Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 9, 1952 · Page 1
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1952
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Weallicr Forecast Tuesday partly cloudy, little warmer. High yesterday 78, noon today 80. Futl Weather Information Page 6 DEPARTMENT OF HI DCS MOINCS lA. BY FAB T II K LA BO EST CITY. RURAL. TOTAL C I U C I L A T I O X IN K M M i; T < () T N T V Mth Year; No. 208 Combining the Vindicator & Republican Esther\iUe, Emmet County, Iowa, Monday, June 9, 191)2 An ln«lrpondent Ncws |Mi |)cr WMk son; Covj 6i DEDICATION SERVICES of the new St. Paul's ' Lutheran church yesterday in Ringsted began In the old cnuroh with the valedictory and can be seen moving to the new church for the dedication. (Dally News photo and engraving) The all-stone, $80,000 church was filled to capacity at morning services. An afternoon service at 3 p. m. followed a free offering dinner at noon served by the ladies of the church. 23 F. F. A. Boys Home From Trip Tour Black Hills, Other Points Twenty-three tired but wiser FFA members with their three adult escorts returned Saturday evening from a 6-day tour of the Black Hills and other |>osnts of interest. The group left early Juno 2 in BIr- ger Handcland's bus and with LeRoy Schachorer's pick-up truck carrying the luggage. Edwin Thorcson, FPA advisor, accompanied the group. At Sioux Palls they drove past the large Morrcll packing plant, the state penitentiary and the army air base. At Mitchell they made a brief stop to sec the Corn Palace. Next important point of Interest was the Badlands, whore they made two or three stops and took pictures. They arrived at Rapid City at six p. m., prepared and ate supper, and drove out to see one of the popular caves in the Black Hills. • • • TUESDAY MORNING they JoXt luggage and truck at Rapid City and headed north. They toured the large Homestcak gold mine and drove down Spearflsh canyon past Bridal Veil falls. Later the Deadwood Museum full of relics of the old west proved interesting to the boys. Returning to Rapid City they went through the central part of the Hills and stopped to see the Stratosphere bowl. Reptile garden, and Dinosaur park. Satisfied that they had had a long hard day, the boys retired early. On Wednesday, the group toured a saw mill and box factory making ammunition boxes for the army. They then visited the cement plant Turn to pace S. eohuna S County Girls' 4-H Elects New Officers A STANDING-ROOM ONLY crowd filled the new «t. Paul's Lutheran Church at Ringsted yesterday morning. The downstairs with seating capacity tor 400 persons, 10 benches In the balcony, and the (Dally Views photo-and enfirravlng) basement were filled, A loudspeaker was sot up in the basement of the new church, outside the new church and in the old church to tuko care of the congregation during the dedication ceremony. Numbers on State Welfare Rolls Decline Number of recipients of aid from the state in the form of old age assistance, aid to the needy blind and aid ,to dependent children con- t'inued to decline last month, according to a recent statistical report from ifhe state department of •ocial wclfqirc at Dcs Moines. Number" of pertons receiving old age assfitaWcb laist month represented a'-'decllrie of 177 from last month and a decline of 1,027 from a year 'ago in May. Seven fewijr persons 'received aid to the blind and five fewer • received A.D.C. Welfare bf^iclal^ have attributed the large drop'In' old age assistance recipients to" a seasonal decline and ^o.tjio''fBct that many more otdit people now are receiving' social security benefits than formerly. * >l! * [ IIO ^VBVKR, AS compared to a year ago, 19 marc received aid to the blind and 166 more received A .D.C. last month. >, Amount of mbi\j|bly assistance was down ?9,004 for old ago .assistance from April but- up $2,068 for aid to the blind and u^, $80,834 fur A .D.C. As compared to a year ago May, all three typos of • assistance were up, old ago assistance, $26.266; aid to the blind, "$S,876; and A .D.C., $64,186. Emmpt, county ii> May had 216 reclpionti 6f,pid,nge 'Jisalstanco receiving XtptiU .M Jjl,6.97 or an av. erogo'or^$6*,lii,',^ht8.'qompdr6s with 218 the , nj-AvlOMsi ,»\6nt:h toceivin,-? $ll,878,J^: or' .atj .>VBi -8go' of $64.48.' Four recipients,'.ji)f'aid to the needy blind last month ' received $ or an averi^go of $63.12. Four casca the prevlpus month received $242 or an avet'agb of $60 .60. • •• • : TWENTV-FIVE cases and 82 roclpierija. of, A,J>.C. last month received $2,286.60' -'^r an averago of f8747 per recipient The previous month's roporjt' showed 26 cases of M recipients receiving, $2,290 .60 or $27J7 per reoiplont. V In aurroundin'g ooupttes, the re port shows 218 reclpiepts of old age assistance in Dickinson county who receive $10 ,822JH); nine r». .cipients of aid to the needy blind, |tS2; and 130 recipient^ of A.D.C., ii ,736. : Kossuth county reports show 897 on old age asslataitce receiving |16 .106 .«|0: four on aid to (he needy blind receiving $201 JiO; and 209 on iLD .arr8S6iyto« ».WM»* Palo Alto county reports show 86B 09-.0ld ase asstatiin^e receiving $18.M8.00i two on aid to the needy Fasting Ozark Preacher Dies In 51st Day Corporation To Locate Plant Here Cherryville, Mo., June 9 (/!•)—The fasting preacher of the Ozarks died today—the 51st day since he vowed he would eat nothing until his prayers were answered for "the more perfect will of Qod for my own life." The Rev. J. J. Ivie, 57-yoar-old minister of the Assembly of God church, died early today In his modest home at the edge of a woods in, this crossroads village of 36 persons, some 80 miles south of St. Louis. His wife, herself an ordained minister, said Ivie was conscious until the end. Five sons and a daughter wore at his bedside. The family took the death calmly. * * * FROM THE beginning his wife said, Ivie had insisted that "if the Lord wants me to die, I am ready to go." Ivle had signed a statement to protect his family from possible legal action in cose of his death. Mrs. Ivie said her husband, a minister since he was 17 yeafs old, also had given stridt orders not to let a physician in his homo even if he should lapse into unconscious' ness, lyie had insisted he was not fasting to "save the world from sin" although he had expressed concern about coinmitnlsm in two record-, ipsa he bad made since he announced the fast. : "I AM SPEAKING the more perfect will of God for my own life and asking God to show me why the signs do not follow my ministry as Jesus said they would," he wrote In a note clarifying the reason for his fast. Twelve days ago Ivie was reported weakening. At that.time he had lost 36 pounds and had wasted away to about 130 pounds. Mrs. Ivie said her husband took nothing except occasional sips of water since last April 20. As he weakened,'he was thrown Into severe spells of retching. His church expressed concern OV' or his welfare but took no official action to stop Hi* fast. Guilty of Manslaughter Iowa City WW—James R. Beeier, Des Moines, was fined $1,000 and given a suspended eight-year sentence^ after he pleaded sruUty to a charge of manslaughter in the motor vebiclti death of Waltei- J. Esthcrville will be the home of a new $50,000 corporation for diS' trtbution of anhydrous ammonia It was announced today. The new firm Is the Mor-Orow Corp., of Algona. Construction of the new plant will begin this summer and location will' be' east and south of the Robb Livestock company yards at Elgthth avenue south. The Esthervllle plant will be oi> erated by J. M. Robb. Officers oi' the corporation' are - Virgil Smith of Algona, president; Gerald Frank, vice president; and Barney Frankl, secretary-treasurer. », • P- ANIIVDBOU8 ammonia as a source of nitrogen Is a produc which has been undergoing c.\perl ment since 1930. It was originally used as an aid to cotton crops but in late years has spread to other products. Since 1947 It has been undergoing trial on |!orn land. The new corporation In Esther­ vllle has set up teat .plots around Emmet county totaling 300 acres. « « w THE PLANT WILL consist of two 30,000 gallon storage tanks and there will be six 1,000 gallbn tanko mounted to provide delivery service. The anhydrous ammonia leaves the plant for farm use in liquid form but being put under proHaur <5 ? it the point of appllcattDn it en- ors the ground in a gaafous form. It docs not deVerioriato but remains In the ground. Officers of the new nVm predict that farming practices and techniques will be altered in future years as a result of applications of anhydrous ammonia to the soil. It Is the intention of the firm to supply all necessary equipment to Inject the anhydrous ammonia in the soil. The product contahu 82 per cent nitrogen. BOUQUETS TO NKW OFl'ICKUS of iho ...unty Girls' 4-11 orKunlzdtlon wrrc |)'nti'il liy Olson, reprrHonlInK Ihi' C'hiinibir of Ciimmirri' hrn After splrltnl cnmpaln'iinK In llir niiiiMln>;, tlii- tjtiiUv .NrWf. jihttti) iiiiit ('tiKrM\tnK' iil>civ,' ciftli-.T'i v >.i.''il il. n tt> rlKlill Nniu V .liisllci'. pi 111 M.iillvii V\. h. v ii'i. |ii I iiKl. Ill , Mmloiuii Kosiii. firi i (ill y 11' Ji -iiini , nilil N.imy llulli 'l 'l 'lrlil htnloi iMli Ike Forces Oppose Doug As Keynoter BY JACK BKLL Chicago, June 9 /P—Supporters of Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower challenged today a move by backers of Sen. Robert A-, Taft to name Gen. Douglas MacArthur as Republican national convention keynoter. J. Russell Sprague, New York national committeeman, told this reporter the Elsenhower forces are opposed to selection of MacArthur because he has publicly supported Taft In the pre-conventlon campaign. * * • AT TIIE SAME time. Walter Hallanan. West Virginia national commttteema(\. predicted the convention arrangements committee will name MacArthur to the post at meeting tomorrow. Hallanan Is a Taft supporter. Sprague said the Eisenhower backers have no candidates for keynoter or temporary chairman of the convention. We are going to be definitely opposed to MacArthur," Sprague said. "We do not think anybody who has been particularly and vehemently active In supporting any candidate should be the keynoter. The selection of such a man would make It obvious to the public that he cannot be non-partisan." • • • SPBAfiUE CONCEDED that the Elsenhower forces will be outvoted in the arrangements committee by Taft backers. "That doesn't make any difference to us, because wo are fighting for a prinplple," Sprague declared. The New York committeeman said that so far as he is concerned any of several prominent republicans would be acceptable to hlnpi as keynoter. Steel Strike On Ver^e of Settlemenl Washlnglon, Jiinr 'J l.Ti I'n-m- dent Truman told (he si'iiali- lodiiy that negotiiilorH mny-hc on the veygo of settling the slei -l slrlki 'Hd'asked that the lawmaker* luU.- no action which mittht upsi-l (Indelicate negotlnllonH. In response to his pl >>a, tlii> senaU' put off until tomorrow any furlhrr consideration of vnriuUH propoNiiln for legislative action related to (In- steel dispute. « >;< « HtiN. MCFARI.ANI) (Ariz), tin; Democratic loader, asked for |>UH< ponemenl of' consideration of the proposals. Truman's request was nmdi' in .i letter addressed to Vice I 'reBlden; Barklcy as the proslding offlcrr of the senate. Since Barklry was out of town, the letter was delivered t" Chairman Maybank (DSC) of tin- banking committee. Miiybank l-i handling wage-price controls \i'ti\i>- latlon and the proposals for drilling with the steel strike liavi- bi rii offered as amendments to that bill. • • • TRUMAN 8AIU tberc was -i .t least u reasonable hope" for xrttli'- mont of the strike by direct m -go tiatiun. But any senate action, hi< N.-ild "could so alter the situation oi tb,' attitudes of the purlli'H in thin (•:»-• so as to cause a breakdown In thi-tr ncgbtlatlona." iH-CLUB5 I Dully Ni'WM photo »nd imjfrnvInK) IlKHT (;HOO.MI-;i> A.M) ll(>.\(>IIAUV MKItlHKK tlll.« wrrr l>. Ktowed 111 HiilurilHy'H -1 II rally il.iy lii Ihi rlt> hall Hi-«l Kroi)nn .1 (•onti 'Ht winner In tin- mnlor divlnliin Emma Jiiin Kvanii .N'HIIU il lOlh honorary nii-mlMi ot lb.- ICKIHI i\III,- IdH. r Vt -t rlub WUM Mrs CeorKi' lloll. county ohuliman of tbi- 4 11 ilutw $21,882.90 Tax Lien Fihil Des Moines (A 'l A lb n for $21 832.96 against Irene Munock r.u • has been filed in the .Scott f-minis | recorder's office In Davenport by Iowa agents of the federal Inliinil rovonuo' bureau. Agents Kubl ib>. lien is for unpaid tax, inienm ami penalties for five of the six yearn between 1940 and 1951. Bedfubl Mother To See Son (,el IUH IJiploiiiu l,oH An){ileii, June !( i.'I'i Km four yeain Mr«, Uoiotbs- Mlll.t C'nmpton priiye'd that »"nii bow Mb-would be iilili! to waleli liei Don Kiufliiiite from the Naval a'-adi-nu' at Anna |i (>llM It «ei-lileil bo{>eb .-KH .Hll'- waK i ii|i fined III bi r bi il anil \\bet-bhaii by iiiiilllpb- K< ierii«l /i A f'W Wf'vkif a^;^, iiealtui,; (b .i' bi-i Bon Iti/bert, 21. had oni e V.<M.< eii ;iM a newiiboy foi tbe |,<Hi AiiK' ' > ,'< 'I 'liiM idli' a),|Mabd Ih,- pa l<ei I'm lull Arrest Polieemeii .'V.s Meiiilieris of liiir^jlary liuntl Tamt Kill , ,/une a 1 ,11 A |>o 111 • iniiii, bbi wife, anollu r pidl man .-md Ibe ion of u • Uy ileti-<- tlVi- «ilt;''iMl ui 'ii 111 Jail hile to da> III I 111' it of bebitigini; to a liur- i:l.ii b.'iiid Tb. Il aiHBi v.'«l>id',v bM /ni-bl to ' l ;'bl t b' huillbi I I aU ew'.'''l. ^lnle l''itda> and a* b. li .iiiUir 111 .1 biiri 'l iry I .'1 Into u«* d ul I" li.iiiUiK I'l .1 l'tir»:l iry rin„' v.biii, ban Hli 'bn JV.') Wi -.MIIKI of l:'M,d" .11 d iiii 'ii'% III Ullbd.miiujjti and I 'ii .i ll.iH loiiiilb-M ill II yrnr 11. I., live llll-l,,.. |i„ H J Il(dl. KTI'V, (-onl 'K'led Halliniof i . M'l b" Hcnl l>ii<<tl^c Sf.l Jtt<- til. vi.'iiiiii ntalloii W'.MAH IIIKI ai j S. 1.. aiiml liia «mi. J...' lanwed for Hperlal riiovii'M to bi i Ji . .i i it > viatir del-trtioent work- uiade III Uol.i it » >;iiidiiatioii bifi ! i r Iriday Tb.' Naval n( ad'iny i ..i.|. | aii .nl .d >iii|iid.iy «ri erated Tbe movli'M wire f li/« n j | ,,i i niinaii ('ail H Ovi i «l i ..el. bbi bei.' iiiid Kill be i liown over ajwlf.- mid I'alioluia/i A .M VelvInK KITV ne\v»ri'el. »ele< ant torii «bl l .in The- Tim .-i-, whieb i .wni -.lallon KTTV. eont.irted Haltinion . M 'l President Is Nancy Justice Mm. (fcorge Holl Honomry Member New otricrra of lh« l^m«t ty lilrls' 411 worn tlMtsd virttny by 333 m«mb«rs aUsn^UliC th« Annual rally dny in the city halt- KIrrtiHl v »Tre Nsnry Jiiatk* of MM IVnmark-Jsrh Cr »»k KappT Xow ent'n e\uh. prmtdrnt: Marilyn it- Weir ot tlir Kttsworth Oo-O«ittrs, vicp prmldicnt. Madonna K«*(*r ot Hwnn iMkf ItolUfr Uuek. stwrvtarrtrenaurvr: anil Nancy ButttrfMd uf Kllaworth (lo -Oatlat*. btatortaa. Ftlrctlon (if offlccra faihtwwl a ni<H'k t-nm(Mtgn wUh poalers, ptat- fotntii and apucchr* by tha cinAU diitei Haturday niornlnK- Kmma Jran Kvan* won Iht SMt- lor Bitlii Iwttvr Rronmlnc contaat nnd will r«pr «a«nt th» eounly In the Mlnlr rontrat naxt w««k. WIB- r of thr junior cantaal was JiMly »l<«nkwll<?r. who will rapraaant IM ounty at diatrtct camp thia waak. Mm. Crors" Holl. praaant coiint]^ -t-ll Diria' chairman, was luunad IDth honorary m«mb *r of lha Ka- Ihervlllp iieltar Y*l ehib, a * • UKCr .tVINO carttrtcalas («r 100 per e«nt lurnotn of lhair ehib inenibrra w«rv (h« ArtnatroAK Oro- vp Kasar Bravera. BstharviUa Batter Yrt. Hwan Umkt Batlar Lttcti and Lincoln Haadjf lUlpara clubau For 101) per cent of tha motbara prcai -nl a eertin«a (a vsf awvdtd ICathfTviilc and Une«tn itlOlML Oar* Uflraie for moft gvasta wmA >• Dannmrk • lack Crttk taVI^&it oluh, « • ^ fotiad plants «rtr* •«Mi«»4 to Iho 4 -H county cmunltiM ftai 441 leaden. Thay am MM. 0«Mrt<i Holl. rounty rhaimM. Mrs. Mmm HiMmiM-r. Mr*. It B. flhaaiKm. Mrs. Krank llutchinaon and Mrs. O. L. Helitajion, county committal m»nv- hrrn; and township laadars Mrs. .Mrtvin ICIIU and Mrs. Arnold Carey of K«lhi <rvllle, Usrte Jorgansan und Mm l^llua Wlaaman ot Dan- mitrk-Jaek Creek, Mas. L#Koy Hcharhercr and Mra. Bart Rolfaon or TwelVK MIIP t ,4ika-HI «h Laka. Mra ICnrl Thi >««nel4 and Ura. (Ixorge llypa* of Armstrong Orovr. .Mr>. N. K. Muttarftald. Mrs. Wilbur Krler and Mrs. Ivan Ttnunona ot KIlKworth. Mr*, t^e lloll and Mrs. Klmar Hpoo of Hwan LAIIS . Mr*, (ierald lUchnrda and Mrs. Lyto Wick* of Lincoln and Mrs. CUr- nnrp Moore and Mrs. Amokl Cbaa- ver of Iowa Lake. « « * ONK HUKDRKO p«r cent mtlab; recognition papara were awardrd JnnlcK llplmrra, Linda lUcharda. Marlyii Jcaai-n. Kaye Ann Bvana. (Carolyn Knutaon, Wand* IloU, Batty iMu Jonea, Handra JuatJca. Charyl Torkvlaon, Honnl" Jaan LaHMn. Ilernlcp liardecopf, Halan Hunt. J.«ii»l I.llland, Luann Blow. Irts Dunn. Janat lUlvaraon. Lorralo* TwBll. Jran flundr. Hharon llypca. Mlinrnn Ulland. I'atay Htow, Yvonne Kiwtrr. Hharon Karguaon. Marlene Cronk. Marjorle Wabar, Judy ChlKirniK-n, ti'loria Richmond. Dor- In llrmdhua, Karal Rsnda. Nancy Hutterfleld, J <an UuttarftaVd. Marilyn Weir. Anita Ttmmons, Batiy Kiceiund. Ardalla Klaln. Ann Evana. Mt'lonnn Koatcr. Mary Ana 8poo, Jan'- Chi'FVrr, Maxlae llypaa, Alica Wl. k. Nancy Juatlea. Joanna Wlaa- mnn, Krma Justice and Cotaan C'hrl«trn»''f». Smith. 63, Horicon, Wis., north of bilDd. J188.80I 171 on AD.C, $6,022. here last Sept. 29. Berle Raises $70,211 For Cancer Fund New YorJi, June 0 W~Con>edi- an Milton Berle has raised $70,211 in pledges and chunks for the Damon Runyon Memorial cancei: fund in a 22Mi -hour coast-to-ooast television appeal. The marathQPi carried by 47 stations on the National Broadcastinf company TV network, ended at 9:80 «• m. yesterday. It was Berla's fourth in bi^ half of thF funtirniJBSa «r the late newspaperman who died of cancer. COMK ON IN. Tha watar'* flqe. ¥tot> Esthervllle swimming pool opened Saturday »n4 arpund SOD youantcurs took advantage of It. Sphla^inr wu> y<>IUng thsy ojpenad the^Mlin gnad style. Thti pool will b« opsn from nine until no<« arsry day sitcapt Wednesday and Sunday for a (reo swlra pfriod. tb« afteroooa the pool will it>aliy N'evt* [ihuto untl rnKravInx* opvn at one and clonv ul tiliie In the ttVcoinK l,t (i< guitrtla will tai Jack Bromd, Kathryn Wegu and Ann Schuunover liruius alao will tench life saving cla ^Dt,-*. IHinnd Hvidkc- U muirwu in the txith huusu. Relax Credit RcHtrictionH on jNew H0UHC8 Wn-ihlnglon. June 9 iyr »-Tha Kovernriti'nt today ralsjiad Its ri»- HlrUttons on how much you tuuat |iny down lu buy a new house. t'nilvr tha new program, efface tlvn Wrdnraday, purchsaars will b« nll'jwed lu niaka down paymann 21) to 60 |M?r c«nt taaa than thoaa now cei (ulrcd under ragulatlon X. whirli has twan In affect nearly two y-swfsi. On Uw Iraat expansive hotuwra. down payment r«i]Utremanta war* rut In half. On the moat cspansWa. tbry were reduced 30 par cent. 1'hc relaxed controls program nieunji (hat only S par csnt wlU b« nc«dcd In duwn payments on soma hous«a and tb«t tha majUmum ra- i|ulrvd will b« 40 par c«nt. ThR action wtu annouiMad today by the fedatral rasarvs board, iiurv la what tb« b««rd ord«« wilt do: 1. On housa coating $7,000 or Was, 9 pvr cent down payment will ( M ric|ulred: II has b««n 10 par cant. •i On houses costing I30.00O or mure. 40 per cant will M rwiulradi It h»4 b««n 80k 3. On houses twtwsca thosa (ty- urvs. a sUdlttg s«iU« ftxss requtra- ments at a sum bstwMo 10 and iO pir c«nt of th« scAte prto«.

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