internationalization of medicine chests Ships of some nations, he said, have only a restricted quantity of medicines and drugs, and those of others carry products unkown in most states. The original 1 home of the honeybee was in southern Asia, probably including the eastern shores of the Mediterranean^ Sea. Pro Sues Haeerstown Club * *_; B^.GERSTOWN, Md.—Robert F. Diffendal, ex-professional at the Fountain Eend Country Club, Inc., IP HE STRAYS nwaj. an inexpensive no m»i -brine- him back »«le and sound. Lost ads htve a way of finding <!OEJ- tfiej ' are lust as effective IB locating ict lewels, poclietboolu, watches, fccyn. etc. ' Blue Ribbon ENRICHED BREAD Guaranteed Fresh At Your Favorite Food Store lias filed suit against $2,000. the club .tor .,uwu. Diffendal charges that the nrm $50, $100, $250 or More Drive away with the loon, rccsonoblc rate, cosy rcpoy. Service right owoy. MILLEHSON CO. JM g. Liberty St. Wane M7 Irvine MIHenson, Mpr. violated its contract with him as a professional golfer by firing him and failing to pay about 15 months' salary. In the bill of particulars Diffendal says lie signed a contract to work at the country club as a golf professional at $100' per month in June of 1945. He said his employment was terminated by the country club, in May of this year. Diffendal contends that he was not paid from November 1945 to January 1B47 and that the country club company still refuses to pay him for those months, although he says the contract was in eflect. Bear Skips Hibernation BELTON, Mont.—(/P)—One of the bears at Glacier National Park has insomnia. While others are sleeping away the winter, the yearling grizzly romps about, tipping over trash car.s and being a nuisance in general. Chief Hanger Naturalist M. Beatty says he's probably an orphan cub who didn't get enough to eat in | quart of milk sold for 18. .cents. This was followed by, a'succession. of price 'boosts, until the,--, present .evel of 22. cents, was reached. Prices in the Cumberland area followed the same trend. Cumberland 'mea dealers- Indicated that costs' would remain- the same at least beyond January..!. Several said they- know of. no plan to decrease prices after that date, out they declared there is a.-posslbil- ity prices, in nearby Pennsylvania may drop sometime after! tee first of the year. ' " '_ If such a drop occurs, dealers in Western' Maryland would,likely follow the trend, since they'"are .in•' direct competition with dealers in that area- POOR PA By CLAUUE CALLAN My rich brother's daughter Fay has so many fine clothes . that she never knows just what to wear, so she don't wear much of anything. Orange Bowl Game To Be Televised- By C. E. BUTTERFIELD .NEW YORK— (IP}— Television expects to get.'in on at least four ol .. the bowl- games- that: are being broadcast coast to coast 'on New Year's.. 'However, the; telecasts will 1 be primarily on .a local basis. Something ambitious -is • planned for the Orange Bowl at Miami,. Fla, _ First telecast, of'this event,-it'will . be put on an 18 by 24-foot scfe'en in an auditorium accommodating- 2,300 persons. .Special equipment,., including five cameras, is belngfset[up by the' RCA television.: barnstorming unit to make the stunt possible. Announcer assignments for Hie , radio broadcasts will put' Ted Hus-- ing, former CBS'sports director,-on' NBC. "•,.•• . Husing will 1 be at the.'Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Pla,, "while. Bill Stern is -to tell of the Harbor Bowl at San Diego, Calif. It was this con- • test that NBC substituted for tht Rose -Bowl- when, it went to CBS. At Busing's old spot-on CBS for the Orange Bowl, Red Barber again . • will be taking care of things,'while Mel Allen is going out to California . for the relay of the Rose-Bowl,'the one that Stern used to broadcast. Tuning tonight: NBC—8-"This. Is ; Your Life; 8:30 Date With-Judy; 9 Bob Hope, recording: 1 .of.: Berlin show; ^SO 1 Fibber arid Molly;. 10:30 People Are-Funny. ;;;'..CBS—8 MystcryJIheater; 8:30 Mr. and Mrs. North; 9 We 'the People, Jack-Benny guest, (also, televised); , 10 Hit the Jackpot; 10:30j v Morey Amsterdam Show:' ' •„..•-_. ' ABC—7:30 Music Relaxin* Time; 8:30 Town Meeting on-Wage Increases; 9:45.. : Detroit 'Symphony; 10:30 Let Freedom Ring. .. MBS—8 Geo. O'Hanloa Skit';'. 9:30 . Lone Wolf; 10, American Forum. "Business Outlook for-'49." the summer and still, is building up his fat for the long hibernation. • The Atlantic coastal•". region - has the lowest divorce rate in':the';country; the mountain division .has .th« highest. 1 • • . T

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