Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 27, 1948 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING .TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1948 Phone 4 GOO: for AD Taker; Public Welfare Payment 3.2 Per Cent For Maryland A total of $1,143.33 was spent .in Maryland for public" assistance ant aid to 'dependent. children during November. Tils was 32 'per cent above thi previous month's total and resultec both from additions to the caseloac and upward revisions in federal financial participation in the program. The. federal government began allotlng larger amounts to the welfare setup• "October' 1, but some of the county departments were noi In a position to Increase Brants a' one*. . An Increase in' the amount ol average grants accompanied the upward • adjustment of payments. The avtrage November grant was $35 for each, person receiving old. age assistance, $27.48 '.for each child of ma aid to dependent children family, $38.75 for each Individual receiving public assistance to the needy blind'and $46.40 for each general public assistance family. The corresponding averages for October lor these .'types of assistance were $35.33 for old age assistance, "$27.23 for aid to dependent children,' $38.09 for public assistance to_the needy bjlnd and $45.88 .for general public assistance. ' ' .With respect to changes from October In the' number of cases receiving assistance, old age assistance i Increased by 29, aid to dependent children by 148 and general, public assistance. by 58. Public assistance to the needy 'blind' declined by four. • . . , The number of children 1 In foster car* for whom' payments were made Increased by 50. The average payment for each child was $43.33.for November compared with $41.21 for October. ' '! .. . : ..-'..Although Increases occurred in "all but one of the categories of assistance, the number of cases assisted In these categories was less .than a year ago.^The one exception .to this,. Is general public .assistance which showed an increase over the figures for November, 1947. ' In Allegany county, 16. persons 'applied for old age assistance in November. Payments to the 747 assisted totaled $24,957.65 .with the average grant per individual.costing *«.«. Twenty-two applications were .received for aid to dependent children. The aid to 249 families. Including 692 children, cost $19,081.50 and the average cost per child $27.57. ••• Two. AUeganians applied for public assistance .to the needy; blind.' Payments to-the 26 needy blind'as- sisted totaled $779.10, for an average cost of $29.97. • . Eleven Allegany residents applied for general public assistance. Cases insisted totaled 196. with 142 of them- receiving. general public relief only.'and another 54 other, aid. Payments for' GPA only' totaled' $8,754 and for GPA and other aid $1,199.60. The average GPA grant was $39.12..'Foster home care was provided for 64'children at a .cost of $2,517.19 or an average of $39.33 p«r child. , Garrett County ..In'. Garrett county, six persons applied for old age assistance. Such aid to 289 persons cost $9,621.14 for an average of $33.29. rour application* for aid to dependant children, were -received. S.nch aid to 345 children of 110 families cost $9,057.29, for an aver- ege'48234-per .family and $26.25 per child. : '~' : * "•"" ' . . , . • 'Six needy blind were being granted aid of $269.36 -for an- average cost.of $44.89. .There'were no new applications. ... • . . • General.. public assistance,. was granted to 70.- persons • for a total cost of '$2,290.36, with the average GPA grant costing $38. . Foster home care, for 26 Garrett children cost $069.12,' or an ayerage of $25.74. Daring Boys Die In Berlin Ruins BERLIN—(/P) —.Western Berlin's newspapers are waging one of .the world's strangest . safety crusades In Hollywood—. Star Prefers Westerns By ERSKINE. JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent ,' HOLLYWOOD.—Boy Rogers has floored many a villain' in. his western pictures in hectic fights but the ease with which he floored the M-G-M front office is the talk of the town. They offered .Roy the lead opposite Judy' Garland "in "Annie Get" Your Gun,',' but he turned 'em'down. •'•'.' "No thanks," he said, "I can make more money doing three pictures while you're shooting 'Annie.'" .' • 4 * * . ' It looks-like Betty Button is definitely out of "My Friend Irma," the. Hall Wallis film version of the airshow. The slated to start in -January, -at which 'time terlals in bomb ruins : to earn money. . Under the slogan "Death Lurks in the Ruins", the prompted by an alarming increase in the accident toll 1 Involving youngsters killed .or maimed' under • collapsing walls in the city's acres of ruined buildings, . . Hardly, a day,passes but .some German is a victim of such an accident,, especially as fall winds and wet weather promote the collapse of weakened, masonry. A further hazard Is uncxploded bombs and shells burled In the. rubble. . The newspaper "Sozlal Demo- krat", leading .the safety campaign, has • demanded criminal prosecution 1 of adults-who"hire children to go picking scrap metals and. wood out of ..ruins. .The newspaper also demanded action against parents who permit their children to'engage in j this business and of scrap metal dealers who buy from..children. Some .'adventurous -kids- are. said to .make neat earnings : in their scrap hunting.' But 1 they have to b2 daring—or just foolish. Some' are seen climbing up pipes to* 1 reach ;hird and fourth story balconies or along ledges 1 to pry out .surviving window frames, 'They often' clamber where experienced salvage crews, equipped with ropes and safety belts, hesitate to operate. Their'chief booty is old plumbing fixtures and cable and wiring. • Polish Women Enlisted ; To Push Red Propaganda 1 WARSAW—W—Polish.women are taking a'big role in pushing the pro- jaganda, campaigns 1 ;, of the Polish Communist Worker's party among ilis country's 24,000,000 people.. Figures released' .by Communist leadquarters In .Warsaw show 1 women make nearly 20 per cent of,.the party's. • entire membership of ap- jroxlmately 1,000,000.' A 'total"of .90,717 women are members of the jarty. commonly .referred to as-the 'PPR", , meaning Polish Workers Party. .'•,...': :.•-..:. Like male members, they have to march in parades, attend • party ral- ies and give Information to"party icadquarters of any member show- ng a "rightist or nationalistic" tendency. Old Vs. New : ^ Some modem 1 .cameras are built i take 500 pictures a second, whereas the old-time .camera required so much:time to take' one picture' that a subject had to sit motionless, with his head held In a clamp. '. A- certain ,• tribe of southern-'Indians,, the Todas, regard their pur- •eyors of milk as holy men; FOR SALE VALUABLE RESIDENCE AND OFFICE PROPERTY of the Late Dr. Thomas W. Kobn The undersigned Trustee hereby offers at'. private sale the valuable residence 1 , and'office.' property of the late Dr. Thomas W.. KoBn sit-- uated at 221 Baltimore Avenue. . Arrangements for ah inspection of the property at any reasonable time can be made through the Liberty Trust Company, and offers for said property-should be submitted to The Liberty Trust ..Company,-at. its principal office, .corner of Baltimore and Centre Streets, Cumberland, Maryland. ' 8 Any offer'which'is accepted will be subject" to final ratification by the Circuit Court for Allegany 'County, Maryland.. .-.,. For further particulars/ write or call- the undersigned. The Liberty Trust Company Cumberland, Md. . . .' Trustee Under' The 'list Will .And' Testamont Of Thomas W. Koon, Deceased. ',.. for seasonal nteds consolidate debts. You can Ret «- cash loan h*ri quickly and priyatoly, on the friendly basil tfint made Penonal Finance Co. the choice of over ono mil- Eon persons last year. -I'm Sold On You!" You don't have to ask 1 others to sign with you here. Nor do you "si£r> over" your wages. Friends or employers not notified. Sltnpl* To Cot If you can maleo small monthly payments you - * Loam ol olhtr amount! in proportion, loan] 1301 ond l«i modi i*«r It* Mniyland Sfnoll Loan Act *Apoli«i lo foont ««vnp( from hd. Rcj.W. 051 should, not hesitate to see u» for a loan. Check the table above for the. amount of .cash 'you .want ... pick the payment that fits your purse— then come in or .-telephone Personal's YES MAN today. •Loans up to $1000 Open Mun' thru Frlilny .from ft to R. Cloned Sutunlay. i;vcnln|:a tiy iippolntmcnt. *»> m . ' ' ' LIKIl >O • rts- \ 1 f t 1 FINANCE CO. 2nd Floor- • LIBERTY TRUST: COMPANY BLDG.. ' $. W. Cor. BALTIMORE.* CENTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phon«'721 • C. ; L. Coiighcncur, YES'MANogcr Ix>an« made LO residents of all surrounding towns. Loini »300 «nd less modi undtr the Maryland Sranll Loan Act, Marie Wilson has. taken her third test for Irma role and 'at this writing Wallis Is/nodding'ta her direction. She's 1 the people's "choice for the role. ... *. * •. ; .New addition to the free-lance field is ..Columbia's Adele Jergens. She has seven. unreleased pictures there, but'wanted to- get out of her contract In .the worst way—she looks too much like Rita Hayworth. Some gals mightn't consfder'that too bad a break. •. Another free-lancer is .Bruce Bennett, who .will try for nothing but big-scale westerns. Seems the .guy who • has 1 been -cinematic. 1 husband to such glamor dolls as Joan Crawford, Jane Wyman, Ida Lup-' Ino, and. Ann .Sheridan, prefers the •wide-open -spaces. '•' • "• • i . • • *• * '*••'''• Jack Schwartz of'Equity Pictures 111 film radio, writer .tew Laurla's •book, about ' the.'. Hollywood ' industry, '"Let the Chips Fall." .••.-. Lon .'McAllister', is Chot to do ."Little Men'In ..Silks" by.stage Robert Casadesus Tonight ' " on Tho Telephono Hour WTBO9p. m. NBCN«rwork .producer Nick. Busso,. Those . who have read it say it's a "Body and Soul" of 'the horse-racing game. 1 » * * • Mickey Rooney Is rounding up as many or the original Keystone Cops as. he can find., to be his advisory board for a series-of television film comedies a la Mack Sennett.' <i m * Snub Poilard (remember?)., gets a nice break In Benedict Bdgeaus' latest, ."The Crooked 'Way:" Amusing call sheet from the"same film: "One liot-dog attendant, one newsboy, .one sword flvallower and five midgets: Also John''Payne, Elleri Drew and Sonr.y Tufts." Gene McCarthy and Tommy Fari-ell (son of Glenda),.who are clicking in New York as a comedy team, insist there should be. a giveaway shows for millionaires'.titled "Bum For a Day." .The first prize, gives the producers the right, to : take away the ..millionaire's- limousine and for .one glorious day hc''gets to ride busses . arid- trolleys, free, around his city. After looking at the sneak preview of "One Sunday Afternoon," Warner Brothers were so high on .Tunis Paige that they changed Lhc credits to'give her star billing, * * • • Dinah Shore' and George' Montgomery decided; to toss a party 'to celebrate their wedding anniversary and found they/had so,, many friends German Girl Disguised As Man Jailed For Mine Work KIEL; Germany—^)—No German iaw forbids women from working,in mlnes^but a girl who tried it ; in male disguise landed in jail for three months. A.pbster of the German Ruhr" Coal Alines Administration calling on the homeless German youth to come to work, gave her the idea. She decided to become a miner.'The'American and British - sponsored enlistment program provided for better living conditions — clothing, better and higher food rations, tobacco anc! liquor rations, Ursula and her old' ailing mother id not had Jiy of this since they nad fled from their hometown of Kpenigsberg in East Prussia, now Kaliningrad -in Soviet Russia. For two years they had lived in a slum- Ike refugee quarter in a small Schlcswlg - Holstein village. Coffee, cocoa, bacon and. an adequate wage with 1 which she could support'her mother and provide medics 1 , treat-' WITH DONALD VOORHEES AND THE BELL TELEPHONE ORCHEITRA BORROW SENSIBLY If you need cosh for winter expcniei, our jerrice is .prompt, friendlj' ond privote . : Loam up to $300.00 Nofe —> Furniture — and Auto Loans '•'. \ :. ' INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC, No.' 301, Liberty' Trust Bldg. PHONE 97 BE QUICK To Treit BRONCHITIS Chronic bronchitis may develop if.-. your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated nnd you canfcot afford to like a chance with any medi- cine'less potent than Creomulsion 'which goes right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe. and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mcmbrnncs. .' Crcomulsion blends becchwood creosote by special process with other time tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. " ..- " '"' No nutter How m»ny medicine»you have tried, tell your druggist to sell .you a bottle of Creomulsion with the •understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough, .permitting, rest-and sleep, or you are to have, your money back. (Adv.) '' . A Holiday Treat! . v . . ' Hear Beverly Stull ..First Lady-of the Accordion lENNIE'S COCKTAIL LOUNGE Baltimore at Mechanic NEW'tOW PRICES they couldn't get nil of them- Into the'house at the same time. So they threw'two parties. , • ment for her made her decide quickly, she told .the Judges.- ; She put on slacks, cut her'hair, ! bandaged her breasts and enlisted at | the labor office for the Ruhr coal mines, as Peter Klenkies. None'of her "buddies" down in.the pit recognized Peter as a member'of j the weaker sex. She worked, four i months, but'fell,ill and had to leave her job. When she returnee to her mother, the police got wind' of "Peter"; and summoned her to court, on charges of "document forgery and illegal name change." •' 'A three-months' jail sentence .was the lowest punishment the court could find for the. offense. v The Pulitzer Prize in literature is awarded" for the novel that best typifies some phase .of American life. • • • Ad Startles Frankfurt FRANKFURT, Germany — (ff) — After three, years .of re-education and de-militarizatioc, 'people to Frankfurt were astounded' when they read .tlie following, announce-' ment.Jn .thp'local "Neue Presse": Foreigner .wonts''to. buy "uniform with breastplate and .helmet lor, 7-year-old boy.; , • Clearance Sale Dec. 27 Thru 31 REDUCTIONS AND MORE It Pays To Cross .The Town To The KLINE FURNITURE CO, 405-413 Virginia'Avcl - Phone 2708 on Suites, Ch"irs, Rugs, Beds/Bedding; 1 Sofobcds, •-. Kitchen Items, etc. • '. COMING SOON j5>" •» 14 STARS 22 SONGS MAKE M-G-M't TECHNICOLOR SMASH! '/. M-G-M'f 'WORDS AND MUSIC 1 June ALLYSON Perry COMO Judy GARLAND Lena HORNE Gene KELLY Mickey ROONEYj AnnSOTHERN TOM DRAKE CYD CHARISSE BEHY GAKRETT JANET LEIGH MARSHALL THOMPSON MEL T'MME VEU-ELLEK Of Course at the MARYLAHD Theatre TWO BIG DAYS . .. PLUS RED HOT NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW FRI. at,9:15 ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM REGULAR SHOW! ON STAGE! ^Karston Show! EVERY. THRILL IN THE' BOOK With "NATURE GIRL" THE LOVELY : ROBERTA WINNER NATIONAL BODY BEAUTIFUL CONTEST In A New Awe Inspiring DANCE" "Roberta Makes Sally Rand Seem Old Fashioned" CLEVELAND PRESS PLUS ACT AFTER ACT OF WORIDS >IOST Thrillins: V.ODVIL! IT'S STRICT!,}' BIG TIME—AMERICA'S NO. 1 VODVIL REVtJE. Thurs.-Fri. Dec. 30 .&.3is>. in /: N. y. i;vc Show — Jl Tas Ino!. Tickefs For New Year's Jamboree Now On Sale at Box Off YOU'RE SURE OF LAST DAY — vtvsl — . CARTOON WHEN YOU BUY WED. AT 9:30 A. MI' One Show Only! Doom 'Open At 9 A. M. : Plus Chapters 2 and 3 - "Jr, G-Men" L r%r^ TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY — TWO BIG HITS! . IT'S_THRILLING! ; . Dana ANDREWS'Jean PETERS *, All. Prices. Include Tax. ADULTS,, always . 1 35c CHILDREN, ;always 20c 12:43 - 257.- 5:11 '• ': J25,- 9:*4 Tlcktts ON SALE NOW! For people 'MICKEY MOUSE'-'DONALD DUCK-"GOOFY' •BUGS BUNNY'--POPEYE" 'PORKY th« PIG'-IITTLE LULU'-'SUPIRMAN' : AND. MANY, MANY MORt: .. who enjoy like. m The Green Years SET, frr "BUTTONS and BOWS" (anildo8$n't everyone ?)i~ Toss your hriat "round this one, pardners! Bob's on the Road to Ruin with Russell... and it's scandalous enough 10.make Pike's. Peak peck! 3 Stooges Comedy and Color. Cartoon WHO WILL WIN LASSIE II? Winner Announced at 9 P. M.. TON ITE from the STAG A . KrtBiivNORMANZ.WlSOP PICTURES, to the:, First 200 Children Attending This Show EXTRA-— MARCH OF TIME ^ BUNNY — LATE. NEWS FEATURE AT -«M . .1:00 - 3:05 r ,5:10..- 7:25,- 9:35 LAST DAY! TODAY CUMBERLAND- MAZYLAHD 2 GREAT HOLLYWOOD HITS! CO-HIT! A Wonderland^ of. Color and Beauty! ""*" MiNCHANTED DREAMI STARRING ALAN' CURTIS — ANNIE GWYNNE- Plus All-Star Variety Revue PLUS TOM AND.-.JERRY...CARTOON aughs! Dancing! Music! ' Novelty! Songs! y EDGAR KENNEDY LEON ERROL TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ONLY FRANKIE CARLE 'and rut Orch»fro PAT ROONEY MIGUELITO VALDES HAROLD & LOLA . JESSE & JAMES 'LYNN, ROYCE & VANYA .Bo-inMiliicifi JACK PAAR John Wayne-Hit—"THEcSEA.SPOILERS"

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