Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 28, 1948 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 15
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EVENING TIMES, CUMWEKLAJNW, TUESJMt, JWCJEOWKK 25, Radio Roundup News And ISotes On, The Networks Helen'Hayes,. lovely star of the Electric.Theatre, has chosen one.'of her famous movie roles, that of Leora; 'wife • of Dn Arrowsmith, for her-'play-on- Sunday, night, January 2, 194S.-"Arrowsmith" .will be heard at 9 p.-m.,'EST, over the stations of the Columbia nptwork. Playing, opposite. Miss Hayes - in the'-Sinclair Lewis' story, ..will be Jeff Morrow, well known actor of stage,-.and radio. "Arrowsmith" is Mary Haicorth's Mail engrossed in a dream world Editor's Note: 3Trcah from Ivory tower, clrl married mkc. WB chased by philanderers nrtcr divorce nnd In than alert to reality; and prior to result cnn't trust flnc .new husband. . the tragic .story of a-'doctor who devotes his* entire, bacteriological.- research. Leora, his wife, who ..encourages him in his work, 3s sacrificed to. medical knowledge. Miss Eayes -won great acclaim In her. screen portrayal of Leora. In the movie, she was co-starred with Ronald Colman. Lester O"Keefe will direct "Arrowsmith.''- with musical background under, the .direction of Vladimir Se- ]msky. ..- - . • • — • — • Hie famous young Italian tenor, Ferruccio Tagliavini and his equally famous' wife, Pia Tassinari, will appear on .the first Voorhees' concert of the new year, Monday, January ' 3,--at'9. p. '».-EST.over the NBC network: In response to requests' of listeners; the -artists will present an all-opera concert for their second Joint appearance on tills program, The pair will open the program •with -"O soavo -fanlculla," the fa- mlliai;»love, .duet from the first act of Puccini's :"La Boheme." They •will" join again for the. concluding number, .'.liOntano Loritano,". sung " ""*" ~ T '°" i >-~'- «««<•« "DBAS, MARY'HA WORTH; Last year I married Kirk, my second hus- )a:id, the'best and kindest man' I mow. .His goodness attracted me, and to. date he "lasn't disappointed, mt in terror that he will. His last had its vivid moments and I :an hardly believe any man is above Infidelity. •At'an early age i. married a man if dubious morals, who flaunted hisi ndiscretions and caused me to vithdraw, more and more, into my- elf, before we-divorced, leaving me vith a .lovely daugj ter, now 12. Meanwhile I sensed .that, my father jhadn't been really the paragon I'd 'been taught to believe, and I" re^ called veiled hints that grandfather has been quite a boy in'his prime.. I was reared-by a devout and gentle' mother, and ,sav '.my - father through her eyes as the .ultimate in virtue and wisdom. He was the 'dis- clplmarinn, but not too disagreeably i so. I always rend a great deal and most of the novels dealt in romantic love that ended' in marriage"and happiness ever' after.. Such was my preparation for matrimony. Fears Her Phobia. May Ruin Marriage SHORTLY after the divorce, my best friend's husband—whom I had supposed, was truly faithful to her— began calling me, suggesting that I have dinner with him.-He. just assumed I was starving for male company and was all, set to fill the bill. act of Boito's opera, in which Faust en- In the~< .third "Mefistofele," • treats- Marguerite to. escape with •him. . ' • : Miss Tassinari will sing as her solo, one of her favorite arias, "Son pochi^iori," from Mascagni's lyric comedy, •"L'Amico .Fritz," Mr. Voor- tie'es also/will conduct the Bell Telephone orchestra In a number' from the-same.opera,'."Intermezzo.". • For hfe'solo piece, Mr. Ta'gliavini I was shocked but the shock' wore off as, time-and again, I ran into similar advances. .The life' .of -a divorcee is anything but gay, with married men pursuing. and single men not interested.' ;'. Now if Kirk is'an hour.late coming home to, dinner, I am deeply depressed the whole evening; and his slightest'' glance .at another woman disturbs'me almost as much. While I haven't ,yefc been'so.stupid as to accuse him'openly, these-anxi- ties fighting within me make' for anything but peace-of mind and I am deathly afraid that my phobia- may ruin our-marriage. your disappointing first marriage, everything in the dream world seemed beautiful. But now it's peopled with traitors and nightmare events. You were a solitary child of sorts, much .given to reading and identifying yourself .with the heroine; and you were rerTed-. by a gentle devout nothcr who clung to an ivory-tower idealist's view, because she, too. feared reality—enough, at leait that she didn't care to face it unmasked. In consequence, you bhilt on n "romantic" concept' of security. To you, a "woman's life" meant being worshipfully loved and protected by a princely fellow who lived with no other thought than to cherish you. Your first marriage knocked this concept galley-west and you've been suffering the sensations of n drown; man ever since. Fears Give Measure Of Her Leaner-Bias THE TROUBLE is: 1. You can hardly conceive of'standing on your own feet in society, -carrying stresses with adult competence. Your brief experience In this, as a divorcee, 'plainly equates "nightmare"- from your view. Male support is a "must" in your idealogy, to take Ll'L ABNER BUT, EF YO LEAVES HIM HERE T'DlE —HE MKp-nr r-'r E LIFE,MO»E OP. LESS, IS OF WO IMPORTANCE-AS FAR AS OUR BUSINESS IS CONCERNED/:'' .-U-T^Sa J HURRY WE'RE BEHIND SCHEDULE By Al Capp RUSTY RJLEY -UNTIL AH KNOWS WHUT YO' IS UP TO, THREE ARMED MOUNTAINEERS ARE HEADED THIS WAY.«r HANPSCME, SIR-HANDSOME. BETTED THAN HIS PICTURES. MAKES ME THINK OF SLACK TON/. ff> Fran A Godwin iTEVE CANYON .-THIS IS JUS!" THE &JEAK I HOPES. FOK : DOC UK THIS HYPO 22AP/-TO 6IVE BLAZE HIS FEVES SHOT.' NOW TO PUT THE DOPE IN IT BErCSE H= COMES 3ACK. . IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME NOW, / MILES-I JUST PREPARED Tl-Cfr FEVER Sk'OT/ AMP IT SHOULP 3£ I A3MINISTEREP IMMEDIATELY OF COURSE, DOC-SO RISHT . AHEAD/ place of parent-; wolves (and such) away. keeping has chosen : "Quando le sere plncido'T "When in the Quiet" Evening"— from --Verdi's little known opera, «!'Luisa.. Miller." In this. aria. Rudolph, -one of the heroine's suit- qrs, expresses his' anguish, believing tiat Luisa has been false to him, — The'-orchestra . will complete the prjjgraiml.with Wolf -Ferrari's sparkling "pverture" to "The Secret of Suzanne.!'- ' • • . ' • -MorjBn''Downey will open his first post-Christmas broadcast, on -his "Songs By Morton -Downey" program over' NBC at 11:15 p. m., Tuesday,' Dec. 2S, .with, the --timely "Little Jack Erost." -"I'm Back in the Old Corral". and "Say It Isn't So" •will follow.. Morton's quartet Trtll sing; "Three 1 Blind Mice," and then the' r tenor- will, offer "Among My Souvenirs" and "Maybe You'll Be' There." Carmen Mastren will f urnislutlie .music. 2. Your lifc-hntiit of introspective mnglnlng, inculcated by your ivory tower rearing, amounts to '.'smoke'in the eye" in first-hand relationship to a man you''supposedly love—i. e., the man. 'you'd' like to trust "with your Jife," which is to say, with total care°and .concern'/for-you; On the one hand, • you lack the realistic early conditioning to see his character-traits spelt out iv his behavior; and, on the other hand, you aren't psychologically prepared to let him be human, as it were. ' • Thus in relation to your first husband -you didn't see, or refused to recognize until too Jate, how bud he was; and now, Jn -marriage to ^Irk, Shall I. accept the fact that all y° u can>t »e sure he.'s good—ol- men, at .one time, or another,' stray [rom the straight and narrow; path?- 3r dare I cling to-my childish-notion (even now) that .marriage can be a pure 'and beautiful, thing?. Above all, how. can I 'prepare -my daughter for what lies ahead? '. P. C. Life Knocks Dream World Galley-West . DEAR -P. C.: You've .always been say .he's. the. best and kindest man you-.know, who hasn't disappointed in any way! Essentially your panic has to'do with infantile dependency — claims you're afraid won't be honored in full by Kirk. The cure Is, growth; and for the sake of the child, primarily, psychiatric 'help seems advisable here. M. H. (Copyright The Wwhlngton Post) (Distributed by King Features Svndlcnte) The Worry Clinic e-is NCYM I'T -^L WHY, YES,MISS FANCY/ SHE SAIP-IT WA-5M' SAFE TO LEAVE THEM IN THE HOTEL LOCK. BOXES IM THIS TOWN .' aeeo WMBECLY — YOU MEAN To 5AY THAT CHEETAH CHICK. UK YOU a TCAVELEE'5 CHECKS? RIP KJRBY OF COUE5E THEY'RE NO 000? 'TIL THEY'RE COLWTECSieNSP BY ME .' 5UT SHE CAN KEEP. YOU' THE HOOK SY DOL1N6 THEM OUT TO YOU ONE CHECK AT A ' TIME-WHILE THEY By'.Milton Caitiff CHEETAH HAS BEEN • MI6HTY NICE'TO.ME-' WE DANCE- WELL'-" TO6ETWEH —&££/ rr'S HftKPTo BELIEVE' SHE'P 00 ANYTHING WEONG.. WANT TO MAKE BET'ONATEST, LETS OO WHERE CAW SET WRITINS 1ATEEIALS •NETWORK PROGRAMS Tirot it eastern standard. Forcer- tr»l sUndard subtract one hour, for mountain standard, subtract two hour*. Some local stations, change hour of relay to-Jet local schedules. Unit minute proBr>m changes cannot be 'included. .' \ Editor's Note:'A cooi teacher for the ctirly-grades In grammar school should possess social perspective, wfcJcl) in .synonymous wJth a. sense of humor.' But don't bo too quick to condemn n Hour-faced apinstcr teacher, for her daily; tasks In school would often exhaust even an athletic football a-ftr. CASE S-250: Sandra D., aged 5, is an only .child. ' . '• .' "Dr. Crane, she is. very good at home," . her mother • volunteered, By Dr. Georgre W. Crane Their exceedingly-difficult. They receive 35 or 40 youngsters who "aren't accustomed to the classroom: restraints.. Many of these children are . typical grandstanders and selfish egotists who liave'hnd no brothers or sisters a.t home, and Who therefore, don't even- know how to play, or share toys or-cooperate in simple activities. Accordingly, we seldom dare be"and gets along well, when'playing ijeve in entirety the'fond mamma's . TUESDAY; DECEMBER 28 <" ,«-1f •'••<-, * Evening 1:00—Xa'ws Report 15 Jlln.—nbc Nowscaat Every Day—cSa .' Network Silent Hour—abc-east KMdicsHour (ropoftO— abc-weat >Jetwork SH«tit (1 hr.)—tnbs-onst Kiddles Hour (repeat)— nibs-west »:15-^Sji'orts; Music Time—^nbo Discussion Scries—cb* litSrr-Xewscastby Three—nbc I^owolJ-TJionias Crepeat.ll)—CDS 7:00-T"Su'pp'er Club—nbc-baslc. The Bculah Skit—cbs News and Commentary—aoo Fulton'Lewis. Jr.—mba 7:15—News and'Comment—nbo Jnck Smith 1 Show—cby Dally Commentary—abc Dinnor Dato—tnba 7:30—Smootbies Trio—nlw Bob Crosby Club—cbs • Jtiislo-Roliudn' Time—abe >«eW3 Comment—mbs 7:45—News Comment—nbc News Broadcast—cbs Sports Comment—mbs *:00—This' Is Tour. Lit e— nbc ilystery Theater Piny—cbs Youth Aska Government—abc Goo. O'Hanlon Show—mbs 1:15—Xewa Broadcast—abe 1:30—Dato with Judy—nbc Mr. and Mrs. North—cbs America's Town Meeting—abc DetecSve Drama—mbs 1:55— Hy Gardner Saya—robs . >:00- ; -Bob'Hopo Show—nbc TTe.the People, Guest—cbs Gabriel Heatter, Comment—mbi «:15—Jtews Broadcast—mbs 1 :30—Fibber and Molly—nbc . Lite with IiUlBi—cbs News Comment—abc " • Lone, Wolf Drama—mbs iili-irlbttrolt Symphony—abc • afrNo-vra tor 5 Minutes—mb» - tOiOtf^Bli; Town Drama—nbc Hlt-tho Jackpot—cbs lAinorlcan Forum—mbs.. lOao^-Pooplo Arc Funny—nbc 11; Amsterdam Show—cbs Let Freedom Ring—abc • D&nco Orchestra—mbs 10:45—Strlnss Soronade—abc 11:00—Nows ^'Variety to 1—nbc Nows, Variety. 2 hra.—cbs News and Dance Band—abc , - .News, Dance Band 2 hrs.—mb» Continued—abc-west with the neighboring .children. "If she ever gets unruly, I can always reason with her .' without spanking. But at kindergarten, her teacher claims she 1 has" never bad 'a child as bad as -Sandra. . . "When they were using water colors the other day, Sandra put some of the paint on a little boy's face.. The teacher seemed very much surprised and shocked. She .took Sandra by the hand and led her into the 1st grade room, where she told the other -teacher entire roomful of older just what Sandra had Decorations For Girls . LONDON—(/P)—taaybc it will -inv • prove the service. The PosJ v-^.;lice Is experimenting •*>*" Jfuoroscent lighting and moKj accorative interiors for some of -London's telephone exchanges In the-belief, the brighter atmosphere '.will - increase stall efficiency. If it works -other- exchanges will be redecorated. and the children done. •-remonstrated with, the teacher about publicizing a child's misdeeds, she tells 'me that is the method Jiey employ. Recently she took 'a little boy into the next room .and publicly, spanked him in front of the 1st grade children.' '"Sandra now hates school and.her ;eacher. The. latter, gloatingly informed-me that none of the other little girls will play with- Sandra any more. Dr. Crane, do you think the teacher is right?" : Be Fair To Teacher . We need ; to 'be-unusually tolerant regarding the!- teachers in the early' grades. . . . WTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAY , Bacistase Wife (NBC). Stt-lla Dallas (NBC). Lorenzo Jones (NBC). Young Widdcr Brown (NEC). Jive at Five. News. The Old Chlsholm Trail. News. - . ' The Three Suns. The Sportsman's Corner.. Alcoholics Anonymous. The Supper 1 Club (NBC). News ol the World (NBC). The Smoothies (NBC). Ouent Star—Jonn Lcr.Ho. This Is Your Life (NBC). A Date With Judy (NBC): Bob Hope Show. (NBC). Flbbor.McGco and Molly (NBC). Bis Town (NBC). . , .People Are runny (NBC). ' ' News. Songa by Morton Downey (NBC), Betel-Syracuse Orchestra,. (NBC). News (NBC). TO.iiOrt.itOW Broulcfuut on A Philter. News. . Breakfast-on.« Plauer.- News.- Breakfast on a. Platter. World News nound-Up (NEC). The.Minute Parade. Morning Meditation. Honeymoon j n New York (NBC). Music for Wednesday, News. Fred Warlnc Show (NBC). Road or Lite (NBC). 10:45 -The Brighter,-Day (NBC). 11:00 This is Nora Drake (NBC). ir:U We Love and Learn (NBC). ' Jack. Berch Show (NBCj. Music at Mid-Day. Mid-Day Hewn." The Bnndstand. R. V. D. Contcrt Airs. Wills Creek Hoe Down. News. 1:35- Etudes In Black- ,fc While, ' l;4i Hash With a Dash. 2:00 Walter.O'Kcefc's Double or Noth(NBC). Today's Children (NBC). Interludes. News. Life Can Be Beautiful (NBC). Ma I'orWns (NBC). Pepper YounK's Family iNBC). IliSlH to Happiness (NBC), 4:00 4:15 4:30 5:00 5:30 ' 5:45 6:00 6:15 8:30 6:45 7:00 7:45 0:00 8:30 0:00 0:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 12:00 «:00 0:15 7:30 7:358:00. 8:15 8:45 D;oo 0:30 10:00 10:30 report- about her model parents of a single youngster don't encounter the full gamut of child psychology.. '•- • • • Teaching Grows Harder It is'more difficult to teach nowadays than it was a generation ajo, for our kindergartens arc so full of "only" children. When people used to have-larger families, their youngsters were taught social cooperation at home, for,, they had to learn how'-to get along'with their brothers and sisters with /a reasonable degree of success. But .now they may seldom have contacted other.. youngsters until ;hey enter kindergarten. The teach- ers'are-therefore.'compelled to' assume a greater share of the burden of socializing modern youngsters., ' If you .thinK It is easy to conduct a kindergarten with 35 children, you are sadly mistaken. A . mother of three- children is usually worn out by the end of the day.' 1 Multiply, her problems by 10, obtain some idea .of• the teacher's nerve-wracking task. leathers Need Humor We psychologists don't wish to give the impression that all teachers are perfect, however, in their knowledge, of child psychology. For some are good teachers and some are poor teachers. Others may lack a 'sense of hurcor so they'make mountains out ol molehills. v For example, putting :ewdabs of water color paint-on the 'ace of Sandra's classmate, was not a heinous crime. .' True, it must not be Ignored, for that wquld invite repetition of the naughty deed. But the punishment should not be comparable to a . public execution nor should a child be'openly shamed and humiliated, until she feels she has.the mark of Cain on her forehead. When punishment'is administered, good teachers try' to make the affair a private one. Sond the child to the principal, j' need 1 be, or keep her In during ruccss or If you employ corporal punishment when indicated, do so in .private. - . • (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) eooD'MosNiNe,VsoRRy, sis. STEWARD. I'M A VAN DOOM MAS FRIEND Or MRS. VAN DCOM. / 3iV5M STRICT THOUGHT I'D EXERCISE / OPD=SS TViAT NO CN£ '.S TO COMS NEAR THE DO6 BUT HERSELF/ BUGS BUNNY .<,) MV STRATESY FLOPPED.. SUT - K'CW J -'If, SURER THAN EV=R THAT THE RUBIES ARE IN THE CASK.' ' W=. DOCK AT EK5HT...BU7SKE WAL<S THE COS AT FIVE...: MUST TRY AM OLD TRICK.. EV=M IF 5 CLUMSY By Alex Raymond THEY DOM'T KNOW IT,' BUT THEM OTHER. JEK<S AIM'T GOT A CHANC£ T 1 WIN., \ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WELV, PUS f /; Xt%'M ? AUNT HEX By ROBE11T QUILLTiN L reckon Cousin Zeb has qull smokin' for £ood this time. He lias passed the sclf-riffhtcous stagx 1 and stopped feclin' superior to. Pa, TIM,,TYLER'S LUCK r WRt VOO WifVOX •\fSVV!. TO Mt By Edgar Martin By Lyman Young WATCMES THE 'APPROACHING I CAN'T FIGURE WHY ADAM EVERTON HIKED BACK TO SERPENT LAKE APTER HE PARACHUTED F.ROM HIS CRIPPLED PLANE 1 . SPUD — RAPIDS AHEAD/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS .•WHEW/THIS IS THE FIRST HOUSEL EVER. SAWED WAY INTO.' WILL YOU QUIT RIDlWS-AMD HELP LITTLE? tfy Merrill Blotter MYRTLE WHY WASTE 'EFFORT CUTTIM& IT THAT FIREPLACE is BIS ENOUGH TO HOL A DANCE IM / SEE? WE'LL.TAKE TURMS HOLDIMS- IT UNTIL SOMvE Op IT BURNS-, OFF/ BURNS DOWN! <300M,GET(r OUT OF HERE I i BY NEK SCRVICE. tni' T.'M."REI£ u. •£ PAT. OFF..! * By Dudley Fisher Few Austriaus Jobless VIENNA—(/P)—Less than one per cent. of Austria's working .population is unemployed, recent government figures show. The figure is described as the ' "absolute 1 minimum" by, government authorities. XBTOKE MV S.NGAGEMEKT.TD MYRTLE, AMD TODAY SNOCGONS 'CAPPIED MVTTLE'S BOOKS HOME AND MYPTLE KISSED HIM/ FOEDDlE , I'D LIKE TO TALK HO YOU ABOUT THIS BROKEN ENGAGEMENT. •::> SURELY YOU DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLV/ YOU UNLOCK YOUR CAF?ACE POP FIVE MIMUTES — AND I'LL SHOW YOU HOW SERIOUS I AM. - Ft?OM NOW ON YOU CAN DO'YOUP BORROWING

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