Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 9, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
Page 2
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Social NeHs Mrs. Richard Myers Is Honored at D,E,K, Dinner Events Calendar Tonieht Mr.« Richard Myi? »•»!• the j:u''ht ol nemo: Frid;i>' rii;:h' dinner paity t'ivcr.'for i.'r ;i; th( Country clu'. by . mploy. ? rjf i;.. Jj. E. k. Mrs. Mvffi^ itnd ihi •.v.-.nh.. Judy and Jir:;r!i\ &• < l >-;iv ;r,i; ;.';;s \V( ' k jr ,:n Ml My»r^ ;i' TJ,)'.di;i'. Mrs. M >'T- ;.r .••..•!iti -d r.T .M- Ihi^ri ru'';- c! Hon;'! Wr : r.;'. .V.r- H B <):•"•>•.. M; r.n;i :•: C J . /-Vrin. ? S '.>:.. :.:r ;;nC Mr/ A:- T'.-. rh;it; M; uni; Koi ••r-. !', jM Mr. uiid Mr.^. A ^iTi Cori'." Mr iirc! Mrs. John N".-'iols. Mr. .-iTid >;:r Gillior- Bui- M I , and M'.> Kdwin Rmt'- Mr. and MrH Eidor ElwrH .d. M- and Mr' Edmir Nrrlial.s. M>'1- v:r. I^o••w•.•n^'•rl, William W-.s-tii-rf; "^•j:;af•.• •;',•<•.•••:rirook Lloyd Rockne. .li .-L-: Bolry. Alma .lunk <Tmcirr. .i ;.r.' ValtT.. Lou .*\nr. N''J.son. Mr. ; r.:: Mr.'., Fr -d ^;o<•li'•^i^.^: and Mr :;••.•! Mrs, Giimor. Nelson o! Swra and Mr and Mr.s. K W .loin".s . ! Hj,iri« Lai;<\ Mrs M>,'r.'-- |.i:.c.. m Ih- D E. K. f.fTi^' 1: !ie ;rii: fiU 'd i". Iviu Ann X' :son. • ^^hrimiaii Church C. W. F. JJuy Groujx Hold .MH«-tijii>. Two day t-roups of ihr- Christian fi.urch r' w F m"; Friday affr- jio'jn. T>i<- Krovi;>s tre Ktudyine Ja- : iriai'a t^ii' m'fr.'h and devotional i ^ervJce .K ar'- r/;:.'-*-':: on "I wa.s not disobedient" Th'' Scripture read-; inc is taken from A'-..-; 2C :i;-4P At; the close of the service the C W. F I benediction i.« pi%en Mrs. Georce Lucas waF hostess lo memhei-s of the Dale Hollow proup at her home, Mrs. Kennfth Steveson opened the meetinjr with | prayer and presided at the htisiness meetinc. Mrs. G. C Race had chai- jje of the devotions and the lesson for the afternoon was presented t'y MrE. Charles Dawson a-s.-fisted hy Mrs. Steyeson and Mrs. John ^ Campbell, Mrs. Steveson read an \ aiiicl" on the work done by the; missionaries in Jamaica and Mrs. Campbell's portion of the lesson was on the churches of Jamaica. Mrs. Dawson then passed around slips of paper in.scribed with favorite proverbs of the Jamaican peo- j)le to each mejjibei to be read uloud. Followinc the meeting the mem- hcrs of the t'roup adjourned to the ba.'.e.rient of the church where they pai ked five bor'-': of dothin;.' lo be sent to the Dale Hollow home in Tenjle:;see. Jicfreshments were served at the I lose of the afternoon lo those already mentioned and Mrs. Ceorce layman. Mrs. Robert Martin. Mrs. Fred Fee, Mis. Mae York. Mrs. Martin lironleewee, jmd to two jjuests, Mrs. Herman Jensen and Loyee LaMack. The Ramsey Memorial proup al- do met Friday afternrjon but had thiir inectinj,' at 1 p. m. out at Fort Defiance park whei e they enjoyed a picnic dinner. Mis. Rolland Shannon in leader of this ictoup and she had charge of botlj the de- volionaJ service and the lesKon on .liimaica. Other than Mrs. Shannon those present were Mrs. Robi-rt Martyr, Mrs. I..,. N. lioone and Mrs Clyde Lr'eds and Sue Ann. I )r and Mrv. Vowers OI>^ene Tenth W^-ddinj: Aiini vervarj. I>: and Mrs. Johr. L Fov .er."- ..•,e .'\ theiT jOth wtidinr ar;r-.\'r- sury yesteiday hy > n"< rtair .ini: a , rrou;/ of fri>'nris at a dinne: party i in .s! • v.-nint- at tiie Country ' luS, Til' dmn'T labj' wai; der-t.rai'C. with a floral centerpi'-'' f of snap- I draxonv carnatnr.'- and irladiol: • i ilupp.j Home riub 7i> Hold Picnic on ,Iul> 13 M *:::ieT.'- C 'f iiapp>' }^''Tii^ ' .utr tr .et «jtr. Mr.s. Richard Ha-• ^•L.ii Tfiur.'-day at'errioc^n and d »-c .d- 'd tt:at ihi- n"xt meevint wrvj .d r a picnic to be h'id ju!> 2" a .t lli. I Ted Schach'-er eottttf on .Sp:r:t 1 lake. Mrs, Tony Btani presided at tfc bUsin"S.'^ meet;!!;.- ir. the absence ( ' ; y.TK. Le(. Hi'-key, president. P.ol' ; rail va.'- answered i'y recallint- aci- ; vice each one had been jriven as a i.'ride. The picnic waj; discussed and the date for it set. Each mem- ; b'-r is supposed to brinp a covered : dish, sandwiches and dessert. Two • new members, Mrs. RajTnond Laii ; and Mrs. Marvin Hildreth, weie wlcomed. Refreshments were served i-y ' the hostess at the close of the af- I ternoon. 1 Guests at the meetmp were Mrs. Hanson's sister-in-law, Mrs. Robort Hanson and two children. Others jiresent were Mrs. Kenneth Rein hardt and two children. Mrs. Tony Slam and Shirley, Mrs. Andrew Graff and Kathy, Mrs. Leonard Beaver and Todd. Mrs. Truman .Naig- and duuphier. Mrs. Ted Schacherer and baby, Mrs. Donald Lundy and two children and Mrs. Elmer Honningsen and Cheryl. I Ladie* Society of B.L.F. and F f- p. m At the city hull, F.'Taia' meetmp. All m'mber.t ,'.?;;,"•'.••.•;) t;. b' p: '-sen;, ; .Vijrht (iroupv of CW.F. iif , C hristiiin Church, j 8 p. m, Yt.k:ni'i rrnup, Mr,'-, ' M-rh Ptrui.". leader n-.e-t jit the ciiu: ci'.: Haz'i -*J re *T. !rrt»up Mr'^ , Eldon W'ti'-, i'^ari -T. m""t at he; home ' Music Kfrrital. ' >• p. m. At the city hall aud.-tor- ium students of Jc-r. Craraer_ , I':i-irr:.m r;umb"rs all hy American c<impos"r,- Jum Harris will as.'i.'-t wi't. V !."a' soios Tji' pui- iir IS invited. Jelitlm Chnpt'-r 128 . and .X.M r p m }'.'cula: iti'-etini:. Child .Savine Group of thr C.W.r. of ChriKtian Church. p, m. Mrs Bruce He.en. jead- <:, M'-et at tb'- h.->ni'- of Mr- Licyd S-evensor. Tuesday n is believed that the Kyyptians first began lo work iiieiuis some time before 4 ,0 «X) Ti. C Car Accidents. Drownings Take 3 Iowa Lives B> TH»: ASHOrlA-J KD J 'BESS Motor vehicle accidents and diowninj,' took the lives of three lowans and posaibly a fourth ir. the state over the weekend. Michael Schreiber, 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. I-^verne .Schreiber of •Waterloo, was killed Sunday when the car in which he was riding collided with a paBsenger train at street crossing in Waterloo. Jay Vendelboe, 44, Clarion, died .Sunday in a Mason City hospital of injuries he received in a two- car crash at the intersection of two county roads about 11 miles southwest of Clarion last Thursday. Donald McElroy, 18. Des Moines, drowned Saturday in a pravel pit in Boutheast Des Moines while swimininK with a companion. Hii body was recovered Sunday in about 24 feet of water toward the center of the lake. A search wa.s begun ag»in today for David Black, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Black of Waterloo, who is believed to have drowned Sunday in the Cedar river near his home. Waterloo firemen reported find- int; the boy's clothing and fishing equipment on the river bank. Two lire boats and six other boats manned by volunteers searched anil clni.>:j;ed the river without success Sunday, 0«sp«'l Mis<iion Bible School. ' 9 to 11:30 a. m, Cla.sses eai h forf- noon for two weeks All children i •w'lll be welcome to atfnd the > classes. ] Catholic I>aiMrhtcrs of Ajnerica. 6:30 p, m. Banquet in the .shoie room of the Gardston bot<l Rejr- ular meetinj: and in.'^tallation of officers. Decoratinjr committee, Mrs. Jerry Weps. Mrs. Mar}- Bormann, Mrs. R. R. Tillea and Mrs. Paul Pink. Reservations for the banquet must be made to the telephone committee. Anyone not contacted for reservation please call Mrs. Leonard Robert.s. Rnytii NpUrhborK of America. 7:30 p. m. At th" I.O.OJ". hall. Members please be present to practice for the convention at Gruver Wednesday. Wednesday ANDERSON rr.^:. 105 S0.6TH ' rTTTcc —' Ttl 265 GLASS tsTHERVuti SERVICE FOR IOWA Ll TRUCKS $900 al Stake in Tesrtti-Pullinfi! Contest Des Moines. June 8 The -annual team-pullinp contest, with pries totaling $900 at utake, will cover three days -at this year's Iowa State fair. Lightweight teams of less than 2,800 pounds will pull Aup. 25; iniddleweiphl te-ams, over 2,800 and under 3,20'J pounds, will pull Aug. 26, and the heavweiphts, over 3,200 pounds, -win compete Auj?. 21. n N. (5(h O. F_ S. 8 p. m. Regular meelinp and initiation at the Masonic hall rideUii CU KK of the Pre«byt*rian Church. 2 p. m. At the home of Mrs Maurice Juhl. Mrs. F C. .Snyder, hostess. St. Klta's Circle of the Altar and Kosar>- So<'let.v. 8 p. m. Will meet with Mrs. Ray Kennedy, Mrs. Donald Walz and Mrs. Joe Paul, assi-stinp hostesses. Knithtti of C-olumbus. 8:30 p. m. Election of officeis. Dutch lunch will be served Thursday Country Club Ladies Day. 32:45 p. m. Luncheon followed by bridpe and golf. Sherbum Invitational cancelled until August Hostesses, Mrs. Vance Crim and Mrs. Harry Eauman Jr. West Kl >erKide Cluh. 2 p. m. Meet with Mrs. Lyle Klinger. Gruver Ladies Li -airue. 2:30 p. m. Meeting postponed f.,i- one week. J^enalor Tafl Gets 613 More Notes than Ike Sioux Falls. S. D, June 9 iJP>— i -;ena:or Robert A. Taft of Ohio po- (lis more voles than Gen. Dwlph; D Eisenhower in last Tuesday'." South Dakota presidential primary. ,1 county canvass showed Snturda>' A state canvDBR, probably last this week, could alter ihe totals, reported as 64,617 lor Taft and 64.004 for Eisenhower. The unofficial count had g-iven Tafi 22^ more votes; Eincnhower 16. If the state canvass continns the (ounty toliUs, Tsift can olliclally |io< ket all 14 of South Dakota d. legates to the national GOP convent ion next month. Eased on the county fifrurcs. Ta -ft won 50.241 per cent of the lo lal; Eisenhow-er 49.764 per cent, A week before the voUnR, editors of South Dakota's daily newBpap- I IS, survey-ed by the AP, forecast r -1.2 <if the vote would go to Tafi: 4*'.8 to Elsenhower. Sen. Estcs Kefauver of Tennessee polled 22,663 votes against 11.- ei4 for Sen. Hubert H. Ifumphrey of Minnesota, the county CBnvaB.s showed. Kefauver got 66.117 pe.- cent; Humphrey 33.882. The editors had predicted Kefauvr would pet 56.3 per cent in the votinp foi eight democratic delegates. General Says U. N. Can't Win in Korea Los Anpeles. June 9 JP —The out- poinp commander of the 40th division, Maj. Gen. Daniel H. Hudelson. told newsmen lart nlprht he doesn't see how the United Nati6ns can win the -war in Korea. "We simply don't have the manpower to stand up against the Communist hordes, even thouph our et;uipinent is the best there is." he told ne-WBrnen at Los Angeles Inter­ nationa] airport. Gen. Hudelson took California's national guard division overseas 21 months ago and led it into combat. He is returning home to leave the service. HASHING FRED AST.AIRE dances his way into Vera-Ellen'a heart m M-(j-M s iilimg new Technicolor musical. "The Belle of New York" coming Tuisciay through Thursday at the Grand theater. Marjorie Main and Kei nan Wynn are others in the cast, directed by Chailes Walters. 21 Injured in Wreck Of Miniature Train Buffalo. N. Y., June 9 ^—The gaudily painted minature train at the zoo picked up speed. Its Sunday passenger.s—^mostly children—shouted gaily to their friends. Suddenly there -were screams from 200 onlookers aii the tiny train lurched from the rails at 10 miles an hour. Two cars overturned. Twenty-one persons were injured —but the most seriously hurt was G-year-old Sheryl Warren, who had a compound fracture of the leg. Zoo curator Joseph A. Abpott .said about 60 persons were aboard the amusement train. The cause of the wreck was not determined immediately. Railroad Section [Disabled Vets Hand Held in I Name Officers County Jail Independence, la.. June 9 up>—J. W, Floyd, a railroad section hand. Mas in Buchanan county jail her>' today pending filing of charges. Sheriff Emory Hart said Floyii vnis arrested yestoray after a six- hour manhunt in and near Winthrop. eight miles east of l>ere. Hart said the searcii started alter Floyd fled the house of Mr. and Mrs. A! Rich of Winthrop after demanding money and threatening to attack the woman. Mrs. Rich w-as awakened by a noise early yesterday morning and saw Floyd standinp over hei. Hart said. Rich told authorities his wif;- screamed, waking him. He sail Floyd demanded money and threatened to attack his wife if it was not given to him. Floyd apparent!.• became frightened and fled During the search, blood stain.; were found on window sills of three other houses, which Floyd aparently had tried to enter, Hai* said. Floyd told authorities his head had been wounded in a fight during a card game. Mason City. la,, June 9 W>-The Disabled American "Veterans fDAV) has elected Frank Suchomel of Cedar Rapids as its new state commander. Other officers named yesterday include: Arnold Hoveland. Maiian City, senior vice commander; Ralph Nepple, Storm Lake, junior vice commander; Miy,. Lois Hewitt, Oskaloosa chaplainV Anton Sorcnson, Storm Lake, treasurer; William L. Stout, Des Moines, department adjutant; Paul G. Law, Des Moines, department judge ad'vocate, and Arnold niton. Mason City, department historian. Mrs. James W. Hart of Muscatine, was elected commander of the ladies auxiliarj*. Admiral Joy to U. S. Tokj'o, June 9 JP —Vice Adm. C. Turner Joy, former U. S. Far East naval commander and senior delegate to the Korean armistice talks, left Yokohama by ship today to become superintendent of the U. S. naval academy at Annapolis. He was accompanied by his wife and son. An open mind gets one into far less troble than an open mouth. Phono 298 NO MONEY DOWN Nothing To Pay Till October 1st HEATING UNITS INSULATION STORM WINDOWS top-quality heating and insulating needs now from Wards complete line--pay nothing till October, then as low as $5 a month on terms. Wards will arrange expert: in.staJlation. Satisfaction guaranteed. STORE HOURS 9 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. COME IN OR MAIL COUPON TODAY ~' [ MONTGOMERY WARD, 11 N. 0th St. { ' Esthervllle, Iowa I I would like, without obligation, furlhcr Information and a free . cBlimuli! on Instullinji the I'ollowing Itetns in my home, now i I under the October plan: | ' n ^"I<"*'-'"K unit Q Inaulution Q Storm windows or doors i I Name I I Ad <lrcH8 I .i City Phono - , I N «W mm law *-mm BM* ftm MB Mw IP—1 tm • '— • ' NEW CAR in its field! You can pay MORE buf you carif buy BETTIR! Only car wHb a modem, nen Only ear wHhV8pow«>r[ Only car with a curved one-piece windshield! Only car with so many body, color, and upholstery combinations! Only car with Center-Fill Fueling! BptioMl al extra tod. EqulpaMi, uaiMOtiw Md IrtK ivbiad ta ckana* iiWui* •••(•. Hilly ear wHb Only ear vyiffi choice of 3 driV^! • roReoMMic • eviiieiivi • CONVINriONAL r. a A. Only ear wiifi 3 Mw\ Wagorti A ONLY CAR WITH SUCH A M^MULTITUDE OF illli-CAR FEATURES!... Cm* in and **TEST DRIVE" it T^day! Heniinicin Mi»t#r Co. Estheryille, Iowa 509 First Avenue No. W y<mnii^ Coed Loaves Hospital l^aratnie. Wyo.. June 9 /i'—Vir- pinia Anderson, 24-yenr-(rld Cornell collecc praduate, was en route to her Sprinpficld. Mo., home today after bcinp released from a ho.epit- al here. Miss Andcrfton, University of V'y- ominp praduate student, was found bnitally beaten on a lonely prairie north of here nearly a month apo. She remained in a coma for thiee •WOBUS. Sheriff Ted Burn.slad said the pirl "still remembers nothinp" of the c\'ents leadinp up to the nttaclt. She disappeared after lca\inp her part-lime job as a waitress at a local hotel the nlpht of May 9. No clues to her attacker have been fotmd. On hand to see the pirl and her mother off on the train yesterday was John KInp. Mis.s Anderson's fiance. He said the couple's wed- dinp, oripinaliy scheduled for June 14. has been postponed idefinitely. The redwoods of the U. S. west coast have been native only to California and southern Oregon since the Glacial Ape. Selling an ILLOGICAL MARKET is an ECONOMIC WASTE Wrttm . .. G EORGE S.M AY GanPAXY C*alr«l OI«Ut*i< UtlMirl»| tU§. CUuf* t, m. i fouaiis Grafliiate From Boys Town Boy." To >vn, Neb., June 9 JP— Four lowans were amon;; tHe class of 75 hoys who praduatcd ycster- dfty fiom Boys Town high school. Boy.<! Town is the product of the late M.spr. Edward J. Flanagan, who arpued that a boy without a home is entitled to the nearest tliinc to one that society can offer, plus a runnlnp start Into the adult world. Many of this year 's Rr{idiiates never .saw the home's founder, Father Fl.anapan, who died May 16, 1948. Mspr. Nicolas H. Wegncr is the present head of Boys Town. The praduatl |ip "Rowans were L.awrence Amos? Waterloo; Marlyn Myers, Eldora; Virpll Riley, Siowc City, and Peter .Schultlnp, Dubuque. Esthervillp, Iowa. Daily News Mon., June 9, 1932 t THE '"^il Ife/xaU DRUG STORE YOUR PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS , Pharmacists on duty at' all limes. Serving your prescription needs promptly and efUciently. VERNE NYSIAN, CRAIG COLSTON and J. L. HOI'E Phone U Professional Directory Dr. Wm. A. Boies DENTIST Office in Grand Theatre BuUding Phone 237 Dr. R. E. Lester DENTIST Fhon« mo 214 North 8th Street First House North of Postofflce John L. Powers, M. D. FHTSICIAN and SUBGEON 220 N. 6th Office phone 191 Residence 1093 M. T. Morton, M. D. rHYSICL\N and SURGEON Park View Clinic Phone Res. 123 — Office 171 Dr. J. B. Osher Phone 159 Stairway Between Rexall and Coast-to-Coast Stores Dr. N. R. Ellsworth DENTIST Phone 71 Over EstherviUe Loan and Investment Co. Ricliard G. Coxson Certified Public Accountant Gaarde Building Phone 139 Dr. Fredericksen DENTIST PHONE lOS Over I. SL ChrUtens«n Store N. J. Lee Phone 85 General Law Practice Office over Christensen store Dr. A. L Reed ^e, Ear. Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted Satisfaction Guaranteed Office Hours: 9-12; 24 Office over Rexall Drug Store Roa. Plkone 497 Office.32 Dr. L. L. .^hucp Chiropractor > 805 Central Phone 1681 Dr. L. F. Hoffman VETERINARIAN Located First Door West of D-X Station.on East Central Avenue Tel. Res. 515 Office 151 Dr. A. N. Rugliv Dentist Phone 14S Above Robinson Jewelry 1,11 — - ' _•• Dr. Terry 1/ Anderson bptomeUlst Successor to Dr. R. C. Biggs GLASSES FITTED Emmet County Bank Bldg. Phone 4^ Dr. Lel^nd F. Bunge VETERINARIAN . Of f iqq I^onp .40—Home 0. S. KirkegMT<l. M. D. Pbyaiolah and 8urf«oo Parkview CItnio Phone 373 Res. Phone IMl Sat. Bvenlngs 7:3(^10iOO »nd by Appointment Dr. E. L. WUley oiiinopRAcrroB 010 First Avenue N. Phone m II I } Dr. K. L. Johiiiioii orroauBTiUif Byea Bumlned Ol^iwei VUied Oardt^n Hotel BIdf. ^l»on« 7S 4 (». E. Toudinve OlIlllOl^HAOrOB

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