The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 23, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1935
Page 5
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FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE ttPTON TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS CANTED—Paper cleaning. Rev. FOR SALE—One acre of ground with 6-room house and good poultry house; Berryman pike. Foster & Purvis. c-201 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—All kinds vegetable plants, cheap. B. C. Chambers, 531 N. Independence. c-tf FOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Ibs, for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion Phone 1616. U FOR SALE — Good work horse. Irvin Meyers. oif FOR SALE—3-piece living room suite, overstuffed; call at 237 Maple street. p-200 FOR SALE—Nice early cabbage plants, 30c per 100. Bernie Chambers. c-200 FOR SALE^—New Universal >ac- niim sweeper, $;H.!>5 value, fo .5-3.50; motor driven brush; apply Tribune. c-200 FOIl SALE—A few 1. 2 and I! year-old ewes; pood ones; pric *S per head. B. F. Leavell. c-2(H chick.* town, Ind IMPORTANT—Order chirk in advance. Hatch oad Mon. Heavies S7.« per 100 fT.l'i per SCO; $7.00 per l.ono I>ars« type Wlillc Leghorns Jfi.95 per 100: fG.75 per 500 J6.SO per l.iiiHi. Few stanei Hoosier llatclirry. Michigan FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks proven the cheapest, tor farme or poultry man; a tew started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. of FOR SALE—Young fries. dressed if desired; delivered. Mrs. .loss Uevault. Phone 11X3. FOR SALE — G-year-old horse Fordson tractor and Oliver 12 inch tractor'plow; 2 I- H. C. ro tary hoes; y-in. Letz burr fci'd mill; 7-ft- Osl'orne binder. But Implement Store. Phone 33XS c-t !Barnes. Phone. 39. p-202 WANTED—Pupils in violin, voice, I piano; in Tipton one day a iweek through summer. Lois M. Slone. c-201 PERSONAL STOMACH ULCER, gas pains, in- idigestion victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free sam- •ple of Udga, a doctor's prescrip- jtion at Lewis Speckbaugh's. p-T-W-T.21 FOR RENT ['"£>R RENT — 2 furnished rooms. !522 North Conde street. Phone . : 48. FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune BIdg. t 1 MISCELLANEOUS I AM OPENING my shoe shop d home, 310 South Independent- jst. Henry Fritz. P-200 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS — Reasonable rat' fFieldimr & Fielding. FOOD AXI) I>IU.'CJ BILL. A Compromise May Permit I' sage of Hill This Ssssioii. SENATE KILLED. Continued from Page I. o attempt to attach a bonus rider to the pending naval appropriation bill. As the senate voted Sen. Marcus Coolidge, D., Mass., was revealed as the first switch. He voted to uphold the president's veto whereas on May 7 he voted for passage of the Patman bill. (By United Press). Washington, May 23. — Sen. Hney P. Long, D., La., one of th? leaders in the fight for the bonus, conceded today that the senate would sustain President velt's veto. Washington, May 23.—President Roosevelt's veto of tbe Patman bonus bill comes before tbe mun.Fivnch ,,,,„>-, ; «,i, ; ,,, may ,senate today with leaders cc,,,.i- »'" »•'»» ^ ""I:'''.:"; dent the veto will be sustained by! > >"''' tl1 _"" a margin of at least three, and perhaps six votes. j A private administration poll listed 3S senators in favor of upholding tbe president. Thirty-five, votes, three more than necessary, wore said to be definitely pledged. It was reported but not confirmed, that a movement was developing among Republicans '" switch enough votes to over-ride the veto. Hut New Healers said they were not worried. Administration senators said that sustaining of the veto would mean the end of bonus legislation at the present session but bonus Direct Conversation Between These Two Nations on i Armaments. RESULT OF ADDRESS <!!>• rnitnl rri.ssl. Paris. May 2:;.- A direct (l-.-r- JOHX HOWATT DIED. Aged Resident of Wildcat Township nicfl at Dmigfitcr's Home. The Windfall community lost one of ita highly respected and beloved pioneer residents Thursday morning when John Howatt succumbed at the home of'his daughter, Mrs/Jesse Shock- now, 2 =••,"• miles east of Windfall. Tho aged man had been in fail- in}; health for the past three years siiffurlnK [with heart and dropsi- cal troubles, and during the past few weeks his Condition had been critical. John Howatt spent practically his "ontire life in the Windfall community coming to this conn- Iv when yot young, frpm Cincin- wlll be In the Brookslde cemer tery. ' . •' '' There was scarcely a better beloved or more vrell thought of man in that part of the community than Mr. Howatt and his passing is a matter of general regret with all. The body will lie in state at the daughter's home prior to the hour of the services, and friends are welcome to call. was indicated today. Mlirial opinion wa e<-h did not dose loUalinii «f ari-.ian •i ' intimated lhat LUTHERAN" MEETING. Si-lection of Officials at Ft. Wayne Meeting Wednesday. Ft. Wayne, May 23.—Selection of directors, trustees and board members for schools and synodi- cal boards of the Indiana synod Inati. Ohio, v.-heiv ho was »o™' o£ the United Luthferan Church in America featured yesterday's session of the •convention here. The Rev. J. S. Albert of Indianapolis, was re-elected one of the representatives of the synod to serve on the board of directors of Wittenberg college. L. F. Riden- Indictments Are Expected in Racket That Cost 17. S. $7,000 Per Month. ' for many; years imilr smith <u' Windfall, and was uu-tiv.-ly (iiriaiii-d in fanning un- lil ten years ago when be retired. ! Sine.- tbe; death of his .wifi- in I 1 .!: 1 ,", he Iliad spent much of his many i' 1 spnnsiblf uov/ licials lielii;ve lo In- Hi — ilirei-l talk. TlHTo Wi-ri' many IItlU:-i-'s speech -in « lilell look exceplinll. .-Uldy ol t!i thai ; many iionrt w«'i - " i • un-iti nipt ion. n c 'Xl sle|) time with' his daughter. Hi-s par- . nnl: " " ,„„. ,,f this city, was elected i ins v.-i-rii William and Almnuj board member. lAllrlll HuW.ltt. Surviving besides the daughter | I advocates refused to concede de»Py United Tress). , Washington, May 2:).—A com- feat. promise which may permit pas-| Sen. Bennett CUamp Clark. D.. sa>e of food and drug legislation j Mo., intends lo move, when and 11 during the present session of con- the veto is sustained, to attach a gross has been reached, Sen. Royal S. Copeland, D., N. Y., announced today. The Copeland food and are a t'.os- Freeking of Cin- raiidrhildron. one Others named included Mrs. A. K. Mumnia of Ilarlan, as lay member on the board of trustees of Oesterlen orphans' home at :,-,„ and two! Springfield. O. The Rev. Paul Howatt oC ' Fort Brosy of Gosheu. was named on iniuiii. tlle synod's summer school board, active! Martin L. Zerkle of Anderson, was Laval. furci:;ii iiiini- wlHiiiavnr a dir-'i-t tall; wiiii many. v.-i-re l,f: niv in c-nn bonus rider to the pending naval appropriations bill. Since suspension of the rules by a two-thirds vote is ncc-ssary bill which was considered earlier', to add general legislation to uu injlhe session is now on the sen-' appropriation bill. Clark's gesture atb calendar, to which it was re-1 would afford a test of whetbcr or tiijrned after Sen. Josiah W. Ka i-| not a compromise bonusjiill •• ley, D., N. C., secured adoption of an amendment prohibiting the secretary of agriculture from making multiple seizures of con- Tfaniiuli C i-'railce !i:i\e ; i"i'i. lhal r.ei-ia! ii- I. us. I'.iv.iy 'v.'.ri-h i hides C'.-rniany :mi.-i. lie a nl' ail all embracin-: li'i-a!y t-i i'm- vii!- 1 ! Jia: ilicat inn .tinl Ihuitaiinii nl' VVilft k'.ll iln.l*>- Windfall Masonic'elated a director of the synods ,.„„„.„ in attendance at homo missions and church exteii- ,i li:; sa>lo,u; us his health ;sion. The Rev. C. F. Koch of I Richmond, was elected to the S pl CM .j board of "directors of the Mulberry home for the aged near Lafay- INJURED NAVAL GUNS (J3y United Press). Los Angeles, May 23. — Indictment of several persons was expected today in connection with an asserted "wiping rag fraud' directed at the United States navy, Naval intelligence agents tes tided before a federal grand jur> that the purported fraud cost tho navy nearly $7.000 a month and potentially endangered equipmeiv and guns in the event of war. Officials said the navy contract ed for !a supply of more than 100.OOQ pounds of cotton rags o a specified quality to be used fo •polishijjg and cleaning guns am other mechanism. Agents testified that after th< rags were inspected, bales wer brokeniopen and found to contair ers, burlap, and other material which ivonld not absorb oil. Assistant United States Attor- Driciin. l:;dv an,] did ma" will be conducted Satur lUiy al'i'-rnoiin at 2:00 o'clock alette. .T. W. Yoder of Ooshen. and j „, _. , .. that unless said above namea ae-. ney William Fleet Palmer said j fell( j2nts be and appear in the. Hnmntrii ; r\ (ho navv \Vn«s ilV!*nkMl- *r;«fr.^.. r*;»-*.i,it P^nr» liofMrr* tb^>- i-i (I. W. Winfivy in chars A. F. Sittloli of Richmond, were Ituriai'» limc<J on t)lc s - vllod ' s c * eeutive with Rev. i committee. Olllll be enacted over the President' veto. His compromise is dumned goods. Copeland said that senators FOR SALE — New Remington No S noiseless typewriter, shopworn, regular price $73.50, sale. cash. Tribune who led the fight for tliu Bailey amendment had agreed to a modi- give the President the choice paying tho bonus in cash. bonds, or out of the S I.SS».iinii.- 000 work relief fund. An effort was made to hrin price JG1.50 Press. tf FOR KALK—-'-year-old 1'erchev- on gelding and smooth month Clydesdale, mare. Frank I'en- iiington, 2'.j miles north of Nor- inanrla. c-l'J9 S'OR RALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone &TJ. Kdna Burkhait Co. c-tf >~OK SALK — Gas station and line h room: state road; (loins a suod business; living quarters; rent ST.TjU; SGiM.i cash. L. W. Fuller. c-VJ'J 1'RIVATE SALE—At Mrs. F. K. Davis home. ::;;2 North Inde|»-nee street; call any tiiu<:: buifi't. dining table, chairs, licds, etc. c-tf fixation which would allow the '»<' 1 '°»« s iss ' In in tlln • t ' IulU secretary to order multiple sciz- ™ n " as tllc h ""- s<! ll: " 1 ! "' lt; ' 1 1|1U uitcsonly when the products were';'"I'IKirtevs of the bonus, frankly declared'"injurious to health." (admitting they did not rare to The bill would give control | "sk a vote so soon after mcr food, drug and cosmetic pro-' Itonscvrlfs unprecedented dt Mr. ,,,-r- ction. i viiuf-i tutu v.v«-jiii«-*«i- !•«•marketing and advertis-i *"»"' lit-iivcry of his bonus vel uit;iii'ii, iiiiiia^ii«»t-t «»ni.* t»-j i—••.---• in,- to tbe department of iipri- bb.cked action until today. Iture. KltKK llein: Taken Kiom I lie (iroiiiul I.o.s Angel:-.'-. H was finally aKivud lo brinu tin- senate together at Id a. in. I wo hours earlier than usual, and proceed with the bonus deba'.c under a limitation which permits senators to sjienk only oner. _ tjien for not more than 30 min- 'l.o.s Angeles. .Mav 23. — lliin-i ul( '-• dreds «f pel-sons slampt-iled 1.0! That arrangi-inont sdttld l.rini; tin- harbor dislria yesU-rduy aflorj" V() "' "'>' mid-afternoon. an underground lake, said by Kire Chief Ralph Scott to consist Tbe reaction to the President's t hi speech yesterday varied with tho (iRAXI) PIANC|( BARGAIN — Itathcr than to resbip, will sac- rific.! beautiful baby grand piano, balance due S1SG.40, on easy terms of $10 per month: references required in first letter; for particulars write Credit Manager, K12 Main street. Anderson, Ind. c-200 of 1 pure gasoline, was discovered. I Personal beliefs of commentators. ' i> j [Die rush started when persons H "i'l not appear to have changed found lhat by digging shallow wctlls at. Anaheim road and Uad- Kt'C avenue in the Wilmington district they could dip out gasoline in buckets. Scon as.ser!''(l I lie nn- dej'Rround deposit was too great to! be accounted for by seepage from nearby "tank farms." lie said bis only theory was that deep oil deposits had begun self distillation. WANTED WANTED—You to know we have plenty of wall paper at 8 cents a double roll. Rexall, Drugs. c-tf MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE KW AM) CSKI) AVASHKKS I'srcl Ga-s Engine For Demonstration C»U 83 SERVICE MOTOR CO. I Range Used Car Bargains 1933 V-8 Coupe, 1933 5-Paasenger Coupe : 1929 tfodel A Coach 1929 Model A Coupe 19£8 Model A Coach Main I^P^^T Will Change i.iiru;:>m. Is a l!u>y Man. IJsh Cox, has been a busy man for the past ten days walchiim.yof the vhiuc of savings. UK? razing of tlie Kleyla tlieat'':' and Compton & Son buildings and has been too much occupied to spend much time at home. Wednesday evening when he went to his home corner of West and Madison streets he found a note from a cousin D. Hendricks of Jonnson county, slating that Mr. Helndricks and several others, wli<i reside near Franklin in Johnson county bad called. He bad not senn Mr. Hendricks for 20 years and was very sorry he missed him. The Johnson county lives on the homestead of grandfather of both in Hendricks coijnty, it never haying passed oui of the family. ^lr. Cox Is considering employing an assistant so he will not miss anything. the used Car Bargains !'31 Chevrolet Sedan '34 Plymouth Oo&ch 130 Ford Coach '32 Plymouth Coupe any votes, although it strengthened several in their determination to .support him. In (be main, however, . who had opposed it took the President's address as the text for new sermon against it. * ' Likewise, those who oppose in-' flation cheered Mr. Roosevelt's warning of the "disastrous rouse-' quencos" of "greenback" policies. Inflationists minimized the President's .statement that issu-| ancc of treasury notes "invites an ultimate reckoning in uncontroll- 1 able prices and in the destruction Clinton Itrid:;> -s. il-ypar-oM ii"--;ro. who (IM 1 aled .loc twii-i- in amateur cunilii'li-' in the gnlitcn s rii.ux i.i:m;i:s. Indiaiiapiili- Appareii DIKT/liX HKAD DKAD. Tailed to Kally From Operation IVrfunuvtl Sunday. Loren Nces'% driver for the Diet/en Bakeries, brought word to Tipton Thursday morning of the death of Albert Dietzen, president of the company which occurred at the St. John's hospital in Anderson shortly after midnight Thursday morning. Mr. Dietzen who was -12 years of age, underwent an operation Sunday for bowel trouble and i failed to rally. He is survived by j his widow Mrs. Elizabeth Diet• zen and three children Mrs. Mar, fa ret Martin, Miss Mary E. Diet) zen and Miss Lucile Dictzeu all oi Anderson. A brother Paul Dietzen is captain of the Anderson po- . lice force and Jesse Dietzen a I brother also a member o£ the Refrigerators Lineback's The Tyre and Batti Men. nroKen open ana uiuiiu iu cuuiam . TT.I.-I ~ : . . , Morris Gross; Emily White; Sar- lace curtains, heavy work trous-i _ , po , and Mar Grosg . ah Jane Pool; and Mary Gross^ Leggitt. are each non-residents of." the State of Indiana. ; Notice is therefore hereby given, that unless said above named ' damage io the navy was incaleu- labie and explained that the oil absorbing quality of'rags is. n«jst important for cleaning and polishing [purposes. The 'investigation is the second initiated within a year in this area by the naval Tiptou Circuit Court, before the Judge thereof, on the Sth day of. July. 1935, at the court house, iir tho City of Tipton, and answer or demur to said petition, that the same will be heard jand deter- • mined in their absence. Dietzen firm, resides at Kokomo. A sister resides in California and 'ianotner brother Leo in Brooklyn, J'N. Y. Funeral arrangements have not ueen made. . ._ „ •lion, -lory. lie knocked out Mario All- 11 nilial of Italy after f,J seconds in! 1 the first round. •! liridgrs fights in tbe 1 Hound class. lie is c\!)ecU-(l Jo inni ' proi"ssion:il as n result . oi j lluoin : W. L. Bockover who lia b operated a used •furniture store in the Waugh block on North Main street tor the past seven years has taken a lease on the mom near tho traction station, formerly occupied by the Maroni-y ci;:ar store. Tlit; room is now in tli^ | hands of workmen who an; painting and decorating (lie interior and -Mr. Hockover will move i:i the near future. lie has leased tin-upper floor also and will have furnished rooms for rent. The Waugli room will undergo some improvements after it is vacated. Iii'lianapo'iis, May -'•'•. nolarize.d chain !«'iuir "li'iom" ;;avc' ievhienco of :-r:i:-liin^ >-..;;••;•(lay 6s a police vice |:i|U::ii c >:i- iinueil its "mop up" drive and arrester] op'ral'irs at -1~ Ka.-i Olii-i stri.-ei; and llu Wesl (ihlo sir-• i. Otljer (v|ierau>r.s avri-it.-il on lf- Icry rilargi's Tuesday ;in ronni'iv jlion with ihe "bliii^ ih;iin" anrl a "S Kli for SI" sclie;ii<> n'-.-iv d coiitii!iiances in inuni'-ip:i] •.•our'.." yesterday afternoon, j Investiuation of r.-cijrd; of one chain! Icitcr otlice r<'A.-al-'tl "tlv.t Ib" n':ini"s of Ibe (>peijaior.5 ap- pcireil ui the toji or nf-ar thu top of more than two hurdrul fifty letters. Seen G. O. I'. Stronger. Chicago, May 23.—James K. Watson, former United States senator from Ind^ianaiand a If-uder in national Republican affairs, pro- dieted in an address before a weekly Republican meeting yesterday that bis party would cany Indiana in the 1838 elections. The be; declared Is - R1TZ THEATRE SJUNDAY, The ElectHc Refrigerator you buy should do two things: 1. Provide safe rcfrigeratioa below 150°. (No matter how hot the kitchen gets). 2. Freeze enough ice—fast enough—to meet all your : needs. Only the Erigidaire '35 is equipped wlith the jSuper Freezer, which maintains!constant low temperatures— nti matter how high the mercury sJpars—and keeps your food whojlesome and delicious. The Supet Freezer freezes more ke—faster. Every Frigidaire '35 has the Super Freezer. Visit our Spring Parade and let us show 'you how; the Super Freezer operates—and hqw it will save you money. Servijce • i / 133 & Independence St 1 ' Tipton, ny Several persons were indicted following the first inquiry which was directed at wholesale poultry dealers, accused of defrauding tho government through sale of inferior supplies to the navy. Investigators charged that in some cases poultry was "loaded" by puncturing so that extra poundage of water would be absorbed. In witness whereof I have unto set my hand and affixed tho.'- intelligence j seal of said cotlrti a t|the City of' Tipton, Indiana, this |LCth day oi; Notice of Administration. Notke is hereby Riven that tne undersigned has been appointed by the judge of the Circuit Court if Tipton County. State of lndi- ina. administratrix of the estate if William H. Myerly. late of Tip'.on County, deceased. Said estate 's supposed to be solvent. LENNIE MYKRLY. May 15. 1935. KEMP & KEMP, Attorneys. May. A. D. 13:55. . RAYMOND W. SIMPSON. ;. Clerk Tipton Circuit Courts' \V. BOLTON. J CVLVER & PICKERIpCG. Attorneys. . 1SJ3-39-205-11 Tribune Want Ads Pay. See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER & CO. f dGPENNEYGQ llfi-llff South Muln St. Administratrix. 193-99-205-11 MEMORIAL SERVICES. Program to Hf Held at Church Sundiiy Afternoon. Thc Memorial Day services at the Normauda Christian church will be conducted Sunday afternoon, June 2, at the church. A splendid program has been arranged, with Rev. Dan Hogan of Kokomo as the speaker for the day. There will be special musical numbers and at the close o£ the program, the congregation will adjourn lo the Normanda cemetery nearby where the Kempton American Legion post will conduct services. The public is cordially invited to be present for this observation. EKlX-SHlliOH. A number of relatives and Iriends gathered at the home of Everett Straley and family near Windfall Sunday and helped Mr. Straley celebrate his thirty-ninth birthday. A pitchln dinner was held at the noon hour with a largo birthday cake gracing the center of the large table. Mr. and Mrs. Straley formerly resided In the Ekln community. . Web -Small was painfully hurt' about noon Monday while working at the home or his father Tom Jeff Small near Ekln. Mr. Small had beeu planting corn and had unhitched the horses and was starting home tor dinner when tlie horses'got loose. In/trying' to stop them Mr. Small got'his left leg entangled In the lines and .his ankle and knee were •' badly sprained, and ht» Is Buffering much, piln. He|wl\l be compelled ta Wf- Notice to Xoii-Residents. •State of Indiana, 1'ounty of Tipton. ss: In the matter of the estate of Harvey Gross. Deceased. Shirley C. Tyner. administrator of the estate of Harvey Gross, deceased. vs. Jacob Gross, et al. In ; the Tipton Circuit Court. No. 541. Be it remembered that on the 22nd. day of April. 1935. Shirley C. Tyner. administrator of the estate of Harvey Gross, deceased, by his attorneys.. W. Bolton and : Culver & Pickering, filed in the office of the clerk of the Tipton 'Circuit Court, a petition to sellreal estate belonging to said decedent for the purpose Of making assets to pay the debts of said a'state; and on the 16th day of May. 1935, filed an affidavit of a competent person that the defendants Jacob Gross; Leota Haiselup; f Oscar Gross: Amanda F. Urolts. Cleo. I. G. Ward; Harry O. Gross; fcmma Gross Trimble; Paul W. Trimble; Mary Gross Myers; Bertha dross .larrett; Ethel Waymire; Choley Morris; Vilma Kirk- natrick; Thomas L. Gross; Oscar Gross; Frank Gross; Emma Puokett; Julia Ann Fleming; Vir- •jil [Fleming; Trueman Fleming; Enos Gross; Martin Francis Gross; Altiert ' Harvey Gross; Martin Gross; Ruth Colwell; Mary Catherine 1 Hite> Mandy Heaton; Thomas Kite; Charles HHe; Joecy Hallway; Hester Paul; Morris Gross; Albert. Gross; Thomas Gross- Benton Gross; • Cordelia Gross; Emfly White; Fred White; Sarah Jane Pool; Maey Gross Leggitt; and- the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, administrators, executors and assigns of the following named deceased persons, to-wdt:, Jacob Gross; Oscar Gross; Erh'riia Gross Trimble; Mary Gross Mirers; Bertha Gross Jarrett; Ethel iWaymlre; Choley Norris; Vilma Kjrkpatrlck; Thomas L. Gross: Emn\a Puckett; Julia Ann Flem- iujj; Virgil Fleming; Enos Gross; Martin Gross; Mary - Catherine Hfrtej Thomas HUe; Hester Paul; per lb. LEATHEEMAH FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Furnace Coils Waste Fuel Replace Year Coil With a Self Action ' GAS WATEK Public Service Co. of Ind. BREAD— iy r ib. loaf ;..;.. KBOGER GROCERY & BAKING CO. Comforts, Blankets, Quil SMITSON'S LAUNDSY| &DRY CLEANING 8 Phone 120; : See— ', YOUNG & MASON j Suits and Furnishings 106 East Jefferson St. radio Repairs 1 !• * ' k : ' LINEBACKS 20c JDeMclous, Xo Hkin, No Bone. BliUE^B A Coal With

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