The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1975 · Page 45
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 45

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1975
Page 45
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, Pittsburgh Press. Fru. Nov. 28, 1975 45 ;;',,,; Voicing Views Pittsburgh Public Theater's "Twelfth Night' Delight For Everyone By EDWARD L. BLANK r ress Drama Editor Wtsburgh Public Theater's "Twel-fth Night" is the sort of Shakespearean production capable of turning heads and changing minds. - Not only is it almost certain to de--light admireres of the Bard, but it's an; ideal production for students and adults normally afraid of Elizabethan comedies. . . , Unfortunately for those without tickets, the engagement at Allegheny Cpmmunity Theater through Dec. 21 is a sellout. With this third consecutive artistic and financial success, the Public con-, eludes its first season with a 1.000 batting average. . THIS TWELFTH NIGHT" is so expertly piayed, it manages to be lucid despite some judicious cutting. It is .loaded with mistaken identities, misunderstandings and romantic entangle-; ments, which iu this case are more fun than exasperating. Viola (Pamela Brown) disguises herself as a young' man to be employed as ' a messenger by Orsino (Steve Simpson), j'duke of Illyria, who loves a countess, Olivja (Christine Hulter). 1 I Though Viola (called Cesarfo J when in disguise) yearns for Orsino, . if toi she unwittingly Olivia, . wins the love of LEONARD NIMOY Plays pompous Puritan. Viola's change of sex roles precipitates confusion, which grows when herj identical brother (Don Wadsworth as Sebastian) appears in identical costuming and stumbles into his sister's duels) and romances. A SUBPLOT, THOUGH, is Shakespeare's most amusing twist. Malvolio (Leonard Nimoy), 'a ridiculously pom-! pous Puritan, is fooled into believing Olivia loves him, and his behavior alters drastically. Under Ben. Shaktman's brilliant, snappily paced direction, the cast is a joy. Nimoy in particular is super, stilt-edly clinging to pretenses in the beginning and later behaving like a miscast jester. It's one' of the funniest stage performances in memory. Miss Brook seems to be the most adept at handling Shakespearean lines, but she's not alone is making them play naturally and for all their comic worth. . JEANNETTE LANDIS, as Olivia's lady in waiting, Maria, is a full-bodied woman who, with jolly humor, suggests both a devilish wench and a resourceful domestic. Thomas Carson is authoritative and' bombastic as Sir Toby Belch, Olivia's uncle. Michael Flanagan is hilarious in a slightly swishy characterization of Sir Andrew Aguecheek. . ' . John Long collects great audience' response as Feste, a clown bent on exposing Malvolio's absurdity. . Davida Bloom, Fred Bright and Jake Turner are wandering musicians. Others in the fine cast are Daniel Booth, Mark E. Connolly, Albert Cor-bin, Michael V. Murphy and Fritz Kupfer. . DAVID CHAPMAN'S COSTUMES, Bernard J. Brannigan's lighting, Stephen C. Horelick's score and Christopher Tanner's dueling sequences all contribute to the beauty and technical finesse with which "Twelfth Night" is ' staged. The use of performing space in the theater continues to be thrilling. Its possibilities seem limitless, and the Public Theater's directors have been imaginative. Congratulations are in order to all f who contributed to a fine first season.' ODDS AND ENDS: "Mr. Quilp," at the Manor, is not above a couple of name gags. Not only is there a refer-ence to "Tricky Dick," but the villainous, miserly Quilp makes passing men- tion of "my friend Fagin," a similar-character in another Charles Dickens-based film, "Oliver (Twist)." "Rooster Cogburn" will be at neigh-borhood theaters for Christmas, but so far, no second-run showings are planned here for "Nashville." Playhouse Junior's next production, "The Wizard of Oz," opens Dec. 6 and -plays weekend matinees through Jan. 25. , Later this season Playhouse Junior plans "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Beauty and the Beast." Federico Fellini's "The White Sheik" (1952) is slated at 3 p.m. Sunday at Carnegie Lecture Hall. It stars Giuli-etta Masina, Mrs. Fellini in private life, who was later to appear in two of his masterpieces, "La Strada" and "Juliet of the Spirits." "DOG DAY AFTERNOON," in its sixth week at the Chatham, is doing almost as well as it did in its strong opening round, suggesting highly favorable word-of-mouth. Also holding up well is "Three Days of the Condor" at the Fulton. Iff - HELD OVER at the Warner is Woody Allen in "Love and Death," sharing the. bill with another comedy, "The Return of the Pink Panther." KIDDIE MATINEE TODAY AT 1:00 & 3:OOP.M. ALL SEATS $1.00 "SANTA AND THE THREE BEARS" ((3) At TIm CINEMA WORLD, CINEMETTt EAST, CINEMETTE SOUTH, HAMPTON, HOLLYWOOD, WcKHIGHT, REGENT, SQUIWl Hill TTiaatrn J MR. QUILP Al I 00. 3 15. i 30, 45 A IOOOPM.K?) IIIGIIN MIT TODtT til SUT SI UMTU a P : f Ira. Hutt mm l tin nu n Li hi bmmi Mm rw TREASURE ISLAND .100 300 500 imt.iv" 01 W ,m ,r.i opiswoiikount coupons icciptioI - -i" ,', THE HIDINGP1ACE AI6 45 i 30P M PC,I 0 P H!H 0 MKOUNT COUPON! IC CIPTII 41 i1!! 1 1 an1. i.f 1 1 1 t i : 1 n w ' m HARD TIMES rtJJ0,4 10,4O0,8O09WPW (PC.) ' Ilir.tlH i lotur III SUH SI IMIlt I ' w w THE OTHER SIDE OF JHE MOUNTAIN A'5 30,7 J04V.30P.M.IPO) iiir.imaur TooirmsiiTssi uhtu 4 p m IIHUIIUNOIIMISOf GRIZZLY ADAMS r 1 00 1 00 1 00 7 00 1 00 p m 101 ' DO PI1SIS 0 IIIUOUMI COUPONS ICCIPIlt monN looir m surs si dkiii 1 p FREEBIE AND THE BEAN At I 15, 3 45. 5.45. 7 45 9 4SPM .ill flUGIIMIIIT TODIYIUSIIISSI UMTIItPM THE HIDING PLACE A 45 ft 9 JO PM fPGt Nhm tr DdiMM Cwyn ((t9lil HARD TIMES Ai?O0 4 00 6 00 1004 1000PM (Pr, Utr.lIN MIT TODIY III SHIS SI UNTII I P M THE WAY WE WERE Uf THE WAY WE WERE a. t tt . .a a ,n in . a ml U !9T. Kir.. I in I Ifl ( M Pin O AK t U. jllCIK MIT IQtlY IIHIITS S) UNTII I P M IIIOIIM MIT TOCIT III ITt SI UNTH I P M r 1 . ' . I I .T7T J VMT'T-. T . . JJ.'I. ,11 I 4 I M . ii -4111.1. ij , ii lintlN NAT TOOIY IllSIITSIIUIIIIUPM I ' " tPIlHt L IF AND IIMLS Of GRIZZLY -ADAM Rl INI FAi I 00 3 00 5.00 7 00 K5 00 P W 101 f-ff At I 00 W NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT DOIIPONS ltd PTIO IT NO PI llllGIIN MIT TOOIY III STITS SI UNTII t P M I IIHOIIN lail,onon& lavtCoburn HARD TIMES oOOJOOi 1000PM (PO) Llfl AND TIMES Of GRIZZLY ADAMS 3 00 500.7 00 ,?O0PM 101 PISSIS 0 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIP1II) MIT TOPAT IU SilTS SI UNTII I PM JAWS All 15. 510 5 4S 00 A 10 ISP M ipr. NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIPTIDP lltf.llN MIT TOP IT III SIIIS SI UNIII I P MJIT ill! Ctiarltt itemon A Janwt Coburn HARD TIMES AiOOS004IOOOPM 'Pi51 I IF t ANO IIMLS Of GRIZZLY ADAMS At I 00 3 00 5 00 7 00 1 00 P M 101 NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ACCIPTID I IIIOIIN MIT TODIY III SHTS II UNIII I P M IHLLIIt AND IIMLS Of GRIZZLY ADAMS AHOO JOO.SOO 70OA9OOPM (Gl IIIGIIN MIT. TOOIY IIISIIIS SI UNTII I P M NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIPTID JAWS Alt 00 J 15 5 10 1100 10 ISP M IPO) NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIPTID IHOIIN MIT TODIY 111 SHIS SI UNTII I P M 1HL Lift AND IIMLS Of GRIZZLY ADAMS Ai I 00 3 00 3 00 7 00 A 9 00 P M if,l NO PISSIS M DISCOUNT COUONS ACCIPTID IIIGIIN MIT TODAY III SIATS SI UNIMPM TREASURE ISLAND At 3 00. 5 00 4 8 OOP (Ol DI.SYN AU30 309 30PM If.l FREEBIE AND THE BEAN At 5 30. 710A9 30PM, (R) AUTIMIS IIISIIIS SI TREASURE ISLAND At 2 00. 5 00AI OOP IGI DR. SYN At J30.t309MPM (Ul JAWS At T 00 5 15 5 30.745 AIOOOPM 'POI NO PIVSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIPTID IIIGIIN MIT TOOIY III SIATS SI UNTII t P I INLllfL ANO IIMLS Of GRIZZLY ADAMS Att 00. J 00 5 00 7 00 A 9 00PM (01 NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ICCIPTID IIIGIIN MIT I OUT HI Silts SI UNTII I P M Trim, irzi EARTHQUAKE Ai00A9 4SPl.(PGI KING KONCfSCAPE sooPM (oi HARD TIME) 3 to wa9soipoi RETURN TO MACON COUNTY LINE At 7 00 5 10 AS 70PM "01 , IIIGIIN MIT TQPIY lltSIITSSI UNTIlfPM " ia..ini.L v CHAIN MASSACRE TURSH"i IIIGIIN MIT. TODAY III SIITS SI UNTII 4 P M IPWIOHT 10(1 SHOW TONIONT A TOWOIIOW J c JAWS AtlOO 3 15 5 30 I00&1O15PM fPOl NO PISSIS 01 DISCOUNT COUPONS ACCIPTID IIIOIIN MIT TODIY III SIITS SI UNTII I P M 2nd BIG WEEKH. ItAtflMt dat mm nas" 4 "oo nsr MM ACIS "::I5.:30 "WIST'tlilO f First Time 9 The unique, ortgintl toundt of WALT : I HARPER : His Piano and f ' His Swinging Group : . FRIDAY, NOV. 28' J 9 P.M. -Midnight $2.50 pr ptrion j i n ii brana Baiiroom MMarriottl HRKWA WEST GKIMIIIt J HH10W ANSHIIDIVI WIST T 9W AT Need a serviceman or repairman fast?. Depend 'on Press Want Ads. 0 lg' M ' a: t TODAY t SAT. 1 30 1 30 j : NIXON THEATRE : ticimioHMiiiiiiHiorwtici J WKllB'tMM t M l)l.t " H THEATRICAL MIRACLE 1 MUIICII, I (IKK 1 I "ll0 Of IOY. AM HUM AW VI . A fci ju., i in f0 J . kv mmrilllJira. 'ft WW IPM. tl.tJP. nil Hull In: li'H'i ins. Em- sin isii SI II tiu.lnlk till llil SHI ' ' niiiiiii sin sseo sni I I sin IICMTtNOWatNIIONIOI OIIICI nixoHheatre TO IIU LP Doilr Al I 00, 1:11. 5 TO, 7M 1 9:45 P M fti Sal. ( Sua. II S ?0, IK I :0 P.M. ROBERT Rcorom PA1TE DUNAWAY kUXVONSYDOW 3 DAYS OF iPtManwnaiuiAU ' THE CONDOR St? Xfil, It I IS ) IS S 15, Mi Al I 10 3 30. S10, 7 30 (130 PM. DO . PASSIS ACCIPTID Mm. :The"e 7:0011:00 P.M. 3n" Timet of GRIZZLY ADAMS g KM "FREEBIE I THE BEAN" IR) Imh $1 .00 "SCARECROW" A. Potlno-O. Horkmon (R) 35ot. A Sun. "Sqnt a A 3 Itari" Call for Timt ( "FREEBIE A THE BEAN" (R) S:30-7:40.9:4JMatlntooayA I tat. A Sun "Sotltu A 3 ton" 1 : 1 5-3:00 , $1.00 till 6:30 CAMElOr(G) 3:40-6:30-9:30 "TOMMY" Ellen John (fG) 7:OO-:0OAIISaatlS1.00 Sot-Sun. "Santo A 3 loon" 1 :00 "HARD TIMES" CBrMttM (PC) $l..lun. "Swti 1 1 lrs" 1:30-1-00 Oe yau hvi typtwrltpjr yoo no longer ui? Wtiy not advertm it for silt In Classitied. Just call 263-1201. HOLIDAY TURKCYTRC AT! . MIDNIGHT ROCK SHOW TONIGHT & SATURDAY NITE l! n I T,CKETS F C "WIND A THE HON" IPG) Smor Cattntry-Canvic largt 7:40-10:00 "FREEBIE A THE BEAN 7:30-9:30 All Saott iinR) N i$l.00 M Miiiiaal a i B aai'fi w 3ufl- aamoM jaaory in -a:wi f i-JWlMtr i "FREEBIE I THE BEAN" (R) N I rTjiM'M nrrtHllfl$1.0O -1 mi " lif TgMT tJfr'-iot-Sun. "Sonto A 3 laon" 1 :30-3:00. , - I I IB MO ' " I pm2i4&444 . 7:30-9:30-AIISaatl$I.OO Frl-5t. Sun. "Sonto A 3 laon" 1:30' Tho Lift ona1 Tlmai al "GRIZZLY ADAMS" (G) 1:30-3:30-5: 30-7:30-9:30 5) NO PASSES c "EARTHQUAKE" (PG 7:15-9:32 4-Chonr $trSotind-Snsotinn Sot. A Sun. "Santo 4 3 lrt" 2:00 "EARTHQUAKE" C Hasten 4:30-7:00-9:30 Frl-Sot-Sun. "Some A 3 laort" "EARTHQUAKE" IPG) Chairlton Haiton-Ava Gordnop 7:30-9:40 on(PGj "N '1:15-3:00, 3 "HARD TIMES" C. Bronsan (PG) 7:30-9:50 IPrl-Sat. Sun. "Sonto A 3 Baori" 1:30-3 Thlilaan4Tlmaal "GRIZZLY ADAMS" (G) 7:00-9:00 Sot. A Sun. "Santa A 3laan" 1:00-1:30 "THE FORTUNE" IPG) $:30.7:30-f -.70 gsOcPram 11:00 ta6tOO-$1.00Attar 6:001 "MAGIC SWORP" 100-3:00 J i.-Mry;ifr.i i i TIIASUII 151 AND" ICI !:5l4.tS-t: ALIAS TW SCAIICROW" (O) JO-3:J0-i:JO aT-N 10) 1 PAKING RESERVATIONS FOR OUR PRIVATE PARTY ROOM"! THE SPOTLITE '"ISffl CO CO BOYS & CO CO GIRLS L.C0MIN0 SOOM-POH . NIWIST DISCOTHIQUI-THI ZOOMIRANOaJ I I1C AlatlXC IIU A U (czmw.w.'tt'sr ' , Color by Deluxe The True story of a man exiled :.Jr: In the wilderness . and how he learns to survive T1" BELLEVUE ' -76254 CREST BnmliliDn'i Cmnwls W1-ITH r; : -rr 1 1 DON'T OVFRHF-AT YOU -r Vrrt I II masm SKL .-v . ' it-.V- IF Bill r A TKMiv S ' f.A,- tW X 'Ctt I I Cs W3 ' CimSm-" ' A .dllfe 7th RECORD s s u V 'tS ' 11 'Vfe totorglOHNE-MSBROKrlX fil lur: "-?"l3 fDAWKntrxr) . r-wi k ajaothi dcxpuau vh uadti ci riwn jaj IwaS iHtfft K MNoWi ' 'i'ajii f haaacj U)f men i m unLWinii cjij itiiri tfffflS IfSy redec1rjySCNEYlUMn FihiEcto ttOtAUfNM10R - I k 1 fl ' 1 1 1 ' 35 Indoor Parking) Evningi ofltr 4 P.M. Sat., Sim. A M I Fm 1 Li I' '1,r ' 'noor Thfltr Entrant from Go- " StSSSi81 ' ' Featuring Dan Haggerty as James Adams Produced by Charles E. Sellier, Jr. Directed by Richard Ffiedenberg Screenplay by Larry Dobkin Music by Thorn Pace RELEASED BY SUN CLASSIC PICTURES 1974 NO PASSES ACCEPTED HELD OVER! 2nd EXCITING WEEK! CINEMETTE SOUTH Gmnlrei ltd - zm-5su EASTLAND Eastland Pliti- 672 -9705 CINEMA WORLD Rl. SI, So. - 653-WZf HAMPTON PLAZA Rl I. Allison Park - 4BM433 C0U3LE BDUEHTURE now miOm mm XCITEMim ( ROBERTOuisSTiVENSON'S Hi , j J I rm 1 II k ?yday'a contry parson... I 1 niHS5!JS2 1 H byn,ehtaPnantorn smuggler! J I IU alias The ScaFecrow I I ROBERT NEWTON -BASIL SYDNEY SS I V . el(4bySllfNIVISTI0ISTH!rilONCO..INC. !f 75 Walt Ountr Pradtierent J NOW ' OENIS Mt. Lebanon McKNIGHT CINEMA McKnightRd. . SHOWING! MONROE Monroeville IT THESE THEATRES j WHITEHALL .Brentwood "HARD TIMES IS A STYLISH, SHARP MOVIE. Its characters are taut and springy and it is frequently funny." 1 -RICHARD EDER, New York Times "It offers excitement that makes you feel good." i ' ' ' ' PAULINE KAEL, New Yorker "HARD TIMES is lhe best starring vehicle Bronson's ever had .. . his presence is properly exploited for the first time." FRANK RICH, New York Post "A tough-nosed, no-nonsense, gutsy look at the underbelly of America as it existed back in the 30's. A fine picture." -Jeffrey lyons, cbs ."Sensational action." -ARTHUR KNIGHT, Hollywood Reporter "The fight sequences are crunchingly spectacular." -CHARLES CHAMPUN, LA. Times New Orlcans,1933. In those days words didn't buy much. coiumii ct pksmj ALAWRENCE GORDON Production .c-JIll IRELAND -STOER MARTIN. Scee-cteb, WALTER MILL BRIAN OiNDOff i BRUCE HENSTElL-sb, BRYAN GiNDOff od BRUCE HEN5TELL Hojtb, BARRY DeVCRJON-rioted b.LA.VRENCE GORDON twd b, WAITER (1ILL Srticso-'SsiKejctCocgeteJociO'eiftiiiieisfci n.wtZu' rpGgrgygg ARDMORE OR IN BELLEVUE CHESWICK CINEMETTE EAST CINEMETTE SOUTH CINEMA W0R10 , FAIRGROUND OR IN. ..Forest Hills Chesw tck ..Monrojill! Mall GreentreB Rl . It, 51. So. . Soutti Part CATEWAY DR IN New Kensmjton HAMPTON PLAZA Rt. I, Allison Park (ENMAWROR IN Coraopolis McKEE CINEMA .McXsesport RAINBOW CINEMA White Oak ROXIAN McXees Rocks SKERIOAN SQUARE.. .-...East Liberty SOUTH HIUSDRIN.Y Wt 51. So Mcknight cinema McKmthl Ri. - 364-3900 MT. OLIVER Brownsvilli Rd.-Ut M PENN HILLS Penn Hills m M SEWICKLEY Stickler -WtsSI

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