The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 29, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 2
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'"fjf^ Radio Highlights in Washington on Tuesday wffl be ^wV^ r ft r ?,%..'H» urdinabj makes its debut at S*30 a ol3.rt Ollt v A\*itll SLTi ftdci.l3tT_tSrtn the ^ipo^^s 1 • Se'Vffiss will g h°J ngr to Everett Sloan He »*» be supported by Anne Bucr Weak, Watery Blood Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Feel Older TUN THEII YEAIS and Hedley RalnriJe. The Boston symphony « w I n t • r I series bavin* ended on ABC. this hour at 7:30 is to be devoted from now through June 24 to the annual Boston "pops" concerts 'played by ^ sa "? e .Kroup of. musicians; Arthur FiedJer will conduct < A special ' variety show titiaH "Carnival of stars? . will be ore Ti^I'S b J ABC **' 9 on ^half of the United Nesro College Fund.,Guests will include Carol Bruce concert S^ tpa "°' the Golde » Gate S£?t2 and others, as Tiny Raffner MC's Ihis being the week of the Ken fuffcy Derby. CBS will carry at flwt^t^A ^^ fcpro * ram «^f« nrst at 5.15 will be the trial runs. American- For urn 'of DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Water 5. Put/ through i sieve ,2. Twist 22. Pedigree- S.Notflrm , book of •, VKlngrof race hones Judah 23. Chest 5. Reconnotter 24. Tin ' 6. Metal receptacle 7. Turkish. 25. Irritate cap l \ 26. Arranges 8. Number of in a line the Apostles 28. Worthless * 13. Young dog people 14. Goblins uaa UHU aaaa anna Some More wa a " m - Jack Ki * Words and Music- 4-30 at 8-30 sons- house .party American Melody; 7 ; Big ' drama; 7:30 Mel. Blanc show; 8 6-30 ™, you the end * nd drlve -up on your blood looks n "* V *« no appetite, underweight, rio ener- «y, a general run-down condition lick of resistance to tnTection and disease- .J 0 ^!!."? 1 " ller y° u mi "t keep- up J^ 1 ?*? at «agtn. Medical authorities, by analysis of the blood, have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic is «nazlngly effective in building up low blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia. 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A» vigorous .blood aurges throughout your whole body, greater freshness and strength should make you eat better. play better, h»v« a healthy color glow ir your akin—firm flesh nil out hollo? place*. Millions of bottles sold. Get r bottle from your drug gtore. SSS Tonic *dpt Build Sturdy Health. «-ww/w. Start Right With HOWARD'S BABY CHICKS ' Blood Tested 5-7 E Baltimore St. Excellent Delivery Pb. KM < terrice ROSE BUSHES 79c - $1.29 McCrory 5c-10c-25c Store PATRONIZE YOUR Municipal Electric Light Plant .Maintained for the Sole Btntftt of the Citizen* and Taxpayer* of Hagerstown. Office hours 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Daily Phones 765-766 Hi» Dixie 3»r- :55 News 7:00 Gene and His Can*. 7:lo RJse and Shlno 8:00, News S:05 Rise and Snlne §:15 Happy -Birthday Club 8:30 Little RecorJ Show |:45.Family Affair 9:00 News - , 9:05-Melodies by Malcalm ^9:30 Novelty Time 9:45 Music iu the L*ltcr-V«t B 9:o5 Health Talk 10:00 Arthur Gaeth ; 10:15 Morning Devotions 10:30 ;Say It .With Muaic 10:45 Art Baker, Show 11:00 Friendly Philosopher H : ^ £? U Your Nelsrhbora. 11:30,. Shopper's News. 11:45; Shopper's News. 12:00 Civic News. 12:15 Luncheon 'Melodies. 12:30 Farm .Extension 12:45 D. S. Naval Academy Band 1:OC Cedric'Foster. 1:15 SntileiTime. • 1_:30 Special Features. I'^S Bobby Norri* 2:00 Queen-for a Day 2:15 Smile Time 2:30 Harlem Hospitality Club 3:00 Heart's Desire 3:30 May We Help You? 3:45 Jackie HH1 Show 4:00 Tea Time Tunes. 4:15 Johnson Family • 4:30 The Quiet Hour 4:45 Tic Toe Tunes. 5:00 On the Bandstand 5:lo Superman 5:30 Evening- Dance Tunes 5:35 Interlude 5:45 Tom Mix 6:00 Mainland News. 6:05 Sports 'Parade 6:15 Evening: Melodies 6:30 Victorious Living 6:35 Candlelight and Silver 7:00 Fulton Lewis , 7:15-Music by Moller 7:30 Arthur Hale 7:45 Inside of Sports S:0', A Serenade For-You. f-"15 Special Investigtor. 'ie Falcon . 9:15 Beck's Tavern. *, 9:30 Forum of th* Air !C:la Dance Time l? : nS {"^/national -Quit. : National' ModndW Vic Damone Show. is the time to Worn tires are dangerous tires. Trade them in today on new top quality Dayton Thorobreds. You'll get top prices for your unused tire mileage. And you'll be surprised how little • ' !» .••..-•'.• ..'.•...•. ....••",''. YOU pay^fpr safer, longer-wearing A NEW TUBE > PROTECTS NEW TIRES See the '.amazing'' Thorobrtd Bufyl Tube. It holds air many lona-r than rubber tubes. KM?* DATE WITH CONNER TIRE SERVICE 07 W. W«.hin«ton St. Phone 852 words 10. Gang 11. Location of , "Leaning Tower" 12.-PercoIate 13. Saucy 14. Source of light 15. Behold! 17. Neglected 19. Hail! 20. Paid ' (abbr.) 21. Breeze 22. Prophet 23. Habitual . users of drugs 25. Alternate 27. Greek letter ^S. Tungsten (abbr.) 30. Wapiti ' 31. Contributes 33. Greek letter 34. Distress • signal 35. A French cheese 36. Food (Slang) 38. Cleansing • agent 39.- A number 40. Stocking 41. Beach 42. Pieces out DOWN l.Add William Bdrr Is Honored By Choir The senior members of the'st Mary's Catholic. Church choir entertained Wedneeday evening at the Parish House fn honor of William 0. Barr, who will -leave in the near future for New York During the-evening games were played and several prizes awarded.. Guests ;at the affair included- Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott Mr and Mrs. Edwin Ervin, Mr. and Mrs^ William O'Brien, Mrs. Mary McGmley, Mrs. Deatrich, Mrs. Mullinex, -Rev. Fr.- -Simon l Kenny, the Misses Mary and Margaret Krepp ouyu UQOQUIJ E0Q UJQB OB HE QQB ucaa QBU tSQQ 0333 QQC GO OO HOB QQffl 29, Employ 31. Dressed 32. Rub out 34. East Indian plant aaaa aoti 00Q QQC ' • 9 YottonUy't AMWW 37. Narrow inlet " (Geol.) 38. Feminine pronoun Vocation School Plans Completed Plane have been completed for Community Vacation Church School to be sponsored by the committee oi Christian Education of the Washington County Council O f Churches. The program, outlined by members of the executive committee, will open at the Church of the Brethren June 16 and extend through a two week period. Scheduled' from 9 a. in. until noon, the classes will oe taught by qualified instructors, who are now being contacted to form a church school faculty. All children'of the community, ranging from four to fourteen years of age, are eligible The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md April 21>, 1047 FIVE NITWORK PROGRAMS Somt local iUt!on» *° flt locl! . hour, for two June Carper, Paula Wingert, Phyl lis' larty, Virginia Wills* Rita Clark, Phyllis Keller, Beverly Ford JeamKeller, Betty Shrader; Frank Fearnow,' Sidney Cushwa, George Malamphy, John Martin and Jack Halligan. During the war the American' Red Cross collected 13,326242 blood donations for" the armed FORKS tiff ixternallj caisrt TUESDAY, APIIL 29 l:00~Newt Report. 15 ns.-n Eric SevareM and News— «bs -Sf'j.^Sllfift (l hj-abc-east Kiddles Seilal Hour (also 1 hour later)— abc-weat rt-*K Hour . later) — mbs-west 5:15-.Anjerlca Serenade; Sports— nbc Frontiers of Science, Talk— £te 8 :»— Red -Barber and wM ewwas-nbc World New* & Commentary— cb» 8:00— Radio Supper Club— nbc-baslo Mystery Drama jforWeek-cb. and Commentary— abc and Comment— nbc -Jack Smith Song Serle»-cbs ' Si mc , r Davis Commentary— abc • I>ancln£ Music Show— mbs- basic »:30—Th« Manor House Party— nbc , , American Melodies Sonr-cbs Green Hornet; in Mystery— abc Arthur Hale Comment— mbes-baafc «:4S~-Harkness Ik Coiriment^-nbc Sports OWestr-ptl-hr. later)— mb. 7'00-Mtttoa. Berle Variety— nbc T ,? m f *T ^ ews Paper PIay-cb« ljum and^Abner, Comedy— abc ; liewls E. I>awes Cases— mb»- 7:15-.The Bobby^Doyle Show^-abc ' . Special Investigator, Drama— mbj 7:3fr-Date with Judy, 'Drama— nbc Mel Blanc Comedy Show-lcbs . Boston Symphony Orches.— abc The Falcon Drama— mbs 7:55— Five Minutes Newi Period-^cbi 8:00 ^ rnos iand Andy Sketch— nbc 'X°? ', p ?PP ers & Interviews— cbs Gabriel-Heatter Comment— mbs «:15— Real Life Drama Series— mbs l:3 °— Fibber McGee and Molly— nbc To B« Announced— cbj " Rex Maupin Orchestra— abc American Forum, Debate— mbg 9:0< ^ B 2. b Hope's -Comedy— nbc To Be Announced— cbs Modern Music Mu scum— abc »:15— vie Damone Baritone— mfa« ' l:3<V--Red Skeltbn Comedy— ribc Open Hearing Discussion— cb« Hoosler Hop Bam Dance— abc The International Quiz— mbs »:45—Ea>l Godwin Comment— abc 10:00— News & Variety 2 hr.— nbc News. -.Variety, Dance 3 'hrs.— cbs 3S ews &. Dance Band Hour— abc News, Danco Band, 2 hrs.— mbs 11^0— Dance Band Hr.— abc-west only RASH To relieve itching and burning, aid healing, try scientifically, mildly medicated Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment 65 *if^ world-wide success., used by many doctors and nurses. Buy Cuticura today! CUTICURA See Our Line of Office, Equipment R. M. Hays & Brot., Inc. MODERN BUILDERS, Inc. Designers & »J i H P m es Of ojist; Mafn at Mont Valla Builders of I Ph. 1476 I CALL RINGER 'Electric Service 640 Frederick St. for enrollment. The director will be Miss Grace Bowman, assisted by the Rev. Robert Koons. Harry Snavely was appointed treasurer. Others appointed to posts, include: Miss Margretta Gordon, of - the Presbyterian for Home, Industrial, or Commercial Electrical W-ork PHONE 3338 Drive out — - plenty of parking space, out of high rent district See HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Need extra cash for bills, taxes, emergencies? Borrow $20 to $1000 at Household Finance Corporation—on note, • car 'or furniture. No endorsers are needed. Take 12,15 or more months to repay, depending on the purpose of your loan. Phone or come in today. \"\ I5t S5.02 9^23 lift t$.38 10.05 18.46 *m (24.68 29.70 54.93 ISM $37.11 45.65 88.48 8958 174^9 law. oeto Ml rate permitted by PvMc Sovare, 2nd ROOT/ Above L 4 ft Hot HONE: Hofentown 4170 to rttXents of nearly tvtcns ///-, HOUSEHOLD FINANCE — Church; Mrs. Frank Lusby, St. Paul's United Brethren Church;' Mrs. Norman Poffenberger, First Brethren Church; Rev. Gordon H. Sperry, Christ's Evangelical and. Reformed; and a representative from" Ziou Reformed Church. .The Sale Ends Saturday! Exciting New Reductions! When AH America Saves! Last 4 Days ... . Hurry in! COTTON HOUSEDRESSK Vat-dyed," washable prints • bright spring fiorafe o»~ Sgfat grounds; coat and shirtwaist styles in Miss, Women and extra sizes! CHECK EVERY VALUE! REG. 2.19 BAND-TOPS Sanforized covert... won't shrink f over 1%. Bar-tacked. 30 to 44. | 87 REGULAR 2.T9 TODDLER SHOE Flexible crushed kid. Roomy moc- -t 0-7 type toe. Perfect for toddlers. REG. 59c BOYS' BOXER SHORTS Snug all-elastic bands—of strong broadcloth- Sizes 24-30. 48c CHILDREN'S ANKLETS OOe • ff*dvc*</ from 39c • ^** For busy feetl Colorful cotton socks with nylon heels and toes. 6J3 to REG. 8.98 CHENILLE SPREAD Attractive two-tone pattern. Pas- /»Q 7 tels. Single and douole bed size. Q REG. 1.14 wfNDOW SHADES Cloth, base with oil coating— long- 1\ py wearing! 37%"x6' . with roller. . Jf / £ HEXAGON SHINGLES REDUCED! Colorful ceramic granules on tough asphalt. Cover 100 sq. 'ft Granulated ROCK WOOL SALE! Insulate now while the price is cut! Bag covers IS sq. ft 3" deep. ' GAY COTTAGE SETS NowfleoWeo'/Reg. 2.98 Brighten kitchen windows at low costl Woven figures on fine cotton 1.09 CAMPERS' KNIFE REDUCED! So handy around home or camp 4-blades, stainless steel - handle. REG.2.46 DROP FIXTURE Ideal for bedroom or dining room. 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