The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 24, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1935
Page 2
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For Saturday Large size dresses at $2,95 SPRING COATS i originally 15 & 18 dollars now $5,00, $6.50 & $7.90 'Hats 69c, White Hats 95c, Felt Hats $1.95 RITZ THEATRE BUILDING ETHEL KING delivered as c eflnitely closing the door to immediate payment of the bcrius. The administration's sub- i sequent actiois will be determined in part by the development of public opinion toward the bonus events thiis far. This has not yet had time to crystallize. "" One significant development which followeior the 54 to 40 vote which upheld the president yesterday with e ght more votes than he needed was tho definite trend toward separating the bonus issue from the] inflation issue. Much of the opposition to Uii Patman bill was based on the Assertion that jit would start the priming presses rolling toward uncontrollable inflation. This denied bv thb Patmanites, but it | was made the reason for a num- her of votes against the bill. .. _ :s a. j The leading bonus ( | now is that i of Sen. j 1 Champ C'larlj, D., Mo f i ., _ . , ,. i i,._ _ proposal BenneU who will Oklahoma Transient Camp Guest Was Big Capitalist for a 'Tame. NOW LODGED IN JAIL (Uy! United; Tress). Tulsa, Okla., May 24.— Ted Baxter, 40, puffed ou a slightly used cigarette in |his jail cell today and lamented a shattered dream of"easy riches Several weeks ago Baxter appraised his jlot in | life and inventoried his assets. The formjer, .thajt of a penniless attempt to have the senate rules nobody in a federal transient Private Services Held for This Famous Social Worker. ! (Dy United Press). Chicago, May 24.—Jane Addams received her last tribute today from the slums where 47 years ago she founded famous -Hull House, and was buried this afternoon! in Cedarville, 111. Her body was carried to a train at 10 a. m., escorted by a "loii^ parade of the people she helped in struggles to defeat an 1 environment. Funeral services at 2:3ft p. m., in Cedarville, where she wa.» Tex., crashed in an • observation plane Sunday. Discovery |of the wreckage yes- tefday ended a search in Which 50 army airplanes had participated since the flyers were reported missing en route from San Antonio to Barksdale Field, Shreveport, La., via Muskogee, Okla. Wiley Moirgan, a farmer, reported he sa!w the crumpled plane from'the top or a bluff. One body was on the; ground nearby. The other, a foot sticking out, was in the plane. At almost the same time army 12 Keats Ago i May: 24th,. -• ! | TBe locai doctors were attend;- • ing the Ninth i district medical ;' meeting at Lebanon. • ^Ticki \ets for the annual ban- : n.uet of the Tiptpn Alumni Association of the high school were o* sale at Bob's Goody Shop. : ! " « ' : * '•* , '. Rev -Cunningham announced- his sermon for Sunday at the Tet- crsburg church would be on;''Onp i (Jl bU HI £> v** 11 * *•" «• MM-W. —•— . pilots winging overhead glimpsed I nundred : per Cent American. the wreck bill reported they could born, were private and simple. - not i an ,i near it. ' Her grave is beside those of! . C CC boys started for the scene : O f Adanl ' A ult, prominent farmer ' ' .-.>.; i! / | , / o e : ord W as received of 'the death; her mother, father and seven j i as t night. brothers and sisters. Her only | surviving relatives are two nici-sj and a nephew, Mrs. Marget Hal-i deman-Julius of Girard, .Kan.; I H . |V( . r: ,, is ,. (1 Cleveland Factories FOt'K STRIKES. to Shut Down. Mrs. Sarah Addams Young of San; Antonio, and Prof, James Weber r Linn of thc University of Chicago. | Cleveland, May Tho world at large paid i : -; coiiciliattfrs labored feverishly last; i of the Aroma community. * * * ' ;- \yfemma Re-cobs, Opal Peck. Oin Holjbs and Lulu Hardy pf Rosary chapter' (ifi, O. E. S., attended a and- ban-- honors to Miss Addams in an i night in an attempt to past matron's meeting quet at Elwood. 24.—Federal | * * * ; A broken water pipe at thc> settle'home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hau- Ocie Havens, Manager ' suspended in; order to attach a bonus rider .o the pending navy j appropriations bill. A two-thirds vote is required ir LOANS INCREASED. ""'" from its Holdings of cash and deposits with the reserve banks in April resulted in a restoration of | excess reserves to a level of nearly $2,300,000,000. I Continued from Page 1. '.were i $^2.015,699,000, an in- jcrease oP $339,396,000 over Dec. ;31. TJiey, represented an average lot alinit 54,038,000. This com,'pared with an average of S3.- •9G4.000 on. Dec 31. and S2.5SO.- ^^"'""^arborTrsunday, t'OOO oil June 30, 192G, when there [were ;7,97! national banks, jor 2,'527 'more'lhan .at present, [and deposits aggregated ?20,- '655.Oj44.OOTO. , _ ( Thp figures served to empha- sise the 'shrinkage that has occurred in the number of smaller national banks over the last de- .cade.j >' ATTACK" AWAITED. Continued from Page 1. Henry L. Roosevelt, assistant secretary of the navy, will witness one of the largest mass dockings ever attempted. BONUS MARCH. Continued from Page 1. CIRCULATION, Continued from Page 1. tiou of the latter' however, gave him cheer. j For besides the neatly pressed clothes on |his back, Baxter possessed a glib tongue, an "honest" face, a self-made jbank book and, thousands of war veterans, ac- , ing , ho j )res ^ ent the -choice of] in sports parlance, what it takes. companied by hundreds of worn-j paying the u | onus j n O ne of three For several daj-s Baxter's life _ - - j or suc ], a procedure. Bloodshed and rioting marked i Clark's nouns rider would the bonus march of 1932 when j dodgc thc inflation j ssuc by giv- pressive 20-minute service yes- strikes which have ' forced shut-, icy. during the absence of the camp, made him isad. Examina-| terday in the Green Court of Hi;i! , ,i owns 0 £ four Cleveland .factor-j family did a large amount of en and children invaded Wash- j W ays—issuance of new currency ington and camped on the door-j as ])rov i ( ied [in the Patman bill, step of congress. Troops - were j j ssllance o f bonds as in the Vin- called out at one time to aid a | son bin „,. ! £rom tho work-relief police force under command of J £ Und | Brig. Gen. Pelham Glassford in j o , []01 . bolv ', ]s proposals jncludo maintaining order in the capital. (By United Press). Washington, .May 24. The threat of a new bonus march on tnat ot gen. Thomas P. Gore. D.. was a whiHwind of activity. He called on merchants, bankers, real estate! men and employment agencies, to all he exhibited the talismanic bank took. It showed he had on! deposit in an eastern bank the tidy sum of $437,000. House, the settlement with which ! j cs . | damage. she founded a new order of cial service. The fourth of the strikes de; vcloped yesterday at the Nations! r. and Mrs. J. It. Col'eman auVl wealthiest residents of the Mayor Edward J. Kelly and M>o ,Carbon Company, where officials j xir. and Mrs. A. W. Ramsay attended a doubles funeral for and and Jesse Gwinn, held at La- pc-1. . said 1(00 workers were forced out coast stood shoulder to should-, r 1)} . t l 10 resultant closing, with the mixed races of Halsid ,\ n estimated total of 4,300 street while Dean Charles \V. other workers were out of jobs by Gilkey of the University of C!:'- the shutdowns of the other three cage, summed up in a few wor.h- plants—the White Motor Co., the the work that brought Miss A;l- industrial Rayon Corporation, and cams honors from .many goven':- the Addrcssograph - Multigraph ments and the love of Corporation. thousands. It was estimated I lie said, arid the caravan will sup| port itself by showing motion pictures of the 1932 bonus army. Food will be the price of admis-1 sion. I Okla., who 'jvould pay the bonus He displayed telegrams which through bonds or public money j represented him ds a heavy stock- already appropriated, the install- holder in an eastern steel 1 con- ( ment payment method proposed ce m which purportedly was back- Washington was coupled today . , )y gen Uob j, rt R Reynolds, D.. ! ing uim . The telU rams - like tho with, a drive by bonus advocate g r . am , various bills to pay i-J ba nk book, were Baxter's hand! j to push through a measure whi<-h • - - - ' might escape the death blow th • senate dealt yesterday to the Putman bill. A half-dozen bonus proposals. that 40,00.1 i \TO persons visited Hull House Wed-' nesday and yesterday to view her' body. | r.RAVD Jl : IlY. \ Former Clri-k of Illinois, .\IK>! Cook County, IM! Short. Top price for hogs was S7.S5. corn 51.05; wheat SI.IS; oats 3Sc; eggs 22c and butter 40c. ; AN OPERETTA. (Continued from page 2.) Ajma Wohead, Mary Wohead. Laundry Girls—Margaret Dane, Birds—Pauline Huss, Beatrice HKM) AT I'KIH'. out of' the $4.880,000,000 work-1 wo ,. k relief fund, j | When he paused for breath The probable political results' Baxter found he Kvas the head of of yesterday's voting were tho ( a ? 1,000,000 tank company, the subject of speculation. Some con- ( owner of an !$11,000 homo I springing "P in the wake of th" tcnded tn . u j veterans' organiza-'l equipped with $'f,00 worth of lin- "This is strictly a business senate's action in sustaining PITH- , Uons w hich| already have sound-j e n and $3^000 Iworth of other i Quirk. Mary Julia Mee. i Chicago, Mav M — Robert M j Ella King, Bernice Koors. ! Swoltzer. im-^i.t treasurer and i <*ieen—Dorothy Bear; Her Atrin» ScriorV: former clerk of Cook c-o,,nty. will i tendants. Virginia Macy. Martha )hi ; ' ibe summoned IK-for,; th,.- ,-oumy j •!"»« haltingly, Mary. Julia Mcc, M>oard Monduy to rxphiiii u .--iion-il'auliiuvHuss. . Peru May 24.—Charges of Former Convict .age of S-J13.5S:! in liis accounts i kidnaping, violation of the Maun "* clerk. WILL DEPORT. white slave act and parole viola- Th'e shortage was showed foldings on April 24 of j proposition." he said. about S40,000.000 more than in j want the public to fall for any 1934. i ! hardluck stories from persons j congress. We don't 'dent Roosevelt's veto bTthe iur:. bonus bill, were pending before ed the tocsin in an effort to furnishings, the! occupant of arouse sentiment fo'r anotb ?.' j 10-room suite this rich oil bonus drive.) would concentrate ; city's largest office building con- The bbard said that continued* representing, themselves as veter-I But it was unlikely that any oi ' on efforts t() defeat senators who taining $600 worth of office fur^imports tof gold from abroad anJ ans. We'doaf*NJo business that i them would be enacted unless tho |i, ad vo t,.'d against them. (disbursements by the treasury i way. 1*tiadministration relented from tho On the o lion was m; '•tratogists i niture, and the employer of a * tion are said t o be facing John —ugh a secret or,l,r,d hy ^Continue, rom . Rust, 35. of .Springfield, Ohio, who , Sw^ =? or jn «.,, ^ «J h, has ^.^ '1 was held in the county jail here 0| ' KO - """™l •>• ^ '>""• '>"" « f . rv in- a i, last night after his apprehension !""* »™ ^ "^ >«« ^ m] ^ !J" f( ^ ^' L "^ in a shack on the bank of the Wa- «"« Sweitzer held „ 2 I years. | the '<^°£ ^^" f . _•*_ _, , ,.„ ^_, ! Swcitzer protested his nmo- oje to-ten jears b> Juage t bash, river near here where he hadi Continued from Page 1. his minimum reformatory. Imel is also serving a term at give* Russell. her hand. Hit- asser- i stenographer, a housekeeper and | lived 'for more than a year with I re!u ' and said that If had not j ide by some | a va let. a woman and three little", children, j >' et l »™" d over «» "" hat for evei-y veter- Baxter had also arranged with j-.n's vote lojii tiinre would be ono j a railroad to liuild a one-milt| or more gained from more con- j spur to the sitej of his proposed ! scrvative elrnients. ! tank-building pla'nt. The woman, Mrs. Netta Still-j well, 30. of Springfield, also was 1" taken into custody and remained •. under technical arrest, although! belonging' to the office- -Hand stapling machines. Tribune Press. . , tf DEATH CLAIMED. j (Continued From Page 6.) ! Joseph' W. JMorfonl, October 31, The housekeeper .wrecked ev-| ] ast n i g ht she was permitted to orything. UnpaioJ after a week's. take the three children back to employment, shcj went to the po-j their river shack. She and the children remained at the jail yes-j lice. Officers who arrested Baxter 1S75, the cjeremony being per-: found in his pockets a handful of formed at t|ie home of the bride's! "snipes," an FERA order on a lo- parents by iRev. Mr. White an j c-al defttist for a! teeth-pulling job early minister in Hamilton conn-land no money, j ty. They went to housekeeping The FERA Order identified on a farm near the home of tho | Baxter as a "guefat" at the federal !;ride, where they resided for two , transient Camp. I There officers years and then removed to a farm] found thei remainder of Baxter's a few personal j in a! FRIGIDAIRE '35 ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORE EVERY MODEL EQUIPPED WITH THE SUPER FREEZER IVIRY MODIL HAS APDID model of the dw JHBOM Super Ereoee. Add ooe fan wttomttic met de- •moiiutlc ioe tttf rei«tw >.Doo't£Ulto*e«tfae •33. Constantly through the-years Frigidaire has been made more efficient. And now comes the greatest improvement of all—the Frigidaire Super Freezer. . 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In i worldly wcalth 1S91 they removed to their farm belongings loosely packed near Windfall where they resided j single shoe box. j until November 1932 when they moved to Windfall. terday. j Rust, readily admitted his iden-( tity and offering no resistance toj arrest, agreed to waive extradi-r tion to Ohio. The county sheriffs j office conveyed this information to the Ohio parole department,! which advised that officers would j be sent after the couple today. AN OLD For -15 years Mrs. Morford has | ! boon one of the beloved women of . farmer j Confesses to Killing the Windfall community and an! Youth Haiijl Years Af^>. active nicmjber of the Windfall | | ! Christian church and she will be, Farmington, Mo., May 24.—To sorely missed by her family and ~ quiet a disturbed conscience, El- friends, j j mer. Huff, 50-^ear-old farmer. Surviving relatives Include the confessed to a killing with which aged husband, three daughters, j h e was charged 31 years ago and "-- * -••••- Wade, and Mrs. W. F.! today was! arraigned on a first de- bf Windfall and Mrs^ chcr of Kokomo and gree murder charge. Interest in the mysterious am- V. Morford of Wind- bush killing of Henry Maycs, farm also survived by °sixj youth who was shot to dea'th May Mrs. Lettie Thompson Harry Tha one son W. fall. She is srandchildren' and two great! 24, 1904, had lorjg since"'diea from grandchildren and a number of ; inactivity [ when IHuff,. lasti Tues- nephews ard nieces in this and! ( i a y, presented himself to j Prose- Hamilton c mnty. The late Samuel j cutlng Attorney j Thomas A.; Mat- M. Thompion of Tiptott was a! thews and told His story. The tale brother.. . . | Immediately revived talk of the BODIES DISCOVERED. Two I)c:nl Airmen Are Found in Mountain Canyon. (Cy trnltort Piv!=s> • Heavener, Okla., May 24:—Tbc| .charred and mangled bodies of two army flyers were to be rc-j moved from a .mountain canyon west of here today. Youths of the Pine Valley CCC camp tolled through the rugged Kiaimichi hills to the spot where Lieut. Wendell Holliday and '-Prl-- vate Ira B. Hicks of Brooks Field, The bodj home ih Wi idfall until the hour of service and call. son, Charl will lie in state at the friends are invited to Burrs Proved Fatal. (Bj( United Press>. Ft. Wayne, May 24.—Burns received yestsrday ' morning when her clothlig was ignited by an electric bet ter In the home of her B. Monger, were fatal to Mrs. Mi ry Monger, 81, In bospital hero Iqat night. a . f, suspicion^ that had surrounded Huff and j his father at the time of the shpoting. Huff told thdm he could not sleep and jdld not enjoy any peace of mind. | [ : .' Home in Florida. Mrs. iV^able been spending ecoba who has e'winter.'in Mi• Florida, wjkh her daughters, Miss Ruth Reco JB ,and Mrs. .Will Richard, and har )s and family,' re- lonip in Tlpton i ' : ! i Zehner and son son/Virgil Recl turiied to her" J " Southeast Granite Company' • TOMBSTONES New Designs - New. Prices I J. H.. COPPOCK, Salesman ' Phone 2J71. Tipton, Ind. j INVITING JAMES fiat; 021K. Armstrong As a gueat or'The Tipton'Daily Tribune at the New Rita I Theatre to witness •; "MV8TEBI BIOfNTAlX" Explanation: This'Invitation la not transferable and is good only tor the party whose name and address appear above. The party, aairied above,-ecpompanled by*a member of his family or a Mend shiuld present- this invitation at the-lEUti door jlh^ same us two regular admission tickets. 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