The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 29, 1947 · Page 4
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 4
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Price Of Wine Here Drops ToJSc Fifth Oxtrstocked Dealers Unloading At Prices Below Cost . ^ : wine prices hit a new low here Monday as the price war continued among'a group of dealers, sorrie of whom could not 'explain what -started the price slashing, except Selection •! CABINET, BASES and UTILITY CABINETS JACOBSON'S Furniture Store WOOLEN RUGS FIBER RUGS CONGOLEUM RUGS .AH Reasonably Priced , .,'..' , ' " At ••'••' ' Meyers & Berkion 41-43 W, Franklin St , Opposite Post Office that they were overstocked and wanted to unload. " " , .'Tlie' latest low in wine prices was reported Monday when one dealer offered a bottle for'50 cents" with another, fifth thrown in for a penny, or at the rate of 25V* cents per fifth. . Before the price -cutting war got under way, these wines now being offered at prices - varying from 25& to 55 cents a'fifth by some .dealers, were quoted at 95 cents to fl. . One - dealer, among- the first' to announce a sharp cut in wine prices, explained that he "was 'overstocked with wine which he had to buy over a period of months in order to get whisky, and. that be intended 'to take his loss. Another small dealer, who ex- 1 Slained 'he could not 1 afford to sell his wines at the prices quoted by others,: said that he - had been forced, in order to get delivery on whisky at the ratio of one case of whisky and six "cases of wine. ;'.' The same -wines • which are selling here today as low as 25y 2 ~- 1 Store Front Installations The panzer Metal Workb Company .Phone 1818 ROOM AND BOARD CUT THIS 15 A-PIS IN A POKE/ PAPER./GIVING YOU HALF THE ^/9SK7 HE ^W- MAY INVES' WITH ME,—THEN YOU'LL TELL ME YOUR. IDEA FOR. X SOFT DR.1NK/- INDEED - THAT'S PUTTING ' THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE/ By GENE AHEKN EXACTLY/--I PUT THE ~ CART IK A .POSITION TO BLOCK THE HORSE FRoi . ~ RUNNING AWAY WITH WUDEA rDO YOU CARE TO SI-^ I W ?' ' ijoufe OVER. A BARREL JUDGE' cents a fifth, are quoted in ABC stores in states where only wines and ; beer legally sold—at S1.75 per fifth. It is needless to say that wjne Thi« hanchom* n«vr -RCA-Viclor T-Uviwon R»c.iv«r W?»h 23 iqocr, inch vi.wing jurfac. <»hat 'provM., brillFont and c(«or t.UvisFon pFctor. fn a imalf, compact Cabm»t .quipp.d -with Ey« Witni*» Picture Synchro- nu.r. Automatic Station Selector end RCA r « fi n « TGold.n Throat* ton« jyit.m. Wplnut vtn««r cabinet. »«tait Yalu« of Set S25O.OO^ p| UJ To« 51.80, p! u , Coffof In.tallation ond on* y«or'* Service X^5.00 Total value-$296.80 • . ' s HOW YOU WIN THE PRIZE! All you have lo do » >o complete the test line of the limerick appearing'aboye Then mail your entry to WILKINS TEA ^ost Office Box 2705; Washington- D c' togeth.rwith a box top token from ony Wilkms Tea carton or reasonable foc- •imile thereof. If the judges select your •ntry you will be awarded'the prize for that week - this magnificent RCA- .Vicforjelevision ^illustrated above.- FOR THE BEST LAST LINE TO THIS JINGLE: "Was Eve a blonde or brunette?" Has never been answered yet Wilklns Tea will pay money * . For an answer that's funny Oust fill in the lost line. For example:) 'A dizzy blonde Adam /usf met' *What r s the dif, if she knew how fc pef/ * Not mon.y r r«tHy. |*H«r »h« n m« n . y ... T.Uvmon S.t, f TONIGHT! Sit down tonight with a pencil and paper and try your luclc. Write down as many answers as you can. A box top must accompany each entry. The more you write the eo$?e r if becomes — and one of them may be the lucky flash of Inspiration that will walk away with the prize. USTfNFORfACH WEEK'S WINNERS on Wilkins fACTFINDtR, WrOP, 6:00 p. m. Nof» HfW timm * :0 ° F-.."». f*tt»«(f of 5;45 TO WIN! You get a new chance each week for ten successive weeks. Contest remains open until June 27 1947 Eacfvweek's winner will be announced the following Monday over Wilkins FACTFINDER program on WTOP, 6:00 p.m If you don't win THIS week's contest enter next weeks. Submit as many eniries each week as you wish and increase your chances of winning. You'll need good tea anyhow this summer and tea keeps so you mayas well try in a big way. Be sure however, to write each entry on a separate sheetof paper, and include with each entry a separate box top.from any Wilkins Tea package. •^^ ^^^^^ m GIT OUT TOUR flNCtL- FOLLOW THESE Mall your »ntry io WIUONS TEA. P.O. Box 2705, Washington, D. C. Stnd as many entries «i you wh. but iMch mat b« on 4 s«parati sh««f of paptr . from any ,} It car f on o f \vi°LKINS TEA. or a r««on«bly »c- cura*« facsimile. Entries wilt • b« fudgid on: Originality, luitabiliry and • ptntsj of though}. Th« Judgts' decision will be final. Duplicate prirti in «$« of ti«.. Atf •fltrni become 1S« proptrty of Tu - ""'" H. WILKINS COM- .This. conUit it opm to anyone l_mnq m th* Continental United otfltss or iti T«rritories—«ic«pt •7?p'°r Mt ° f JOHN H. wit- KINS COMPANY. ;« s Ady.rto- Agincy and mctnbtrs of th«ir f*mflr« } . Contest lubj.ct tonsil it«t» and f»dtr*l r«n u - lationi. 4. Coni«jf op»nj April ?|. clotgj Jun* 27. 1747. All <ntri es for ««ch w*«klir contest murf b« postmarked not laUr th*n Friday midnight of tfn w t «!f f or vfirch you submit your .ntry * No untri.j will b« r«furn«d »nd no eorresportdenci entered •nto. Entry of this contest jis- sumei *cc«pt«nc* of th«s« rules. 5. 'Wjnnjri of ««ch WMk'i »ilJ b« annoortc*d ov«r th» FACTFINDER Show (WTOP ..WO to 4:| 5 p . m ., ; s l w ^l •posj.bU aft.r conf«.t clous, <-omp[«t(. list of winnan j«nt on • «nyon« »«ndinij «' " TEA sales over,the weekend have;been . brisk in . Hagerstowri, with wine users ..taking-, advantage ~:. of -.-the price cuts, which in many cases have brought the price far below what the actual cost has been to the wholesaler. Ifc is also reliably reported that the retail dealers in liquors and wines are; about up in arms, and may balk at any ' future tie-In sales. One dealer pointed out that liquor sales have been slowing up in recent weeks because of the resistance to the high prices quoted for whisky. There have already been some little reduction in the price of some brands of whisky to boost sales. Wrong Speech. Washington, April 28 (/p)—Rep. Granger (D-Utah), strode to the microphone, pulled a manuscript from his pocket—and a look of horror spread speadily over his face. There was a moment of embarrassed silence before his colleagues in'the House learned what the trouble was. "Wrong speech," said Granger sheepishly. * ••. . If you think that stopped him, you don't know your congressmen. 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