Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 10, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 6
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toiintrysitle Exciting Doings in Playhouse Tlio su»;_ i> t"U lU'is nil si'Vtl-;i\ il:i>; W \v.:r 1M , .-. .•l ^>l•'. ami !h. ^^, I IV. \ • RiK'liI h;uK my :• i iHitol II H';:i !•: • > . with u\\ \\ 1 11 ir.. . •h.T>- is > ; ; • V ~ \>,.\, V. • \ •-' : •-• ' 1.0.rc : : • ir.ll-.s; l.M \ i.-M ..i .-u.' H> SI SAN i:isi:i.i; l-.r tiiii.' m imus.- ixl.m.s mi, cm thr ntlirr sidi-. ;i lii(4li. luiiy V .niil .lisur.. • lirirl; liuikliiit;. wiiulnwli'ss. t>( (.oiifHi', and lookiti||.' 'i\ ;•;'.!<;:•:: \ • i > imn .'i liki' i:rt;U ffftirss. . hilili 1 cali'l liavi' liltl , 1 ij.: : t!.l- P I NOW WHO SA^S w 1-. r.l l:k • lo l(no\\ •• I !1 .••u rliciiit a l..aiitil'iil iHittiiii ir. S',i-ii\ v\iy. Iu-!iii>.v:iii>; lo Mrs. Uriiwn. whu Huiilrvai.l. iii'ar KiliUia WchsliT? Red Sox Ramble; Win Opener, 10 to 6 colli niiin .lav iiStT. 1 .•••.i;,! ha\ ins of ] . spi'in I110I-, Iioii't tliink 'iitton.>i tlum -.i tiiiir thi'ii' with lii'i I ha\'t* cvi'i .'^ccn a WOl I I) I IKi: TO vou ah.nil oiu- of lirr liiit- • ;. •. . !••.> whai IS so iinvisual. It lamWl hi' niiulr r!u'' V !• .^;i:uia\- school ptojccl. Mr.s. FSrown • ..^ V. Vi'c: ) \nti pat into a .sci-aphook button;; .s!i;n.;\ oi rcpr. s.ait ov.'iy viMsr in the Hihlc. Kit; -I ti-..- !';:t!.>n is in thf .shape of. .say. a lamb, .i -si.'i, .1 it has the pirtuia' on it of somi'- •:irc \:ics,!V.' of th<> like Ri'boccah .at tl;.> w-II .1 I, a! of hj. ad and .<!iu-h. The button i.s • vv<: to a «.-ct!on of tho cnrdboaid pajfo in tho -ii v;;-... 'K .ind thi Bibb.' viTsr it ioi)rc.scfits i.s print! i: :r. ti-.-- s.'rtion. Ti;;s uouid no- only he ;i good way to start n but- I ivn loilection but would bo a K'ood way. too, of ii<arnir.i: Bib':.-^s. Combining the Vindicator and Hopubllc&n, PublUhed Kvery Evcnlnc E.<cc(?pt Sunday and Principal Holidays, Kntorcd as sfcond matter Oct. 6, 1&30 at the poLtofflce at Kslli- ervllie. Iowa, under tlies act oj MarcH 3, isra. 6 Tiies., June 10, 1952 Owned and Published by: Dcemer l«e, iCdItor and Publislier, Hobert N, AdvortlsinK Maiiager. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively 10 the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newa- pap<-r as well as all A P nowa dispatches. SUBSCRIPTION TKRilS By mall In Emmet, Koriujj, Palo Alto. Clay. Dickinson, Jackson jnd Martin counUes: one year $8; six months $4.23; three months $2.25; ."> weoks 51. By maij outside alx^vt cc mttes one year JIO: six iwjnths J5.2t.; three months $2.70; one month #1.00. By Little ilerciiant ;ij-rlor; per wetrf 30c; one year $lf, six moolhs il.'ii; three months J3.7S. Memt>er of tho Iowa Press Association, Iowa Dally Preiis Association. National Editorial Assoclatioa and Inlaxiii Presa AssoclaUon. B(jslon Red Sox (/() iiiio 1 irsi Place REPRK.SENTATIVES ExchanKe, Om.iha: also Atlanta anrt General adveriu^inK representatives; Inland .Newspaper Representatives, Inc. WrlBley Bids.. Chlcaso; 512 Fifth Are., New York; Security Bldj;., Ht. Loull, 1012 Baltimore, Kansas City, 428 Grain Dallas. , Puiblo 10. Lincoln 9: Colorado Springs 4. Dt-s Moines 3. ; \Mi;i:i( AN I.I:A<.[ K \V. I, • Bo.-ton J'.i 2'i ..0'*2 New Vvik L'."i 1» as] ! n. Acland 21 ."j Hi 1 Wa.shin;;ton 22 4 Chi' :il;o 'jr, 2! 4 I'hil.-id. l|,liia 22 .•!7(; 5', St. I.onis 2N 7' • D.I ion • I'l .:n:', 12, .Miiiiday's results: Bo.s ton Detroit k_ Only t'yiiii played. \\ edin-sd;ty\ srheiliile: Clev, land \L(wt of SlOO I lis Recovered at \Va.shiii;;ton lnii;ht); Cliica^'o at fliiladelplila (nifhti; SI. Louis at Boinon uii-iit.; Detioii at Ni-w York. Ki;i) .SOX UASKIJALL f;ins probably will see .lolin Ke.n,. patrol riKht field for ih. Hai- letii Cl-obetrotlers wlleli they play liere Thursiiay iiij;hl against the lied .Sox. Kf CiKNK \Vliri K i.s a ed third liasemaii uiih ih,- Mai - lem 'Jrobe-iiolla.- wiui i.lay here Thur.sday lurhl the J^c-d .So.\ 'I'll,. i;iob,.tiot- ter.s tiavel the eouiitiA- over and arc le^arded HH real ,h(ni- iiien on the diaiiioiid. Hiuoklyii -Vevv Yoi k Chica>;o .St. Louis Cincinnati NATIO.NAI, M;.\(;LI; U", L 11 u: H I 2(1 2t; ;;(i 2!< 21 pel. .7(;i .<i.')2 ,0 .IHh Ki .len V.','. i'biladelpliia 1!' 2*1 .122 15", Boston I'.i 27 AV, 16 I'itt.sbur).-li 12 to .2:;i 26 .•Monday's n-sults: liosion IM IIH- but^rh 2, I'rookUn i\. St. Ixjuis 2. Only i^anie.'i .scheduled WiHlncsilay'H schedule: Boston at PiUsbMijAh lnli:hli; New York at Cincinnati ini;^bti; Hio<>kiyii at .St. Loiii.s (nif;hti; I'hiladelphia at Clii- ta^D. WKSJKUN I,KA(,I!i: Last iiiKht'h rcMiUs: CJmaha 16. Wichita 0; Siou.x l.'ily », fx-nvfr .'i; NOW SHOWl.X; Ends NVciliicsday "QUO VADIS II JtolH'il 'rayloi- D(>bf)i'ah Ken- Coltji- hy Tivlinicolor Knoxvillc. la., June 10 /P Loot (onsistintr of around .SlOO in and a (juanlity of auto acccssorie.s •rt-as t-pcovr-rod yesterday with the an est of three young men charpod '.vith burKltirizinp the Wilson fillinf; si.ition and garafft at Eu.s.scy Sunday nipht. the tlirce W(,ie identified by R. W. Neherj,'all, chief of the stnto biiieau of investigation in Dos .Moines a-s William H. Morrison, 24, Baker.sfiPld. Calif.; William B. Power.s Jr . 22, Memphis, Tcnn., and Billy Flood Lcjpcr, 17, Amarillo, Tex. .N'eherKiill .stiid they .signed .<itate- nient.s admitting tht broakin. They were arrested at Harvoy and brought here for arraignment. A .safe wiiich contained th<^ stolen money v.-as carted away and has not been found. , 1^ Spencer Nine Will Play Here Tonight BV IIOVT I.UITIILV ThlnjTs nil) lookinR ii little bit up on the bunks of tho West Dos Moln- e.s this morning. The Ked Sox are sole ownri-R of place in tin- Iowa State leaRue. Thoy w-hipped the Wall Lake Popcorn Kernels last night !it Wall Lake, 10 lo fl. Brilliant fieltling, headHUp running and-a 15-hit attack woi-e the faclor.s Inrgely responsible tor tlie success of the So.x In their league opiMier. And there's a lot to l)e anid for the hustle and determination the homo club oxhlliitH on the diamond with Manager "Gus Freeman, a fightln' aklppcv, leading the way. S; =1! * IIKKI-rS A I'OINT-by-point d<'- stription of the key reasons for the EsthcrvlUo victory. In the fielding department the Sox pulled off ti baaebally rarity, a triple play, plus three double plays and errorless hall In the outfield. Those four multiple killings stopped short potential Wall Lake scoring sallies. The triple play came in the fifth inning with runners on first and second base. Willie Wells, Kernel Icadoff man. rifled a liner toward right field for what appeared to be a base hit. Freeman snagged the ball In- his gloved hand, tossed to Boettchcr to double up Bill Blair and Mike relayed a throw- to Bartkowski to get pitcher LeRoy Johnson for tho third out. Double plays were engineered in the first, third and fourth innings to help the locals over some rough spots. » • • BA.SI';nUNNING—in the thiid inning the Sox pulled a double steal which let Freeman score the third Eathorvillo run; in the eighth with the bases full Roman Bart- kowsk! drilled a hit off the pitcher's glove which rolled into sltort rightfield and while the Kernels were chasing tiie ball all three E.s- therville runners on bases kept going and all scored, including Freeman who started from first base. Hitting--15 hits including throe ; doubles and a home run by Gordie | Winkel kept the So.x constantly j threatening and the locals were ad-: cpt at hitting with runners in .scoring position. Six of the nine locals got more than one hit apiece, two got one and only Billy Dudding wa-s blanked and he hit the ball ha.-d at lea-st three timcsv but it went ;r.- to the hands of the opposition. • It » THK KKRNKL.S started scoring, getting two counters the inning on an error, an ;r.- field out and two hits. The Sox ti'-i up the game in the- second nr. \ double, a hit bat.sman, an error ar^ri a single. The Sox w-ent ahead. 4-2. in the tliird on a single, a .sacrifice a double, a double steal and --t single and were in front the test of the game. The locals made it 5-2 in the top of the fifth on a single and a double but Wall Luke closed the gap to 5-3 in the bottom of the .sixth scoring on two two-baggers. i In the Sox eighth they cha.sed \ home four runs to go in front. S-."!, j Jim Woltz opened the frame i*-ith | a single and Gordie Winkel beat i out a bunt. Bill Mosser saciificed them to second and third. Jack Haley walked lo load the bases and Boettchcr skied to c.-nter, Woltz scoring after the catch. Freeman walked to load the liases again and then Bartkowski uncorked his single that cleaned the sacks. V WALL LAKK CA.MK back with Bov Scoi'e • STtnCIlVILLK. i\l> r h po H Kaley, rf a 1 1 1 «l iiiiel teller, ss I'l II 1 1 Kreemun, 'Ih t •I •\ ,'t lln-tUmvsUI, Ih 1 1 •I 7 II Spiiid, ef 1 o <i I n Ixiiidings, e ,) n 1) 7 0 Woll/., If 1 2 3 0 Winkel, :<li fi >* 2 ,i .Mosser, p •1 II 2 U Tiitnts 10 10 l.a •i; II WALL LAKK all r h pti a WelK 21. a I 0 1 5 Brewii, r> 3 1 I I AleDniilel, rf 1 1 ,1 I II Ilduard, e 1 II J 1 I'ltrker, lb 1 (1 II u II Keene, ef 1 0 0 I 0 Pearson, If 3 0 1 0 II Williams, ss 4 0 tl 4 Bhilr, If-ef 1 1 1 .5 I) •fohnsiin, p 0 I 0 •1 • Oohher I 0 ' II II Totals 37 (i 14 13 Four Teams Slill Fiecl for Top in Norlli Iowa Loop -singled for .lohiisoii In the !tth Kstherville Wi'i 010 041—10 Wall Lake -.'OO 001 0',M— (i •Summary: K, Winkel, Free- mun, I'arker; RBL Kuley, Boetteher, BirrtUowskl 3, Spaid, Wolt. Winkel, .•MoOaiilel, Howard 3, Parker, Doblier; '^B, Spaid 'l. Winkel, Brown, Howard; 3B, Blair: HR, Winkel; .Sue., Bui', ."Mosser; SB, Preeiiiaii, ^^puid, WoUz; left, Kstherville 0, Wall Lake a. DP, >!osser-Kreeniun-Bart- kOH-ski; Winket-Freenuiii-Bart- kowski: Boettcher-Freenian- Btirtkowski; TP, V"reomaii-B«- cttoher-Bartkowski; BB, .Mosser I, Johnson 3; .SO, Mos.ser 7, Johason '2; HP, Johnson (Woltz!; Biitk, Mosser; PB, Howard. Umpires: Giimlniun and Zles- ner. .North liiwa Teiini Ledyard iOmnielshiii'g Walllngfoid I-'en(oM Cylinder (inietlliiger Kstherville Uingsted Softliull W. 3 3 3 ,j 0 0 0 0 .eilglle L Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .000 .000 two in their halt of th.^ eiphth on three singles in a row and a fly to center field to bring the score to 9-5 Gordie Winkel lofted a home run over the left field fence in the ninth to give the Sox their final tally and Wall Lake also closed with one marker on a tripl- hy Bill Bii:r a.-.d a'.e by pmchhit- ter. Dobb«:r Th.j Sox face th. ;r second L.^wa State ;-'a.JUc oppor.;t of rho se.vson lor.vcrht. ti-.i sp^nc-'t Cards. Do:\ H.i!i wU do th..' thro'.vini: tor the honi.? i::-jb ;ind i*. proba'^Iy wxW be Ron MT.'A'. or St-;-*- ilackic for Boosting for Kassell '.•V.i^j-.;=j'.,;.-. '.fx—Enin:«: F Rv- .:r Lr:d,:r-.v.3.;c. I.i.. is a m.;mbe.- ! of far:-:: U:^C^r~ -i.i.:- .•=•':-.. p.;.-;'.:i.-.i;i o: •:.>.-.:;;i. „-..i;.-.r. il.*m-:' r:- ^.U-- iroun wiff.' annoui^csd h-'r»- ;•-s- terd.-iy, Ryan a.?rv^<i on tr.- lu-.i-- Firm. Bnri^a--:'3 thre<?-fnan res.-ii-• f. coni3:;r.t.!e 1!)5C-31. Last Wi'ek's Hesiiits Venton » Kstherville 3 Ledyard 'I, (Iritetllnger 0 Wulllngford 10, Clylnder 7 Kmmelsburg I, Uingsted 2 Oami-s Tonight Kmnietsbiirg ai C.vllnder Uingsted at Wallingford Kenton ut Craettlnrrer Tlmrsdiiy Nljrht Lulte I'ark at Wulllngford Kriday Night Ledyard vs. Kstherville uf Wallingford. The four toj) teams in the Nortli Iowa Softball league continue undefeated after last weeks piny ami the four bottom aggrogathms havo \et to win a game. Fcnton and Ledyaid had th • closest calls us Fenton came from behind lo edge Eslherville, 4-3, while Graettingcr gave Ledyard a tough battle, losing 2-0. This week's play finds the four leaders again meeting the aeond division clubs. However if the front runners get by this week's play unscathed they will run into trouble next week, when they start playing tigainst eah other. i The game tonight between Ring- .stcd and Wallingford was originally shceduled for Rlngsted but because of a circus at Ringstcd tho site has been hacnged to Wallingford. The Merchants will play an exhibition game Thursdjiy night and the K. C.'s from Eslherville i will tw host to Ledyaid Friday j night at the Wallingford diamond ' Hiekenlooper Warn.s Iowa RepublicaiLs Cedar Rapids: la.. June 10 liT"! C. S. Son-Ator Bourke B. Hicken, looper warned Iowa republicans ' Ust night not to be complacent I'-bout their hopes for victory in the presidential election this year. H..> spoke before Linn county republicans at a fund-raising din- Hick-^nlooper advisetl his fellow party membe^^l to w-ork actively ; for si G O. P victory but not to' that victory ha.s'>j<en won ; -inti! the election is over. "We did that four years ago," ; h • said. •Wo counted the ballots 'i h- fore the election. You .saw what ' hiirip<-'ned." Marine Division To Gt'l Ice Ci'«'ani V.'aahingtoi), June 10 l/l'i IJnits of the First marine division on the front lines in Koiea will get ice cream three times a week this summer. Announcing this today, the marine corps .said it was possible through ' use of Insulated^ bags, used last winter to carry hot' rations, II .said each bap will keep five gallons of ice cieam hard for eight hours. Father's Day Sunday, June 15 "The Store for Men Started Chicks SPECIALS White Leghorn Pulle+s Aus+ra-White Pullets Hamp-White Pullets (Tw<» iiiul Tlirt'o Weeks Old) WOODLEY'S HATCHERY Soiilh 6lh St. — KKthervilie "HOCKE Moe THAN ANY OTHEI) GAR! MAKE A DATt WITH THE llytlraullc , Sltrrlil$, Uonat at tin MM. No clouht nhoiit it—propio who buy new car* todoy are interr.slcd in />oiiw, I'owcr for per- roriAancn! Power for surety! I'owor for comfort and driving nuso! That's why OldBinobilo'a new Super "88"— with mora horsepuwvr jier SEE YOUR dollar than any other car on thu market —is such an outslantling luolor car vajiic. 'J'licro't 160 high -comprcRSiun lioracpower in lliul now "Rocket" Engine Anit olotig with all lliii power ... a line-up of now features lliot can 't he found in ^ny other oar near the prico; GM llydrauliu Steering* . . . Rydra-MatiQ Supw Drive* . . . now Slubilliiod Cbassis . . .,p|iu OldHinobilo'H covoltuionary now Aulruuio-Ey^i* Call Its today—make a dale willv tUeif'ftP?'' ncALER NEAREST OLDSMOBILE MOTOR INN. 114 S. Sixth St. Eslherville, Iowa THflfIvs Abr wiifTNTeT DftiVE OUR SPPriAi, "ROCVET T' SHOW CAQ TOOAY! VIO FLINT • A J^'LT^ ^'^^^^ V ^'o^v vex I IAKCHBZ POCUt, WOW'l BUT ILL P -B- iCn^THEV C70 IT N-"i:-pk ..POUT WnrwOUT A TKACE? Ac( IP [—YOU'LL P-P- V5UeE ,V\B PKO/VMSE TO LET ) CA.M THE PAAAE IM < MAl^E A QK-lc-KA^, PLIKJT, I'LL C-C-CALL VOU Muer BE t\ aooD O MEN THEY SAY IONS ^9 A MAN'S GOT HI6 HAT, HE'S NOT TOO SW\0 0FK -'A

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