The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 25, 1981 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1981
Page 6
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Pige 6 The Salina Journal — Wednesday, November 25,1981 Living Today The Salina Journal Fatness triggers baby shower Keep instant tea dry to avoid hardening Dear Heloiae: How do you keep instant tea mix, the kind with sugar added, from caking so badly? I have three jars that are hardly used. The tea has caked so hard it's impossible to spoon it out. — Hazel Shaffer Of course, we all know humidity is the culprit, but how to avoid it is something else. One thing, for sure, is to NEVER use a damp spoon to spoon out the powder. Ever catch yourself mixing up a glass of tea only to find it a little too weak after stirring? So you reach back into the container with the same spoon, only to add moisture to the container. Keep those canned powdered drink mixes as dry as possible. Store on shelves where the conditions are suitable. Keep the lid on the container tight! Since yours is already hard, you might try breaking off a chunk and dissolving it in hot water, then add the remaining water. Hope this enables you to have a glass of tea with us! — Heloise * -to £ Dear Heloise: I have a little brother who is 5 years old. Whenever he does something really special (such as writing his name for the first time or drawing an especially good picture) I date it and put it in a folder called, "Little Special Things I've Done." He really gets a kick out of it and it will be fun to look back at it too. — S.S. My, you sound like an extra special sister. Do write me again! — Hugs, Heloise £ fc £ Dear Heloise: I placed two plastic drip pans (plastic cat litter pans are a good size too) on the floor of our coat entry closet. The family puts shoes and boots in the pans when they come home. Keeps the carpet nice and clean and dry, plus keeps the shoes from getting scattered inside the closet. — Beth Carter * * T* Dear Heloise: Prepare index cards with a menu for each meal your family really likes. I include an appetizer, meat, vegetable (two or three choices), salad and dessert (again, two or three choices). When I find myself in a cooking rut, I hand a stack of menu plans to my husband (or children) and let him choose seven. I then plan the week's meals, shop heloise II hints from heloise and prepare ahead those things that can be. Oh! One card simply says "Surprise." With that one I try a new recipe. — Carole Brigham T* -ir * Dear Heloise - With the high cost of new wardrobe items and inflationary pressures taking their share out of family budgets, here are ten commandments for taking care of clothing. These tips from the Guild of Professional Dry Cleaners can save you that hard-earned money by prolonging the life of expensive garments. Clip these out and place them on the door of your closet. Read them every day until they become so familiar to you that you wouldn't dream of ignoring a single one of them. THOU SHALT: I. Hang garments immediately after wearing. II. Not hang wet or damp clothes in closets. III. Have all rips and tears mended promptly. IV. Not store away dirty clothes for next season. V. Remove all stains promptly. VI. Follow all care label instructions. VII. Not apply perfumes or fragrances directly to fabrics. VIII. Store clothes properly to avoid a bulging closet. IX. Inspect garments carefully after each wearing. X. Care for your wardrobe on a regular basis. Makes sense, doesn't it! Besides, look at it this way... In addition to saving money by following this advice, you will never have to use the excuse, "I don't have a thing to wear," as everything you own will always be ready to go! — Hugs, Heloise Letters to Heloise should be sent to her in care of King Feature Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y.,. 10017. Dear Ann: When I married three years ago at age 30, I was at my slimmest. The scales said 140 pounds but I was 5-6 and well-proportioned. A generously cut 14 fit me perfectly. I looked terrific. The last 18 months have, been difficult emotionally. I've put on 20 pounds, all in one place — the stomach. Nothing fits me anymore, so I purchased a few wrap-arounds and sack-type dresses that look like maternity outfits. My husband hasn't said much, but I know he is unhappy about the weight gain. The real problem: Several people have come up to us and said, "How wonderful that you are expecting! When is the baby due?" I haven't had the nerve to say, "I am NOT pregnant, I'm just fat." So I've hedged and given vague answers such as, "Oh, it won't be for several months yet." Word has reached my family. Mother phoned from Philadelphia with congratulations. She is thrilled. This Mothers form KC milk bank MERRIAM, Kan. (UPI) - The Shawnee Mission Medical Center has joined forces with two young Kansas City area mothers to form the Kansas City Milk Bank and provide mother's milk to infants who are allergic to formula. Two years ago, Linda Miller was asked to donate milk to help feed an adopted child who was allergic to baby formula. Mrs. Miller, who was nursing her own baby at the time, supplied the other baby with mother's milk and then joined forces with Denise Link to establish a milk bank. Requests for milk and donations began coming so frequently that the two women found it difficult to keep up with the demand. And that's where the Shawnee Mission Medical Center comes in. "We will store the milk and we will test it for bacteria count to make sure that it is safe for the infants," Lauren Canter, a hospital spokeswoman said. "The Zarda Dairy has offered to finance the equipment and the supplies. "The hospital will offer personnel and the testing and we will still need donors and volunteers to help with the driving as far as picking up the milk and donating the milk." The milk bank is unique to the central midwest region. While the milk donated to the bank must come from mothers in the Kansas City area, residents in other parts of the central mid- west may use milk from the bank. Clean dusty hanger along with closet When cleaning out closets, don't forget to wipe clothes hangers with a sudsy cloth to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Plastic hangers can be immersed in a bath of detergent and water, rinsed and dried. Give the Gift of COMFORT COMFOR Don t just recline,,, Priced From Credit Terms Available Free Local Delivery OPEN TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 9 TO 5:30 CLOSED THURSDAY OPEN FRIDAY 9 TO 8:30 PM SUNDAY 1-5 PM arm landers will be her first grandchild. Tom and I DO want a family — eventually. He knows the truth, of course, but is not giving me any help with this tangled web. The girls in the office want to give me a shower. What should I do? - In The Middle and It's Big Dear Big Middle: There is only one way to extricate yourself from the tangled web. You must tell the truth im- mediately. To avoid further embarrassment, go on an earthshaking diet, under the supervision of a doctor, and get rid of that pregnant look and back into your clothes. * i* to Dear Ann: Recently you printed a letter from a couple who wondered if they should tell their children about previous marriages. May I share my experiences? When I was a teenager I accidently learned my father had been married to another woman before he married my mother. When I recovered from the shock, I asked my mother about it. She told me he had been previously married, not once but twice. To his dying day my father never discussed the subject with me. After he died I found pictures of one previous wife, but I never knew the name of either. I also found hid and my mother's marriage license on which the date had been crudely altered. A cousin told my Protect feet from winter Like your car and your house, feet need to be "winterized" against the cold and protected against the elements. These tips can help keep feet more comfortable during inclement weather. • Feet make more contact with cold and damp ground than the rest of the body does, so keep those pedal appendages comfortable. Special thermal insoles in shoes and boots will do the trick — and help feet stay warmer, too. • Dry "winter skin" affects feet, too. Keep feet smooth and supple with a softening lotion that contains moisturizing cocoa butter. • Warm-ups for cold feet: Early in the morning, or when you come in from the cold, give feet a finger massage to help warm them up and get circulation going. Go barefoot for a few minutes each day so they can flex, bend, stretch and exercise as nature intended. • Is life rubbing you the wrong way? Feet may be at the bottom of an edgy disposition, according to Scholl experts. When skin rubs against ill-fitting shoes, blisters, calluses, or corns can result. And the discomfort may ruin a good mood. To ease foot friction, keep feet dry, and use moleskin or other padding on sensitive pressure points. Most important of all, make sure shoes fit properly and feel comfortable. • Guard against friction and cold inside heavy, stiff boots. Be sure boots are roomy enough for an outer pair of "woolies" and a pair of thin nylon socks next to feet. The combination will help cushion feet against boot rubs and help insulate against cold air. • Strong, supple ankles and arches can help prepare athletes for skiing. Sit with feet extended in front of you, resting on heels only. Curl toes and arch the foot to touch toes to the floor. Then point toes toward the ceiling. Repeat until front leg muscles tire. Stuck for Christmas stocking stuffers? Try good things for the feet. Start with stockings — knee socks for a teenage daughter, athletic socks for a favorite jogger, slippers for Dad. Fill with nail clippers, foot bath formula, foot powder, even a pedometer. The possibilities are endless, and available easily in stores everywhere. husband that they had a "shotgun" wedding. I am a happy and reasonably well- adjusted individual, but I do harbor some resentment about the way I learned of these skeletons in the closet. I am sure the subjects were painful to my parents, but I would rather they had told me. They must have known I would find out someday because they kept the pictures and the license. I would hope parents would trust and respect their children enough to discuss such secrets with them in a loving way when they are mature enough to understand. I'm signing this — Learned The Wrong Way Dear Learned: I always appreciate the testimonial of someone who's been there. Thank you for sharing your intimate experience. Confidential to Part-Time Philosopher in Corvallis, Ore.: Sorry, I don't wish to undertake definitions of heaven and hell. As Mark Twain said, "I have friends in both places." Do you feel awkward, self-conscious — lonely? Welcome to the club. There's help for you in Ann Landers' booklet, "The Key to Popularity." Send 50 cents with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111., 60611. Have You Been Shopping VERNEDA'S Lately? at 114-ASo. 7th 827-0831 Ellsworth $500.00 in the Challenge Contest PEPSI-COLA Bottling Company Pictured left to right: Dennis Craig, manager FootM- Less South: Edna Hoist, $500 Winner and Dewlght Locknart, Pepsi-Cola Route Supervisor GALS and GUYS SLACKS & JEANS Sizes 3 to 18 Price Gals' BLOUSES 2 Price Sizes S, M & L Gals' BLAZERS $KOOO Sizes 8-18 Reg. $79.00 Guys' Boot Cut & Straight Leg, CORDS S1C95 16 Sizes 28-38 Reg. $22-$23 Guys' SWEATERS Price Sizes S, M, L & XL Student RIBLESS CORDS 2 Price Waist Sizes 25-30 Reg. $24 Lev is Htadquarttrt ® 121 S. Santa Fe THREADS Lev is Open Friday 9-9; Sat. 9-6; Sun.

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