Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1958 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1958
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY ?, 1858 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGfiFIVt It's Voter Money Man Should Contact State Organization By D. B. Gallagher (Q) "I am 75 and drawing monthly Social Security bene- SAVI ON! Fre. fotlmnte Factory Paris Low Prices Charge it... GflTHVS DEPT STORE 208 West 3rd St. ALTON fit checks of $68.50. As 1 am no longer to work and Increase my credits, Is there any other way I can get more benefits?" E. J. M. (A) There may be other orga nizations which can help you, bu the Illinois Public Aid Cornmis sion, which handles C'd-Age l As slstancc for your state, is the only one we know of. If it is no listed in your phone book, ad dress a letter to that organiza tion at your State Capitol in Springfield and you will be referred to the right office. As you are getting J68.50 from Social Security, don't count too strongly on help from Old-Agi Assistance. But you won't be pu in jail for trying. Good going. (Q) "You state in your column that income from rentals need not be figured in earning restrictions. How about interest from loans? Should it be included in earning restrictions?" F. B. L. (A) There are hvo considera tions: 11 If Ihe interest is from what could be considered a per sonal loan, such monies would not be included in earning re strictions. 2) If your business includes th< loaning of money, then any re turns from such loans in the form of interest would be consideret |as gross earnings and be used a part of the business income from which NET profits are figured And of course your NET income MEN'S SHOE SALE! CLEARANCE OF ALL •BOSTON IANS •MANSFIELD SHOES SAVE UP TO 30% FOOT SAVERS ARE INCLUDED • BLACK • BROWN • MESH • BROWN & WHITE All Sun — Not in Every Style B R • T H E R MAIN FLOOR &, Hfedora Mrs. Ward Spencer. Miss Florence Griffith, who has been liere the past two weeks car- MEDORA-Mf. and Mrs. G1enn ijng ^ ^ ^^ Mrg ^ Summers spent Friday in Spring- IGrif{j{h Jeft gfltuf , day ^ {mum m field wrth her mother, Mrs. Mary Schmelter. her return to Atlanta, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Maple and races at A horse Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Eddleman Mr and Mrs Wayne Challacombe spent Thursday with relatives in j attended the driving Dongola. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Ed-iR U shville Thursday, dleman accompanied them homejowned by Thomas Gaffney Sr., of for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hard, Alton, visited Friday evening with his sister, Mrs. Ina French. Medora Post To Meet Tonight MEDORA — The American Legion and Auxiliary will meet this evening at the Legion Hall. There will be election of auxiliary officers and a report of Girls' State will be given by Miss Rosemary Fricker. Gary Smith will give a report of Boys' State at the Legion meeting. Plans for the Medora Barbecue will be discussed. Automobile Burn* MEDORA-An automobile driv- „„».,,„, a. » --- -•en by Leonard Nix of Ft. Leonardj er ' Mrs - c - c - Aydelott of ot- !a tt e ndants he was developing tier- Louis, were guests Friday of MM.J VOU , prostra , ions lrylng , 0 figure! Bess Carter. Mrs. Aydelott re-| out , he cloVerleafs on the new ex .l mained for the weekend. ipress way tn ,. ough (he city . John ' Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Challa.,p ersh , gejlera , managcr of lhe i combe and family of Columbia, jturnpikc , senl him a comp i ele sot Medora Bureau Meets Wednesday MEDORA — The Medora Home Bureau will meet Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs Dale Smith. Officers will be elected. Attend Club Meeting MEDORA-Mrs. Vernon Maska. Mrs. Ina French, Mrs. Bess Carter and Mrs. Alice Powell attended Mr. and Mrs. Walter Winter-!in a room high*up in the Medical the monthly meeting of the Har- mantle and family and her moth-jc 0 |) ege O f Virginia Hospital told! mon y Community club at -the Com- Medora was in the races. C'lnverlenf Trouble RICHMOND, Va. fr — A patient lit Armed forces MARRY EDWARD FLOWERS JR., 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Edward Flowers of 132 Neunabor, Cottage Hills, left last week for Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., after his enlistment in the Army. June 30. Mr. Flowers, who attended Civic Memorial High School, will take his eight weeks of basic training fad «f fiction? Most authorities consider t incident of Horatius defending the Tiber bridge and saving Rome as fictional, but. the date 508 B.C. has been given to the event by those who believe the legend true. Karl Marx, social phttosoptitt, was born May 5, 1818. at Ft. Leonard Wood. Wilcoftw CHfclSTIAM JCIIMCI MADIN6 ROOM tMAM tot. the Putin* E. lOHi St., AH0M own Dan* t» M 4:sl ».m. Etctpt Soudan and Holiday! munity Center, east of town. Mrs Maska and Mrs. French were the hostesses. Wood, burned Thursday night in front of Roberts store at Kemper. It is said a tire blew out and as Nix pulled off to side of the road and he and his three companion!: got out, the car caught on fire and burned. from business must be consider ed when figuring earning restric tions. (Q) "My husband died in December, 1942. I have visited the Social Security office several times to see if there would be anything for my two young children. They did everything but throw me out on my ear. I remember that my husband had asked for a Social Security card. We operated, together with a number of other people, a family estate farm. Is there any way I can have this checked?" Mrs. Z. N. (A) You no doubt misunder stood what was told you at the Social Security office. Farmers didn't come under Social Securi ty coverage until 1955, so even with a Social Security number he couldn't have been covered bj the program. Also, even if your husband had credits, it is not likely any bene fits svould be due at present. B> now the children would like! be 18 or older, so unless they were disabled, no benefits \voul< be due them. And none would be due you for having them in youi eai-e. There is a possibility tha you may have a widow's bene fits coming at 62. It wouldn' hurt to check on this. We're sorry and wish we coul< make a more encouraging re part, but facts are facts. (Q) "A friend of ours is 68 and was under Social Security for eight years. He now draws a company pension of $60 a month. On two or three occasions he has been told at the Social Security office that he cannot get his Social Security as long as he is receiving the company pension. Is this correct?" V. B. (A) We'll bet our last year' straw hat your friend wasn' refused Socia] Security benefits because he was receiving a com pany pension. No one connectec with the Social Security office would tell him such a story. Have him return to the Socla Security office and learn the rea reason why he is denied monthly benefits. Learn what to do now. Don' wait and learn what you should have done. Send 35 cents in coin (no stamps) for a copy, of IT'S YOUR MONEY Social Security Booklet. Address Social Security Booklet, Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 344, Grand Centra Station, New York 17, N. Y. ALTON'S OLDEST Association "That's Where I Save!" M»r« tnd mort Alton youn9tttn «r« making thil ittttmtnt... btctui* mori «nd mert p*r«nt$ «rf opening iccountt for the children •! Pia«« Building end U«n. How «bout youn? *TNIRP«i4 fTATf MM* »MTON» PhOfif Miff OMtif AutcifHM _ Km 1117 111., spent Friday and weekend here with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Challacombe and Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Maple. Lt. Gerald Dodge and his roommate, Lt. Delbert Kramer of Peoria, left Sunday morning for Gra- tiam Airbase, Marianna, Fla., after visiting Friday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.- M. F. Dodge. Luman Harlan, Peoria, was » weekend guest of his mother, Mrs. Carinne Harlan. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spencer and son, Dick, of Beardstown spent Friday with the Rev. and f plans. you wi// en/oy (he pleasant atmosphere o/ (he SAVOY HOTEL Alton Lake view Opposite Lincoln—Douglas Square Dial S-9775 Popular Savoy Cafe In connection. GET AHEAD WITH A BILL CLEAN-UP > Pay leftover se«son«l bills •nd reduce high monthly payments with • prompt loan here. We. Hire to My "Yet!" when you tsk for t loin Phone for your loan in en* visit, or come in. LOAN! LMIM M» t. SMI MI MiiMtui*, Fwrnttura «r Car 301 BELLE STREET, Second Fleer, ALTON PtMMt MM! • Alk tar tlM YES MAN«|tr OKN IVININGS IV AfPOINTMtNT — FMONI FOt IVININO NOUN BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. I WHEN YOU NEED MORE SPACE THE MOUSE DOCTOR WILL HELP YOUR HOME CROW WINGS - - * GIVE YOUR GROWING FAMILY THE COMPORT PROVIDED IY NEW WINGS NO DOWN PAYMENT MONTHLY THMS TO FIT TOUK IUDOET I I i ' i i GINTER-WARDEIN COMPANY 81 HENRY ST. DIAL 3-3588 * savings on summer merchandise for women bathing suits California styled swimsuits with molded built- in bras, regularly 17.98 0*00 ladies 9 summer handbags colorful styles and whites, values to 8.00 3.88 ladies 9 wash 'n wear sportswear orlon blend in casual khaki color sleeveless print blouse, regularly 3.98 straight skirt, regularly 7.98 2.88 5.88 pedal pushers, regularly 6.98 .... Jamaica shorts, regularly 5.98 4.88 3.88 Jonathan Logan junior dresses cool cottons in chemises and full skirts. Reg. 14.98 and 17.98 .... 9«»«» | J •«« famous Handniacher skirts straight styles in summer fabrics. Reg. 7.98 and 8.98 ................ 4.88 Artemis cotton blend and nylon tricot slips, reg. 3.98 and 5.98 ....... •£•«« *J.«» Indies* full style summer cotton print skirts, ladies 9 cotton blouses values to 6.00 1.88 *B f )f| 4.88 group of ladies' summer jewelry * «••• 1 »00 1.59 ladies 9 summer blouses by Dotti. Values to 8.00 ' values to 2.00 on snmitier getting to know yon . . . and you us!" the B-A-N-G of a firecracker . . . the pungent aroma of the burnt powder are pleasant memories of the July of yesteryear . . . however, July in this business of retailing has always stood for b-a-n-g-u-p sales and clearances of right for now, hot weather merchandise . . . even though we are but a month in Alton tradition cannot be denied. It is a pleasure for us to offer just such a bang-up storewide clearance NOW ... all a part of our "getting to know you better". men's summer suits | I in wash 'n wears, cotton blends and fa- | mous Palm Beach Fashion-Fiver . . . 3 | groups specially priced to give you savings on clothes with months of wear still ahe ^ d - 44.95 suits, regular 53.50 to 57.50 summer cotton short sleeve sport shirts, reg. 2.98 ........................ boys 9 cotton short sleeve sport shirts . 2.98 ........................ 1.99 suits, regularly 37.50 27.95 men's summer weight sport coats in cottons and blends. Regular values to 35.00 29.95 group of boys 9 swim suits by McGregor. Reg. 3.98 .......... 2.69 boys 9 sizes 3 to 12 Chip & Twigs suits for summer were 6.98 and 12.98. . . . 4.99 ^ ft.fft) boys 9 sport coats in sizes 3-20 by Chips & Twigs and Palm Beach were 9.98 to 16.95. . . 0.99 ,. 1 Icl9 special group of only 14 men's sport coats reg. 22.50 10.95 boys 9 sizes 3 to 6x summer sport shirts were 1.69 men's short sleeve Uk-A-Silk sport shifts in choice of 4 colors. Reg. 5.95. 3.95 boys' sizes 3 to fix boxer style shorts, were 1.25 1.00 1.00 men's cotton and silk blentl stripe or plaid short sleeve sport shirts men's summer neckwear by Wembley. Reg. 1.50 3.95 | .00 men's summer hose, reg. 1.00 * savings on summer merchandise for girls special group of new dresses for now and back to school. Sizes 3-6x, special \ .98 girls' cotton iwill shorts sizes 7-14, special * savings on summer merchandise for hoys entire slock of boys* Bermuda shorts sizes 4-20. Reg. 2.98 to 5.98. girls' Bermuda shorts sizes 7-14, special girls' cotton sleeveless blouses sizes 744, special ................ 9TC -«»» giirls* cotton playsuit§ sizes 844, special § .09 entire stock of boys* wufeb *n wear drew »luc<k» sizes 6 to 20. Regularly 5.98 to 7.98 m pre-toeus and teens dresses sizes 844 and 545, special ........ 3*00 girls* faille, lined dusters sizes 7 to 14, special .............. 3*99 men suits, 45.00 and 49.50 39.95 Shop Mondtfys & Fridays tt:00 to fhOO boys* KUiuiuer cord slackfi sizes 4 to 20. Reg. 4.98 3.09 girls* turtle nevk T shirts sizes 746, special ................ 1*00

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