The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1931
Page 3
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TTJr:St;;-.V, JANU/.kV 6, 11)31 Rl.YTIIKVlU,U. (ARK.) COtlKlKR NEWS "PAGE T~HKfcjv Preparing for 'World's Fail' A bag for carrying bathing Mills IMS 1 »^' l > Invonti'd Hint ron be IH- CAN CO A tITTLK. COM MINING H<M- must be educated to ll:e (Ii'inamK pmilc upon ttiun by u cliautiiux iw. • • • Short crops nnd hard tlnii'i Haled, to si'ive :is ;i jilllovv or fliml have bom a Godsend, and (line will lu sup|Hirl n iH'rsuir.s head In WH- prove It rj. I can't s » m i yoll ., ( O r. dimme ci lurk- -It must cnim' OIL:-:! • • - - ----- ' ' with n cluiisc of nii'thncls." I So Santa ci.ius excused lilmtrif i from limii'iliikiiu,' 10 render one Ar- • Kansas u>umy iirosnsrous [\ nil ' thriving by slron-eilng -luck" ii]>cii ! Of the 229.830 |>ar.wii3i'rs who ciossfd trie KmJIsli c.ninnjl bs nil In the l«n years from 1010 to 1020, 137.395 new' In British planes. Is a doctor's rrrsrrl|>tlun for R-•-'.nwjUi Finances Huge Kihibit of Industrial and Scientific Achievements. ByNKAJSi-rvlce CHICAGO.—A:i ?bli;vsti ::r:'.,~.- trlnl museum which will c-o.i : :?.i.: wciksng - models of ahncs'. a, 1 .':.' kina of in<iu?irial and m?cln:i ! .c.' contraption ever devised. aiv.l v.l)'.;. v:!il permit the visitor '.3 .'•.:•;> n and monkey v.lth HIP .'viibll; t.i his heart's content ,is biin; I'.s-. •:tied in Chicago now in prepa; \- tion for the Woihl's Fair af 193 H will lie known as the' MIHMI:' of Science and Industry, ;*:ui Is b:- : ing made possible through a gif. , of 54,000.000 by Julius HG>om-;,;.i ' The great Pine Arts Bulldln-j hi j Jackspn t'arfc. a relic of the fm' ; fair of 1S93, is being iemodele-j to ! liousc'it—and (here will kj mcr; , than '-nine miles of exhibits \yitn : of 00.000 specimens. i ^i as many cases us pos-ibl;, tr.e 'will be life-sized. \Vher? this Is Impossible, working models will be constructed. The Important thing, however, is t!iat none o f | them will be hidden in a glass cas;. The speclator will ba fr?e to pull a!! the levers and push all the buttons he SMS. • As far as possible, the sponsors of the museum hope ta slimy the do- veloppient oi modern America by nicanj; of successive models which will Erace the various steps in the emergence of the things illustrated. For example: One exhibit will rhowhpw the modern paved strest hat developed. The visitor wilt first \valk along an ordinary jungb path £i[ch-Qs the cavemen tro-J thuu- sandj of years ago. Then he will step put on an exact reproduction of one:of the famous old Romai 1 , roads. After -that he will go along one ol -(.he muddy, bumpy rnads o' the micldle ages, fall of pools of water and broken bits of paving stone. This.-in turn, will lead him to one of the earliest paved or graveled roads— and finally he will coine;oitt on a bit of modern highway, "with manholes, car tracks. |rectr,r of the museum, and he has a j them, and their population diniln- streef. lamps and the like, and wilii 'staff of hundreds of men searching i islied by .10 per cent. "Please., 3a:i- """ ' '' •-•• ) the far corners of the earth for ex-'" "'••- — -•' • ' jhibits. Hundreds of Industrial firms love constructing exhibits and models. The building will be oprnsxi with and Headaches OWN YOUR HOME"" "* " you air pa)lnjf S20.00 per month rfnt for the borne lirosporily? H live In, al Hie fin! of ten yrars, you will h.ive p*ld out anil will have untiling hut a tarjc batch ot rtnt receipts t* shoHr fur your inoiipy, lint If you dfal with me, al the end of lhat thni>, yuii will IM< Ihe uunrr ut Ihe home In which you live, Tint's (hr dllTrrcnrr. 1 liavr innrr tliiin Itvpnty.flvc liomn In Bljrthnllle from which you on nuikr H sclrcllon. If Interested, Me me. C. J. Evrard "1 "•i i P • aazetle. SI'I.ITS NESHOUA. -U-ii'i.. (UP)—A will! recently filed here disclosed tlmf. J. Qulnn, pioneer funncr, luis left his daughter. Until, $1,500 In cash. ; ill nio iniilos and farm ins- |)teements on his place, and his daughter, Vcra, $1,000 lu cash wlili the choice of any two of the cattle on the place. A third daughter i=- celvcd her tuvorite riding liorsf. The reiraiiuk'r of the cslnte was left to lh; tt-ldow, to Iw later divided among the daughters. The Pine Arts Building of tr.e C hicafcc world's fair which is now and ccstly Rosenwa'.d museum, is .shown here 1 . At left is Julius R'j the nnusiim possible. being remodeled to house the unique mvald. whose $4.000,000 gift makes Santa Glaus Writes Answer Lo Yell County's Letter! from the most primitive to the mos 1 . modern, will be pulled through r;al soil; real harvester nnd CDinbi:i::; will liarvcst. real wheat. There will be a forest rangers' slat-ion, and the visitor will b2 aoh ' to step in. spot a fire 0:1 a "distant" In his newspaper, the I'ourcte not careful to guard regrowlh mountainside, turn '•• the alarm • Valley Herald, Gene Williams of'. siRninsl the ravages of fire. You and see it put out. i Plainview published what purport-' have i:ct attempted to develop your Comb World for Exhibits -Jed to be a letter addressed by Yell 1 mineral wealth, but- have clung to The textile division will have a j county to Santa Cla'.is. The dis- completc set of looms, sins, spin- j tributor of Christmas gills was told ners and so on, with hundreds ot [ Uml in only one of t'.'.e past 10 _ model cross-section beside him showing how subways, pipe lines ond so. on are carried beneath Ihe street,; ^Sleeping Car's Progress Or ;suppose the spectator want: to trnce the development of the sleeping car. .First he will be ushered Into a crude box. will feel the •^•f sway beneath him Just as the ^.rcJent _.railroad coaches used to sway over tliejr primitive roadbeds and ; mil •'sVe'just" how his grandfather slept when he went traveling. ;.. ejct he will gc into another car, slightly more modern, but with the chiofradvanttige consisting in rough bunks' along the walls. From this he will pass into n model of the first 'real steeping car with lights, bcdclothing and a semblance of comfort; and after this he will be ushered into a modern Pullmnn. ThisVexhibit will be highly elaborate;;the motion of the cars andTh? noise.ipf their wheels will be simu- lated^mechanicaily. and a glance out ot the window will show biis of scenery flying past. If ;-thc visitor is curious about ships .'lie can have a lot- of fun. He can slop up to a bis fan!;, push a button and see a 15-foot model of the Leviathan slide into a great pier,; assisted by pulling little tugs. Or he! can go to an exact scale re- i .production of the Welland Cfinal nnd San himself send model ships through the locks by pushing the proper buttons. All in all. there will be 200 ship models for him to play Nvitli. ;» A Feat [Coal Mine Inithe basement, ha will be able t o go down into a real coal mine. He will actually descend only 17 feet, rbut the shaft will be devised so as' to give him the illusion a'. § :at^depth. Al, the bottom he will i mining operations in full sway; cotton to the exclusion of all else until it has pauperized you. Al one time you led Arkansas in sweet po- devices showing how men have i ymrs has Yell county struck a bal-i tato production, but you had a loss spun and woven clo'Ji from the- \ mice between good farm yields and j one yenr, and quit, earliest days to the present. There adequate farm prices, and that dur-! By that time Simla was In full will also be a printing section, with I »ig the last two decades the people I stride. His letter continued as fol- linotype machines and presses in I have seen their hillsides denuded . lows: daily operation. ' or limber, their soils bp'comlng less] .- Yol| lme rcfuscd lo become p-r- Waldemar KaemnfTert is tin JI-, inoiluctlve, teir indust'.lcs l™«ng i, U[ , CI! ij y imereiied in thaw things that would bring yon Independence. _, . , . , Vou have a resort county unexcell- in Clans send us n stocking laden c( , m , he ^^ ^^ and witn a change oi Hick." the letter! ,, RVC „„. nt t cniplcr j to devc , op „ , wound up. j llnve (]1C co ,, v!( . tloni yell county, In his reply, which Mr. Williams! that yo'.i have found it too easy to WHS fortunate enough to pro:urc • make a living and have not done the 1S33 World's Fair. Apparently | and publish in the same column ; ycur best. Too many of your clli- the only thing that seems to hav^ ' wlln Yell county's plea, S.inta Claus i ic ns have bren content to exploit been forgotten is a way of.gsttin? • was friendly and sympathetic and j and have besn unwilling to devel- the Interested spectators out cf t k :!yel hardboileu. He pointed out tin 1 .' op. You must begin at the bcgin- place. CoUon-Compress Receipts in State Continue Light ti the Bly- Deliveries of cotton - theville compress' last week amount- to ed to 367 bates, brinoing the total wea1 "'. ; with the many demands made upr^n 1 him, he can undertake lo help on;!y Ihose who'will-help-themselves':- I He reminded Yell county that tin the pusL he had given it many and , valuable gifts—an ideal climate, a wide diversity of soils, ready access '', markets, immense forest large industries with big ning. Yell county. Your citizens "Lyclia E. Ptnkliam's Vegetable Compound puts new life into me and makes my work in the store and in the house easier. I took several bottles before my baby came and am always singing its praises to my friends. 1 recommend it for girls and women of all ages. It makes me feel like life is worth living, my nerves are better and I have gained pep and feel well and strong."—Mrs. A. R. Smith, 808 S. Laming 'Street, St. Johns, Michigan. Lydia E, Pinklip-s Vegetable Compound LyJii E Pinktiam Mtd Co.. Lynn. Mai for the season to 74,812, according payo'ls and vast mineral deposils. to the weekly report of the Arkan- I{ vour so" is 'ess productive now. sns Cotton Trade association. so ' d Santa Glaus, bluntly, it is be- In receipts for the season Little cause of erosion and a one-crop \ Rock is first among Arkansas com-1 farming system. You Jmve mined presres, with 89.153 bales, and y°u r arable land, taking air and Pine Bluff second with 77,111. Bly-:Eiving back nothing. If your tim- theville is third. iber has vanished, it is because you Receipts for the state last week' stripped the forest land and were were 7.713. cr-mparcd with 10,851 the week previous nnd 21.0G7 the tame week a. year ago. Total for the season is 759.740, compared to j j'l 1.243,422 xh? some date a yenr ego. 1 Fnllowhig nre receipts for tlw week and for the season at leading Arkansas compresses: the the week season Little Rock 2,136 89,153 Pine Bluff 1,157 7?.7n Fort Smith 1,(M2 36,940 Helena 378 32,933 Blytheville 357 74,812 Newport 350 26,011 fexarkana 282 31.122 Jonpsboro 325 25.454 can't be I Wife" your West Memphis Eudora 220 204 57.G02 33.349 Rejoices That She Found The Ripht Mudirinc After Twenty Years of .Misery. Negro Disrobed in Jai! When Owners Claim Loat ^le^C^'^^^. |, -™E. -n. CUP^Chas S^oa,^. ^rrnor^'lh^ ^^0^" U^^ will be another section of the mine a little further on in which the by modern mules will be replaced electric cars. The floor of this mine, incidentally, will be kept watered so as to give the etlcct of dampness and coolness. And the vlc;tqr will be able to swing a pick or run an electric drill himself, if he wants to know how it feels. There will be n great exhibit of steam engines, tracing thsm from their earliest form to their pres?n; stati:s, beginning with a niKlol'of the steam turbine supposed to hav: been used in ancient Alexandria 2000 years ago, to open the gates of a temple. Siephenson's first loco- mollre, now under construction in England from his original draw- Ings, will be there, sandwiched in beside' four huge modern locomotives/into all of which the visitor can climb Rt his pleasure. And all cf them will swing into ovseritt-.r if the'spoctatcr presses n button. IM Movie Shows There will also be more than 100 moving picture projectors there to give pictures of such appliances as cannot be reproduced in the museum. ' Wherever possible. life-sl?->d m-3- els will be set up. If this cannot ba done, scale models will be installed, them will be open for th^ to tinker with ns much likes. One division nill be devoted to MRS. MINA cvamixs conaining a suit of overnlls belong- | > :; ing to L. L. Best and one contain- '-.-'. Ing unrjcnvcnr, pjnts. shirt nni | \^ tic. belonging to Morion Brantli. | '?•• Soon Best came ar.J recovered, his overnl! suit, forciny Jones to f *'. dress in Brnncit's iindcnvcar, p^nt=. j shirt and tie. Then came Brandt, claiming underwear, pan Is and shirt and tie. leaving Jont; sitting in his cell without even a barrel. i . For twenty years I was the vlc- . Mm of stomach trouble," snld Mrs. '; Mina Cummins. 1032 Main strict. I Joplin. "This ailment finally I brought on rheumatism nncl neuritis. Intense pain Followed every i meal. I had such frightful hcad- i aches that I was in bed for diya. I had no appetite and was badly constipated. "Two bottles ot Konjola worke;! I CLASSIFIED uone, sea f ' of, tl Delator he 111 swore (hut she loved Donald, a promising young banker—loved him with every pulsing fiber oi her twenty untouched years. Frantically he begged —but she refused— to many him 1 . Came darts of jealousy. ] ie bought her fine clothes, an expensive car—spending beyond bis bank salary — lighting to hold her love against a phantom rival. And then, driven to murder-mad- ness, be began another mim! to wonders in tny case. I now have a i j good appetite and can eat what- j i ever I wish without distress. I shall i continue lo take Konjola for I I know It is cxaclly what my sy&liin I has needed for many years." 1 'ITiere are many such instances in the records of Kcnjola. It Is recommended over a six lo eight wc?k period for ailments of the sto:n- ach, liver, kidneys nnd bowels, and rheumalism, neuritis, and nervousness. Konjoln Is sold In Blytheville, Ark., nt Kirby Drug Stores, and by all the best druggists In all towns IhrouRhoul this entire section. Readers win sio,ooo every month! In every life there it drtEii. lore, hue. lorroirofitiirdr. Wiiteycur «M> 10J «in bit toowr llooi n'ah mmy oihtri evcrr ye«r. Nine bU rrlre* every moolb: tS.OQO for Ihe keil unif. (rajuilinic In 12SO CKb iorSrefourlkpniei. Gel Febrnirr TRLR STORY titJaf for-eomptefe ralel iod inEofmuiml Into what terrible tidpdic the shackles .of passion drap this Slave? Would he sacrifice honor, friends—his very lile—to nvengc the woman who used his love fora toy? Read for yourself this tremendously stark story— DKSIKii'S SLAVH — hy the man who lived it and wrote it in his own heart's blood., Read OKSiRK's SLAVE; and a score of other astounding real-life stories including titles such as "WHAT MY SON BROUGHT ME" and "A WOMAN'S GRIiATIiST SIN" — all in February TRL'B STORY MAGAZINE... on sale today! Head it... TODAY! T IN 1-l.llKI MO f\ .. rue Story I 1 l'Mi\! »l'1 Itl-M H \IViV/IN' - \'Jl -!l'.l\ * pro Diem was tqo big for happy-go-lucky Ginger. \Vhen life tored her she immediately did something 'ahout it, ' ' -* "••'.'• \Vhen things got too slow for her in Red Thrush she started a night cluk And Ginger was a minister s daughter. Nobody was horrified, hecasue — well, because Ginger was Ginger. And you 11 like her. or Ginger s Sake, serial, Courier latest serial, is a rapid- fire story without a dull minute. Full or run- Full or romance. Full of action. A story or a girl who loved a good time, culminating in a kidnaping and a daring rescue. // Begins January 14th, In Ife T • 1 WC J * ^*t NEWS Watch For It

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