The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 28, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1947
Page 2
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Radio Highlights By C. K. 1IUTTUKK1ELD (For daylight add one hour.) New York, April 27—When the networks shift to' daylight operation, that generally means a host of other program shifts. This time it is no •.different, for starting- Monday. here are most, of the items to be moved around on what network: •: •• :.. • . ;•...,•..:..'. ., . ' CBS- 1 —These are all- new times in addition to noted changes: 2:30 Winner Take all. daytime .division expanded to 30'mins.: 3 Hint "Hunt increased to"-25 ; mins.; 4--Hou'se party; G:30 Winner. Take '-'"All' adding an evenijig .half-hour; 3:30 - Bob HaWk.:/,,-:'.., - ; ••„.:•—'' ~ v '."~r^..-' , '...'.-. ABC—-Just a~ couple:,of rswitches: 2:45 ;Tommy ; BartleU ' sho.w,; r -!'3:.15 Hollywood .tour• quiz. ' ; v- :• " , MBS-rQult'e a few, -air new times: 10:30 a. m. -Ben Alexander program; 11 Victor Xindlahr^on food; 12:15 p.. v : See the 1947 .Post War Model SPINET PIANOS There's A BEST in Everything In BREAD . It's -.CASKET'S Caskey Baking Co. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co". TELEPHONE 2000-2001 O.P.O. Clothes SUITS and TROUSERS Arriving: Daily "Factory to You" 11 W.-Washington Street •iiiiimiiiiniimtiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiuiiiimiittiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiitiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiii-. I Franklin Self Service I 1 625 W. Franklin-St. Pfi. 4227-W I | PLENTY OF ' I | PARKING SPACE ' ' | 1 Out of the Congested Area i | Daily 9-6. Fri. & Sat. 9-9 1 'iimmiiHwtiiiMiiiimiiiiutiiiimtmiiintiiiiniiimtiiiiMiiiiiiiimmiiimii? Galvanized WASH TUBS HARRY S.MYERS m. Bobby Nqrris-' strings: 2 • News and commentary; .2:15, Smile -Tim*. Secretary of State Georgre C. Marshall's, talk. on, the Moscow conference' of, Foreign ^Ministers will. be carried by the networks at 8:30 (Monday night). Regular programs have been cancelled to make way for it. Jascha Heife't'i again is to be suest soloist of the Don Voorhees concert, on NBC,at 8 p. m.. playing at: least three numbers. The" Mojiday guest dramas include: NBC 7 Cavalcade of America. Anne -Baxter in "Frontier Widow;" CBS 1 Suspense. Ann Sheppard in VThe .House of the Living Corpse;" CBS S Kadio Theater, ".My Darling Cle'iieutine" with: Henry Fonda, Cathy Downs and Richarde Conte- CBS 3 Screen Guild. Jackie 1 Cooper in.. "Stork .Kites--Man," also Gus Schilling; and Anita Louise. The Mullen" sisters : will be the sinsring : guests of Contented concert on NBC at 9. . ."...\ Other Item* NBC—11:30 a. m. Words and Music; 2 p. m. Life Can Be Beautiful; 6 Radio Supper doib; 7:30 Howard Barlow concert; 9:30 I.- Q. quiz; from Portland. Ore. CBS—10 a. .,m. Robert Q. Lewis for Godfrey; 2 p. .m. Song Bouquet; 5:30 Red Barber and sports: 7:30 Joan Davis comedy; 10:30 Eileen 1-arrell concert. .ABC—S a. .m. Breakfast club; 11 a. m. Kenny Baker 'show; 3:30 p. m. Clint Edwards; 6:15 Elmer Davis; 7:30. Sherlock Holmes; S Treasury Agent; .9 Talks bv Doctors; 9:30 Fantasy in Melody. MBS—f):30 a. m. Say It with Music; 11:30 "a. m. Coast Guard on Parade; 1:30 -p. in. Harlem club; 6 (repeat 7) Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 7 Scotland Yard: 7:30 Gregory Hood Casebook;, 9: Fish and Hunt club; 9:30 Family Doctor drama. WJEJ—Roger stown 1240 ON YOUR DIAL . , MONDAY'S t-Hf>«»KAM 6:30 Dixie'Serenaders. B:4o-Farm Program and News. .7:00 Gene and His Gang.- 7:15 Rise and Shln^ 8:00 News. S:05 Rise and Shine. 8:15 Happy Birthday Club. 8:30 Little Record Show. 8:45 Family Altar. 9:00 News. . . 9:05 Melodies by Malcolm. 9:30 Novelty Time 9:45 Music in the Letter Vein. 9:55 Musical Interlude. 10:0 Arthur Gaeth. 10:15 Morning Devotion. ' 10:30 Remember This? 10:45 Art Baker. 11:00 Friendly. Philosopher. 11:15 Tell Your Neighbors. 11:30 Shopper's News. 12:00 Civic News. 12:15 Luncheon Melodies. 12:30 Coast Guard' on Parade. 1:00 Cedrlc Foster. 1:15 Smile Time. 1:30 .Special : Features. 1:45 Bobby 'Norris and His Singing Strings. 2:OC Queen for a Day. 2:15 Smile Time. 2:30 Harlem Hospitality Club. 3:00 Heart's Desire! 3:30 May We Help You? ' 3:45 Jackie Hill Show. 4:00 Tea.Time:Tunes.: , 4:15 Johnson/'Family' 4:30 Turn Table Time. - 4:4b Buck Rogrers in the 25th Century. 5:00 On the Bandstanfl - 15 Superman. 5:30 Evening Dance Tunes. 5:45 Tom Mix 6:00 Maryland News. 6:05 Sports Parade. 6:15 Faye and Pete. 6:30 Victorious Living. 6:35 Candlelight and Silver. 7:00 Fulton Lewis. 7:J5 Songs of Good' Cheer. 7:30 lienry J. Taylor. 7:45 Inside of Sports. -S:00 Scotland ^Tard., " S:SO The Case BOOK of Gregory - / Hood. <.-\.> 9:00 Gabriel Hekttftr. • 9:15 Nancy Jane. 9:30 G--v Lombardo'« Orchestra. 10:00 Tone Pictures. 10:15 Danes-Time. 10:30 Stephen Graham. Family Doc.,. .•=..-:: tor.-... .- : ' . 11:66 National MoondlaL 11:15 Hal Mclntyre's Orchestra. 11:30 Ray Robbin's Orchestra.. 11:55 Mutual Reports th« News. 12:00 Sign Off , 5:45. Tom Mix. ,..'•- . SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK •v/ -^- By R. : J.SCOTT PER. POPULATION <HE u.s. is WHOLLY eft DEAF ? BORK IK EKqLAKD IK-1483,, LIVED .10 SEE IO KIHCS AKD QUE.EHS OK <KE BRlf 1S . Hamilton. Homes, Inc., to Joseph D. Fowler and wife, Hamilton Park, 16600. . • - ...... Hamilton Homes, Inc., to Harry W. Bock and wife, Hamilton Park, $6200. > - . William S. Williams and wife to Walter K. Jordan and wife, District No. 12, $5800.' - : Lawrence J. Roberts and wife to Alden J. Roberts and , wife, west side Sideling'Hill Mountain, $500. Earl F; Selby. and wife to W. M. Logan Baker and wife, two parcels of land, west side Chestnut street, $800. ; Edgar S. Darner and. wife to James G. Robertson,and wife, parcel of land, north side of road leading, from Hagerstown to vCiear- spdng, $600'.-..•;•' , / Thelraa 0. 'Wastler Rottler and Walter- A. Rottler, -her 'husband,, to H. Raymond McCIain and wife, Cascade, $5100. ••-_; , : . •' Minnie M. Harp to Raymond G. Smith, and wife, west side South Potomac street, $8500. '. ' Verdeen Clopper to-Carl V., Zello and wife, west side Wise street, ?4500. •;.-., •.-,-* Sabina K. Baker to Clyde I Huntzberry and .wife, Keedysville §5500... Walter B. Reed and wife to Louis R. Saunders and wife, Funkstown $5000. i, , 'Mary'Ada Cover to Ezra-L. Pittman and wife, Hancock, $5000. Leonard" S. - Shingleton arid wife to Max'R.-Stouffer and'wife, two parcels of land,' with' improvements, Potomac Addition, $7600. ' Franklin M. Thomas and wife to John H. Baker, Jot, west side Wil- Sullivan Maytag Co. Authorized Dealer WILLIAMSPORT, MD. Phone 3566 VELOCIPEDES 12" front wheels, sturdy frames, h'vy rubber tires W. T. GRANT CO. 60 West Washington St. VISIT SEARS for. your Farm and Poultry Supplies Sears Roebuck & Co. / 8, North Potomac SL Phon* S3Z5 Realty Transactions Decline Here / •' As Sales Last Week Total $120'000 The Potoniat .. resolution 'thatrs broken—The -ability • of Want Ads to produce RESULTS .. The Wonder Flame For Automatic Water Heating HAGERSTOWN GAS CO. :- \ • ' ' .•..,...-••..•.•'. Wake up to NESTLES pur coffee! : The real estate market'had a rel-, atively quiet week' last week with sales totaling in the aggregate only about $120,000. There were no. large transactions recorded and the market in the main seemed to concern itself with unimproved tracts of land, indicative of sizeable future .building activities. . Three more Hamilton Park homes changed-owners during the week and there were a scattering of other-, residential property that changed hands. Brokers continue to emphasize that buyers are becoming more and more selective and definitely price conscious.. Most of', they say, whether the property in question, will be- worth the price now asked in years hence./ Among this weeks sales'were the following:. Francis M. Reed and wife to Harold D. Martin and wife, lot, south- side Sunset avenue, $900. • ./•Upton .L. Brown and wife to Maurice D~C6ol and wife, parcel of land, Election District No. 14," $200. ; Marshall E. Hurd and wife to John H. D. Stonebraker and wife, on west side of road leading from Bissell to 'Hagerstown, $5000. • Edgar P. Pryor and wife to Richard W. Mellott and wife, Beaver Creek'District, $4500. Orville A. Wagaman and wife to Wilbur P. BlickenstafE and wife, Pen Mar,,$4200. ',, .'.;" Garland E.'Groh and wife to Robert B. Evans, west side North Locust street, $1500. '' Thomas C. Griffith and wife to Lee H.- Wolf and wife, south side West. Wilson boulevard, 1 $8800. Robert M. Line-and wife to Willis A. Cornwell, lot,' Keedysville $100. ; , • -.-••'; ':. y; : -i;-Harry L..Slick and wife to Eston Douglas Yankey, two parcels o; land, .with improvements, District No. 20, $3000. : ^Catherine ! N. Corbett to Willard R. Wachter and wife, Hancock, §1,000. ' ; Raymond L. Ward and wife to John W. True .and wife, parcel-of land, Hancock Election District $125. ' . : .'. .' •> . • - , John A. Spencer to Clinton L Spencer and wife, two parcels o land, with improvements, Election District No. 11, $1000. Eugene. T. Worden and wife to Andrew E. Auxt and wife, Hamil ton Park, $6000. Catherine M. Kendall and Huber H. Kendall, her husband, to Clay ton Z. Troupe and wife, parcel o land, west side of- road leading from Smithsburg to Wolfsville $300. J. Milton Long and Nannie T Long to David W. Ausherman, Jr. and \vife, east side Maryland ave nue, S3900. Lotte G. Rohrer to Rolla A.-Grif fith and wife, two parcels of lane with improvements, Keedysville 32000. ' • For the Money You Need When You Need It CHOOSE A MONTHLY PAYMINT PLAN fl IJ * $5.02 9.23 «itt t S.38 10.05 18.46 S24.66 29.70 54.93 45.65 88.4S 11 W« 573.15 8958 174.39 , 'Need extra cash for bills, *' taxes, emergencies? Borrow ; S20 to $1000 at Household i- Finance Corporation—on ; note, car or furniture. No : endorsers are needed. Take I 12,15 or more months to repay, depending on the pur- i pose of your loan. Phone or 1 come in today. tune in "THE WHISTLER" America's Top Mystery Skow CBS—Wednesday Night 10 Public Squpre, 2nd Floor, Abovt L A B Hot Shop PHONE: Hog«ntown 4170 Loans made to residents of nearby ttncns HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Paymtnis abort include coils of the loan if rt- po\d on schedule. CAorjw on loans abort 3300 art madt unitr tke Industrial Finance Leap. Our chartts on all balances above $100 to $300 arc less than the full rate permitted by law. Stone and Cinder BLOCKS Bird Baths and Flower Boxes Supreme Concrete Block & Products, Inc. Phone 3369 Ml. E. of clt7 on Dant Kermit N. Mowery and wife to ohn S. Vaerchak and wife, east :de Cleveland avenue, $7400. W. Lee Elgin and wife to Albert [.Marshall, Harry B. Marshall, t/a [arshall's Plumbing and Heating, arcel of land, Dual Highway, $1000. Randolph Colbert' to Stella V. 'nger, west side Elm street, $3000. RHEUMATISM PAINS V Ktfitved in Few Minufet It is now easy to aid rheumatism pains: rh« test will cost you nothing. So why suffer another day from the agony of this painful ailment when you can secure MUSCLE-RUB, the new'prep- aration that not only relieves the pains of heumatism but also lumbago, muscle soreness, sprains, as well as the less serious ameness of muscles, and joints? It is no onger necessary .to dose the system with internal medicine.; The Entire MUSCLE- RUB treatment is a simple liquid, applied directly to the limbs, shoulders, neck, face or back—wherever the trouble may j>e. W« «irg« only that yow tnakt Hii» talk MUSCLE-RUE is now obtainable ot any drug st«r«. Buy it today. UM ono-half th* bottlo, and If you or* hot amazod and do- lightod with th« rtiulti, rtturn th» remaining half to your druggist, and ho will r*» fvnd yowr monoy. Tho prico U 49e rogwtar , 9Bc for largt, family slzo. ^ G*t a ftottl* of MUSCLE-RUB Tod«r AT ALL D1UG STOKES Ne wherry's KEEP PRICES DOWN! Patronize Your Neighborhood Triangle Grocer for the .Finest of Food Products Start Right With HOWARD'S BABY CHICKS Blood Tested 3-7 E Baltimore St. Ph. 80S Excellent Dellrerj Scrrtc* ROSE BUSHES 79c - ?1,29 McCrory 5c-10c-25c Store A B. C Will pay more money for good, clean, late model cars. Shop Around — Get the B.est Offer You Can. Then—Drive Out to Get from S50 to" $100 more. CASH IN 5 MINUTES. Automobile Brokerage Company 895 Penna. Ave. Phone 4593 AT LAST, Racing in -Maryland can operate as a free enterprise and share its prosperity .with every person in the State, because the New Maryland Plan eliminates fixed taxes and puts Racing on an "ability to pay" basis. -•> PIMLICO pledges you the finest events that can be held under the Maryland Plan for Racing—The Maryland Jockey Club. Established 1745. (25) 164 STYLES Residential and Fluorescent LIGHTING FIXTURES Priced 25% OFF Lowest List Price! RINGER ELECTRIC SERVICE 640 Frederick St. Phone 3338 The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. , 1M7. THREE ard street, $10 and other consid- rations; • Nearly a million cars of fresh 'ruits and vegetables' are shipped annually by rail to city markets. Several different »p«cie» of tr«e« are known* by the name lia." The onion belongs to the lily fain- ly i Seven-Up Bottling Co. .30 N. Prospect St. Phone 981 ',--.. J. E. Coons, Owner and Manager BEN OIK HO WOKK WASHDAY 0£MON$TRATEO! iXX>K.THE CLOTHES ARE BEING DAMP DRIED.. AND NO ONE TOUCHED THE BENDIX! / XES..AND BENOIX J EVEN TURNS ITSELF / OFF..WITH NO ONE j AROUND! ! DJD YOU SEE THAT! IT CHANGED-: ITS OWN WATER I WHX... •;.' IT RfNSEO 3 TIMES BENDIX^^Home Laundry CliANS SHUTS?** AND SAVES WATW...SAVfS SOAP ...SAVK CLOTHeS...SAVfS YOU See it yourself—the wonderful, work-free Bendir washing that has made hundreds of thousands of women ladies of leisure on washdays—for nine years! There's no question about the Bendix. It's been proved in use. See our demonstration—yon'll see Bendix washday miracles galore! Come in now! ITS EASY TO. FIND YOUR NEARBY DEALER—CHECK HIS NAME ON THE LIST BELOW Bohman-Warne, Inc. Eyerly's Dept. Store Ringer Elec. Service, Inc. Shockey Furniture Co. 35 W. Franklin St. 16 We»t Washington St. , 640 Frederick St. 28-30 Summit Are. Smithsburg, Md. Valley Hardware Co. Greencastle, Pa. J. B. Lindsay Hancock, Md. Box>nsboro, Md. V H. L. Creager & Son Farm Equipment Center

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