The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (AKK.) COUR1E11 NEWS Personality Plus Held Love of King 20 Years Her Junior Jelian rte Poitiers, Sclgnolr of Saint Valller In the Dauphhte. When she w is fourteen ehe was married to Louis de Brew, Grunt Seneschal of Normandy, a lame, ill favored widower of fifty. She was left a widow at thirty—and she started the fashion of chic widows' weeds which lias never gone out of style. Cloud's portrait reveals Ihe mental more than the voluptuous charms of this ageless bviuily. Curiously enough it Is marble which best immortalizes her beiiu- ty of body. Diurc de Poitiers: A reproduction of the jaihling by Francois cloael. iThe fact that he was a king 'makes the infatuation a little more Important. There is nothing unusual about a youth being Infatuated with nil older woman. What BY ALICE R1IOK Written for NEA. Strvire Diane De Poitiers is Hope's gift to women. She died at sixty-six and men were still raving about her charms. She never grew old, she never lost her girlish complexion up to the day of her death. She knew everything the up-to-date beauty Yachtsmen Charged With Impeding Harber Growth WOONSOCKET. R. I. (UP) Wealthy yachtsmen »re Impeding the development, uf Providence harbor as a leading commercial port, u. S. Steamboat Inspector Robert B. Clark charged in a recent address. He said the yachtsmen did everything possible lo hinder Us development uecnuse Ihcy feared (hat the resultant increase of oil waters would soil their termed the Providence waterway the best in (he country Dartmouth High School Has Agricultural Course DARTMOUTH. Mais. (UP) —A four-year Voeallonal Agricultural Course is Included in the curricula of Dartmouth High School, anc 25 students are enrolled. During 1933 they earned n total of W.664 while getting practical training in agriculture. n the boats. Clark . is unusual is for an older woman Iowa Grape Growers Anticipate Hufe Crop COUNCIL BLUFFS, lown (UP) —A grape crop which will reach he 4,000.000 pound mark Is an- iclputed Hits year by the Council Bluffs Co-opiTnllvc Grape Growers' association. Eleven hundred acres of bltillu uid peaks where grapes thrive, but where litlle els* could grow, give Hie association members assurance that their atillcipatlons will be realized. According to Hurry Martin, inanngcr of [he co-orx'ralive, the vineyards on Ihc blufl date back :o the lime ot the Mormons. At this lime of yeai the vineyards, with their rows ot |Kisls and wires which stretch nil over the urea, look like barbed wire entanglements. Stranded Smelts Give Sea Gulls Huge Feast TROUTDALE. Ore. (DPI — A four-foot drop in the waters of the Sandy River left millions of smelts stranded on a sand bar as shrieking gulls circled aud swooped down on tlic helpless fish. The smeltti were trying to gair the upper readies of Hie Sandj River from the Columbia. But the smelt schools after a few tentative thrusts up tile Sandy would swerve back when beset by the gulls. Most of the fish made their ml ((ration after nightfall, when tin hungry gulls had gone lo theii rookeries. .. ... „.„ cultist and calorie counter thinks'time he was seventeen she"'dom- is modern. She originated the ir.iucd his life. She was more Hollywood diet and started the powerful than a queen. beauty balh legend so popular with I In the attachment of Henry II theatrical press agents of our own'and Diane rie Poitiers there is 'i era. And -••-••• — ' ... plus. In an aye when bathing was a lost art. the fact that Diane took. a bath every morning raised ah They have- formed a chapter of to keep him infatuated and"stiii i« eth ? a -° nal ° re ' mizatlon know enthrall the mature man. And the i ca older Diane grew the more Henry of Orleans loved her. From th' Future ™ Ure i'n of Atner- she had personality, psychological fact almost concealed by the gossip and scandals of her time. Tuilted About Age When Henry, a motherless child, kinds of excitement. Catherine diiwas sent by his father, alon" wltli Medici. Queen of France, said she | Ihe Dauphin, as hostages to°Spaln put gold in the bath water and j it was Diane, the Grant' Senes- drank gold bouillon. Catherine jchale, who took him in her arms .whispered that Diane resorted to] and kissed him goodby. The litlle witchcraft— which was an invol- I boy, unloved by his mother scn- untary Iribute to the favorite's I sitivc, forlorn, carried the thought •harms. Held King's Love It is rumored that Diane in- of his beautiful triend in his heart. When he returned and entered the lisls at the welcome-home LONDON (UP)-"Straighten up, you men. Here cnmes the general." "What general, sergeant?" "Why, His Highness General Projjwala Nepala Tara Atl JPrava- la Gorklm Dakshina Bhu Pri- thuldheeslia Sri Sri Sri Maharaja Sir Joodha Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rnna, a. C. I. B." The foregoing general (singular), who is Prime Minister and Supreme Commander-in-chief ot the Stale of Nepal, has Just been granted the rank of Honorary Llcutenant-General in the British army. Read Courier News Want Ads. O-O S'EBJ'iP «<£ PAGE FIV1 DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO n - f3«£STOH FOSTCP. USED TO IX c^iSG-1-1 AN ICE WAKNlN<i OKUKK IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. To W. E. Kigali, Liberty Trust Co., John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., and other unknown parties, mid ill other persons having any claim or interest In and lo Ihc following described land Mlwtud In Mississippi County, Arkansas, namely: E'i Lot. 4, I/it 5 and Lot 0 Supplemental Survey Section M Township 10 Norlh, Haute 13 Bust. nrc hereby a-nriud lo api>eai In this court tvlihln Ihlrly days mid file exceptions lo tho nwiud which has been filed In Mils olflce by the levee «nd drntimuc aiipmlsers of this county for the appropriation of Ihe portion of the hereinbe- e/ described Wid, for the e«n- slructlon or intended eodjtnwtloa of a l«vee, ditch; 'ctrjl, or drain, as the cue may be, over and acftMK the same. WITNESS, my hand and seal' as Cleric of the Circuit Court this the 4lh diiy of April, 1934. R. U GAINES, Clerk. 4-11 Rod Courier Ne*s Want Adi. GKADB A Raw Milk *!••• H Craig's Dairy "LAlRE "TREVOR wia TnF. ONLY SIJCCES9FUL PTO9PHCTCO. FOK COLO ON A C6C6NT 'LOCAT:OM '•'SOT SHE B3:icHiT nr_s F?CM AX 0:0 TIMER, HX<EY—DSHKEif KAYNEE WASH TOGS for BOYS sjlrcd the faying: "There's life in'festivities he wore her colors He Iht o!d girl yet." At any rate wore them the day he died the 'i" m Brmloiiic. the sixteenth century v.-hitc and black drenched with his C ' Wood, in his hist tournament. At Henry's death Catherine's historian, walled: "it is a pity the earth covers lhat beautiful body. I saw her six months before hi-r death, as lovely It has been estimated that under average conditions you can get the most miles to the gallon out of your car by driving 35 miles an . . i vengeance was swift. She demanded the favorite jewels. But Diane , _____ , ______ M . iv of face, as fresh, us amiable as ] now Duchess of Valentinois" was "hen she was thirty . . . her too protected by high 'family con- beauty, her majesty, her lovely r.eclions to be harmed. She retired like a dowager queen to her own Chaueau d'Anet, a beautifully appearance, the linest whiteness ol rkin . . ." Diane's most renowned achievement, however, was holding [he year. preserved woman in her sixtieth love of ii man. twenty years iicr junior, from the time lie was in adolescent till he died at forty. NoWfo TheT Gly-Cas Praise In Blytheville Mr. Ilnnf rinds In TVo Boxes of (;iy-C;ts .lust (ho Rc- .sulls fie Hiid licen Wanting for Many Years ft is a striking fact that in many instances of awful siiffcr- ms; where all kinds of medicines and treatments hart failed, this I'.-iv vegetable Oly-Cas has given complete rclicl thai is astounding. In even the most stubborn cases Court ladies, jealous of Diane's nfliicnce over the king, used to twit her about her age. They .ivecr realized what was the secret, of her power over Henry. Diane devoted as much time to "the care of her mind ns >:tr body! Matrird at 14 She hn.s left posterity more than if:;ris of her undying charm. \\lir-i-evcr F!IC • passed, sculpture, raintir.g, nrchitccriir-j and jewels, 'pr.ii 15 into beine, ^evidences ot her .ipprcciation ot art. :or those nag'cal beauty i .fs: She aioEc .• morning at fire, took ? cold bath and then a live-mile horseback ride. She came I'ome and read in t-cd till noon. Shi; inf sparing!/: Diane de Poitiers was no mere siren. She was a great lady.'Royal blood, was in her veins and her descendants occupied the throne of France four times. She was born in 14D3 of an ancient, noble family. Her father was WASHOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Btcfe Pep .. .Vijor ... Vitalttj Mtdlcil tnthorttiet agree t>.tt your In4 ey§ contain 15 MILES of tiny tubes 01 filters which help to purify Ihc fclouJ ai^l keep jrou healthy. They ihould puur ouj thru the bladder 3 pinlj ol fluid a d»i •hteh conti:r.s 4 pounds of wa^te tcetter, If you hive trguLle with loo ladder passajf** with tcanty amount cuvs- -.B bumlnc and discomfort. Ihc In MILES of kidney tubes need WR?hinR o-it. Thisdiin< Ber siRnal maybe the beginning of na^srinji "lackache, Irjr pains, loj? of pep mnil vitality, letup.* up niRhti, lumb«so, •wol'en feef ind laklp*, rheumatic pains ami litirincil, T( kidneys don't empty 3 pint* every dny ind cet rtd of 4 pmimls of »aste ntm'.ttr. your body will take up thrse poisons causing Serious trouble. It may knock yon out and *" ' you up for many monthi. Don't wait, k jroyr dnj(TKi;t fnr UUAN'S PI1.1.H . a doctor's rrcirription . . . which h«.» en need ucccisfully by millions of lddne> _ ITerefa for over 40 years. They give rjuicV relief «nd will kelp to wash out the 15 MILES of kidney littrs. But oon't take cKances with Btror.e dniRl or «o*called "kidacy cures" (hit claim to fix TQtt up I* 15 minutes. Your common sense will tell you that this i» impossiW". Treatments of thli amture may cericus!/ tr^'-jre and irritate delicftte tfMuri, Iniht on B CAN'S PILLS ... the old rrliiblr relief that contain r» "tJo«" or h»Wt-foriiainB riniffi. Be cure nu «et DOAN'S PILLS •t your drurciiL O !»<. FosloMilturn Co> * ftloCHEUE HUDSoti STAC-EDAHO R-^'ED ALL 1HREE PACTS IM A ONE-ACT PLAYINH:C-H SCHOOL HllGEL BRUCE, 1NJ ROSS BEAVERS Penney's Event It's time for'lint weather clothes for hoys who run ant! play all day ... A most complete showing at pojiiilai' pi-ices. KAYNEE WASH SUITS Sixes -1 to 8. MR. K. G. HUNT of rheumatism, neuritis, stomach kidney, bowel troubles. Read the following praising statement made recently by Mr. H. G. Hunt. 428 N. Dili St.. Blytheville, well known local man: "1 liart tric/d all kinds of med Icincs before but never one to rqital Gly-Cas." he said. "I was miserable years wilh stomach, Ixnvel troubles. Would become sick at my stomach after caliug, foods ronrcrl. bloated so. Always lurl lo lake strong laxatives lo E rl nny action. I was In tills rnr.rtition for years, then since T Ind tlie fin last winter my whole ,',v.=ifi" socmcd to gn back on mo. Was worn-out all the time, tired, riracgy and had no pep. But Gly- Cas wasted no time In helping me, why by (he time T finished, my second box I was feeling like a new man. Gaintns In weight and strength, eat and sleep good and fcei fine. It ts wonderful to be &o well agalr.-and I owe all my present good health to this one mEdlclne-Glv-Cas." Gly-Cas is .sold by Klrby Bros. Drug Co.. and by all leading drug stores In surround In j towns. -Ack. Announcement We are proud to advise our customers that our service department is now in charge of Mr. George Disinger George needs jio introduction to the automobile trade of Blytheville and will appreciate having his many friends come to see him. We,arc striving to give the public better service all of the time. SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. KNICKERS Linens and Crashes. Sizes '1 to H. SHORTS Crashes, Linens ;\ n d Khaki. Sizes 4 lo I'l. Freshen Up Your Home With New Curtains! CURTAINS Charming Ones For Almost Any Room. Blouse? - S|)orl Shirts All styles. Sizes -J lo M. PAJAMAS Trolly prints.. Sizes 3 lo 18. BOYS CAPS Linen or Navy Blue Woolens. Think of buying enough curtains for your whole house for just a few dollars! Fresh, dainty ones— marquisettes printed in gold, blue, orchid, green, rose; or cream scrim with printed cornice valances. All tub and sunfast. All 2><[ yards along. It's Spring! See These Gay Cretonnes Y<L A surprisingly good grade at this low price! Printed in small, medium and large designs: florals, con vent ioimls, mod-. em types, quaint Colonials. Grounds light- and dnrk to harmonize with your other, dpcorattonRJ See them now! 15c! NUTONE PERCALE i Small, medium,! nnct a few. large patterns; fast colors; 36 'in.' Great values! ' CAT CRETONNES ^ jj V'nid Colors! Flowers of tropical, bril- 1 liance bloom. «H over theselorely new cretonnes"!- Shirts - Sliorls Sizes R to 18. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. ni'.tvaUy Fine Marquisette CURTAINS Smart Fringed Panels at 79« Long full pnnols of sh«er marquisette in cream and ecru tones, with fringes to hnnnonizc. Perfectly tailored Iff haiifc in soft, full folds, they'll transform your living room! 7EV'! Easy to Hare New Curtains! MARQUISETTES ii: So Many Lardy Weaves al 15' Yd. Plain ,"\ntl novelty nuriinijodcs: K? well a? point dV«piits ^ilh ?df ami colored cushion dots; ?hadow nets. At 15c a ynrd it's n v.ilne to make your ropulation n? n Ihrifty hon?rkcppcr* How Much for New Drapes? CRETONNES — lovely, colorful oitet, trt Thnt m«»ns you fan hsve new drtpw for your entire HoUss ., . for liirf h* nothing! Gorfcooj pttttnu, oa"» •/ light and dark Overdraws Will Cost Little!. Rayon DAMASK Rich, Heavy, Drafty, is only Fifty inche; wide! Rust, red; gold, blue. rose, mulberry, green ... chtfbse your colors! It's a fabric that htf* hnd high prrtise from Penney custpin- crs nntl it's a^re»j^ynlue at this jrj«!,. J. C. PENNEY Ct> I n c 220-222 W. Main Btyinevilfe, Ark.

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