The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 24, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1935
Page 1
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-IT T Entered aa second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tlpton, Ind., under the act ot March 6, 1879. VOLVMI5 XL, XO. 200. OF THE POULTRY THEFT CASES Jesse Lawhorn and John Roush Given Fines and Penal Farm Terms. LATTER GETS CHANCE {Number of Other Matters Given Attention in Circuit Court. Wills $.•»«:> to Help Poor Pay for I)o}j Licenses Rochester. N. Y., May 24.— Recansu .1. Minor Walmsley had u soft spot in his heart for boys ;uid girls (and dogs as well), heart-broken children whose destitute families can not provide the money for license fees for dogs need no longer fear the loss of their pets. In his will, drawn a month before his death. March 2U. Mr. Walmsley left $500 to be usi'il to buy dog licenses for persons who could not pay for them. Superintendent Boyini; of tlu» Rochester Humane Soci- ctv is administrator of the fund. Judge Frank U. Knss.-ll in cir- ctiii court Friday .'iinrnini: disposed of Ilic poultry lli.'ft cases, involving Jesse Lawhorn an.l John Roush. by giving the forni'-r a lino of $1. two months on the penal farm, wl>.i<-fi must he served and disfranchising him for a p-- riod of two yi-iir.«. Roush was L-iV- on a fine of SI, a sentence to ih:.- farm of six months and disfranchised lint till 1 pi-nal lann parti..M was .suspended during ;:.iOi! !»••- havior. In siiKpemlin..: tlie s . ntt-nr" : Judgo ttussell inlil Koi^h that he '• was doing it <m accoiini of his family who n< :t}>>l his support ; "and the first cra-vk yon make. ' John, will mean that you serve this sentence." said the court.' Th.. court also told Rmish and! Lawliorn tliat sine.- they had been J" J" ; ! '!;.- s;--aliii^ of milk had stopped and stall.d lliat he did nut kiiuw for a ci-riainty ' they had been the cans., of the j Ihefts. he lieliVv. d they hail boon | connected with it. ; j Roush has a wife and llvr! small j children and they were qll in I court, the children arrs themselves about the father. AN OPEREETA fll SUOSEPH'S Activities of Senior Week at Academy Will Open Sunday Afternoon. CAST IS ANNOUNCED THE WEST COAST PLANNED Nation-Wide Appeal to War Veterans Sounded by Former Leader. WANT CASH PAYMENT Following Defeat of Patman Bill, Other Measures Are Started in Congress. <n.v United Press). Washington, May 24. — The- only bonus legislation possible at the present session of congress would be a compromise based on :he present %'alue of adjusted service certificates, it was said '.oday in administration quarters. New deal leaders said there was no -chance of enactment of a measure calling for full and Im-j mediate cash payment. ' The only possibility, they said would be some settlement based j on the compromise offered by Sen. The activities of Senior Week | 1'at Harrison, IX. Miss., and real St. Joseph's Academy will be-jjected during senate considera- giii Sunday, May 26, with an ope-jtion of the Patman and Vinson retta, "Ask the Professor" in St. j bonus bills. Katberine Hall at 2:30 in the' It was said also that the sub- afternoon. The public is invited, j Ject would not be revived by ad- The leading role. "Maryida" is. ministration senators but that the being played by Roseann Steph-| initiative would have to come j T1PTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY KVEXINO, MAY 2-1, 1035. Celebrate Golden Anniversary Fifty years ago two sisters met two brothers in Burlington, la., and la double wedding followed. These two couples, left to right, Mrs. 1 I Carl Hopping, Carl Hopping, Mrs. Franki Hopping and Frank Hop-J • ping, are now celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. " WILL DEPORT DEATH CLAIMED AUTO THIEF ens of Fort Wayne. Miss Stephens i from the bonus forces. is \vefl-knowii because of her lor- mer radio programs over \VOWO. The accompanist for the operetta is Dortliy Jane Daniels of Terre Haute, a resident student! Leaders' expected to defeat the effort of Sen. Bennett Champ Clark, D., Mb., to attach a bonus rider to some appropriation bill. Los ini: .liidge Russr-11 to -t'c thai il was for the pnrposi fiinu' the ciuirl's synipath h." t..ld Roush hi- had no .thy him but he did foi family. nuiiuh.V sentence will ha' serve it at the farm and \ ta!;i-r. there either Satnrd: Monday by the .sheriff. Another chicken .stealim was cleared up by Lawhor in telling of their trips tc John Rickard home, wliie visited three separate tinn scribed the Webb home noi of Tipton. where chickens missed some time ago. He 1 ready -confessed the thefts academy and at ihe \ f'harles farm. In circuit court Fridaj Farmtrs Loan & Trust Ooi guardian of Pearl Smith, son of a civil war veteran. cans- . i ment ! )f OX• and I Cast of characters— tion . wide O'Neal. Roseann Stephens; Emily' Lee. Anna Louise Burkhart; Prof. Will Breakeasy, Phyllis E. Boylan; John Ainsworthy, Joan Rohn; Polly, Ada Jane Curry: Red O'Neal, Margaret -A na- m Department of Labor Asking: for Data on John Curl, Sentenced Here. Mrs. ! Joseph W. Mbrford Died of Blight's Disease 1 Friday Morning. NATIVE OF CANADA! FUNERAL IS Tebbe; Washington was sounded today by R. W. Robertson, a leader of the tragic bonus expeditionary force lot 1932. 1 Robertson revealed that organ- Tommy Freshman, Marjorie Kin-| izalion ^ been goj]]g forward ,!..,•• MI-G n'Me:il Rpntrir** Onirk: /-_ _. ..... I two- e to ill '.-e v or jder: Mrs. O'Neal. Beatrice Quirk; ! Page, Ellen Jane Caywood. Graduates—Hetty Cummings, Elizabeth Ertel, Kathryn Ewing, for weeks, but that announcement of the projected march to demand Immediate payment of the bonus was withheld pending liargara Jean Kester. Florence the senale - s action on p resldeju Krebser, Gertrude Magers, Dor- Ro0 sevelfs veto of the Patman othy Bear. case j College Boys—Genevieve Jones, Juanita Warner. Helen Gall, Marjorie Kinder, Veronica Wohead, Rosa Hipberger. Visitors—Lulu Mae Cain, Agnes Gall, Martha Quellhorst, Marie Schmitter. Annamae Duncan,. who the was ;. de- heast were as al- u tuo Anna Katheryn Henry, Mary Ripberger, Marjorie Taylor.' M. iliiam Gypsies—Mary Julia Mee, Mary Wagner, Marion Jewett, Jean the Smith, Joan Rohn, Juanita War- Quirk, Genevieve current report showing a balance of SS.SS on hand, the blind boy residing in property on Fourth street left by his mother. A copy of the report was ordered sent to the I : . S. vi lerans' bureau at Indianapolis. In the divorce, proceedings brought by Orville Snowhargcr against Inez Snowbarger. the wife was defaulted and the case referred to the prosecuting attorney. Tbe trial will be held Monday May 27th. ' j Alonzo L. pallahan was made > defendant in a divorce action filed by his wife Cora Mae Callahan, who charges incompatibility and cruel treatment. The wife asks for the restoration of her maiden name Cortt Mae Maynard, she giving-her address as 209 North West stree't. Judgment in the sum of $7,579.26 was rendered in the action brought by the Union Central |nBnran.ce Company against i-,Samuels, after Mr. Sam- testified he had withdrawn [B-.bankruptcy prvcioua- ndgment also can* a mi pany. ! ner, Beatrice blind j Jones. iled a i Girls of School — Pauline Duncan', Jean Kahler, Virginia Macy, Rose Merchen, Margaretha Wittman, Mary Flannery, Anna Funke, Mary Jo Funke, Ada Jane Curry. Dancers — Rita Letslnger, Margaret Jewett, Anna Louise Mattingly, Barbara Lou Mattlngly, Frances Dane, Mary Elizabeth Letsinger, Marjorie Altherr, Ellen Jane Caywood, Dolores Quellhorst, Continued on Page 2. bill. "We're going to Washington determined to get what we want," the ex-soldier said. "We mean business this time and we'll not be hampered by taking women and children along as we were the last time." Robertson called a meeting of local veterans today to draw MP plans for the Pa-cific coast contingent of the bonus army. He said he expected more than 7.000 veterans from California to join in the march, scheduled to start from Sacramento in a few days. "I knew this was coming," said Robertson. "I anticipated they would uphold the president. But we want immediate payment of the bonus and we're going to get it. We've been chasing up and down the Pacific coast for weeks organizing the veterans." The "march" from-~-the west coast will be made by automobile, ' Continued on Page 2. I SUNDAY / County Clerk R. W. Simpson ! Mrs.; Delilah Maria Morford, S5 has been asked by the depart- | years of age and the wife of Jo- Loans Are Increased by National Banks, and Deposits Are Also Shown as Large: Washington, May 24. — Loans , however, were 1409,375,000 low- and discounts, including rediscounts, of national- banks on March 4 were 17,489,904,000, or $1,252.000 greater than on Dec. 31, 1934, J. F. T. O'Connor, controller of. the -currency,, reports. The controller noted that was. the first Increase between condition calls since Oct. 25, 1933, and interpreted It as an encouraging sign, representing a definite halt in the sharp decline which occurred between er than one year ago. Assetfj of 5,461 active national banks on March 4 totaled $25,959,283,000, or $320,703,000 more than In reports from 5,467 banks, on Dec. 21 and $3,018,110,000 more than reported by 5,258 banks in 'March, 1934. The decrease of sixteen in the number of active banks between Dec. 31, 1934. and March' 4, 1935, was attributed to consolidations, ment of labor to furnish certifi.?.! copies of all proceedings connected with the sentencing of John Cilrl. automobile thief, who was i giyen a one to ten years' sentence ini Tipton January 21, 1935 by Judge Frank B. Russell in circuit -court. jCurl was arrested by Sheriff Cajrdweli for theft of the automobile of Verl Miller, which was stolen from the Miller home northeast of Windfall November 27J, 1934 after he and Charles Imel had been detained at Wabash after wrecking the- Milter ear an Oldsmobile coupe. Miller had no insurance on his car which was demolished. A third man with the pair escaped and his identity wns never learned. Curl entered a plea of guilty ard was'sentenced after Imsl wliose home is at Tltusville, Pa., hi d confessed the theft, which Curl denied. Curl entered a plea ofi guilty and was sentenced four days later. W. A. 'Carmichel director of ths 9th district for the department of labor, states the data asked from the clerk is to be seph W. Morford died at the family home in Windfall Friday morn- Ing at; 10:00 death being caused by Hrigbt's Disease, from which she had suffered for some time, she halving been confined to her 'AW ON Major Phase of the Pacific Fleet Maneuver Expebt- . ed Any Time. BIG PLANE OFFENSIVE Following the Attack, Ships Will Dock at Honolulu for Sunday Rest. (Hy Uniteil Pri'SK). Honolulu, T. H., May 24. War-time vigilance prevailed day among the armed forces charged with the defense of the Hawaiian Islands as they awaited an "attack" from the air by the flying units of the United States j navy. | The aerial armada is expected-' to strike Saturday or Sunday.! None of the defenders knew the exact hour nor the direction from which 400 naval planes .will Mayor of Xcw Rochelle Offers Bill to Curb Xois.- . New Rochelle, N. .V., May 24. — Any one who wants to use a broadcasting device, bugle, hand.organ, barrel organ, barrel accurdian, hurdy gurdy or steam calliope in New Rochelle. will have to do so bu- tween 9 a. m. and 6 p. m. on week days and will have to pay ?25 daily for the privilege ,.i:' the common council passes an ordinance to that effect. ; The bill was introduced b>- Mayor Paul M. Crandall as a noise deterrent. It provides for the exemption of parades and other ceremonies. ' ' ' 1 'Seeking AfricanComij _^__ Despite Mussolini's Firni Objections. DEFY MEANS Nations of Southeast Fear Italy's' Plan for Expansion. ! I (By Unlteil Press). Geneva. May 24. — Benito Mussolini of Italy Ray Jutila, 20, Confesses to rejected principal ; points of Muyder of Woman and Setting Fire to Bed. SPURNED HIS ADVANCE compromise proposal for settlement of the threatened Italiag- Abyssiniari warfare. | The compromise had' been Qjg. fered after a prolonged meeting of the League of Nations council' which has been laboring to.-soj'fe the crisis between: the -two aa.- lions. Fears had been expressed that Mussolini's refusal to swoop from battleship decks and I I Warren, O.. May 2i. — A 20-I the plan would mean a crisis :n. aircraft carriers on this far west- Warren >™ th todav con- 1 southeastern Europe and fessed kiUi "S Mrs. Marie T. Tob-torce postponement - of a; sched- "led June «>nterenpe on Danubiaux ern outpost of the United States. Their only instructions were to in - 22 ' and S8tUng fire l ° Ule be ready every minute ' of every ! on ' which her beaten and »»««* and Balkan securlt ? treatle8 ' hour for the expected attack. j bod >' was found yesterday. Police ; Both army and navy forces will [-Captain George Salen announced. , <*» Unite* P^-^ : The youth. Ray Jutila. gave his Geneva, Maj a. j — Leagu Nations councilmen, their delib- suspended, anxiously combine to drive off the "enemy." It was expected that "the famed confession in a signed statement j ^.^ o£ OI VP sauadron of navil <ipnnlinM after a VP squadron ot naval seaplanes I . of Persistent ques- • will cooperate with the . army jombers and scouting planes stationed at Hawaiian posts in the defense. The 'combined total of defend- ng planes, however, will not exceed 100. The VP squadrons are rushing-; confessed, when Mrs. Tobin toward Honolulu from the aiid-i fu . sed nis advances, way-Island group where they par- *"*"* awaited word today; on. whether "'? Capt. Salen said the vouth con- j Benito Mussolini intends to ;defy fessed clubbing her with a heavy the league in its efforts to prevent' cigaret stand during an argument in Mrs. .Tobin's home after her husband James left for work. An argument arose, the youth' , .. re - i Postponement of the conferejMje, an Italian-Abyssinian war.; There were strong indications that defiance wCuld; mean a in southeastern Europe to ! scheduled for June, to work 'series of Dannbianj land ticipated in the. naval maneuvers, j They are expected to land at Pearl Harbor today. Their number has been reduced by three and their personnel by seven by mishaps which occurred since-th" 43 planes left here a week ago on one of the most gigantic mass flights ever attempted. bed for the past three weeks and | Two planes fell into the sea. BIG PLANT SHIPMENT. .Si\ Bij; Express «l;iy Delivering;', to Stokcly Bros. [treaties of security.; j A compromise providing ! tot Trucks Here Frl-1 negotiation 'of some;phases; of the [Italian-Abyssinian ;frentier ;dispute was reached in; the councU last night. It was sent Agent E. R. Shepherd of the Railway Express Company lini for hi . 3 personal I carrying seven U. S. navy fliers j Hvering tomato plants checked -in and out six big ex press trucks from Indianapolis ; " Friday morning, which were de- ! '•' the ' matl0 to P°stpone It until i The council meetin grset for 16 ». - 1 : " » today WaS p ° 8tloned OBtn 5 m - »nd [ arrangement. i plant. ; row if necessary. gradually growing weaker.- . _ . _ Following the death the body to their deaths. Another damaged | StokeZy Brothers Tipton .- - , powers sought " ------ Thousands of plants were in the 1 ' • " was removed to the Edwards fu- . J. W. MORFORD. neral l)ome in Windfall for preparation and will; be returned to us£d" in; deportation proceedings the hot^e to lie in state until the ' c h the department has I h our of, services. The. jfuneral will be held Sub- day afternoon at 2:00 at the !Windfall Christian church jwlth Rev. Jrimes Mavity of Noblesville assisted by Rev. George jWin- brpught 'against Curl Curl on the witness stand that he was a Canadian, wl o had been in Florida and March ~ ' ca ne back north to Indianapolis wiere he met Imel and the ottor mi.n known only as George at a mission in Indianapolis where all hail spent the night. According to In el's story : Curl suggested they at< al an automobile to make their we y to Marlon and' they stole the cat of Wayne Kimmell of Indianapolis and! abandoned it at the Miller home | when they stole the which wfts wrecked. lie department of. labor is jCurt frey of lal will i iMrs. Windfall In charge, j Burbe in Brookslde cemetery. Morford, whose maiden name was Delilah Maria Thomp- ^dn» wai born in Hamilton county pn whtt Is commonly known aa the Dr 849 hilrig one of ten children a pontoon in a forced landing. to save the league's j without risking Italian Plunged into conditions simula>| These plants are raised in Ar-j ^'^^^ ^ ostpon( ing those which would prevail I kansas, and sent by express the ^ ^ ^ j^ ^ The minute the attacking [shipment and they arc fins, sturdy I forces strike, Honolulu will were an actual enemy to strike at the islands. company furnishing a fleet of trucks to rush them through for If the attack conies at night, j Tipton county growers, every light in the area will be extinguished. Radios will; flash warnings of the impending arrival and will In Serious Condition. urge citizens to keep off the streets. The aerial attack on Honolulu will be the fourth and concluding phase of problem 16, on ,which one-third of 'the fighting craft of the United States navy — undersea, surface and aerial forces -.have been engaged since early in May. ! In all 150 vessels will be an- Coatlnued ot/ Page 2. bis Enos Harter, 'who makes home at reported in a serious condition suffering with kidney trouble and ence in distrust of Italy. U was Indicated' that would refuse to attend >K ? • ference unless Italy from attacking Abyssinia and less they received asBnranceji larter, wno Biases iiis \ } the county infirmary, is Ita * had n ° amWtiob as 'Albania, Greece or Great Britain and; Franca '"" Cash Circulation Is Higher Due to ! Retail Trade and'Payroll Increases Washington, May 24.—Largely because retail trade and payrolls expanded more than seasonally, currency in circulation from Jan. 23 to April 24 showed a net-increase ! of Jllo;ooO,i300, or somewhat greater than la usual at this Ivor farm.j December; 2,. time o'f year, the federal reserve -"" J — board VeportB ^a Its May bulletin. On'April 24, $185,000,000 mora orn to James M. and. Catherine Smith Thompson, jail now de- 1th the exception of two Ar- lidlng {near money was in Tear. ago. circulation than a i«jr factors to the rise, the' lacreased use facilities in some communities, and an increase In vault cash, holdings of some member banks. ;Ther latter was a reflection of the large amount of excess ' reserves, wh'ich left the bank's under no pressure to deposit with the •reserve banks all currency that came into their possession above th!e, current over-the-counter re- qnlrements, the report stated. \ ! For all member banks, cash in vaulta on -March 4 totaled $5341- QJ)0,000, -an increase of- about this has affected his mental! . health. Superintendent Rayls, sUl !<m c-risia d '^ ctl >j Who was in Tipton Thursday even- council-regardless of rpnlv on th« fnmnrrthn Ing, stated he now had three 'very 1JI agBd men at the_infirmary the other two being Everett ;Henderson and George Hey wood, the latter baving suffered a stroke pf paralysis Sunday momfcrg. | * and before/! Mu reply on the sompronilse a^ spite the fact that tie duce had said that the no authority in the ;jl was taken to mean that not give in to Italy.;! The compromise iris at a Brltish-French-ItiallaniT:, ference, with Baron si representing Italy Eden. Great! Brital Lavai; France. It, one but it was und agreed to the establia bitration commissions an alleged; attack .by on Italian natives at disputed territory bi slnla and Italian 80 delimitation.' of the order to end the incidents. If! Italy makes- an Britain and !France-i keep the 1 official, con hot; Bat the t the .

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