Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 15, 1953 · Page 33
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 33

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1953
Page 33
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The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. Thursday, October 15, 1931: Jl Cfanfeerries Make a Polka Dot Pudditi Cranberries galore at the corner store—ready to lend their gay color and tart-sweet flavor to all sorts of dishes. Here, as a topping for coconut cream pie filling in crisp pastry shells, they give t wonderful blend of tart and sweet, smooth and crunchy. Polka dot pudding it's called, and it's especially good for a company meal because pastry, filling and sauce can be prepared early in the day for quick combining jusl before dinner. Polka Dot Tarts 1 package coconut cream 1/2 cup sugar pudding and pic filling mix 2 tablespoons water 2 cups milk 1/2 teaspoon grated orange rind 1 cup raw cranberries 1/3 cup cream, whipped " shells I. 8 baked 4-inch tart sr Place pie filling mix in saucepan. Add milk gradually, blending well. Cook and stir over medium heat until mixture comes to a full boil and is thickened. Cool then chill. Place cranberries, sugar and water in saucepan. Bring to a boil, cover, and cook 5 minutes. (Do not stir.) Remove from heat and let stand, covered, 5 minutes. Then cook 8 minutes longer. Add orange rind. Cool, without stirring. Chill. Before serving, fold whipped cream into chilled coconut cream Ailing. Turn into tart shells, Arrange cranberries and their sauce on top of each tart. Makes 8 tarts. Household Hints READ THE WANT ADS IN THE DAILY REGISTER-MAIL When you arc feeding Baby (ipectal canned foods, make sure that you wash the top of the can under warm running water and dry with a paper towel before you .apply the can opener. And be |quito certain that your can opener is clean, too! Want* to save dishwashing? Use casserole dishes, baked and served in the same utensil often for family meals. Soften liverwurst with a little mayonnaise and catchup and serve as a spread for potato chips, mclba toast or crackers. Men usually go for this combination, (so It's a good spread to have on hand when Father's having a party. Choose a butter frosting for the [cake you want to put in your freezer; egg while icings do not stand up under freezing. Wrap the frosted cake with aluminum foil and freeze immediately. If there's a small crack in a plastic food container, you can use a piece of cellophane tape to seal the crack. Everybody knows about peas and carrots as a combination dish; for a delightful change, try carrots and snap beans, with lots of bul'tcr. Chicken soup mixed with tomato juice and a little cooking sherry makes a delightful first course. I Next time you're broiling lamb chops try broiling tomato halves and rounds of onion with them. Dribble melted butter or margar ine over both vegetables, then sprinkle the tomatoes with a little crushed basil and the onions with a bit of brown sugar. Want a new way to serve beef stew? Ladle it over baking powder biscuits that are piping hot and split. Wooden spoons are so useful In cooking because their handles do not get hot and they never leave marks on bowls, skillets or saucepans. Plastic bags are handy for storing foods of irregular shape in the refrigerator. Aluminum foil Is also useful for storing such foods. Mix ground bologna with chopped hard-cooked eggs, pickle relish and just enough mayonnaise to moisten slightly for a hearty sandwich spread. A container of creamstyle cot- [tagc cheese in the refrigerator and a. package of dates on your pantry shelf help out when there's unexpected company. Chop the dates and mix with the cottage cheese; use this sweet creamy spread in brown-bread sandwiches, ! Like buttermilk? Add finely diced cucumber and radishes to it, season with onion juice, salt and pepper and serve for a chilled soup. Next time you have a small amount of raw hamburger on hand, try browning it in a little fat and adding it to" canned spa jghetti in tomato sauce for a quick dish. Coconut Stardom for the Baked Apple Have a healthy dessert tonight—arid like it, too. The old- fashioned baked apple has quite a fan club, especially during annual Apple Week, October 22 to 31. But glamour-dressed witfc a tiara of coconut cream it's a dessert that's ready for a leading role. The juicy, fully-ripe apple, sugar-glazed and golden from the oven and topped with a snowy crest of shredded coconut, is truly "something different" for dessert. It may look like the specialty of the house, but it's really very easy to prepare. Coconut Crested Apples 6 (art apples, cored , 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 cup water 1/2 teaspoon orange extract or 3/4 cup sugar * grated orange rind 3/4 cup shredded coconut /1/2 cup cream, whipped V Place apples in baking dish, add water, and sprinkle with 3/4 cup sugar. Bake in hot oven (400° F.) 45 minutes, or until done. Cool. Fold 1/2 cup of the coconut, 2 tablespoons sugar, and orange extract into whipped cream. Top apples with the mixture. Garnish with remaining coconut. Chill before serving. Makes 6 servings. FEATURED BRANDS BY INDEPENDENT POOD DEALERS Use Like Fresh lemon Ju/ee REALEMON RECONSTITUTED LEMON JUICE £ IN BOTTLES Read Register-Mail Want Ads "Always Fresh" • Vocuum potVei for flavor '/ffl • Economical FunsterVs Whole Blanched NET Wt. ALMONDS Always Fresh" • VtcMumpfleW for flavor • Economical PECANS rS 8 8 flTB'8'fl fl 6 fl 5 80 0 6'fl o 8 fl fl B o 8 fl'fl 0 fl fl fl 6 fl fl'fl'fl 8 0'0'oVfl'o 'i •>!•)*•* ...a winner in EACH of the "LUCKY < • I Is •» I ELIGIBLE STATES will receive a beautiful PRIZES Natural Ranch Mink Capo-Jacket. '1,850 SICOND ... a winner in EACH of the "LDCKT 4" ^ _ PMXES KLHJIBLK STATSB will receive $| QQQi I TMII0 MIZI...« stunning Natural Ranch Mink Clutch Cape I 1 FOURTH PRIZE...* dramatic Natural Ranch Mink Stole! 15 FIFTH PRIZES...each a perfectly matched 4-Skin Natural Ranch Mink Scarf! Certified Total Retail Value of Prlxet-$ 17,255.00 ,8.ll.ajl.ttJl.flJUU >-flJ .g.0.0.0 .fl.«,tt fl.B .g.0.0.0A8J.0-0..0.8.fl.g.8 ,w .fl.fl.O 0 v .(l ,.v ,0 .v .g .U -0J It's So Easy! Here's all you do: No complicated entry blank* to fill out...No statement! to complete/ Just select one of your own favorite recipes in which you use deli- ciouB,country-fresh Milnot. It may be a simple, easy-to-prepare family favorite... or it may be an exciting new way to use Milnot! For example, your entry may be a delicious dessert (frozen or cooked) . . . unusual candies, cakes, cookies, or rolls...a savory casserole or main dish,.. a rich, hearty soup or tangy sauce ...a tempting salad! ANT recipe in which you use Milnot msy win sither a glamorous mink cape- jacket or a second prize of $1,000 cash for you. Print your recipe neatly on a plain sheet of white paper and attach one Milnot label. YOU MAT SUBMIT A8 MANY ENTRIES AS TOU WISH. Read the easy rules for COMPLETE DETAIIA. MILNOT Features MILNOT hai NO "CANNED" TASTE I It's dell- cioui In coffee and on cereafi... on deuerri I MILNOT MORE THAN TRIPLES In velum* when WHIPPED ... end II whips at reeet temperature I Ne chilling nsceisoryl MILNOT IS HIGH IN NUTRITION VALUE . . . packed with energy-giving proteins,bone-ouildingcalcium, vitamins! MILNOT IS WONDERFUL FOR All COOKING PURPOSES . . . wherever milk, cream, whipping cream or a canned or evaporated milk !• called fori MIINOT COSTS LESS then a tenned er evaporated milkl Actus/ photograph of Mink Capt-Jotkil Just imagine the thrill of owning a breathtakingly beautiful mink! Milnot will award 4 FIRST BBIZES:, one lovely full-fashioned mink cape-jacket to a lucky winner in EACH of the 4 eligible states! Plus 4 SECOND PRIZES: $1,000 CASH to a lucky winner in EACH of the 4 eligible states! Plus 1 THIRD PRIZE of a gorgeous mink clutch cape! Plus 1 FOURTH PRIZE of a stunning mink stole! AND . . . 15 FIFTH PRIZES .. . each a perfectly matched 4-skin scarf! These fabulous furs ore ail finest quality Natural Ranch Mink, certified by John O. Summers, Inc., 185 North Wabash, Berving Chicago's most discriminating clientele since 1920. Hurry I KNTER NOW I Get and Enter IWM! Follow these 1. Select any one of your favorite Milnot recipes. Print it neatly on a plain sheet of paper—one •ide only. a. Attach a label from one can of Milnot to your entry. Submit as many entries a* you wish, but each must be on a separate sheet of paper, complete with name ana address of sender. Each must be accompanied by one label from* can of Milnot. Bach entry must also include the name and address of the grocery store where you regularly purchase Milnot. 4. Contest is open ONLY to residents Of ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MISSOURI, and OKLAHOMA. Employees and families of Milnot end their advertising agency are not eligible to enter. •• Send your entries to POST easy RULES! omen BOX 831, Chicago 77, Illinois. All entries must be postmarked before midnight, November 30, and be received in Chicago no later than December 7, 1953. Winners will be notified by mail as soon as possible after close of contest. •• Decision of the judges is final. Duplicate prizes will be awarded in case or ties. All entries become the property of Milnot, and none will be returned. Contest subject to all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. F> Upon entering contestants accept the prize structure and all conditions of the contest as stated. • • Judging Will be on the basis of originality, suitability, and ease of preparation by the com- g etent ana impartial staff of :. U Polk & Company. Mlinsi 1$ produced in modern delry eleni* to UUeels, Indian*, Mfciteuri, sue Oldens**. or one of 25 CASH or MINK prizes em jacket 1st TNI FABULOUS Recipe Contest Sff US fOe CONTEST RU1FS *\ .O'TOMATIC // -•SHIRS s !^i ««»'U«SI UNCO POWDER BLEACH Safe 'Oft flNt MBftlCt OCT FUU QUART UNCO LIQUID BLEACH FREE OF EXTRA COST WITH COUPON ON PKQ. 20 OZ. PKO. gf^st PLANTERS SWTS? C^MIOTS VACUUM PACKED AhupFmk THE CHOCOLATE TREAT THAT'S NEAT TO EAT' m FAMILY SIZI —\\>ieticfvmek— WHEAT GERM Rich in VITAMIN Bl VACUUM PACKED. It OZ.JAfI \ BLACK // , f \WALNUT5j "Always Fresh* • Vdcuum-pscLsi for flaw e Economical Funster,* Eastern BLACK WALNUTS! NIT WflOHI 4 0*1 CAY rooo OLOSSY put-f pw-f DISPOSITION^ APPITITI -f* Si* L DISTRIBUTED TO YOUR LOCAL GROCER 1Y BROWN SPECIALTY CO. mmmmmmmmm**mmmmmmmmmmmBmmmm

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