Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1958 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1958
Page 11
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SATUft&AV, JULY 5,1958 ALTON EVEN1MO TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN TV digest With Jfth* I*. J«m«i 12:50-(5) e:00-(4) Anfil« Oftkiey (5) Men of Atmapolit 6:30-(2) Dick Clark Show (4) Perry Mason (5) People Are Funny 7fW-(2) Country' Music Jubilee (5) Bob Crosby Show — (COLOR). 7:30-<4) Top Dollar ^ 8:00-(2) Lawrence Welk (4) Ohi Susanna (5) Club Oasis 8:30-(4) Have Gun, Will Travel (5) Turning Point 9:00-(2) Sherlock Holmes (4) Gunsmoke (5) Amateur Hour 9:30— (2) Spooktacular (4) Death Valley Days (5) Joseph Gotten Show 10:00-(4) Ten O'Ctock Report (5) Saturday Double Feature Weather—Fontaine First Run Theatre News Hiram and Sneeb Movietime USA The Late Show Weather Report Give Us This Day SUNDAY, JULY «th A.M. 7:25—(4) Give Us This Day Town and Country Camera Three Protestant Pulpit Film This Is The Answer Lamp Unto My Feet Metropolitan Church Off to Adventure This Is The Life Bible Puppets The Christophers Faith of Our Fathers Frontiers of Faith Faith for Today Way of Life The Christophers World Horizon Quiz a Catholic City Art Museum Sacred Heart TEA Film Ask a Priest World Traveler SUNDAY AFTERNOON Noon—(2) Adv. in Understanding (4) News—Max Roby Home Hunter's Guide Industry on Parade Labor Views The News Let's Face It News—Walt Williams Movie Museum Builder's Showcase Picture for a Sunday 7:30—(4) 8:00—(4) 8:30—(4) (5) 9:00—(2) (4) (5) 9:30—(2) (5) 9:45-d) 10:00—(2) (4) (5) 10:30-(2) (4) (5) 11:00—(2) (4) (5) 11:30— (2) (4) . (5) 11:45— (2) (5) (5) 12:30-(2) (4) (5) 12:45—(5) 1:00—(2) (4) Afternoon (5) Movie 5 Theatre 1:30—(2) Gunfighters 2:00—(5) Victory at Sea 2:30—Request Performance (5) My Little Margie 3:00—(5) Meet Mr. Wizard 3:30—(4) Face'The Nation (5) Youth Wants to Know 4:00—(2) Foreign Legionnaire (4) Last Word (5) Victory At Sea . 4:30—(2) Joe Palooka. (4) Face The Nation (5) Comment 5:00—(2) Baseball Corner (4) The Search (5) Meet the Press 5:25—(4) CBS News—Bob Trout 5:30—(2) .The Lone Ranger (4) Air Power (5) Fun Fare SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) The Honeymooneri (4) Lassie (5) Noah's Ork Maverick Bachelor Father No Warning! Ed Sullivan Steve Allen—(COLOR) Anybody Can Play — 6:30-(2) (4) (5) 7:00-(4) (5) 7:30-12) (Debut). 8:00—(2) (4) (5) 8:30-(2) (4) 9:00-(2) (4) (5) 9:30-(2) tre (4) (5) 10:00-(2) (4) (5) 10:30-(4) (5) 10:45-<4) Baseball Corner G. E. Theatre Chevy Show (COLOR) You Asked For It Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Playhouse $64.000 Challenge Decision (DEBUT) Science Fiction Thea What's My Line? The Gray Ghost Hollywood Showcase I Search for Adventure Target News—Max Roby Frontier The Late Show MIVIRS WATIR SOFTINMS • Salei • Service • installation * A SPRINGMAN GODFREY 6-4931 11:00—(5) Eleventh Hour Feature ll:30-(2) News, Weather, Sports 12:00-(2) Movietime U. S. A. 12:20-(4) Late News Roundup 12;30-(5) Quest lot Adventure !2:35-(4) Action Playhouse 1:(KM5) Weather l:05-(4) Give Us This Day MONDAY, JULY 7th A. M, 6:25*<"(4) Give Us This Oay 6:30—(4) Town and Country 7:00—(4) Morning St. Louis (5) Today 8:30—(2) Camera Two 8:45—(2) Cartoon Time 8:50—(4) CBS Morning News 8:55-(5) Wilma Sims Kitchen 9:00— (2) Romper Room (4) For Love or Money (5) Dough Re Mi 9:30-(4) Play Your Hunch (5) Treasure Hunt 10:00-(2) Animal Land (4) Arthur Godfrey (5) Price Is Right 10:15—(2) Romance Theatre 10:30—(4) Dottp (5) Truth or Consequences 11:00—(4) Love of Life (5) Tic Tac Dough 11:30—(2) Tom Dailey . (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (COLOR) ll:45-(4) Guiding Light AFTERNOON Noon—(4) News • and Weather (5) Charlotte' Peters 12:05—(4) Buddy -Moreno Show 12:30—(2) Cartoon Club (4) As The World Turns l:00-(2) Trouble With Father (4) Beat The Clock (5) Boston Blackie 1:30—(2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Haggis Baggis (COLOR) 2:00— (2) Life With Elizabeth (4) Big Payoff (5) Today Is Ours 2:30—(2) Coffee Break (4) Verdict Is.Yours (5) From These Roots 3:00—(2) American Bandstand (4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30—(2) Trust Your Wife? (4) Edge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romances 4:00—(2) American Bandstand (4) S. S. Popeye (5) My Little Margie 4:30—(4) The Early Show (5) Steve Donovan 5:00—(2) Superman (5) Wrangler's Club 5:30—(2) Mickey Mouse Club 5:45-(5) NBC News — Huntley, Brinkley Report FraternityNames K.K.HouglandJr. Graduate of Year 9 URB4NA-CHAMPAIGN, H] Karl K. Hoagland Jr., 25, of Alton, who received his law degree from the University of Illinois in June, second in a class of 84, has been named "Graduate of the Year. 1958" by Phi Delta Phi, law fraternity. He is currently on active duty as second lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Hoagland. * Hoagland competed for the national honor with 15 district nominees from throughout -the country. Judging for district honors was by practicing attorneys, law professors, and judges. Selection of winner was by sealed ballot of three national president of Phi Delta Phi, voting indepently. Announcement was in "The Brief", quarterly journal of the fraternity. A graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, Hoagland made an outstanding record there which he continued at Illinois. He served on the editorial board and as associate editor of the Illinois Law Forum, as chajrman annual Recognition Banquet, and maintained a scholastic average of 4.5 plus on a scale of 5 representing "A". He is a member of Order of Coif and Pho Delta Phi, law honorar ies. During summers while ' n school, he worked in personnel and finance departments, Alton Box Board Co., and as law clerk for Green & Hoagland, Alton. A goodwill gift of 360 daffodils was flown from England to Singapore for a flower show. SERVICE FREE Ni«bt Mi IttMay fcrvfet Ato AvdtoMt STATE TV SERVICE !• MILTON IMMU, AI/TON, 114- The Telcfraph'sDailv Radio Chart KRO M0 HC RMOfc (4JM) UMftt •WR <MM> IIM Kt mm* tftt* HU Newi; Moeltot Monitor . N«ws P.-D. Jaa central Marry taff Prep Parad* on Newsotna New* New*: Sports Jo* OminVel! New*: wa»tH*» Monlttt Country Muiw BOO Burn** BOB ooddard Album New*; Greenw«U JOB oreenweil ox Ballroom N«wi; Monitor Monitor Jstt Central Album Mui sun Off Newt: Monitor Monitor Grand 01* oort Newt • Raymand Show Dane* Band Album Musrt News: Monitor Monitor Grand oit Opr» New Record Rally ,1 U New* Newt Night Music World New* Harry Fandar Recdrd Rally New* . Night Muite H II Newa; Harry Jendar Newi __ ~. "Record Rally* SUNDAY 9 . M M 10 1 11 .M .U M .tt 2 Jt .U JO .41 JO M .M .4$ 6 .IS M .41 7 .u JO .45 8 9 M .If JO 10 M M M 111 nay OWM M I* It n Sacred H»art Faith In Actloa Methodist Hour Country Journal Symphonic Concert M •• Newt Newt News; Weather Jewish Program Christian Selene* Art of Living World Newt Visit with Kitty Newt •Religious Mutle The Flndert Rev. Ellsworth Word ol Life Protestant Hour . »• ,* Newt; Pulpit National Radio Pulpit Church of the Air Learning invltattea Newt Story Time HURO Wtnterhalter News: Monitor Monitor News: Monitor Monitor' .. News: Washington Grace Buntbry ' Music Newt "catholic Information Sacred Heart, oaviu Ku»* oresv New* . Newt Rev. Walls UK Bandstand »» »» Newt: Bandstand OK Bandstand Morning Worship News: Monitor Moments ot Mutt* Eternal Llibt News; Sports Monitor Newt Hollywood Oat* Capital Cloakroom Music Stage Ford Show _ World News Harry Caray Lutheran Hour Jack Donnell 1st Baptist Church t, i* •» Sen. Douglas St. Francis Hour Jack .Donnell News; Monitor Music Best In Music News Cradle ot Chrltt M. J. Wilcox Luncheon Date Jack Donnell Monitor Faith * Martin •• ii •« Monitor •1 M Monitor 99 tt Monitor •• » •W News; Monitor On the Line Meet. the Preie News; Monitor Monitor > M M i» t| M 1* tl *l *» M It » Harry ) Cards-Si 1* ii *» ti M »» It t» II 1* • t II II II t» •! M M Newt Sen. Dlrksen Georgetown Forum Jack & Jerry News. Ballroom OK Ballroom Jack * , Jerry •> M ' •• News: Ballroom OK Ballroom Jerry Brown News: Ballroom OK Ballroom Jerry Brown News: Ballroom Jo* Greejnwall •t u t Cardinal Scoreboard Baseball Secret Musical Holiday News: Monitor Monitor Walter Cronkite Mitch Miller Best In Music Musical Holiday »< *» News News. Music OK Ballroom Milton Assembly Sign Off News; Monitor Monitor Monitor Catholic Hour Best In Music ' Ford Show FBI. Peace. War Newt Johnny Dollar Ford Show Suspense Holiday Newt Musical Holiday News Newt Night Millie Billy Graham Steve > Rowan Face the Nation World Tonight Musical Holiday JNewa Night Mutle Newa i Sign OH Quiet Mutle Sign Off MONDAY 6 £B:3 John Roadel Newi Today's -Almanaa News Clockwatcher Jim Butlw Weather Jack A Jerry Newt Jack ft Jerry Newt 7 .09 .IS M .45 Newt , Weather Tuneup rime Newt World News Rev Davit Clockwatcher Sports Jack It Jerry 'Newt Jack A Jerry News 8 Newt; Day Farm Newt Rev Flovd Music; Day Newt: " Sports; Day News; Day Bob Day World News Sports Newt Time; Tempos World News Clockwatcher Jack * Jerry Newt Newt Bob Day .IS J» .U 10 Truth. Consequence! Bandstand Arthur Godfrey • M . «• Jack * Jerry New* , Jack 4 Jerry Newt News: Hurley Hurley; Music leuo guu Ann. Time Bandstand Newt Whispering Streets Grant Williams Howard Miller Shopping Basket Newt' Shopping Basket 11 12 Newi Playhouse Party Warren; New* Backitage Wlta Helen Trent Songi: Newa Newi •hopping BMket News; Music OK Barylstand Guessing Game Bargain Counter .Newi Country Time Myrtle Gainei .IS News; Weather Playhouse Party P. M. 1 JO .15 Newt: Headline* Ma Perkins Or. Malone Road of Life Reed Farrell 2 3 4 .IS True Confessions One Man's Family Dr. Gentry Newa 5-Star Matinee* Woman In Houaa Pepper Young New* Mickey Els* Rich! to Happlnes* 2nd Mrs. Burton Couple Next Door Our Gal Sunday Nora Drake Just Entetratnment Houugarty v - Bousewive* Jack Buck New* Reed Farrell News Farm and MM. Amazing Grace Club News New* Reed Farrell News; Day Bob Day Guessing Game Bob Day News: Music J..Palen New* Gil Newsom* New* News; Music OK Ballroom News Mickey Els* New* Jack Buck Git Newiom* News; Music OK Ballroom 5 Greene Girls To Appear In State Fair Dress Revue CARROLLTON — Miss JoyceiMiss Barbara Snidle of the Car- Flatt, Miss Joanne Frank, Misslrollton Community Chums will be Jackie Horn and Miss Joyce Schroeder. members of the Car- olllon Community Chums 4-H on display at the state fair. The garment cdnstructed by Miss Carol Farrow. of the Carrollton Club, and Miss Barbara Hallock ofjCommunity Chums is an alternate he Patterson Prissey Misseys 4-H and will be sent if any of the other Club, were selected to represent girls do not send their clothing reene County in the annual 4-H!projects. Club dress revue which will be| Fourteen girls in the county were held in connection wilh the Illinois State Fair in Springfield in August. The girls will be modeling dresses of their own construction. Miss Judy Martin of the Mt Gilead Club and Miss Darla Havelka of the Carrollton Community Chum* are alternates and will ap- >ear in the revue K any of the first live are unable to attend. The girls were selected at the annual Greene County 4-H Club Achieve- men 1 program Wednesday Miss Barbara Klinepeter o'f the CarrQllton Community Chum* will demonstrate flower arrangement at the state fair and her alternate will be Miss Judy Kay Martin uf Mt. Gilead. Garments made by Miss Chen Sowmun of Fayette Workers; Miss Jane Cox ol the jolly Jills nod rated Thursday in the high 10 per cent' of the county in dress revue They were- Sherri Bowman of the Fayette Club; Jane Cox of the Jolly Jills; Barbara Hallock. Patterson Prissey Missey; Judy Martin of Mt* Gilead: Carol Farrow. Linda Farrow Joyce Flatt, Joanne Frank, Darla Havelka Jackie Horn. Judy Ostermann. Shirley Rae Roll Joyce Schroeder and Barbara Snidle, all members of the Carrollton Community Chums. To demonstrate and attend fopcU at the State Fair are Mosa- Area Children Injured By Nails, Falls WOOD RIVER - Two area youngsters were treated for wounds after stepping on nails and four persons- were treated or other injuries at Wood River Township Hospital Thursday and 'rlday. Sharon Troutwine, six, daugh* et of Mrs. Helen Troutwine, 1309 First St., Cottage Hills, was reated for wounds to her left oot aftet stepping on two nails. Larry Herrin, seven, son of Mr. and Mr?. Aha Herrin, 107 •J. Cherry St.,.. Hartford, was reated .for wounds also to his left oot, Injured in falls were: Robert Voel, yearold son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Noel, 131 W. Elm St., Hartford who suffered a aceration to his forehead when ie struck his head on the edge of a door at the home of his aunt in Alton. Billy Rushton, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Bonnie Hushton, 416/^Ashlock, incurred a [aceration to the right, side of his chest when he fell in the Rushton basement. Rebecca Davis, seven, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis, 718 Ridge Lane, East Alton, injured her left arm in a fall from a swing.'She was sent to St. Joseph's Hospital in Alton following emergency treatment here. Miss Opal Rexford, 332 Grand, East Alton, injured her left ankle when she fell down the basement steps at her home. Dorcas Circle Meets At Wood River Church WOOD RIVER—Financial assistance to the New Christian College in St. Louis was voted as the project of the coming year at the Thursday meeting of the Dorcas Circle of the First Church of Christ, Christian. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. William Hicks, with about 25 in, attendance. Out of town guests were Mrs. Charles Secor of Joliet and Mrs. D. M. Lyon of Houston, Tex.,"both of whom are visiting locally. Mrs. Harry Canfield, president, presided at the meeting and also conducted the Bible guiz which features the program. Minor Accident WOOD RIVER—Only one motor vehicle ac'cident was reported to police by. this morning as the'Fourth of July weekend pro- grossed and that involved collision of an automobile with a parked car. The incident occurred early Thursday night on State street near Elble avenue. Driver of the car was Loral M. Emery, 37, 620 North Dr., Fast Alton, who told police that he was traveling south on State when he drove too close and sidesvviped the left side of a machine owned by Louis L. Palmer. STATE ROUTE BELOW HARTFORD No charges were filed in the Grading is tinder way for the extension of Alternate Highway 67 along the benn of the Mississippi .River levee below Hartford. The divided four-lane highway, which eventually will extend to Granite City, now ends at the western limits of Hartford—Staff Photo. William Hollemteiner To Be Ordained Sunday WOOr RIVER — William Hot- lensteiner, who has served as director of Christian Education o[ the First Baptist Church, the past year, will be ordained as a ministci in formal services at the church at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. A graduate of 1he University of Dubuque, Iowa, he received his BD degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Chicago. Pastors of neighboring churches will participate in the ordination cerfimonies which will be conducted by the Rev. Waller C. 3urk, pastor. Mrs. Hollensleiner, wife of the candidate, will appear as soloist. Her selections will be "How Great Thou Art" and "I Walked Today where Jesus Walked". The Rev. Robert Chidsiter, Godfrey Baptist Church, will deliver the ordinatiOn sermon. "Ctiarge to the Church" will be by the Rev. Charles Hartman. Southern Area Representative of the Illinois Baptist State Convention. Dr. David Noble, pastor of the Memorial Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, will otter the ordination prayer and the "Welcome to the Ministry" will be given by the Rev. Burk. Invocation and scripture reading by the Rev. Ralph Erickson First Baptist Church, Lexington 111., completes the program. A recent ion honoring the Rev Hollonsteinor will be held in the church social rootns following the ceremonies. The Board of Deaconess will serve as hostesses. LADY BUGS MEET AT V.F.W. HALL incident. Damage was reported i the right rear fender of the! „. , p . r; i -i o Emery auto and to the left rear «'OOd KlVCr bill, J-3, Honored on Birthday WOOD RIVER — Miss Donna and front fenders, left rear wheel and body of the Palmer car. WOTM To Practice WOOD RIVER - Elected and Chiad0i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. appointed officers, chairmen and Josepn Cni ado, 599 South 12th, escorts of the Women of t h e wag ^^ flt a dancing paa . ty Moose will meet at the Moose was honoree Thursday evening in celebration Home at 7:30 p.m. Monday for — —-— ritual practice. The regular meeting is slated The affair, given by her par', ents, was held in the President's red for 8 p.m. Tuesday when new, , officers, -headed by Mrs. Wil-JRo™ of the Onized Club. A liam Hermann as senior regent, and white striped color motif was will assume their duties. A class of candidates will be used for party decorations in the birthday theme. initiated as a feature of the meet.) Each guest received a Hawaiian lei to add to the festive atmosphere. In attendance were: Virginia Hooper, Margaret Dalhaus. Janice Kerr, Jackie Spudich, Peggy Sparks, Sandy Nunn., Diana Davis, Sherry Fisher, Mary J.ean Smith, June Huck. Gloria Krav- hne Allen o- the Good Luck Cluo; Mary Slo'.k-r, of the DP It Your>el( and Norma Wood of the Fayette Club. Peggy DaiTow of the Good Luck club is an alternate. Winner! of A rating* In flemonura lions were: ' Mary Stotler. Kathy Thorton, Norma Wood and Moialln* Allen. WUuwri of A ratings Jn cloUUns were: Jackie Horn. Joan Fran Jean Ann Sheets, Kar Dawu Carol Farrow. Velma Mou»ho Shirley Rue Roll. Sherry Kooni Linda Hallock. Carol Kemp, Hu Buslmell Barbara Halluck, Pat Hall, Kay Fansler, Phyllis Suitl Diane Grossman, Kuth Darr, Cuioly Stevens, Susan Hebner. Mary Rolle Cherl. Bowman, Janet Yarbrouti Janice Hell, Karen Rawlins, P Henry, Mary Johnesse, Susan Ha aford, Carolyn Varble, Linda Cvari .Judy Martin, Barbara Proug Ulane Davidson, Betty Whitloc Janet Belerman. Judy Bickeu, Ba Vttra Rhoades, Billle Haverfiel Jane Cox, Rosemary Lemon. .Inn Bltkell. Linda Elmore, Carols Sample, Sandra Clark, Burba i Snidle, Joyce Schroedet, Durlu II velku, Joyce Flan. Linda i-c.uo' Judy Otiermunn, Brenda liembioup Donna Winters., Doris Jean snide Margaret Klmore. Uols Ann Ntuiiil Mildred Arnold. Mary Lee How<u and Phyllis Rawc. A rating*) In adventurer in took Inns were. Judy Bettis. Cherl Bowman Carolyn Day. Marilyn Lemon Judy Ostermann. Mary Roller. Nancy Roller. Sharon Seely Carolyn Stevens. Amber Whitlock, and Norma Wood. A rating winners In Plan and Prepare Meals-Pastry were: Sandra Angle, Marlene Ford, Jane Klnser. Shirley Rae Roll and Deloris Thie- vogt Winners in the ABC't of cooking were Judy Beckett, Prudy Bet line Sammye Brlicoe Marlenu Ford Rosemary uemdns. Robert Roller Beth Wendell and Jeggy Jo Wood A winners In Party u Month were Jane 1 Beckett. Jane Cox. Janet Early Rosemary Lemons Marv F. Tunison and Ruth 1 unison Year Breads in Your MeaU win nets were Caro: Sue Gruwold Marilyn Jouet' and Shine, Rae Boll Planning and Preparing Meat Fun und Ppuh.y winners were Jane' Becxe'i Linda i-arrow Carol Sue Grliwold Dirla Havelka June K inter, Velma Moushon Shirley Rae Roll. ? A raring* in "You ..earn to Bake" went to Cynthia Bechtel. Karen Cole. Ruth Darrow. Becky Ford. Christine Cllmore. Carolyn Hall. Pat Henry, K»y Hildebraot, Ronna Hudion, To Attend Convention • WOOD RIVER — Delegates of the American Legion Auxiliary are attending the Fifth Division annual meeting this weekend. The Auxiliary will hear a report on the event at the Monday evening meeting to be held at 8 p.m. in the Legion Hill. Caro|e Lead Dorotny Plans will also be '•omploled w ^ Woo(Jard Sher . for par,,c,pa.,on at the Slate^ Miss Alice Pool of Salem and convention July 31 Chicago. Miss Frances Hill of Farine were out of town guests of the occas sion. Plan Ptrnie WOOD RIVER -A picnic luncheon will be a highlight of the New East Alton Hardware Corporation EAST ALTON — The incorporation of "Smile Inc.," 208 Smith Ave., East Alton, has been an nounced at Springfield with Walter Hale Jr., G. B. Smithey and Jran B. Hale as incorporators.j There are 3,000 shares of com-i'' har * e of the mon stock wilh no par value list-| ed. The corporation is to engage J O || P Family Holds in the hardware business, wholesale and retail. Edgar R. Kel-. |{, M , n j O M at Godfrey ly, ol Ihe East Alton law firm oti Groshong and .Kelly, handled the GODFREY incorporation. Tuesday meeting of the Community Garden Club which is slaled for noon at thf Bethalto home of Mrs. J. A. Bowman. Mrs. Krnest Hart wig will be in Jeannettc Meek, Jams Pence. Barbara Sniiilf. Charlotte Steinacher. Ueity Stuart. Cathy Thornton. Linda Welier Cora Woodklrk and Marcta Yarbrough Winners of A rulings In It's Fun to Cook were. Becky Hanklns. Susan Hannuford Su*an Hebner Carolyn Hoeiman and Ruth Tunison One hundred and dfty glrU were enrolled last year in the various 4-H Club proiects but this year 237 girls participated In the annual Cireene County 4-H Achievement program Judges Ihis year were Mrs Ruih Queeo assliian 1 youth adviser from Fulton Coun?v and Mr». Darlene- De maree hume advised In Schuvlrr Brown County who tudxed clothing Miss Eleanor Wllcox home ad\i-,en from Cass t'ounly and Mus Mar lorle Leach home advl»or from Jci sev County judged foods and room Improvement The 4-H Club glrli were assisted in their work by their leader* and by Mrs Ethel Belote. county home ad- vUer, und Mlts Caroiyo Orubb, at- slsiaot youth advi»er. The annual Tolle lamily reunion was held at the home of Mrs. George Tolle on Tolle lane Friday. The all-day affair was climaxed by a fishr fry at noon. All nine of the Tolle children were present with their families, including 16 grandchildren. Guests included albert Tolle of Miami. Fla., Mr. and Mrs. John Carney, Mrs. Mina Bockstruck, Mrs. Louis K. Warner, and Miss Donna CJeisserl, all of Alton. North Alton News Military Order of Lady Bugs met .Thursday 'afternoon ,at the VF\V Hall on Delmar avenue. Mrs. Nora Pfaff and Mrs. Ceci Ha,rgiss reported on the Rock ford convention. Piasa Bird Circle 9 receiver credit for clothing, stamps ant other articles that they sent to the Geneva State School. Thej also received first place for thei scrapbook. More than 700 dog labels were sent to the Pilot Dog Foundation for the blind in Chicago, Mrs Ruth Balin and Mrs..Hargiss reported. Each circle was presented with small gift by Mrs. Sophie Goldstein, state rehabilitation chairman. POLICE CAR IN COLLISION AT MATHER AND DAVIS A police car met damage as the result of a collision of automobiles at 5:39 a.m. Friday at the intersection of Mather and Davis Streets. The mishap was one of only three recorded in 48 tours. Colliding with the right front fender of the police vehicle, as it was driven north on Mather, was a sedan driven west by Clifford William Hand, 59, of 3345 Belle St., a tractor operator, the report shows. Hand told police a bug had flown into his eye just before he reached the intersection, impeding his vision. Police reported Hand had run the slop sign to enter the intersection and that they had expected him to stop at the sign, both the automobiles being under slow speed at the time. They filed a complaint of violating signs and signals against Hand, who pleaded guilty in the police magistrate's court where a minimum fine of $5 was imposed. Policemen said Hand had a bloodshot eye, in verification of his explanation. Haper's towing service removed the police vehicle to the city garage after the accident. MILLERS RETURN FROM IT. SILL. OKLAHOMA Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller and daughter, Paula Jean, 6, of 7 Holly Hills, returned Friday from a week's vacation in Ft. Sill. Oklu. They were guests of niece, Lt. and Mrs. Eugene Korpal, who recently returned from Germany where Lt. Korpal had been stationed with the Army. Buckley New Pro-TemClerk For Roxana ROXANA - The village board met Wednesday evening in t h • Community building and D. M, Buckley was appointed clerk pro em. The treasurer's report was pre- ented showing the following bal» nces in the, different funds: ;eneral fund, $19,822.06; sales ax fund, $1,637.15; garbage col- ection fund $3,435.43; recreation und $5,340.94. It was decided to place $100,)00 of the street curb and gutter und in a six-month saving ac- :ount at the Wood River National Bank. The annual report of the audit f village finances, made by ohn W. Snider Co. of St. Loui» /as accepted. Khoury Team Wins ROXANA — Friday afternoon he Roxana Khoury League de» eated the Godfrey Khoury team 13 to 3 on the Roxana High School diamond. Winning batter- es for Roxana were Parsons and Uubbard. The team plays regularly every Sunday afternoon and this Sunday they will play Jerseyvill* on the Roxana diamond at 2 p. m. The teams are composed of boys 15 to 17 years of age. Managers and coaches of the Roxana teams are Walter Heinz, Cal Thomas,and Leo Kunz. Roxana Notes ROXANA- — Mr. and Mrs. Living with (he Dnwe SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine MR) -Sign in front of a tool-renting establishment here: "Do U yourself—we'll repair it tor you later, right." i ArclibUhop Evaluate* iSvangelUt LONDON tJP> — Four years after Evangelist Billy Graham held his crusade in Great Britain, ihe Most Rev.'Dr. Geffrey Francis Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, offers this appraisal ot the resulls: "A good many more church people are move alive than they were before, and that's the most permanent value." Gale Harmon and children of E. Tydeman Ave., are spending the weekend in Mt. Vernon with his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Harmon and children. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Phelpi and family of Rohm Place were dinner guests Friday evening of Mr. and' Mrs. Ed C a z e 1 and daughter, Hollace, in Edgemont, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clark are occupying the property of Mrs. Nellie Robinson at 128 Seventh St. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Powers, who formerly lived there have moved to Bethalto. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Landers who formerly lived on Acton Avenue in Wood River are residing the property owned by Mrs. Dorothy Pigg on E. Tydeman avenue. Mr. and Mrs; Paul Nolan and daughter Paulette, formerly of East Tydeman avenue have moved to their new home at 522S Wickway, Alton. WMU Work Day ROXANA — The Women's Missionary Union of the First Baptist Church had an all day work meeting Thursday at the church with a potluck luncheon at noon. Attending were Mrs. Susie Snedeker, Mrs. Walter Mapes, Mrs. Sarah Baton, Mrs. Edward Black and daughters of Wood River, Mrs. Roy Armes, Mrs. L. E. Mustain and Mrs. Albert Bean. Aid Society Meets ROXANA - The Ladies Aid Society of the First Presbyterian Church, met Thursday and during the morning sewed cancer dressings. Seventeen members attended and plans were made to serve a dinner in October and for a bazaar in November. The exact dales will be set later. Devotionals wore read by Mrs. Lura Williams and Mrs. Jo- iephine Segrcst and elreshmentg served by Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Segrest and Mrs. Omar Phelps. Godfrey Khoury Team Honors Manager GODFREY — Members of the Khoury Softball League, ages 13 to 17, surprised their manager, Bob Roberts, at his home on Godfrey road. Thursday evening with a potluck birthday supper. Roberts was presented with a birthday cake 'which was decorated with a ball and bat. Some 15 boys were present for the occasion. Playing cards with East African pictures ace offered by • Nairobi, Kenya, company.

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