Rock Valley Bee from Rock Valley, Iowa on October 1, 1943 · Page 1
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Rock Valley Bee from Rock Valley, Iowa · Page 1

Rock Valley, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1943
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^ *~ ) • -i.. Fay, Gaspar visited re-^ {t. AHn« »1nat'-nrnot., > .j Mr. and Mrs. Dick a; girl, Wednesday ^ vvffa spend- Arnold . ,C. , Mrs. visited Mrs. ay after- " Jong,home; l&st'week? * J t^Mrs* J. J^-IStratnia'zui, mother ^ wn.~^ / of^s. L^A.^huy, is Visit- ntfb ing in the' Raemiy home. ' ; i, r. i , T. , i .' • 'i ' "* Miss Angelina, Van Dyke oft Mrs. Robert Buckley is yisit- Canton ^ ^.^ ^ -^ home t ' t XT. £ i /i i i « cannon is VISH - ing at the home of her folks, rf her mother at Knoxville this week. ' Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bonthuis and family visited, at the John Harmelink home in Hawarden Ittstf week! " .,_ Mrs. H e rm a n .Oldenkamp spent last week -Wednesday* at ihe George VaU r Beek homd 'at Inwoocl. Theodore, peymen is still, a patient in 'theS Sacred Heart hospital. He^ is suffering from heart trouble. • tipli William Kosters' address is new as follows: 469 Bomber Gp, 797 TSqdi, Army Air Base, Alexandria, La. Miss Josephine Peters was a supper guest Sunday evening of Miss Minnie Greve.nhof at the Hans 'Moorlaaf h'ome. Mr. 8#d Mrsw k Peter Bauma of Edgerton visited at the home^ of Mrs. Henry Baker the latter /jiart of , last week. „.; i Cupper' guests •at ! the'"-»Niek' r Koning hom'e Sunday3s2&Yening were"' Mr. and Mrs. Arie Boer and vson-John of-Sitiiix Falls, S- D. ' Mi'. Gpo^'ge Tripp and Mrs. Cjf B. Jacobs visited this week at the Will Tripp home in Porter. Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Vande Vegte and Mr and Mrs. Tony Driesen of Rock Rapids were visitors in the S. Boekhout homo Friday evening. CjJl Harry Buma's address has changed to: 16th Airdrome Sqdn., Bks 505, Scott Field, HI. He was formerly stationed and Mrs- Gerrit Van Riesen, Arthur and John, of Center weie supper guests eveni atP ? he gg . j. ^ Mrs, Marie Blom of Nevada, and Mr.- and Mrs. Herman Vander Well ofTtfaurice visited at the Gerrit Ve? Meulen home here. L * ," " Mrs. if. Hogewerf of Grand Rapids, fcch. left Tuesday for her hpme! after a week's visit 'nJe"T&nr"y "j. 'Vande Weerd, home. ? ; f =* , v Mrs. E. De Jong, a missionary frofn Kentucky, was 'a juest atphe home of Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Aberson Sunday and Monday. Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Kessler of Carroll spent several days visiting J. C. Wiggerman and Mr. and Mrs.- Harvey Barnard last week. Miss* Margaret Postina left Sunday for Hospers where she is spending ^ the week at the Rev. Gecj-liugs home, expecting r^JnirnVhere' 1 , on Saturday. 6., John Harmelink |r have received -word from their Ki son George, that'he has moved 'from -California to Louisiana. < address is not yet Rena Kosters, specialist technician, petty officer third class, of the Waves, }e£t Tuesday evening for Corpus Christi, Texas following a leave spent at the home of her; mother Mrs. Emma Kosters here. 0 •Sunday dinner guests in the Arnold Gilbertson home were * Mr. and Mrs. Otto Coyer, Mrs. Harold De Vaul, Mrs. Ernest Coyer, Mrs. Stanley Porter and „ /{laughter Nancy and E. E. Coy- f , ...j.u.4.0... *yuj Baartman, Mrs. ''£*, ..Hpgewisrf arid Mrs. S. J. Vande " , IWeeJdMsifeji fX the Ed Schem- LJ, per ih&he >, at ' Sanborn Friday. ^L- They/.were ^ Sioux, Falls callers r , Monda'y.X'-.- '' , iMr. ^aiid\Mrs. TonrVer Wey .visited,"Sun'day at the home of Mrg, J <' v Ver J '-'Wey's 'sister, Mrs. - Harry^jSayes, arid husband at , Lawt'dn. -Mr.* Hayes is a banker 'there'/ f ' s ,, ' t ' jColetta/ v Ann And. B o n a 1 d 1 James j, Schemp'olf of Sanborn fr visite'cl'./Jheii^ grandparents Mr. I" £<- lft|t^ygefcXihej5«.J^fr' for thqir, .s ,^-k ^f";^ ',..— "T mj ' « •'jjJJj, and«/Mrs; 'J y ohn' Nebben , 1?^a.^S^fan^ly^-'f.fand ,Mrs f Mary'' " \>i' MopreJ'(if^Dpt>n/< and Miss Viola "V ^ltei^pr^',verev dinner h » T™.^,!.!.?^ ™Cfil — ^i^5_ii.JVi. it/iT. _ ^"lliffnTi 1 (Mrs. J. H. Kearns visited at the J. R. Kearns home in Sioux this week. Tommy and Kay who have spent the last two weeks at the home of their grandparents here returned with her. On Monday evening Mrs. Hans Moorlag and Miss Minnie Grevenhof were visitors at the John S. Driesen home where they made the acquaintance of the new haby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Driesen who is three weeks old this week. *!< NOTICE ' Circle No. 5 of St. Mary's Guild will hold the next Bingo game in St. Mary's church hall Tuesday, October 5, at 8:QO p. m., admission 50o and 25c. Mrs. Paul Heffernan and-Mrs. ,IVT v McGill are the oWirla.dies, ' lech. Sgt. John E. Eve'nson^, . Coyer h'ome f Miss Salty Int'veld visited . at the home of her sister Boyden over the Week-end. , , v "fr * ~\ B., Jacobs splht ft dayl&n' Sibui ' fma of'pranye-City t.'alls.last' Weei. wf "« v »,fwas l a »*isitor at 'jthe^ Fred ,De " .Tl\n(v liAmA* 1tet!it*''titbAlr) Mrs. Catherine Bonthius of Pasadena, Calif, arrived last Thursday for a visit with her sister Mrs. A. Moss and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Cas/jy-returned to her home here last Friday/ having been a patient at SJ/ Joseph's . hospital at, Sioux City. She is getting aiong very well. Dick Oostenink, Sr. of Hull and Bef. Dick. Oostenink were callers at the John C. Dykstra home Sunday,- R.ev. Oostening gave the-sermon at the Christian" Reformed church Sunday morning. v in 'Mrs. Gerrit Neimeyer tinder- went an operation at Hull hospital last Friday, Sept,' 24. ^<sJt- 'j{6 " Miss Alma flungchaii. o£''Mijr waukee, Wis. ^visiting 1 at the* 'parental John TJalisehaU h'ome. Ed Gaeke of ^siting Ms Qaoke .,He The regular meeting of to speak, and his wife, fbrmerly a missionary in Cairo, Egypt will also give a (talk. Anyone who is interested and. would like to hear the speakers is wel- 'come to attend. Miss Francos'" De Jonge of Chicago arrived home' last Friday for a visit at the parental Dan De Jonge home here. Mrs. Bonthuis .and Margie, Ted Kooima^and 'two child- Harmelmk ^-.J,D. Tues^Bonor of the iday^^ai^iversary of Mrs. bort of Fairview. joiii Miss Katherine Shevepo^t, La. 'also leit"' Jol- lowing a Visit here, for Grand Meadow» Minn, where she will visit at "the C. J. Goldsmith home. Air. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith visited here Tuesday evening in the R. J. McNelly and Robert Thayer homes. Mr. Smith was formerly coach in the school here, and came back for a visit with old friends before leaving for the Army October,, ___ w . Rock Valley Woman's Club will <jr?~Sv$t. and Mrs!-R. J. McNelly be held at the home of Mrs. J. P. Sehutt' this Friday. Miss Geraldine Aimema of Grand Rapids, Mich, arrived for a Visit; at the home of her folks at Doon last week. Mrs. Dick Vander Sanden left 'Saturday morning for home in Waupun. Wis. after a week's visit with relatives here. Pvt. John Den Boston has moved from Seattle, Wash, to San Francisco, Calif. His address is otherwise unchanged. Sunday evening 1 u n ch e o n quests at the home of Johannes Van Zanten were the Misses Josephine Peters, Grace Vander Bok, Minnie Grevenhof and Leona Vander Meulen. , Last Tuesday a chicken dinner was given in honor of Miss Josephine Peters, by the force at the telephone office here. The guest of honor was presented with a lovely gift. 4; number of local nrmrods limibered up their shotguns .over the" week end and brought in a number of teal but others are hoarding their .shotgun shells until the mallards start flying. recently received a letter from their son Lt. Jack, who is now overseas. They think the letter came from South America, be- fanse he enclosed a Brazilian dollar bill. However, he was still on his way at the time it was written andMt will pro- hbbly be some time jjcforo they hear that he has'arrived at his destination. The M o N el 1 y s' younger son Bob 1 is to receive his wings at Pampa, Texas this Friday. / Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Corwin, Mrs. Earl Coiwm, and Miss Ruth Ellen Jones accompanied Mrs, Lottie Thomas to Sioux, City Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Corwin however stopped off at Merrill where they spent the day visiting their son. Miss Jones visited her sister, who is a nurse tit the Methodist hospital in Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dodoward and-! son arrived here about a week and a half ago from Louisville, Ky. where Mr. Dodcward has been doing defense work. They plan to icmain here about three weeks, then go to California, and from there to Washington in which places he will also be engaged in defense work. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Grossenburg and sons went to Waterloo .Friday where Leo visited "a buddy of World War I, Pete Geerlings. Miss Clara Miller accompanied them, visiting her sister, Hilda, teacher, who is in a new school building this year. They returned home Sunday. Also visited Baumgarters at Elgin. The Fowlers of Sioux City took care of the farm during their absence. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Van erix and children, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Vande Weerd and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Cornie Vande Weerd and children of Hull, Mr. and Mrs. John .Do Vries 'and children, and Mrs. Peter Lockhorst and batoy of Sioux Center were ' Monday evening guests at tno home of Mr. and Mrs. John Vando Weerd in honor of the occasion of Mrs.'Vando Weerd's 42nd birthday' anniversary. A delicious' lunch includ- • ing ice cream was ^served, and a very enjoyable time was had by all. Maynard .D. Triezenberg, son of Rev. and Mrs. Henry Triezenberg, was promoted about a month ago to private first class. He was transferred" recently from Fort Ouster, Mich., to Camp Campbell, Ky., a prisoner of war camp. He . wrote hia folks that he's going to start learning Gertnnru no^iHis address iBi'Pfc. Mttylaard D. Triezenberg, 36455019J 563 M. P. (E.G.) Co.) 1539th Service Unit, Prisoner of War Camp, Camp Campbell, Ky. Herman Koch, district commander of the American Legion, of Sioux City and E. E. Gandy of Ireton, district vice-commander, visited friends here Tuesday and checked up on the progress of Legion membership here. Many posts of the district were boosted'in membership quotas this year and it is making the officers plug pretty hard to get their post over the top. Veterans" of the present war are now eligible to'member- ship in the American Legion. Local dues of $2.50 per year so far as we know are the lowest in the 8tn district ; sermon yf "The Church'i This 'Wabbath is iWorld ^ munion Sunday. "" u ''"'In Thee, 0 Lord, do I.put my trust: let me never be put ito confusion." Psalm 71:1 Birthday Party Mrs. John Vatide Weerd, Jr. was honored Monday evening at u party in honor of her birthday anniversary, supper guests at the Vande Weerd home in celebration of the occasion being Mr. and Mrs. Cornie Vanda foiS'so'ineone ' and pay foHit j menta per D. J. Scahlan 'aiid ,, v Rfak.Valle^fd 8, His home is in Hawarden," KW > eord and'two children of Hnll, and the couple have,been living Mti . - and Mrs - T "''" "" Vv! " HALIBUT fre«h here recently. 'For the two-last years, he had been teaching in Marseilles, 111., but gave up his position this year because he was to be inducte'd so soon. Mrs. Smith will make her home in Hawarden while her husband is in the service. Herman Kooiman writes his folks from Long, Beach, Calif.," Miat ho is able to relax a little after passing his examinations for \ pharmacists mate third class. Herman made a. really remarkable record in the examination and must have worked very hard. He was fourth high in his marks a'nd a man who had 'been studying medicine before entering the Navy was only one point higher. Over half of the 67 men Who took the tests failed to make the rate. Herman .says he spends his leave at Bellflower, Calif., where there are so many Rock Valley .people that he feels almost as if he were home. He is now shooting for pharmacists mate second class. John De Vries ... children, Mr. and Mrs. Pete" Lokhorst and family, and Jack'Van Kekcnx. Later in the evening Mr. and.Mrs. S. J. Van Kekerix and Wilma Petron- clla, Mr. and "Mrst Art Vande Weerd and Ronald, came in to extend congratulations. A delicious two course luncheon was served. BULLHEAI ffr«»h. HERRING-Plckled pts., qts., gal/ Peace Lutheran Church (Hugo Beyer, Pastor) 10 :QJD. Sunday school and ntlult Bible class • 11:00 German service The Luther League will meet Sunday evening at 8:00. Topic "Faith of Our Fathers" Loader Margaret Beyer. Good faith offering Sunday evening. Adult religious i n struction Wednesday evening at 8:00. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR NO. 5100 STjATE OF IOWA, SIOUX COUNTY, ss. NOTICE IS HEREiBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the District Court of Sioux County, Iowa and has duly qualified as Administrator of the estate'of Helmina Kaspara Jtedalen Cian- eimino deceased., late of San 'Francisco, Calif; All persons in. debted to said estate are re- qested tp make immediate payment; and those having claims against ,tho same will present them, duly authenticated, to tb undersigned Eor allowance, and' file in the Office of the-" Clerk; of the District Court of Sioux County, at Orange City, Iowa. Dated September 23, 1943. Henry ..J. Te Paske • Administrator Henry. J. Te Paske, Atty. 1-2 D. Wiorsina,' Clerk District Court WHITING-C1 HADDOCK-PI OYSTERS-fres^ ly, plnt-- r -:i^J PORK RIBS, points, Jb.—BEEF STEAK, 9 per Ib. I. BACON-ends, Ib. LAMB Choice roai steaks & cliops.^ PORK & BEANS,, glass Jar. DELRICH the b< oleomargarine^ 4 points, Ib.-- 10% OF INCOME IS OUR QUOTA IN WAR BON0S Koster's Mai THE SPOT\1t* Qual Telephone --V-H ,„ rt^W-w.l.'^!.,. BUY MjOBE BONDS TOpAY 0. L. WENDT, M. D. Spc^alist Latest injection treatment" for Arthritis, Bheumatism, Neuritis, Rupture, Anemia, Piles, ' Goiter, Enlarged veins. AJ Consultation ETee Canton. 8. t». r of Hudsjm, S. D., T^ho ioned at Camp Forrest, yjeuu./ , was a' guest'here JDues,day ,o| , his Sis'ter, ^iMiss Helen jEvensb^^, of '{jhe Public' Sc^ool f( feoult;y.| The sergeant' wttsff.enjijying "%n,^ 8-day fulriough^iand ^expe 'i»7"-i--r l ' — . " \ «. *'^c -j?_ go For COLDS in POULTRY USE NEOL . r****'*. Satisfaction The best way to SELL and the best way to BUY is on the basis SATISFACTION. We simplify it by saying that we're not satis] unless you are. Come to OUR STORES where you will find DAY VALUES; VALUES EVERY DAY. For week ending Oct. 2 we offer the following: (Subject f ' ? ! on handj ' BIG SOAP SALE House Cleaning Is Here Again. You Need Soap, Soap Prodijcts, etc; ^ '\ box of DRJEFT and 5 large bars of Crystal White soap, aJ 1 ' A>i " f ' : X box of OXYDOL and 3 bars of Sweetheart Toilet Soap, j 3 bajs of Buttermilk Soap and 3 bars of Camay Soap, all T'bSx of DREFT and 3 bars of Palmolive goap all for. s 'l f '/2 gaHon of PUREX for 25c and 1 t/ 4 gal. Purex for NEOL is an antiseptic compound containing Oil Eucalyptus, Oil Thyme, Menthol 'and Beechwood Creosote, all of which are, used, by ^umans^in the treatment of colds. / L ^ ^ '' NEOL flQaWo^itop^f themrinking .water 4 ^ , *> *•, ;T^" 'Trf X""" t^ ' ' r'r|&V enabling the birds'to {tj:eaf' .themselves , tinfe they £rin£^l 19* ntiseptic oils ' PEANUT, BUTTER One 2 pound jar of Peanut Butter on- 1 y'-- 58c FLOUR One 49 Ib bag ot fully ' guaranteed FLOUR' goes out v »t -; $1.69 PICKLES How about Dfll Pickles for bijgr round pkg. of OATMEAL for20c' is good' food HERE WE ARE: \ pound of fancy Cookies (cKoice of r kinds) 'and %v^ * ' v BUY SOME TODAY J la«£«f pkg. of Ritz Crackers,^!! W: ^Sj ' * J ^KJ! A "I tty f' ft •*. SOUP TIME IS^lftERE; Buy 3 pounds of^ Wholi PEAS for'V..,._..^l,'"" You all like PLAIN COOKIES so well, pounds for 57 C . (Choice of , -• " ' . . .. CORN FLAKES in th¥>ll\oz. pkg. goes r out at'^.plj ' ? '' ! ' » » V ' C '''' ^ ^ ' "* * &«»d

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