Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 15, 1953 · Page 34
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 34

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1953
Page 34
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i GLORIFIED SOUTHERN CHICKEN HASH Yielf^ 4 to 6 serving* 2 cups diced cooked premium chicken 2 tablespoons butter or mar* garine Vk tablespoons flour 1 cup chicken broth or bouillon Salt and pepper Melt butter. Stir In flour. Add chicken broth gradually. Stir constantly until sauce boils. Add the chicken. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place in a buttered casse role. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for 20 minutes Serve on browned slices of Canadian style bacon. BROWNED CANADIAN- STYLE BACON To prepare Canadian• style Bacon: Place bacon slices in a cold skillet. Do not overcrowd. Cook slowly. Turn to brown evenly. HOT BRUNCH BISCUITS Yield: About 16 biscuits Vz cup shortening 2 cups sifted Hour Vz teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 tablespoon sugar 2/3 cup milk 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine Combine sifted flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar. Cut in shortening with pastry blender or fork until mixture looks like corn meal! Make a well in the center Pour in milk. Use fork or knife to cut and blend milk with other ingredients. Do not beat or over- mix. Turn onto waxed paper or lightly floured board or pastry cloth. Knead 6 times. Roll or pat Vz inch thick. Cut with biscuit cutter or cut into square or dia mond shapes. Piace on cooky sheet. Brush top with melted butter. Bake in a very hot oven (450 degrees F.) 10 to 12 minutes. It's a good idea to place v biscuits on 2 or 3 pie plates and begin baking at 5-minute intervals so thai hot biscuits are ready for second and third servings. Here's Salad for Weight-Watchers You'll be surprised at how delicious this salad, made without oil, tastes. Roast Chicken (Without stuffing or gravy) Snap Bean and Cottage Cheese Salad* (With lettuce and tomatoes) Crisp Rye "Wafers Apricot Whip Beverage SNAP BEAN AND COTTAGE CHEESE SALAD* Ingredients: 1 pound snap beans, % cup boiling water, Vz teaspoon salt, pepper, Vz teaspoon prepared yellow mustard, Vi teaspoon paprika,' 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 tablespoons wine vinegar, 2-tablespoons tarragon vinegar, lettuce, one 8- ounce container cottage cheese, tomatoes. Method: Cut ends from snap beans and leave whole; scrub in cold water. Cook rapidly, covered, in boiling water just until tender- crisp. Cool. Blend salt, dash of pepper, mustard, paprika, sugar and vinegars; mix with snap beans and allow to stand, stirring several times, for at least half an hour. Arrange beans on lettuce with cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Any marinade left from beans may be strained, refrigerated and used an other time. When you've a sizeable collection of small jars and containers of leftovers in the refrigerator, it's easy to keep them upright and at hand if you put each one in a cup of a muffin tin on the refrigerator shelf. You'll find the tin slides in and out easily and prevents messy spills. With the leftovers all together, you'll probably use them up quickly. SHOTTS Fremont Gro. "A BLUE RIBBON STORE" Boecher & Framont Home Killed BEEF Round Steak --lb. 69c Sirloin Steak —lb. 69c T-Bone Steak .-lb. 69c HAMBURGER All Beef 39c 3 lbs. $1.00 Ground Round or Chuck Roast .lb. 69c Homemade Pure Poric Sausage lb. 49c Rath's Wieners lb. 39c Companion — 3Va Tint Peaches —4 cans $1.00 large Pkg>. Rinso .2 for 29c No. 1 White Potatoes ,50 lbs. $1.29 Jv *ty Swt. Potatoes S lbs. 29c Cauliflower, lg. hd. 19c fOK OTHER BARGAINS SEf OUR BLACKBOARD AT BENNERS AND YOU GET FREE GIFTS WITH d.^OJ. GREEN STAMPS TWER SO YEARS OP FINE FOODS &U. GREEN STAMPS WILL HELP BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Th# SltH drttn Stomps glv«n AT NO IXTRA COST with tvtry pvrchost at Itn- ntr's eon bt rtdttmtd for btaiitiful valuable merehandlie . • . Itemt you'd bo proud to give . . . happy to receive. On your next visit to tenner's ask for your free copy of the New S&H Green Stamp eatalog picturing many of the new items for which your stamps can be redeemed. Remember S&H Green Stamps cost you nothing . . They, are your IXTRA SAVINGS at lenners. 1 **s a £ Svbgum Chfckeft * » Mushroom • » CHOWMEIN ; • NOODLES • 57* 69c CHKKW CHOW MAN CHUN KING BEAN SPROUTS CHUN KING CHOWMEIN NOODLES uir • : CHOP suit : • RICE . CHIHBE DIHHERS „_ 17c FRUIT COCKTAIL RB6ULARLY. . .254 I w 'MSlonte 8RAMD QUALITY CAMS, CANNED FOOD SALE PEACHES HALVES OR SLICES RE6ULARLY 33i 'Sty CAN • Regular 31« Del Monte TOMATO JUICE 4«-Oi. Can Regriar 20* Del Monte CATSUP 14-01. lortlo for ( iiiiiiii ,Roaolcriy S foe 39c Del Monte CfMM OoMco CORN No. SOI Can for ( Regularly 21« Del Monte SUGAR PEAS Cans 16. BAG 89* Dol Mont* SEEDLESS RAISINS Regularly 10c 'ft? 17c DC A DC BertUti H»lv*a rCAnJ Refutarljr 40o rUCPDIEC Royal Ann tnCnnlCj Regularly ] APRICOTS zrx^ GR. BEAMS •*•* Regularly 40o Royal Ana Regularly 34a Whole Unpeel Regularly 2Sa Bel Mont* Regularly tie PUMPKIN ST". 2 Wow Largo Slio Del Monte PRUNES Regularly 31c 29c Hammer BAKERS CHOCOLATE u 43c BAKERS COCOAHUJ tSX 30c BAKIHG SODA M 2 % 25c Inter KrarY* "Noma Tho Cake" Contest KRAFT OIL QUART . • • »• •. • TRUCKLOAD Of NORTHERN GROWN VEGETABLES COBBLER OR RED TRIUMPH 100 IBS. Potatoes $ 2 59 These will be good winter keepers. FOR KRAUT Cabbage 50 lb. bag • r YELLOW 39 ONIONS 50 bag WEIR JONATHANS APPLES $ 2 Bu. mm MY-T-FINE REAL GOLD ORANGE 16 Each Con Mokes One Quart PETER PAN PIANUT BUTTIR 110* HIPOUTE 25* Crtmo Hit UPTON TEA Packaqt ,. 35c UptoiTtaBalb ..Uforltc LUGGAGE • CAMERAS HOUSEHOLO APPLIANCES DISHES SILVERWARE MANY OTHERS REPEATED ^ BY POPULAR DEMAND/ 4 5^- 1 BABY BEEF SALE WV ? ,..«! yen liked ..r ...f S... be..-,. ^yTe^T^ 535 2S52«i! 'IX 0 "^^?' l i , t" 1 mov, "9 f0 mart,f ' 01 a,wa y«' ••""•'•'» " complete steek of Cottle rals.rt still need help. Se »enner$ hai or ranged mqture, aged Swlft't Premiere Beef. ^•^R^ SWIFrS PREMIUM BABY BEEF ^^j ^^^^^^^^^B ^ta^Bne ^rB^ SWIFTS PREMIUM. BABY BEEF ~~ ROUND STEAK „ SWIFTS PREMIUM BABY BEEF mm af\ SIRLOIN STEAK 59 SWIFTS PREMIUM BABY BEEF A T-EONE STEAK .59 c SWIFTS PREMIUM BABY BEEF STANDING •• RIB ROAST 55 c SWIFTS PREMIUM BABY BEEF g\ A CHUCK ROAST 39 e Cf 3 1 ^1 Huge Supply of Bee! Cattle Is Coming to Market America**, school ehlldrrt art receiving extra benefitii from the tremendous supply of beef cittto [currently coming to mirttet. Additional supplies of beef la the nation's school lunch program are providing many boys and girls with a real opportunity to eat more nutritious meals in sufficient quantity for health and vigor. That was the conclusion of the American Nationa 1 Cattlemen's Association, Denver, Colo., in a study of the benefits of the "surplus purchase" program of the Department of Agriculture. Commodities which are in heavy supply are thus made available to school cafeterias across the country. This year, beef is in long supply and millions of extra pounds are going on the school menus as hamburgers, meat loaf, stew, roasts and sandwiches. Dieticians have reported that the extra beef allows menu planners to better fill requirements of health and nutrition than they have in the past. "The hamburger is the favorite food of America's youth," these food experts said. "So there's little problem in getting them to clean their plates." The cattlemen's group reported that, more than 210,000,000 pounds of beef—about two per cent of jnormal beef production — was slated for purchase this year by the agriculture department. In ad- d-tion to beef goim; to the school lunch program, this amount includes supplies for foreign aid. I w VI • X * SIDES OF BABY BEEF 125 Lb. to «0 Lb. ... u>. 39c TEAS. FRESH FROZEN PEAS REGULARLY 2 FOR 39? C mSH FRUITS^ VEGETABLES g IV mm lilll 11 HP U. S. No. 1 Woditd W«mtJ RED PONTIAC POTATOES CELERY Pound Mtsh Bag Fancy Jumbo Sb» PASCAL 2 Dor. Size SALE PRICE c U. S. No. 1 Jonathan APPLES c LBS. BUSHEL $3 .49 YELYEETiL TOKAY GRAPES I0« CRANBERRIES - 29 PUMPKINS I PEARS i k . 5c lortl «m ...2 Lbt. 29c Cauliflower 23 Largo Hta4< FRIGIDETTE FROZEN VEGETABLES Chopped Broccoli, Cut Ceri, •Mixta" Vegetable*, Squasii Pkqs. $189 S s. 9 I o •0 O 9 0 e. 0 • p Skillet Veal Dish Is Treasure Quick and easy preparation, plus piquant flavor, make this skillet veal dish a treasure. Skillet Veal with Tomato-Lemon Sauce Mashed Potatoes Salad Bowl Green Peas Baked Pears with Ginger Bread and Butter Beverage SKILLET VEAL WITIl TOMATO-LEMON SAUCE Ingredients: 1 pound tender veal, 4 teaspoons olive oil, IV* cups diced tomatoes (skinned fresh or drained canned), 6 or 7 very thin slices unpeeled lemon, 2 tablespoons cooking sherry, salt and pepper, 2 teaspoons cornstarch, 2 tablespoons cold water. Method: Have butcher cut veal In serving-size pieces (there should be about 7) and pound very thin. Wipe veal with damp cloth. Heat oil in skillet (about 10-inch size); cook veal lightly in oil on each side, arranging a few of the pieces on top of the others as they get done. This will take only a few minutes; do not try to brown. Add tomatoes, lemon, and sherry to skillet. Simmer, stirring a few times, untH lemon slices are tender, about 7 minutes; add salt and pepper to taste. Mix cornstarch with water until smooth. Push veal to one side of skillet; add cornstarch mixture and stir sauce over moderate heat until thickened- and bubbly. Serve veal slices with sauce and a slice of lemon over each. Makes 3 servings. IB. BOX frennefr Food StM** Try Honey Yams For Sunday Meal Ham and lemon give this yam dish out-of-this-world flavor. Pork Chops Honey Yams* Broccoli Salad Bowl Bread and Butter Fruit Gelatin Beverage HONEY YAMS* Ingredients: 4 medium-size fresh Louisiana yams (cooked), 3 tablespoons butter or margarine (melted), Vz cup honey, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, Vz teaspoon grated lemon rind. Method: Peel yams and cut into crosswise -lices ^-inch thick; place in a greased 1 - quart casserole. Combine remaining ingredients; mix well and pour over yams. Bake in moderately hot (375F) oven 30 minutes. Makes 4 servings. G*t Hi«« FAMOUS noouas AT C. & E. GROCERY Featured on Radio Station WHBF 735 WEST MAIN STREET and 969 EAST MAIN STREET OPEN DAILY (Including Sunday) 8 A.M. to 10 P.M AIRWICK KOI! Odort Plot REAL KILL MIRACLE PLASTIC STARCH *« (HM/TI 4MB Ml £ 31c U The DMiy Itedst^Mait 0alesto& 111. , Thursday. October 15, 1951

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