The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 16, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL XXVll-XO. 15G BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Ann RnirmpAC-P MIC .o^,,n, ~^ Blytheville Courier, jBlythevillp- Herald. Ulythcvlllo Daliy News. Mississippi Valley Leader. OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, TUMSDAY, SKI'TKMliKK l(i, |<>;!0 HOME EDITION SUSPECT ARSON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NT FIRE Suspect "Boy Friend" of Girl's Murder BELIEVE F ULIGE FiiiKerprinls and Bloody Handkerchief Furni s li Sole Clues to Crime. SOUTH BEND. Ind.. .Sept. 10. ' UP)—Suspicions fell uuon a former "friend" of 17-year-old Alice Woltman today as police worked with a paucity of clues toward identifying the man who slipned into Alice's bedroom Sunday night and cut her throat. Jealousy, police believe, prompted one of the yirl's former boy friends to kill her after she had rejected him 0.1 o suitor. Fingerprints on the window sill of Miss Woltman's room and a bloody handkerchief were the onli clues. The handkerchief, bearing the initial "G." was found a "block from the Woltman home by IM-C youths. It was found in the direction where witnesses said they sav: a person flee from the Woltman home at dawn Sunday. Several suspects have been arrested and questioned. All were re-j leased after they presented alibis. ' IN PHIZES Enterprise, Shamrock, RestToday ABOARD THE U. S. S KAN'E iby radio*. S.?]il. 1G 'UP> — The third match be'.wcen Enterprise and Shamrock in the scries for the America's cup was called off at 10:30 a. m. eastern standard liir.c t'day when th? race committee deckled weather conditions were so :uherse neither yacht could finish Hie 30-inilc.s within the S'L- hour time limit. The committee stood off in the harbor in their big lug. the Moron. prizes, being oilered by the Missis- \ Colleen in Person Cash Awards Make 1930 Hxposition Most Attractive in Fair's History. ; By J. MKI.l, BROOKS i Secn-lary, Itlyfhmllc C. c[ C. ! Fifteen hundred dollars in cash ! watching the heavy fog that smothered the whole coast in a blanket t"ii> year, will draw until the siutaticn was considered hopeless. sippi county fair for prize exhibits . rcater number of individual exhibits than have even been entered In a fair ' taken two hours ' lcre before, if the county fair committee is correct, in its estimate of: the situation. j The lares', amount of prizes of , feral In any one department of the It would hnvo to reach the starting point am! jockey into position for a start anri with the sort of weather that came down to flag the yachtsmen today they stood a chance of finishing t,he f!ur fs bein S ofTered for community ' race in the dark exhibits, this department currying | For Shamrock the postponement : a total of wa - Fivsl urize commun- came as a welcome period for re- : lty , cxh .' bl1 tth ' s . year wiu . draw a operation and readjustment Fnr. cabh l' me ot S6 °: secollcl I 1 ' 1 '™- S the Enterprise the day's delay For : net peasant. Harold S. Van- '• and third prize. S40. Every credil- ! able exhibit will be awarded 520 in - Man Held at Louisville Admits He Is Gangster LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sep'.. 16. (UP —Ted Geisking, held here in connection with the slaying of Alfred dei-bili's crew was geared t-, a high I mo '"' y re ^''dless of whether it wins !Mo£ ^»°"~ •«* !?.r£z,^,T!£ £S£ ! • c-f exhibits from those coinmuni- ; lies wliich maintain Smith-Hughes' I teachers from those communities--, ; which do not have these men • Smith- Hughes communities wili according to police, discuss the Chicagc said. , Gejsking, would not crime. "Why should I take the rap in I Chicago?" was his only comment. Gelsking. .who first gave his namr i as Robert Vickers, was arrested I with two other men by federal and I Laurel county authorities on char;- j cs of hi-jacking a truck contain . ing more than 2,000 pints of liquor. I Officers to Meet Here Next Year The Ark.msns Peace Officers as_ _ scdailon m annual convention at III jNurili l.i::ii. Rock lute yesterday Mr I i-otod unnnliiiou.sly in favor of Ul | ii'Minis ll•> 1931 convention In lily- IS U[I1PT fllCCUCCi ''"'" l!lllf( nml M<0rti«o also pit- ' nr nn ni miri™ 11011 f{mn * tM ~ f ° r ^* m «»"- IILIIM I U IULI1UL.I veiillun but (he delegates clio'c to 'amccl Screen Aclor Dies HOLLYWOOD. Cnl.. Si-pi. 10. lUl')—Milton Sills, the nctor. Is ilc-iui An Hltack of ]u-arl illseuse occurring r-ion ufler he flnislied n game of tennis with his daughter nighl caused his death. of Pl«n for Inviting gutcM cho^e to no to Ulythi-vllle Instead. M. Ci. CJocdwin chief of p^li . niythevllle, and E. B, Noble Suclcleiity Follovving Ien-,f 0 "';"| lti1 ^ " HIS Match With .Daughter tl>e «m«m!cm here for the next c-Mvciitltn was first suggested by H. I.. McKnight. local Justice ot the pence, who is a vice president cl Hie oiKiinlmtion. civic organizations look up the suggestion and nloi 'B «l:h tlm city council-and last c »-i!nt.?r of commerce sent messages to the convention now in session, Sills, who wus a college profesr-or I '"'*'"B ll 'al the 1031 ineclliiB be- before he achieved fame as n ! " eld '" "Klnn Cotton's Capital." screen actor, had suffered from , •'• Ij - Duinett of Pine Bluff was '.;an. disease before, and twice hn-J | clct ;'wl president of the association, HELD BY POLICE Plan' Outlined. compete against each other. ami the communities without Smith- . Hughes teachers will be in cornpo- j If"™" 05 ' raram "" U H <^ompanlcd by a dozen trunks, a couple of secretaries, a maid, half I Sr-ceisI Hampshire Show a doMn ^ do =' s antl cats nll[l olt; " accessories associated with a I n -. Following the community exhibit ; H o"ywocd retinue, Colleen Moore Is now in New York ' deparimc-iu in total amount of car.r prizes is the swine department 1 which carries a lotnl of S315. The I teen forced to retire temporarily In order to regain Ills hcultli. His wife, Dorlb Kenyan, herself . n well known cinema pltiy.2r, was i notching Sills and his daughter I Dorothy on the tennis court nt their Hrentwood Heights home near here. Suddenly the acior dropped | his racqiiol and imtioned to his tliuiyhler. . Dr. Jack Sleelc was summoned land ic.storativcs were tulmlnislcri'd ! tt-illi the aid of pulmotor. but Sills , win lityond help. With hi- wife, tl-olr small son i Kenye.n. Mis. jnmes 13. ICenyon. | his molhor-iu-law, hi.s diuit5iter. -ind Jack Goodrich, a Iriend of the actor and Justice McKnight wns reelcct- ed n vice-president. H 1 D3I1K addition of a spsclal' Hampshire swine show to the fair this year anil the ottering 01 special prizes for this breed of hogs has made this New Cotton Rates Still ., „ „, Uncertain Says lurner LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 1G (UP) — Arkansas bankers met here today to outline plans for the organla- ;:on of agricultural loan associations which will aid farnwrs in the drouth stricken areas of the state in financing next year's crop. The bankers met with the slate drouth relief committee which mad;' L:ins club is offering S25 iii prizes \ rehearsing from six to ten hours a day fo r the play which will bring her (o the speaking stage. And this is the first photograph to be made since her Broadway arrival of Colleen '-'in character."- She represents a girl stranded in a Mexican cantina am; her play, when it lakes to ihe road with an opening in Rochester, will be known either ns "On the Loose" or "Flame." Colleen is lhe first of the former silent screen family, nl his bedside, fiuietlv away. : the to be given a come-back chance by Arch Rclwyn, (he producer., iYlolOI'lsl DlSCOVCl'S Body, Badly Bealen, In Car on Road Near Jackson. grand champion "sow, boar or j Vilma Bank >'' Rod LaRoque and possibly Mary Pickford "ill will carry home a nice pice: i swinging into stage rehearsals. of the prize money this year. In j this department, the Blytheville soon be ° r cho to !hc <* rmeis who kep " ° n * ° nc . or t(vo oroo( i E0 ;vs. This is a priz.- ;; 00 " N 'ctherland. president of the 'cHering to small farmers and is ex- l possible for some ; [he mcei to slat? definitely j ; Federal Intermediate Credit •: of St. Louis and J. R of the bank. ex,.... of organizing and s. J. H. S'.an- the Arkansas ition, who attend- ting of bank exc- ngtpn, presided at f ° LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—W. S. Turner, secretary of the Arkansas C=t- | n ton Trade association, announced ! j, yesterday that information given . ] ( out September 1 wi : .h reference to p proposed new railroad freight rates • , :i en cotton was not authentic, and. c , it would bi imjiossible time lo come t what I he new rates would be. • He tMnnhrmnri i i • "Rates quoted to BosKn," says I fr " n( ^ fm "L ? rel;u ™ nnd Mr. Turner in an association bulle- ! - *" d „,,'"'*" „ posslbl >' lla ™ tin. "appear lo be wrong." | •-: no ,a £" " Cl hbccn s , cc »The rates mjotk he de- ! wh-her she is ±rt° ° '" W • dares, are nrobablv aDDroxima.nlv. r±;, l-.J'V'l. ^ or »""."! bank i pccl;a to be one which will briny Cosgrovc. I out some keen competition among ainrd the fanners who raise hogs only fo- tlvcir own meat supply. Next comes the dairy show witl District's Financial Difficulties Subject of Discussion This Afternoon. Several members of a committee appointed hist week ut a mcctln- cf school patrons met this aflei- iiDou with the Blythcvllle board o' education for a discussion of school affairs nnd lo offer suggestions for relieving the city's school system of its present, financial difficulties. Fnrris Simon, Claude Cooper'atvl nlnnr memUcrs of'the cKKeiis'group promised cooperation wilh th; bonrd in n program for placing the schools on a sound basis fintinclitl- ly. while Crawford Clrecne. super- inlcndent of schools, and several ^ members of the board presenter. • their views of the situation. j Sniiuii Ilrircs Lower .Salaries . West Main Street Cafe Gutted by Flames, Believed Work of Fire Bug. A.police Investigation of the fire early this morning that gutted the Interior of George Wright's cafe, 311 West Main street, owned- nnd operated by H. F. Marshall, was underway today with Spec McGregor .assistant cook at the cufe, and his companion. Archie Harrev held In Jail. No formal charges have been placed against (he two young men who are being held In separate cells. Remarks alleged lo have been made before the fire are said ic hnve centered suspicion of officers on the pair. It is understood, however ,thnt they deny having been in this city al the time the flr--> occurred, Homage Confined lo Cafe Damage to the building occupied by the restaurant was not- heavy according to Fire Chief Roy Head, being confined mostly to smoke damage and the walls which were scotched. The entire equipment of the cnfc and slock was destroyed by the blaze and Is estimated "10 be' valued at about $3,500. Tire restaurant, purchased by Marshall from George Wright, about a year ago. has operated 24 hours a day but recently night service was discontinued by the management. The blaze was first discovered by an employe of another Main street restaurant, who saw the fire from in front of the establishment where he worked and by Inmates of an upstairs hotel over the cafe. Police who first arrived at the scene declared the blaze originated In n small room buck of the cafe kitchen. Flames Quickly Exllngulshfd Two city (Vri; .tjir.te were called out buv only'Cut v/5*s brought Into • service as firemen succeeded in confining the blaze to the narrow confines of the restaurant and whipping It out. The police probe today was headed by Jim Burns, acting chief. In, the absence of M. G. Goodwin. . 1 ^r, * • '" re probably approximately: Beerv saui. "I am dreadfully';^. ' the fair 11 i-ci- i ripci. ... vitiert between Jerseys ani Hoi- steins. The Jersey department i: divided into two classes, one for registered stock and one for grade s'.ock. In the Holstein s'ilow cither registered or grade cattle may be shown. Tr.e dairy show will be held only three days. Thursday. Friday flilc ' Ea-urday. October 2. 3 and I. Ail livestock and hogs entered ir L npmes^di-; Husband of Attack Victim Leads Fruitless Search of Tennessee Jail. Blytheville School Costs Low Compared lo Others fed ar - t ' care<l lor ty the fair committee free of any expense to the owner. Dairy cattlf will be milked regularly if the owner does not wan: to do this for himself. 12 CnmmrniUir-S Kntrrcil Twelve communities have al- LAWRENCEBURG. Ten!l. Repl. Ifi i up i—A:i angry mob. bent nn lynchir.g John Spindle. 17 vp.-r old negro, wa 1 ; outguessed for ;!ie s-."' nil time within :i few hours by Sheriff Ncal Moron' who s;>ir:t?d the negro away to an unknown jni] before lhe first Sunday night. A mob arrived ,C ,UP, JACKSON. ..... . . 1,1 ""*' »>lt»l lliu |JL tOL-Ul ^ illUU (1 -Virnn 01 a murderous a.«auH,.,,, c do , ln comi)an . (1 wi , h th ,_ , the Wootlstalncd body oi Arhc Mc- (a , cw vclu , s ' was a||ch l , ^ °; Krnzie, 30. farmer, was found ly- I m mi i] scnool ,. 1X tod: ,.. was l]lc itip in his cnr today four miles: c-quivalent of n 40 mill lax a shor' north of herj nn the old McDonald , t i mc ngo |, c llr( . e(1 ^ nl ])lnsK fe ; road. j made for a general reduction o McKcnzic's body was a mnss ct j teachers salaries nexl year sayin? biuises. Tilows on the head had tint in view of changed conditions LJeeiV ASKS neip Alt- 'fnutnral the r,*ull. causing death, lower salaries would be equal in \Veck of Searchina • A tri:i1 of blcoli lci1 nw "- v rraln lll ° ixu'd'aslni; power to thai a year " ; cfir for nbiul one block and then j or Iwo ago of those no«- in forcn. disappeared. If sucli a program can be agreed MrKcnzle. who 0|x-rated a farm ! upon. Mr. Simon declared, he and in Hardeman county, but who made other members of the group which hi:, home in ,l.irksoi;. was found by ; a Jackson motorist who happened In he passing bv. TJ-.r man. view- Noahi Beery Asks Help After Week of Scare Fails to Locale Her. 1C HOLLYWOOD. Ca!.. Sen (UP)—Mr.-.. N'oaii Het-rv. w!'- o' '"''• llul "e in .l.irksoi;. was found by 111; represented would be glad Ic lhe screen character "actor has:- 1 Jackson motorist who happened give fullest-cooperation In any pro- been lhe ohject of a quiet search. 1 '" 1 '"* passing '»'- The man. view- gram fur maintaining the schools .'hire she disappeared from thi'| H> S lhe r:ir anil the uclim slumped j lor Hie full nine months of the. Eccry ranch near here a week ago -'» '*•• investigated. The road show- ; present term. He said that it was i her husband revealed to fricn-K i ed evidence of a struggle. j nis opinion, however, that if the i McKeniic left home Monday' situation was explained to the Beery has exhausted every clue: nlslu by himself, telling his wile I teachers they would be glad to co- to her whereabouts without result, he was goinj for a ride. He failed I operate by voluntarily taking a re! he s:i:d. in appealing for aid. Mrs. preliminary hearing at 3 p. in. \ - Mondav wa:. expected to bring Die •' Bcc! '- v m ' ovo away in her automo-jnot be negro back to far/? charges "f crirr,- i bilc iasl vvfck - Hrr departure went ! believe' return later, but his become alarmed McKcnzic is "ed lo have had a considerable Editor's Xolr: This is the second of 'a series of articles prepared In Superin|fJit;nt Crawford Greene (Irallns with vnriuu.s phases of thr local school situation. My CRAWFORD Superinlendenl of Schools Many peojile wonder where t : :e .'chool money goes to. It cost thr Blytheville School District the surf of 5106,824.74 to 0|>erate Its schools for 1929-30. Thh seems an unusually large amount to the casual ob server but. when unit costs are determined. it will be seen that the amount is not out of proportion with other schools. In fact, as wll! bs shown in another article, the unit costs are fairly low. Of the S10G.824.74 expended. !>• far the largest amount went for instructional expense. Included i- this Item were the following expenditures: Library supplies and books S327.P Class room supplies ........ G7.R7 Home economics departments 115.C Teachers' and Principals' salaries ................ Ge.SH.''" To:al ................. SG7.154.P Tlic expenditures for library .v class room supplies Is unusually low. Accordin? to rcconnnendfC standards the hiRh school alom should have the above amount available for its library. The salary expense covers ths- salaries of 55 teachers with A .sm<sll amount included for substitute teachers. I' win bj seen that the annroxi mntf salary of th" Blythevillr teachers Including principals, foi _ having exhibits at the fair and i... ,.„„_ .,„„„ , ' is expected that several others wn" OTIK o i f «^/ ich "P^- . make their final decision this week. i» ,,,« M: °'*?L a monlh fc " ' From all reports. Mississippi co'.m- n? n ,h, n°i rS 33 ;'. mon <»fornin-jty-s rural cormmmiiies are comin- months. Out oi this salary t h • I tcacheis are expected lo provid' ready signified tr.eir intention of il::l1 assault upon a white woman j "nnotireri n'. lhe time but. when she j sum rf money with him. ' ' cci-lain professional literature aiK oelong to certain organizations an-i attend school every third summer in addition to caring for their living expenses. If the median salary is computed by schools, we find the follow-in* figures as contrasted to cities of 10000 lo 30.000 and cities of 5.000 to 10.000 for the year 1328-1929. strong to show just what our coun- j ty can produce even under the mos" adverse conditions which we have had to face this summer. Kron As the hour for lhe trial approach- i f;iileit lo lclllnl !l "' Imsband be ed J. E. McKissttck. husband of Ihe ; camo MK ''°"*woman, led n mob of nearly 200 ID ] ' the Jail t-> take the negro Demanding to search for the r^gro they were allowed that privilege -nly to find Spindle still away. The sheriff and attorney gen- . eral had anticipated the 'eo^nnn I wife did! idjustment for the present year. Mr. Cooper spoke along the same line, saying that he would not, at- temp'. to force salary reductions Authorities nrc inclined lo believe robbery may have t.?en the motive for the murder. B'vilie median .. Cities Cities | charged for Everything in connection will!' the fair is free. There is absohitc- i L\- no enlrance fee of any kind Mississippi county ..11 be no admission 30.000 i f ec charged to the grounds or any part of the exhibits. Tr.e fair Is fo"- : Mississippi co-.mty folks to display their products in comparison Light Police Court Docket This Morning 2.500 2.050 3,57-i !.6€0 2.158 2.831 SI .3-12 1.634 1.861 • those of their neighbors and other sections of Ihe county. Elementary Schoo! ..'... £1.08-1 $1.415 Junior high . 1.155 1.528 Senior High . 1.540 1.729 Senior High Principals Junior High Principals Supervising Grade Principals .. l.'OO 2.235 Superintend'! 3.900 4192 °°xvh ed ft, Cll< S' nS 03 ., ™' otl '" Apartments ot th? When the Smith-Hughes teacher : Mr wi u be discussed in future ar- i !*«• £1. . 8 J'k ', " ° f vvhos °' Holes ,vhSch will appear in the I salary .s paid by the state i; ex- courier News from time to tim- cluded the high school median Fair catalogues are available fo' drops from S1546 to $1480. I frcc rt is;rib: : tion at the office of 'lr A light docket D. Gr.ivetlc in morning. Lula Hix. greeted Judgr \v. iMlire rourt ii:i-- bv •pj-e : " u *° '"''" np S rcs s- charged premium money is being supplic'-J ^ l ^ r " ny ~ was rmfd ' m by business Institutions and iudi- ' " viduals who have purchased sua^ In tile fair catalogue in order t^ 2.33? h c ip make our fair a permanent • 5 - 1 37 institution. «!•'•do! ofTicei' was arrested Bomar and Atkins. Cotrell Lar.e. arrested by Ji-v Burns. Acting Chief, and charge:) with disturbing the peace, was di-missed, w. J. Jii cs . charged with !«tlt larceny, was aiso dismissed Hr; -.las orre.ned by Chief M O Goodwir.. Monday Clarence Doran was fined ten dollars for disturbini! ; h • i ai:clhfi upor. ^^'lulT.'?^^ fJf* Clle i;- :b ' nk ' : " 10 COUr ' Cr News ° mCC aUd 'r' d banenl »»«"'hc"irWlng'of- Gained obSf^^ff ^^ . « busine^house, ln_Blythn-i,le. ; fleers certain that the teacher., «!.«.. j LONDON , (UP ,_ Fnr eiVn „««. '. for p'm Kv^ ™ «',? " nin the future will I oy Officer Owynii • agent, either of the Blvthevill; I charge as was !iis wife Gwvnr A-S or • ! — J - BlytV lu ,^^,, v in Blytheville are far from being ' j n Qr( ,, t Brlt-i exorbitant in view of their train- ! ," known " ing, experirnre and other conrti-' -n,,, s lions, navticularly the cost of living.: omcc' at Kre^' order cf Names Members of Tariff Body 1 Cr!tz Advises Negroes to Plant Fall Crops for this year, but that in his opin ion the teachers would be glad to. cooperate t. ohelp assure a full nine months school. If the board doc. no: care to make such a suggestion to the teachers he suggested Abduct Watchman, Blast Lake Village Gin Plant LAKE VILLAGE. Ark.—Authorities nre.sseking clues lo the unknown iv.rties who dynamited the Farmers tjln. owned by C. E. Webb, after abducting the night watchman, early yesterday morning. J. M. Cokely. the gin night jvati-hman. could not be found after the explosion and it was believed for a while that he had been killed as the three separate blasls rocked the structure. Shortly before daylight, however, he made his appearance reporting that he had been abducted by tv;o men and I carried in an automobile to within I a few, miles of Dermott where he was forced to alight, He said .he did not know his abductors. The Fanners Gin has been engaged in a price cutting fight wit-h the two other gins here this season. Severance Collections Refunded to Counties .LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Slate Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey yesterday- issued warrants totaling S4S.73-1.21, Ilial a citizens committee be per- rein . ese , U j, lg 3 third of the sever- muted to do so anre lax collected during the quar- The first oi r*7i, S of meetings j M^'&pT^th™ estcd j £ ^S'"^™ "UnST. fr negroes. !p on,or:d by ,-rof. I, | that for next year, if no other way j {^ "Su £«« M tlrst community la.u night. WASHINGTON'. S;pt. 10. (UP)— The 200 present heard J. E. Critz. President Hc-oicr today announced agricultural ascni. advise them in he appointment ol five or members of the tariff commission grazing th? planting of fall gardens, winter j upon which will fall the task of care cf revising thr> H.v.vky-Smaot flexible ' winter provisions of that legislation. The members are: Henry Fletcher, Pennsylvania, chairman: Thomas W.ilkci Page. Virginia tormcr .nember of the commission; John Coulter. Fargo. N. D.; Alfred Dennis. Maryland, piesent vici>- W. Haraway of ihe Armorel ne;ri) cut of the difficulty can be found, school for drouth relief, was held at I the local schools be operated upon a class "B" or class "C" basis, in-i stead of attempting to maintain ' the present class "A" standard. Other members of the committee ; and rover crops and the j expressed lhe belle their !ucsl ck during the teachers were aware lues under which ma..j ui m..-|juvi- , . h >.•».> "Self Help" r.nri 'Take What You | er iwople of the community were ty j. - t , r Bn " '"f sc "°°' funrt P. nave" were",!:, phnsc, k,pt before '"ing they would g ,.d.y accept sal- - %%* "^ oun „ refund was them In an arld : os.; by L. W- Hara- ary readjustments but Supcnr.lcn- ««« K !. C ~™ 1 ^ 1 way who urgcri '.hem tn also can all; nellt - Greene, called upon to ex- j '.ur'plus chickens greens, be.ins and ! P ress . hi > yiews. said that lie [ Total colleslions amounted to only S149.202.63. the lowest collections I' for any quarter since the law was ' I enacted. Two thirds of the tax retained by the state is credited to i the common school fund and the ''," ! third turned back to the counties " I is divided equally between the coun- by the stale auditor. tcmatoes. A similar tncfltinj will be held, cnairmcui: and Edgar B. Broussard. .every Tuesday nisht :-o as to keep J" sl - On tnc otner hand ' nc sa!<i Utah, chapman o! the old com- the peop'.e well Sr.iorrr.ed as f): nc was sure n11 of lhcm mission. measures bcli-.g tnkr:, for drouth i Pla<l__to_ cooperate i«»y as citizen 1 relief and to stimulate coopera- thought most of the teachers would : I R nr l, r n ». P n ]\re reeard any such suggestion as tin- Llll ' e KOCK LUtS r ° 11Ce Force to Save Expenses Legion Will Install ?'>'i>'«!vlllc_ in contribuiins to- tior.. acco:din? to Hsr^way. '• word any fund that might be rat'-1 e.1 by the people of the district to , J, v ; mske ;ip the deficit anf carry the schools lor the full term. New Officers TonighSIBelieve Spring Poisoned by Nearby Lead Minej Doctor Orders Vacation Rejervalions In the hands of R J. Dodson and F. A. White, members of a committee in charge of the aflair. indicated that about tor- (rcm poi ' c:l - c! ty would be on Grill at 7:30 tonight for nual post dinner and " . Analvsis of :lie water E. A. Rice will be Installed as -made by state chemist'., commander of the pos:, succeed-, nenops showed eidvts mg c. R..Babcock. I poisoning. HARRISON". Ar:<., Efi>t. 16 (UP) 1 —Mrs. Sam Farmer. 18. was feared; : WASHINGTON. Sept. 16. <UP>- •~ | cider son. Is in a "badly run down i condition," and has been ordered ay ' bn ' ieved !0 r ° T ' riri ' llting Ile j r ,, i catl n ., ine LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Sept. 16. (UP)—In order to keep the city ithin its financial Income mem- 0 '," j bers of (hi police force and other ' city employes today were "chopped I off" the payroll. j Faced by a large deficit the city I council decided strictest economy for Herbert Hoover jr. ^^^SlS^ missed and many other city em- affected by the retrench- was to be All ot the by Dr. Joel T- Bcone, White House physician, to take several months lead p complete rest, i; was announced a; the executive offices today. WEATHER ARKAN'SAS-Kair. slightly warmer tonight; Wednesday fjlr,

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