The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 22, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1935
Page 5
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FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR SALE—$600 will (buy th Frank Aldrldge property I Goldsmith. See John Aldridg p-19 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—All kinds vegetabl ' iplante, cheap. B. C. Chambers 531 N. Independence. c-t FOR SALE—Used tires, tubes an batteries; practically all sizes LIneback's. c-19 TOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Ibs for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion Phone 1616. FOR SALE — Good work horse Irvin Meyers. c-t IMPORTANT—Order chicks . In advance. Hatch eac [Mon. Heavies J7.«S per 100 \yi.Z5 per 600: »7.00 per 1,000 I Large type 'White Leghorn »6.95 per 100; J6.75 per 500 16.50 per 1,000. Few starte chicks. Hoosler Hatchery, Michigan town, Ind FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks proven the 'cheapest for farme or poultryman; a few starte chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-t FOR SALE— '34 model Crosley re frigieiiitors, all sizes; used elec trie and ice boxes; one washer radios; easy payments. Line backs. c-19! FOR SALE — 6-year-old horse Fordson tractor and Oliver 12 inch tractor plow; 2 I. H. C. ro tary hoes; 9-jn. Letz burr feed mill; 7-ft. Osbo'rne binder. But Implement Store. Phone 33X c-t FOR SALE—New Remington No 8 noiseless typewriter, shop worn, regular price $79.60, sal price $61.50 cash. Tribune Press. t FOR SALE—2-year-old Percher- on gelding and smooth mouth Clydesdale mare. Frank Pen nington, 2 ',4 miles north of Normanda. c-19 9 FOR SALE — Super clean har< coal for brooder stoves. Phone 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-t FOR SALE — Gas station am lunch room; state road; doing a good business; living quar ters; rent $7.50; $600 cash L. W. Fuller. c-19 9 T, .he Ford Denier is a good place to buy a good USED CAB any make? good Cur to *efai« ! lnHled la tor die frtt-vNfag KMT FondV-S. Peifaap* one of the«p b jut idut yaf need. See Ike otmntlFotd Dealer for the bett valuta— -low price ^eonrenient ternu —•ad • (uaraatee 700 on -' • : '-''. • • " "' JSffffiD ADS FOR SALE—3-piece living room suite, overstuffed; call at 237 Maple street. p-200 FOR SALE—Nice early cabbage plants, 30c per 100. Bernle Chambers, c-200 FOR SALE—New Universal »ac- uum sweeper, J34.95 value, for $23.50; motor driven brush: apply Tribune. c-200 GRAND PIANO BARGAIN — 'Rather than to reship, will sacrifice beautiful baby grand piano, balance due $186.40, on easy terms of $10 per month; references required in first letter; for particulars write Credit Manager, 812 Main street, Anderson, Ind. c-200 WANTED WANTED—Paper cleaning. Rev. Barnes. Phone 39. - P-202 WANTED—You to know we have plenty of wall paper at 8 cents a double roll. Rexall. Drugs. c-tt WANTED—Pupils in violin, voice, piano; in Tipton one day a week through summer. Lois M. Slone. c-201 PERSONAL STOMACH ULCER, gas pains, indigestion victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free sample of Udga, a doctor's prescription at Lewis Speckbaugh's. p-T-W-T,217 FOE BENT FOR RENT -— 2 furnished rooms. 522 North Conde street. Phone 48. c-200 CHEAPEST house rent in Tipton: good garden spot. Phone 600. P-19S FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t^ A XMAS CHECK every month; that's how it will feel If you invest part of yours in an I. C. S. salary-raising course. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, Representative, 1834 South Adams street, Marion, Ind. 'c-19S. MISCELLANEOUS HEM> FOB DTVBSTIGATION. j Glen IJOVB, 29, of Omaha, Neb., Is Lodged in Jail. .Wednesday morning Chief of Police Jones went to the hobo camp near the intersection of the Nickel Plate main line and the Indiana Railroad, on Green street and took Glen Love, 29, in custody, bringing him to the city and lodging him in jail for investigation. The officer is puzzled at the action of Love, although he has already found out that the story he told, or at least a part of it, is untrue. Love was in the alley at the rear of the Blue Front drug store was was seen to unwrap two bundles of clothing, which had been freshly laundered and place a brown paper inside. He then took the bundles to the French Steam Dye Works and asked permission to leave them there, stating Clyde Haskett would call for them. When he left the place the officer investigated the bundles, and found Haskett's name and called his home. Mrs. Haskett could throw no light on the matter and did not know Love. Love claims that a son of Haskett gave him the bundles of clothing at Frankfort Sunday and asked him to bring them to Tipton and leave them for his father. Inside were a slack sleeveless sweater, a pair of overalls, i blue shirt, a checkered cap, undershirt and shorts, and several other articles of wearing apparel, all freshly laundered. Just why they were left and why Haskett's name was used is what is puzzling the officer who is holding Love on suspicion ot' having stolen the clothing. Sunday dinner guests of Murr^l TJhomas and family at Curtlsvlll •Mr. and Mrs. jJ. S. Thompso: and son Raymond were Sun dinner guests of Conrad Lane near C ther guests were a 3d family west Mr. and Mrs. .Goldsmith. Earl Thompson of Arcadia and r. and Alra. Boyd Thompson of Tipton. I Roma Hershman of Ekin was tiie Sunday dinner guest of Mr. d Mrs. Ike Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fouch idianapolis were Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Thomas.j Edgar Walton of Kokomo spent ie week end with his mothw rs. Kittle Walton east of AJ- liinta. Henry Gunst Sr., and Mr. ana 1 A rs. Otto Gunst | visited Sunday with Mrs. Gunst at the Coleman h jspital at Indianapolis. Mrs. Gitinst underwent a major operation a week ago', and has beoii has 'to wear an .iron brace remains I to its world [war- dead by wearlns ir a very critical condition. Jlon- DIED AT HOSPITAL. Charles MrMutli, 10, SucciimlK'd to Neuralgia of the heart. day she was reported slightly imp -oved. Airs. Alariaret Hines who Is her mother'sj placo in th-i bakery spent the week end at hor hj>me at Hemlock. ; Airs. John NMglitenhelser living .st of Atlanta is! confined to her JIJKI with llu symptoms since Sat-j .„ f day. j Mrs. Anna Rhodes and Alra. Rase Vancleave i)f Gary visited Sunday with Mrs) Josie Warmai, ot! Indianapolis wjho is the housi- est of her brother and sister,in|-law, .Mr. and j Airs. Marvin ,ount east of Atlanta. Airs. Julia Nigtyunhx-lser is able be up after several weeks' ill- •ss. ! Air. and Airs. FL B. Hunter and anapoils were afternoon an'd eve- niug guests. Charles McEntee and daughter Mary Helen, of north of Atlanta visited! Saturday with Mr., and Airs. John McEntee west of town. On Supday Mr. and Mrs. McEntee visited in his brother's home and made the acquaintance of their new niece, Ruth Ann' AIcEntee. The' bjiby has been ill with the measles and has not been getting along very well. Frank Butler of South Pekin, 111., spent t»° week end here with his mother Airs. Loretta Butler. Carl; Overdorf, salesman for the Smith iChemical Company of Columbus, Ohio, is spending this week at his home here. On Sunday afternoon Air. and Airs. Over- nnd Airs. Eugene Overdqrt" visited near Atlanta with Airs. Elizabeth Overdorf at the home of Air. and Mrs. Albert Overdorf. Grandmother Overdorf as she is |more familiarly known, is critically ill and her death is expected at any time. Air. and Airs. Shirl Riebeling about the saine. • | . Mrs. Will Kinder spent several, days last week in Tipton with her] parents Mr. i and Mrs. Omer Emehiser. Mr. jKin'der and son Bob Nunemaker j spent Saturday nlgljt and Sunday .in the Emehiser home. ' r Mr. and Mrs. Jake Shafer had as their guests Sunday evening, Albert Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. James Shorter an'd Mr. and Mrs. 'Torn! Inman of Indianapolis. Mr. and' Mrs. Shorter also visited his mother Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan.' •- HOBBS. Mrs. Alelba Harris of Indianapolis is the house guest of Mrs. Bert Caster i and family south of Hobbs. ' ' . .Miss Ellen Ruth Hacket of Elwood spent the week end at Hobbs with Misses Betty and Mary Eylen Harter. j Mr. an'd Mrs. Wayne Riley and family of Alexandria were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Riley and family. Miss Mary Alice ' Barries of Windfall spent the week end at Hobbs with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Barnes and Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barnes. Mr., and Mrs. Ralph Webb and daughter Annislee spent Sunday at Point Isabel with Mr. and Mrs. William Hood. • Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Andrews an'd family of Greentown spent Friday and Saturday in their flower, the ^poppy. .Millions of Americans In almost every cjty and town throughout the couhtrj will wear the blood-red memoria poppy to show that they still hon pj and are grateful for -the serv ices of those men who gave the! lives in defense of the nation seventeen years ago. In purchasing the poppies, they will contri bute to the welfare of the ; dis abled veterans and the familie left in distress by the death o 'disability of a veteran. Wqme from the Kempton unit of th American* Legion Auxiliary i wll be on the streets all day distribut ing the memorial flowers. The will be part army of nearl 100.000 women which will carr out the Auxiliary's nation-wiJ distribution' of poppies. Fully 10 000,000 of the little red bloom are expected to be given out wit $.1\000,000 received in contribu tion in exchange for them. Th poppies have been made by dis abled veterans working in 5 different government hospital and convalescent work rooms l< •cated in forty states. The flower which will be distributed her were made at the Marion hospita They will be offered on the street by a corps of Kempton voluritee workers under the leadership' o Mrs. Herbert Goodnight. Meredith Gossard and Dan Beaver two students of Indian university visited the week ;en with their parents Garrett Cos sard and Lafe Beaver.r-The for mer's mother who has been sic and daughter Barbara Lee were j Hobbs with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar.- with a heart attack is much im Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and | Clifton and family. Airs. Will Riebeling and Airs, j M>s s Bee Hobbs returned to Kathfi-jne Riehelin'g northwest ofj hcr Iinme in Hobbs Saturday, aft, , aa n , Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hunter an3 ' 4 T wasjer'a three months' stay at Miami Airs. L«h, DeVaney mad, a seen c - - Richelin J Fiorida trip to the souihiirn part ot the ..._.' .. J AI,. U trip stito Sunday. Air. and Airs. John Chcnowciii d daughter Carjolyn of Arcadia .-re Monday supper guests of Allr. and Airs. Charles Long-. |The Mothers and Daughters and daghters Norma. Bettie and i Candance Hawkins of Billie who will leave the 2Sth for Cleveland, Ohio, is visiting J. K. ' Jordan and family near Hobbs. their .new homo in Baltimore. Maryland. Othor guests included Ml '- a »d Mrs.. Harry Barnes and Air. and Airs. John Ricbelin'g and j daughter of Anderson were Sun- family jot Goldsmith. Air. and Mrs. j (ia - v guests of Air. and Mrs. T. P. George!- Riebeling and family of i AM OPENING my shoe shop at home, 310 South Independence St." Henry Fritz. p-200 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable rat'i Fielding & Fielding. c ILLINOIS RELIEF. House Passes Relief Bill to be Kf- fective July"!.' (By United Tress). Springfield, 111., May 22.—The llinois house of representatives today passed the $3,000,000 a month relief program, effective' July 1, after five futile attempts by administration leaders to put he plan into operation immediately. The measures, calling for an ncrease *in the state sales tax rom two to three per cent will provide funds to augment federal •elief activities in the state, at a standstill since May 1. FrienBs in this county have received word of the death of Charles McMath, 16-year-old son of Glen and Azah (Fall) McMath, former residents of the Little New York community. Death occurred j' at Robert Long hospital where ] the boy was admitted Tuesday morning suffering with a neuralgia condition of the heart. He died at 12:45 Wednesday morning. The lad's parents removed from this county to Green county and! were living at Scotland, where' at the Christian church and sponsored by j the male me.m- bfjrs of that congregation was a huge swccss pi T , " ui'-t spoiker nr^v !««« *iU, her parents Mr. and P"- a " d Mrs. T. P. Downing, idin was the gu^t sp.JhLi H ; - , ' ___,_.,! AT ;,, Rlpnnnr An - n™™ tle evening. Alrsj Clarice Night- was i er|al congregational songs to in the boy became seriously ill about, cl| two weeks ago, with a heart afflic- Besides the parents the boy is survived by a brother John am two sisters Geneva and Frances. No funeral arrangements were learned. ()f ninety-nine n. Airs. Andy Kauffman ille and Airs. Guy Bryan of Millersburg. Airs.! Addic Trinkner. Danville. Hoover *as an Indianapolis visitor Saturday. Air. and Mrs. J. AI. Dennis and daughter Alary, of Alexandria .Ues served. Re\t. Gray of '-- !l11 " f ^ nl from Fridav until Tues-i were Monday afternoon guests of ., i - i • Airs. David Flcnner and attended i Miss Eleanor Ann Downes of sung with readings and spcciul j ventists Academy near misical numbers! complimentary ! » nlav bvening. ,-.|tho commencement exercises of: Tipton was the Tuesday nigh her soii Millie Trinkner at the Ad-|S" es t ° f Miss Nora Hartman o ar Cicero Sat-(Hobbs. Air. and Airs. H. E. Caster an Mother's Hay \v:ere inters por Ruv.! and Airs'. Runner of Lo- Air. and Mrs. Hilton Hobbs am ard al< aUending I had a very en- ! Sanspoft moved their household |«« werc six ;o'clock dinner guest . i goods to the Methodist parsonage' Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs joyable evening. .Mickey's Beaut operation ise because of ^ccl Rev. ch « le8 near Aroma uauty .Shop is again °" k ;ls £ Alain •ifur -i two weeks' iBunner being th.; new pastor of' Mr - and 3Irs - Ra rc e Nighten Villness of the. the Methodist church here. j bclser and family spent Sunda: Hits Milk Board. THE DAILY WHEEZE Professor: "I will use my hat to epresent the planet Maris. Is there any question you wish to ask before I go on?" Student: "Yes; Is Mars inhab- ted?" Theodore Roosevelt, when pres- Jent, proposed a plan for a league t civilized nations to prevent far. But the'plan failed. He couldn't find any civilized na- tons. MAYTAG SALES and VIOE NBW For Domonttratlon Gall 8» Indianapolis, Ind., May 22. — Charges that the state milk control board employed illegal and high handed methods in establishing an emergency price order which has cost Fort Wayne consumers S500.000 were made yesterday by Robert S. Alarx, Cincinnati, O.. attorney. ATLANTA. Miss Blanche Weidenhorn of Indianapolis spent the week rnd with Mrs. Nancy Long and son Irwin north of Atlanta. Hugh Boyer of Washington, D. C., spent two days with his aunt Clara Boyer in Atlanta. Air. Boyer was en route home having attended an Oldsmobilo convention at Chicago, representing the Washington Oldsmobile branch. Mrs. James Purtee and daughters of Indianapolis spent the week end with Mrs. Purtoc's parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baden. Miss Sarah Jones of Alarion is spending a week with her sister Miss Jennie Jones- and Mrs. Ella Pierce. Frank Watkins returned home the latter part of the week after having spent the winter with his daughter Mrs. Maud Howell and husband at Gary. Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard spent tbe week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leonard at Pendleton. They all visited at Anderson Saturday evening. ; Members of the Stitch and of Tipton mef with Monday; even- splendid tint?. ^Wftrt^^pMti 01 Overdorf 1 Mrs. i Lillian Prifogle has ro-; at Sheridan ; with Mr. and Airs ! turned ;to hor work as clerk in the' Herman Nightenhelser. Alarion Jackson and :;ori j Ira Wack storc af t°r being con-; ~~*""* Friday! with her par- j lino() t( > ll( -' r home by the measles.! KEMPTOX. •ner. Airs. Maxinc .ndseadel of Tip(.on. Airs. '" cuts Air. and Airs. Annin Cicero. j Airs. Lois Eilcr! and duushl< r.-s Airs. JC. W. Guy, Airs. Charles! Hensel. Airs. Shirl Riebeling and! Fred Gossard who is employe! of with Mr. and Mrs. vill Eiler near Aliss Audra Hodson were at:Ncw-i»J" the Steel and Wire Co. of Ko Lawrence spent! tin; week o-id I castln Tuesday and attended thbj k °n,o visited the week end with " District Convention of Pythian; his parents Air." and Airs. Berne Sisters.; Aliss Hodson was a dis- , Gossard. Airs. Alary Klizjihetli Swiu.; is! tl ' i( -' t officer and also delegate of! Mr. and Airs. John Ward, Mr spending the \\4ek with her ; ' he local temple. and Mrs. Walter Peck and daugh- proved. Airs. Weaver Kemp and Mis Lelia motored to Bluffton Wednesday to visit with relative and Airs. Josie Tudor a sister o the former accompanied them home for an indefinite time t visit with relatives. Mr. and 'Mrs. John McCarth; Jr. and daughter Joan returnei Thursday evening from Whitin; where Airs. McCarthy and daugh ter. had been visiting for the pas three weeks with her mother Mr: Sylvia McCullough. The formo was en route from Michigan |ai visited a week at the McCullouf home. Air. and Mrs. Everett Cline o Independence and Morton Bund} of Elwood were dinner guests o Sunday of Carl Edwards and fam ily. -i Chester .Rector left Thursda morning for Flora, Ind., to worl for the Northcutt Ice Cream Co. servicing Frigidaifes in eleven counties. This is his fourth yea: with the company. : The mid week prayer meeting service at the Christian church win be held on Wednesday even ing with Rev. John Clark as leader. Forest Galbreath .of Indiana- unti Mrs Ella Galbreath and Miss Fern The latter accompanied by Hj C Workman of Frankfort visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles brother and wife! Mr. and .Vrs.l Airs, i John Adams who foil Sat-jier Mary Helen of Crawfordsville Job Swing at And'.-rson. Air. and I tirday 'is slightly better. Mrs. [were the Sunday guests of Mr II fa. Clefi SwirK uL'.-oinpuiiicd lu-r I Adams": fell off the porch at her j and Mrs. Chairles N. Clark. Caro- Ani'er.son Monday uvenin.^. honin wost of town and severely ' lyn Jean Peck who has been vis- to injured! her arm and shoulder and ; i , . • the past week with the : ARCADIA. ing, .aj i was unconscious for some time. A! Clarks returned home with her I son and daughter from Indian- j parents. Frank Devancyiof Grcencastloi! anolis and a niccc Mrs - Ted Ad-1 Air. and Airs. John Hash 'of spLnt Saturday an'd Sunday here 1 ! ams are in the home caring for j Tipton Were the Sunday afternoon inf the home of ilrs. Elizabeth;' her - I (guests of -Mr. .and Airs. Dean Bur- Jdrdan. Airs. DcVaney who had;! J - ^- Knapp visited in Atlanta jgott. j spbnt last week (here assisting;: Sunday: the guest of Air. and Airs, j A surprisc birthday dinner was in| caring for her mother whoj I ' :llc ^I a ' ott - j planned and Successfully carried with symptoms of!; Mrs.;Esther Cox of Tipton vis-, out Sunday by Mrs. Howard Boy- acconpanied her! iled Fl i' da >" afternoon with Airs, j or in honor of nej . parents' Mr. nday evening, j Sadie OJornelius. On Sunday alter-; and M rs. John H. Goodnight was quite ill with pn eumonia husband home Si W -. and Mrs. Floy<4 CUirke of At- ! | " ita, Mr. and hetsel and Airs. Npblesville visited ni ig with Mrs? Jorjlnn Saturday eve-| Mrs: (; ! ry While wll ° is sbi of Lapel were dinner guestsl unt1 '. M Cornelius and her! whose birthdays occur some few held at the Airs. Howard Boyer three miles south of Komp- °fjton. The parents were invited to Alri? Horhart;j 1 "' othol j Mcl Hryant visited near! ,i ays al)art and was Goo. Lewis of| ; Strawtown with another sister, nomc ot ji r . ; and : Air. and Airs. Alvin Smith . , , » Mrs. Katie Aliller and son Alan- ! New Augusta spent from Tuesday i dinner with the Boyers and had here the guests of arrived when! a short time after Si nday of Air. and Mrs. Lew Gioves. Air. and VIrs. John Al-1 bright of Indianapilis and Air. ard Mrs. Morton Albright of Mil- le'sburg were afte noon and eve- nipg guests. Mr._and Mrs. Oljto Knapp, Mr.! add Mrs. Raymond Knapp, Mrs. Mr. anja Airs. Lloyd Smith. 1 On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Lloyd Smith ind her guest and Mrs. H. ley and daughter Jane at- R. Har tended farm npar Noblesvville. arriving a crowd of- nearly forty persons beingi mostly relatives gathered with well filled baskets to help celebrate the day. Two the' pageant at the •Liilyi large birthday cakes with names Eruiil Sowers and Charles; Carter were at Crawfordsville ' Sun- Eizabeth Knapp rind Mr. and!|l da ^ anl attended the state, con- L T -«._r,».™ .]_,._„ „..„*„„ vention of the Lions Club. ; Walteir Carruth of Tipton vls T -s. John Berg visited Sunday th Mrs. Judith exandrla at. the Lorenze near: homo of Mr. •aid Mrs. Ed Lorenze.; Mrs. Lo- ; re lie who fell son o time ago at th3 home of her'caughtor Mrs. Fiank Raquet In . Marlon and! broke ht)r hip, rennins about the; sabie. Lloyd Barnett a ad : Mr. and gtiests ited here Saturday with i Mrs; EIizabe:h Jordan.] j i Lloyd Colgan bf -Indian^PpHs spent ft-om Sun'dav until Tuesday here wfth Dr. and Mrs. E. Hl.Cbl-i ^«« I >" ' ' ' : r • : gan. t •Mr.; *hd Mrs. Wesley Abel and. Jape nave Lgpusj .a Tlslt with her and dates of leach 'decorated i in green and white and pink : ; and white were presented by their two daughters Mrs. Boyer find! Mrs. Bethel Ricketts of Sheridan, Guests from a distance were (Dr. P. C. Barnard of Parker, ijid-. Mrs. Josa Tudor of Bluffton, Carl Goodnight, Mrs. Opal Caylor, Miss Mildred Caylor of Anderson, Miss "Freda Master of Tipton, | Ir ; via Goodnight of Indlan'applls, Mr. land Mrs. Carl Alexander RussiaTille. Three other .blrthdkyE of 'the- familyj, that were ' JVTi t't™ "-••••! TT Bb rley^Rickette? ^ifen^n" polis visited., from Friday Sunday with his mother Duncan west of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Clark were Sunday dinner guests of the former's sister Mr. and Mrs. Ed Park of Muncie. Notice to Dealers In Supplies for County Farm. | Pursuant to an order of the Board of Commissioners of Tipon County, Indiana,- notice is lereby given that sealed bids will >e receive at the office of the auditor of said jcounty, until J10 o'clock a. m.. on the 3rd day I of June, 1935, for the purchase I of he following supplies for the rounty farm: 300 Ibs. pure cane sugar. 150 Ibs. Old Reliable coffee.] 50 Ibs. Blue Rose whole rice: 100 -Ibs. Taggart soda crackers. 25;ibsl fancy dried peaches* 25: Ibs. fancy dried prunes, 40 o .5Q. ! 25 Ibs. fancy dried, apricots, j 50 Ibs. Lima butter beans. 12 doz. 1%-lb. boxes Crystal Wedding oats. : 4 doz. 7-oz. boxes Grape Nut 'lakes. . ; . I . 4 cases 2, doz. Country Gentleman corn. | 4 cases, 2'dozen per case Van Camp peas, No. 2. j .i cases, 2 dozen per case Van Cam,P JHamlny, l^o. 2%. | 10 bags table :salt, 10 Ibs. ner iag.' ; ' . .' i • 2 doz: cakes Palmollve soap 4 4<»- •cakes Kirk's castile hard rater soap. -.i.- " ' : [ . 20 .Ibs. lump starch. 1 j 8 cartons matches, 6 boxes to artpn. No. 4. .-]'•'• • •-. 24leans Old 'Dutch cleanser. 6 do»-' Irgal. buckets dark Karo molassae. ".••• ". i '. ", -,-' : : 2 4oj. 'cans Calumet baking powder;. Day's rWprk •' .-^,- "'I '•(?• i, tlra^gerfTuBBt ;i '$&~' •••"'"-" lBer, IB serves the right all Wd«H Reepe ,. this. 21s,t day ot Jtar/X9S JOB MATTINGtT, Ai i Tipton c-198 Notice to Heirs, Creditor r, In the matter of the eat Charles; W. Warne, In the Tlpton Circuit Notice Is hereby .givei; Emma Warne ,aa admlnlstr itriSttt-' the estate of Charles W. Warnef 5?• deceased, has presented a, id fllea - ' her account and vouchers n final ~ settlement, of said estate, a id'thaV; the same will come up for i nation and action lot said Circuit'' Court on the 20tn day i 1935, at which time all he ditors or legatees of said) estate': are required to appear Court and show cause, there be, why said acconit-and- vouchers should not be approved. Witness, the clerk and sea) of said Tipton Circuit Court it Tipton, Indiana, this 30th day of April, 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) Clerk said -any «* 180-86-92-98 Circuit Notice of Administration. Court Notice Is hereby given the undersigned has been appointed by- 9 the ,Judge of the Circuit Cpurt of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administrator of the estate ol Mahlon O. Cox, late of Tipton county, deceased. ; Said-estate Is supposed to be solvent. ROY COX, May 6, 1935. Administrator. A. W. BOLTON, ' Attorney. ; 185-1J91-19 7. Notice to Heirs, Creditorsl Etc. In the matter of the estate • of Pernial Blazier, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court Term, 1935. Notice is hereby given.thkt Vollen Blazier, as executrix of the estate' of Pernial Blazier, deceased, has presented -and > filed her account and. vouchers in finil settlement of said estate, an J that the same will come np for Ination and action of said exam- Xrcnit Court, on the 24th day of May, 1935. at which time- all heirs,, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear ii said Court and show cause, it any there be,-why said account and? vouchers should not be approved. Witness, the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 1st day of May, 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, (Seal) Clerk Tipton 180-8 6-92-98 Circuit Court. See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER&CO, J.C. PENNEY- 116-118 Sooth Mala -I < i 'A J •s LEATHEEMAN; FUNERAL HOHCE > Ambulance Service Furnace Coila Beplace Your . a Sett Action GAS WATER Public Service Go. BREAD— 1%-lb, loaf KROGER GROCERY i BAKING! co Comforts,: smrspirs: &DEY Ptoie: See— YOJJUG ft Suits and:

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