The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 25, 1981 · Page 10
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 10

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1981
Page 10
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.. *.:<»•»> j,v iijfe Journiu — Wednesday, November 2S, 1961 AWARD WINNERS — Dozens of 4-H'ers were named award winners during Tuesday evening's annual 4-H Achievement Banquet at the 4-H Building. Receiving top awards were, back row from left, Mike Aylward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aylward, Salina Rt. 2, Ingrid Blomquist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Blomquist, Bridgeport, Sally McDaniel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Journal Photo McDaniel, Salina Rt. 1, Linda Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnson, Salina Rt. 3, and David Persigehl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Per- sigehl, 2087 Leland Way. Other winners include (front row, from left) Diane Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Einar Johnson, Smolan Rt. 1, and Wendy and Julie Albrecht, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Albrecht, 729 Albert. Awards abound at annual 4-H Achievement Banquet Awards by the handsful were showered on Saline County 4-H members at the 55th annual Achievement Banquet at the 4-H Building Tuesday evening. Even Gov. John Carlin was recognized with an Alumni Award. Carlin was an active 4-H'er during his growing-up years at Mentor. About 630 persons attended the affair with the Salina Downtown Lions Club as the host. Here are top award winners in Saline County 4-H Clubs: CHAMPIONS Agriculture Beef Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley: Carol Mover, Gypsum Valley; Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley; Becky Thiel, Gypsum Valley. Dairy — Karen Karber, Gypsum Valley. Dairy Goat — Alice Clements, Mentor; Tom Zerger and Suzanne Zerger, Willing Workers. Horse — Cindy Morrison, Cloverleaf; Pom Pe- ferson, Mentor. Horticulture — Jon Brax, Mentor; Sam Jilka, Mentor; Carmen Donalell, Willing Workers; Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley. Livestock — Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley: Grant Johnson, Falun; Dianne Lecklider, Brook* ville. Poultry — Karen Karber, Gypsum Valley; Scott Hinkle, Willing Workers; Marci Quinn. Mentor. Rabbits — Suzanne Zerger, Willing Workers: Pom Peterson, Mentor. Reading — Rebecca Lecklider, Brookville. Sheep — Nancy Theel, Saline Valley; Ingrid Blomquist and Eric Blomquist, Friendly Valley. Wheat — David Persigehl. Home Economics Bread — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley: Karla Thomas, Sasnak; Wendy. Albrech, Sasnak; Loanne Quinn, Mentor. Clothing — Laura Fritz, Gypsum Velley; Wendy Albrecht, Sasnak; Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley; Sara Trump, Sunny Valley. Crafts — Salley McDaniel, Saline Valley; Dianne Lecklider, Brookville; Laura Memming, Saline Valley; Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley. Crochet — Suzanne Zerger, Willing Workers. Foods — Laura Fritz, Gypsum Valley; Wendy Albrecht, Sasnak; Salley McDaniel, Saline Valley: Jon Brax, Mentor. Dairy Foods — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley. Food Conservation and Safety — Salley McDaniel, Saline Valley. Food Preservation — Laura Fritz, Gypsum Valley; Sara Trump and Anne Staab, Sunny Valley; Karen Berndt, Saline Valley. Home Environment — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley: Kim Webb, Sasnak. Officials ponder origin of blaze GOODLAND - A fire that started Monday and was still smoldering Wednesday was set by a "foolish act of man or an intentional act of man," according to Ed Loomis, manager of the Goodland Cooperative Equity Exchange. Loomis said authorities did not know if the fire, which destroyed 200 tons of stored hay and a Quonset hut at the Exchange, was set on purpose or acci- dently. "We just don't know," he said Wednesday. "It could have been an accidental thing — like kids playing. We can't rule out arson, but we have no evidence of it either." Loomis estimated the loss at $75,000. Firefighters from Goodland and Sherman County were called to the Goodland Cooperative at about 8 p.m. Monday. It took them almost 24 hours to bring the fire under control. "We had to bring the hay out of the building and spread it out where they could get water to it," Loomis said. Workers still kept fire hoses nearby Wednesday as they watched the hay around the clock to make sure it did not erupt into flames again. "The hay sits there and smolders and then bursts into flames," Loomis Mid. The Quonset hut was isolated from the elevator, but Loomis said "you can walk into about any bouse in town and smell the smoke." Home Monogement — Solly McDaniel, Saline Valley. Meat Utilization — Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley. Style Revue — Cindy Morrison, Clove-leal; Jona Tanking, Gypsum Valley; Lori Johnson, Friendly Valley; Kayla Johnson, Sosnak; Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley; Stacy Beisel, Sod-Busters; Eric Blomquist and Steven Johnson, Friendly Volley; Darby Pope, Space Agers; Brian Blomquist, Friendly Valley. General Achievement — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley: Julie Albrecht, Sasnak: Jon Brax, Mentor. Citizenship — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley: Reagan Cox and Steven Johnson, Friendly Volley. Citizenship - Club— Sasnak, Friendly Valley. Consumer Education — Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley. Dog — Con Enright, Cloverleaf; Sara Trump, Sunny Valley. Electric — Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley; Steven Deines, Saline Valley. Entomology — Carmen Donalell, Willing Workers. Geology — Matt Johnson, Friendly Valley; J.J. Williams. Brookville. Health — Mike Aylword, Suzanne Zerger and Tom Zerger, Willing Workers.; Reagan Cox, Friendly Valley. Leadership — Julie Albrecht and Wendy Albrecht, Sasnak; David Persigelil, Mentor: Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley. People-to-People — Nancy Deckert, Swinging 4-H'ers. Photography — Jon Brax. Mentor; J.J. Williams, Brookville. Public Speaking — Julie Albrecht, Sasnak: Steven Johnson, Friendly Volley; Carmen Donated, Willing Workers; Reagan Cox, Friendly Valley. Safety — David Persigehl, Mentor; Sally McDaniel, Saline Valley: LoAnna Quinn, Mentor. Safety - Club — Mentor, Saline Valley, Sunny Valley. Veterinary Science — Becky Thiel, Gypsum Valley. Wildlife — Matt Johnson, Friendly Valley. Woodwork — Steven Johnson, Friendly Valley; David Persigehl, Mentor; Lewis Karber, Gypsum Valley. Clover Achievement Award Terry Ahern, Kirk Bolte. Wade Caselman, Billle Anne Conley, Sean Conley, Pamela DeBaere, Robby DeBaere, Sondi DeBaere, Patresa Doherty, Kevin Everhort, Stephanie Fouard, Heather Frost, Kari Fuller, Rhonda Gibson, Shelly Hammond, Ann Jilka, Matt Johnson, Daryle Kirk, Elmer Kirk, Russell Kirk, Jimmy Linenberger, Ronnie Mallon, Brent Milleson, Kim Montee, Weston Montee, Curtis Nelson, Kari Nelson, Gena Ostenberg, Janet Page, Leigh Perry, Stacy Peterman, Laura Price, Penny Pope, Anette Radiel, Todd Reinert, Troy Reinert, Lesa Seim, Chad Seuser, Michelle Shepport, Nancy Vail, Jeff Webb, J.J. Williams, Ladonna Zimmerman. Silver Achievement Award Kent Albrecht, Duff Barton, Leslie Berndt, Loren Berndt, Bradley Bolte, Russell Brown, Alice Clements, Traci Cole, Laura Deckert, Tim Donatell, Morcia Hall, Stacy Hammond, Dana Hanson, Julie Hanson, Kim Hinkle, Diane Howsard, Matt Ireton, Crystal Johnson, Janell Johnson, Leann Johnson, Lori Johnson, Mason Johnson, Brian Milleson, Kim Pitts, Barbara Price, Morel Quinn, Randall Reitz, Cindy Redden, Jane Roesner, Russell Seuser, Anne Staob, Dena Tabler, Chris Theel, Heather Theel, Alan Tillberg, Pom Webb, Cathy Wlnslow. Guard for the Silver Pin Wendy Albrecht, Karen Berndt, Nathan Boyce, Nancy Deckert, Carmen Donateil, Scott Hinkle, Grant Johnson Dianne Lecklider, Nancy Theel, Suzanne Zerger, Tom Zerger. Gold Achievement Pin Eric Blomquist, Reagan Cox, Kerry Hughes. 4-H Key Award Ingrid Blomquist, David Persigehl, Diane Johnson, Julie Albrecht, Linda Johnson, Michael Aylward. Willing Workers. Outstanding 4-H'er Award Wendy Albrecht, Sosnak; David Pesigehl Mentor. State Award Recipients John Carlin, Alumni; Julie Albrecht, Leadership. Here, by club, are Bronze Pin winners: Brookvllle — Brian Bolte, Rebecca Lecklider. Center — Kimberly Grover, Loyse Schurz. Cloverleaf — RoShelle Pilcher. Mentor — Lori Butterfleld, Cade Caselman, Marianne Huggins, Michael Huggins, Jane Humbargar, Timothy Humbargar, Kristin Meyer, Jim Peterson. Saline Valley — Kris Ackley, Jeannle Ballou, Steven Deines, Tim Deines, Angela Hernbloom, Julie Matthews, Mitchell Matthews, Kim Nelson, Vonda Richardson, Cory Wlkoff, Michelle Wikoff. Sasnak — Shannon Crossman, P. J. Doherty, Kayla Johnson, Heather Watkins. Smoky View — Anne Lagerstrom, Heidi Lagerstrom, Daniel Winters. Sod-Busters — Teresa Hull, Mike Lagerman, Karen Malir. Space-Agers — Laurie Constable, Brad Cure, Douglas Griffin, Rhonda Hofhines, Greg Houdek, • Jennifer Hughes, Jim Hughes, Angela Mosler, Darby Pope, Brenda Reed, Jennifer Standrldge. Swinging 4-H'ers — Huffy Boyd, Jennifer Crum, Michelle Hotchkiss, Deann Moore. Willing Workers — Bryan Holland, Lisa Knudson, Poly Shublom, Gwen Stover, Melanie Stover. Salina Chamber wins reaccreditation status The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce has been reaccredited by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. The announcement came from Donald M. Kendall, chairman of the board of the U.S. Chamber. Kendall is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Pepsico, Inc., Purchase, N.Y. The Salina Chamber was first accredited in 1971 and reaccredited in 1976. The accreditation program recognizes effective performance through which local Chambers make a self- study and analysis. The local organization submits an evaluation report for review by the accrediting board of the U.S. Chamber with final approval coming from the U.S. Chamber's board of directors. The Salina evaluation report for re- accreditation was the responsibility of a committee comprised of Bill Scott, Bob Exline, Ed Pogue, Gary Brown, Dean Tinkler, Lee Haworth and John Burgess. The committee, the board of directors and others met with Ralph Shelton from the Washington office of the U.S. Chamber last month. The Salina Chamber was cited as an organization meeting standards of performance in planning and programming and conducting a productive program of work. There are approximately 400 accredited Chambers in the United States — fewer than 10 percent of all existing Chambers. Accreditation team to review three departments at KTI An accreditation team from the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology will review three departments at Kansas Technical Institute Nov.30. The six-member team, four engineers and two engineering observers, will review the electronics engineering technology, civil engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology at KTI during the two day visit. The-team will look at the technical college's facilities, faculty, equip- t ment, courses, curriculum and student achievement. The level of mathematics used in the courses, student's work, grading procedures and placement statistics will also be considered. Accreditation by the board is important, according to Don Buchwald, acting academic dean. "It is a chance to measure KTI's quality of education against known standards and other equivalent programs across the country," Buchwald •aid. Local-State The Salina Journal Plainvilie stop marks milestone in Owen's bid for Cedar Crest PLAINVILLE, Kan. (UPI) - Former Lt. Gov. Dave Owen intends to slow down his pace, now that he has set up campaign organizations in all 105 Kansas counties. Owen was tired but elated Tuesday at having campaigned for his Republican gubernatorial campaign in all counties. He met his goal in Plainville in Rooks County. In a telephone interview from the kitchen of Mary Ann's Restaurant, with dishes and pans clanking in the background, Owen described his feelings about being the first candidate to reach all 105 counties in the 1982 election. "I don't know if it means anything," he said. "But it's just a great milestone to know I've been to every county in Kansas. Now I can start over and go back to each one." Owen's next project is a seminar to instruct campaign workers in successful techniques, he said. The event is scheduled for Dec. 12. After that, Owen intends to take life a little slower. "I plan to take some time off over the holidays," he said. "But we wanted to get to all 105 counties before the weather gets bad. Even now, you can't predict from one day to the next what the weather will be like." In January, Owen expects to narrow down his list of names for a possible running mate. "I've had about 105 suggestions," he said. Owen said voters were listening to his plans for economic development, an issue he plans to talk a great deal about in the campaign. He sees more development as the answer to cutting taxes through increasing the tax base. The Stanley banker was the first Kansan to announce his candidacy for the 1982 governor's race. And his campaign was boosted recently when Attorney General Robert Step- ban and Former Gov. Robert Bennett announced they would not be candidates for the Republican nomination for governor. "I don't know how serious the other people are, but I knew Bennett and Stephan would be serious candidates," Owen said. "I'm getting more and more sentiment from Republican leaders who seem to want closed ranks." Democratic Gov. John Carlin is an all-but-announced candidate for re-election. Arrested for 'cooling off police officer A 62-year-old west Salina woman found the wrong way to "cool off" a police officer Tuesday. As a result, she faces charges of resisting an officer, disorderly conduct and violating the city's open burning law, the offense that led to the other charges. According to the police report, Officer Joe Carman responded to the woman's home on a complaint that she was burning leaves in her back yard. He found the woman tending a pile of smoking leaves and instructed her to halt the burning. She refused, saying she would extinguish the fire when the leaves were all burned. The woman told Carman she couldn't afford to pay to have them hauled away, and also that she was poor and had no heat in her home. Carman threatened to put out the fire with water from one of two buckets the woman, had standing by. As he picked one one, she grabbed the other and doused his pants leg. The woman then started running, but was apprehended before she reached her house. As she sat in the patrol car, she reportedly offered Carman $10 to let her go. Just before leaving for the police station, she allegedly upped the offer to $20. Cattlemen's meeting set A Saline County Extension Council cattlemen's meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, at the Red Coach West Restaurant. Dr. Larry Corah, recognized as one of the top nutrition specialists in the country, will discuss the use of weather-damaged forage and how to make the best use of available forages in cattle programs. Reservations for the $5 meal are due by Tuesday, Dec. 8. Corah will speak about 7:15 p.m. for those unable to attend the dinner. Possible organization of a cattlemen's group will be discussed. Kansan to head art SI museum WASHINGTON (UPI) - Dr. Charles C. Eldredge, director of the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, has been chosen director of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American Art, it was announced Wednesday. Eldredge, 37, is an American art historian with special emphasis on late 19th and early 20th century painting. He succeeds Dr. Joshua C. Taylor, who died last April after heading the museum for 11 years. Smithsonian Secretary S. Dillon Ripley, who announced the appointment, said Eldredge's awareness of the "multiple currents in American art of the past and present" should further the museum's efforts "to offer a true reflection of our culture." GOP women meet Election of officers will highlight the meeting of the Women's Republican Club Monday, Nov. 30, at the Cavalier Club. The dinner meeting will begin at 6:30p.m. Reservations for the dinner must be made prior to the meeting. I one day to the didate for re-election. Charges to be filed in drug raid arrests "*T AV nS*WMi*lJ TSwolim rtnnrila oi*_ fron falnnv nminta Af aalo nf I AST"! nni CLAY CENTER — Twelve people arrested in a series of drug raids over the weekend were to be formally charged Wednesday, according to Clay County Attorney William Malcolm. They were arrested Saturday and Sunday as a result of five months of work by an undercover agent from another law enforcement agency. Clay County Sheriff Gary Caldwell led 14 officers in the raids. The charges range from possession of marijuana to sales of LSD and possession of drug paraphernalia. The identity of a 24-year-old man, the 12th person arrested in the case, had not yet been released Wednesday morning. Malcolm said he would file these charges: — William R. Simon, 25, Clay Center, three felony counts of sale of marijuana (2) and sale of amphetamines, and a misdemeanor count of possession of amphetamines. — Jesse D. Smith, 25, Clay Center, two felony counts of sale of LSD and sale of marijuana. — Steven K. Mason, 21, Clay Center, two felony counts of sale of LSD and sale of amphetamines. — Charles R. Anderson, 25, Clay Center, one felony count of possession of marijuana. — Marvin Shepherd, 27, Clay Center, one felony count of sale of marijuana. — David Gingles, 27, Clay Center, two felony counts of sale of amphetamines and two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. — Peggy Bonar, 26, Clay Center, one felony count of the sale of LSD. — Steve Mosburg, 23, Clay Center, one misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana. — JoAnn Gingles, 26, Clay Center, one felony count of sale of amphetamines and two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. — Rosie Clark, 26, Clay Center, two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. — Steve Zeek, 24, Clay Center, one felony count of sale of marijuana. Stones to tour Kansas City KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) - The Rolling Stones, who last played here in June 1975, have included Kansas City in their 40-city tour of the United States. The popular British rock group will play at 8 p.m. Dec. 14 and Dec. 15 at Kemper Arena, rock promoter Irv Zuckerman announced at a news conference Tuesday. George Thorogood and the Destroyers will be featured special guests. The Stones' original schedule announced in late August did not include Kansas City. Kansas City area residents wanting to hear the group traveled to Boulder, Colo., and St. Louis. The schedule has been revised since August and dates for the Kansas City stop were confirmed. Kemper Arena has a seating capacity of 16,348. Pet of the Week WANTING A HOM& - This one-year-old Siamese mix can be adopted at the Salina Animal Shelter Friday morning at 9 a.m. The Shelter will be closed Thanksgiving Day but Journal Photo will reopen Friday. Shelter hours are 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Other pets will be available for adoption Friday.

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