The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 23, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, May 23, 1935
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Entered as aeconi VOLVME XI., XO. 1!)!). class matter. Ocl 4. 1895, at (post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act ol March 6. 1879 TITTOX. XXDlJlNA. TIH nSJDAY E\ ENIXG, MAY 23, 1035. POOL REVIVED Mayor, Members of Council | and Park Board Present i Project to PWA. j SEEK FEDERAL FUNDS Conference Held With State; Officials Regarding Sewage Disposal Plant. Only Two Major Cases Pending in Supreme C'cWt Washington. May 23.—Only nino cases now remain ready for decision by the supreme court on the two Mondays on which decisions will be rendered before the slimmer recess. Two of these cases are major issues, the Schechter case affecting fundamental is- sueii of UK- national industrial recovery act, and the Frazier- Lenike farm mortgage law. Of the other cases, one involves the right of President Roosevelt to demand the resignation of William E. Humphreys from the federal trade commission, and the other affects Baltimore-telephone rates. The court will hand down decisions on May 27 and June ?,. and on the latter day will slop work until October, when it will sit in its new $10,000,- OdO building. Mavor W. A. Compion. Councilman E. T. Abeiulrntli and a few others were :il Indianapolis Thursday for a cnnfrreir.-e- with Engineer F. M. Logan of the Indiana PVYA organization. Th'-y presented for the Tipton park board an application for a golf course to he const riH'tfil wit!i money from a PYVA loi»n as a self-liquidating i)rojeci and als took up the question of a com . munity swimmim: pool for the i Tipton park lu he linaiic-d by Ibi-j P\VA. ' j The.'e (wu projects v.-i'n.' fil>;li with the P\VA neiirly two years ago in a joint application. The petition was rejected as to til" swimming pool because it was *ei out the pool required a big percentage of materials and a small amount of labor. At that time til'-' FUNERAL OF JANE IS HELD " i Simple Rites at Hull House in Chicago, With Interment Friday. HUNDREDS VIEW BODY SIX DIE PLANE PLUNGED THE SEA Martin Seaplane With Pacific Fleet Maneuvers Sank in 'Ocean. WAS AIDING ANOTHER Members of Crew Met End While Circling Second Ship in Distress. (By Unito'l 1'ressV Aboard U. S. S. Pennsylvania. With Pacific Fleet, May 23.—S ! x navy airplane crew members were killed Tuesday night directing rescuers to a stricken sister plane, it w$s revealed today. The men died when their plane plunged into the Pacific after circling high above a second craft which had descended in distress 40 miles south of Midway Island. The disaster was the most serious of a series which have marked the elaborate fleet problem 1C in which virtually the entire sea forces of the United States are concentrated in the Pacific. The lost plane members were part of the defending forces of the fleet. The craft to whose res- Ch-icagf Maf " 3 !-™ e people ™ they had gone was one of the 'Atlantic government was insisting upon | o f Halsted and Polk streets. I attacking toree. projects which required mos.tly labor. The golf course was recommended by the PWA as a project for the old f'WA lo handle and steps were hoinc tak<-.i\ at that where hunger is no stranger and a helping hand is often a gift of life, took over today from king-5. president and great universities the job of honoring the best Brandenburger, time to push this project thniimh I friend they ever had. but the CWA was .abandoned for i )n t | )e ] O fty bower hall of Hull the FERA which had a policy '»" I (jouse, the rambling brick pile at only supplying money for labor: | n a ] ste( j an d Polk streets where! then the east side -sewer project I tnousan ,i s O f families have found was started in Tipton and no ] ri , fllge an( j a jd in distress, lay the funds were available for material U 1Of j v <){ j an e Addams, whose heart and genius built it and made it world famous. expenditures on a golf course. Recently tho federal government lias stressed the importance of PWA projects and with mil-j lions of dollars going into the ( states, requests for self-liquidai-j Outside, through a cold night, stood hundreds of the men, wom- Mi and children she helped. There was no demonstration. The dead: Lieut. Harry 37, Belleville, 111. Junior Lieut. Charles J. Skelly. 30. 'San Francisco. Chief Machinists Mate P. C. Lilts, Ocean View, Va., (wife's address given as Honolulu I. Frank Robert Der- address. First Machinists Mate Proteau, Wrethan, Mass. Third Machinists Mate Sharpe, Heavener, Okla. The accident occurred P. J. O. A. during Love conquered all for Juan Ppmbo, 21,1 above, of Madrid, Spain, who successfully flew the Atlantic to Brazil, South America, where he was to continue to Mexico City. His' sweetheart, Elena Corral, i inset, awaited him there. Col. Alexander E. Williams Is Convicted in Court Martial Hearing. LIED ABOUT A LOAN Was Formerly a Brigadier General in the Quartermaster's Office, (Uy Unitrrt I'r.vsi. Washington^ May -:t. — Col. Alexander E. Williams of the army quartermaster corps was found guilty on two counts by a court martial today and sentenced to be dismissed from the servic••. The otficer was found to have solicited and obtained a loan en $2.f>00 from the representative of an automobile tube concern which Schwab, Without an Heir, Centered His Life in Steel Washington. May 23-—Testifying before the board of tax appeals this week in the income tax case involving Andrew w. Mellon, iformur secretary of the treasury, Charles M. Schwab, chairman of the board of th.> Bethlehem Steel Corporr.'ion. said when asked if his "intuitive optimism" did not bvea 1 .; down into a desire for profits: ."Not in my. case. It has ai- •ways been my ambition to do something worth while, to head something great. I have no heirs, so whether I have a large fortune or not has made no difference to me. I did want an important place in the steel business." Describing his optimism as "intuitive" and "perhaps extreme." Mr. Schwab refused to say when he thought "the corner would be turned." i Hitler Official Maker Final ^ Arrangements for This i: Conference, i STARTING NEXT WEEK * Sudden Start for Meeting Result of Hitler's Reichstag Address; SENAIE KILLS re TO BE the third phase of the fleet problem. The Brandenburger plane, based at Midway Island, was on? of 43 aircraft which had been ' ' I IlU I G "US '*" ut:iiHJiiaL»**ni'"« v»v * •> tinv. (tut " u i^-n uui« •/*.*.>• ing projects have been sent down j^^ ^ ^^ conversation, dispatched there from Hawaii to repel a threatened mimic atta-cU. ... to communities. (The people stood about in littl-2 While it is evident many peo-. ^ - g _ - ^ waitjng> and pie here are insisting upon H" swimming pool, it is evident that only a comparatively few days '"I ,,,,„„ each year are suitable for swim- (had been waiting for hours, just pags rapid , y througn the hal , inside and view for a second the peaceful face of , lor a second ine peaceiui lace >Ji ming and for this reason, a pool, benefactor before she was as a self-liouidatinc proie-t is! _ . a self-liquidating proje-t is questionable. ] While in Indianapolis Mayor: f'ompton and Councilman Abendroth conferred with members of the state board of health and tho PWA board regarding Tipton's sew;,);e disposal plant which has been before the public for some time. Plans as prepared by the firm of Bevington & Williams of Indianapolis have been fully ap- " proved by the various boards. The site of the sewage plans has been located southeast of Tipton on the Davis farm and condemnation proceedings are pending against the heirs -of the estate in circuit court; The present sewer system being installed will be connected with the plant by an intercepting sewer, running east and west along th-i south edge of the city. Picture In Paper. taken to her girlhood home in pedarville. III., to be buried in the tiny cemetery there. Associates of Miss Addams itiade preparations for a throng expected to jam the building and nearby streets for the funeral services at 1:30 this afternoon. The famous sociologist's body will lie in state until after the services. It was estimated that 20,000 persons moved in solemn procession past her simple silver casket yesterday. . Eight youths from immigrant families that -Miss Addams aided n her first days of welfare work 47 years ago stood guard over her Continued on Page 2.' The Thursday edition of the Indianapolis Star carried a splendid likeness of Miss May Hobbs, of near Tipton, -trustee of the Indiana Federation - of Women's clubs, who la among those attending the federation convention in session at Indianapolis Wednesday,; Thursday and Friday. •JSM Hobbs is pictured with three other ladles, Mrs. J. W. Ho- iw«rth r ; president tenth district; J, Denney, Wabash, Tenth district; and > Conrkey, Kwt J ^l—ij.! ^j.£*a42L.*. ,. •'. Early Tuesday evening it was scouting the open sea about 40 miles south of Midway Island, searching for "enemy" aircraft. Suddenly it spotted a plane in trouble on the water. The plane was one of the attacking force which had been forced down when one engine went dead. The Brandenburger plane radioed immediately for destroyers to go to the rescue of the stricken craft. Meantime it circled about the spot, maintaining radio communication and directing the rescuing craft. Just-an hour later, a few minutes before the light cruiser Raleigh, funnels belching smoke and under forced draft arrived, the BranHenburger plane plunged into the sea. Cause of the accident was not known. Occupants of the other Continued on Page 2. merioan Flags jWill Be Put in All Cemeteries by Patriotic Bodies. UNION SERVICE HERE ^Through tho activity of the American Legion and Auxiliaries working in conjunction with other patriotic bodies andj organizations, evLry known veteran's grave in thk .county will j>e decorated with an American jflag Memorial niy. The city counfjil at its meelr ing Wednesday afternoon made a donation of S25 for this purpose anjd if this is not j sufficient 10 co -er the cost the County council wl.l likely come to [the rescue as no appropriation was asked of it last September. For several yearp the Sons of Veterans have seen to it that evj ery soldier's grave bore a flag oi Memorial Day but ^he order has turned the matter j over to tho Le;ion. but is cooperating fully the- movement, as are all othor IHE ITIEfi John ;Roush and Jesse Lawhorn Returned to Cells After Hearing. TELL VARIED TALES pa Jesse Lawhorn, self-confessed chicken thief and John Rous'i. charged with that offense hut entering a stont denial, were re- <By UnitfA Tress). London,. May 23.—Capt. Erwin Wassner. naval attache -of the German embassy, left for Berlin today to make firtal arrangements for a naval conference with Great Britain. i It was believed that negotiations would start next week. Britain hopes to obtain a clear, moderate, precise statement of tracts in November, 193.1. Williams at that time was a i brigadier general in charge of | the transportation division of tiie quartermaster general's cilice, and the tire tube representative was trying to interest him in the product. Williams was acquitted on a charge of receiving another sun* of S2,000. .. •., He was found guilty, however, of giving false testimony before a house military affairs sub-committee which investigated army contracts. Williams had denied to the committee that he/ received the loan. Veto by Vote of 54 to 40 in Tense Session. ONE LONE HANDCLAP! MAKES CMARC3KS. Witness Assorts Prince Connaught Holds Stock in Anns Plunt. Washington, May 23.—The i municated to the United States, I Japan. France and Italy. • The sudden start for early ne-! i gotiations—a conference has long j been planned—was the result, of Adolf Hitler's Reichstag speech, I which was deemed to clarify Geri niany's policy. Hitler mentioned I his aim as attaining 35 per cent ! of Britain's naval strength. believed that Wassner 2 senate today sustained President | woul(1 re furn this week end and Roosevelt's veto and killed the ;that the German nav al delegation Patman bonus bill. j W ould arrive here next week. Brlt- The veto was 54 in favor of the j jsh negotiators will include Sir measure and 40 against. -| Ernie Chatfield, first sea. lord of The bonus forces were nine \ the admiralty, and R. L. Craigle, votes short of the two-thirds ma- 1 foreign office expert. Germany's Jority they needed to enact the delegates probably will be Jo- bill over the veto. •'. achim Von Ribbentrop, Hitler's When the senate originally j personal armaments adviser; passed the bill, the vote was 55 to Rear Admiral Schuster, of the 33. • i personal staff of the commander in. " There was a single hand clap i chief of the navy; .Commander from the galleries when .Vice! Kiderlen, of. the admiralty head- London? May ^23.—Harry.-Pol- President N. Garner announced: j quarters, and Captain Wassner. manded back to the custody ofjijtt, testifying on behalf of the| "The bill has not passed." rioti-c bodies. n Tipton a union service for organizations and the public general will be i held at the st Presbyterian ! church next National Bank Notes Slowly Vanishing; Only $57jOOOftOO Is Actually Withdrawn all in Fi Su iday morning and Rev. be i Tnnmer will preach a special memorial sermon. JAM patrio'ic bo lies and organizations will join in the parade from jthe church to the cemetery where a memorial service will be held by the Legionl 'Memorial Day came into exis^ teice following thejcivil war and wak held for veterans of that conflict. There are in this county toj- Washington, May 23.—National banknotes, doomed to disappear completely a tew months hence, are reported to be slowly dropping from sight. i In ten weeks since plans for eliminating this form of currency announced, the banks have poured {376,000,000 Into the Treasury's redemption fund, but actually only $57,000,000 in the notes themselves have been withdrawn from circulation, of 1846,100,000 originally outstanding. banknote <J» ittoed il<lwnk particular types, which the bank must deposit with the Treasury in addition 1 to a cash deposit of 5 per cent of the amount of notes issued. The government securities against which, such notes njay be issued are restricted, for the most part, to two' series, totalling $676,000,000. both of .which the Treasury has called lor redemption on Aug. 1. The privilege of issuing banknotes against other government securities ' _expJU£« i SllM dair only seven survivors of thaj: lengthy struggle'and most of thdm are Incapacitated. Thesi men, the youngest lot whom is Gordon Williams o'f Tipton, ari all) nearing 90 except those who/; L re passed that birthday. Hher veterans are Charles M| Co^way, John Miller, Madison ight, Absalom Jumner, ted- walrd Ulrlch and J >hn M. Wili bu •n. Sheriff-iCurdwell Thursday morning in 'Circuit court, after the court, attorneys and spectators had listened to some excellent examples i of avoiding the truth, by one or ;the other. Lawliorn, who confessed making three trips to the Rickard farm arid stealing chickens, stated that oii each occasion Roush accompanied him and not only that but suggested the thefts. Lawhorn told the route they took to reach ! the farm, of cutting through woods and fields and of carrying tho chickens back and placing; them in Roush's poultry yard. He described the sale of fowls at the Fear-Campbell place in Tipton and at the R. H. Lett. & Son store and stated that Roush received half of the~~money from the salq of nine of the fowls and that he [retained all received from the said of the first four. Lawliorn also detailed their stealing! chickens at the farm of Williamj Charles and at the St. Joseph's Academy and of using Roush's; poultry yard on Wabash avenue as a hiding place. Chickens were not sold as soon as stolen, the practice helng to wait several days. Rousli took the stand and denied everything told by Lawhorn regarding his connection with tha thefts, although admitting ithat Lawhorn brought 'chickens to his Home frequently. The stories were so absolutely different that Judge Communist party of Britain before the Royal Commission in- The rest of the galleries sat in '| London, May 23.—Great Brit- silence. ain embarked on a formidable air vestigating the arms traffic,] Last year when a vote on vet-j defense program today, less than charged that Prince Arthur Con-jerans' legislation was overridden j 24 hours after the government naught, membeti of the royal fam-Mn the senate there was a burst of j promised the country full equal- j ily, holds 3,000, '4ive per cent i spontaneous applause from the: ity with Germany, preference shares in VIckers, | galleries which, required several' _ The air ministry made a pub- . Ltd., the big armament firm. j minutes to quiet. - j lie appeal for pilots and warned'. He named other prominent per- The first unexpected develop-': sons as holders of similar shares: nient during the roll-call was th-J when the chairman, Sir John El-; vote of Sen. Dennis Chavez, D., ^egion members knowing the locition of ever} of veteran's grave in are desirous the .county an I will appreciate [any Informa tlo i op the subject -SUst year am year ere .niadi Russell jail and matter when h case. at the conclusion of, the sent both ! men back to told Rouaji to ponder the until Fj-lday morning i would dispose of | the do r Bankes, interrupted. To Reside In Tipton. N". M. He voted to sustain the veto although bonus advocates had announced their expectation that he would vote to override. that-the whole hearted co-operation of the country would be»xe- quired. It was announced that enlistments of 2,500 pilots and 20,000 technicians and unskilled worfc" T ers would start at once. These-•*»? "1 4.11*1 VcZ I"IOSt ULUlJiUUi 11*11 »' it-* iw uc iun.di *»*fcv *.uu u*,. , . vv _ — —- . . the Democratic political organ!- j ing this year and next year. Abotttpj; zation; \vhicli put him up as candidate to replace the late Sen. half are to be absorbed next April. Mrs. Ida Bunch, who for some j Chavez close connection with taken into the services time \ has operated .the Bunch's Lunches at the west edge of the city, has rented apartments above, the Vanity Cleaners on -West Jefferson street'and she and her son John are removing to. Tipton. William Stillabower has taken over the filling station at the before! Bronson Cutting, R.. N. M.. was Tha ministry at once opened _„ believed responsible for the vote., enlarged recruiting depot, at )tp Twelve Republicans voted with headquarters here and ann'"""** 42 Democrats to sustain the veto. Those voting to override the chi"f west edge of the city and is now i executive included 43 Democrats. «__ _ii — _ —_ • n-T>.-ir»»»Kl»/»«lnt> rtnt*TJ*a ffll^l'-T jfl llOT in charge Belshazzar saw the handwrit- 9' Republicans, one Farmer-Labor and one Progressive. Immediately after the ing on the wall'. "It means that; Sen. Bennett Champ Clark. D., my wife will want it repapered j Mo., filed notice of an intention this-spring." he interpreted. j Continued c,n Page S. MacDonald Dropping Cabinet Activities; -Baldwin Will Head] Government Soon it would open depots at 10" incial towns—Glasgow, Nej tie, Manchester, Liverpool,'"' mlngham, Cardiff, P Portsmouth, Belfast and The 'present air force waa'announced as 2,700; and 29.SCO men. Roush, who is jjiarrled and i the father if ave children, told the court ttlat he had not stolen a chicken i since his marriage, | nut tit* :t.ajiit ^y.umrtnv' nccomDauled to London, May 23,—Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, aftsr. his 'recent spurt of renewed participation in International affairs at Stresa and at home in parliamentary debate, has again ct- faced himself completely at the most critical stage In the development of Britain's position. He was not at the emergency meeting of his cabinet this week to ! consider defense policy, but waa at the meeting, of the general assembly of the Church of Scotland..Neither was be in the ment's policy, to make this country, the dominant power in the air. i This strange absence may be considered as the beginning of the end of -Mr. MacDonald's career as prime minister, for it is niw almost taken .for granted that he will be succeeded at 10 Downing street by Stanley Baldwin, lord president of the council, by July if not before. The Operated,- Thursday. Thursday morning the. .1 ambulance removed the ; year-old son of Mr. and'' (BJB Shaw from his home; office of a local doctor underwent an operation •& appendicitis. The boy'. through the operation to manner and Thursday)« was reported doing ni John F. Staats fi critical condition • In, wood hospital Jong-expected; reconstruction \ <\t fitted, foUowing tlie cabinet may come immediate- ort-hage sfr»eral. alter the announcement t>f the iHe has been' .of nous tor the

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