Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 9, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 6
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Briefs ill tlic News Service Star Lepon State Convention Will Be lien The Sorvici' Stiij- Li'j;i<)n will I'n its .st;ilo convention li'tc nt K.-- Ihc-rvlllo WcdnPHilay noon a' )lir city hall nuditoiiiini. A recf'plion •tnii ^>vn^y•,{n> will 1m Kivcn tliiil I'vrniti- which is np.'n Ut Xhc public, MS is the baiiqin t wiiicii will be lu'ld in tlic Slion^ loom of the Onnlston hole) Tliuisct:\y rvi-n liiK at 6:30 p. ni A Gold Stni- noon luncheon will ; 1)1' held in tlie Shore room Friday.; DfloKates from all chajuers in i thn fltale are expected lo hv here i lor Ihc convention. Tickets for the banquet •nuir.«-i day pvenln;: will j:o on .-^ale Wed- ni'.sdny noon. Kver>one,,;;^- k, attend shoubl contact c iUi. r Mi.- Lars Anderson or Mrs. M, K t'lck Ilclil ttir Antluiritics P .'i.'^i .MoiiM. Inn:; v- :ijpr, li, r. lie- S .itU! nil.!".; 1': om i -nine I sl'Vii i.~ ••hare ,1 with eh. ,k,- Fiiifil in .MaMir'> • •l -vill, w,,.. ter he Dan Ihw, <h,irL-. of loor;!. i; P . al.^e V nation S,,; lea.-e'l I , Biui Ko' n. . nr.. ,1 ,, .11''u'iiiit\- int ut M,-i-.,i.,i , To .liidgc Ili'rf Show Cednr Rnpid.s i.V> -Lt. Ciov. liny Schncll of North I>nkotn. U'. N. Amictson of West Llbortry, In., and Hon KInncr of Wnshlngton, Fa., will be the throe JildffCR for the all-Iowa hei-f Khow to ho heUI during thp nIMown fnlr here 10-17. •» . Bo durn your idco in sound before ymi sound off. It's the frcHh egg that get« slup- pod in tho pun. Esthervlllc, Iowa, DaUy News Men., June 9, 1952 e Present television signals, limited by the curvature of the earth usually are limited to about 60 miles. J fry- I S,,l;;nla-. ' K!k!o-. S •.^l5h ir .ION I'llI ^va,- -..tic. Lor..! Diinnt'll FarnuT I)it WorkiiiK for Dr. Sharp Dr. John F. fhillips of 1< )iorl arrived to<lay to i-.k- Dr. Lloyd L, Sharji's p!a.:awhile the chii c>practor (t'n\a.: frcjm injuri. r-'tiu'-rl m .-.n mobile accident. Pr .Sha:;' i ported as doini: v.a !1 but w; unable to continu. pi icti^ .•^ome time whi'i.' hi.'- I- ).• a'.Phillip.< has a wife and a ;i-.a- old dauphtir. The family v.:; at 120: Fir.-t a\-.r,U' r.e:!;, Lloyd Grifft -• h^'ir.e. thi .Min:-.. Far., ra! .1 .';0 ]< m Mi:.I: V 11 r a. M. > 1. 11 [111 a Fi t:.. F ^\KI^ MOISMNC, WINDSTORM Sunday " ' ai:j, ;:, , NoMh Xi.illi street nc.i'r ;li a\-.:-,a, 111.Mb Mr.v .lack Hittner fearin»r : ..a;,.;.!;, vwail.i nm into it durins the •'• > .a-i! , p.ilue wlio placed fl.-ire.s around .\l.etit ih, .-anie time shortly .after 1 a. m an ;::. l,a- -holt,,!, binned off and fell into rain- lOnih- Niae.s i»fioIo ami enj:ravin>rt soaked .Vorlh Kifihth slierl. The I.loyd Allen home at laXi'j Xoilh Kiphlh uas .«,howiTed \iith •spark.s and the .area was chai>:ed with electricity. The fire d.)ia 11m.nt and city el.etricians wen' sumnionetl to luin off (h.. power an<! to care for any fire if one should break out. CHRVSLER SARATOGA ft-PASSENCER SEDAN ;;i r. .Su 1 \ 1 Ol.-, :i i:h le •' a 1 - ir. • :-.. :i, :,r.a I"' li. had P. the Bun. 1 will. Cliff..r.i C>ha : Land f: i F.\\a ^\ . , r W ..-d:-.: s Th,irsda> F: • 1.irar.ei %\ 1 1 '.Ma 11 . l.ri: r a n I e t ii •. .: land Kai h ;ii Hi;;! l-wemi:-. bappipe a:. FniVet'siiy of 1 f. rr.. .11 Cber.'k. e tc»- !,.iki ".1 moM uAv Sp. r. .i.,\ .ind Ma.-or, City Is from their ao- divided amons j 6t to help 11-j fi r; li. ..n-.inp Mininie" r.n , Fr.i^ ,ind Seot- ir.. nib- r the .<eeIl!s:T will j.i;. la r own w.av \ 11 k 1 : ij^ 11 Iu]>" Police IiUeiisifv Search for Blue Phaiiloiir' Spr\icem»'n's Cpi. Ro'.< n Addresses \\"oods fa: iii- : iy stationed at New F; •.i.iiilar..!. t.epn transferr.d tc. Gr--n;-.rii F;> address i? Cp! F.ob-it > ^^\lv.ri^ A F. 172S6505. f.6C>-TH. V-^i;. ' APO S62. care Post:n::,';. : N. w York Cit.v. N. Y, J. r>. My<rs DN al>>-Tl-26 Cc- K 22nd P^eplacemer.t rui;!".. £;a::a;k^ 16B-12. Camp Jos, ph H land), ten Oceansjde. Cahf A-E r>onald T Helnu k A F a7c'.55526. Fit 111. ?.2ST B, M T .-^ Farks A, F. B.. Calif Good A I. Production Iwet 'ord Deeds Ar.dr. Keeordeil M is L.i. I .';a\a 1 r.iiiK eld • rn.- Lnd " ••Lu^la•• i> til 1st. red Gu BridU'. Fredictii.n c'auL-ht<rs in tiitv ; isf. 1 T.-.. Am Cattle cliif. This ; \ased \-y ".t;. I (.^\:j ai-ricultu: • ;>4'' . .;s-. a r ZOi' day^ C 'f ri c-. si:.. Eeuider that has thre. | . rformance r.--, ru an Qj. .-nse..- j •eC'Td was super- ' State t alUiie o'. : uuht :ser. ."^ A: Candine My. IS V.rn...n J. ar.,1 Hel• r. J I'ait ol Out L'. ' C" of su»->- div. B:kf *^-i'-li;i-ll ard 12 subdiv. of Elk 7 ana Oat Lis ABC and P. r.inL-s;.. d. Fa B-r.s., n. Mab.ri and WiUy Horn Haniiiton. Wavn-- E iind Arlone. S.;b Lt 3 ef Lt 2 l.'^.-K^So Br w n Fob 'Ti F from Xel.son. Ferd and Elia E. First 16' of Lt-S. ^ •!2 .ar.G 4" of East Lawn subdiv. of ! E-. SE'. !]-=<$*-"4 Eni-irir.ii, Otis A Iruir. F.i.-.low. Vicia XEa 12-;'>-32, E. E ard Ct.i a E. frf-.r.i .\dan-.s. Frar.k a.nd iJladvs L. Lt .5. BIk in, Paulson's Add. Hurst M--\ and Maude from Tos. i .lal H K, ar.d Anna A. Lis 6 and . Hiphland -Ts on Toiir : • ^ik 5 \voc <5 ^s Add Hutca-i:ns.:,n. Ethei fiam Bip.-'ow. J'.yiv M I'alm- I drrastht. r \,,~-K'. 12-<".»-3.' : Mr and Mrs Fhil Fa.'mer ff'rir.. rlv i Knotts. Fa'cher W, and Eva M, E.-th..;viV.... wiil be on.- of 29!;rom W-av-1 D \V <t B. !ni<e. SprinRfield. 111.. June 9 .T Slat, police intensified 'heir search today for the "Blue Pn.-.itom" pun- man of the Illinois hiRhw.ays as the number of motorists fired ujxin iz- I two weeks mounted to 13. Two motorists reported yosti'rday they had been the tarpet.': of the mysterious Runman. Both escaped without injury. State police said 13 persons have reported bcinp victims of apparently unprovoked snipins on Illinois highways. The shoolin^ts. first reported tw'o wtM'ks ago. have been labeled the work of a "Blue Phantom" bt'causc most of the victims said thoy were fired upon by the occui>ant or occuj^ants of a dark blue automobile. Two of the 13 motorists .suffered minor injuries from fragments of splintered windows. The shootings have been leporled as far north as'Volo. in L;ike county, to Belleville, near St. Louis. State police have set up load- blocks in central lUinoi.s and an airj)!,tne wa-« placed on patrol duty o\a r hi2hwa>' in an effort to snare thv mysieitous sniper. I Firt' Di '.slrovs I om a i Fall .-i niiil(liii<j; lou.i Falls. la., .hine 9 (.-I'l Fire .arly today destroyed a two-story buildin),- in thi> business district here I The building housed the Maid Hit.' sandwich shop on the first floor and the American Legion elubrooms on the second floor. A barber shop and a print shop wa>re in th.' basement. J:imes Chainlets, owner of the sandwich shop, discovered the fire about .'•>:.'!0 a. ni. Firemen battled the flaines for more than three hours before brinirinc them under control. Xo I'stimiite of damaRo was available. I)Oi\T LET YOUR WIFE DISCOVER THIS TOO UTE! rie mb- i->: of HiirhianU' rs r,':ithw<st 1< l,^.- vi.lorful .Seottisii wilO Will tOUI fOU! w-a (itj .s 1 )11.- w.-ek. 1 A Fiat- of >iK-. d.i'ttor Vt'illiam Adarn.son has an- Choose from Our Galaxy of Starred Favorites Each and cvt^ryoiie iont'd l)y a nationally ad- \'L'iti.sed name. Herc'.s tij[) flight <)iiality and .slylin.t,' lur .siii'i." iii 'c Uad's Day i,MJt-inK. LEUTHOLD- TIBBETTS CO. "Tl-ic Sl(.)r(.' lur M(.'n" W: L- 6 Blk .SW. 1 f.i-'.'S'-"4 Laisoi: Picv E iiom Jor.nson. ' P.ay G and Molb.-i;:. Luth.-. Lt. 3 Blk. ami a tract in Lt. 49 of East . Lawn suidiv. of E'. SE'. n-!'''-.34. i y -j, 0:-h.i. Edwin O. from R.-v...s. ' 1 J H H orc JIl Ben F and Gernud.- L. SE-, ! ^ 20-9'-:;:; ard :-\V': or 2')-!-i^:;:! .S.h.iw r K iror:> K .-nn'dy. F J and .\:.r ..i F Lt 1. Blk 6 l.ou^ii' 2nri A'.td Stafloi.i J.a.... '.(•• N a Morseh W .) a-.d Pons L'-• : and 4 K!k ::2 !>• A.i'i A;r:. 'len- loi^ .a. \V. ava- 1 MK vr,. and Li<llited Cigarette Put Out with River C dai H.ajiids. la.. June 9 <.Ti A s.-arch far a liL'hted eij,-; that fill bef.ceen the seats ••-nt a eai < iirr'.'in'.: five tf.en-a^'ei .1 huitlintr into tia Cedar rivt.-r heie, ;,oI:. .• -a: I today All tie ..fcaiia.r's of tli.' ear i-;:- •••iti oni>- iiiinrii P.r.yriiond K ar .n.-on Hairv L . of •::-ify...:j4 • .vtackdal'. .). E «n« Blk 2 \V. -;w.j: d .\d S'.vansori C fioni int in SU' 20' tler-of .Swam son, Hariv 1, fymu .Swans'.],-.. I-la". r.' my ir.t ir\ '\\\' '.''i- W. '><}• X:,' rof A'lan:'". Flank a:.'J fiorri Hot' llir.r A L Lt :;. Blk I'l Pa;;;-',.r A'jan;- Frar.k >.r.': (lorii Lar.uf. Ml E..-.' Blk, 10 PauS.-'jn.': Aff't Wife. 1 -•il 'i th- injui i'. .d H- a-d • d ' tri­ car ca • L- dnv r. Hoy ir Marion, told 1 li^jht'd cigui- I him by anoth- ear, fo.- If. Porhlermar. o.-.tfoi and th' nv;. Th. a.; 'i.e t.-.n-a'<(!-1 Tn-y -.'..r,- trealeil i .-.-l Yicri:.'.'-. ••a.- •.Ji.'i. 4 r)o< iiterrnan. 'a.d It.;-- flick Oxby and ff ir.f, ^if .Vfarion. Barbara i.* .r..a-.' ;a'.f j-fia-.^/.^irha ^ind Ellen F'-rr.r. of f:-dar f'..tpid.-i Aiier. Sentenecd ENDS TOivni: p. Walk' .Mo. I 10 V^ars p' III', alia; i' of 'a Ik- Kirk Douglas r.\TItI(|; U^.MOlii; LSI: MII.IJ.IC "The Big Trees" TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY SENSATIONAL NOVELTY! Fr<d actually dancai on air I S m "Th. Strtetcar Shufll*"! It itopt Ih* >how — ond traffic! The producer of "Show Boat" and »"An American In Pans" has done it again! NEW! BREATH-TAKING Starves Ut Death <:!.!'.Ji>r.f '.I i.-T'i A K)-week- o.d baby di.d, n.i'ht. appareni- ly of rtlarvati'-jn. 'foe child'n fta- ; y.;,f-old rnotber f.ld police Hh'- had not eaten ir four 'i :iy .H. but. she hnil ty*-en at,efnptir.;( to V>re;).'^t fe*'fj th'- t,aby T/je youfiK«t'r ua.'i f.'hrtrlfji Jum- ih G.affii'-r, Kon of f.'r.arle^, 33. n'l ur»' loi/loyid dit)li»!>Hher, iind hit) y.if. . Kthel I'olice 1,1, TboriiaK HIkorHki Kuid .Mr-. fJaffnir Ifdd him .•> mditliKoi o'rove the CJuffiit-rK to IlOK'dund • ornmunity hoKpital where thi' baby v,-a« pionounced dead. The prdice lleuteniint iind other oftieeia of the Ken.sinMtoti dlrttrlct prdl'i- Ktatioii K-'ive the GaffiieiH a fe'.'.- ( I o II hih and roumb-d up Huni.- l<>''d MUppliert for them. AMAZING! ENTERTAINMENT! m Cok,r fcy Tma)m! new song smashes I Including .., "Oops" "Seeing's Believing" "Naughty But Nice" >vallabl« i the M-C-M Records Albuml "ikwting In Ctntrol Pari" ii lilt ipvdaculor climaitl STARR/140 VERA-EUfN mmm MAIN KEENAN WYNN PLUS: coi.on t ai V too V "GHOST OF TIIK JOVVN" •HfAOSU SKilir* NKW8 lib- IJuHtv I k iVlolhcr Tor 420ll) I'inu' Honh.'irii, Te.x., Juni' il (Jl'i "tiUHty" JH II mother ii^iiln - for out the laoth time. Hhe l« a l7-yiiar old eat owned by MrH. Katn IBsteii of nearby 'I'lnton. DUHty nuve birth lo <;ne Ullten thin week. Mrn. Ente^ iiaid DUHty linK had more than 140 lliteiH. with an avi'raj(e of Ihrcii kIttenH a litter. Koine aiithorltlea believe that Dn- niaHKUii \H Ihi! (ildcHt olty Htill inhabited In the world. New Liberal Credit Terms Now in Effect ON iAr APPLIANCES if TELEVISION -k TIRES & TUBES OUR BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE WILL MAKE THE DOWN PAYMENT The Weather OFFICIAI, TK.MrKUATURES Al.-i.viniiim ye.>itcrday: 78 Minimum last niftht: 50 TOD.WS WKATHKK 8 a. m. Noun Temperatuie.=!: 63 80 Wind direction: W W Wind velocity: 5 3 Barometer: 29.7 29.7 Rain: 'j inch lOUA KOKIX'AST Fair and :i little cooler toda.v, hij-'h 75 northeast to 85 southwest. Fair and continued cool tonlffhl, low 48 to 55. Tuesday partly cloudy and a little warmer with a possibility of a few light showcru in th.' west, high 8U to 90. Further outlook: Partly cloudy Wednosdaj with little chanRc in tompcraturc Scattered showers, and thundci- slornis bcginninK in west Tuesday rdjtht and spreading over most of state by Wednesday afternoon. MINNKSOTA FORKCAST Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday with possibility of a few light showers southwest late tonight or Tuesday. Not much change in teni- poraturo. Low toniglit 45 to 50 noi- Ih, 48 to 54 south. High Tuesday ?0 to 78. V.'omen by the thousands are discovering in the .. beautiful Chrysler Saratoga the easiest "big car" of ail to handle . . . the generously comfortable to ride in... and the most instantly responsive to their command. That's why we say to you . . . and your wife . . . "Come in and .see for yourselves what tho Saratoga does for you." And do it now, before you decide on any car . . . not later, when you may regret not having all the things you can have in a Saratoga! Yes, it 1.1 a big car with big car power ... a oreath-taking 180 H.P. performer (tho most revolutionary V-8 engine in 2.5 years) that answers to the touch of your toe wth delightful gusto. And it doesn't call for pt^cmium fuel, either! Does your wife thinlt there's too much car here to handle? ... let her try its Power Steering that does 4/.5 of all the steering work and gives^rc tiincn greater control on the road and when parking! Is she safety-minded? Chrysler Power Brakes give her (luicker, safer .stops . . with up to Iwo-thirds lesis foot pre&sure. She'll appreciate.' Chrjreler's Safety-Cushion dash panel. And in case of a blowout, she'll have the assurance of Safety-Uipi wheels that won't "throw" a tire. .' How about r>omfort? Come, both of you, for.» ride! . . . feel how those amazing Orillow shock absorbers "liquidate" even the worst road bumps. Chair-high seats plus big, big window.-; let oven the tiniest little lady see out properly. Doors open wide . . . and she can keep her hat on! Here, in short, is the carbeautifully designed for men mid women. The liveliest, best handling car ift America. The cur you'll both be triad you saw firtt. Why not stop in today? NUTK: Puiixr Slftrimj Klawlaid uu CVoirn /iiip «Kttl. /lKii /(i6 ?c, exiro, on any Htie Chryiltr. 11 THE FINEST CAR AMERICA HAS YET PKODI'CED Donovan Motors, 203 N. Sixth StreeT Across from Postoffice — Esthcrvillc, Iowa GIGANTIC MERCHANDISE $$$ Worth of High Quality New Merchandise $$$ Thursday Night. June I2th at 7:30 p. m. ROBB SALES BARN These and Many Other Items Will Be Sold Electric Sewing Machines- ablcs and consoles -full size—port- I inest Quality CHROME DINETTE SETS in grey, yellow and red Electric Food Mixers Vacuum Cleaners and V2i"« Electric Drills , > « Electric Power Saws Heavy Duty Mechanics Socket Sets High Speed Drill Bits 17-jewel Waterproof Watches 17-jewel Ladies' and Gents' Gold Watcher Rogers Silverware Waterless Cook Ware Pressure Cookers, all sizes Cliina Dinnerware Come Electric Hair Clippers Heavy Duty Animal Clippers Sandwich Grills Waffle Irons—Hot Plates Pop-up Automatic Toasters Heavy Duty Tow Chains Heavy v,Duty«,.!farp{|uliii8«T<-aU^sizes Lamps ]• — Pi'Qp Cords 8'point Saws" Copper Bronze Squares Tap and Die Sets Pinking Shears Electric Horse Clocks Clock^, Radios and Kitchen Qocks Lace Table Cloths Bed She0ts and Towels Early for Choice Seats. Merchandise at Your This . Is Your Opportuniy To Buy Own Price and Save $$$.. For Youi' Entertainment "The Singing Tobacco Auctioneer" Will Appear in Person ^ 7530 p. m. Rain or Shine Ben Burns, auctioneer Joe Brinkman, clerk

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