Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 16, 1953 · Page 3
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 3

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1953
Page 3
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The Daily Register-Mail. Galesbur Friday, October 1053 0 Porker Market i Marl Sharp in Pr ice tcady to weak and very slow, he One of the sharpest 2-day rises 1n .six months followed Inst week's draslic decline in the hog market. This market activity was pointed out by TiOonnrd II. Woods, head of Iho Galesbnrg Order Buyers, in a livestock market summary Issued Thursday. In Galesburg, after the low o{ $20.50 was reached last Thursday, prices steadily advanced to a level of $22 or a little better, paid Wednesday of this week, Woods noted. Comments on Calls Farmers Thursday increased shipments to the large tefminals and total receipts of 61,350 hogs arc 6,400 more than last week, with Thursday's market somewhat under Wednesday's peak. The pork trade, Woods said, is not expected to show too much advance, and receipts of live hogs will have to continue on the light side, or further declines arc to be expected. Several packers interviewed by phone before this review was written are expecting ho^s to sell close to present levels for the next two weeks, or until wet weather will drive more hogs to market, Woods reported, The market for dressed beef is weak, demand for good cattle is expected to be s common kinds added. Appear on Market Following are some of the customers who sold hogs on the Order Buyers market this past week: CJyik* C. Young nnd Sons, of Kiik- wooij; Kidney Wolf, GJJaon; Httrhm "Wotf, Gilson; Robert Wolf, Gtlson; MeJvin Snyder, New Windsor; Lawrence Nichols, Gates burg; Bailey and M'cClanahnn, of Rio; Fetters and Llff- «ctt, of Alpha: M. W. Hedstrom, Victoria; Ka7ph Hnttcn, London Mills; Ernest Humes, Galesburg; Waiter Griffith, Gah?f.l>urg; Robert Korsythe, Viola; Harold Cotton, Maqunrr, Robertson Bros., of Victoria: Ed Olson. North Henderson; Lawrence Newman, Osco; Grant Mackey Jr., Dahinda; Minn Anna Hawkinson, Galesburg; G. L. Granger. Lynn Center; R. Pettlfer and R. M. McGauhey, of Orion; Nichols and Upp, of Gibson; Monroe Legato, Berwick; Everett Klossing, Galesburg; Chester Bishop. Altona. Also Lawrence Swanson, Galesburg; 1. W. Slmpkins, Galesburg; Irvln Robbins, Viola; J. D. Paektngham, Galesburp: Frank Morris, Maquon; C. E, Johnson, Alexis; Jack Helm and H. B. Martin, of Gerlaw; Mrs. John Grud- ley and Raymond 3cenoj?]e, of Biggs- vJIIe and Gerlaw; E, V, Swanson, Galcsbun?: Robert Hhinchart, Monmouth; Clarence A. Vntterson, North Henderson; Paul OIso, North Henderson; Lyie 13. Nelson, Cameron; Carl Munson and H. T. Thompson, of Lynn Center; Frank Morris, Maquon; Lee Meyers, Dahinda; W. L. Klrkland, Woodhull; Isher and Iccnogle, of Monmouth. William Hayman, Alexis; Kenneth Frank, Alcdo; Flack and Wade, of Rio; Raymond Choline. North Hend 'M ^on: Neil Bride, Alexis: Phil Ander.- son, Maquon; Roy Anderson, Alexis; R. D. Sims. North Henderson; Robert Swanson, Galesburg; R. L. Schweitzer. Monmouth; Herb Peterson, Cameron; Leslie Murdock, Abingdon; Mabel Lasley, Gilson; Earl Judy, Little York; Alvln P. Johnson, Wataga; Carl Robert Johnson, Knoxvllle; Ratio Fvitx, Rio; Charles L, Dalllngcr, North Henderson; C. O. Dcnisar, Cameron; A. G. Bloomberg, Woodhull; Elmer Bloomgren, GalesburR, and Stanley Alexander, Galesburg. Have You Heard That Carl E. Ekstrom of 756 N. Broad St. underwent major surgery Thursday morning at Cottage Hospital, where he in a patient in Room 245. Mrs. N. S. Holeman of Van Niiys, Calif., and formerly of Galesburg, departed Tuesday for Chicago for a visit with relatives after a two months* visit in flales- burg with relatives and friends- While in Galesburg, Mrs. Holeman observed her 80th birthday. Mrs. .Irthn Weber and son, Clarence Eugene, Denver, Colo., are visiting relatives and friends in Galesburg. Gather Corn for Wataga Church in DRAWS FIRST NUMBERS—Miss Jean Carlson pulls out names of first winners in 87 Days, a Chamber of Commerce sales promotion, Thursday at the Chamber office. Winners were Rosella Peters, 544 YV. First St., and Mrs. Robert Stewart, Rio R.F.D. 1. Each will receive $87 merchandise certificates. Two more winners will he drawn tonight, and the final two Saturday. God's Acre Project Twelve men operating five mechanical corn pickers and trac* tors, picked corn off a 30*acre field on the Alvin Olson farm near Wataga Thursday forenoon. The workers volunteered their services and the proceeds of the corn sale will be divided between Mr. Olson and the Wataga Lutheran Church, in what is termed a God's Acre project. The Rev, Glenn Anderson, pastor of the Wataga Lutheran par-' ish, reported today that Mr, Olson, a veteran farmer of (he community, had agreo.d on the plan of ; Merriit II. Moore, professor of'sharing his harvest with thej philosophy at Knox College, has-^urch. He visited the field ye.v I r M I Writes Stimti On Teaching Dr. W. T. Smith to Aid Mission For First Methodist Church Dr. William T. Smith, executive director of the Central Illinois Methodist Hospital, Peoria, will be the guest pastor of the First Methodist Church for the National Christian Teaching Mission program now in progress in the Protestant Churches of Galesburg. Dr. Smith will address a group of officers and committee chairmen of church organizations a! the "Self-Study" session this evening at 7 o'clock in the chapel. He will bring the message in the morning worship Suiv day and will speak to the teams NEW SIGN—That The Daily Regisler-Mail is "A Better Newspaper" is proclaimed by a new electric sign set in place this morning above the Simmons street entrance of this newspaper. A large electric clock is located on each side of the sign. The news* paper plant has been painted white in- recent days. assigned to help with the religious census of the city in the church dining room at 2 p.m. Dr. Smith will bring a message of challenge based upon the results of the self-study and of the religious census in a "Family Night Program" Wednesday evening. The Mission program aisoj includes a session of the representatives of church organizations at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct.. 20. Prior to his present relationship with the Methodist Hospital, Dr. Smith was pastor of First Methodist Church, Peoria. He was very popular minister of the First; jMethodist Church at Burlington for; eight years before transferring toi Illinois. Other Iowa pastorates in-' elude Linden Church, Waterloo,! and the First Methodist Church, Clinton, Iowa. He is now directing the Peoria Methodist Hospital in a two-million-doIJar building program. A committee consisting of Rayj Marvel, chairman; Fred Robertson,; Sterling Pennington and Richard j N. Miller have prepared the kits; for the 100 Methodist teams of! workers for the religious census. Dr. W. T. Smith SESQUIPEDALIAN WORDS Say. sitS Shlcrt? tnlubtS^, field it0m PaSG 2) " by (he United Nations Educational, l?^^ ou l,! he ..^ ^ZT ^nXry constitution or Elifi and C^U urfl orSjlJainson. Albin and Edgar Wen- He warned ' that Hon Hr was one of a commh-'s'rom, Guy Hiatt, Wilbur Asplund, .. must prohm (hc th?f .Edied" the° f mcfhoT?f .H»'«!. ^ Johnson, Wren bylavv , Pof any nati Honor Two Beatrice (j^e Weather roods Executives At TlSti^ot*^ ILLINOIS: Fair and mild tonight and' At JJlfllier JJailCe Saturday. Low tonight 46-52. High Two executives of the Beatrice Sat nwA* teaching philosophy in U. N. member countries. var i ous! Kelly and Mr. Olson. on or combina-! Foods Company —Hugh . IOWA: Mostly (air and mild tonight Oarver, an( j Saturday but chance of a few Under a Fulbright scholarship, Overnight Hike Dr. Moore lived in Parts duringir p ]r , llMP |l hv the years 1951 and 1952. Actual 18 1 Jd,,neu ,)V Troop Moose Scout Troop No. X Lodge RETREAT MASTER—The Rev. Gregory Dicbold, O. F. M.> will conduct the annual retreat Oct. 20, 21 and 22 for the students of Corpus Christi High School. The students will attend Mass each day in Corpus Christi Church, lowed by hrearkiast served members of the P. T. A. lol- by y _ work on the commission, which JMooSC Sootli met in the United Nations build! ng ™" io« r t' S * ° m 26 ;sored by Galesburg Dr. Moore was one of nine mem-jticipate in an overnight hike, it hers who worked on this commission. Other countries represented were Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, and Cuba each with one representative and France with two. This project was anticipated by States." Sees Part of Plan honored at a dinner dance Tuesday night at the Hotel Custer ball- Sunday: Fair and pleasant. GALESBURG AND VICINITY*. Fair ! , and mild tonight and Saturday. Lowi, tonight 48. Hifih Saturday 82. Low Sat- II night 50. CHICAGO AND VICINITT: Fair and mild this afternoon, tonight and Sat- r. , • i » 4t. i_i 1 rr-i_ x jiurday. High this afternoon mid 70s. Broyles reminded the assembly ( room. The event was sponsored| Lo w tonight 52. H(eh Saturday 78. Low to "beware of the so-called peace bv the Galesburg office employes., Saturday night 52. Light variable winds ^""•organizations, many of which are Mr. Larson retired Oct. 1 and Mr .||££ ri V^ for i - H8J ' under control of the Communist Carver will retire Nov. 1. Loyal Order of Moose will Par-i conS p iralors whose onJy purp05 e Mr Garver started with the de- ^h^be^n"n^uS n S h L™ce is ^ C »V" COnfUSi ° n in ° Ur own ^ct PtoSS Cr\TmVy^ wL a SI„ nf fh /w'^^ country." in 19J9 at Galesburg and has been; y n 0e °£«u\ ^Sfi« T ¥« nf He characterized this activity as; vvilh lhe fim sinc ^ P i on eer was LOCAL WEATHER Boy Scout committee. The date of a ,i n f lhe Kremlin plan to merged with Beatrice Foods in 1 NoDn "ading. 76; morning's low, 5f th s event w II be announced later, riest i fjV from u . ithin _ a i d who * fe lzZ 10V0 itl r L! ^L^ cleaT ^ wind southeasterly, no precip- iho r-hnirman stated A recent ae- if • *" n,n , ana wn< J March 1928. Mr. Larsen started Itation. (Thursday's maximum, 86; mini- tne cnairman staiea. A recent at preach survival by weakness and j n 1913 w i t h Pioneer as a butterimum. 46.) Sun rose today at 6:12 a. m-. tivity of the troop was a wiener appeasement." 'milker and has been in Galesburr sets rt 5 ' 19 p - m - Mornin e stars, Mars, roast at Lake Storey Park. , P ^ e aiso warned Americans to: J ak « and has been m Galesburg eventng stars , Mer . Richard McKcan, professor of j Mr. Wogomon, in outlining plans be on lhe a]ert for i(false p hi ] 0 -i ^ , . 1 y philosophy at the University of;for the troop, stated there are ;Soph and reason i ng 0 f certain- ^l r - Garver plans to take a trip, Chicago, in J.950. He prepared aivacancies in the troop and Conferences, the Way of the Cross, the.Rosary and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament will complete the daily schedule. Private conferences with the retreat master will also be possible. Father Dicbold, ordained in 1941, was engaged 10 years in parish work and leaching in Kansas,j Kentucky and Indiana. The past 1 questionnaire on the subject and boy, not necessarily the son of a sent it to the National Societies of j member, desiring to join, may .Philosophy and to the independenticontact the chairman, 143 W. South (philosophy teachers of the world.jSt., or leave his name with the Each member's task on the com- steward at the Moose Lodge Home, mission was to summarize theU &l N> Cherry St. whole matter of leaching philosophy in his own country, reporting on the objectives to be met and the material to be covered. ists and nhony liberals." Review Hearings royles played tape recordings has been operating Fremont Road. Marriage Licenses College Bible a farm on^ . , , . , A marriage bcense has been is-t f sued at Macomb to Herbert Gibbi . . . , The event Tuesday night was at-; A ii enj Smithshire, and Miss Ari-i on hearings of various investiga-itended by 50 persons. F. J. Ryan^iQtia Brown, Tennessee. I jtions of individuals in connectionjdairy manager, made the present L. ! with Communist activities. Itation of gifts to the men. Each! assisted in. the decorations. A paper bound booklet was pub retreats and missions as a member of the Franciscan Mission Band at Streator. Swimming Group At Knox College these summaries along with a dec Study Organization Holds First Meeting The Bible Study group of Knox Richard R. Larson of Galesburg, honoree received a combination! Blanche Peterson's representative from the 43rd Sen-, radio and clock. Ernest Burrelll played for dancing, atorial District, introduced the'and Larry Greenhalgh were in speaker. [charge. Miss Margaret Gregoryl HEAD THE orchestra Yes, not even words a-foot-and-a-half-long can describe the goodness of food cooked with wine, r Wine brings out not only the nalvra) flavor of food ... it also blends, flavors and mellows them into a new and indescribable deliciousness. (The alcohol in wine passes off in cooking just as it does from vanilla.) Yes, there's a special magic in cooking with wine, BUT THERE'S NO PARTICULAR TRICK TO IT. For further information secure a free booklet at Mark Lawrence's DUNCAN LIQUOR STORE Across from the Orpheum Theatre. Get your free copy and the best wine values . . today) Names Officers year. 1 laration and a conclusion of thejCe-llege s -Y.W.C.A.. membership; commission. The booklet, print-™ which is open to aU interested j ed in French, will be publishedstudents held its first meet- 1 in English by the end of this; in £ of the fall quarter, Tuesday, 0 1 Organized last year as one of; several groups for college men and: women with similar interests in; particular religious fields, the: Bible Study group is the first to* reorganize this year. The 10 Knox students participating in these biblical analyses' Mercer Village Has Club Sees Oil Movie In recognition of national Petro-. u leum Week a movie-talkie film on! "Puddles." the coed water bal -j3 Polio Cases; Use the industry was shown Thursday^ a nd swimming group at Knoxl^^ An V^,.„nr C t„». c at the regular Rotary Club meet-College, has announced this year's!**** 011 ou lOUngSiers ing. The film was supplied by l0 ffi cer s as Jane Nelson. Gales- The first large scale use in this:will meet every Tuesday evening; Les Wilkinson, who was chairman burg president* Joyce McGrew.area of gamma globulin as an anti- from 7:30 to 8:30 in Room 203 of; of the program. The projector^Gaicsburg, vice president, andlpolio remedy has been reported [Old Main. Leadership and guid -j was operated by Bill Foley. jj can Anderson, Naperville, secrc The film showed how the Willis-;t ar y.treasurer, ton field in North Dakota and Montana was developed, also how the crude petroleum is processed),,^ . # lncf u , Anl . Tentative plans for a show in November were made at the finished products. RUMMAGE SALE Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 17th 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Gtoii Building N. PrnlrU If* (Acrou from Nyman'i) Sponsored by Galesbur• Junior Woman's Club original choreography six numbers of this show is being composed by the members now. jPlans are also in the making for ian all-student water carnival, according to Mis.s Nelson. Membership in Puddles is on a competitive basis, and tryouts will be held in December for interested girls having advanced lability in swimming. WHICH DO YOU WANT? from Mercer County where 60 chil dren received injections of G*G following an outbreak of three polio cases. Those with polio are William Lee Lewis, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lewis, and Steve Hale, 6, and David Hale, 1, sons of Mr. and Mrs. David Hale of Swedoria,! a village of 100 persons in northeastern Mercer County. The injections were given Monday under the joint sponsorship of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the state Public Health Department. The polio cases arc the first re ance of the informal discussions are alternated among the students. see our H KODAK °f> of Realty Transfers Chester B. Allen of Galesburg to Fred. V. Erickson, 1045 E* Mulberry St., property in Leonard Addition for $2,000. Mrs. Mary Condon of Galesburg to Norman H. Weaver, 924 Brown Ave., property in Fair Grounds Addition for $6,000, Vergil M. Anderson to Orlow D. Hazen, both of Galesburg, property along Route 150 near Knoxville ported in 1953 for Mercer County Overhead Bridge for $6,500. and are after the usual peak sea- Frank D. Anderson of Galesburg son for the disease. The March!to Edwin B. Thuline of Altona, of Dimes organization has taken |80 acres in Walnut Grove Town- over the financial end of caring'ship for $24,000. for the children. HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH TO YOU? KODAK KODAK cam-and* CA»« A ^ KODAK BUAFUX Jt- CAMERA iTTalT cam- -i/.w .hKodSLe?,;^?;: BROWNIE HAWKIYI CAMERA Jgjjg Modern box camera with built Takes grand color black-and-white Birth Records Born at Cottage Hospital to; Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Cole of Alpha, a girl Thursday at 8:43 p.m. Born at St. Mary's Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Marion Thomas of 600 N. Main St., Abingdon, a boy Thursday at 10;40 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Morrison are the parents of a girl, weighing 7 pounds and 4 ounces, born Wednesday at 11 a.m. in St. Mary's Hospital at Quincy. The paternal grandmother is Mrs. O. W. Morrison and the maternal grandparents are Mr, and Mrs. Amos Quails, ail of Galesburg. Texas embraces more than 8 ; per cent of the total area of the i United States. 1 New Jelly-like Formula Knocks Baked Grease Off Oven Surfaces "ITS" is the name of a new oven cleaner that restores oven surfaces to , grease-free newness without scraping or scrubbing. The substance is brushed on, al-; lowed to stand, then wiped clean j with water. > ^ "Its" oven cleaner is available at Kellogg Drake & Co. for $1 and: this includes a plastic brush. "ITS") is non-inflammable and spectacular! in performance. Adv.{ How much are you interested in the health welfare and recreational fac t of Galesburg How much do you care for your commun- ? Prove it, by giving generously to the Galesburg Community Chest. $75,513 needed. is flash. snaps pictures and -12 per roll. $7.20 1 Our Annual Old Range Roundup October Don't Miss This Opportunity for the Range Buy of the Year. NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. GALESBURG, ILLINOIS We gladly offer you all of the above cameras on our TRIAL GUARANTEE PLAN * . . and we'll show you how to use the camera of your choice to get best results. YOUR BOB COIVILIE FOLEY MIDWEST PHOTO SERVICE ILLINOIS 153 North Broicf Phone 6474-6 Street COMPANY Phone 4261 CHECKING ACCOUNTS • COMMERCIAL LOANS • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS » AUTOMOBILE AND PERSONAL LOANS • TRUST DEPARTMENT « REAL FARM MANAGEMENT SERVICE SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP.

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