Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 28, 1948 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 11
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The Newspaper For The, Home Member Associated Press TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28,. 1948 Second Section . Bishop Named Gerk In Trial Court By Board LaVale'Man Succeeds To Vacancy Caused Bv Stewart's Death I "William S. Bishop, .LaVale, was ppointed. deputy clerk of the Trial Magistrates',Court here this morning by the Allegany County Board of Commissioners. He -succeeds the late William Btewart, who-'was fatally 'injured December. 7 in a highway .accident »t Corrlganville. Bishop has served bailiff a. number of years and today's appointment is a promotion. He -was selected from among seven applicants for..the job upon the motion 'of .'Commissioner James Holmes, Lonnconlng. Jonpph H, Coolc, FTOStburtf, n former PoUurmo Kcllnan Company •worker, was appointed to the vacancy .created by Bishop's promotion. Commissioner William H Lemmert. made the motion for Cook's appointment. Both appointments.' -were . unanimously passed •without comment. ' . Applicants lor the position given Bishop were 'Charles G. Smith, George H. McCormick, Branson J. Nelson, John Morgan, W. O. Wol- iord and Clarence B. Valentine. The commissioners also granted permission to the AUegany County Sar .Association to hang the pictures of Former Chief Judges of Circuit Court D. Ltndley Sloan and William A. Huster in the court room. Huster retired as chief judge in September .while Sloan retired from the-bench several years ago. A report -was also received from Wright-Richardson Company, .contractors for rebuilding the fire-gut- ied tlnioa Street County .Building, in which • it, was stated that the Kzucture''will be ready for occupancy 'by, February 1. Most of the Trork has been completed and' the Brst floor "off ices used by the Trial Tvlagistrates' Court, state attorney »nd—his" assistant, county investigator," andj county engineer will be placed in use first. t. ' • More War Dead Reach Country FqrReburial The Oodles'of 16 more area war dead are among the -4,384 war dead being- returned to this country from Europe aboard the United States . Army''Transport Barney Kirsch- r reburiftl; officials announced today thai the shipment includes .' 68 Marylanders, 401 Pennsylvanians «ad 77 from West Virginia original- ]j interred in temporary military ^meteries In France, Belgium, Hoi Wnd and Luexbourg. Seven Allegany county heroes and their -next-of-kln are: Pic. George E. Hardman, Charles W. Hardman, 316 Davidson Street; Pfc. ; Charles . E. Lohr, Harry L. lohr, Corrigranville; Pvt. George C. Millerr 38 Maple Street, Frostburg; Pvt. Ernest/Mitchell, Mrs. .Bertha E. "Mitchell. 230 Massachusetts Avenue; .'Staff Sgt. Clifton' C. Nixon, Thelma. Nixon, 'Oldtown; Pfc." Allan ' T.' Reeves, Collln '. T. Beeves; 401 'Spruce' Street, -West- emport, and Pvt. John M. Stafford, Sarah-, I..' Stafford, 122 Humhird Street. All served in the Army.. From Pennsylvania are Pfc. Ralph Kininger,- Mrs- Ada Rininger; Alum Bank, Bedford "county; Second Lt. Thomas E. -Vitale, Ah- Force, Angelo Vitale, 324 Main Street, Meyersdale; Pvt. Paul.M. Shaffer, Army, Homer Shaffer, •Hooversville, and Pfc. William-J: iFullerton, Army, John M. Family Units Operate Most County Farms Progress In Annual Report Of Ralph F. McHem-y The annual .report of Ralph F. McHenry, county farm .agent, includes items on farm management, credit, labor and buildings, Of the several types of credit. Local Bank Merger Becomes EJfe&jive Liberty Trust Company Joins Federal Reserve; Peoples Bank to Operate As Branch Of Liberty The merger of the Peoples Bank and the Liberty Trust Company became effective "today at the close of business, according "to Charles A. Piper, president of the Liberty Trust Company, the name of the merged institution. Piper' also announced that the the County Farm Loan Association and National Farm Home Administration. These two. agencies have functioned as a combined credit agency.. McHenry said the combined management is expected to bring about elimination of the overlapping func- Uorw ol' KOvcrnrticntal icnclliiff ngon- ctts which hiivo operated In tin: county on a competitive bnsia. It is estimated that the County Farm, Loan Association has $1,000,000 out on farm mortgages. Farmers; today being the effective date. The merger of the two banks was approved by stockholders, at special separate meetings 'ar.d by the various supervising agencies. Under the merger plan, all directors, officers and employes of Pcopltts Bank arc to serve l.hc new lasUtuUon. Tin: Puoplra. Bunlc on North Liberty Street will be operated as a branch office until the main banking room of the Liberty,Trust Company at the corner of Balti- 1s V odu tlon, an a !™re and South Centre Streets to negotiating with ^modeled and enlarge to serve the Some Admlnlstra- customers of both Institutions. Com- FAMILY OF FIVE HOMELESS—The family of Gerald Murphy, shown above,, was'made homeless- early Sunday morning -when fire destroyed <• their residence 'on Route 50.near Mt. Storm.' 'In the picture,'left to right,-Gerald, Jr., 15 months; Mrs. Murphy 'holding Mildred Leah, who is 13 days old, and Luvema Branch, 28 months. The • father, who operates a coal mine, is keeping his family at the- home of his brother-in-law and. sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Welch, Keyser, until he-can secure a dwelling place for them In the Mtl Storm, community. City Building Totals Record Huge Decrease Estimated Cost Shows $190,000 Drop In Year; December Second Low Estimated cost of permits 'issued for new building, additions and improvements by the city engineer decreased over $190,000 in 1948' as compared to' last year, a report showed today. \ This year,'322-permits have been issued- with -a' total estimated expenditure of $806,945. Last year, 324 )ermits were, issued and the. ex- lenditure was $998,005, a difterence if $191,060.: I . ' The' 13(17 'total included a permit or,,$250,000 for the new Chesapeake and . Potomac Telephone Building which-is''Jiow nearing completion. - - - • has any month during 1948, the report re- December, ten permits Heartbroken Girl, Crippled In Fall, Longs For Pet Dog Fullerton, Route- Somerset county. 2, Meyersdale, The" West. Virginia list includes pfc. Edwin C. Harsh, Andrew Harsh, Parsons;, Pfc. William T. Jamison, Jr., William T. Jamison, Sr., Paw Paw; Capt Ted Keister, Mrs. Pauline D. Keister, Brandywinc; Pvt. Orvllle Shoemaker, Mrs. Leslie . Shoemaker, Junction, and Pve. George L.,Fearnow, George S. Fearnow, Berkeley. Springs. They saw lotion' -with the .Army. Three Divorce Decrees Issued Three -divorce decrees have been granted in "circuit Court and three other bills of complaint docketed. " Guy 1C Cheshire was granted an absolute ^divorce from Katherlne J. Cheshire .with the wife being-given custody of; their minor daughter. '•' ' Margaret S. Snyder was granted an absolute .divorce from Robert E. Snyder. She was also given the right to-resume use of her maiden name, Margaret Stuyvesant. Louise-.R..Hunt was granted a divorce from Gary C. Hunt. Bills of--complaint were filed by Lev! A. Smith against Adeline H. Smith, Virginia Plummer against David Plummer and Bessie I. Da- Tis against D. Glyn Davis. Police Investigating False Fire Alarm Call Police are probing a false alarm call that' 1 sent "all four local-fire companies- to ther City Warehouse, Valley Street, at 3:20 p. m. .yesterday. No arrests had been made »t noon today. Investigation revealed nn alarm box- lever., had been pulled down hard 'It- stuck, causing three is to be sent out.,.-The-third call,is a general alarm which summons all-companies. IRrm: Church Notices Que.Tomdrroiv . The -Cumberland Evening Times will publish its .weekly church page on Friday instead, sf Saturday (New Year's Day) tils -we'eTc, and -all church." notices of Sunday services must be in the editorial rooms of- The. Times-News building before -11 o'clock tomorrow- night. All Information regarding chnrch services Friday night or New Year's Day must be submitted 'to The Evening Times ,not- later than noon •Thursday. . , Building during December been the second lowest for •ealed. During ,vere issued for. or. expenditure of $16300. .The ten included five for new construction at a cost of $8,100 and Eve for additions and improvements at estimated cost $8,200. Three applications' for ; occupancy permits were received by the city engineer but none was granted, all being referred to the Zoning Appeals Board. The board has granted >nc permit and two are pending. The lowest month for building in _948 was February when nine permits were granted with a total estimated expenditure of $7,250. Charter Proofs To Be Studied Proofs of. sections of the "proposed city charter will be checked md minor changes made 'in the ,'ordlng of some, passages by/ the Jumberland Charter Commission when it meets tonight at 7:30 in City Hall, Isaac Hirsch,,chairman', announced. Drafting of. the charier • was completed earlier . this month. Tentative plans have been made for a conference with the Mayor and Council early next month to discuss provisions of the charter. On Monday, January 10, the commission expects to -meet with State Senator Robert B. Kimble and members of the Allegany. county delegation to the General Assembly a go over the final draft of the charter. ' . •' * Hlrsch explained it is hoped the Mayor and Council will formally request the Legislature to pass the aroposed charter so that the document may be put to a referendum, Police Report No Leads In Mjssiiig Mother Case State Police and 45 volunteer firemen searching for. Mrs.. Marcella Murray, 28. wife of' George Murray, Corri^ganvillc, who has been missing from home since December 10, have reported no developments in the case. The mother of two small • children. Mi's. Murray disappeared while her husband was working as-a bartender at the Corrlganville Fire Company's 'club room. .Recently, volunteers from fire companies at Bowman's Addition, Ellcrslie, Bedford Road, Wiley Ford and Cor- rlganville conducted an extensive search of Wills Creek and the Potomac River. •Her husband said she apparently left home without a coat^ and took no money or other personal possr essions. She is five feet, four inches tall, .weighs 125 pounds, has chcs- nut hair and blue eyes and was wearing-a dark two-piece suit and red high heol slippers. , - Do you have a dog? Not one with a pedigree, not of a certain breed or color but one that's cuddly and will make a pet for a child? If you do,, you can cure the heart- break'of a little nin'e-year-old girl who is confined to her! bed and spent monthsUn hospitals'since being crippled in a Jail from the porch' of her home last June 10. Little Arlene Reed .wants that dog and needs it. It may speed her recovery., Arlene, daughter, of Mrs; Emma C. Reed,'122-South Street, Injured her hip in a fall last summer and since has been a patient.'in AHe- ;nny Hospital here and Children's Hospital, Baltimore, from which she las^just returned after; being confined there since September. She is not able to get up and play like other youngsters her age,, but must stay in bed or sit in" a chair all ,day. .So she needs companionship and when' she saw that the Maryland i was $24,957.65 given, to Who Can Help? accustomed either thu Farm Home tlon or the Emergency Feed and Crop Loan, agency, for their needs financing purchases -of feed, seeds, 'lime and fertilizers. In addition, it is -the .practice of local banks to handle requests'for farm credit. -. There is no serious labor problem on farms ,of the -county with most of the properties being operated as family units, the report s,tates. Commercial' orchards arid some of larger dairies .employ year around help. The largest demand for farm, labor in Allegany county is for apple pickers during harvest time. About 15 veterans are taking "On the Job Training" under supervision of. the AUegany' County Board of Education and the county farm agen: • advises on the program, according to the report. Farmstead improvement and building has shown progress during the past year with the ' county agent's, office, furnishing plans for farm structures in greater numbers than for many years. McHenry .pointed out that this shows 'ready soon as they are able to get materials. The type -construction most often inquired. about by farmers includes dairy barns, poultry houses, sewerage systems and silo construction. It is also brought out in McHenry's report, that 70 per cent of Al legally county farms have access to electricity. that farmers are getting to make Improvements as for "a live pot" for her daughter. In addition to Arlene and Thomas, Mrs. Reed Is the mother of another boy, Hugh, aged 7. There's an old saying that "A dog is man's best friend." Here's a chance to prove it—this time for a" heartbroken litCe girl. The Reed telephone number is 1673-R. Welfare Fund For November Tops $54,000 A total- of S54.0B9.44 was distributed to qualified persons during November by the Allegany county branch of the State Department of Public -Welfare. municatlons are being sent to the customers of Peoples. Bank advising them that handle all they will' items at continue to the Liberty Tipsy Driving Proves Costly To Motorists West Virginia Man Forfeits $112.90 Bond; Pennsylvania!! Fined • Or.e motorist forfeited bonds ag- 91. per cent of. the currency of tbc'gregating S112.90 and another -was coordinates the 'operation of the 12 Federal Reserve .oanks. Federal "Reserve-, notes- constitute country.". Before;the' system 1 was organize'd'-.the • country was troubled with, recurring-•''. currency panics which paralyzed- the .business community arid.: especially. communities dependent upon the orderly marketing of agricultural products.. The flexible' currency' system established by the Federal Reserve, banks has solved -tin's particular problem: In Richmond District Since -the 12- Federal. Reserve banks opened'on'-'November 15, 1914. 'the system has-steadily grown. It hns played • nn Important pure In World War I'and'World War II In promoting sound • banking practices, As fiscal' agents 1 for the Treasury Che reserve, banks have provided the essential machinery for the financing of both''World Wars. Each Federal specific Reserve -Bonk serves geographical 'area of our Street Branch .in the same manner as heretofore ar.d that any Peoples Bank forms such as' checks, notes, deposit slips, and so on will be accepted by the new institution. Stock Certificates Available The stockholders have been notified that the new certificates .of stock of the Liberty Trust Co.-npany as, provided for in the merger agree- fe it ^ d : directl ment are available for excnange f° r ! 0 ffj co the old stock of Liberty Trust Com-i ^ of , being.a member bank, pany and Peoples Bank Stock- the Llberty Trust company has the „„,„„. ,„ „.„„ v,™,, «„, „„ „„. .^, dlrec tly and speedily country and; ^in a 1 number of . instances there...- are one or more branch offices.. ; The Federal--Reserve Bank of Richmond.selves ..the Fifth. Federal Reserve District which is comprised of Marylan'd,..'No'rth Carolina, South Carolina,. ; Virginia, West Virginia and the District .of Columbia. Ii. also has branches in Baltimore ana Charlotte, Ni C. • As the Liberty Trust Company,'is. located in Maryland which is .-served by the. Baltimore branch of the Federal Reserve that ho den in eacn bank will be en- ; titled to receive 2.1428- shares of new Liberty Trust Company stock oUe ^j- oc aU member and new Liberty Trust Company stoc remt ting' banks in the United a; the. par value of S10 per share. | t th - h ^ pederal Reserve t th - h ^ pederal Reserve s Arrangements will be made for• thcj B nk o{ Bic * hmond its bran ch of- purchase and sale of tr.ese frac-; ficeS| anfl . .the.-other eleven reserve banks and':their twenty-one branch offices. .• This effects a rapid presentation-of 1 , checks for. paymen-' stockholders may be able to round out their holdings into, one or more full- shares. For the purpose olj Theatre was conducting a "Lassie The Second" contest and awarding a pet to the.child writing the best- letter, Arlene entered. • •, Her, brother, Thomas, aged 10, attended the theatre'last night when ;he prize winner -was announced. It was not Arlene. Her heartbreak was complete when he told her there would not be a pet she could love and cuddle; : which would help ease her long days ."of just sitting and hoping that the time will come when she can join her friends and play as she did before her accident. sts. Reed saw Arlene' cry when she didn't win the pet at the theatre for one of the few times since her accident. Her .pluckiness and patience finally wore out. It -was when she saw her daughter crying that Mrs. Reed, whose husband,' John Albert Reed, 'died last February, .decided to ask The Evening' Tim< theft, of jewelry, from the home of Harry Noel 'in Frostburg. Davis had stayed overnight at the •home or Noel, according to Officer Topping the individual listings George Tipping of Frostburg. Davis as S24.957.65 given, to 747 residents' was no t apprehended at the'time in need of old age assistance, an| of tne * wo incidents in Frodtburg Court Shows Leniency In Burglar Case -A former Frostburg man, returned here December 14 after 'serving a three-year prison sentence in Indiana, was given a three-year suspended sentence in Circuit Court this morning by Associate Judge Oliver H. Bruce, Jr., on charges of burglary -in 1S45. He Is Joseph Davis, 36, who served the prison term in Indiana on a charge of breaking and entering in Indianapolis, Davis was indicted at the January 1946 term of'COUTH-here on charges of breaking and entering the Moose Home oni East Main ^ iivu uiiiiti _„_ Street in Frostburg and also for j Pederal Open Market Committee fv,ftf»• of fanrrtlinr f rnm I". 1 IP ii(jITlfi - .•. « i i * -i • ^ — -:i to Company.- .Jhe par collection sys- fined the same amount yesterday in Trial, Magistrates Court on drunken and reckless driving charges preferred following traffic ' accidents over the weekend. Virgil Glenn Helmick, Moorefield, W. Va., failed to appear .before Magistrate Peter f. Carpenti. and forfeited $101.45 for operattag^ «,motor vehicle while under 'the -Influence of alcohol and $11.45 on the reckless count. He was arrested Friday 'night, at th'e intersection of •• H-ondcrson Avenue and Valley Street. . • City Police .mid the cm:. driven by Helmick, headed north on Henderson. Avenue, collided with, the machine of Ernest M. Perschel, 40, thi« city. No one was hurt in' the- crash. After entering pleas of not guilty, Melvin G. Cloud,. Buffalo -Mills, Pa., v/ns found guilty and paid Unas of $112.00 on the same 'charges. State Police reported his car struck the vehicle operated by John Hafer, Jr., of 230 Baltimore Avenue, on. Route 40 at Narrows Park last Fri- • day. First. Sgt. W. E. O'Hara investigated. ' .. . Cloud testified a "stranger" entered his car at Buffalo Mills, .and drove it to Cumberland while he •was asleep In the. rear seat. .The-. collision aroused him but the oper- . ator fled, he said. Occupants of- both vehicles escaped injury. ' . . . .' Ellis Sponseller and Curtis Beegle, both of Everett, Pa., forf cited ' $6.45 • each for speeding on Route 220 'near the Pennsylvania State Line on . Sunday. Sgt. O'Hara preferred charges.- . • Charles T. Brick, Mt. Savage, for- • feited 56.45 f or,passing at an intersection on Route 36 at- Corxiganville •December 18, and Charles A. "Ruckman, this city, had a license charge dismissed. The latter -was nabbed October 10 on Route 40 in LaVale. Trooper Thomas Barton made the ' . . tern of the -Federal" Reserve -banks an hour on ' R0 ute 36 at Barrelvilte . represents approximately 34 pei-centj December 17> Jo s epn v . Carter, Mt.. of the total -number of commercial Savage| pald . a - g^ of $2.75 '.and Harry. L, Lucas, Route 6, forfeited banks in : the Nation. A member -vbank may discount or paper and, borrow .directly ~rom lts ! ]as t Wednesday. Charges-were filed - k wnich is-ai Federal- Reserve Bank wnich is-ai Valuable • privilege, particularly in Harr s Bos iey! , times of- economic disturbance or emergency.'. ' -, • ' ' • price of 520 per share will be maintained. 'The right 'to exchange scrip 'certificates for full shares of stock will expire at 2 p. m. on May 31, 1549. i After this -date, the shares of Liberty • Trust' Company stock, in respect to which scrip certificates are still outstanding, will be sold by the Board of Directors, and scrip certificate holders will bo entitled only to their oro- portion of the proceeds of r,he s:ile, without interest. In voluntarily joining the Federal Reserve System, the Liberty Trust Company believes that it has taken another progressive step in the field of banking, Piper said. By membership in the system. It has identified itself with a nation-wide and, In effect, a cooperative system representing slightly more than 87 per cent of the commercial banking resources of our country. - It is thus enab:ed to provide its customers the facilities and resulting benefits of an integrated -and cohesive banking system by being a part of that Systemi • an( j so clearly and simply . written Created By Congress j that it took precedence over a score -The system was created by Act of of' letters. -that accented sympathy Congress on December 23, 1913, fol-jreasons for . 'setting the dog. lowir-e an exhaustive study of world It was- learned after the presen- AWIIU^^M, \, .i __ i i.i_-_ i_~4. —,;™i, J- 4-li ji 4. TO ruin T T urac arrests Found exceeding 30 miles for -e xcee ding 30 on Route 220 i b G-. M. Rotruck and La Vale Youth Lassie Winner Jack Hymes, 13, son, of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eymes, LaVale, was the winner .of ..Lassie II at the Maryland Theatre last night in a letter-writing -contest sponsored by the. theatre. - . ••;. . His .'letter was adjudged best in over 400, that came from boys and • • j f, \ 1 ft ' ^-^nr\ IJWtUlj. -L~ J- ViJUUUAb) nokj &*•' !-"- " ULiJ~ girls all. over the Cumberland area. ed fln£ Q , $5-75 . after he plead . The' letter, was exactly. .25 words, gd . tQ . ^j^g. on .^. 30 . day The trial of Franklin E. Splcer, - TwJggtowii Road, charged with two state motor vehicle law violations, as the result of a truck accident on Oldtown Road Friday night,, -has been postponed indefinitely. The vehicle he was driving struck' an. embankment and upset.- This morning, Leroy -'.Wheeler Shaw, Route 1, Frostburg, was sent to County Jail for three days' in default of $5.75 fine .lor.operating a motor vehicle, on' expired dealers •tags, Te was arrested- Sunday on route 36 at' GUrnore by Trooper' Milton G. Hart. '- ; - •--..• Clifford B. Campbell, 126 . Loo Street, Frostburg, was given a. sus- banking systems by a National Monetary Commission. The system, as now constituted, Is comprised of Hie member banks, the 12 Federal Reserve bar.ks and the Board of Gov- Two other bodies, the and the Federal Advisory Council, complete the structure of the system. Member banks include all national banks and such state banks and trust companies which 'apply for membership and meet certain pre- average of S33.41 per grant. Two hundred forty-nine fami- imprisoned t, u t wcnt lies received payments for aid to dependent children amounting to $19,081.50, an average grant of $76.53 per family and $27.57 per child. The' aid given to the 602 children was the highest in the state during the month. Twenty-six needy blind persons were given $779.10, an average grant of S29.47, The total amount exceeded all other totals in the state. For general public assistance, $6,754 was expended in IDS cases with the average sum being $30.12. Sixty-four children being cared for in foster homes were given a total of 152,517.19 with the average case receiving $39.33. Allecany county led the' state in. allotments to the general pub : lie assistance class and was fifth in foster home care. „ . K ' scribed requirements. Stock of the ^ Indianapolis ar.d was Fadera] Reserve banks is owned by M-ere. , tlie ^^ber bar.ks and is subscribed A detainer was filed against Davis by State's Attorney Morgan C. Harris after his imprisonment and he was returned here upon his release. The suspended sentence given Da- 1 vis this morning was contingent upon his repaying Noel S197.50 for 1 the articles taken from the latter's home. John M. Robb was attorney for Davis this morning while Pruu M. Fletcher, assistant state's attorney, prosecuted the case. City to Pass Payroll The Mayor and Council will meet Thursday at 10 a..m. in the office of Mayor Thomas S. Post to pass the city payroll. for on the basis of a percentage of the member tank's own capitnl and surplus. Ench Federal Reserve bank is managed by a Board 01' Directors consisting of nine persons, six of 'whom are elected by the member banks and three appointed by .the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors Is located in Washington, and is composed of seven members appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. Responsibilities of the Board of Governors lie in the v field of money and banking. Their objective, broadly ing, is to maintain sound banking conditions and an adequate supply of credit nt reasonable cost for use tation last night that Lassie II was born on July-5,-which is the birth- date of, young .Hymes, a student at Allegany'. High School. • Introduced by. G. Ray Light, manager of the 'Maryland, Miss Ann Linn, Fort-Hill-'-senior winner of the "I Speak-for.Democracy" contest, read • Jack's winning letter and presented the beautiful purebred Mrs. Hunt and Mr. Light. collie to. him. Judges were Aurelia' Becker, J. William Jail Sentence Given Vagrant Charged--with vagrancy, William G. "Buck" Brant, this city, was given a 30-day jail sentence yesterday in Trial-'Magistrates'Court. He pleaded guilty. ; ,: ...-;. • . Another man, Harry L. Anderson, Martinsburg, W-. Va., drew a'similar term after he admitted trespassing on B. and -O. railroad property. Court attaches said he was a patient at Newton G. -Baker Veterans' Hospital there.., '-,-Suspended. sentences of 10 days in jail were imposed on Thomas T. Morgan- and,Lloyd. H. Dick, both of Route 1. • State • Trooper G. M. Roin commerce, industry and agrioul- truck charged ..them with acting in tare The board supervises and a drunken and disorderly manner on ' i Route 40 at -LaVale. ' te 40 at -LaVale. I ' : ; Box Cars Hit Truck .Stalled On Crossing Two freight cars released from a B. and O. shilter engine struck a stalled truck on the Frederick Street ^iy' : i"^^ i>; '"*>^' •' ; ' ; '' y ' ; ' ; '''' ; v:%> ''- >: '^^^ LINEUP OF FUKLOUGHEO WORKERS—Pictured above arc a few of'the several thousand workers at the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company plant, who are on furlough, filing, their applications for jobless pny-at the local office of'the Maryland Unemployment Compensation Board. 'The men began their Christmas holiday furlough December 23 and will be off until January 3. Mrs. Hilda Willard, a clerk at the UCB office, Is seen handHng the early arrivals among the first" group of workers who called at the office today. Similar • crowds made application for jobless pay yesterday to glye the office one of the busiest days in recent weeks. ' T , gd card tQ without, . 30 . day being, accompanied , , by a licensed 'operator. Sgt. O'Hara apprehended him. Sunday in. La- , Vale. Youths Admit Attempting To Throw Switch Two Westernport youths have admitted tampering with a, switch on ' the main eastbound Baltimore and , Ohio Railroad tracks 'near West . Fail-view Street in Piedmont last week. B. and O. authorities-'and Maryland and West Virginia police have' identified the pair as Harry Skidmore, 24, and Lloyd. Skldmore, 22, sons of Mr. and Mrs. William SkJd- more, Spruce Street, Westernport. Lt. R..O. Shrout, of--the. B. and O. Railroad-Police; Trooper. Milton.' &. .Hart, Maryland State-Police; Officer- BurSa Hanlln,.of Western-' port ,and Chief of .Police Joseph . Harrison, of • piedmont, . reported they have secured a signed .statement from them act. admitting • 1 : the. Although the youths have confessed to the act, B. and O. Railroad authorises had'not'-preferred any charge at noon today.-. '•• Last Tuesday night, officials, reported, the brothers broke the switch lock, but the witch was not completely thrown. Through, an -automatic . -signal, system the signal repair crew was summoned. Officials, indicated a serious wreck could have occurred-had the mechanism been thrown. . ,. -. . : Last February'the ..brothers were ai*tmi;V. W-l-l>-i»- UAJ. O»Jt A J,\i^JV,A jy,rw IVFIMW.WV _» i- T» J crossing last'night and caused the arrested for breaking a lock and . . ^ _ _ . . . fomnoT.mrr -m-fVl T.hA <5U7lt-.r»n (V injury of a -54-year-old woman. Police' said'.Mrs. V. H. Growden, Bedford Valley, Pa., who was riding in the vehicle.' with her husband, ill 0111; vuii.ii*iv; *YJUII j Jut >» w^w*"*"! -^ . . received treatment in Allegany Hos^i Company plant. tampering with, the switch on .the- siding from the Western Maryland Railway track at Luke into the. Piedmont .Foundry and- Machine ir for., a sliort it" that tlmo s |^^f ^™=^ J^Carlj -<L«- ^™*£™*™- to ' warning signal-was raised in timej but'he could - not-start the truck 1 which was- pushed about 300 feet down the'-tracks-by" Hie box cnrs, .. Damage to the machine was estimated at $150. •--... Births Mr. and--Mrs". Joseph J. Burkey, 715 Gephart, Drive, announce the birth of -a- son- ; Sunday in Allegany Hospital. ,,.,,,, . A'daughter,-was'born to Mr. and Mrs. Elber.. Hedrick, Spring Gap, last Allegany Hospital. Dr. and-Mrs: Clarence Foose, LaVale, announce the birth of a son yesterday.'.'in,Memorial Hospital. A son'was born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence "Devltts, 21 Blackiston Avenue, yesterday in Memorial Hospital.- Mr. , and: -Mrs.r Lloyd Moore, Cresaptowb,...announce the birth of a son yesterday'-in Memorial Hospital. ; ' A son was born'to Mr. und Mrs. Melville Brehm. 12 Knobley Street, Bidgeley,. Sunday in Allegany Hospital. '-.>.'. of relatives. i "Forfeits Bond 1" R E D H R I C 1C — Raymond J, Swnch, Cumberland, forfeited $11.45. bond this morning when he failed, to appear for a. hearing before. Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett, on' a charge of exceeding 50. C. H.'.DeWltt and Trooper - H. J. Brown, made' the ' WctstePaper DriveDelails Instructions for -waste paper .collection tomorrow: . WHEN—Starts at 9 a. m. WHERE— AliU sections north Df Baltimore Street and Baltimore Avenue. . WHAT—Newspapers, maga-. zines, corrugated, boxes, brown paper; brown paper bags and sagged or packaged, was'.? paper. . . • . HOW—Place waste paper in oundles or packages, at the :urb in front of your home. . •

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