Rock Valley Bee from Rock Valley, Iowa on October 1, 1943 · Page 4
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Rock Valley Bee from Rock Valley, Iowa · Page 4

Rock Valley, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1943
Page 4
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C&tmty Seat :*i riie 1 ' 1 estate of ^ai'ttn Soever _, ,_- -am> > Of .$506532 intb 'skte, treasury for state In- ijievlttthee tax. (-/kthe last will and t-esttitment of lACliurles Berfesma, late of Boy' flen, was filed for probate A ,(*<' hearing on the Will "will be had * * 6n 6ct 2bth at 10.60 A M Upon petition, Henry ,T Te "\v t Paske \yas appointed aclministsra- ' ? t6r of the' estate of Helmlua Sas-para Medaien Oiaucimino, late of * San Francisco, Oalifoinlai \ylth' bond fixed In the sum of $750.00., ijpon petition, H. W. Hnlbregtee" " was appointed administrator Of., v , the estate of Winnie tyliersma, K> ^ late 'of flull with bond fixed In ' the sum of $80000. t Alber.tha Helstern was appointed administratrix of the estate »oj Rose Hellstern, late of Rock Valley tthe bond of administra- trix was fixed at $100000 ,/John p. Hansen, guaidian of rap person and propeity of Susan , Hansen Mousel, an incompp- tant, .wa^ authorized to place the ward, who Is now 84 years ' , of age, In SSlnt Bernard 1 ? Home at Council, Blitffs, ,Ia, and was ' fluthgrized to pay $100 per month for he.i keep and such clothes and. .medicine- as she may require. The.', 5th and final" report of H,, C. Moret as, guardian of the piopefty of Chilstian Jacobs, was appioved and the guardian \\tti diieclqd to pay $20047, tho balance., of the .funds to Bert Jacvbjj As the e\ecutoi of the estate. ' In the guardianship of Leslie Richards, the hearing on thf final report of U H. Ball, as guardian will be extended to Oct. 2nd, The estate of W. O. robes Is closed. JThe property in Rock Valley, as were bonds and other personal property, go to his ste ter, Harrlette Roiebeck t The estate of Reha Cleveringa was re opened f01 f ui thei administration on additional rea'l-v •estate. Ernest Mulder, the administrator was ordered to file a bond of $50000 .Charles C. Rasar filed, ,a l^againsts Verna Ahlfs, HA Henry W Krti .use ..Toeger and .Top! Demanding $3170 00 .on .for, allegedly l of land for the ,deS ie petition > Alleges thilt' _ the" il£, Rasar, enteiecl ,into al '-agreement w,ltli Httriy a. one of the defendants defendants' farm in Sioux ^wjilch contained about ( !s£ and agreed to payi a . .. lOmmlsslon f01 s>clllqg xlf , tne.'ptalntiff fuithei alleges that he. topic Dirk Van Donselaar 1o Hfafr»'"***T>*l 1 ' ™ ~v—'ni***'' '' •* * " i~*** " T* " '— on sfivetnl occasions to look It over $kl discussed tenns, , ,ft&'dtti&jdgfrndant and ynn 'Oonselaa^ fcnteied Into an ,<-agreement toJl&uy the land und^Old it'to'Vjjm Donselaai at the steifjinal anra(V, less .the commission Von, jjfe-'Ii he demands j«iljs|lpt in flP^um of $<Jt704)0 T^Tcase df Earner Maugelson tVJL^m^;ols was tried In justice CQlfiiifcf* Sam Blair at Hawaidfn, in ^wJiJch,, couit the plaintiff Pbtulned^judgment against the defendant}' 1 fo^ tha sum of $50 00 and '$4,20 Cfi£ts The defendant appealed top, case to the District cauitltolt the plaintiff did not appearjis couit Judgment was granted to defendant against the plaintiff, Blmei Mangelson, (pi co&ts 1 , ,The case^of Adrian Dieke\ei vs. Anthpny Sinit was disposed of The Judgment ipf $2500 against Anthony Smitfcras fully satlv 'fied and the writ of attachment 'against defendant's propeity was iqleased and the ctosts weie paid . Peter Schouten 'was appointed guardian of Peter Lloyd Sthon ten and Marcella) Joan Schouten, his 2 minor childien Bond was fi\e.d ip the sunf of $1000 Peter Schouten, the guaidian, was au- thoil/ed. to accept $140 in full and complete settlement of a claim foi injuries, etc, that thcv a <jai-|owned Broriitner and \driven • b"y t>6n Bromine* nea? S)oux Center alid that the children < were Injured. The gtitirdlan was "authorized to give n complete release for all damages, Injiirles and expense*. ^SIOUX CENTER* * \ •!* «|* «l« «|« «|» «|* «|» «|« «|» *|««|« Vos-Booyink Miss Batbra Vos, daughter ot Mr;'and Mrs Roy Vos arid Jake Boeyink, son of Mrs "Ralph Boeyink were married Tuesday 'evening at the homo of Rev. Henry Rgglnk, the- bridegroom's cousin, who performed the single-ring ceremony. The parents of the bride and mother of the groom were the only witnesses. B,oth the bride ana groom worn brown' suits. The bride's suit was trimmed with white and she worV'fl\ white corsage. About 85 guests were entertained at the bride's home after the ceremony. "The bride is employed in the Boeyink store and Mr. Boeyink is working in .the depot. Captain John Stock, who recently returned from active duty in the South Pacific war -zone, spoke in the high school auditorium Friday night to \a large audience. . .. . .,, Capt. Stock Here Copt. Stock' experienced many battles with the Japs while flying a .plane over the Guadalcanal area.- Ho was leader of his squadron and flew a bomber, which crashed at ono time and he and his crew landed on an island, and were rescued by the natives. Only two of the people on that island could understand English and they were the chief of the Island. The men had quite n .time malring them understand as they thought he was a doctor. He showed a gun which was taken fiom n dead Jap by a friend' and a Japanese flng which had the holes of bullets Capt. Stock was a basketball coach here a few years ago. '• ' '''**»..', Eddie Van Putten was hiredi/as ie new eream hauler a piano ,sold. Ma^lOn Kempers, Beewiink who are the .Wlndcharger City spent the week-i homes. They returned : man Klein who Cudahy's Packing spent the week-end with his parents. '..*. The Misses Hefldrlne and.: Cynthia Huitink of Orange ,Clty vis," ^ted relatives and friends, hei;e over the week-end. f ' • '. Rev. and Mrs. Toin Baker of Edgerton, ,Mlnn., attended-the Women's Conference; at the First Rpf. church here Friday. ; Mrs. Peter Winkel ' of Sioux City visited her -sisteri Mrs. J. C. Schnlekamp last Friday. Mrs. Lester Heusinkveld was , , n •., . , . ; ,. -, / • • • . . .• .a" patient at the Hull hospital a known to say.. Or 'he lets any -. subject /as very interesting, .to •'"' luttie; thing get him down.' Or all. 'it's only : a cold. Forget it!' » jMriye to keep others from get- ,-xiingV''them. ^i^uoii; /individuals -stay nbnie and rest in : bed at the ;.first,sign of infection'tp cut duration of the cold and check : /spread;. But what d'o they get for their thoughfulness? Soiir .grapes I". " 'Qoldbricking at home with a cold/ co-workers have s b e eh necessary, a post-morten ex- njnination t ip determine the ^ cause of death ,of a;'chieken. As .an extra : credit h'ome project, the students were required to dress and make a drawing of the insidcs of 'a .chicken unr assisted. So far seyeral' girls : hate completed the assignment aha brought a note Signed, by their, mothers as proof. The;, few day's-last Week. Irwin, ,soii Of Mrs. Alyda Ver- 'meer Is recuperating from burns he received when the gas ignited while he w,as filling the tank of the tractor with gas. He was a patient at" the -'Hull hospital a few days and received severe burns on his arms and ifeet. . Asa Muilenburg is ill and under doctor's care. '"* * •*** *J* *t* *J^ • HULL Neighbors oiC Mr. and Mrs. Runge had n soup supper at the local park Thursday. 40 were present. Runge's household goods left Saturday for Linn Grove, 7 miles from Sioux Rapids, where Mr. Rnnge has a drng store. It was impossible to get a house at' Sioux Rapids. The Wolfswinkel and Ten Haken relatives had a farewell gathering for 2nd class senmnu, Alvin Slonday evening. Mesdaines AV. Groeneweg and J, Douma spent Thursday afternoon In Boyden with Mrs. Josie Kuyper. • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Prins and children of Rock Rapids had their Sunday supper at the parental W. Van Dyk home and in the evening were callers at the Wiliner Van Veldhuizen home. Mr. Ed Weir, who sold Bis home to Nick Slager will move into' the .building formerly occupied- : : .by Dick Vogel, better kno\yn as the .Schweiger place, :iiottid meeting held la'st..Mpild"(Ji^, '-. : Mr^ftd -Mr's. John Ten Haken . i\ight in place of"Peter ; Wlel.ehgS^i.^liad^a'''party for Alvin;^ ,'. who resigned. Mr, Van Putt^n 1 ,; ,-^wfalcel; sjgfiman 2nd claSs Sa'tm?-.' **Vas formerly employed at the" 'cnjKevening.'• - ',-.. ^audscl^eef, factory' arid he-will; .>• • Oryille Koerselman, 2nd class liepin his work at the creamery ,spamitn of Farragut, Idaho, came Friday, OctjJt<V ' ./;5r. - • ^/'^litlgie .-Sunday evening and will last weeKt'Satuiday for''Artesia, ; Mr. and. Mrs. Marlhl*Keunlng Calif v where she -will yislt" her and daughters Carilyn- and "Ar- s Ibiothais Jake-vanlT'fin'd 'jyfiki She /noldai.had.Jsupper at theS'J/^liri' ^'•acciHnpnniear'PU. Henry -'Vonk Keujmng homo in Rock Valley who spent a furloiiRh';bere and Friday. '•'*••• '•••• ' returned to his 'dutlQ£ K »t-. Fprt^-'"T"Mr. and Mrs. Evert Van Veld- Ord, Calif. 'Henrietta is irtU'tigh- huizen had supper guests last tci 1 . of Air. ancl Mrs. Peter Wielen- This type of contempt ''blasts the pins out from under sensible, preventive methods," the • doctors maintained^ and leads to additional losses when the "vicious circle of spread" brings the cold around to the "belittling" co-worker himself. "He, the tough guy, continues working, of course, with his cold. Sure I He can take it. It doesn't matter if his efficiency drops or if he passes., it on to his neighbor. It won't get him down. No, siree!" "Ka-wa-kerchoo!" And anothe^' sneeze sends the (bold bug a step further on its "merry fall and winter rounds," the doctors averred. Last week the freshnien gave a party to the sophomores in return for the initiation pro- grain. Many interesting games were played; among them were Poison, Bingo, and a Seavan- ger Hunt. A delicious lunch of ice cream and dqug^hnuts was very much enjoyed by everyone. All in all, the evening was enjoyably spent.—Christine.' Eggleston. .. .. .;. PLATO *********** ***•***+•**•»•* * iDe Groot & Vonk' filled silo for Ellis Ko01 and Fred Dierks last week 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dierks and daughter Evelyn, Mrs. Edwin Miller anjl daughter Catherine and Fred Relander of Rock Valley attended the milking shoi'thom cattle sale at Sheldon last Friday. GRADE SCHOOL NOTES Kindergarten and First Grade Garry Gene Hulshpf treated the kindergarten to cream bars on his birthday, Thursday, September 23. Mrs. Henry Van Zee, - Mrs. Nick Koele, and Conrad Dean Van Zee were visitors . in our room Tuesday afternoon. The normal training students told stories in our room on Tuesday morning. ':M,» Second Grade We ; have beeii Splitting more pictures, in our farm scrapbook. We have a display Tof things the farmer grows. We have flax, barley, wheat,, corn, soy beans,, oats, sugar .danej hay, and straw in our collection. ritsen/'^Eitliilda^Middk, Gatherine Roelofs, (jtrace Swier, Lois Van BerkuiBj 1 )' 1 ' 1 Gertrude V e r Mulm, "Wilbur-jAnderson, Bobby Bonthuis, "Wjllard .Wissink, and Mldred Hendricks.oh.' For art class on Friday, we began making individua.1 waste paper baskets from round' oatmeal boxes and wall paper. Sixth Grade Margaret Hayden is •librarian ,-for this week. ..." In, science we are studying about insect friends and' enemies^ We" "are working on reports for our English class. We have completed the work in our geography workbooks on the British Isles and are now studying the British possessions in Africa. Our teacher is reading us "Caddie Woodlawn". Those who had 100 per cent in spelling Friday are: Harold K., Bernice, Marie, Margaret, Beverly, Garlene, and Harold D. Seventh Grade Those who had 100 per cent in spelling were: Clifford Van Berkum, Jean Davisson, Josephine Harmelihk, Betty (Ann s-aprocessi: . -.Jin as It is, our . and Liberators have made 1 Luftwaffe pay a Wtter price t orl'j every attempt to -resist- them Here \s their 'box, spore .over Northwestern Europe alone for the first seven months of 1948! -,. U. S. Bombers''Nazl Fighters January February March Aprjl May June July •Lost 14 17 1C 331 I527J (This table does not include 1206 fighters "probably" "destroyed or' damaged^ nor any shot down by the 331 bombers lost, which are believed to have accounted for at least one 'ft two enemy planes apiece.)^ As a result of their losses In the British-American bombin offensive, the Germans have been forced to switch their, production priorities to fighter planes. And this is very significant because it- indicates that, for the- time being ' at least, Germany has been obliged to* abandon plans for any heavy - , -.,.*, v™ Holmes, Christine Rozeboom ;afir , a| offens | ves . At this cri t). Mr|an:d,JVIi:s. Edwin A. Miller. .-" Three girls told us stories r,^n-aKM 00 ;'"'Vit n ,.o a,,«;i n ,, n-pfov. • Tuesday morning. We liked the stories.. very much an^ hope... -they will tell us more^ another time. ga .• . - - ,.. Mrs. Ed .AIouw and Mrs. John Mouw returned Sunday morning from Bcllflpwer, they 'spent throe the Pictens^family. Wednesday evening in honor of Opl. Gerrit Hospers. Later inithfi evening out of town guests rwere Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kreykus, f Cling of the "Women's .Missionary iConference Which wKs. h^tl5at.iji^/ First Ref church '.^r'ldajf-- 'Was-;' $10139 The meetings' Were W'.elj'" attended. The Junior Ladies Aid Society will meet at the First Ref. church on Thursday afternoon. Hhcb member is asked to ; bring: /a'; filend. '5: Ensign Henry Moret who hp'S been stationed at Fisher's Island, N. Y., spent a few days furlough- at his home here. He left oij Thursday for Camp Crowder, Alo., his new location. Mrs. Moret who has been with him in New York, will remain with her parent", Mr. and Airs. Henry Ra- niaker. Pfc. Harry Kuhl of Carson, Colo., spent a 15-day furlough with his parents and other relatives and friends. Miss Ethel AIol who teaches at Graettinger, spent the week-end at the home of her parents, Air. and Airs. Jake AIol. AHss Hendrlne Van Alarel who is employed at the Gates Rubber Company at Denver, Colo., Is visiting at the home of her sister, Airs. Joe Doornink. Airs: Harold Brining, member of the Alisslon Board of New York grblef^gircfii days /with... their Hull "tUftys the'-p'o^fciwecSnV-.y .'-,.. XStrs;'-ill* -JKiklffers . and Airs. L. q; Van "inffifvla -were in Sioux City 'Friday... • .... • Friday, "Oct. 1st N. , C. H. school will have its annual- Rally Get PULLETS ^ Into Laying House" iuirS wi*h — Pyt. Alvin Wolfswinkel left Tuesday for Farragut, Idaho. Mr. and Airs. Jonn Peters of Hospers were Sunday supper guests in the home of their chil-. dren, Mr : :dnd. ; AIrs. AI. Kenning. Cqi;poral Gerrit Hospers left ' Tuesday ifor Camp Pinedale, Fresno, Calif. M 1 '- and Airs. Otto De Jong and .:-daiigbters Ethel and Betty, Air. .-'and Mrs. Alarlon Muilenburg, two' Camp ;";:^ijdren of Orange City spent jijci^ay evening at the Casey Heyman home. Dorothea Jean Mak of Sioux City spent the week-end with friends. Air. and Mrs. P. Roos and children of Sheldon were at the parental Egbert Koele home Sunday. Air. and Airs. Jake Tiinmer and son of Rock Valley were Sunday supper guests at the B. Vandcr Kooi homo and callers at the Wilmer Van Veldhuizen home. The annual fall mass meeting of the Western Christian Ref. Alen's Societies will be held Thursday, Sept. 80th) nt Sun- born. Rev. R. Haan of Pepria, 111., and Rev. J. Pauw of Hollij'hd, will be the speaker's. Several men from Hull plan 'to attend. Air. and Mrs. Geo. Cnmegeiter and daughter of Rock Valley were at the parental "\y. Oosten- ink home Sunday. .: ... ,^ Little Optimism in Health Circles Over Prospects Of ' Prevention tit's about that time again, time for common cold to yank up stakes and go on'; the loose and Iowa health officials aren't fit all, optimistic over 'prospects of limiting spread. A consensus showed today doctors of the state health de- ptjrtment "frankly don't' expect much prevention of , colds" because ,they. explained, "Public ojnnipn', for the most'i part, js in rey$' in regard to'* this malady." (t'Avere Sunday.. noon^isitolBSi at the Fred Gayer, ancl .'son'. John and daughter Jr., home." 'v...<Mr,,., rtrid Mi' s - Hans Moeller .aricl^|ajiiily spent Sumlay evpn- , Ingj a|"the pscar Miller _home. Iff.-ami'. MrsrWilliam Thomas' ; 'arid '"• -faftiily '$n&- Mrs. Mary.-^ Thomas-Bf Holland, ..jlinn., stop- '''''• ped at tihc Melvin,. Tarrel home Sunday morning, and in company with the Tarrell family spent the day 'at the Harry Green home near Alcpstcr, S. D. Miss jNlavis Tarrell returned Fii|day after'assisting with • at the^, yoyd Tarrell_ Canistota,^S. D.," the* ,,,.past tw, . weeks. ^ , '';:'• . ^ •,,. . Mr. ^ id Mrs/Ernest''Ta^retj,'-' newly-w els from Canistota, S. D., spent Thursday "and Friday •'at the ; lelvin Taii'ell' hoine. .--.'.! Mr. and Mrs. Fred'C. Dierks were Sunday evening visitors at the Lawrence Williams home." Mrs. Mary Thomas of Holland, Minn., is visiting with her daughtei;, Mrs. .Melvin Tarrell, find family. SENIpBoHIGif ftbf ES likst Aveek the typing I class took its second one minute speed test. The high pupils were Verlyn Miller, 37 words per minute; Evelyn Kersbergen, 22; Vermon Vauder Well, 2Q; ' and Catherine Achatz, 19. The freshman and sophomore" English composition books have arrived. Work will be started injhen^ during the second six week's period. The world history class has been making a comparison of the ancient military conquests with those of the present • day. The students were interested to find that many, important and strategic positions and places ; of those days still retain their prominence. • Awards ' were chosen and sent for in -connection with the magazine drive. 'High salesmen were qs ; foliows: Mary Alice Long, : $43.00; Marlene Dearborn, '$42;00; ;Vernon Harmelink,; $39.50; Berdena Qayer, $26.50')'jFrancis Ripperda, i$25.- rade startOcl making airplane booklets on airplane words, pictures/and drawings. • ,^,. '•-. 1V3 find 'o%r Celling work-' ijooks very interesting and helpful. \ All of us ha.d a ride on our airplane which we have named '•Flying Tiger." AVo enjoy a game called "Going Around the World" in arithmetic. , ; Fpgrth Grade {jert'i'ude' was absent Tuesday. We have pa'nted our daveh- .ti'inf ;jp?s: "."v.J;^^t .vi-,-'.'^,., \-\- *' •;,•• She- brought some gerariiums'; too.. '' ' ' ..-' ~, Evonne v and Donna Jean'; brought us bouque.ts of f lowers this ; Week. 4 We have made- a holoreci-ohalk diamrig o f a jungle scene. We have been doing review Elenore Van Berkum, and Lavina Van Ginkel. In English class we are refreshing our memory on the eight parts, of speech. Up to. date we,have had the noun and pronoun. ~?£!CFiir weekly.;paper.,-""The Junior, Review,?' .^has ; arrived for the first' tirjie. "We are looking^ forward' to 'becoming acquaint'eU with it. We know it will keep us abreast with, the times.—Re- p.qjter Deip.res Bauman. Eighth Itoade ~* The pupils that had 100 per cent in spelling were Betty Lou Benson, Esthqr Boiluy.t'j':'''Cleo Jean Eggleston, Donald Kaskie,. and Jolui*' Harmelink. Our literature class is re- vie'vying the stories in our first, unit, "Adventuring with People, and Animals." We have made literature booklets and are sum- marising our storie.s by writ- .infe tjieir nanie^ jaipho.r, c^ief characters', setting'" amV' baclt- ground, ; and synopsis. Our next unit'-will' be, pa, pQ^try. . ^ '-\ , In tfiir., -EriglisK fllass we '$$& . I'eviowing"", Abraham.. L incom's beautiful message' which he so ably delivered at Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania, in 18©3^^ namely, "The Gettysburg Address," We were shocked to learn that it cal stage of the war, such a defensive policy is a policy of desperation. That is 1 why American and British airmen are impatient to exploit their; present terrific opportunity.;^ ^ ' _ _ BROS: ^Spotted China At farm 3.'/ 2 miles east & 'it/<2< miles "south of Rock Kapids on Lyonj< Counly;,, No. C. . " ,. ,", '' ' Mom:, Oct. 4, 1943 50 Spring, 2 Fall Boars.. ' Sale will be JieW rain or shine at 1:00 p. m. sh,arp war time. , Tnese boars are big «;* nough to head'any herff 1 . Those ,who have seen them claim they are the best bunch they have ever seen. FREE LUNCH at NOON Roths Bros. * Rock Rapids, la. ****** * * * * * ************* * -K •K 50 ; . a|jd, " Jfad'onna' Ripperda, " ' '' •* PLAGE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR KINGSCROST HYBRID SEED CORN / « , It will be wise to reserve enough Kingscrost seed to coVer, your needs for next year without delay to insure ^getting the kind you want at the price you want to pay. ^ ^ ,, ;f The experience of hundreds of farmers ii£ thfe territory bears out the claims of Northruo, King & Co. as t»5;the;early maturity, soft starch and heavy bearing qualities of KX varieties of hybrid seed corn. It ifa a safe seed corn to plant in this territory and -'official feeding tests have proven that it takes less soft .starch <** n > such as Kingscrost, and less, time, to prod^ce^QO, pounds"| of meat than when corns of a flinty character are fe3:*%J ; -. „ ' ^ , l '^jfesi. > &.>' **^iKfis.. _ -*> r^uL! The most convincing 1 crost Hybrids are They can tell you about its resist the strong winds of ih|$ ( makes it easier to harvfe^«< tf regularly, tiat successfully, - x growth,tha" VI 1 "*"•••> V i* * J ? *t*-.'i ^jbirt wV^- ;.'*'•«*«,* ft-jw^? ? \G$r^ -\ -T; t? " v has men are dolni hom« !> leut *e CM do !• pnt 10% ing. ii;i general doinnnn . 'class j.studying riiethdds of afcd find it interest' '.Addition to, this "they

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