The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 21, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1935
Page 4
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Oatmeal Cookies, | A i per dozen 1 vv McGraws'Food Store OXE OP THE PIONEERS. .Morris T. Brookbailk is Totally IJIiml I5ut (Jets Around Town. pleasure out of the articles in the Tipton Daily Tribune, concerning the early history of this county as both have a first hand knowledge of much of it. Mrs. Brookbank's Muclx Weaker. eported John F.- Staats wa Tuesday morning to be mu(:h j ! KU ,u is S3 and his wife 7' •weaker at the Beechwood hospital; T , K , fl)nner who Wn3 where he has been quite ill fur the past several days following 'a cerebral hemorrhage. He is gradually growing weaker, and his condition is reiardt/d as . critical. i Monday a Tribune reporter en-j maiden name was Lucetta Balser. i joyed a visit with Mr. and Mrs. j They have one son Paul residing j Morris T. Brookbank in their, on the home farm, they leaving | home at Sharpsville finding them j the farm in 1912 and removing to Sharpsvile. Mr. Brookbank also has the distinction of being one of the oldest Masons in Sharpsville, having been a member for 61 years. both in fairly good health for persons of their years. Mr. Brook- RITZ THEATRE SUNDAY, MONDAY Justice ; of the Peace of Liberty town;Ship. Iia.-i the distinction of being] [the eldest male resident of; | Kharpsvillc. Mr. Brookbank is now totally blind, his eye sight; having been failing for years be-j fore it totally left. j Hi-spite this handicap, he gets ahoiit whi-n the weather is nice, lull lias a hard time following a straight course, haying a tendency H) veer to the left when walking. He attributes this to his being left handed. There is always some one to set him right and he. can fairly well. His wilt- docs they have been JOSEPH N. II. Goar who reside li Tipton had anned to go to h ime to celebrate the father's his birthday, a: id they may take along a snap ot of the baby, who will likely >t want to make the trip. Mrs. J. Clyde Goar prior to her marriage was Miss Goldle Bess d she and the new son are get- tibg along nicely. .Mr. anil Sirs. Clyde Goar Parents of Fine Baby Boy. Mr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Goar residing at 236 First street are the parents of a fine baby son born Monday night, the youngster being the second child in the home, welcomed by a sister Barbara. The baby was born on the 69th birthday of its grandfather, Jos-|te ih; 1 reading and getting much about el ,|, x. Goar and has been named j w Joseph N. Goar in honor of the lit ,'randiiarents who resides at New co Lisbon. Sunday children of Mr.|tn Continues Very HI. Mrs. Ralph Zimmerman, s been ill for the past COURT MARTIAL IS who I two High jArmy Officer Is Being Trifcd, But Utmost Secrecy Is Imposed. IDENTITY IS UNKNOWN ;eks, starting with a throat infection, continues to he confined tc| her home and her condition is j ch as to cause uneasiness. Poi-| ! so|n from the throat infection has I j —: tered her system! and she is| j oken out in blotches over her! ) my Unitc.i Press). dy. Monday there was a slight I Washington, May 21. — The iprovement in heir condition, j army surrounded the court martial ». » ' of one of its high ranking officers today with such unusual secrecy Is Improving.' Naomi Ruth Findling. daugli- r of Mr. and Mrs. ic. E. Findling .'st of Tipton, is reported to be proving splendidly after being nlincd to her bj>d with the 'T BUY ANY UNLESS IT HAS ESSENTIALS 'ess 1 Preserves foods safely at temperatures below 50° Freezes plenty of ice and desserts quickly IV-v Frigidaire '35 does these things better—even in the hottest weather—because of the SUPER FREEZER ;w which makes possible A COMPLETE REFRIGERATION SERVICE Freezing for making ice •Frozen Storage for meats and •EictraColdStorageJor keeping * Moist Storage Jor vege- ettbes and desserts \ icecream a reserve .supply qf ice cubes tables and fruits •Normal Storage i for food* 16 BEAOTIFBL MODELS...ALL WITH THE SUPER FREEZER FBEI n to JACK PEAEL ',-.' $ new show Vith Fred's Orchestra, every <$:' 9: f.° f- *•• SERVICE MOTQR 123 *«rth tnfttfiendeiM! ft. PhoMn •< CO. i' ! that not even his name was re- 'vealed.j Army officers refused to confirm more than that such a trial i'j being held in Washington bai- racks. ; The room where grim-vis- jaged high officers tit in judgment ; u:' a Ifellow officer is closely guarded. j Widci interest in the trial in the | trial iii army ami other service •circles indicated the unusual importance of the hearings. Speculation concluded several officers <.>! high'rank. Public interest was aroused to the highest pitch in recent years. OVdiiuirily but little public interest attaches to a court martial trial of: an army officer. In the present '' trial, however, such se- 1 crecy has been thrown about th-? j whole proceedings that the offices I on trial has become in popular | t'-.Micy* a vertiabfo "tower of London prisoner." I The parallel has been drawn \K! tween Ihe present court martial I and thei secret military trial in ' London a few months ago of a j socially ! prominent young officer ! of a famous Britisli Guards'regi: incut who was convicted on I charges of giving uway important | Rritish military secrets to an 111- I id-national spy ring. The young officer was a solitary prisoner in the tower of London before his identity '• was established or the charges i against him became known. War department officials and high army officers were understood to be under direct instructions from Secretary (if "War George II. Deru to maintain the strictest secrecy:, it was admitted, however, lhat the; office involved was of high rank, but is not a general. The charges are believed to be the outgrowth of the house military affairs committee's investigation of the activities of lobbyists practicing in the war department on behalf of firms selling equipment to the army, and the acceptance of loans or other favors from these lobbyists by one or two army officers who handled purchase contracts for the war de- partmentl One officers was said to have accepted a; S2.0»0 loan from the salesman; of a concern furnishing materials to the army. It was positively stated that the officer onj trial is not colonel Jo r - seph I. Ji.cMullen, chief of the patents section of the judge advocate general's; department, who has been accused by the house com mittee's investigators with having accepted i-etainer fees as a lawyer from firms doing business with the war department while he was still on the status of active duty in the army. At the time that investigation of lobbyists' activties were started last December, Secretary Dera issued a formal statement in which he said the war department welcomed such investigation, and that of any army officers were found guilty of wrong doing they would be disciplined without fear or favor. A court martial has the power to pass sentences ranging from mere reprimand for minor infractions of the law or military code, to dishonorable discharge and imprisonment for more grave 01'- fenses, and 'even death in cases involving capital punishment. MARRIAGES RISING. Depression Seems to Have Provided an Incentive. • Chicago, May 21. — Changes produced in the national life of the United States by the impact of economic factors of the perio<l of depression and recovery are analyzed in the annual "social changes" number of The American Journal of .Sociology, published by the University of Chicago Press. No clearly marked effects of the depression • on births and deaths are apparent, according to a study by Warren S. Thompson of ti?e Scripps Foundation for Re- seavnh in' Population Problems. The decline in births from 1929 The findings of the court mar- to 1934 was 230 - OC0 ' as compared Paint, Enamel, flj Chamois, Bub _ Gloves, Wail Paper, Etcj tial must be reviewed by the i judge advocate general of the to 350,000 from' 1924 to 1929, army and be approved by both'the secretary of war and the presi- Jent of the United States before (he sentence can be executed.- LEAYKS XATAL. Young Spanish Flier Sets Course for Brazilian Coast. (Fly United Press). Xatal, Brazil, May 21. Ignacio Pombo, love — Juan smitten {and a slight increase in births is indicated for 1934. The death rate, which declined from 1929 to 1933, showed a slight increase in 1934 of 55,000. Although this increase in deaths was very small, it was sufficient, despite the 1934 increase of births, to make the increment to population by excess of births over deaths only 851,000, the smallest in many decades. Although economic improvement was not adequate to account ••oung Spaniard flying across the'for the rise, marriages increased \ pared to 982,000 in 1932. •cnan and continent to join the rapidly in 1933 and 1934, num- lirl of his heart, landed today ' bering 1,245,000 in 1934 as com- t'rom Bathhurst, Africa. In his speedy monoplane, he j crossed the South Atlantic, the j I'oungest aviator ever to accon!--! >lish the feat. He is bound for [ Mexico City. Attending Meeting. The state funeral director? are CHAVEZ TAKES SEAT. .New Senator Is Given Snub By Progressives. : holding their spring meeting In the manufacturers buiicling at the state fair grounds, Tuesday and Wednesday and a number of mem- <T!y United I'l-cssl. Rio de Janicro, Brazil. May 21. —A plane believed to be that o.r bers from this county will at- Iiian Ignacio Pombo was report- I tend. •<i to have passed over Fernando | Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. John Voronha Island, oft the coast of j Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert • irazil at 1 p. m. today. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ogle i and L. S. Leatherman were rep(Ity . Press*. . •Bathurst, Gambia, Africa, May resenting Tipton at the meeting. 21. —Juan Ignacio Pombo. 21- year-old Spanish aviator, took off, in bright moonlight this morning i Thomas ' for Natal, Brazil, on a flight visit to his sweetheart in Mexico City. Pombo hoped to reach the Brazilian coast, 1,834 land miles iway, by midafternoon. Youngest of transatlantic fly- >rs, on his way to keep a promise to visit Senorita Elena Ribero Corral of Santander, Spain, Pom- Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Little and Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Morris will attend the session. Visited Hero. Mrs. I.'M. Henderson of homa" City, Oklahoma, spent the ! past few days in Tipton with her daughter, Mrs. \Vavne ham arid family. She Cunning- went to ')0 took off at 1:1S a. m. (8:1S •i. m. Monday EST). The German dirigible . Graf zeppelin and steamships in his •;ourse watched for him as his ; plane flew south-south westward! toward the northeastern' tip of the Brazilian coast. From Natal, Pombo's course is: Belem, Brazil; Cheyenne, French; Guiana; Georgetown, British Gui-| ana; Maturin. Venezuela: Cara-i Mr and Mrs Davc McGuire of cas, Venezuela; Barranquilla, Co- '• Xo rth Main street, and Mrs. Enlombia: Colon, Panama: Guate-j ette McGuire of Lima, Ohio, are mala City, Guatemala: Vera Cruz,| in Peru for a few days _ De i ng i Sharpsville Sunday to be a guest Jin the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hawkins. She plans to remain in the county for a month visiting with relatives and friends, being a former resident of the Sharpsville community. Called to Peru. Mexico, and Mexico City. Hoy Improves. Pecan or Apricot Rolls Butterfly Rolls DePasse Bakery Why Pay More? B f"•'.'•::•' J • I" 11 '' A 4 £.•..••:.?::;. ostouxte ;.. " :./ L-.vt.m W .. i 4-AA to EEE | . i — BJNNAi JEfcTICKS — 90 America's Smartest Walking - ' • • ..II NU-WAY SHOE STI North Bide Saj i ' I ;• ' ' — Tijiton I i David John Coverdale. sou of Mr. and Mrs. John Coverdale of this city was reported to he much better Tuesday morning after undergoing an operation Monday ifternoon at the Beecliwood hospital when a tube was placed in his left side to drain his lung. The little lad first became ill with the measlep and later developed pneumonia, his condition being critical. ' Tttonflay. night, m u c h pus drained from, the infected lung, and Tuesday morning he wiis quite improved. j called there Sunday by the death of a very dear friend, Mrs. -G. C. Weinke which occurred Sunday in the Duke's Memorial hospital. They will remain until after the funeral services which will be held Peru. Wednesday afternoon in Lady p' the Lake Hosiery LANE'S Phone 182. ISO E. Jefferson (By United Press). Washington, May 21.—Mem* hers of the so-called senate Progi t ressive tloc arose and walked oaf| of the chamber Monday when Sen; Dennis havez, D., was sworn in' to succeed the late Sen. Bronson N. Cutting, R., N. M. . Included in 1 the group were Senators Rabert M. LaFollette, P., Wis., Hiram Johnson, R., Cal., Geraid P. Nye, R., N. D., George W. Norris, R w Neb., and Henrik. Shipstea.1, F-L., Minn. •. They were the only members of the bloc present; when the 47- year old Albuquerque attorney and former congressman was led down the aisle to take the oath from Vice President John N. Garner. As Chavez reached Garner's chair, the five senators rose and walked out. Chavez was criticized because he contested Cutting's election fast fall. He dropped the case after the latter's death in a recent airplane accident. As soon as Garner finished and Chavez went to his seat, the Progressives returned. ' MARINES CALLED OUT. ' ^ Needed in Philadelphia to Protect Food From Strikers. (By United Pre*O. Philadelphia, May 21.—A detachment of"Unifed States marines was ordered to the produce mar-" ket district Monday to shield food.; stuffs destined for the navy yard : from striking truck drivers an<C teamsters. Bible Quotation. The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment. — t Luke 12:23. •- Tribune Want Ads Get Results.- Heinz Soups... .2 for 23c Except Consomme and Clam Chowder—Saturday Only Sterling Grocery: 420 Walnut St. Phone 384. Southeast Granite Company TOMBSTOH^S New Designs - ifew Prices , 3. H. COPPOCK; Salesman . Phone 2171. Tipton, Ind. For Examination. Tuesday morning the Young ambulance took Ray-Cox from his home on North East 'street to. the office of his .physician for an X-ray examination. At the time Mr. Cox was injured he made no complaint of his shoulder being hurt, except for a small abrasion of the skin under the arm. The right shoulder has be"en paining him much since the accident and : the X-ray will ;be: used to see if there is any serious trouble. old" Deft Hospital, Frlendd in' 1 Windfall have; re- Iword that Robert, 10-yfar- —- and l^rs. Spy O~~' town ;has bean ief«aroy^l»9f - »•&$ la"—* DIAMONDS for Graduation i After all, graduation r deserves a gift as fine as j a diamond. } It is easy enough to innd and give just ANY !kH of .a gifOnt 1& Tonight sutlers and Also Musical ^

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